Thelema Lodge Calendar for November 1989 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for November 1989 e.v.

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November 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

November 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge
with advance dates through December.

    The Rites Of Eleusis conclude with Venus at 8:30 Friday the 3rd at Gilman Street; Mercury at the Lodge on Wednesday the 8th, 7:30; and Luna at 9 Monday the 13th - call the Lodge for information. An Aftermath Bash will happen at 7:30 pm on the 27th, courtesy of the "Rites '89 Repertory Mob".
    A "secret" Potluck Feast will be celebrated at Horus Temple on November 23rd, starting at sunset. Let us know what you can bring at 655-4942.
    Mass is every Sunday at 8 pm - and Saint William Blake's Birthday Feast is November 28th. Bring your favorite Blake and be prepared to read...we'll have a few books here, to Orations from 7:30 until ?(with a break at 9:30 for Liber 418).
    Initiations must be arranged in advance - Minervals November 1st & 17th, First and Seconds on the 25th, Thirds on the 18th. Call the Lodge for information.
    Thelema Lodge meets on the 14th at 8 pm. We are moving the customary meeting to the first Tuesday of each month - that'll be the 5th of December and the 2nd in January. The Lodge of Perfection wll meet on the 16th.
    Enochiana resumes with Dave after the Lodgemeeting on the 14th - part I: "Approaching The Aethyrs". Parts II and III are scheduled for 8:30 on the 29th and December 19th. The Center for Enochian Studies presents (for the third year) Liber XXX Aerum Vel Saeculi sub figura CCCCXVIII, commonly called The Vision and The Voice; starting at 9:30 the same evening. For more information, check later in this Newsletter.
    The Sagittarian Birthday Party starts at 4:18 on the 26th.

Dates 'til the 90's...

12/1:Liber 418: ZEN(18)
12/2:Liber 418: TAN(17), LEA(16)
12/3:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Liber 418: OXO(15), UTA(14)
12/4:Liber 418: ZIM(13), LOE(12)
12/5:Lodgemeeting 8 pm
Liber 418: LOE(12), ICH(11)
12/6:Liber 418: ZAX(10)
12/7:Liber 418: ZIP(9)
12/8:Liber 418: ZID(8)
12/9:Liber 418: DEO(7)
12/10:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Liber 418: MAZ(6)
12/12:Liber 418: LIT(5)
12/13:Liber 418: LIT(5)
12/16:Liber 418: PAZ(4)
12/17:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Liber 418: ZOM(3)
12/18:Liber 418: ARN(2)
12/19:Enochiana w/Dave 8:30
Liber 418: LIL(1)
12/20:Liber 418: ARN(2)
12/23:(secret mtg.)
12/24:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
12/27:Qabalah series begins with Bill, 8 pm
12/31:Capricorn B-Day Bash 4:18
Gnostic Mass 8 pm
*         *         *         *         *         *         *         *                                
1/2/90:Lodgemeeting 8 pm
1/11:William James' Birthday

From the author of Thelema About Town

   [I know, I know: last month, I wrote of starting a new series of columns about Symbolic Logic. Shortly thereafter, the local constabulary transported me from my philosophical study group to an expense-paid weekend in the slammer. If you don't think that'll turn your head around, you should try it sometime. And if you were looking forward to those columns, here's the condensed version: Get a good logic textbook. Trust no one. Pass it on. -- Majnun]

Common Values

    "Tabloid television" is becoming the foremost weapon in the arsenal of the anti-occult propagandist. Last Halloween I caught glimpses of a talk-show dialogue between Christians and occultists. Viewed even in glimpses, there was no denying what kind of picture was being painted. The Christian fundamentalists had calmly and reasonably exposed the "Satanic conspirators" as being vile animals. From what I have heard, this is typical of television "investigation" into the occult.
    There are certain obvious factors which contribute to the trend. Many of these shows demonstrate blatant bias against occultism, either by their choice of who represents each side, the attitude of the moderator, or both. But even if television journalists somehow attempt to maintain a neutral perspective, the quick and superficial nature of the medium itself tends to support pre- established patterns of thought. The time necessary to consider a different point of view in any substantial way is not available in a half-hour panel or five minute news feature.
    But the most significant weakness that the occult spokesmen displayed was their complete failure to understand the nature of what was at stake. Fundamentalists, before firing the first shot, took the time to develop a strategy. It is time for pagans and members of other minority religions to take measures to counteract that strategy.
    Who do the fundamentalists want to influence? Their own need no convincing, and they certainly aren't trying to reach occultists. Their task is to convince the secular public -- parents, civic leaders, voters -- that occultism is as much a threat to the American way of life as it is to the Christian. Their job is aided by the fact that many of our secular values have been developed from Christian values, and most Americans do not take the time to distinguish between them. So the line of attack rests mainly on those issues which are of common concern to all, Christian and non-Christian alike: violence, kidnapping, and other forms of predatory behavior. Fundamentalists know that to base their arguments on scriptural or doctrinal grounds (which is the actual motivation for these attacks in most cases) would tend to alienate them from a secular audience.
    Once accused, what is the occultist to do? The approach that I have seen utilized has plainly not worked: instead of dealing with the charges of violence directly, occultists have chosen to expound upon those topics which are of foremost value to other occultists. Naturally, occultists are going to value the occult. In their own ears, the issues of expansion of consciousness, universal human liberty, and the casting-off of conditioned illusion ring of such importance that accusations of murder and child molestation are banished from their minds. But to the secular ear this all sounds like psycho-babble.
    The public doesn't want to hear about the occult. The reason that some matters are "occult," (meaning "hidden") is not because anyone is hiding them. The mysteries are open to anyone who inquires with sincerity and determination. But because there is no immediate personal pay-off, no one goes through the effort to penetrate the mysteries unless they have some strong intuitive reason for doing so.
    The accusation has been made. The first task of the accused is obvious. It is simply to declare and demonstrate that we share in those values which are essential to the peaceful co-existence of free individuals in a secular society. Specifically:

    Occultists do not support murder.
    Occultists do not support the harming of children.
    Occultists do not support theft or violence against innocent people.

    Christians, occultists, and the secular public are all potential victims of violent and predatory persons. No one wants to be a victim.
    There have been predators that have called themselves Christians. There have been predators that have called themselves occultists. There were predators long before these terms existed. We all empathize with their victims simply by being human. There are those who would point at Richard Rameriz and say: occultists are predators. Others would point at Jim Jones or Innocent III and say: Christians are predators. Those who make generalizations of this kind themselves partake of the nature of predators, and deserve our disdain.
    Surprisingly enough, elements of the secular public are already helping to set the record straight. The Committee for Scientific Examination of Religion has published a report, Satanism in America, which details the history and sources of anti-occult hysteria with remarkable thoroughness. To obtain a copy for yourself, your parents, or your local police department, it is available from GAIA PRESS, P.O. Box 466, El Cerrito, CA 94530-0466. Make checks payable to Dr. Shawn Carlson.
    And when someone asks you, "mutilate any cattle lately?" Just say no.

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from the Grady Project:

A Fragment of Life

(to Arthur Machen)

. . . for we      
Are but mortal and can not see
Nor know what demons lie between
Where misty columns soar unseen
To mark the space where witches roam
While warlocks form their lines to comb
Each nook where human might be screened
And finding one, out march each fiend
With grisley token of the hunt
To cast it by the altar front
Where stand the mouthing Druid priests
Whose forms are those of hellish beasts.

Grady L. McMurtry
(undated; circa 1940s e.v.)

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Update on the Great Raid Debacle

    Owing to the intervention of a 7 point earthquake and delays in getting attorneys, the criminal charges against our brothers and sisters have dragged on a bit. Of the twelve charged, four have had all charges dismissed, including all felony charges. The urine tests have indeed returned negative. The fireworks materials were determined to be "insufficient evidence" on the brothers accused. That leaves eight people with misdemeanors or infractions still pending. The pre-trial dates have been moved for these folks twice now, but an informed source at the district attorney's office has stated that all remaining charges are expected to be dropped later this month.
    Now that matters have quieted down somewhat, a few details need to be corrected from last month's article. The couple described as being taken naked from Merkabah house were in fact taken from Thelema Lodge, and their genitals were covered even if nothing else was. The baby photograph did not in fact show car seat straps, but a decorative T-shirt. There are conflicting accounts on how many were not taken in from each address, ranging from two to four. Other than those minor corrections, the account stands substantially correct. Other details have surfaced. Several people were battered by the officers, variously kicked in the head and ribs. Arm, wrist and other injuries were also reported. Medical attention proved necessary in at least one instance for a back injury. Details of verbal assaults and intimidations will be held for a civil case.
    The officer leading the raid displayed some confusion about the syringes he alleged to have found at Merkabah house. After our people expressed surprise over seeing these objects for the first time, the officer remarked that he had found them in a drawer in the bathroom. On being told that there were no drawers in the bathroom, the officer is reported to have changed to "in a drawer in the sink". On discovering that there were also no drawers in the sink, the officer finally settled on having found these mysterious objects IN the sink. These several drafts of his story having been worked out, the officer wrote up his "find" as having been in the sink, and that report is the source I used for my account last month.
    There is an inconfirmed account of officer R. (who lead the raid) calling S.G. (of cult awareness notoriety) in SF prior to the raid. An informed source describes the conversation to have included remarks roughly reconstructed as follows: "This isn't a religious thing is it?" "No, ah, there's drugs too..."
    Well, there weren't drugs one, let alone "too". Where does that leave us?

    Here's some superficially unrelated news.

    The October 22nd issue of the Jehovah's Witnesses Awake! magazine has published a bogus account about Crowley and O.T.O. I quote from page 6: "In 1905, in Los Angeles, California, Crowley organized a Satanism group named 'Ordo Templi Orientis.'" Of course, in 1905 e.v., Crowley had never heard of O.T.O. O.T.O. was set up in Southern California by W.T.Smith in 1935 e.v. That's off by 30 years and one human being. Aside from that, Crowley didn't start O.T.O. O.T.O. has never been Satanist and neither was Crowley a "devil worshiper." There's more of course.

    The Linden LaRouche organization has a major front in Livermore California, called the Schiller Institute. The organization newsletter, The New Federalist has been running a campaign against O.T.O., the unrelated Temple of Set and other new age groups for several issues now. Apparently LaRouche has come to the conclusion that O.T.O. got him busted through our well known "front organization", the F.B.I. This obscure belief has led to quite remarkable statements, and may get worse. D. Core is a spokes person for this organization, mainly in England but also in the USA. Harmless information provided to the Schiller Institute has surfaced in a newspaper attack against the O.T.O. in England, thus establishing the existence of the pipe-line. That information was a city name in Marin, provided to the front organization for tracing purposes. We have therefore identified a tie between the LaRouche group at Livermore and the publicity campaign in England against Satanism (so-called). During a year of bogus attack publicity in the British press, a substantial independent occult shop in Leeds was subjected to riots and disruptions of operations. Report has just been received that that shop, the Sorcerer's Apprentice, has been fire bombed by Christian radicals. It has been a cry of Samhain for many years: "Never again the burning". I regret to say that the burning times have come again.
    I suggest that certain Wicca organizations would better serve themselves and the rest of the combustible occult community by reevaluating their approach to occult crime publicity. There is a faction in Wicca, by no means the majority, which has sought to identify non-Wicca as potential or actual "criminal Satanists". A recent publication titled Witchcraft, Satanism and Ritual Crime: Who's Who and What's What has been offered for sale by the highly respected Green Egg magazine out of Ukiah. By and large, this is a noble and worthwhile effort. Unfortunately, the publication contains a glossary of occult symbols that bears all the signs of becoming a new age Malleus Maleficarum or handbook on approved persecution. Rank on rank of symbols are displayed and briefly discussed as being ok or evil. That dead horse the inverted Calvary Cross is there as a devil worshipper device, with no note to the effect that it's known as the "Cross of Peter" in the Roman Catholic Church (a symbol of the martyrdom of the Apostle). The inverted pentagram, especially if circled, is a devilish emblem of evil --- something of a shock to the Co-masonic Eastern Star organization which uses it as their chief symbol. The eye in the triangle is gently identified as coming from the Illuminati, but no mention is made of over a thousand years of Christian usage of that very symbol for the Divine Trinity. And so on ... Fear is the tool of the oppressor. Panic is the mortise it cuts in the gallows tree. Let's not allow ourselves to be tamed into dogs to tear down the innocent. Remember instead the lesson of Quisling's accommodation with that fellow who perverted the swastika into a shadow across Norway in WWII. It's time to knock off volunteering other people's virgins for the dragon. Once used to such fare he will turn and rend all the children of the Lady.
    With apology for bent feelings and mixed metaphor,

--- Bill Heidrick, (aka TSG)

             Contributions to the O.T.O. Legal Fund should be made out to "O.T.O." and sent to:

Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 430
Fairfax, CA 94930 USA

From the Outbasket

Brother J.S. of FL asked about the N.O.X. and M.A.A.T. usage by Crowley:

    N.O.X. and M.A.A.T. are names of Greek and Egyptian deities. The use of periods after letters is misleading. Crowley adopted this practice for most "formulas". It is an indication that each letter is significant, but not an indication that the words so marked are always standard abbreviations. Thus, Nox, night, the daughter of the Greek god Chaos (C.H.A.O.S. --- shall we say?) might be analyzed in a number of ways by Hebrew and other letter correspondences. Crowley details some visions and the like about NOX in Vision and the Voice, including footnotes; but there is no great redaction of the meanings of the letters there. He uses an "X" over a circle both as a monogram for NOX and a symbol for heterosexual coitus (not as the "Mark of the Beast" as Grant sometimes suggests for this symbol and for the "+" in a circle). As a formula, NOX is usually identified with arousal of a primal drive, fear of death or injury, sexual excitement, that sort of thing. In his Confessions, Crowley describes the practice of "glissading" whereby he would slide down a snow field or glacier and stop himself at the last moment with an ice axe before going off the edge to certain death. This method tended to get him stoned on adrenaline. He broadens the practice with NOX to include any fearful meditation for the purpose of arousal, and his poetry and ritual is filled with frightful oaths and terrifying fantasies as an adjunct to arousing the necessary energies. NOX is therefore a sort of variant on the IAO formula detailed in Magick in Theory and Practice. In IAO, a delightful image (I=Isis) passes through ennui (A=Apophis) to rebirth in greater strength (O=Osiris). In NOX, the same pattern flows as N=Nightmare vision, O="O"ppalling dark night of the soul, X=eXcitement. --- the play on initials is not Crowley's, but conveys the idea. Liber VII is structured along the lines of repeated cycles of a similar sort. Crowley's use of childhood fears in his application of the NOX formula in his ritual and poetry accounts for some of the "devilish" appearance of his writings.
    M.A.A.T. is more Frater Achad's trip than Crowley's. Crowley did have some interest in the word/formula, actually the name of the Egyptian double plumed goddess of Truth; but this formula is no where near as important in his writings as N.O.X. Crowley mainly used it as a token of revelation to come and a seal of sorts of the validity of some visions. Achad used it to separate himself from Crowley, proclaiming a new Aeon of MAAT that was supposed to be more sexually balanced than Crowley's Aeon of Horus.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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The Center for Enochian Studies, special supplement


    This month The Center for Enochian Studies in cooperation with the crew at Thelema Lodge begins it third annual Anniversary Reading of Aleister Crowley's Liber CDXVIII, known generally as The Vision and The Voice. As a supplement to what in the past has been one of our most Magikally successful celebrations, we have provided our readership with an extract from the introduction to the difficult to obtain Barstow edition. This intro, originally written by the late Israel Regardie, was heavily edited for the Sangraal edition. We have restored the parts deleted (probably for reasons of 'Magikal Safety'), and transliterated the Angelic passages into the Enochian script. Our method for transcription is in accordance with the method used by Crowley in his own copy of the Angelic Keys, i.e. from left to right; this differs from Dee's method of right to left which we generally employ, though Dee himself is not consistent in this matter. {Note to web edition -- although this direction is used in the table below, the version of the Call given in Enochian characters has here been rendered right to left}

--------------- .oOo. -------------

The titles of the Thirty AEthyrs whose dominion extendeth in ever widening circles without and beyond the Watch Towers of the Universe

(The first is Outermost)

1LILI Enochian LEnochian IEnochian L16LEAXVIEnochian LEnochian EEnochian A
2ARNIIEnochian AEnochian REnochian N17TANXVIIEnochian TEnochian AEnochian N
3ZOMIIIEnochian ZEnochian OEnochian M18ZENXVIIIEnochian ZEnochian EEnochian N
4PAZIVEnochian PEnochian AEnochian Z19POPXIXEnochian PEnochian OEnochian P
5LITVEnochian LEnochian IEnochian T20KHRXXEnochian KEnochian HEnochian R
6MAZVIEnochian MEnochian AEnochian Z21ASPXXIEnochian AEnochian SEnochian P
7DEOVIIEnochian DEnochian EEnochian O22LINXXIIEnochian LEnochian IEnochian N
8ZIDVIIIEnochian ZEnochian IEnochian D23TORXXIIIEnochian TEnochian OEnochian R
9ZIPIXEnochian ZEnochian IEnochian P24NIAXXIVEnochian NEnochian IEnochian A
10ZAXXEnochian ZEnochian AEnochian X25VTIXXVEnochian VEnochian TEnochian I
11ICHXI Enochian IEnochian CEnochian H26DESXXVIEnochian DEnochian EEnochian S
12LOEXIIEnochian LEnochian OEnochian E27ZAAXXVIIEnochian ZEnochian AEnochian A
13ZIMXIIIEnochian ZEnochian IEnochian M28BAGXXVIIIEnochian BEnochian AEnochian G
14UTAXIVEnochian UEnochian TEnochian A29RIIXXIXEnochian REnochian IEnochian I
15OXOXVEnochian OEnochian XEnochian O30TEXXXXEnochian TEnochian EEnochian X


    MADARIATZA das perifa LIL1 cahisa micaolazoda saanire caosago od fifisa balzodizodarasa Iaida. Nonusa gohulime: Micama adoianu MADA faoda beliorebe, soba ooaona cahisa luciftias peripesol, das aberaasasa nonusafe netaaibe caosaji od tilabe adapehaheta damepelozoda, tooata nonusafe jimicalazodoma larasada tofejilo marebe yareryo IDOIGO2; od torezodulape yaodafe gohola, Caosaga, tabaoreda saanir od caharisateosa yorepoila tiobela busadire, tilabe noalanu paida oresaba, od dodaremeni zodayolana. Elazodape tilaba paremeji peripesatza, od ta qurelesata booapisa. Ianibame oucaho sayomepe, od caharisateosa ajitoltorenu, mireca qo tiobela lela. Tonu paomebeda dizodalamo asa pianu, od caharisateosa aji-la-tore-torenu paracahe a sayomepe. Coredazodizoda dodapala od fifalazoda, lasa manada, od faregita bamesa omaoasa. Conisabera od auauotza tonuji oresa; catabela noasami tabejesa leuitahemonuji. Vanucahi omepetilabe oresa! Bagile? Moooabe OL coredazodizoda. El capimao itzomatzipe, od cacocasabe gosaa. Bajilenu pii tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo uime.
    Madariiatza, torezodu!!! Oadariatza orocaha aboaperi! Tabaori periazoda aretabasa! Adarepanu coresata dobitza! Yolacame periazodi arecoazodiore, od quasabe qotinuji!
    Ripire paaotzata sagacore! Umela od peredazodare cacareji Aoiveae coremepeta! Torezodu! Zodacare od Zodameranu, asapeta sibesi butamona surezodasa Tia balatanu. Odo cicale Qaa, od Ozodazodama pelapeli IADANAMADA!

This text is still subject to proofreading.



    O Ye Heavens which dwell in the first Aire3, ye are mighty in the parts of the Earth, and execute therein the Judgment of the Highest! Unto you it is said: Behold the Face of your God, the beginning of Comfort, whose eyes ate the brightness of the Heavens, which provided you for the Government of the Earth, and her unspeakable variety, furnishing you with the power of understanding to dispose of all things according to the Foresight of Him that Sitteth on the Holy Throne4, and rose up in the Beginning, saying: The Earth, let her be governed by her parts, and let there be Division in her, that the glory of her may be always ecstasy and imitation of orgasm. Her course, let it run with the Heavens; and as an handmaid let her serve them. One season, let it confound another, and let there be no creature upon or within her the same. All her members, let them differ in their qualities, and let there be no one Creature equal with another. The reasonable Creatures of the Earth, and Men, let them vex and weed out one another; and their dwelling-places, let them forget their Names. The work of man and his pomp, let them be defaced. His building, let it be a Cave for the Beast of the Field! Confound her understanding with darkness! For why? It repenteth me concerning the Virgin and the Man. One while let her be known, and another while a stranger: because she is the bed of an Harlot, and the dwelling-place of him that is fallen.
    O ye Heavens arise! The lower heavens beneath you, let them serve you! Govern those that govern! Cast down such as fall. Bring forth with those that increase, and destroy the rotten. No place let it remain in one number. Add an diminish until the stars be numbered. Arise! Move! and appear before the Covenant of His mouth, which He hath sworn unto us in His Justice. Open the Mysteries of your Creation, and make us partakers of THE UNDEFILED KNOWLEDGE.




30."Exordium of the Equinox of the Gods."
29."The Disruption of the Aeon of Osiris."
28."The Vision of the Dawn of the Aeon of Horus (Atu XVII)"
27."The Vision of the Initiation of Hecate (Atu XIV)
    The Redemption of the Woman of Witchcraft by Love."
26."The Slave-Gods superseded (The Vision of Atu XX, the Stele)
    The Vision of the Stele of Revealing,
    Abolishing the Aeon of the Slave-Gods."
25."The Path of Teth (Atu XI. The Fire-Kerub in the Initiation).
    The Vision of the Fruit of the Great Work of the Beast -
    666. The Lion."
24."The Rose. (The Woman of Atu XIV. Minister of Babalon;
    The Water-Kerub in the Initiation.)
    The First Kiss of the Lady of Initiation."
23."The Kerubim of Earth and Air (Minor officers in the
    Initiation to 8° = 3) The Vision of the
    Interplay and Identity of Earth and Air."
22."The 49-fold Table (First appearance of the Crowned and
    Conquering Child to the Exempt Adept as in the Pastos)
    The Vision of the Rose, the Heart of BABALON and of
    The Birth of the Universe."
21."Kether. (The Hierophant prepares the Candidate)
    The Vision of the Ineluctable Destiny."
20."The Path of Kaph (Atu X). The Hiereus prepares the
    Candidate). The Vision of the Wheel of Fortune.
    The Three Energies of the Universe."
19."The Path of Gimel (The Hegemone between the Pillars.
    Preliminary: The Vision of the Unguided Universe.)"
18."Tiphereth. (The King's Chamber. The Vision of the Holy
    Guardian Angel.) The Instruction concerning the
    Obtaining of the Vision and the Voice of the Thirty
    Aethyrs. The Preparation of the Candidate."
17."The Path of Lamed. (The combination Gimel, Lamed, Samech.)
    The Vision of the Justice or Balance of the Universe."
16."Kether. (Path of Pe)
    The Overthrow of the Slave-Gods by The Beast 666."
15."The Vision of the Rose of 49 Petals, and of the Holy
    12-fold Table. Examination of the Candidate for M.T."
14."The Vision of the City of the Pyramids.
    The Reception of the Master of the Temple."
13."The Garden of Nemo. The Work of the Magister Templi."
12."The Path of Cheth. The Bearer of the Sangraal.
    The Black Brothers."
11."Yesod. The Frontier of the Abyss."
10."The Abyss. Cross of MaltaEnochian NEnochian OEnochian ZEnochian NEnochian OEnochian REnochian OEnochian HEnochian CCross of Malta, his Nature."
9."Malkuth. (The Pure Virgin.)
    The reward of the Magister Templi."
8."The Holy Guardian Angel. His instruction."
7."The Path of Daleth. The Black Brothers."
6."The Vision of the Urn. The Magus 9° = 2.
    The Three Schools of Magick."
5."The Vision of the Middle Pillar. (Arrow)
    The Mystery Of Atheism."
4."The Marriage of Yod and He. (The common Tibetan Symbol)
    The Seer identifies himself with it."
3."The Magus of the Tarot. (Atu I).
    Mayan, the Maker of Illusion.
    The Seer in Illusion (Lilith)."
2."The Marriage of the Seer with Enochian NEnochian OEnochian LEnochian AEnochian BEnochian AEnochian B. (Atu VI)."
1."The Vision of The Crowned and Conquering Child.
    The Lord Of the Aeon."

--------------- .oOo. -------------


    As an epilogue to this first of two installments, our readers should know that the CES itself was heavily disrupted in the, by now infamous, Thelema Lodge raid. The library facility which serves as our base was ransacked by police in a futile attempt to discover nonexistent evidence of felonious activities. Valuable books, files, and manuscript copy was thrown in a great heap on the floor and even as I write this morass has yet to be fully sorted out. Several members of our research staff were among those arrested and held on completely bogus charges. I am reminded of the treatment received by both Dee and Kelly at various times in their lives, and the destruction and looting of a great portion of Dee's library at Mortlake for frighteningly similar reasons.
    These and other circumstances have led to the temporary suspension of our manuscript transcription. The center itself is moving to a larger room which we hope will facilitate better research in the future, but will incur some temporary inconveniences and increased cost. To help in this and other efforts at Thelema Lodge we are offering a limited issue facsimile (156 stamped and numbered copies) of the Barstow edition Vision and Voice. These will sell for $30.00 each and be spiral bound as was the original. Checks made out to CASH should be sent with your requests c/o Thelema Lodge at the Berkeley P.O. box number found elsewhere in this publication. {Note to Web edition: This offer is no longer available} We thank all our supporters and hope to resume normal transmissions by the beginning of the new vulgar year.

1.     Or other Aire as may be willed.
2.     This name may be appropriately varied with the Aire.
3.     Or other Aire as may be willed.
4.     This name may be appropriately varied with the Aire.

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Events Calendar for November 1989 e.v.

11/1/89Minerval initiationsThelema Ldg
11/3/89Eleusian Rite of VenusThelema Ldg.
11/5/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
11/6/89"Womyn's" Mass midnightThelema Ldg.
11/8/89Eleusian Rite of MercuryThelema Ldg.
11/12/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
11/13/89Eleusian Rite of LunaThelema Ldg.
11/14/89Thelema Lodge meeting 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
11/14/89Enochiana with Dave 8:30
(Approaching the Aethyrs Part 1)
Thelema Ldg.
11/14/89Liber 418 at 9:30 TEX(30)Thelema Ldg.
11/16/89Lodge of PerfectionPrivate
11/17/89Minerval initiationsThelema Ldg.
11/18/89IIIrd Degree initiationsThelema Ldg.
11/19/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
11/23/89"Secret Feasting" Potluck SunsetThelema Ldg.
11/25/89Ist and IInd Degree initiationsThelema Ldg.
11/26/89Sagittarius Birthday Bash 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
11/26/89Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
11/27/89Rites '89 Repertory cast party 8PMThelema Ldg.
11/28/89St. William Blake's Feast 7 PMThelema Ldg.
11/29/89Enochiana with Dave 8
(Approaching the Aethyrs Part 2)
Thelema Ldg.

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