Thelema Lodge Calendar for September 1988 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for September 1988 e.v.

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   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

September 1988 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Thelema Lodge Temple now Upstairs

    All meetings at Thelema Lodge are now in the up-stairs portion of the duplex. The address is 590 63rd St., Oakland; but it is the same building. Enter from the front, to the left, and go up the stairs. Do not go behind the building as in the past. Our upstairs quarters are more flexible as to size and should suit us well. Nobody has to creep past the cars in the driveway, fight the blackberry bush or win past the "things" of the back yard. Downstairs is now residential only. Some of the rooms upstairs are residential also.

This Month at Thelema Lodge

    Being the LATEBREAKING version of the LodgeNews due to Eleusinian madness...
    Mass every Sunday just after sunset Resh in the New Upstairs Temple, featuring more SPACE at last!! Consult Caitlin to get on the Mass calendar or to arrange Mass classes.
    Our Lodgemeeting has a twist...all members of the Lodge Of Perfection are requested to arrive by 7:00 on the 13th for their own meeting in PRIVATE. The usual Open meeting will commence shortly after 8 pm.
    Equinox rituals will be held in the new Horus Temple about 8:30 the 22nd.
    Lunar rituals are held in abeyance this month...
    Please call the Lodge and talk to Dave a day or so before scheduled Initiations for time and place. I & II on the 17th, Minervals on the 24th.
    Magick in Theory and Practice series 2nd meeting September 14th at 8 PM. Because of scheduling demands, September will only see one meeting, but October we will have two meetings. This class is by Bill Heidrick. Bring the book. We will continue into the first few chapters.
    Egyptiana Returns with Ebony on October 5th at 8 pm...a brand-new class dealing with Egyptian God-forms. Don't miss it!
    Dave will confuse us with "Geometry and Hierarchy of the Watchtowers" at 8:30 pm on the 27th. He states that this class is geared for EVERYONE.
    The Magick Theatre is on Vacation this month and will return in October.
    Libra Birthday Bash 4:18 pm on the 25th.

    Saturn was great, but we lost the Humanist Hall. CALL THE LODGE AT (415) 655-4942 FOR THE LOCATION OF EACH RITE!!!
    Jupiter and Sol sponsored by Hriliu Oasis. Jupiter's doors open at 8 pm at Thelema Lodge on the 1st -- (707) 795-7529. Sol will begin at 4 pm September 11th.
    Mars is sponsored by Nefertiti Camp, on the 6th at 8 pm- (415) 654-6508.
    Venus has changed hands -- Aiwass Oasis is responsible! doors open at 9 on the the Leprechaun at (408) 427-0925.
    Mercury and Luna are sponsored by Merkabah House. Doors open for Mercury at 7:30 the 21st, Luna at 8:30 on the 26th. (415) 549-0952.
    "Bear The Bowls Of Libation..."

from the Grady Project:


Brooding eyes, apish browed,
What wierd surmise lurks there endowed
With formless substance!
A gray blurred sphere
Ringed and glowing
Jagged rents
Flashing, twisting
Dissolved and warpted
Tight coils of hate
Clashing, chaotic.

Smooth sweeping girders
Looping curves
Strange arcs that lead
A somewhere vague
Stark time is gone
And in its place
A central fire
A bridge of suns
All motives and
All loves are one
To Him whose Will
Because is done.

Grady L. McMurtry

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Jones Rises

    In 1915 e.v., Agape Lodge #1 was opened in North America under the leadership of Charles Stansfeld Jones in Vancouver Canada. Chuck is better known as Frater Achad. That lodge was the premiere O.T.O. group on this continent. In 1935 e.v., Agape Lodge #2 was formed by W.Smith in Southern California. Agape Lodge #3 rode east on a zephyr in the mid '80s, leaving Thelema Lodge as the oldest continuously operating OTO Lodge anywhere.
    The new acting Lodge Master of Thelema Lodge is Dave Jones. Is it a conspiracy by the Jones boys? Who is this Jones person, anyway? Mild mannered Enochian scholar, given to eating dry pasta and chain smoking on Heidrick's front steps, he is after all a Jones! What can the future bring? What can it all mean?
    Basically it means that Lola has designated Dave to succeed her. The Caliph has made an interim appointment, and all is well. Dave is the fourth to lead Thelema Lodge since it's founding by Grady McMurtry in 1977 e.v. Our thanks to Lola for bringing Thelema through a difficult period.

Black Guards vs. Blaggards

    Unforeseen difficulties have cost us the use of the Humanist Hall. Although I question the grounds for the decision by the Hall, some background and a few observations are necessary at this point.
    During the Rite of Saturn last month, a person created a verbal disturbance. He had mistaken the nature and time of the event, thinking that a non-O.T.O. event scheduled earlier for the Hall was in progress. While this person was arguing with an employee of the Hall, one of our Minervals made what appeared to be threatening gestures with a prop sword. The prop was not a weapon but looked like one. This Minerval had a role in the Rite of Saturn and had been engaged in "open theater" during the evening -- theater in which costumed actors perform their roles while mingling with the audience. Later in the evening, the member was advised to curtail the more dramatic motions he was making with his prop.
    Following this disruption, the stranger contacted the police. The police came to investigate a possible assault, and took our Minerval member into custody. It is speculated that this would not have been done if our member had adequate identification, and he was released the next day.
    Based on my review of the events, I feel that our 1st Amendment rights were bent; but some of this could be avoided in the future. These exercises require some understanding by observers and additional ground rules for participants. Better screening at the door would help orient the general public. Ritual and theatrical activities of a nature that might alarm the unprepared need to be evaluated carefully. Where a ritual calls for the appearance of danger or restraint, the consent of the subject of the ritual must be obtained beforehand -- this is done in our degree initiations, but it needs to be extended to other ceremonies. Swords and other regalia of dangerous aspect must not be drawn or blandished unless under the most controlled and appropriate conditions. "Black Guards", ceremonial Tilers or assistants at O.T.O. events, must NEVER draw or blandish a sword or other mock weapon as a means of controlling the unruly. Such accessories are symbols, not instruments.

-- W.H., S.G.I.G, O.T.O.

From the Outbasket

Words of Power and Formulas
    --- distilled from many questions raised over the years:

    Words can stir the soul on their own. The essence of a groan or shout passes even from human to animal. Names out of history and myth call forth reaction. It is said that there are beings who heed when they are called. Many of the words of power are such stuff. Mantra draws from the construction of the body and brain to produce effects. Words fraught with subtleness command the mind.

    From Reuchlin's De verbo mirifico in the 15th century to Crowley's Magick in Theory an Practice in the 20th a strange practice has gradually emerged. The arts Notary and Qabalistic have increasingly come to bear in vitalizing ancient noises, words and names. These are the Words of Power of the modern magician. Reuchlin sought to trace historic roots and to expose cultural traditions. Crowley turned spelling into poetry and meditation.
    By various arts it is possible to examine the construction of a word in parts and letters as a practice of meditation. A lexicon can turn the squares of Abramelin into free verse. The very process of attempting meaning is the heart of the effect. By spending minutes or hours in concentration over the structure and meaning of traditional words we come to a land not known to the senses. Apparitions appear, voices are heard and the dark sea beyond the world heaves mightily beneath a gathering of elemental powers. This work teaches the language of the angels and the writing of "Sephir Raziel". The magical language is of the mind and of thought. Patterns of association become abstracted from physical things. Of such patterns the Sephira are composed.
    Crowley invented a new thing. It is called "FORMULA". This is not the inflexible equate of mathematics or the dynamic of chemical reaction. Crowley's formulas are the product of meditation on the spelling of words and the ways of doing. When he writes of IAO, he sets forth a measured way of change: Isis, Apophis, Osiris; Attraction, Ennui and Awakening. By turns about a post of letters, the mind establishes awareness and command of the turning. IAO and VIAOV are the essential pattern of his Liber Lapidis Lazuli where vision after vision is called and driven through darkness in the pursuit of fresh brilliance.
    Although Crowley long sought a way of attributing number and meaning to the English Alphabet, his usual method was by correspondence to Hebrew letters. Liber Trigrammaton includes a sequential attribution which can be a basis for number to letter correspondence in English, and the Trigrams in late editions of Liber 777 afford an indirect linkage of English letters to the rest of Qabalah. Although these methods may have stood for Crowley, he did not set them forth with great clarity in his writings. Beyond this there is the question of the meanings of the English letter names. Is "B" a bug? Is "T" a drink? What of "D" and other less punful letters? I suspect he was tempted to say "To Christian 'L with it!" as he strived to fulfill Liber AL, Chapter II, Verse 55. I have seen many attempts to attribute English letters to number; and, while most seem to work to an astonishing degree, none stands out as greatly superior to the others. Let's avoid that here, for now. We will simply take the Goyim to Israel, flying under a false Yamaka if we must. Nothing will be lost by this, for understanding of Crowley's writings and rituals is absolutely impossible without Qabalah of letters. There are those who would attempt A A while eschewing Hebrew Qabalah, and such is folly. A A is so incomprehensible without the Hebrew Qabalah that those who assay it in such futility completely mistake it for an intellectual pecking order. To those who have only arithmetic, calculus is in the outer darkness. To the knob twister, a broken TV is a mystery beyond ken.
    If the word of meditation is in Hebrew, well and good. What if it is not? You can get a back issue of the Thelema Lodge Calendar, December 1986 e.v. issue, for $1 postpaid. The transliteration table and instructions there will do for your needs. Those who attend my class on Magick in Theory and Practice, currently in progress, will have a free copy of the material when we need it. Crowley's methods of transliteration from English to Hebrew were somewhat based on standard British and Masonic ways of representing Hebrew with English letters. This led him to use "Hay" for "E" where "Aleph" is more appropriate, Ayin for "O" and other substitution practices not born out by the actual nature of Hebrew and English. He got results. Do the best you can.
    There are many ways to obtain meaning from the spelling of a word, once that word has been rendered with Hebrew or Greek letters. Crowley provides an extended example in Magick in Theory and Practice, Chapter V. The reader should look to that for his particular method. Crowley provides many other examples in the chapters on "Formulas" and in his notes to Liber Samekh and Liber Reguli. In general, the technique is syncretic and inductive. Spelling may be altered to a limited extent to improve the results. Liber 777 is the best reference for this method, and Crowley included an excerpt of the more useful tables in Magick in Theory and Practice. By matching various columns with either the Hebrew or Greek letter columns, a word may be converted into a sequence of Tarot trumps, a sequence of names of things, a sequence of astrological symbols or even a sequence of spirits. Other possibilities include colors, herbs, deities and numbers. These correspondences to letters may be mixed or matched, with caution. Let's take for an example the Hebrew word "TOB", Tet-Vau-Bet, signifying "good." By Tarot, we have Lust(Strength)-Hierophant-Magician. That could be rendered as: "The natural Forces within Teach Magick". By Astrology, the same word becomes: Leo-Taurus-Mercury (Fire, Earth and Mixture) --- "Strong Self-image combined with Fixity of thought breeds Adaptability." As names of the letters, we get: Serpent-Nail-House --- a quick mental image of a snake nailed to a building to jot down in one's book of Magick, but also the things symbolized by such: "Kundalini yoga establishes the Union necessary to disclose the way of the Temple." These ideas can be blended to see TOB as a formula for attaining Magick through use of ones own physical nature.
    Sometimes this business of multiple correspondence to letters is dizzying and well nigh incomprehensible after the fact. Carlo Suares attempted a simpler formulation in his The Cipher of Genesis. By Suares' approach, each letter is given a meaning based on the process of abstract creation. Paul Foster Case uses similar ideas admixed with Tarot. Unfortunately Suares' method breaks down in the second half of the Hebrew alphabet, and it will not do for our needs. Inspired by these mystics, I worked out my own Genesis Code. This will be provided in the course of the Magick in Theory and Practice class, and may appear in these pages the next time I get caught so far behind my deadline! My Genesis Code provides a uniform way of interpretation of Hebrew spelling of words into sentences. It is limited in that only abstract messages emerge, but that merely fixes the method in one of the four Qabalistic worlds. I also worked out a "Pentateuch" code for the Hebrew alphabet that makes a word go like a nuts and bolts Tarot Reading. But--- the thing is around here some place in a folder, under a pile of paper, in a box or in a drawer. Finding it is like trying to get Koschai's soul! It'll turn up one day; and then, dear reader, you will have it too.

    Here are examples of my "Genesis Code", with thanks to Suares and Case:

    TOB: Tet-Vau-Bet: "Power from inside - joins with - direction of action."

    ELOHIM: Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal: "Being - is harmonized - for the propagation of order - in the creation -- of matter."

    ASTAROTH: Ayin-Shin-Taw-Resh-Taw: "A vision - of fire - in the Earth - brings knowledge - to the Earth."

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 7:

1582 Marty 11

    Sonday. a Meridie hora .a. circiter1.

    Dee-- Uriel being called by Edward Talbot there appeared one;
clothed with a long robe of purple all spangled with gold, and on
his head a garland, or wreath of gold, his eyes sparkling. Of whom
I asked whether the characters noted for the Table were perfect:

    He answered,

   *Lundrumguffa: They are perfect. There is no question2.

    Dee: Are you Uriel?
Then presently came in one, and threw the brave spirit down by the
shoulders, and beat him mightily with a whip; and took all his
robes, and apparel off him.: And then he remained all hairy and
ugly; and still the spirit was beaten of him, who came in after
him. And that spirit, which so beat him, said to the hearing of my

    Uriel: Lo, thus are the wicked scourged.

    Dee: Are you Uriel, who speaketh that?

    Uriel: I am he. Write down, and mark this; for it is worthy of
the Noting:
   *This was thy persecutor Lundrumguffa. I brought him hither to
let thee see, how God hath punished thy enemy.

   Lo, thus hath God dealt for thee: Lo, thus have I dealt for thee:

   Thank God.

    Dee: Blessed be his holy name, and extolled, World Without end.

   Edward Talbot-- He drew the wicked spirit away by the legs; and
threw him into a great pit, and washed his hands, as it were, with
the sweat of his own head: for he seemed to be all in a sweat.

   Dee-- Hereupon, my skryer saw Uriel go away, and he remained out of
sight a little while. Then he came in again; and another with him,
and jointly these two said together:

   Glorify God forever.

   And then Uriel did stand behind; and the other did sit down in
the chair with a sword in his right hand, all his head glittering
like the sun. The hair of his head was long, he had wings, and all
his lower parts seemed to be with feathers. He had a robe over his
body, and a great light in his left hand.

   He said:

   Michael: We are blessed from the beginning, and blessed be the
name of God forever.

   Dee-- My Skryer saw an innumerable Company of Angels about him. And
Uriel did lean on the Square Table by.

   He that sat in the chair (whom we take to be Michael) said then:

   Michael: Go forward. God hath blessed thee.

   I will be thy Guide.

   Thou shalt attain unto thy seeking.

   The world begins with thy doings.

   Praise God.

   The Angels under my power, shall be at thy commandment.

   Lo, I will do thus much for thee.

   Lo, God will do thus much for thee.

   Thou shalt see me, and I will be seen of thee.

   And I will direct thy liking and conversation.
   *Those that sought thy life, are vanished away.

   Put up thy pen.

   Dee-- So he departed.

Gloria, laus, honor, Virtus et Imperium.
Deo immortali, invisibili, et Omnipotenti, in saecula saeculorum.
Glory, praise, honor, to the Power and Authority.
Unto God immortal, invisible, and Omnipotent, world without end.



    Dee notes (Dee signifies "Dee")
    i. Hereby may appear that this wicked spirit foisted in the shew of
    the false character and names before.

    ii. Note: Lundrumguffa scourged spiritually.

    iii. Lundrumguffa.

1. Sunday March 11, 1582. About the third hour before noon, i.e. 9am.
2. See plate {below Dee's picture}.

John Dee

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Events Calendar for September 1988 e.v.

9/1/88Eleusian Rite of Jupiter 8PM
(Call for new location)
Hriliu Oas.
9/4/88Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
9/6/88Eleusian Rite of Mars 8 PM
(Call for new location)
9/7/88Egyptiana with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg.
9/10/88New Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
9/11/88Eleusian Rite of Sol 4 PM
(Call for new location)
Hriliu Oas.
9/11/88Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
9/13/88Lodge of Perfection (Private) 7 PMThelema Ldg.
9/13/88Open Lodge meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
9/14/88Class on Crowley's "Magick in Theory
and Practice" with Bill, 8 PM.
Thelema Ldg.
9/16/88Eleusian Rite of Venus 9 PM
(Call for new location)
Aiwass Oas.
9/17/88Ist and IInd Degree initiationsThelema Ldg.
9/18/88Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
9/21/88Eleusian Rite of Mercury 7:30 PM
(Call for new location)
Merkabah H.
9/22/88Autumnal Equinox Ritual 8:25 PM
(Sun into Libra 12/29 PM)
Thelema Ldg.
9/22/88O.T.O. Initiate Dues increase 33%
today (excluding earlier assessments
and payments).
Associate dues unchanged
Grand Lodge
9/24/88Minerval initiationsThelema Ldg.
9/25/88Libra Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
9/25/88Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
9/25/88Full Moon ritual after Mass (Aries)Thelema Ldg.
9/26/88Eleusian Rite of Luna 7:30 PM
(Call for new location)
Merkabah H.
9/27/88Enochiana with Dave 8 PM
"Geometry & the Hierarchy of the
Thelema Ldg.

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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