Robert Fludd's Utriusque Cosmi maioris salicet et minoris metaphysica... (1617-1619 CE)

Robert Fludd's

Utriusque Cosmi maioris salicet et minoris metaphysica...

Published (OPPENHEMII) 1617-1619 CE

(This work is in Latin, presented here as grey-scale JPG graphics of the original pages)

Robert Fludd (1574-1637), an English physician, wrote several works on Rosicrucianism. This particular work is more encyclopedic, covering optics, the musical intervals, perspective drawing, hydraulic engineering, construction of lifting machines, military engineering and many other mundane matters. Mystical subjects include studies of number as well as integrated approaches to the other topics. There are extensive treatments of Astrology and Geomancy in this work. Only a few portions of Utriusque . . . have appeared in recent decades; and, with the exception of two pages omitted from the original microfilm of the book in the Bancroft collection of the University of California at Berkeley, this may be the only complete modern version available.

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This work is available in two forms: collected zip files of the scans of the pages and an all-in-one pdf of the same scans, with bookmarked table of content. The zip files are available immediately below. The pdf version can be accessed near the bottom of this page.

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Tomus Primus
    Deo Optimo Maximo...
    Tomus Primus content: De Macrocosmi Historia
    Plate: Integrae naturae speculum Artisque imago
    Speculi hujus Macrocosmici... content
    Emplematis in Hujus Tomi Primordio...
c. 8 megs
Tractatus Primus: De Macrocosmi structurae,
                              ejusque creaturarum originis
    Lectori Benevolo...
    Proemium In Quo Demonstratur...
    Liber Primus (Ad Macrocosmi...)
c. 8 megs
    Liber Secundus: De Macrocosmi fabrica
c. 7 megs
    Liber Tertius: De Musica Mundana
    Liber Quartus: De Creaturis coeli Empyrei
c. 11 megs
    Liber Quintus: De Creaturis coeli atherei
c. 10 megs
    Liber Sextus: De Creaturis coeli elementaris
    Liber Septimus: De Corporibus imperfects mixtis
c. 12 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars I: De Naturae Simia Seu
                                            Technics macrocosmi...
    Lectori benevolo
    Liber Primus: De numero & numeratione
c. 8 megs
    Liber Secundus: De Arithmetica vulgarisive Algorithmo
    Liber Tertius: De Arithmetica Cossica
c. 6 megs
    Liber Quartus: De Arithmetics Geometries
    Liber Quintus: De Arithmetica Militari
c. 7 megs
    Liber Sextus: De Arithmetica Musica
    Liber Septimus: De Arithmetica Astronomica &
    Liber Octavus: De Arithmetica Geomantica
    Liber Nonus: De Arithmetica Pythagorica
    Liber Decimus: De Arithmetica Memoriali
    Liber Undecimus: De Arithmetica Jocosa

Tractatus Secundi Pars II: De Templo Musicae...
    Plate (of the temple of music)
    Luculentissima Templi Praefigurati Descriptos
c. 7 megs
    Liber Primus: De Musicae Subjecto
    Liber Secundus: De Systemate Musico
    Liber Tertius: De templi columna quadrata,
                            seu de Monochordi divisone ...
c. 6 megs
    Liber Quartus: De Temporibus Musicis
    Liber Quintus: De Templi triangulo intervallorum
                              consonantias efficiente,
                              sive de symphoniae sonatis
c. 7 megs
    Liber Sextus: De Instrumentis musicis vulgariter notis
    Liber Septimus: De Instrumento nostro Magno
c. 6 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars III: De Geometria seu arte Metrica,
                                              tam Theorica, quam Practica
    Liber Primus: De Geometriae parte Theorica
    Liber Tertius: De praxi Geometrica

Tractatus Secundi Pars IV: De optica scientia
c. 6 megs
    Liber Primus: Deoculi compositione
    Liber Secundus: De radiis directis
    Liber Tertius: De radiis refractis
    Liber Quartus: De radiis reflexis

Tractatus Secundi Pars V: De Arte Pictoria
    Liber Primus: De Theorica artis pictoriae parte
    Liber Secundus: De usu Gemetrico in arte pictoria
    Liber Tertius: De praxi pictoria
c. 8 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars VI: De Arte Militari
    Liber Primus: Demunimentis & propugnaculis
    Liber Secundus: Delocorum munitorum obfessione
    Liber Tertius: De exercitus ordinatione in campo
c. 13 megs
    Three plates showing military formations
    Liber Quartus: De machinis nonnullis bello
                              perquam necessariis

Tractatus Secundi Pars VII: De Motu
    Liber Primus: Demunimentis et propugnaculis
    Liber Secundus: Delocorum munitorum obfessione
    Liber Tertius: De exercitus ordinatione in campo
    Liber Quartus: De machinis nonnullis bello
                              perquam necessariis

Tractatus Secundi Pars VII: De Motu
    Liber Primus: De instrumentis mobilibus oblongis
c. 9 megs
    Liber Secundus: De variarum machinarum descriptione
                                earum que motus ratione
    Liber Tertius: De motu ex quatuor Elementorum naturis
c. 7 megs
    Liber Quartus: De universae nostrae machinae
                              spiritalis inventione

Tractatus Secundi Pars VIII: De Tempore
    Liber Primus: De Temporis speciebus
    Liber Secundus: De arte Scioterica seu inventione
                                horarum per umbras
    Liber Tertius: De machina nostra horologica
c. 6 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars IX: De cosmographia
    Liber Primus: De principiis Cosmographicis
    Liber Secundus: De Planisphaerii nostri Cosmographici
    Liber Tertius: De usu Planisphaerii nostri Cosmographici
c. 5 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars X: De Astrologia
    Liber Primus: De Astrologiae Speciebus
    Liber Secundus: De signis (Of the zodiacal signs)
c. 11 megs
    Liber Tertius: De Planetarum dispositionibus & naturis
    Liber Quartus: De Schematis coelestis erectione
    Liber Quintus: De prognosticatione tempestatum
    Liber Sextus: De Fure & furto indicando
    Liber Septimus: De Electionibus
c. 15 megs
Tractatus Secundi Pars XI: De Geomantia
                                            (Of geomantic divination)
    Liber Primus: De compositione Geomantica
    Liber Secundus: De figuris Geomanticis
    Liber Tertius: Dejudicio Geomantico
    Liber Quartus: De praxi Geomantica sue quaestionibus
                              aliquor Geomanticis
c. 14 megs
    Volumen Secundum: De Naturali, artificiali, & praeter
                                        naturali ac contra naturali
                                        Microcosmi historia
    Typographus Lectori and Index
c. 2 megs
Tomus Secundus de Supernaturali, Naturali, Praeternaturali
                    et contranaturali Microcosmi historia ...
    title page
    Deo Optimo Maximo...Oratio...

Tractatus primi
    Contenta Tractatus I and Lectoribus
    Liber I: De numeris divinis
c. 13 megs
    Liber II: De harmonia divina
    Liber III: De microcosmo interno
    Liber IV: De Hominis interni numeris & Harmonia
    Liber V: De Microcosmo externo
    Liber VI: De Microcosmi externi harmonia
c. 14 megs
    Liber VII: De Microcosmi interno inexterno seu
                      de mentis actu in corpore
c. 7 megs
    Liber VIII: De Microcosmicae animae mediae actu
                      in corpore
c. 6 megs
    Liber IX: De animae sensitivae actu in corpore
                    pages 190 and 191 missing on microfilm
    Liber X: De triplici animae in corpore visione
c. 8 megs
    Liber XI: De Spermate & Generatione
    Liber XII: De hominis interni & externi harmonia
c. 10 megs
    Liber XIII: De Musicae animae compositae praxi

UCB microfilm end frame with jobing number
c. 3 megs

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