Athanasi Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus Tom IIA and part Tom IIB

Athanasius Kircher's

Oedipus Aegyptiacus

Tom IIA (all) and "Cabala" from Tom IIB (pp 209-399)

Published (ROMAE) 1653 CE

(This work is in Latin, presented here as grey-scale JPG graphics scanned from the microfilm of the original pages)

    Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680), a German Jesuit polymath, is often credited with first calling scholarly attention to Egyptian hieroglyphics, but not with any success at translating them. Kircher was no Champollion, and the Rosetta stone had not yet appeared. Tom IIA approaches the hieroglyphics indirectly, through classical sources and wild guesses. That said, the work is of lasting value. Students of John Dee will find the "Hieroglyphic Monad" discussed at length. The studies of various subjects in both Tom IIA and IIB are very important for Golden Dawn source research and "Western Qabalah" generally. Mathers took many ideas from part A, while Westcott cites and mistranslates a small portion of part B in his Sepher Yetzirah. Tom IIB collects Notariqon on important aspects of Kabbalah, provides the seminal variation of the Tree of Life diagram used by Western Occultists and delves at length into both Jewish and Islamic mystical studies. Some scholars attack Kircher's material, not without cause, as being filled with error. Much of the error is easily correctible typos, and the issues of right or wrong about traditional Kabbalah are moote — in as much as the value of the work is in what it has done, both in terms of starting serious studies and in presenting key material not found elsewhere in European language sources. "Qabalah" or "Cabala" is not "Kabbalah" (traditional and religious Jewish mysticism of the late Middle Ages up to the modern times). The difference is utility and focus. The former approaches organize knowledge and mystical experience, while the latter are rightly considered an essential element in Jewish religious focus. Both are based in Literary Criticism.

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    This work is available in two forms: collected ZIP files of the scans of the pages and two PDF's of the same scans, with bookmarked tables of content. The ZIP files are available immediately below. The PDF versions can be accessed near the bottom of this page.

Tom IIA entire:
UCB library card and job number
UCB book plate
Title page
Classis VII, Mathematica Hieroglyphica, pg 3
    Sectio I: De Arithmetica Hieroglyphica, pg 5
c. 14.5 megs
    Sectio II: De Geometrica Hieroglyphica, pg 83
    Sectio III: De Musica Hieroglyphica, pg 119
c. 9 megs
    Sectio IV: Astrologia Aegyptiorum & Chaldaeorum hieroglypica, pg 139
c. 17 megs
        Pars II: De Aegyptiorum Computu, annique recte constituendi
                ratione & methodo. pg 248
c. 5 megs
Classis VIII - Mechanica sive Architectonica, pg 279
c. 11 megs
Classis IX: Iatrida sive Medicina Hieroglyphica, pg 345
c. 9 megs
Classis X: Alchimia Hieroglyphica, sive Aurifera Ars Aegyptiorum, pg 387
c. 9 megs
Classis XI: Magia Hieroglyphica, pg 435
Classis XII: Theosophia Metaphysica seu Theologia Hieroglyphica, pg 497
c. 19 megs
Catalogus Authorum, pg 547
Index -- Partis Secundae Tomi Sectindi
Index Rerum & verborum Partis II. Tomi II
c. 4 megs
Tom IIB, pages 209 to 399 only:
Classis IV: Cabala Hebraeorum, pp 209-266
c. 11 megs
        pp 267-288
            (includes plate of the 72-fold name)
            (includes plate of the Tree of Life)
c. 8.5 megs
        pp 289-360
c. 13 megs
Classis V: De Cabala Saracenica et Agarena, pp 361-399
c. 6.5 megs

Two PDF's are also available for these jpg images, with bookmarks forming an interactive table of content.


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Oedipus Aegyptiacus Tom IIB (only pp 209-399) Adobe pdf file c. 40 megs in size

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