Thelema Lodge Calendar for February 1988 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for February 1988 e.v.

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February 1988 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

News Briefs from the Front

Motta case reaches finish after 7 years in litigation.

    On January 11th 1988 e.v., the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court reported the following order of the Supreme Court in Motta/SOTO's appeal: "The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied." This was the last level available to Motta and S.O.T.O. for appealing the 9th Circuit decision of 1985 e.v. recognizing our O.T.O. as the O.T.O. of Aleister Crowley. In the Idiom, the Fat Lady sang; and the Opera is over!

Ultimate Evil case filed and service begun

    On the same day we received notice of the denial of certiorari to SOTO, we incidentally began service of suit in the "Ultimate Evil" case. There may be some amendments to the complaint, and a considerable time will probably pass before the case comes to trial or other conclusion. Having successfully proven our identity, we must now continue to dispel gross misrepresentations and falsehoods about O.T.O. Mauri Terry's book, "The Ultimate Evil", makes reckless and grotesquely false allegations against O.T.O. of an extremely harmful nature. Despite the expense, we must proceed to protect our good name. Donations are very much needed for the legal fund.

February '88 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

    Gnostic Masses are held every Sunday at 8 pm. Our Lodgemistress teaches Mass classes by request Sunday afternoons.
    Full Moon is February 2nd, ritual starts at 9:30 pm. New Moon ritual after Dave's Enochian class on the 16th.
    Our monthly Lodge meeting is Tuesday the 9th at 8 pm. Everyone who's interested is welcome to attend.
    First and Second Degrees are scheduled for the 13th, Minervals for the 20th, Third Degrees on the 27th. Contact the Lodge for further information. All Initiations are by prior arrangement.
    BRIGID will be celebrated at New Horizons on the 6th. We'll start the ritual precisely at sunset. There will be a pot-luck Feast, and anyone who would like to assist in setting up can come out in the afternoon. A map to New Horizons will be found in this month's Newsletter.
    Magick and Qabalah, a 10 Meeting series with Bill Heidrick, starts this month on the 10th and 17th. This series presents Magick from the viewpoint of the ten Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life via slides, lecture, demonstration, printed matter and one field trip. On the 10th, for Malkut, the subject will be introduced. On the 17th, for Yesod, we will get into the Astral foundations of the working. March may have only one meeting, owing to other commitments, but the fourth Meeting will have a field trip on Mt. Tam in Marin county (either in later March or a weekend in April) for Natural Magick.
    Dave teaches two classes this month: Watchtowers on the 16th before the New Moon ritual, "Reading Dr. Dee" the 29th. Both start at 8 pm.
    Sir Speed Houlihan -- a short series of readings depicting Niel Cassady as the greatest knight. So says Lew, who runs this on the 25th at 8 pm.
    The God-Eaters, a grisly Crowley tragedy (what else?) will be read at 8 pm the 15th by the Magick Theatre. John provides copies to those who read.
    The "Secret Meeting" persists in happening on the 23rd.
    All thanks and praise to Neptune for the Piscean Birthday Splash on the 28th! Fishes, bring your friends for our usual birthday madness. We'll start at 4:18.

    Other Events:
    Rick runs various events in San Francisco this month- "Video Magick" the 8th at 6 pm, Mass class 8 pm the 12th, Gnostic Mass the 19th at 8 pm, and a personal view of the Spear Of Destiny 8 pm the 22nd. Call for directions -- 759-6247.

    2nd: Full Moon ritual 9:30 pm.
    8th: Lodge Meeting at 8 pm.

from the Grady Project:

The Parish Parson

I have found a place to dwell
A quiet, peaceful part of Hell
Far from the heavy trafficked Styx.
My house is built of lava bricks
And in my nurtured garden grow
The black and lustrous Leper rose.
         On Furnace Road
         Lies my abode
Close by the Temple of the Toad.

And where I live, tho not in state
My life is dignified, sedate.
Within our peaceful neighborhood
Live other martyrs of the Rood
Who served their Master well - and now
May share the promise of their vow,
         To live their days
         Beneath the gaze
Of Him whose eyes with evil blaze.

And of my cherished work in Hell
I have but only this to tell;
That once a week I don my gown
And catch the midnight train to town
To oversee my Sabbat's mirth
And represent our Hell on Earth.
         A parish priest
         For those who feast
And pledge their souls unto the Beast.

Grady McMurtry

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Early O.T.O. Seals
c. 1917 e.v.
All Rights Reserved

From the Outbasket

Q. What is that thing with bird and cup that appears on O.T.O. letterhead? -- from WV

    This is the principal O.T.O. symbol, called the Lamen of O.T.O. It can be described as: a vesica containing an eye within a triangle with glory of 24 rays, descending dove below, at bottom a chalice with heartshaped host, cross of {Malta} and flame. The word "lamen" signifies a unique talisman or device which identifies the nature of a particular person or entity. A lamen is used by the person or entity so identified, and is therefore not the same as a segil, which may merely represent a spirit in some more limited sense. The O.T.O. Lamen is the legal "Trademark" of Ordo Templi Orientis, and it is used to identify O.T.O. publications and products. This particular device appears to predate Crowley's involvement in O.T.O. {in some elements.} In early versions, it was not shaped like a vesica pisces, but had the distinctly "parachute" shape of a Norman shield with rounded top and pointed bottom. The vesica shape was in general use by 1919 e.v. Individual symbols within the Lamen have significance in Masonic, Christian and Crusader lore. The Eye in the Triangle with rayed Glory is a Masonic symbol of the Eternal Light of Wisdom, a Christian symbol of the Trinity, a veiled symbol of the Tree of Life and many other things. The Dove is a Masonic symbol of the Messenger of Noah, a Christian symbol of the Holy Spirit, a symbol of purity and a symbol of the Soul. The Cup in Masonry signifies the trials of life, and is called "Bitterness". One of the nobler aims of Masonic Craft Initiation is to raise the strength to drink of this Cup. Christianity sees the Holy Grail in this Cup. Within and above the Cup are elements hearkening to Pentecostal descent of Spirit in a tongue of fire, sacrifice and the Crusading Order of Knights Templar. More Thelemic interpretations are preferred and available.
    The Eye in the Triangle is the Egyptian eye of Horus, divine presence in the Aeon of Horus. This Egyptian motif also reminds us of our traditional descent from the Egyptian masonry of Cagliostro and the Illuminati of Weishaupt. From this eye emanates a "Glory" of 24 lines, taken either as 24 presences or 12 bands. 24 stands for the 24 Righteous ones, Patriarchs of the Old Testament and the secret and invisible beings who maintain the world and human society (In Hassidic tradition, there are 36 of these, possibly reflecting the 36 decans). 24 also represents the hours of the day and night that emanate from the Divine Sun. In standard versions of the Lamen, eight of these rays pass through the wings of the Dove to symbolize the eight invisible presences that witness our initiations. As 12 bands, this Glory represents the regimen of 12, Zodiacal signs chiefly.
    The Descending Dove represents the spiritual identity of the O.T.O. and the blessing of the God of the Aeon. By its descent it signifies incarnation of the God into this time and place, attracted by the content of the Chalice.
    The Chalice contains the lives of individual members of the O.T.O. and represents dedication to Thelema. The Heart-shaped Host symbolizes love of Thelema and the sacrifice of the "Bloodless Knights of Babalon". The Cross of (Malta) on that host recalls the Crusader Order of Knights Templar from which we derive the name of O.T.O. A Flame at the top of the Chalice is the purified fire of Will which attracts congress with the Dove. About the perfected central host others form a rose of desire and striving.
    Even the shape of the Lamen has a significance for O.T.O. A vesica is an intimate symbol of the Goddess. This is frequently taken to represent the vulva, and the symbols on the Lamen can be interpreted anatomically. O.T.O. members are collectively known as "Brothers", even though we are men and women in equality. The Order itself is our Lady. This distinction is reversed in A A, where the symbol is the Star of Babalon, and the members are collectively known as "Sisters" of the Star. Incidentally, a vesica is not just a spindle shape but a precise geometrical figure defined as the intersection of two equal circles through their centers. Achad elaborates on the vesica as a geometrical criterion for drawing the Qabalistic Tree of Life in his book, The Anatomy of the Body of God. The word "vesica" literally signifies "bladder", as this is the general shape of a fish bladder --- no offense intended to Our Lady's hygiene.
    Crowley experimented with colors and a modification of the design of the O.T.O. Lamen along Qabalistic lines. This can be seen on the cover of our new Equinox III, 10 (inside the cover in some editions). The color version was never used as official O.T.O. letterhead, even by Crowley; but it remains an interesting major variation from the standard design. Those who missed getting a copy of Equinox III,10 in the budget edition may be interested to learn that the paperback is due out again soon.
    Kenneth Grant also discusses the O.T.O. Lamen in his Night Side of Eden, page 167. As do many of Grant's remarks on O.T.O. and Crowley, this particular view represents an inversion of actual O.T.O. usage and symbolism. Grant, like Waite, can be read to advantage if one remembers the "Law of the Goat": "When the idea is stressed, the opposite is probably true." Grant's views are based on his own interests and do not reflect those of O.T.O. This is particularly the case where the words "Set", "Typhon", "Satan", "Qlipoth", "Crowley", "O.T.O.", "O.H.O.", "Extra-terrestrial", and synonyms are used. Enjoy his work, but 'taint Crowley and 'taint us.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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Of General interest:

A Botanica oriented catalogue is available for $3.00 from Technicians of the Sacred; 1317 N. San Fernando Blvd., Suite 310; Burbank, CA 91505 USA

Kalisti, a new bimonthly magazine ---- inquire of Kalisti; P.O.Box 19566; Cincinnati, OH 45219 USA. Includes mention of events at Kali Lodge O.T.O. in the January 1988 issue. Single issues $1.00. $9.00 per year.

This event was in 1988 e.v.

The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 1.

Elias Ashmole

Special Supplement: Serialized Standard Edition of the
Magical Manuscripts of John Dee, by Brother David


    In this issue of the
Thelema Lodge Calendar we begin a transcription of John Dee's spiritual diaries. Our serialization begins with Elias Ashmole's preface to Doctor Dee's Five Books of Mystery (Doctoris Dee Mysteriorum Libri Quinti), comparing the texts of Slane Manuscripts 3188 and 3677. Though this particular passage is already avaiable in several modern editions, we include it here as a general introduction, and in order to preserve the continuity of our project.
    In preparing this text we have expanded most abbreviations, noting the first instance of each. Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation have been left intact. References to manuscripts in the Sloane collection are designated "SL," with all textual variations noted. Ashmole's annotation is given in the left hand column, with our commentary upon his notes following. Our own editorial annotation is placed opposite, on the right hand, and standard abbreviation has been used. Textual variations are noted all together, following the text.
    It is our intention over the course of time to provide a completely standardized edition of the magical manuscripts of John De, that serious practitioners and interested students of Enochian Magick may have a reliable guide in their work.

1.    Be it remembered, That the 20th: of August
2.1672. I received by the hands of my Servant
3.Samuell Story, a parcell of Doctor Dee's
4.Manuscripts, all written with his owne hand;
5.vizt:1 his Conference with Angells, which first1.

L. abbr. 'videlicet'
L. = in the year
6.began the 22d: of December anno2 1581. And
7.continued to the end of May anno 1583, where the
8.printed Booke of the remaining Conferences3.

Meric Casaubon, ed., A
True & Faithful Relation
(London: 1659)
the volume now
catalogued as
Sl. 3188
9.(published by Doctor Cawsabon3) begins, and are
10.bound up in this Volume.4
11.    Beside these, the Booke intituled, the 48
12.Claves Angelicae5, also Liber Scientia5.

L. = The Forty-Eight
Angelic Keys
L. = The Book of Earthly
Science: Aid and Victory
13.Terrestris -- Auxilij et Victoria6 (These two
14.being those very individuall Bookes, which the
  i.   10 Aprila 1586
 ii.   30. April 1586

15.Angells commanded to bei burnt, and were afterii
16.restored by them as appeares by the printed
a. 'April abbr. 'Apr:'
     abbr. 'Ap:' Sl. 3677.
17.Relation of Doctor Dee's Actions with Spirits77.Casaubon. op. cit.
18.pages 418. & 419.) The Booke intituled De
19.Heptarchia Mystica -- Collectaneorum Liber8.



L. = A Collection con-
cerning the Mystic
Seven-fold Doctrine:
First Book: cf Turner,
ed., The Heptarchia
Mystica (1986)
cf. James, ed., The
Enochian Evocation
the volume now
catalogued as Sl. 3191
i.e. days
20.primus,8 and a Booke of Invocations or Calls,
21.beginning with the Squares filled with Letters,
iii. of both which
     there are Trans-
     cripteb made with
     my owne hand
22.about the Black Cross. These foure Bookes9 I
23.have bound up in anotheriii volume.10
24.    All which, were a few daies11 before
25.delivered to my said Servant, for my perusall (I
b. catalogued as
     Sl. 3678.
c. this note given in
     Sl. 3677 only.
26.being then at Mr: William Lillies house at
27.Hersham in Surrey) by my good friend Mr: Thomas
28.Wale, one of him Majesties Warders in the Tower
29.of London.
30.    The 5th: of September following Mr: Wale
31.(having heard of my retourne to Towne) came to my
32.Office in the Excise Office in Broadstreete, and
33.told me he was content to exchange all the
34.aforesaid Books, for one of myne, vizt: The
35.Institution Lawes & Ceremonies of the most Noble
36.Order of the Garter,12 to this I agreed, and12.published London:
37.provided one, which I sent him fairely bound, and
38.gilt on the Back.
iv. As a further tes-
     timony of the sense
     of Mr: Wales
     kindnes; shortly
     after his death, I
     sent for his Son,
     and bestowed on
     him one of my
     deputies places in
     the Excise, withd
     an allowance of
     80: L pere Annum.f
39.    On the 10th: of the said September Mr: Waleiv
40.came thither to me againe, and brought his wife
41.with him, from her I received the following
42.account of the preservation of these Bookes, even
43.till they came to my hands, vzit: That her former
44.Husband was one Mr: Jones a Confectioner, who
45.formerly Dwelt at the Plow in Lumbardstreet
46.London, and who, shortly after they were married,

d. 'with'] abbr. 'wth'
     both MSS.
e. 'per'] abbr. ;p'
     both MSS.
f. L. = each year.
47.tooke her with him into Adle Streete among the
48.Joyners,13 to buy soem Houshold stuff, where13.i.e. furniture crafts-
men: lit. joiners of
49.(at the Corner house) they saw a Chest of Cedar
50.wood about a yard and an halfe long, whose Lock
51.and Hinges, being of extraordinary neate worke,
52.invited them to buy it. The Master of the shop
53.told them it had been parcell of the Goods of one
54.Mr: John Woodall Chirurgeon14 (father to Mr:14.i.e. surgeon
55.Thomas Woodall late Serjant Chirurgeon to his now
56.Majestie King Charles the Second (my intimate
57.friend) and tis very probable he bought it after
58.Doctor Dee's death, when his goods were exposed Sales.
60.    Twenty yeares after this (and about 4 yeares
61.before the fatall Fire of London) she and her
62.good husband occasionally removing this Chest out
63.of its usuall place, thought they heard some
64.loose thing ratle in it, toward the right hand
65.end, under the Box or Till thereof, and by
66.shaking it, were fully satisfied it was so:
67.Hereupon her Husband thrust a peece of Iron into
68.a small Crevice at the bottome of the Chest, and
69.thereupon appeared a private drawer, which being
70.drawne out, therein were found divers Bookes in
71.Manuscrpt, and Papers, together with a litle
72.Box, and therein a Chaplet of Olive Beades, and a
73.Cross of the same wood, hanging at the end of
75.    They made no great matter of these Bookes,
76.etc. because they understood them not; which
77.occasioned their Servant Maide to wast about one
78.halfe of them under Pyes, and other like uses,
79.which when discovered, they kept the rest more
81.    About two yeares after the discovery of these
82.Bookes, Mr. Jones died; and when the fire of
83.London hapned, thought the Chest perished in the
84.Flames, because not easily to be removed, yet the
85.Bookes were taken out and carried with the rest
86.of Mrs: Jones her goods into Moorefields, and
87.being brought safely back, she took care to
88.preserve them; and after marrying with the
89.aforesaid Mr: Wale, he came to the knowledge of
90.them, and there upon, with her concent, sent them me, as I have before set downe.


Textual Variants

    The following notes record all variations of any significance between our text and the two manuscripts from which it has been edited (Sloane 3188 and Sloane 3677). Notes are keyed to line numbers in the text where the contested readings occur, with the adopted reading given first, and the variations listed afterward.

2.'by' Sl. 3188 ] var. 'from' Sl. 3677.31.'5th: ] abbr. '5t:' Sl. 3188: 'fift' Sl. 3677.
3.'Doctor' ] abbr. 'Dr.:' both MSS.31.'September' ] abbr. 'Sept:' both MSS.
5.'which' ] abbr. 'wch' both MSS.39.'said' Sl. 3677 ] abbr. 's:d' Sl. 3188.
6.'22d:' Sl. 3677 ] var. '22th' Sl. 3188.45.'Lumbardstreet' Sl. 3188 ]
6.'December' ] abbr. 'Dec:' Sl. 3188;var. 'Lumbardstreete' Sl. 3677.
abbr. 'Decemb:' Sl. 367747.'Adle Streete' SL. 3188 ]
6.'anno' ] abbr. 'ano:' both MSS.Adel=Streete' SL. 3677.
6.'and' ] abbr. &' both MSS.50.'Yard and a halfe' Sl. 3677 ]
11.'intituled' Sl. 3188 ]var. 'yard and halfe' Sl. 3188.
cap. var. 'Intituled' Sl. 3677;51.'Hinges' Sl. 31888 ]
an interesting var. consideringvar. "hindges' Sl. 3188.
E.A.'s interest in "Titles,"55.'Thomas' Sl. 3677 ] abbr. 'Tho:' Sl. 3188.
cf. his Noble Order of the Garter (1672)56.'Second' Sl. 3677 ] abbr. '2d:' Sl. 3188.
13.'et' ] abbr. '&' both MSS.59.'Sales' Sl. 3188 ] var. 'sales' Sl. 3677.
18.'pages'] abbr. 'pag:' both MSS.61.'She and her good husband' ] abbr. 'she &
19.'Liber' ] abbr. Lib: both MSS.her gd husband' Sl. 3188; var. 'her
22.'filled' Sl. 3188 ] var. 'filed' Sl. 3677.husband & she' Sl. 3677.
23.'foure' Sl. 3677 ] abbr. '4' Sl. 3188.67.'peece' Sl. 3188 ] var. 'piece' Sl. 3677.
28.'Surrey' Sl. 3188 ] var. 'Surry' Sl. 3677.76.'etc.' ] abbr. '&c:' both MSS.
29.'Majesties' ] abbr. 'Ma:ties' both MSS.83.'aforesaid' Sl. 3677 ] abbr. 'foes d' Sl. 3188.


   Further biographical information regarding Elias Ashmole, the various persons and events mentioned above, and the circumstances of his interest in John Dee, may be found in C. H. Josten's five volume work noted below. These bibliographic references are by no means exhaustive, and are concerned only with the specific content of the previous document.

Sloane MS. 3188. Dr. Dee's Mysteriorum Libri V; five books and an

    appendix containing his earliest extant experiments in what

    was to become the system of Enochian Magick.
Sloane MS. 3191. The four books refered to in paragraph two of

    Ashmole's preface, being Dee's grimoire and instruction

    manual for the practice of Enochian Magick.
Sloane MS. 3677. Ashmole's transcription of the material designated

    above as Sl. 3188.
Sloane MS 3678. Ashmole's transcripton of Sl. 3191.
(Note that all manuscripts in the Sloane collection are held in the British Library.)

    Published Works:
Elias Ashmole. The Institution Laws & Ceremonies of the most

   Noble Order of the Garter (London: 1672; fascimile

   reprinted Baltimore: Genealogical Publ. 1971).
Meric Casaubon, D. D., A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed

   for many Yeers Between Dr. John Dee ... and some spirits

   (London: 1659; facsimile reprinted Glasgow: Antonine

   Publ., 1974).
Geoffrey James, ed. & trans., The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John

   Dee (Gillette, NJ: Heptangle Books, 1984). Contains a

   translation of Sl. 3191, as well as extracts from Ashmole's

   preface, pp. 192-3.
C. H. Josten, ed., Elias Ashmole (1617-1692): His Autobiographical

   and Historical Notes, His Correspondence, and Other

   Contemporary Sources Relating to his Life and Work, 5

   vols. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1966). A wealth of interest-

   ing and useful information; pp. 1265-7 contain a version of

   Ashmole's preface.
Robert Turner, ed., The Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee (Welling-

   borough, Northamptonshire: Aquarian Press, 1986).

   Contains the text and translation of the book refered to in

   note 8, as well as extracts from Sl. 3188 and a version of

   Ashmole's preface (pp. 18-19).


    We would like to thank the following individuals in particular for making this project possible. First, Ms. Christina Daves, for her support and for her time and effort in researching the life and works of Elias Ashmole. Also, Brother Bill Heidrick, for the use of his microfilm copies of the manuscript materials for transcription. And Brothers Equus and Vandemere, for inspiration and encouragement in the work. Lastly, the fellows of the Center for Enochian Studies at Thelema Lodge: Brothers Leoviridis, Adam Weishaupt, and Nick Guliaeff, for the work involved in preparing the text.

    Interested persons may obtain an unbound photocopy reproduction of the manuscript versions of this text, and pertinent ancillary materials from the CENTER FOR ENOCHIAN STUDIES at Thelema Lodge, for the sum of $3. (Please make checks payable to "cash.")
    {Note to web edition: this offer is no longer in effect. Here for historical reasons only.}

Next month, John Dee's own introduction to his spiritual diaries.

Next Center for Enochian Studies

Events Calendar for February 1988 e.v.

2/2/88Full Moon Ritual 9:30 PM
Bring Bread and Wine
(FM in Leo 12:51 PM)
Thelema Ldg
2/6/88Brigid Ritual at New Horizons
begins at 5:23 PM
5205 Railroad Ave., Pittsburg, CA
Thelema Ldg.
2/6/88Tarot and the Tree of Life 8PMSelene Camp
2/7/88Gnostic Mass at 8:00 PMNefertiti
2/8/88Video Magick 6 PM (SF)
2/9/88Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/10/88Class: Magick and Qabalah #1
with Bill: Malkut and Intro.
(LQ Moon in Scorpio 3:01 PM)
Thelema Ldg.
2/12/88Gnostic Mass Class 8PM (SF)Nefertiti
2/13/88Initiations to Ist and IInd DegThelema Ldg.
2/13/88Tarot and the Tree of Life 8PMSelene Camp
2/14/88Gnostic Mass at 8:00 PM
(Happy Lupercalia!)
Thelema Ldg.
2/14/88IInd Degree InitiationsSelene Camp
2/14/88Whale Watching ticket deadline call:Aiwass Oasis
2/15/88Dramatic Reading of The God-
by Crowley. 8PM
Magick Theat.
2/16/88Enochiana Class: "Watchtowers"
8 PM with Dave.
Thelema Ldg.
2/16/88New Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
2/17/88Class: Magick and Qabalah #2
with Bill: Astral and Imaginative
(NM in Aquarius 7:54 PM)
Thelema Ldg.
2/19/88Gnostic Mass 8 PM (SF)
(Sun enters Pisces 2:35 AM)
2/20/88Minerval initiationsThelema Ldg.
2/20/88Tarot and the Tree of Life 8PMSelene Camp
2/21/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/21/88Whale watching and Wine Tasting
(must reserve by 2/14/88)
Aiwass Oasis
2/22/88Talk on "Spear of Destiny" 8PM (SF)Nefretiti
2/23/88Secret Meeting        invitation only ThelemaThelema Ldg.
2/24/88(FQ Moon in Gemini 4:15 PM)Thelema Ldg.
2/25/88Presentation on "Sir Speed Houlihan"
Niel Cassady depiction with Lew 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
2/27/88IIIrd Degree InitiationsThelema Ldg.
2/27/88Tarot and the Tree of Life 8PMSelene Camp
2/28/88Pisces Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
2/28/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/29/88Enochiana Class: "Reading Dr. Dee"
with Dave. 8PM
Thelema Ldg.

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