Thelema Lodge Calendar for October 1986 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for October 1986 e.v.


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October 1986 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers


    All of us at Thelema Lodge join with the Brothers and Sisters of O.T.O. in saluting the first anniversary of Hymenaeus Beta as Caliph of Ordo Templi Orientis. His tenure as Xth Degree for USA and acting Frater Superior of the Order began in October of 1985 e.v. It is to the credit of his predecessor, Hymenaeus Alpha, that the affairs of the O.T.O. progressed to a level of stability never before reached in the history of the Order. Before this time, the shortest period between Heads of the Order, acting or otherwise, was ten years to stability. H. Alpha to H. Beta took only two months, a necessary minimum to prepare for the election. The election took place without challenge or undue discord, was unanimous and recognized the traditions of the Order even to the extent of electing a IVth Degree to this high office. By the Blue Equinox constitution, even a Minerval is qualified for this high office when it falls vacant. The IXths stood in honor to our trust and recognized merit where it was rather than influence and rank. This devotion to duty is the mark of mature Thelema. If Thelema is a religious word for "enlightened self interest", it is also the natural extension of the past. In the enlightenment there is not only revolutionary awareness but also calm and responsible maturity. In the sense of self there are two elements not known to all: Man is God. There is nothing which is not God. The individual is often best served by the interests of all. It boots nothing to frustrate and restrict one's friends to advance a single step in personal aggrandizement. A forceful use of power and improper coalition at that point would have at least set the Order back to the dark days of its struggle, and might have ended it entirely. These abuses did not happen. The IXth Degree did not use its power to "keep the office in the family". No individual set his or her desires against the welfare of the Order. Our Caliph of a year is the natural ruler of the O.T.O., a constitutional monarch and a man subject to human weakness as well as strength. In his weakness we are his strength. In his strength, we are the fires of his proving.

    Happy Anniversary to the Caliph, and many more besides! It's been rough and it will have rougher moments yet. It's also fun!

This Month at Thelema Lodge

    October will be an interesting month at Thelema Lodge and around the SF O.T.O. community.
    The Magick in Theory and Practice classes continue on the 8th and 15th of October. We will finish up with Chapter IX and Liber Samekh on the first meeting of the month and will probably get as far as Chapter XII and possibly XIII by the end of the second meeting. These chapters deal first with sound and gesture in the rituals, and the generation and manipulation of primal energies to perform the magick. November will continue with the classic methods of ritual and components of traditional ritual magick. Bill Heidrick presents these classes.
    The Enochiana Classes continue with focus on special subjects. Remember that these presentations are based on the original Dee manuscripts and personal research. Brother Dave's classes have been very well received.
    The Egyptiana class continues with Ebony on the 29th, and will be of great value to all who seek personal attunement to the Thelemic deities and the Egyptian workings that are the ancient basis of Thelema.
    Gnostic Masses are offered at Thelema Lodge on the 12th and 26th at 3PM.
    Crowleymas is a commemoration of the birthday of Aleister Crowley, and a general occasion for getting together of Thelemites. This is held on the 12th at both Thelema Lodge and Ankh-af-na-Khonsu Lodge. Sounds like an excellent party hop to me. Gradymas is a similar commemoration of the birthday of the Late Caliph, Grady McMurtry. At this time plans have not jelled for the latter occasion, and it is likely that information on festivities will be available from either Thelema Lodge or Ankh-af-na-Khonsu Lodge after the beginning of the month. Please call ... or ... for details.
    Thelema Lodge will hold a feast and ritual meeting on the 10th, and members of the lodge should attend if possible. Those who would like to influence the next calendar of Thelema Lodge events and folks who are interested in joining the Lodge would also do well to attend. Incidentally, most events at Thelema Lodge are open to the general public without Lodge membership, and donations are welcome. Thelema Lodge classes are free.
    Initiations to Minerval through IIIrd Degree are being held at Thelema Lodge this month. Not all of these are listed on the Calendar, and interested parties should call the Lodge for details.
    The rites of Eleusis are beginning this month, as noted on the Calendar. To attend, please call (415) 655-4942 to obtain a referral telephone number to individual performances of the seven rites. Some of the locations are still in flux at the present, and no direct phone numbers were available in time for the Calendar. That is the reason for the referral number. These rites are sponsored by several groups and individuals.

Stellar Visions returns.

    Stellar Visions publications has returned. Please see the advertiser in this issue for a current listing of titles. Thelema Lodge Products will again be listed in the coming months, as soon as the Grand Gopher General gets his roof fixed and generally gets a chance to print up some more stock. Note that these two services are complementary. Thelema Lodge Products offers mainly low cost printed booklets and tapes while Stellar Visions provides large format items. Both services are based at Thelema Lodge for now, and offer Crowley writings and contemporary materials. Watch this space for future info. For this month, drop your $'s on the Stellar visions products if you see what you like. Thelema Lodge Products and Stellar Visions Publications are not competitors, but different orientations.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

    The 26th of October will see an historic annual members' meeting of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. Unlike the O.T.O., our sister organization has not had a smooth transition. There are several major issues confronting the organization, including independence. Always short of willing help at the administrative level, the E.G.C. has had to depend too long on the services of Bishop members who had other duties in other places. Bishops in the field more frequently have ignored the rules of report that are necessary in a legal entity, with the result that quite a few have ceased to be active members of E.G.C. Strong voice has been raised for and against a view that only O.T.O. members should become Bishops. This issue is vital to the continued existence of the organization. If the rules are changed to bar non-O.T.O. members from becoming Bishops, the argument could be made that the E.G.C. is only a false front for O.T.O. E.G.C. is in fact the direct descendant of organizations more than 200 years older than O.T.O.! A question of ending the corporate entity of E.G.C. has been raised and continues to be debated. In the opinion of this writer, such an action and subsequent "absorption into O.T.O." of the remnant structure of E.G.C. would simply kill off the E.G.C., and deny all rights presently held by its members of all ranks. There is no place in O.T.O. for the many formal ranks and distinctions of E.G.C. I feel that the Gnostic Catholic Church has a right to continue to exist independent from O.T.O. but with its encouragement and support. There is no question that a more diffuse version of the Church does indeed exist inside O.T.O., as a cursory examination of our rituals and history will quickly show. What is at stake is not the E.G.C. rights and forms inalienably a part of O.T.O., but the continued existence of a church formed to provide for the far greater numbers of Thelemites who do not find the formal structure of O.T.O. to be in simple accord with their needs and natures. This Church has existed in its own right for more than eight years, but lack of support by the wide scattered bishops and paranoia within the ranks of the elected Board have brought the Church to a crossroads of life and death. On the one hand lies the road toward the goal of universal brotherhood of Thelema. On the other hand is the narrowing track of moribund provincialism. Perhaps the decision will not be made on a basis of honor and sound thinking so much as an issue of penury. The narrow track toward oblivion for the E.G.C. is a free and easy downward slope. The high road toward the City of the Pyramids is a toll road. To travel that high road, the bishops of the Church must pay with attention and effort, both material and intellectual. Far too few have been willing to consistently make that payment. Some who have paid much in the support of the Church have been denied the voice and rank that I consider to be their due.
    Bishops of the E.G.C. take warning! Turn your faces toward your Mother or see Her die in exhaustion and neglect. You will be asked to vote on the continued life of your Church. If you fail to attend or proxy to the meeting, you will likely not even have the chance to register a vote by mail ballot.

    From the former Bishop of Marin and Treasurer of the Church. Inactive in protest of the present direction of the Church.

{Note to Web edition: The following offer of merchandise is obsolete. Here for historic reasons only.
Do not attempt to order these products now. Stellar Visions ceased operations several years ago.

{Note to Web edition: The above offer of merchandise is obsolete. Here for historic reasons only.
Do not attempt to order these products now. Stellar Visions ceased operations several years ago.

Events Calendar for October 1986 e.v.

10/4/86Minerval to IIIrd initiations planned this monthThelema Ldg
10/7/86Enochian Class (sigils) with Dave 8PMThelema Ldg.
10/8/86Magick in Theory & Practice 8PM with BillThelema Ldg.
10/10/86Feast 8PM Ritual & meeting 9:03PMThelema Ldg.
10/12/86Crowelymas: Gnostic Mass 3PM,
initiations Ist & IInd after.
Thelema Ldg.
10/12/86Gnostic Mass & Potluck 2PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
10/14/86Enochian Class (Aethyrs) with Dave 8PMThelema Ldg.
10/15/86Magick in Theory & Practice 8PM with BillThelema Ldg.
10/17/86Camp meetingABRAHADABRA Camp
10/18/86Rite of Saturn
10/19/86Gnostic Mass & potluck 2PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
10/21/86Enochian Class (watch towers)
with Dave 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
10/23/86Rite of Jupiter. to attend the event,
you need the location & and additional
info. Call
10/24/86Camp meetingHriliu Camp
10/25/86O.T.O. Board 3:33 PM at Lola'sO.T.O. Corp. HQ
10/26/86Gnostic Mass 3PMThelema Ldg.
10/26/86Camp meetingHypatia Camp
10/26/86EGC Annual members meeting 2PMEGC
10/27/86Expected oasis meetingNur alal Ufuk
10/28/86Rite of Mars. Call for location & time
10/29/86Egyptiana Class with Ebony 8PMThelema Ldg.
10/31/86Lola's All Hallows Eve costume party

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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