Thelema Lodge Calendar for January and February 1990 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for January and February 1990 e.v.

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January and February 1990 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

January and February 1990 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

    Happy New Year!
    Gnostic Masses in our relocated Temple (downstairs) every Sunday at 8 pm. Deacon class at sunset on the 28th - please come to Lodgemeeting to get on the Mass calendar.
    Minerval Initiations January 20th; I and II Degrees on the 27th. All Initiations are arranged in advance.
    Thelema Lodge's monthly meeting is at 8 pm Jan. 2nd and February 6th. The Lodge of Perfection will meet on the 18th.
    The Qabalah series continues on the 17th and 24th of January with Bill. These classes roughly correspond to the Tree of Life in approach, with the meeting on the 17th corresponding to Yesod and that on the 24th to Hod. Slides, booklets and other materials will be used. This month we will get into the basic techniques of Qabalah and into some systems.
    A new class - Andrew will be doing an introductory lecture and demonstration of Shiatsu at 7:30 on the 25th (Horus Temple). Wear comfortable clothes.
    Merkabah House hosts the first King Cake party of the 90's on the 6th "in the evening"- call 549-0952 for info.
    Abrahadabra Oasis will read Shakespeare, The Tempest Friday the 26th at 7:30pm in Horus Temple. (may we have Lysistrata next?)
    Thanks to everyone who's helped with the interminable shuffling of the Lodge...the Aquarian Birthday Bash is at 4:18 the 28th, and the secret meeting's on the 23rd but only the man in the Moon knows about the Eclipse party. Enochiana will return in February after BRIGID..

February Dates:
2/3:   BRIGID2/20: Enochiana 8:30 pm
2/4:   Gnostic Mass 8 pm2/21: Qabalah #5 w/Bill 8 pm
2/6:   Lodgemeeting 8 pm2/23: (secret mtg)
2/11: Gnostic Mass 8 pm2/24: Minerval/III Initiations
2/14: Qabalah #4 w/Bill 8 pm2/25: Pisces Birthday 4:18 pm
2/15: Lodge of Perfection meets         Gnostic Mass 8 pm
2/18: Gnostic Mass 8 pm2/27: Mardi Gras

from the Grady Project:

The Rebel Soul

Disembodied, floating free,
Swept above the windy hills,
Lashing at the rolling sea,
Fleeing where the spirit wills,

A soul unleashed across the world
To speed its way, with freedom full
It leaps, its outstretched tendrils coiled
To rip and rend; a cyclone bull.

It has no ties that bind to earth,
It knows no bonds to hold its form,
But writhes and twists and howls its mirth
And has its being in the storm.

Upon its thought there is no reign
Upon its heart there is no hold;
An entity in joyous strain
That knows IT IS, so can be bold.

-- Grady L. McMurtry

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From the Neck of the Bottle

    This issue of the "Thelema Lodge Calendar" includes two postable Calendars, one for January and one for February. We are so far behind our publication deadlines that it is now time to shift one month. The shift will be done gradually, beginning with this issue. All paid subscriptions will be extended one month to compensate.
    No news on the Raid aftermath this month --- no new major developments. Ultimate resolution of this crisis will take more than a year. Just now the Police Review Commission is still reviewing, Berkeley PD Internal Affairs has scheduled interviews, and judicial business is still in early phases. More information will be forthcoming as new developments take place.
    Partly because of the disruption caused by the Raid, the holidays and transportation difficulties, several of our regular features didn't make press time. We expect to have more variety next issue, and hope our readers enjoy the various selections on technical Qabalah offered below.

From the Outbasket

    Since the Qabalah Series has started up again, here's a demonstration of several techniques for studying words with Berashit (elementary) Qabalah. Those interested in pursuing these methods will find a copy of Crowley's Liber 777 useful, as well as the various materials provided with the current Qabalah classes. An inexpensive edition of Liber 777 can be obtained at Thelema Lodge by visitors. This presentation is adapted from "Magical Correspondences", a series of class materials originally used in 1972 e.v. Copyright © 1972 and 1990 by Bill Heidrick.

    These examples use Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay, the Tetragrammaton. Hundreds of other examples could be introduced for that word alone, but these show some of the most common methods.

1. Words may be looked up in a Dictionary:

        Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay = "He/She is" or "He/She causes to be".

2. Words may be compared to other words:

        Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay compared to Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay.

                Yod ---  Aleph     Aleph instead of Yod
                Hay ---  Hay
                Vau ---  Yod     Yod instead of Vau
                Hay with Mapique ---  Hay

    Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay signifies "I am"
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay signifies "He/She is".

     Therefore HayAleph is a more direct expression of being than HayYod or  HayVau.

unformed being
HayYodHayAleph forming force
Yod partly formed being
Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay forming force
Vau more completely
formed being

3. Words may be analyzed letter-by-letter through correspondences:

--- using Tarot cards (see Liber 777, columns CLXXV and XIV):
                Yod --- The Hermit
                Hay --- The Emperor or The Star
                Vau --- The Hierophant
                Hay with Mapique --- The Emperor or The Star
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is the secret force (Hermit) entering the organizing of forms (Emperor) to teach the true nature (Hierophant) of the order of creation (Emperor).

or, using Crowley's correspondence between Hay and The Star Trump:

    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is the secret force (Hermit) entering the totality of the creation (Star) to inform (Hierophant) all that exists (Star).

--- using Hebrew letter names (777, columns CLXXV and III):
                Yod --- Hand
                Hay --- Window
                Vau --- Nail
                Hay with Mapique --- Window
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is a reaching into true vision to establish a vision of truth.

--- using Astrology (777, columns CLXXV and VII):
                Yod --- Virgo
                Hay --- Aries
                Vau --- Taurus
                Hay with Mapique --- Aries
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is a quiet harmony established through will in power and firmness and perpetuated by will.

--- The same thing may be done with color correspondences (Liber 777, columns XV - XVIII); but reactions to colors tend to be somewhat different for different people. Example:
                Yod --- Greenish Yellow
                Hay --- Scarlet
                Vau --- Red Orange
                Hay with Mapique --- Scarlet
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is a living mist inflamed into a glowing fire.
    An existence is acted upon to make it more active.

--- The shapes of the letters may suggest ideas to the mind:
                Yod --- a flame or a sperm cell.
                Hay --- a man united with a woman.
                Vau --- the erect phallus.
                Hay with Mapique --- union results in pregnancy.
    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is like a fruitful sexual union.

4. In some cases, traditional meanings are given to the letters of a particular word in addition to the regular ones found in tables of correspondences. This is the case with Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay.

Yod--- Father--- Red--- Atziluth--- Elemental Fire
Hay--- Mother--- Blue--- Briah--- Elemental Water
Vau--- Son--- Yellow--- Yetzirah--- Elemental Air
Hay with Mapique--- Daughter--- Black--- Assiah--- Elemental Earth

         Such traditional meanings may summarize the findings of Gematria (the number 52 is informative for Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay, see below), standard correspondences to a fixed number of letters (any words having the same number of letters may be matched to the same set), or the results of a unique meditation.
5. Words may be analyzed by Gematria:

    Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay --------- Yod = 10
                          Hay =   5
                          Vau =   6
                          Hay with Mapique =   5
       10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26
      Therefore Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay = 26.

    Some other words which total to 26 are:

    Chet-Vau-Zain-Hay = 5 + 7 + 6 + 8 = 26 = seeing, looking at
    Chet-Zain-Vau-Hay = sight, vision
    Hay-Chet-Bet-Yod-Aleph = to hide, conceal
    Vau-Dalet-Vau-Yod = confession
    Zain-Vau-Gimel-Yod = dual

    (see below for more examples)

    Thus, Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is the vision of concealed duality. this justifies viewing Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay as composed of "male" and "female" letters. Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is the word which joins the creator to the created, spirit to matter, man to woman, plan to action and so on.

    The numbers of the middle column of the Tree of Life add to 26 = 1 + 6 + 9 + 10. This affirms the purpose of the middle pillar of the Tree to be that of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay, to join two opposites together by the most direct route. The name Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is associated with the Tree of Life diagram in several other ways.

    The letter names of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay may be added up to give another number for this word, (see Liber 777, columns CLXXV and II:

Yod = Yod = Yod-Vau-Dalet = 20
Hay = Heh = Hay-Hay = 10
Vau = Vau = Vau-Vau = 12
Hay with Mapique = Heh = Hay-Hay = 10
TOTAL   52

Other words which total 52 include: Aleph-Bet-Aleph Vau-Aleph-Mem-Aleph; Father and Mother; Aleph-Yod-Mem-Aleph; Fertile Mother; Bet-Koph-Lamed; in all Things; Bet-Nunfinal; Son. (more examples below)

    There are yet other ways to spell the letters (such as Heh = AlephHay = 6 instead
of HayHay = 10) which give still more numbers.

6. Words may be analyzed by Notariqon:

    Best viewed with Times New Roman font, medium setting

    (This Notariqon uses the last letters of each of these four Hebrew words. If the initial letters are used instead, the resulting Hebrew four letter word signifies "circumcision". Ouch! This double Notariqon is noted by Ginsburg in his The Kabbalah as an argument for the divine ordination of the practice of mutilating babies. Ideas obtained by mystical methods need not always militate toward physical practices! It is perfectly valid to treat this as a metaphor for a mental practice. In Qabalah, that would be interpreting the information on a Yetziratic level instead of an Assiatic one.)

7. More complex methods:
All or part of the above techniques may be combined and used with a more elaborate pattern or system. An example of this sort of thing is the study of the "Twelve Banners of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay". The name Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is composed of three different letters, two of which are repeated. It is possible to rearrange the letters of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay into twelve different orders, or permutations. These may then be associated with other groups of twelve things: the signs of the Zodiac; the Tribes of Israel, the categories of Aristotle, &c. For this example, the Twelve Banners of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay are linked to the signs of the Zodiac, and the results are examined in the light of one of the "traditional" sets of correspondences to Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay, that of the elements. The order of the banners or permutations of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay is important. The method is to start with the usual form of the name and then to get a second form by switching the last two letters about. The third banner is obtained from the second by switching the fourth and second letters. The fourth is obtained from the third by switching the last and first letters. The fifth is obtained from the fourth by switching the last two letters about. The rest are obtained by a repetition of the same series of operations. The twelfth banner automatically is changed by this process into the first, and the whole thing repeats in a regular cycle of such permutations --- this is also the nature of the annual cycle of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Aries --- Hay with MapiqueVauHayYod --- Elemental EarthElemental AirElemental WaterElemental Fire --- fire on water, air on earth.
Taurus --- VauHay with MapiqueHayYod --- Elemental AirElemental EarthElemental WaterElemental Fire --- fire on water, earth on air.
Gemini --- HayHay with MapiqueVauYod --- Elemental WaterElemental EarthElemental AirElemental Fire --- fire on air, earth on water.
Cancer --- YodHay with MapiqueVauHay --- Elemental FireElemental EarthElemental AirElemental Water --- water on air, earth on fire.
Leo --- Hay with MapiqueYodVauHay --- Elemental EarthElemental FireElemental AirElemental Water --- water on air, fire on earth.
Virgo --- VauYodHay with MapiqueHay --- Elemental AirElemental FireElemental EarthElemental Water --- water on earth, fire on air.
Libra --- HayYodHay with MapiqueVau --- Elemental WaterElemental FireElemental EarthElemental Air --- air on earth, fire on water.
Scorpio --- YodHayHay with MapiqueVau --- Elemental FireElemental WaterElemental EarthElemental Air --- air on earth, water on fire.
Sagittarius --- Hay with MapiqueHayYodVau --- Elemental EarthElemental WaterElemental FireElemental Air --- air on fire, water on earth.
Capricorn --- VauHayYodHay with Mapique --- Elemental AirElemental WaterElemental FireElemental Earth --- earth on fire, water on air.
Aquarius --- HayVauYodHay with Mapique --- Elemental WaterElemental AirElemental FireElemental Earth --- earth on fire, air on water.
Pisces --- YodVauHayHay with Mapique --- Elemental FireElemental AirElemental WaterElemental Earth --- earth on water, air on fire.

Aries --- Harmony of actives (fire and air) on passives (water and earth).
    Fire leads --- this is the 1st of the fire signs of the Zodiac.

Taurus --- Still harmonious in combination, but now the earth is raised
    above the air --- 1st earth sign.

Gemini --- The actives isolated from the passives. Air is advanced
    --- the 1st air sign.

Cancer --- Actives and passives are mixed, but water leads --- the 1st
    water sign.

Leo --- Again actives and passives are mixed, but this time fire scorches
    earth -- the 2nd fire sign.

Virgo --- Actives and passives are isolated. Earth advances in the 2nd
    earth sign.

Libra --- A harmonious mixture of actives and passives. The reversal of
    the two pairs of Aries. Air advances in the 2nd air sign.

Scorpio --- Actives and passives are mixed to counterbalance Taurus, but
    now water is advanced --- 2nd water sign.

Sagittarius --- Actives and passives separated. Fire advanced --- 3rd fire sign.

Capricorn --- Earth leads and actives are mixed with passives --- 3rd earth sign.

Aquarius --- Actives and passives mixed, air advances --- 3rd air sign.

Pisces --- Actives and passives separated, water advanced --- 3rd water sign.

Cardinal Quadruplicity: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn.Aries --- Hay with MapiqueVauHayYod
    In each case the Actives and PassivesCancer --- YodHay with MapiqueVauHay
    are mixed. The order is the same in each.Libra --- HayYodHay with MapiqueVau
    Only the starting point is different.Capricorn --- VauHayYodHay with Mapique

Fixed Quadruplicity: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius.Taurus --- VauHay with MapiqueHayYod
    In each case the Actives are mixed withLeo --- Hay with MapiqueYodVauHay
    the Passives, but the order is differentScorpio --- YodHayHay with MapiqueVau
    from the Cardinals.Aquarius --- HayVauYodHay with Mapique

Mutable Quadruplicity: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & PiscesGemini --- HayHay with MapiqueVauYod
    In each case the Actives are separatedVirgo --- VauYodHay with MapiqueHay
    from the Passives; a different order isSagittarius --- Hay with MapiqueHayYodVau
    seen in each.Pisces --- YodVauHayHay with Mapique

    Note that if the banners of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay be read as vertical columns in each group of Quadruplicities, the name Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay will be spelled out in the first of the four columns (from the right) and the remaining columns will cycle through the letters of Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay in that same order.

The Fire Triplicity: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.Aries --- Hay with MapiqueVauHayYod
    The elements of Fire (Yod), Water (Hay)Leo --- Hay with MapiqueYodVauHay
    & Air (Vau) cycle, but Earth (Hay with Mapique) does not.Sagittarius --- Hay with MapiqueHayYodVau

The Earth Triplicity: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.Taurus --- VauHay with MapiqueHayYod
    Air (Vau) is fixed and the otherVirgo --- VauYodHay with MapiqueHay
    elements cycle.Capricorn --- VauHayYodHay with Mapique

The Air Triplicity: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.Gemini --- HayHay with MapiqueVauYod
    Water (Hay) is fixed and the otherLibra --- HayYodHay with MapiqueVau
    elements cycle.Aquarius --- HayVauYodHay with Mapique

The Water Triplicity: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.Cancer --- YodHay with MapiqueVauHay
    Fire (Yod) is fixed and the otherScorpio --- YodHayHay with MapiqueVau
    elements cycle.Pisces --- YodVauHayHay with Mapique

    For a more extensive discussion of the Banners, see "Notes on Liber 777", O.T.O. Newsletter, Vol. III, No. 9, August 1979 e.v., pp.34-44. The article also presents an analysis of variations in the order of the banners in different sources, including the one in Crowley's 777, and examples of Noteriquon for each of the Banners.

    Many of the above techniques can be applied with success on names like:
    Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay --- Eheieh; Aleph-Dalet-Nun-Yod --- Adonai; Aleph-Gimel-Lamed-Aleph --- Agla; Yod-Hay-Shin-Vau-Hay --- Jeshuah

    These techniques produce results on any word, but it's easier to start with something having a known mystical significance.
    It may seem that the work on Yod-Hay-Vau-Hay has produced many results, but the surface has been merely scratched. Words like Bet-Resh-Aleph-Shin-Yod-Taw, B'rashit (first word of the Old Testament) have been studied in this fashion for several thousand years and new results keep coming. Each new meaning which supports or expands previously known meanings adds confidence to the use of the word and greater force in ritual.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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Notes on Liber 777 --- columns CXLVI-CXLVIII

    Angelic Names for the DECANS of the ZODIAC, a possible Merkabah Qabalah fragment. --- from "Magical Correspondences" notes © Bill Heidrick.

    These "Angelic" names are said to rule the decans of the Zodiac, and some are spelled differently in Hebrew in different sources. The translations offered below bear slight but occasional resemblance to general meanings attached to the Decans in Astrology, but it is probable that this list of names is derived from an incantation or other Hebrew text. The progress and connectivity in this list suggests a passage of mystical literature cut up into names. For more information on the Decans, their planetary rulers, spirits and images, see Crowley's 777, columns LXXII-LXXIV, CXXXIII-CXXXVI, CXLV-CLXVII. Also, for those who can read German, see: Dekane und Dekansternbilder, by Wilhelm Gundel, 1936 e.v. and Verzeichnis astrologischer und Mythologischer illustrierter Handschriften des lateinischen Mittelalters in Römishen Bibliotheken, by Fritz Saxl, 1915 & 1927.

Name in
Aproximate English Meaning of Hebrew:Sign and
15ReshZainZainZazerExtending Border  0°-10° Aries
15YodMemHayHayBetBahhemeiSilent Sound10°-20° Aries
15ReshDaletNunTetSamekhSatanderRadiance in Adversity20°-30° Aries
16YodDaletMemDaletKafKadmedieHalf-filled Container  0°-10° Taurus
16YodAlephReshChetNunMemManachraieBestowal of Vision10°-20° Taurus
16Tzaddi-finalVauNunGimelSamekhKafYodYaksagnotzRapid Suppression by Authority20°-30° Taurus
17ShinReshGimelSamekhSiegrashBaseness and Poverty  0°-10° Gemini
17YodNunDaletHayShinShahadnieConfirmed Suffering10°-20° Gemini
17ReshVauTawYodBetBetorIn a State of Seeking20°-30° Gemini
18ShinVauAlephReshTawMemMitraosThe Dead See the Sun and Are Strong  0°-10° Cancer
18AyinDaletHayReshRahadeaTremble with Knowledge10°-20° Cancer
18ReshYodKafNunYodLamedAlephElinakierGod is Known20°-30° Cancer
19ReshHayNunSamekhVauLamedLaosanharDesire the Thorn of the Mountain  0°-10° Leo
19YodAyinChetZainZachaayRemove the Ruinous10°-20° Leo
19ReshBetYodChetSamekhSachieberVile is Purified20°-30° Leo
20HayReshVauAlephNunNunAlephAnnaorahBreath Trembles with Desire  0°-10° Virgo
20HayYodHayYodAlephReshReayahyahGod Beholds God
(Possibly figurative for "Countenance Beholds Countenance")
10°-20° Virgo
20ReshPehSamekhMemMisparNumber20°-30° Virgo
22YodNunSamekhReshTetTarsaniFresh Thorn  0°-10° Libra
22Tzaddi-finalNunReshHaySamekhSaharnazTower of the Hawk10°-20° Libra
22ReshDaletHayShinShehdarGoat of the Age20°-30° Libra
24Tzaddi-finalVauMemKafKamotzMuch Oppression  0°-10° Scorpio
24ReshHayVauDaletNunYodNunHiendoharWeak Child of the Mountain10°-20° Scorpio
24LamedAlephYodDaletVauReshTawNunNatarvadaielTremble and be Filled with God20°-30° Scorpio
25TawAlephReshShinMemMasharatDivided Sign  0°-10° Sagittarius
25Nun-finalYodReshHayVauVahrinGod Overcomes10°-20° Sagittarius
25AlephHayVauBetAlephAbuhaFather of Interjection20°-30° Sagittarius
26NunYodNunSamekhMemMasninTribute of Posterity  0°-10° Capricorn
26HayYodSamekhYodSamekhYodYasisyahGod's Swallow
(or twittering sound)
10°-20° Capricorn
26LamedAlephYodDaletVauReshBetYodDaletGimelSamekhYodYsgadibarodielAdore the Chosen and Sufficient of God20°-30° Capricorn
28Mem-finalPehSamekhSamekhSasfemMouth of a Moth
(prob.fig. for "The Mouth Trembles")
  0°-10° Aquarius
28Nun-finalVauReshDaletBetAlephAbadronForsake Victory10°-20° Aquarius
28LamedAlephYodDaletVauReshGimelGeradiaelStrangeness and of God20°-30° Aquarius
29YodMemLamedHayBetBiehalmiFlow Rapidly  0°-10° Pisces
29Nun-finalVauReshVauAlephAuronLight Overcomes10°-20° Pisces
29Peh-finalYodReshTetSamekhSatripGiants Roam20°-30° Pisces

Gematria Suppliment

    Here are some additional Hebrew words to experiment with the numbers 26 and 52, mentioned elsewhere in this issue. Repetition has been minimized, so don't forget to check the examples above as well.
    These examples are from an on-going gematria project © by Bill Heidrick:

26 > 8- 26 -26 = 2x13

    For best viewing, use Times New Roman font, at medium size

52 > 7- 52 -52 = 22x13

    For best viewing, use Times New Roman font, at medium size

Events Calendar for January 1990 e.v.

1/2/90Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg
1/6/90King Cake Party Evenings 'til Mardi
Gras --- call for information
Merkabah Hse
1/7/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
1/11/90Wm. James Birthday commemorationThelema Ldg.
1/14/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
1/17/90Qabalah #2: 8 PM with BillThelema Ldg.
1/18/90Rose-Croix/Lodge of Perfection
1/20/90Minerval initiationsThelema Ldg.
1/21/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
1/23/89Secret Meeting ...
1/24/90Qabalah #3: 8 PM with BillThelema Ldg.
1/25/90Introduction to Shiatsu with Andrew
7:30 PM at Horus Temple
Thelema Ldg.
1/26/90Reading of "The Tempest" 7:30 PMABRAHADABRA
1/26/90Eclipse Party 9:30 PM Call for infoThelema Ldg.
1/27/90Ist and IInd Degree initiationsThelema Ldg.
1/28/90Aquarius Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
1/28/90Deacon Class at SunsetThelema Ldg.
1/28/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.

Projected Advance Events Calendar for February 1990 e.v.

1/4/91Initiations Workshop 2nd Deg. 8PMThelema Ldg
2/3/90Brigid rite at Horus TempleThelema Ldg.
2/4/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/6/90Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/11/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/14/90Qabalah #4: 8 PM with BillThelema Ldg.
2/15/90Rose-Croix/Lodge of Perfection
2/18/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/20/90Enochiana with Dave 8:30 PM
"Sigillum Dei Aemeth" Pt. I
Thelema Ldg.
2/21/90Qabalah #5: 8 PM with BillThelema Ldg.
2/23/90Secret Meeting ...
2/24/90Minerval and IIIrd Degree init.Thelema Ldg.
2/25/90Pisces Birthday party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
2/25/90Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
2/27/90Mardi GrasThelema Ldg.

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