Thelema Lodge Calendar for May 1988 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for May 1988 e.v.


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May 1988 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

This Month at Thelema Lodge

    Gnostic Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 8 pm; as sunset gets later, we will adjust our starting time accordingly. Mass classes by request.
    This month's Lunar Rituals will be the 1st (Full Moon), 14th (New Moon), and the 30th (Blue Moon). All begin at 9:30 pm.
    Our monthly Lodge Meeting is May 3rd at 8 pm. Summer Solstice, Initiations, and many other topics will be discussed. If you have an event in mind, please attend.
    First and Second Degrees will be held May 21st. All Initiations are by prearrangement - contact the Lodge for more information.
    Bake Bread with Lola and CookieMan on May 14, starting at 11:11am. An ingredients list will be available at the Lodge so you'll know what to Bring... we'll probably bake all day.
    The Magick and Qabalah Class meets on the 11th -- "dangerous magick" and on the 18th -- "Magick of bliss". This is the continuing series by Bill Heidrick
    The Natural Magick Field Trip was postponed last month owing to unruly behavior of certain Sylphs and Undines over the Bay Area (it rained). We will do our walk Saturday, 28th May instead. Again, reach 5 Suffield Ave. in San Anselmo by 10 PM or miss out. Call (415) 454-5176 to help find the place or double check.
    Ebony expands his classes- two meetings this month! Elementary Ceremonial Magick on the 4th, Planetary Ceremonial Magick on the 25th, both at 8 pm.
    Dave's Enochiana meets at 8:30 on the 17th. This month: Archangels. All are welcome.
    Lotte's Zodiacal Ritual series continues Thursday the 20th by welcoming the Sun's entry into Gemini. These rituals begin at 8 pm. (Both Ebony and Lotte thank you for smoking tobacco outside during their events.)
    The Magick Theatre, with the usual arrangements, will read Mortadello on the 10th at 8 pm. This play was last published nearly 80 years ago. Due to its length, we may run late. Copies of various Magick Theatre productions are available for truly modest donations at Thelema Lodge.
    A Second 1988 e.v. Rites of Eleusis (Dis)Organizational meeting will be held at Sirius Oasis on the 12th starting at 8 pm. If you are interested in this year's Rites, join us! Glenn, Sirius Oasis; (415)527-2855. Call for directions. Chris, Rites Coordinator, Hriliu Oasis; (707)795-7529.
    The time, date, and location of the Secret Meeting are secret, too...
    Mercurial Madness reigns at the Gemini Birthday Party May 29th at 4:18 pm.
    April Fools'/Retractions Dept.:
    The calendar for April, including scrambled dates and phone #'s not matching text.
    The Center For Enochian Studies is not Miskatonic U. (they WERE a bit miffed) Rather, it is a Center of Pestilence.


    Ancient Ways is this month, May 20th-22nd. Call (415) 639-0783 5 pm to 10 pm for information. Mail to:
                     Ancient Ways V
                     1400 Shattuck Ave., #93
                     Berkeley, CA 94709
    ABRAHADABRA Oasis hosts Minervals on the 7th. Call Mordecai at (415) 641- 1067 for details.
    Ananke Oasis meets May 1st for Ist Degree initiations, 7th for Symbology Class, 14th and 21st for Tree of Life Class --- call (408) 338-2915.
    Hriliu Oasis meets every Friday at 8 pm and will do Gnostic Masses on the 10th and 24th, also at 8 pm. Talk to Tammy or Chris, (707) 795-7529.
    Nefertiti Camp will have Mass on the 27th. Call Rick at (415) 654-6508 to attend.
    A Ka Dua Camp hosts the Magick Theatre May 26th for a reading of Snowstorm at 8 pm. Call (408) 336-8564 for directions. Also at A Ka Dua Camp this month: Open Forum May 5th, 12th and 19th at 7:30 PM
    Aiwass Oasis meets for Gnostic Mass May 1st, 8th and 22nd -- location varies. Call (408) 438-1407. Class and meeting also on the 8th.

Notice from the College of Thelema

    Due to the rising costs of postage and of production expenses, In the Continuum must now raise its price to $5.00 each issue starting September 1, 1988 e.v.

    This publication has proven invaluable over 15 years of service to students of Thelema. If you wish the current low price of $4.00 per issue, please postmark your letter before Sept. 1, 1988 e.v.

    There are 10 issues in Vol. I, 12 issues in Vol. II, 10 issues in Vol. III, and 3 issues to date in Vol. IV.

    Write to P.O.Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965, and please make your checks payable to Phyllis Seckler.

from the Grady Project:

The Shadow Of The Vale

Prince, Potentate, Divinity,
Thou, of the Lower Trinity,
Receive our liege to thee our Lord
That thou may know and they reward
Who serve thee in the realms of Earth,
Receive, O King, we at our worth.
O Master of All Mysteries,
O Molder of All Histories,
Receive from us upon the fen
These bodies that were once of men
But now whose forms are those diverse;
Receive, O Lord, deign to converse
With us who make our homage known
About thy shadowed Sabbat throne.
Receive and make thy presence clear
In symbol show, that all may hear
And know the Power of the Night
O trusted servant of God's might.

Grady L. McMurtry

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From the Outbasket

Q. In Liber V vel Reguli the magician is charged with (tracing the) averse or inverted pentagrams... from RW of IL

    The question goes on to ask about the significance of the inverted pentagrams in contrast to the upright ones.

    This matter was dealt with in the old O.T.O. Newsletter #4 in an article on the Pentagram Ritual. Because that appeared back in 1978 e.v., it's probably time to trot it out again. I edited the original material, and there was a good deal more about the Lesser and Greater Pentagram Rituals than will be presented here. We'll just focus on the question of the inverted pentagrams and elaborate that a bit.
    Crowley calls for the use of these pentagrams in Liber Reguli, but the published version of that ritual in Magick in Theory and Practice does not specify what they mean or how to trace them. Fortunately, a Crowley typescript survived, with line drawings. In addition, the Thoth deck uses inverted pentagrams with symbols of the elements on the minor Atus; and the allocation of the elements can be seen there. Also of interest is the Mark of the Beast and the method of tracing the Invoking Hexagram of the Beast.

    The Mark of the Beast has been mischaracterized by Grant to be an "X" on a circle. This is not the Mark of the Beast. Crowley used an "X" on a circle to symbolize heterosexual coitus. That symbol also represents the Seal of Jupiter from the Kamia. A cross in a circle commonly represents the Earth, rarely Saturn and sometimes is used as a base design of a pantacle. According to conversations in the late '70s with Regardie, the Mark of the Beast Crowley used when Regardie was his secretary is an inverted seven pointed star in a circle, surmounted by a phallic drawing. Such a thing is not that easy to trace in the air, so either simplify it or use special care.
    The Hexagram of the Beast is Crowley's Unicursal Hexagram, traced for invoking by starting at the top and moving down to the right through the pattern.
    The upright and inverted pentagrams can be used in the Lesser Pentagram Ritual, and that is the best way to experiment with their effects--at your own risk! Crowley describes some of the background theory in Liber O, and many other authors describe the LPB ritual. It would be a good idea to read that material before experimenting. Liber O is in Magick in Theory and Practice.
    Having identified the pentagrams, the question of what they signify remains. There are three general theories of inverted and upright pentagrams. On the NL#4 diagram, the inverted are called "Reversed" and the upright are called "Normal". A pentagram oriented with a point to the top is called "the Seal of Solomon". Many people confuse Solomon's Seal with the six-pointed star of David, but that's an entirely different symbol. The history of the pentagram or five-pointed star is rich and varied, ranging from the symbol of statehood on the American Flag through many occult meanings. In its most fundamental significance, the pentagram is the symbol of a human being. The upper point is the head, the two middle points are the arms and the two lower points are the legs. When a pentagram is turned so that a point is directly oriented to the bottom, this human symbolism continues. One can say that the inverted pentagram represents either somebody standing on his or her head, or that the head is missing and the sexual organs are represented by the down- turned point. The "moral" theory says an upright pentagram is the symbol of "Good" and an inverted one is the symbol of "Evil". A second theory states that "Good" and "Evil" are not significant in the symbolism, but the upright represents the spiritual nature of humanity and the inverted represents the material nature of humanity. The moral theory is usually based on the idea that upsidedown means evil, but it sometimes is a simple rejection of sexual symbolism. A third theory is a bit more elaborate and useful.
    The pentagram is a dynamic force and not a static symbol. It is as a dynamic force that the pentagram is traced in ritual. Various motions of tracing start on the elemental point (banish that element) or approach it (invoke that element). The elements on the upright pentagram are: Fire at lower right. Water at upper right. Spirit at top. Air at upper left. Earth at lower left. When the pentagram is inverted, it is by 180 degree rotation. In the inverted pentagram, the elements are in the same relation to the tracing motions as in the upright pentagram. The rotation just moves everything half-way around: Earth is now upper right, etc. An inverted pentagram controls the force of its element on the spiritual plane. An upright pentagram controls the force of the element of it's tracing on the material plane. Thus, banish earth on the physical plane with an upright pentagram to send physical things and distractions away. Banish earth on the spiritual plane with an inverted pentagram to force things to appear on the physical plane. The inverted pentagrams are stronger and less specific versions of the upright pentagrams, but they appear to have the opposite effect. You can send one thing away with an upright banishment. An inverted banishment drives all things into manifestation, not just one thing away. Remember, inverted pentagrams operate within the infinite extension of Nuit. Upright pentagrams operate about the point of Hadit. When you drive something from the infinite it becomes finite and vice versa. A parallel example might help. Consider the public water system that brings water from a central pumping station into your home. The upright water pentagram tracing is like the faucet in your house. When you banish water, you turn off your home faucet. When you invoke water, you open up your home faucet. It's the other way around at the pumping station. When the pumping station (inverted pentagram) banishes water, the water pressure rises in your house pipes, giving you more water when you open the faucet. In like manner, when the pumping station invokes water (inverted pentagram) it retains more; and the pressure in your pipes goes down. This may help you see the uses of these two types of pentagram. Use the inverted pentagrams to increase or decrease the "pressure" of the desired element by banishing or invoking on the spiritual plane, in that order. Use the upright pentagrams to call or exclude the corresponding energy in your direct working by invoking or banishing, in that order. Inverse pentagrams are used in "Liber Reguli" to build up power in the subtle body of the magician in a very complex fashion. By invoking to the four directions with the inverse pentagrams, a selective vacuum is created about the magician. Use of the invoking hexagram and partitions of the chakras through tracing of the Grand Hierophant's Cross defines the subtle body of the magician and engages a very specific pattern of activation of the Chakras. At the conclusion, the vacuum crashes in against the diamond body of the magician like the sea against the land. This produces the spiritual equivalent of a first-stage rocket firing. At that instant, the formula of LAShTAL can complete itself and the Abyss can be transcended. Of course, the magician may explode like a shook-up beer! Remember, this is only a theory. Method of Science and Aim of Religion .... all that sort of thing. Try it. You might like it.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 4.

John Dee's Introductory Prayer to His First Angelic Communication.

Ad Deum Omnipotentem Protestatio fidelis:
ad perpetuam rei memoriam Anno 1582.

A Testimony to the faithful Omnipotence of God:
as a continual memorial concerning the matters
of the year 1582.

    O God Almighty, thou knowest, and art my director, and witness herein, That I have from youth up, desired and prayed unto thee for pure and sound wisdom and understanding of some of thy truths natural and artificial: such as by which thy wisdom, and goodness, and power bestowed in the frame of the world might be brought, in some bountiful measure under the talent of my capacity, to thy honor and glory, the benefit of thy servants, my brethren and sistern in and by thy Christ1 our Saviour.
    And for as much as many as years, in many places, far and near, in many books,2 and sundry languages, I have sought, and studied; and with sundry men conferred; and with my own reasonable discourse laboured, whereby to find or get some inkling, glimpse or beam of such foresaid radical truths.3 But, (to be brief) after all my foresaid endeavor, I could find no other way, to such true wisdom attaining, but by thy extraordinary gift; and by no vulgar School Doctrine, or Human Invention.
    And seeing, I have read in thy books, and records, how Enoch4 enjoyed thy favor and conversation, with Moses5 thou wast familiar. And also that to Abraham,6 Isaac,7 and Jacob;8 Joshua9 Gideon,10 Esdras,11 Daniel,12 Tobias,13 and sundry others, thy good Angels were sent, by thy disposition to instruct them, inform them, help them, yea in worldly and domestic affairs, yea and sometimes to satisfy their desires, doubts and questions of thy Secrets.14
    And furthermore considering the Shewstone,15 which the High Priests did use by thy own ordering wherein they had lights and judgments in their great doubts. And considering also that thou (O God) didst not refuse to instruct thy prophets (then, called seers16) to give true answers to common people of things economical, as Samuel, for Saul, seeking for his father's asses being gone astray:17 and of other things vulgar, true predictions, whereby to win credit unto thy weightier affairs. And thinking to myself, the lack of thy wisdom to me, to be of more importance, than the value of an ass or two, could be, to Saul's father.
    And remembering what good counsel thy Apostle James gives, saying:

    "Si quis autem vestrum indiget sapientiam, postulet a Deo, qui
    dat omnibus affluenter et non inproperat: et dabitur ei."
                                                                             Jacobi I:5

    "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all
    men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."
                                                                             James I:5

    And that Solomon the wise, did so, even immediately by thy self, attain to this wonderful wisdom.18 Therefore, seeing I was sufficiently taught and confirmed, that this wisdom could not be come by at man's hand or by human power, but only from thee (O God) mediately or immediately. And having always a great regard and care to beware of the filthy abuse of such as willingly and wittingly, did invoke and consult (in diverse sorts) spiritual creatures of the damned sort: Angels of darkness, forgers and patrons of lies and untruths. I did fly unto thee by hearty prayer, full oft, and in sundry manners, sometimes crying unto thee:

    "Mittas Lucem tuam et veritatem tuam, quies me ducant etc."
    "Send forth thy Light and truth that I might draw myself unto thee etc.

    "Recte sapere et intelligere doceto me, Nam sapientia tua totum est quod volo: etc."
    "Teach me to properly sense and rightly discern, for I desire your wisdom, because
    it is all that is." 19

    "Da verbum tuum in ore meo, et Sapientiam, tuam in corde meo fige etc."
    "Give your word to my established practice and fix your wisdom in my heart."20

    And having perceived by some slight experience, with two diverse persons, that thou hadst a special care to give me thy light, and truth, by thy, holy and true Ministers Angelic and Spiritual, and at length hearing of one (a Master of Art, and a preacher of thy word admitted21) accounted as a good Seer, and skryer of Spiritual apparitions in Crystalline22 receptacle23, or in open aire, by his practice, procured; and trusting to frame him, by my earnest and faithful prayers unto thee (my God) to seem my help in my foresaid studies; till, thou (O heavenly father) wouldest by thy unsearchable providence, send me some apter way or means thereto. Thereupon trying him and using him I found great diversity between his private usual manner, and intents of practice, and my pure, devout, and faithful prayer unto thee only. And therefore often and fervently I exhorted him to the good, and reproved both him, and his ministers, with my no small danger, but that thou (in manner unheard of) didst pitch thy holy tent to be my defense, and comfort, in conflict most terrible; as thou best knowest, o God, and I willed him thereupon to preach thy mercies and the verity of the kingly prophet his testimony;

    "Immittet Angelus Domini, in circuitu timentium eum."
    "The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him
                                                                                     Psalms XXXIV:7
    And out of Roger Bacon his book written:
    De mirabili potestate Artis et Naturae24,
    Concerning the wonderful power of Arts and of Nature

(where he writes against the Wicked Devil Callers) I noted unto him this sentence:
   "Facilius (sine comparatione a Deo * impetrandum foret, vel
     a bonis spiritibus, quie quid homini utile reputare. etc.)"
   "In order to free himself from difficulty (To reflect upon the
     profit with which a man, may entreat the incomparable will
     of God, as well as that of his good spirits etc.)"
which my counsel he promised me to follow, as thou art witness, O our true and almighty God.
    And as thy good Spiritual Creatures neither had delight in the man, neither would so plainly and precisely give me their answers or informations by him, that he might be able to perceive the pith thereof. So was he at length very unwilling to hear himself rebuked for his naughtiness, and to be barred from the Mysteries of thy truths understanding; which were the only things that I desired, through thy grace; o our most merciful God.
    Therefore, as well for a Memorial answerable to the premises, as for the better warrant of my such exercises to be made account of hereafter: (leaving all unto thy infinite mercies, and unsearchable providence,) I have thought it not impertinent, to note down, even in this place one of the last Actions, which I had with the foresaid preacher; when I made earnest and faithful petitions unto thee (o the true and Almighty God) for sending, unto my comfort and erudition, (if it were thy blessed will) thy holy, and mighty Angel Annael.'. of whom and of all the Hierarchies heavenly all praise honor and thanks, be rendered unto thy divine majesty: now and ever and world without end.
    Amen. Amen. Amen.

   "Numquid non est Deus in Israel, ut eatis ad
     consulendum Beelzebub, deum Accaron?"
   "Is it not because there is not a God in Israel,
     ye go enquire of Baal-zebub the god of Ekron
                                                       II Kings I:3


    The notes which follow pertain to the Biblical references in Dee's above given prayer. They are generally concerned with specific points raised in the text itself, except in the case of note 1. which is an examples of the extremes to which scriptural referencing may be taken. The following texts were consulted in the course of our research, comparison, and translation:

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14. The following is a chain reference dealing with the practices of Theurgy and
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    Citations throughout the earlier portions of the Old Testament are of some
    importance in the understanding of Dee's veiw of religious magick, but
    reference to the minor prophets (except Zechariah), which are cited in
    their totality, may be ignored without loss.
    New Testament passages have varying degrees of value but it should be
    noted that the gospels, and the books of Hebrews, Jude and Revelations
    bear directly on issues of Angelic Magick as subsequently practiced by
    Dee and his followers.
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Events Calendar for May 1988 e.v.

5/1/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg
5/1/88Full Moon ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
5/1/88Ist Degree initiationsAnanke Oasis
5/3/88Thelema Lodge meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
5/4/88Elementary Ceremonial Magick Class
with Ebony 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
5/5/88Open Forum 7:30 PM AKa Dua Cmp
5/6/88Hriliu Oasis meetingHriliu Oasis
5/7/88Minerval initiationsABRAHADABRA
5/7/88Symbology class 8 PMAnake Oasis
5/8/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
5/8/88Aiwass Oasis Meeting 7 PMAiwass Oasis
5/8/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMAiwass Oasis
5/8/88Class on Rituals 9 PMAiwass Oasis
5/10/88Dramatic Reading of Crowley's
Mortadello 8 PM at Thelema Ldg
Magick Thea
5/10/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMHriliu Oasis
5/11/88Magick and Qabalah Class #6
with Bill 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
5/12/88Rites of Eleusis Organizational
meeting #2 8 PM
Sirius Oasis
5/12/88Open Forum 7:30 PMA Ka Dua Cmp
5/13/88Hriliu Oasis meeting 8 PMHriliu Oasis
5/13/88Hriliu Oasis MeetingHriliu Oasis
5/14/88Bread Baking 11:11 AM startThelema Ldg.
5/14/88New Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
5/14/88Tree of Life Class 8 PMAnanke Oasis
5/15/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
5/17/88Enochiana on Archangels
with Dave 8:30 PM
Thelema Ldg.
5/18/88Magick and Qabalah Class #7
with Bill 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
5/19/88Open Forum 7:30 PMA Ka Dua Cmp
5/20/88Zodiacal Ritual with Lotte 8PMThelema Ldg.
5/20/88Hriliu Oasis MeetingHriliu Oasis
5/20-22/88Ancient Ways festival
5/21/88Ist and IInd Degree InitiationsThelema Ldg.
5/21/88Tree of Life Class 8 PMAnanke Oasis
5/22/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
5/24/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMHriliu Oasis
5/25/88Planetary Ceremonial Magick
with Ebony 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
5/26/88Dramatic Reading of the Crowley's
Snowstorm 7:30 PM at A Ka Dua
Magick Theat
5/27/88Hriliu Oasis MeetingHriliu Oasis
5/27/88Gnostic Mass (call)Nefertiti Cmp
5/28/88Rescheduled Natural Magick Hike
on Mt. Tam. Start at 10 AM
from 5 Suffield Ave., San Anselmo
(moved from last month --- rained)
Thelema Ldg.
5/29/88Gemini Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
5/29/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
5/30/88Blue Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.

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