Thelema Lodge Calendar for April 1989 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for April 1989 e.v.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

April 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

April '89 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

"A feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law."
    AL II:39

NUIT Chapter will be read at Merkabah House; Saturday, April 8th around 8 pm - call 549-0952 for directions, more information, And suggestions on what to bring for the necessary three-day potluck Feast...

HADIT Chapter will be here at the Lodge; Sunday, April 9th with a Mass at 9:30 sharp. We'll read at 8 pm. Talk to Caitlin about the continual Feast- 655- 4942.

RA-HOOR-KHUIT Chapter will be read at 8 pm April 10th - location to be announced at both First and Second Day readings OR call the Lodge.
    We will also read each Chapter in Horus Temple at noon on their day. Happy High Holy Days!

    Masses Every Sunday as usual excepting the 9th at 9:30 sharp and the 23rd which is T. O. P. Y. Mass...(Hail Eris!) All others at 8 pm and theoretically "non-heretical" at presstime.
    First and Second Degree Initiations are April 1st. All Initiations are arranged in advance.(415) 655-4942 for information. Initiations Practice starts April 12th at 7 pm and continues every Wednesday through May 3rd.
    The monthly Lodgemeeting is April 11th at 8 pm. New must attend the Lodge Meeting to get on the MASS CALENDAR - we will also discuss Beltane, among other subjects. And...Hypatia Camp meets April 3rd at 7 pm. 537-3212
    New Moon Ritual April 5th, RSVP (415) 549-0952. Full Moon Ritual on the 20th - call Merkabah for info.
    The Eleusinian Repertory Mob convenes at 8 pm the 24th. If you're interested in taking part in the Rites, you're welcome. (Magister Templi needs a video/film person!!!)
    Enochiana and Dave go South April 15th for "Discussion and Demonstration: the Beginnings of Enochian Magick". Call (408) 423-4241 for information and directions. April 25th has "Heptarchia Mystica" at the Lodge - 8:30 start. 655-4942
    Unfolding Hermetics returns to Merkabah House April 6th and 20th. 549- 0952
    Practice and Performance of Ritual 28 on the 18th. Signups at the Lodge.
    Tammy's Invitational Mass Seminar April 7th in Horus Temple.
    The Taurean Birthday Smash will be April 30th at 4:18pm. No Bullshit!

MAY Projections -

    The May calendar is still malleable - please attend the April 11th Lodgemeeting OR call the Lodge before that date to schedule Your event. -C-

Monday, May 1st:Hypatia Camp meets 7 pm 537-3212
Wednesday, May 3rd:Initiations Practice 7 pm 655-4942
Friday, May 5th:New Moon Ritual 549-0952
Saturday, May 6th:BELTANE 655-4942
Sunday, May 7th:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Tuesday, May 8th:Lodgemeeting 8 pm
Wednesday May 10Tarot series begins with Bill Heidrick 8 pm (Intro.)
Thursday, May 11th:Unfolding Hermetics 8 pm 549-0952
Saturday, May 13th:EGC SYNOD 647-8147
Sunday, May 14th:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Wednesday May 17Tarot with Bill 8 pm (Major Trumps, Qabalah & Myth).
Thursday, May 18th:Rose Croix Meets
Lodge of Perfection Meets
Sunday, May 21st:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Thursday, May 25th:Unfolding Hermetics 8 pm
Sunday, May 28th:Gemini Birthday Bash 4:18pm
Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Monday, May 29th:Eleusinian Repertory Mob Meet 8 pm
Tuesday, May 30th:Dave's Enochiana 8:30 pm

from the Grady Project:

The Throne of Hell

Bright Goddess in your Bed of Flame
Eternal noon. Eternal sun.
Gaze on your enemies. Their shame
Has found them out. The work is done.

Serpent Goddess. Lion of Light.
Hot sands of Hell have bound their ire.
You hold their ka in blinkless gaze
And their soul on the Frog of Fire!

Grady L. McMurtry -- from "Rhadamanthus"
3/3/1972 e.v.

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    Thelema Lodge takes great pleasure in congratulating Soror Meral on her fiftieth year as a Sister of Ordo Templi Orientis. Agape Lodge performed Minerval on 8/26/39 e.v., with Ist Degree on 9/8/39 e.v. Although the anniversary will not occur until August, the Jubilee year is well under way. Soror Meral acted with Frater Hymenaeus Alpha to bring back the O.T.O. from the dormant years, providing headquarters in her home in the early to mid 1970'e.v. She posses the Rose and the Cross of Gold, the one through her steadfast determination and the other through her right walking on the way. Soror Meral has served in the highest councils of the Order. She publishes In the Continuum and operates The College of Thelema. A blessing to a priestess of the Lovely Star!

Thelema About Town

    For newcomers, one of the most striking features of the Bay Area Thelemic community is its diversity. In many of the O.T.O. bodies around the country (and, one might suppose, the world), "Thelemic culture" consists of the activities of one small, dedicated group of people working in concert. There are also many places where isolated individual magicians are waiting for like- minded companions so that they might begin to form circles of their own.

    But here, the culture has gathered momentum with time. I'd like to talk about some of the activities that I've heard about going on outside Thelema Lodge, and also outside the O.T.O. Of course, I'd like to hear about more, too...

    The Church of the Sub-Genius has a new radio program on KZSU-FM, Stanford, 90.1 Sunday night/Monday morning midnight. Mutated, yes, but is it Thelemic? Bobpope Ivan Stang poo-pooed the Order, but still they borrow from Crowley every other page.

    World Entertainment War has a new album coming. If I recall correctly, one tape I sampled of these people seemed to seriously twist my glandular balance.

    Late underground comic artist Dori Seda was memorialized in a recent Gnostic Mass on the anniversary of her greater feast. Notice of the event was sent to Weirdo magazine by the enterprising Jeffrey Sommer. This could lead to some highly unusual press clippings...

    Word has come to me from many sources about the wonderful things that Clay, April, roommates and friends (dammit, don't they have a name? I heard something like "Orbit One" some time ago) are doing down in Santa Cruz. Seems that they're holding ongoing Saturday night presentations or open forums. Subjects have included Dr. Reich's Orgone Energy, Nikola Tesla, the I Ching, and Enochian Magic straight from the Jones. Call 408/423-4241 for details.

    So let me know, if you see some events that are manifesting the Current. My number is 415/549-0952. Oh, yeah, have you seen this comic book, V for Vendetta

--- Majnun

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A Greater Feast for Death

    On March 15, 1989 e.v., our Beloved Brother of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, Richard Gernon, attained his Greater Feast. He had taken Minerval in July of 1976 e.v., when the O.T.O. was centered in Dublin California. In those days, there was considerable confusion over the authentic heritage. Brother Richard had come to California from Tennessee at the behest of M. Motta, a former student of Fr. Saturnus. Two others also came and took Minerval about that time. Motta had been operating a form of A A, and denied he had any right to initiate to O.T.O. in the U.S.A. When these three examined Fr. H.A.'s credentials, they recognized his role and took the first step toward becoming a Man and a Brother. Motta, on learning of this action, demanded that two resign; and himself severed relations with the third. Bound by their earlier oaths, taken in good faith, the two resigned from O.T.O. and returned to Nashville. Brother Richard labored on there in increasing difficulty. The demands of his superiors in Motta's organization became unendurable, extending to false charges and seizure of personal property. Brother Richard was driven from the place of his oath by the breaker of faith with his oath, tho' he himself broke it not. Some years passed, and our brother healed in a measure. He returned to us in 1980 e.v., rising in the latter half of 1985 e.v. to membership in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis. He came to lead Tahuti Lodge, later ascending to leadership of a Chapter of the Rose-Croix. He spent thousands of dollars of his own money to continue a meeting place for his brothers and sisters in the city of New York. In his heart he gifted his blood to Babalon, striving to be one of the bloodless saints of the City of the Pyramids. In time he came nigh to the precincts of that holy city, even as the Prophet describes. Yet, in so spending his life, he lost his mortal part in the dark night. His death was not a noble thing, yet it came from excess of ideals, from excess of devotion and a deep hurt of betrayal by another over ten years before. If, it may be, there was a bitter drop held back from that most holy devotion to which he aspired, may it be carried by the winds of the void, cleansed of dross, and deposited in a new life in this world. May that life be sweet and offer a last gentle walk to the limitless light.
    Death is but a corollary to the illusion of time. All that was, is. The love and the certainty of our Brother is not banished by the vision of sorrow that attended his going.

From the Outbasket

    Question: How many members are in O.T.O., and where do they live?

O.T.O. Membership: A C T I V E (highest active degree only)

Feb '88Feb '89Feb '89 known address
Ist Degree236358306
IInd Degree154173173
IIIrd Degree97109109
IVth Degree356461
Vth Degree404947
above Vth confidential
Total Active:1,1451,408
(up 23%)
(141 no adr)


    Geographic distribution of known Associate and Initiate addresses:
    (By largest region and country. Subregions over 100 subdivided)
    (From data available in early March 1989)


Alabama 6 Minnesota 6
Alaska 1 Mississippi 1
Arizona 9 Missouri 1
Arkansas 3 Nebraska 7
California 263 Nevada 6
    (North Cal: 162) New Hampshire 1
    (South Cal: 101) New Jersey 17
Colorado 7 New Mexico 1
Connecticut 11 New York 85
Delaware 2 North Carolina 4
District of Columbia 1 Ohio 17
Florida 12 Oklahoma 13
Georgia 34 Oregon 12
Hawaii 6 Pennsylvania 12
Idaho 2 Puerto Rico 2
Illinois 16 Rhode Island 1
Indiana 14 South Carolina 5
Iowa 5 Tennessee 5
Kansas 6 Texas 31
Kentucky 2 Utah 16
Louisiana 22 Vermont 1
Maine 2 Virginia 5
Maryland 3 Washington 37
Massachusetts 27 West Virginia 4
Michigan 8 Wisconsin 6
Wyoming 3


IRELAND 1     Slovenia 29        
ITALY 5     Serbia 61        
NORWAY 35     Croatia 40        
SCOTLAND 1     Bosnia & Hercegovina 8        
SPAIN 1     Montenegro 2        


Alberta 44 Ontario 30
British Columbia 34 Quebec 20
Alberta 44 New Brunswick 1







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Detail of February 1988 e.v. Demographics (last year)

    The Center for Enochian Studies is on vacation this month. Watch this space for new and exciting arcana! In the mean time, please enjoy this interlude --- brought to you by the numbers 1 through 10.


    From a work in progress by Bill Heidrick. Copyright © 1989

    This work is intended to suppliment Crowley's Gematria, rather than replace it. The reader will find some additional references in the Bennett-Crowley Sepher Sephiroth. These entries have been obtained from a 19th century Hebrew Lexicon (Davies' Student's Hebrew Lexicon) devoted to study of the Torah or Old Testament. When complete, the Gematria dictionary will contain all significant words and names from the Torah, including variant spellings and important conjugations and declensions. Additional notes on Qabalistic significance, special Qabalistic spellings and mystical terms will be added, e.g. words like at 813 with its expansion into seven other words + translation and at 7, in that it is the Great Seven-fold word.
    For an exposition on Gematria and English to Hebrew substitution, see the Thelema Lodge Calendar for December 1986 e.v. ...

                                         - 1 -          Multiplicative Identity operator

Aleph --- Aleph.
    (Aleph = Peh-finalLamedAleph --- 111/831; Peh-finalVauLamedAleph --- 117/837 --- Ox.)
    (The value of 111 is significant in QBL tradition)
     --- the name of the first Sephira is --- see 620.

                                        - 2 -                                          1st prime

Bet --- Bet.
    (Bet = TawYodBet --- 412 --- House.)
     --- As a prefix: in, within, among; with, by, at; upon; into,
         towards; in the manner, according to; in regard to.
     --- As an abbreviation: Nun-finalBet in names.
     --- the name of the second Sephira is --- see 73.

                                        - 3 -                                          2nd prime

Gimel ----- Gimel.
        (Gimel = LamedMemGimel --- 73; LamedMemYodGimel --- 83 --- Camel.)
       --- the name of the third Sephira is --- see 67.
BetAleph --- father; benefactor, cherisher, sustainer; teacher or adviser;
         lord or possessor; chief of a family or tribe; forefather;
         founder of a guild or of a profession or of a trade.
       --- blooming freshness; blossom-time, blooming age, bright
         verdur; fruit.
AlephBet --- to enter; to lead to, to bear.

                                        - 4 -                                          4 = 22

Dalet ----- Dalet.
       (Dalet = TawLamedDalet --- 434 --- Door.)
       --- the name of the fourth Sephira is --- elated, proud.

                                        - 5 -                                          3rd prime

Hay -------- Heh.
           (Heh = AlephHay --- 6 --- Window or Vent-hole. (spelling for Yetzirah).
HayHay ----- 10 --- an exclamation of grief. (for Asiah).
YodHay ----- 15 --- signing, lamentation. (Atziloth & Briah).).
    --- As prefix: the (definite article).
    --- To introduce a question: that.
    --- the name of the fifth Sephira is --- 216.
BetBetAleph --- to be bright or fresh; to thrive, to bloom.
    --- to be hollow.
AlephGimelAleph --- to flee.
    --- fugitive.
DaletAleph ----- vapor, mist.
    --- (see also 417). turning or surrounding; circumstance or
             cause; account (of).
GimelBet ----- food.
BetGimel ----- ridge (of altar); top, bosses, bulwarks, rampart; vault;
             brothel; rim (of wheel); the back; plowers; piece of wood,
             board, plank; pit, cistern, den (of lions).
AlephDalet ----- this thing; that.

                                        - 6 -                                          6 = 2x3

Vau -------- Vau.
            (Vau = VauVau --- 12 --- A holdfast, Nail, Hook. (spelling for Asiah).
VauAlephVau --- 13. (for Briah & Yetzirah).
VauYodVau --- 22. (for Atziloth).).
    --- As prefix or free-standing: and, even.
    --- the name of the sixth Sephira is --- 1081.
DaletBet ----- a separated thing, part.
    --- thread, yarn, cord; linen, white linen; branches; nobles.
    --- praters, liars.
AlephBetGimel --- to cut out, excavate; cistern, pool.
GimelGimel ----- roof, covering; cover (of an altar).
BetDalet ----- (12); bear; she-bear.
AlephHay ----- the letter Heh, vent-hole, window; lo!, behold!, as, just as.

                                        - 7 -                                          4th prime

Zain ------- Zain.
          (Zain = Nun-finalYodZain --- 67/717 --- Weapon; Ornament; Sword.)
    --- the name of the seventh Sephira is --- 148.
DaletBetAleph --- to be severed, forsaken; to stray (in solitude); to loose
             oneself, to vanish; to perish, to be undone; to sever,
             scatter, to dissipate; destroy, to bring to ruin, to rob.
    --- annihilation, ruin. (many offshoots of this root).
GimelGimelAleph --- the royal title of the Amalekite princes.
    --- perhaps: circle.
BetDaletAleph --- to cause to pine, to vex.
    --- to train.
VauAleph ----- will, choice, desire.
    --- or, either; or rather; or else, unless, perhaps; of if; if.
    --- where? (implying "not").
AlephDaletBet --- to prate, to lie, to invent.
BetBetGimel --- to be curved, crooked, bent; to dig; to be convex, high.
DaletGimel ----- coriander; fortune, a deciding, apportioning; luck.
BetAlephDalet --- to melt, flow away, languish.
BetHay ----- (12, 17); yield up!, give!, come on!
AlephBetDalet --- to flow; affluence, fullness.
GimelDalet ----- a fish.

                                        - 8 -                                          8 = 23

Chet ------- Chet.
          (Chet = TawYodChet --- 418 --- Barrier or Fence.)
    --- the name of the eighth Sephira is --- 15.
HayBetAleph --- to breathe after, to long for; to be willing, to obey; to
             will or wish.
    --- thriving vegetation; reed, bulrush. (from BetAleph = 3)
    --- elephant.
             (Stresses life breath as vitality, longing and importance).
DaletGimelAleph --- to bind.
BetHayAleph --- to breathe after; to love; to lust; to be attached; to delight.
    --- amours; loveliness.
ZainAleph ----- then; at that time; thereupon.
HayAlephBet --- go in!, lead in!, bear in!
    --- entrance.
HayGimel ----- this, these.
GimelAlephDalet --- a fish; to be crushed; depressed, anxious, despondent;
             pr.n. "Fearful".
BetBetDalet --- to speak; tattle; slander; to be hairy, shaggy.
DaletDalet ----- pr.n. "Friend"; pr.n. "Beloved" --- David (14, 24); breast
             (female only, in the sense of for suckling).

                                        - 9 -                                          9 = 32

Tet ------- Tet.
           (Tet = TetVauTet --- 24 --- A coiling; Serpent.
    --- the name of the ninth Sephira is --- 80.
VauBetAleph --- proper name form of BetAleph. (3 > 9 = 3x3, father of fathers).
DaletDaletAleph --- to be strong.
    --- powerful one.
BetVauAleph --- to be hollow.
    --- water skin, leather bottle; the hollow belly (of conjurers,
             in which the conjuring spirit dwells and speaks as if from
             out of the earth); a necromancer.
AlephZainAleph --- (see also 13); to light, to heat. ChetAleph --- brother; friend;
             kinsman; one of the same tribe; a fellow countryman;
             a confederate, an ally, a neighbor or fellow man;
             a fellow or match.
    --- oh!, ah!, alas!; fire; fire-stove or pot; howlings; owl.
HayBetBet --- firm; pupil (of the eye).
DaletGimelBet --- to cover; to conceal, act covertly, deceive, cheat.
    --- covering, clothing; outer garment; concealment, treachery;
             (First three consecutive letters after Aleph. The beginning
             without the first step. Concealment of the first. This is
             seen in the letter Tet ='s 9 as 10-1).
AlephVauBet --- to enter.
ZainBet ----- to despise.
    --- spoil, plunder.
HayAlephGimel --- to sprout, grow up; rise, be high, exalted, majestic; to be
             haughty; to be deep, hollow; pride; ungodly.
VauGimel ----- the back; body; the middle, midst.
AlephGimelHay --- pr.n. "Exile".
DaletHay ----- shout, cry (of joy).

10 > 1                                  - 10 -                                         10 = 2x5

Yod ------- Yod.
           (Yod --- DaletVauYod or DaletYod --- 20 or 14 --- Hand (open, & fingers).
           (DaletVauYod is the preferred spelling in Qabalah).
    --- the name of the tenth Sephira is --- 496.
DaletHayAleph --- to be strong.
    --- pr.n. "Might".
BetZainAleph --- to shine; blooming, blossoming.
TetAleph ----- secrecy, concealment (in speaking or moving); sorcerer;
             sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly.
DaletDaletBet --- to be cut off, severed; to be forlorn; lonely.
    --- to bind.
    --- to prate
    --- separation, loneliness; separately, alone.
    --- pr.n. "Part".
BetVauBet --- to hollow.
AlephZainBet --- to tread down, destroy.
HayBetGimel --- arch or brow of eye; felloe (of a wheel); to be high, tall,
             exalted; haughty, proud; high minded; height; highness,
             majesty; gather.
AlephVauGimel --- back, body; middle, midst.
ZainGimel ----- a shearing; a fleece.
HayAlephDalet --- to dart, to fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the
             glede, vulture, kite.
HayHay ----- ha!, ah!, oh! (grief); alternate spelling of the letter Heh.
BetAlephZain --- to be angry, fierce; wolf.
GimelZain ----- skin on a grape, husk.
BetChet ----- bosom.
AlephTet ----- to be miry, dirty.

Not a current event and not an OTO event.  Here for historic purposes only:

Events Calendar for April 1989 e.v.

4/1/89First and Second Degree initiationsThelema Ldg
4/2/89Daylight Savings Time 2AM -> 3AMCongress
4/2/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/3/89Hypatia Camp meeting 7 PMHypatia Cmp
4/5/89New Moon Ritual 9:30 PM (private)Merkabah HSE
4/6/89Unfolding Hermetics 8 PMMerkabah HSE
4/7/89Tammy's Mass Seminar (invitational)Thelema Ldg.
4/8/89Liber AL Day #1 8PM at Merkabah houseMerkabah HSE
4/9/89Liber AL Day #2 8PM at Thelema ldgThelema Ldg.
4/9/89Gnostic Mass after the readingThelema Ldg.
9/10/89Liber AL Day #3 (time and location
to be announced)
Thelema Ldg.
4/11/89Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/12/89Initiation Practice 7 PMThelema Ldg.
4/15/89Enochian Magick in Santa Cruz-----
4/16/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/18/89Ritual 28 practice & performanceThelema Ldg.
4/19/89Initiation Practice 7 PMThelema Ldg.
4/20/89Unfolding Hermetics and Full Moon
Ritual --- call for time
Merkaban HSE
4/23/89TOPY Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/24/89Rites of Eleusis repertory meetingThelema Ldg.
4/26/89Initiation Practice 7 PMThelema Ldg.
4/30/89Taurus Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
4/30/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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