Thelema Lodge Calendar for June 1989 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for June 1989 e.v.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

June 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

June 1989 c.e.* at Thelema Lodge
With Advance Dates in July

    Greetings Of The Summer Solstice! far, not a single postcard has come my way...I would suppose that nobody wants to complain enough to write to me; though I have received NUMEROUS verbal praises of our occasional Heresy... though no heresies have been announced for June. Mass is at sunset every Sunday - be here by 8 pm. Tammy's Barefoot Seminar is invitational and on June 2nd... and SYNOD II (or Synod, Too) starts at 8 pm on the 17th at Merkabah House. Come, All Ye Clergy - followed by the Bishops' Mass.
    Summer Solstice is at Kirby Cove this year. We have a campsite there from noon the 20th to noon the 22nd- we need Four drivers, firewood, and all manner of things - call Mordecai at 647-8147 for more details...we'll do the ritual Wednesday evening. Map and Rules of Kirby later in the Newsletter.
    Initiations (arranged in advance):
Minervals and Third Degrees June 24th; Practice for Minerval through Third 7 pm the 28th, Fourth and P. I. practice on the 29th at 8 pm. both here in Horus Temple.
    Thelema Lodgemeeting 8 pm on the 13th - all welcome. The Lodge Of Perfection meets June 15th, and Hypatia Camp meets at 7 pm the 5th before Yoga...
    Full Moon Ritual at Merkabah House midnight the 18th; show up at 11 with some food/drink to share.
    Lola's Minerval Meditation class June 7 at 8 pm - wear comfy clothes.
    The Tarot series continues on the 14th of June. Bill Heidrick is the presenter, and this meeting will feature the Minor Trump and the Tree of Life. Divination aids will be provided for the Minor Trumps, and a series of divination aids for the first few Major Trumps will be distributed. The remaining Major Trump material will be provided in sections during the succeeding classes. The "Celtic Cross" lay-out will begin our reading exercises with this class, and a few volunteers will be called to have readings done for them. A printed instruction for the lay-out will also be provided. 8 pm.
    Hatha Yoga I continues with Luscha every Monday at 8 pm except the 26th.
    Enochiana 8:30 the 27th with Dave: Operation of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, Part II. (though attendance of Part I is not required)
    T'ai C'hi Ch'uan & Projection of the Body of Light begins with Pat on the 9th at 7 him for info at 775-7935. Wear those Yoga clothes.
    Unfolding Hermetics June 8th & 22nd, 8 pm at Merkabah House. 549-0952.
    Ritual 28 at Merkabah June 1st: call if you're interested - secret meeting 6/23 - that Eleusinian Mob will gather at the Lodge June 26th at 8 pm; and the Cancerian Birthday Splash is at 4:18 on the 25th - no Lucy imitations, please... (I realize I've been brief; space is tight this month...)

    *: Common Era; identical meaning in this place to Era Vulgaris - i. e. THEIR system..

So, What About July??

Sunday, 7/2Sunset Mass
Monday, 7/3Hypatia Camp 7 pm
Hatha Yoga I 8 pm
Wednesday, 7/5Lola's Minerval Meditation 8 pm
Thursday, 7/6Unfolding Hermetics 8 pm at Merkabah
Friday, 7/7Tammy's Mass Seminar
Sunday, 7/9Sunset Mass
Monday, 7/10Hatha Yoga I 8 pm
Tuesday, 7/11Lodgemeeting 8 pm
Wednesday, 7/12Tarot with Bill, 8 PM --- the Court Cards
Sunday, 7/16Mass at sunset
Monday, 7/17Hatha Yoga I 8 pm
Full Moon Ritual at midnight, Merkabah
Wednesday, 7/19Tarot with Bill, 8 PM --- The Thoth deck Major Trumps
Thursday, 7/20Rose Croix Mtg.
Lodge of Perfection Mtg.
Unfolding Hermetics after both
Sunday, 7/23Mass at Sunset
(secret meeting)
Monday, 7/24Hatha Yoga I 8 pm
Tuesday, 7/25Enochiana 8:30 pm
Wednesday, 7/26Initiations Practice 7 pm
Sunday, 7/30Leo Birthday Bash 4:18 pm
Gnostic Roaring Contest
Mass at Sunset
Monday, 7/31Eleusinian Mobmeet 8 pm

from the Grady Project:


Smoky the Bear contemplating
Sounds of tourists departing:
A pile of tin cans in a high wind.

Grady Louis McMurtry
(Japan Air Lines 1964 National  
Radio Haiku Contest Selection)

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Thelema About Town

    Have you noticed a public resurgence of interest in Gnosticism lately? I suppose it's been a few years since "Gnosis" magazine first came out. But recently it seems like a tradition that is on everyone's mind, or their lips, at the very least.
    Those Joseph Campbell television interviews, The Power of Myth, along with their impressively marketed video and audio tapes and books, may have had something to do with it. Now, public presentations of Gnosis and the Western Mystery tradition are everywhere. For instance, the local UC Theater, on their last schedule, presented, not one, but an entire series, of films on Gnosticism. It cost a bundle, too.
    I mention this because I've just returned from a performance of a Gnostic Mass by Stephan Hoeller, author and bishop of one of those "other" Gnostic Churches. This one is more overtly Christian, but parallels between his branch and ours abound.
    "Hear Ye, all saints of the true church in every age, now essentially present in our midst, of you we claim heirship, with you we claim communion, and from you we claim benediction and intercession in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
    Sound familiar? In addition to their mass, Hoeller's group, the Gnostic Society, offers individual practices in keeping with the Gnostic tradition (under certain circumstances which were not made clear to me).
    His vision is of the Gnostic Church in our time as the keepers of a portion of the Christian Mysteries without which Christianity as a whole cannot be complete. But he also feels that there is much that the orthodox churches know that is of vital importance to esotericists.
    Sound interesting? The Gnostic Church & Society can be reached at 4516 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027. Closer to home, they are in association with Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum, Alma Plaza Building, 3437 Alma #23 Palo Alto, CA 94306, and, informally, Gnosis magazine.

    My search for an overview of the Nightside of Contemporary Urban Magick was answered when I received issue #11 of The Core, compliments of J. Ryan Ayers. Moments after I began leafing through it, my head started to spin, and I knew that I was a long, long way from Kansas...
    "The Core" is an underground zine with an emphasis on the esoteric. It is one facet of a group of Bay Area artists whose output also includes the post-industrial band "IAO Core" and that eerie portrait of Baphomet in the outer temple of the Lodge. The most pleasing aspect of The Core is that it is evidence that there are individuals who share the conviction of the artistic community that the media and language of the time are a relevant outgrowth of the Gnosis, who also choose to use the metaphors of our tradition. Could we learn from them ways in which that tradition comes alive in our day, rather than in Crowley's?
    My only reservation is that it is a difficult world for the inexperienced to access. Both times that I have stumbled across issues of The Core (and I have no idea where to tell you to obtain it) [John brings me each new issue... -C-], all the events listed therein were long over! I suppose that if you want to keep all but the select few out of your circle, there are other ways to do it besides possessing secret teachings in your inner degrees.
    But if anyone who is in touch with this particular aspect of the Current, a) wants exposure to people who are not necessarily of the "underground type," and b) knows what is going to be happening more than a month in advance, let me know at 415/549-0952. The creative fire covered within the pages of "The Core" is something that warrants feeding into a blaze.

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From the Outbasket

Q. What can you tell me about the History of the O.T.O.?     Part II

    In Part I, we brought the history of O.T.O. up through the belated discovery of the Greater Feast of Fr. Saturnus, Karl Germer, O.H.O. from 1947 e.v. to 1962 e.v. It would not be fitting to pass on to the time of interregnum and the rise of the Caliphate without a few more words about Brother Karl.
    Karl Germer was a long standing friend of Crowley's and an early member of the O.T.O. He served as Viceroy in Germany and Crowley's personal representative in the United States. During the last part of Crowley's life, Germer ran the financial side of the Order, chiefly collecting contributions from the members in California for the "Aleister Crowley Publication Fund" and copyrighting Crowley's later publications. After Crowley's death, Brother Germer continued first edition publishing of several of Crowley's long standing projects, including Magick without Tears, 777 Revised, The Vision and the Voice --- first annotated edition, and Liber Aleph. If there were shortcomings in his management of the Fraternity, there were none in Brother Karl's efforts to bring Crowley's unpublished legacy to the world. Many of the most important works would not have reached the public without his diligent labor and the labor of the Sisters of O.T.O. in preparing typescripts.

And now, the interregnum and the rise of the Caliphate:

    Following disclosure of a robbery of O.T.O. archives from the home of Sascha Germer, Soror Meral, a member of O.T.O., contacted Grady McMurtry at his Washington, D.C. address. McMurtry learned at that time of the death of Germer, years before, and of the theft of archives. McMurtry came to California in his capacities as an Inspector General of O.T.O., as the chartered Head of the USA O.T.O. operations, and as a concerned member. An investigation was conducted by McMurtry of the archival robbery and of other library burglaries that occurred around that time. McMurtry was not able to recover the missing materials.
    In 1969 e.v., surviving O.T.O. members from the Germer and Crowley years were invited to join with McMurtry resuming regular operations of O.T.O. Members Sr. Meral, Sr. Grimaud, M. Burlingame and Montenegro indicated willingness to see the O.T.O. accessible to the general public. At that time there were less than a dozen surviving O.T.O. members in the United States. Ray Burlingame had died some years before, and Dr. Montenegro died before an organizational meeting could be held. On 12/28/71, the Ordo Templi Orientis Association was registered with the State of California to form a legal entity for O.T.O. This Association included members of Agape Lodge #2, from the Crowley and Germer period. Grady McMurtry produced his letters of charter, and assumed the title "Caliph of O.T.O.", as specified in Crowley's letters to McMurtry from the 1940s e.v.
    Sascha Germer died in the mid 1970s e.v., and the O.T.O. Association under McMurtry obtained a court order for delivery of the remnant of the O.T.O. archives that had been in her custodianship. This order was issued in the Superior Court in Calaveras County, California, and filed July 27th, 1976 e.v.

    Under McMurtry, as Caliph or acting Head of O.T.O., several attempts were made to attract new members to O.T.O. A few new members were initiated through efforts centered in Dublin, California at The College of Thelema and in San Francisco at the Kaaba Clerk House. The San Francisco activity collapsed, and a new member resigned. Some years later, a person who was a visitor at the San Francisco location began representing himself as the Head of O.T.O. This person was not an initiated member. The Dublin California O.T.O. center ceased to be a major focus of O.T.O. activity.
    In 1977 e.v., McMurtry held O.T.O. initiations at his home in Berkeley, California. A group formed at that new location, a newsletter was published and ultimately the O.T.O. Association was converted into a corporation. O.T.O. was incorporated under the laws of the State of California on March 26th, 1979 e.v. Persons who had claimed in print to be O.T.O. members or who were known to be former members were notified of the formation of the corporation, and given a period of time to file a claim to continued membership, according to a precedent established earlier by Karl Germer. The corporation attained 501(c)3 Federal Tax exemption as a religious entity in 1982 e.v., and presently includes over 1,400 active members, world wide.
    During the period from 1962 e.v. (death of Karl Germer) to the present, a number of occult membership societies have arisen. Because of wide interest in the writings of Aleister Crowley since those writings had been reprinted in the late 1960s e.v. and early 1970s e.v., many of these new societies styled themselves to a greater or lesser extent after Crowley's ideas and the model of O.T.O. Some individuals and some of these societies have confused the Thelemic religion with the name Ordo Templi Orientis, possibly because many of Crowley's writings on Thelema have been published under the auspices and with the marks of O.T.O. One common practice has been the formulation of names for new occult societies with acronyms similar to O.T.O, e.g. O.T.A. for Ordo Templi Astarte, O.T.B. for Ordo Templi Baphe-metis. The titles of Crowley and O.T.O. works and periodicals have also been used by some of these individuals and groups, e.g. O.T.B. has published The Aurea Flamma where O.T.O. had used the name Oriflamme for a publication. Some disturbed individuals wrote to O.T.O. from mental hospitals, asserting that they were the true Head of O.T.O. A significant number of individuals wrote to tell O.T.O. that they were the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, and that O.T.O. was remiss in not accepting the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley as its leader. Some wrote to other people, asserting similar claims and making unauthorized use of the name and symbols of O.T.O. Several individuals wrote to O.T.O. asserting that they had received further revelation of additional material to Crowley's Libel AL vel Legis, e.g. James Beck (also known as Jimmi Rocket) of Oregon. This category of correspondents also made occasional unauthorized use of the symbols and name of O.T.O. Authors speculated about the "Real Head of O.T.O.", notably Francis King of England, who wrote several books supporting different claimants over an extended period. A few authors published under fictitious titles and honors copied from O.T.O. history, e.g. Geoff Smith, of England, in his Knights of the Solar Cross and several authors in The Oriflamme out of New York in 1975 e.v. and 1976 e.v. Where addresses were available, O.T.O. wrote letters to the more outspoken of these individuals and groups, requesting that they cease and desist representing themselves as O.T.O. These strange representations have greatly diminished in the last five years as knowledge of the survival of O.T.O. has spread, but new instances continue to occur a few times a year.

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Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, Appendix iii.

"Aprilis 29." Monday; "a meridie".1

    Dee - As Edward Kelly2 and I were talking of my book Soyga;3 or
i         Aldaraia: and I at length said that, (as far as I did remember)
ii        Zadzaczadlin, was Adam by the Alphabet thereof, suddenly appeared
    the spiritual creature, which said yesterday that he would come
    again, this day, uncalled: and at his first coming he said: Then,
a' primo.

    Dee:                                  Qui primus est et novissimus,
                                      Alpha et Omega, misereatur nostri.

                                             Who is the first and the last,
                                The Alpha and the Omega, Our commiserator.
    Il: Amen. Glory be to thee, Which art one, and comprehending all.
    Marvelous is thy wisdom, in those, of whom, thou wilt be
            A short prayer, but appliable to my purpose.
            Every praise with us is a prayer.

iii      Dee - He taketh off his pied coat,4 and threw it upon the corner
    of my desk, and then he seemed clothed in an ancient doctorly
    apparel: and on his head he had a wreath of white silk of three

    Il: Well, I will give you my Lesson, and so bid you farewell.
            First, I am to persuade you to put away wavering minds.
            Secondly, for your instruction in those necessary occasions,
    thus it is:
iv               The Outside or Skin must be the Center.
            There is one foundation.
            The Flesh must be the Outside.
            The Center itself must be dissevered into 4 equal parts.
          There is your Lesson.
    Dee: We understand not this dark Lesson.
    Il: The heart must be the fourth part of the body; and yet the
    body perfect and sound. The Skin must occupy the place of the
    heart and yet without deformity.
            God is the beginning of all things: The farthest part of all
    things, is in the hands of God.
v                The like shall be found amongst the number of his One most
    holy name.

            The Earth is a foundation to every thing: and differeth but
    only in form. In the form of his own application whereunto it is
            God is the beginning of all things, but not after one sort,
    nor to everyone alike.
            But it is three manner of Works, with his name.
vi                 The One in respect of his Dignification:
              The Second in respect of Conciliation:
              The Third, in respect of an end and determined Operation.
            Now Sir, to what end, would you wear your Character?

    Dee: At our two first dealings together,5 it was answered, by a
    Spiritual Creature (Whom we took to be Uriel.)

viiPlate I.
Sigillum hoc in auro sculpendum, ad defensionem corporis omni loco, tempore et occasione, et in pectus gestandum.

This Seal is to be carved in gold. as a defense for the body in all places, times & circumstances, and is to be worn on the breast.

    Il: But how do I teach?
            The Character is an Instrument, applicable only to
viii             But there is no Dignification (here) but that which doth
    proceed, and hath his perfect Composition, Centrally in the square
    Number of 3 and 4.
            The Center Whereof shall be equal to the greatest.

    Dee: We understand not.

    Il: Hereby you may gather, not only, to what end, the blessed
ix       Character (wherewith thou shalt be dignified) is prepared, but also
    the nature of all other Characters. To the second ----
    Dee: Conciliation you mean.
x         Il: The Table is an Instrument of Conciliation.
            And so are the other 7 Characters: which you call by the name
    of Tables, squared out into the form of Armies: which are
xi       proper to every King and Prince according to their order:
            Now to the last:

    Dee: As concerning the end and determined Operation.

    Il: It only consisteth in the mercy of God, and the Character of
xii      these books.
            For Behold, As there is nothing that cometh or springeth from
    God, but it is as God, and hath Secret Majestical; and inexplicable
xiii    Operation in it: So every Letter here bringeth forth the Names of
    God: But (indeed), they are but One Name: But according to the
    Local and former being, to (do) comprehend the universal
xiv     generation, corruptible and incorruptible of every thing.6 It
    followeth then, it must needs comprehend the end of all things.
xv              This much hitherto. The Character is false and devilish. He
    that dwelleth in thee, hath told thee so, Long ago. The former
    Devil, did not only insinuate himself, but these things.

    Dee: I do marvel, that we had no warning hereof, ere now; and
    that I was often times called on, to prepare those things
    (Characters and Tables) and yet they were false.

xvi     Il: If it should have been gone about to be made, it should not
    have been suffered to pass under the form of Wickedness.
            The Truth is to be gathered upon the first Demonstration.
xvii            (my Demonstration and* yours are not all one: you will not be
    offended with me; Sir.)
            I gave thee a certain principle, Which in itself is a
    sufficient demonstration: I told thee the placing of the Centre,
    the form of it, with a lineal placing and ordering of that
xviii   which thou lookest* for.
    Dee: But truly I understand not.
    Il: I teach.
    Take clean Paper. It must be made 4 Inches square:

    Dee - We prayed.

    Il: These Letters, which I shall speak now, thou shalt afterword,
xix      put them in their proper Characters.
            Write: Never since the beginning of the World, was this
    Secret delivered; nor this holy mystery set open, before the
    Weaklings of this World.
            Write in the uppermost prick O, and b on the right hand, and g
    on the left, etc.
            The two extreme pricks; one on the right hand, a and the other
    on the left o etc.
            There is the whole.

    Dee - We prayed (unbidden) in respect of the mystery revealed.
    Edward Kelly was scarce able to abide or endure the Voice of the
    Spiritual Creature, when he spake of these things now: the sound
    was so forcible to his head; that it made it ache vehemently.

Plate II.

Plate II. bis

    Il: Set down the Kings, and their Princes, in a Table (as thou
    Knowest them; with their Letters backward: excepting their Bees,
    from the right hand to the left. Let Bobogel be first, Bornogo is
    his Prince.

Plate III.


    Dee - Note here the 3 diverse manners how the Letters are composed.
            The middle is called the
    1. Heart or Center; those also enclosing the heart, are
    2. called the flesh. And two outside pillars (of two in a row) is counted
    3. the Skin.

Plate III. bis

    Il: Here is the Skin turned into the Centre; and the Centre turned
    into 4 parts of the Body.

    Dee: I see now also, how the flesh, is become the outside:
            o g e l o r n o

    Il: I have done till Son.

    Dee: Deo nostro Omnipotenti perennis laus sit et immensa gloria.


          To our Almighty God be the everlasting praise and immense glory.



The Marginalia of Dee
with the Angelic language transliterated into the Adamical alphabet

ii.ADAM =
iii.Apparel changed.
iv.An Enigmatical Lesson.7
vi.Three manner of works with God his Name.
vii.vide Inscriptiones suo loco anno 1592. Marty die 10.
See the writing joined to this place for the day of
March 10, 1582.
viii.Note here of the 7 Tables of Creation, how they appertain
to the 7 Kings and Princes.8
ix.The Nature of all Characters.
x.Instrument of Conciliation.
xi.NOTE order.
xii.This Book of 48 Tables.9
xiii.Note of the Names of God.
xiv.Generation -|Corruptible
xv.The Character also was a false tradition.
xvii.* "Lepide', Mathematicas meas demonstrationes denotat."
Agreement! As my Mathematical demonstration notes.
xviii.*he meaneth my proper Character truly made.
xiv.Note, These to Be put in proper Characters.

1.     Monday morning April 29th 1583.
2.     Dee abbreviates "E.K."
3.     Book Soyga or Aldaraia: For a more detailed discussion of
    this Mysterious text see our notes vide 'Thelema Lodge', July
    1988ev footnotes 6 & 7 and the text.
4.     "Pied Coat" of mixed colours, sometimes patches as in the 'Pied Piper'.
5.     op.cit. Thelema Lodge 7/89ev.
6.     "But according to the Local and former being" would seem to be a
    direct reference to pre-christian Pagan god forms "to comprehend
    the Universal Generation, corruptible and incorruptible of
    everything" would support the essentially sexual and generative
    nature of nearly all pre-christian theology; compare Aleister
    Crowley De Natvra Deorvm (Book 28) caps. I.-IV. where this
    mystery is set forth in a rather straightforward manner.
7.     The enigma of this lesson is related to two similar tables and
    their interrelation to one another; these being the Holy Table
    (vide 'Thelema Lodge' Aug. & Sept. 1988ev) and the Lamen
    (discussed herein).
        By placing a crystal ball as instructed on the previously
    mentioned Table of Practice the exact conditions described here
    in are met; i.e. "The outside or skin" is "the Center", and "the
    center itself" is "dissevered in to 4 equal parts". Only visual
    experiment on the part of the reader can possibly demonstrate
    this fully, and those interested are recommended to use Casaubons
    A True and Faithful Relation, as it affords a size suitable for
    such tests.
        As there are a number of further mysteries herein given that
    this simple optical demonstration will resolve; including the
    erroneously set forth dilemmas of R. Turner, and details
    regarding the construction of the Lamen, both herein and still to
    be set forth in subsequent 'Actions', we shall now conclude this
    rather lengthy note.
8.     "The Seven Tables of Creation" are discussed in Dee's Liber
    Mysteriorum Tertius
and may be seen in previously mentioned
    representation of the Holy Table in Casaubon.
        "The Seven Kings & Princes" are taken from 'Liber Mysteriorum
    Tertius' and discussed at depth in our previously cited De
    Heptarchia Mystica
9.     The Book of 49 Tables is commonly referred to as Liber
; it is a singularly peculiar book, and directly follows
    these Five Books of Mystery in sequence and preceding those texts
    presented in 'A True and Faithful Relation'.

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    The Solstice on 6/20-22/89 e.v. will be celebrated at Kirby Cove.
    Here are the rules of the site use, from the ranger station.
1. Camp only in designated campsites. Use the tent pads provided.
All tents must be within the limits of our campsite.
2. Fires are permitted only in the grills and fire pits. No fires in tent pads or on the beach.
3. Gathering of wood is not permitted. Bring your own firewood or charcoal.
4 Parking is permitted with NPS Parking Pass displayed on the windshield only. Park in the designated parking spots for our campsite. We are alowed four cars per site maximum.
5. Keep the gate locked at all times. Cars without parking passes are not permitted. No buses, trailers, or RVs are allowed through the gate.
6. Our reservation will be cancelled if our group contains fewer than eight or more than twenty persons for camping.
7. No Fireworks, weapons (including slingshots and bows and arrows.
8. No pets and no amplified music. 10 PM to 6 AM are designated as quiet hours.

Events Calendar for June 1989 e.v.

6/1/89Ritual 28Merkabah Hse
6/2/89Tammy's Mass Seminar (inivitation)Thelema Ldg.
6/4/89Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
6/5/89Hypatia Camp meets 7PM at Thelema LHypatia Cmp
6/5/89Hatha Yoga with Luscha 9 PM " "ABRAHADABRA
6/7/89Minerval Meditation with Lola 8 PMThelema Ldg.
6/8/89Unfolding Hermetics 8 PMMerkabah Hse
6/9/89Tai Chi with Pat (call)
6/11/89Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
6/12/89Hatha Yoga with Luscha 9 PMABRAHADABRA
6/13/89Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
6/14/89Tarot with Bill (Minor Trumps) 8 PMThelema Ldg.
6/15/89Lodge of Perfection meetingLoP
6/17/89Gnostic Synod II at 8 PMOTO EGC
6/18/89Gnostic Mass at SunsetThelema Ldg.
6/18/89Full Moon Ritual at midnightMerkabah Hse
6/19/89Hatha Yoga with Luscha 9 PMABRAHADABRA
6/20-22/89Solstice at Kirby Cove (call)OTO
6/22/89Unfolding Hermetics 8 PMMerkabah Hse
6/23/89"Secret" meetingThelema Ldg.
6/24/89Minerval and IIIrd Degree initiationThelema Ldg.
6/25/89Cancer Birthday Splash 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
6/25/89Gnostic Mass at 8 PMThelema Ldg.
6/26/89Eleusinian Repertory meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
6/27/89Enochiana with Dave 8 PM
(Operation of The Sigillum Dei
Ameth Part II)
Thelema Ldg.
6/28/89Initiation practice 0 - IIIThelema Ldg.
6/29/89Initiation practice IV & PIThelema Ldg.

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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