Dee's Monas Hieroglyphicia

John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica
(Antwerp, 1564 CE)
This work is in Latin

The microfilm images are UCBerkeley. The additional work here, comprising scans of the microfilm and organization of the images on this page and in the PDF version is Bill Heidrick. This work should not be placed on other web sites or sold in any form without the explicit permission of both the University of California at Berkeley and Bill Heidrick. Courtesy of the Bancroft Library at UCB, although this work can no longer be found in the Bancroft call catalogue.

This book is available in two forms: collected zip files of the scans of the pages and an all-in-one pdf of the same scans, with bookmarked table of content.

and content:
About the first third of this short work is little more than a dedication to the patron. Some readers may prefer to skip that part and only download the Theorems that compose the body of the book. The text is in Latin.
    An English translation and commentary was reprinted by Samuel Weiser, Inc. of New York in 1975:
The Hieroglyphic Monad, J.W.Hamilton-Jones, trans. and commentary, ISBN 0-87728-276-6, first published in 1947.

PDF version:             John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica — c. 13.8 megs
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Title page
Praefatio ad Regem Maximilianum. fo 2A
Typographo, Guliemo Silvio, fo 9B
— c. 5.58 megs
Theorems 12A
Theor. IV-IX.ff 12B-13A
Theor. X-Xlll.ff 13B-14A
Theor. XV, fo 15A
Theor. XVI, fo. 15B
Theor. XVII-XVIII.ff 16B-17A
Theor. XiX-XX, fo. 18B
Theor. XXI, fo. 20A
Theor XXII, fo. 22A
Theor. XXIII, fo. 23A
Theor. XXIII and end of text, ff. 27B-28A
End plate decoration, fo. 28B
— c. 8.07 megs

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