Thelema Lodge Calendar for February 1992 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for February 1992 e.v.

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Thelema Lodge
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February 1992 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Festa Brigitae
    Our winter half-holiday, the Feast of Brigit and celebration of the flowing of the well, will be observed at Thelema Lodge with the traditional Celtic ritual on Sunday afternoon 2 February, underway by 4:18. (The astrological calculation of this feast, Sol fifteen degrees Aquarius, occurs on Tuesday 4 February, so our observation is somewhat early; purists will need no encouragement to repeat the ritual in its essential form in their own pairs at the exact moment.)
    Chinese New Year (anno 4690) on Tuesday 4 February ushers in the Year of the Monkey.
    Terri will be doing Moon rituals on New and Full Moons continually this year. Contact her at the Lodge for exact time and place. Many will probably be late at night, some outdoors. Collaborations in these rituals is encouraged. This month New Moon falls on Monday 3 February, and the ritual for Full Moon on Monday evening 19 February.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
    Gnostic Masses are celebrated in Horus Temple at Thelema Lodge every Sunday evening. Newcomers are welcome at mass, and should call ahead to (510) 654-3580. Participants should arrive in the evening by 7:30 for the ritual, which is usually underway a little after 8:00. All masses this month are scheduled to observe Crowley's ritual according to Liber XV.
    The E.G.C. Business and Scheduling Meeting will be held at the lodge on Sunday afternoon 16 February at 4:18, conducted by Bishop T. Suleiman. Prospective mass teams should attend or be represented on this occasion to be scheduled; masses for April are to be finalized this month. In conjunction with this meeting, a workshop on the Gnostic Mass has been offered by Bishop Sappho (if requested from her) after our business is complete.

Mysteria Mystica Maxima
    The lodge will be performing O.T.O. initiations on Saturday 15 February, through the afternoon and evening; members please make advance arrangements to attend these private events. Advancement through the Man of Earth degrees at Thelema Lodge is being coordinated by four of our senior members, and anyone contemplating further initiation is urged to contact the coordinator for your present grade:
    Minerval.....Lola-(510) ... ....
    I°................Jerry-(510) ... ....
    2°..........Marlene-(510) ... ....
    3°.............Ebony-(510) ... ....
To schedule an initiation, the candidate should make informal arrangements for sponsorship, request an application form, and contact the Lodgemaster in the course of completing it. Once finally submitted, the application will remain on file with the Order for a minimum of forty days before initiation is performed.

Collegium Fraternitatis
    Members of Thelema Lodge organize classes, lectures, and study groups in a mutual education effort for the greater Thelemic community. To propose or request such an offering, speak at lodge meeting, or contact one of the officers.
    Bill Heidrick offers an examination of the Ritual of the Bornless One, and of Crowley's version of it in Liber Samekh (Theurgia Goetia Summa, sub figura DCCC), in Horus Temple on Wednesday evening 19 February, beginning at 8:00. The historical context of this ancient invocation, as well as technical instruction in the vibration of the Barbarous Names, and the Qabalah of Crowley's elaborate Scholion on the text, will be among the evening's topics.
    "The Horror Continues . . . Cthulu Culture Club II" re-awakens from the deep on Saturday evening 1 February at 6:30. Those attending are invited to select passages to read from the works of Lovecraft and his followers, as we explore close up the flavor and texture of this hideous Mythos. Games, graphics, and Cthulu Culture of all kinds will be on display. Call Jerry to attend.
    "Mars, Planet of Horus" will be the subject for wide-ranging discussion at the lodge with Drax on Tuesday evening 18 February at 8:00. The Politics of Outer Space, Planetary History, the Search for Life, Terraforming, Tesla, the Pyramid Complex, NASA, the Phobos Mystery and the ill-fated mission of Phobos II, UFOs, the Mars Mission, and the Object orbiting Mars; all these will be among the aspects explored.
    The Thelema Lodge Magick in Theory and Practice Study Circle meets twice monthly on Thursday evenings 13 February and 27 February, beginning at 7:00. To inquire regarding the chapters to be covered on a particular evening, contact Marlene, who is the facilitator for this group. Sometimes the Study Circle will double as a work-crew when the Lodge Calendar is assembled and mailed, so late-comers especially should please call the lodge before setting forth to attend.
    The Magick Theater reads Crowley's drama The Scorpion on Wednesday 26 February at 7:30 at Thelema Lodge. This three-act prose tragedy was written in a sudden fit of inspiration in a hotel at El Kantara, near the end of Crowley's stay in Algeria with Victor Neuburg, about January 1911 e.v. Occultly based upon the 30° of freemasonry, the plot turns upon the relations between the Knights Templar and the Saracens, and the birth of the O.T.O. tradition in Jerusalem during the crusades. "What's your great name, urchin . . . ?"
    The 392nd anniversary of the Greater Feast of Giordano Bruno will be the occasion of a small gathering on Monday evening 17 February at 8:00 at Lola's, with a commemorative reading and hot dog roast.
Bruno included an early version of the unicursal hexagram in this "Figura Amoris", one of a series of allegorized geometrical constructions presented in woodcuts (said to have been prepared by the author's own hands) for Articuli Centum et Sexaginta Adversus huius Tempestatis Mathematicos atque Philosophos [Essays upon the Mathematics of Mordente: One Hundred and Sixty Articles against the Mathematicians and Philosophers of this Age . . . (Prague: 1588), a treatise on techniques of geometrical draftsmanship.
    "Jerry's Leap-Year Logorrhea" falls on Saturday evening 29 February, beginning at 6:30; call to attend, or for advance information on this month's secret topic.
    Magik Without Aleister hosts the Gorilla Choir on Wednesday evening 12 February at 8:00 at the lodge for an evening of love, harmony, song, and celebration of the Universal Rhythm. This wide-ranging discussion group has arranged a series of uniquely enjoyable evenings, inviting local adepts from alternative magical traditions to visit the lodge.

Conventi Thelemicorum
    Thelema Lodge Meeting is Monday evening 3 February 8:00; all members welcome to help with planning the schedule of events, solving problems, and sharing ideas.
    Lodge Council & L.O.P., please check in by telephone to Jerry's early on Saturday afternoon 1 February for fraternal greetings, and then plan to attend at the next regular meeting, on Sunday afternoon 1 March at 3:33-call for details.
    The Thelema Lodge Ladies' T-s will continue, Monday afternoon 10 February at 5:30. Thelemic women have a unique and powerful position in our community; our sisterly connection is encouraged to strengthen our bonds, our knowledge, and our heart. Tea and crumpets are served. For details ask Soror Terri Sal.
    Lodge Clean-Up beginning at 1:11 on Sunday afternoon 23 February, with cake afterwards at the Pisces Birthday splash around 4:18.

Love is the law, love under will.

The Naked Splendour of Nuit

Lesson Number One for Northern Hemisphere Star Watchers: Polaris-the North Star

    This is the one star to know for its unique and groovy position, being in the place in the heavens near where our earth's axis points. Therefore all the other stars appear to be circling around Polaris, which remains fixed, always in the north (most helpful for navigation). Because of the "wobble" of the earth, the Pole Star was once Thuban, in Draco, and in 5000 years our axis will point to Alderamin, in Cepheus. But for now Polaris is getting closer to the exact north celestial pole; it will be closest in 2100 e.v. There is no star near to the exact southern axis pole.
    The best way to locate the North Star is to find the bright Big Dipper. This star- grouping is so near the north celestial pivot that it is visible all year long (during some part of the night) in these latitudes. One should find the two stars that make up the side of the dipper, or cup, that the handle is not attached to, and follow the straight line through them out of the dipper, until you come to the first and only reasonably bright star. This is Polaris, at the beginning of the handle of the Little Dipper, or the Lesser Bear-Ursa Minor. With the exception of Polaris, the seven stars making up Ursa Minor are quite dim and difficult to make out at all in the city limits.
    The big dipper is actually part of the constellation Ursa Major, or Great Bear. It sits like a saddle on the bear's back, with the handle of the dipper becoming the unrealistically long tail of the bear. In ancient England Ursa Major was known as the Chariot of King Arthur; in France it was the Great Chariot. It has also been thought of as a wagon, a plough, a coffin, and a reindeer.

    "Onward the kindred Bears, with footsteps rude,
    Dance round the Pole, pursuing and pursued."

                                        ----Erasmus Darwin

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from the Grady Project:


Fierce Virgin of the Sacred Source
Attracting all the world to Thee
We pray the Knowledge of Thy Force:
Thine aching Negativity!

Thou Vacuum at the heart of All
Thou Purity without remorse
That pulls All, Belle Dame, to Thy Call:
Thy Knowledge and Thy Intercourse!

Thou Nothingness Personified
Renewed Perfection without end
Thou Voice of Silence that has cried
"The Arrow!"-and it rides the wind!

Thou Eros poised one point above
The Pyramid; Thou Virgin kiss!
Thy Crescent Moon; Thy Star of Love
Thy fearful Angst in The Abyss!

-- Grady L. McMurtry
         (March 1961 e.v.)

[This poem is the second in Hymenaeus Alpha's cycle The Angel and the Abyss, corresponding to the Atu of Art in the Tarot. The entire cycle has been previously published in Grady McMurtry: Poems (London & Bergen, Norway: O.T.O., 1986 e.v.) and in The Grady Project #5 (December 1988 e.v.).]

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Crowley Classics

After the Fall

A Page from the Book of the Recording Angel

by Aleister Crowley

[Originally collected among Crowley's "Juvenalia" and published in Snowdrops from a Curate's Garden (privately printed, 1904 e.v.).]

    Adam had gone down to the Euphrates for a morning's sport with the Icthyosaurus. The day before he had no luck at all with a rather big fly (pterodactyl-wing and angel-hackle) and meant to spin with the artificial dodo for a bit before giving up the water as hopelessly over-fished. He had better have stayed home, though, and kept a sharp look-out with the gaff for the serpent. This is what happened in his absence.
    Eve had done her day's work, and was sprawling in the sun with her tailor-made fur-lined dress within easy reach (fig-leaves, in the daytime, had entirely gone out, and were now only worn for evening dress), and meditating on the curious events of the past evening. "Silly thing that of Adam's," she soliloquized, "just when I was feeling nice, it turned sick and collapsed, and took ten minutes to get well again. Why, I could have gone on all night without those silly intervals! And the old fool says it tires him and he can't dig today because his back aches, so he's gone fishing. Fishing! I'll fish him when he comes home. I believe he's gone to see that lioness he was so fond of in the old days. She was rude enough to both of us yesterday though-so are all the beasts since we ate that apple Lord God made all the fuss about. The serpent's as much a gentleman as ever, of course. He was at the same public school as Lord God, he says. I'm sure he's got better manners, though! The old wretch! To tell me about travail and labour and that rubbish-besides, a really nice God would keep his smoking-room jokes to himself another time. And the brute never made love either. I'll be even with him one day. I do wish this hole wouldn't itch. Rubbing's no good-oh! it's better when I rub hard. There! It's started again now I've left off. I'll rub harder this time. Ah! Adam! Adam!-Ha! I thought I was with Adam-Oh, how lovely!" And she gave a delicious little sigh.
    "Pardon this intrusion, Duchess, pray" said a new voice, in the well-bred deferential manner that is so characteristic of diplomats. "But is it the third Wednesday, is it not?"
    "My dear Prince, how good of you to come. I was just hoping some one would drop in and cheer me up. This move has left me quite a wreck."
    "Ah! Duchess, you are more beautiful than ever."
    "Bad man-"
    "Yes, and deserve a better husband."
    "Adam is as good as-"
    "But his poor health. He's had a cold ever since he left Eden, this climate is so terribly uncertain."
    "Yes, he's not very strong, poor man."
    "He gets tired easily."
    "Yes" with a sigh.
    "I see you have been doing your best to supply his place." For Eve had not changed her position during this interview, and her moist fingers still played among the golden hair.
    "Oh! I didn't mean to."
    "Ah! Duchess, what a pity-and what a surprise!"
    "Yes, it did feel like it. But really, Prince, you're as inquisitive as that rude old Lord God."
    "You are not offended with me?"
    "How could I be? How ever shall I repay you for giving me that wrinkle about the apple?"
    "I must really apologise for being indirectly the cause of that old curmudgeon's insolence."
    "Not a word. I am all gratitude."
    "Only half gratitude, Duchess."
    "Because you have only half the secret."
    "And the other half is?"
    "You darling, tell me at once."
    "Will you kiss me?"
    "Kiss you-come here-Satan!"
    And his lithe coils rolled over her naked body, his forked tongue slipped beneath the white teeth and its delicate foam maddened her tongue. It touched her tender palate, and withdrew to penetrate her dainty nostrils. All round her he wrapped his soft green folds and their gentle pressure warmed her blood, that shuddered with love to feel him, cold and slimy, embrace her bosom and her lissome thighs. Always his tail penetrated her half-opened fountain and gently tickled the rosy tongue of love, that now grew swollen and stiff with excitement. Eve broke into a hot, foul sweat. "Satan! I love you! When Adam kisses me he is so hot and heavy; he chokes me! You lift me, you hold me, you-Ah!" The tail gave a determined push, and the perspiring woman gasped with pleasure. "My Queen!" "Satan!" The amorous snake withdrew his coils from her breast. "Don't you love me?" "I will teach you a love your Adam does not dream of!" And his head sought the dark home of her desire, while he pressed in her red lips the most tender part of his eager body. She entered into his desires and abandoned herself to the new vice with rapture. Again and again she deluged him with love-drops, and the warm odour of their bodies went up, a delicious steam, till his head withdrew, foaming, and fell upon her reeking lips again to lick salacious kisses and gently chew her gentle eyelids when she turned her mouth again to an even dearer object.
    Suddenly a shout was heard far off, and, rising up, Satan saw Adam returning with the spoil. He was now too near for him to escape. Eve with quick woman's wit gathered her furs to her and squatting in front of the wood fire forced herself to appear nonchalant, while Satan gathered his coils together under her skirts. The fire blazed up as she tended it, and Adam joyfully saluted his mate with the patronizing air a man always thinks it proper to adopt with a social, physical and intellectual inferior. She received it with all the docility which an unfaithful woman is careful to assume. But she was by no means as easy as her countenance would have indicated. Her serpent-lover was taking a mean advantage of her confusion to attack her in two places at once-her worn-out passions were being frightfully stimulated, and she did not think she could possibly maintain her balance at the supreme moment. And Satan was really venturing terribly far. Up and up he writhed, and the mouth of her womb spasmodically closed and re-opened in vain. He penetrated more and more deeply, and at last, with a convulsive wriggle, disappeared entirely into the temple of love at the very moment Eve, in a strong shudder, consummated her suppressed desire and fell to the ground in a swoon. Adam was alarmed. Some burnt clippings of mastodon-hoof were effectual in restoring her, but Eve's furs had fallen off again, and Adam divined the nature of his good lady's excitement. "To think now," he observed, with pardonable pride, "that the mere sight of me-or would it be the smell? I'll write a book about it and try to make up my mind that way. Poor girl! I know it won't be fit for work tonight. The lioness used to lick it with some effect, I remember. Couldn't ask Eve to do that, though. It would degrade her, I'm sure. I must try and raise her to my level rather than-Damn that potato patch! It must be dug over tomorrow, and only the old flint spade still. A man in Lord God's position-House of Lords, stake in the country, and all that-ought to provide iron spades-this is the only country planet for billions of miles where science hasn't penetrated, so that young prince says-don't believe he's a real prince, though-took all that cursing from a simple Lord like a lamb-says it's beneath his dignity to swear back. I'd have had the bugger up for criminal libel. Threatened him, too, about Eve's baby smashing his head." But at this point a prowling megatherium wailed and Adam snatched up a sling and started off to drive him away. Eve lost no time in knocking violently on her belly. "Time to get up, sir. I'll bring your hot water in a minute!" Satan awoke, and not being fond of water, hot or otherwise, unless with a considerable portion of Mammon's old Highland Hell- fire, climbed down, put his head out, and asked what the devil the knocking was about. "Get away, dear, Adam's gone out for an hour, quick, and don't hurt me." "No, Eve, I will spend the night with you." "But Adam?" "Let him come in too." "No, he'll discover everything. I'd rather any other plan." "My plan is necessary - you don't know all the secret yet." And with an affectionate little snap at the clitoris as he passed, Satan again withdrew into his cosy hiding-place.
    Adam soon returned victorious from his raid, and was very glad to lay his fur aside, and seek the embraces of his consort. Any doubts he might have had were soon removed by Eve whose mass of tawny hair soon hung over his thighs, while her little red mouth proceeded to excite him to the proper degree of rigidity. It was soon obtained, and she quickly changed her position to bestride him, while her hand guided him to the proper orifice. The dance began. Eve wriggled her fat bottom about as hard as she could, and Adam assisted as far as his constrained position would allow. The critical moment arrived and a deluge of warm liquids mingled to flood the surrounding parts. But Eve would not let him withdraw as yet. And at this moment Adam gave vent to a cry of pain. "I'm bitten," he said. "That horrible Palaeopulex," said Eve. "No, it's in you! It's pushing me out! Get up!" And Eve jumped up alarmed to find Satan quietly emerging from his citadel. Adam jumped for a club. But by the time he arrived a change had arisen. The old snake-skin dropped and Satan stood in his own shape, a radiant spirit. "You bit me," said Adam, embarrassed. "For your own good! God doomed you to death. My bite has filled your blood with a poison that will take away Death's terrors, that will make him welcome even!" "What is this poison called?" said Eve. And Satan replied "Syphilis!" As he went away he laughed. God did not like to hear him.


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From the Outbasket

   In reading Crowley, the question often arises: Where is he getting this stuff? Whether the work is noir humor like that above or a deeply insightful and rather opaque religious writing, Crowley's sources and influences are often a mystery. The AA reading list in Magick in Theory and Practice is a logical place to start, but no distinction is made there between works that influenced Crowley and works he recommended as also embodying a view he had held for some time. In this short space, or in a major book for that matter, it is impossible to cover many of Crowley's sources. Some often over- looked sources will be noted.
    Before going further, an important point needs to be made. Thelema is not Crowley. Crowley is not Thelema. Some of our readers may have a sole interest in the purely literary side of Crowley's writings, but many share the Thelemic Religion. For the latter, some of what follows may seem to skirt blasphemy. I offer the following contention: Whatever is sacred in
Liber AL specifically or in Thelema generally is independent of Crowley the man. The earlier influences on Crowley or earlier appearances of the same words and ideas elsewhere are not in any way relevant to the sacredness of the text. Why was Crowley chosen to be the prophet of Thelema? A simple answer, he was prepared. Crowley was prepared by exposure to the words, ideas and language necessary to receive Liber AL, just as were the prophets of past time prepared to receive their messages. It doesn't matter that Crowley probably picked up "Aiwass" from unconscious integration of the shapes of the letters of a Greek word in Eliphas Levi's Key of the Mysteries (plate called "Great Pentacle from the Vision of St. John",Eq, I, 10, Sup. p. 74) or that "Thelema" as a religion and an Abbey comes from Rablais' 16th century satire on monasticism. Neither does it matter that most of Crowley's ideas about society, morals and the nature of such beings as the "Secret Chiefs" stem first from his Quaker childhood and later from similar views encountered in his youth. Anyone who has experienced the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel knows that the experience avails itself of the states of mind and circumstance present in the person at the time. If whole passages in Liber AL can be found to be paraphrases or quotations from other sources, what does it matter? It is the melody that makes the music, and the instrument will always dominate on one level. Crowley, his antecedents and his experiences formed the instrument for the manifestation and revelation of Thelema. If we can separate the harmonics from the notes, we can but better approach the essence of the song. Enough, here are a few notes on Crowley's sources:

Childhood -- see Confessions, Gospel according to St. Bernard Shaw, World's Tragedy & High History of Sir Palamedes for a model on his father and the early influence of education and Plymouth Brethren. Also for the source of his social errors and business incompetence. Later childhood and adolescence provided his sexual orientation and literary bent at Cambridge. Frazier's Golden Bough merely fleshed out ideas from Levi.

Alan Bennett -- introduced Crowley to the ideas of eastern philosophy. These furnished Crowley with his mystical training, terminology, and mental techniques. The Golden Dawn provided Crowley with the model of his organization of attainment. Masonry the model of society and the forms of ceremonial for groups.

Theosophy furnished idealism and melded with the Quaker ideas of masters and elect. Reuss gave the justification for magical sexuality. Eckenstein taught the concept of discipline. Von Eckartshausen gave Crowley the idea of an invisible order, while Waite introduced Things that go BUMP in the Night.

Music Halls & the Ingoldsby Legends -- Crowley's humor and satire, also his negligent racism.

Tao Teh King -- source of many of Crowley's social theories and higher philosophy.

What single book influenced Crowley the most? As far as his mystical writings, magical theories, health ideas and political dreams, the answer can only be Eliphas Levi's The Key of the Mysteries. Many of Crowley's ideas in these areas can be found in seed at least in Levi. Here are a few examples. The page citations are from Crowley's translation in the supplement to EQUINOX I, 10 -- by the way, all the Equinox volume I is now available in ASCII format on diskette from OTO, P.O.Box 430, Fairfax, CA 94978 USA. {Note to Web edition: These are no longer available on diskette, but may be obtained either by email attachment or from many web sites.}
    Liber OZ is developed from p.35 in EQ-I-10.
    Page 234 "HUMAN life and its innumerable difficulties have for object, in the ordination of eternal wisdom, the education of the will of man."
    "The dignity of man consists in doing what he will, and in willing the good, in conformity with the knowledge of truth."
    Page 213: " of those traditional secrets with regard to which silence is necessary, and which it is sufficient to indicate to those who know, leaving always a veil upon the truth for the ignorant."
    An appropriate exercise would be to seek a passage in Levi for every idea in LIBER AL, viz: "Nothing resists the will of man, when he knows the truth, and wills the good." KM, p. 235 for "... do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay." AL I,42-43
    A quote to take for Crowley's Opus: Levi KM p. 241: "When a new word comes into the world, it needs swaddling clothes and bandages; genius brought it forth, but it is for experience to nourish it. Do not fear that it will die of neglect! Oblivion is for it a favorable time of rest, and contradictions help it to grow."
    Crowley's unexamined belief in Natural Law has its origin in his times, but it also can be drawn from Levi: "Q. What is infinite reason?" "A. It is that supreme reason of being that faith calls God." (p. 102) -- This is the characteristic phrase of the philosophy of 18th century enlightenment: "God is Reason" -- also the characteristic error. 19th century philosophy continued this into Determinism and the now discredited concept of "Natural Law".
    Levi's idea of the "magnetic fluid" derived from the efforts of Newton, Mesmer and others to quantify the astral body. 18th and 19th century efforts to measure ectoplasm, oddic force, etc. and to physically measure an essence of life have persisted to the verge of the 21st century in a strange pseudo-science. At least in the 18th and 19th centuries there was the idea of the luminous Aethyer as a partial justification for this sort of thing. Now it is generally considered a curiosity dependent on subjective measurement without the objective external instrumentation required by hard science. This concept has led to a vast array of quack medical theories and the loss of otherwise promising philosophies. Bulwar Lytton used the idea; W. Reich was imprisoned for trying to cure with it. Crowley lost much time over it in his later years in trying to market his Amrita derivations. The future may disclose some substance here, but it tends to "confusion of the planes" more often than not.
    Page 105: "Q. Are these experiences articles of faith?" "A. No, they pertain to science." -- Although this is not essential to Thelema, Crowley's dependence on it is interesting. "The Method of Science. The Aim of Religion." -- A valid perspective, but not without potential for misapplication. This, more than anything else, is the influence of Levi on Crowley's philosophy. Accidents of emphasis in Levi's works often became seeds for avenues of research in Crowley's effort.
    Levi gives many anecdotes in this work. p. 119: " Englishman otherwise quite sane, who thought that he had met a stranger and made his acquaintance, who took him to lunch at his tavern, and then having asked him to visit St. Paul's in his company, had tried to throw him from the top of the tower which they had climbed together." Crowley elaborated quite a few of these into short stories.
    P. 257: "To brave God and to insult Him, is a final act of faith." -- See Crowley's "John St. John".
    P. 260: "While love is nothing but a desire and an enjoyment, it is mortal. In order to make itself eternal it must become a sacrifice, for then it becomes a power and a virtue." -- See Crowley in Magick in Theory and Practice, chapter 12.

    Levi appears to have turned Crowley's interest toward Poe and Wm. Blake, as well as many other authors.
    Even the Golden Dawn seems to have taken more from Levi than a twist to his Tarot attributions and the sketch for the Lesser Pentagram Ritual. Consider KM p. 195: "In old times, chess-players sought upon their chess-board the solution of philosophical and religious problems, and argued silently with each other in manovuering the hieroglyphic characters across the numbers." -- can this be the remark that sparked creation of Enochian Chess?
    A word of caution. In reading Levi, a strong stomach is one of the requisites. The book is filled with Christian remarks. It is not always possible to get through this veil on a first or even a third reading. Persist. Write in the margin. The hard part is getting past the pseudo-logic and Christian propaganda.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law -- Liber AL vel Legis I:40

February 2, 1913
   He used the imperfect translation made by John Dee of the Necronomicon bequeathed to him by his grandfather to call down the 'Old Ones', he was Wilbur Whateley, born on this date in Dunwich.

February 8, 1810
   The man born on this date once wrote, 'that if a man breathes in a certain way upon the back of a woman she will automatically surrender to his will.' He is also reported as being one of Aleister Crowley's previous incarnations. His name, Eliphas Levi.

February 8, 1855
   Snow had blanketed the ground during the night around the peaceful village of Topsham, England, but when the town awoke they found themselves confronted by a strange visitor. During the night something walked for miles around the village and although it walked upright like a man, left hoof prints in snow! Rumors
spread that the devil had visited Devonshire!

February 11, 1891
   The woman born on this date, Sascha Germer was responsible for strewing Aleister Crowley's ashes into the mud at the base of a tree in Hampton, New Jersey.

February 12, 1964
   It is said that Aleister Crowley had been paid a suitably large fee from Gerald Gardner who died on this date, to compose rituals that could be used in his new Gardnerian witchcraft.

February 14, 1856
   Frank Harris who was born on this date, wrote that Aleister Crowley upon leaving America bound for England in 1919 'left a string of worthless cheques' behind, although he should have written that the way of a mystic is often hard to understand.

February 16, 1923
   Raoul Loveday, Frater AUD, aka ADONIS dies at the Abbey of Cefalu. Three days earlier Crowley recorded in his Magical Record that he felt a current of magical force, 'heavy black and silent' threatening the Abbey.

February 17, 1600
   Giordano Bruno refusing to retract any of his philosophical opinions before the Inquisition of Rome was finally condemned as 'an impenitent and pertinacious heretic' and was publicly burned at the stake on this date in a place called Campo dei Fiori (Square of Flowers), Rome.

February 23, 1680
   La Voisin the 'Satanic High Priestess' is burned at the stake after confessing that she obtained over 2500 children during her life to be used as human sacrifices to 'satan'.

February 27, 1784
   Although many of his followers claim this man to be still alive since he knew the secrets of the Elixir of Life, the truth is that Comte de St. Germain died in Hesse, Germany on this date.

February 27, 1861
   Rudolf Steiner was born on this date in Kralijevec, Hungary.

February 28, 1946
   On this date a great goddess appeared to Jack Parsons claiming, "yea, it is I Babalon, and this is my book..." of which she began dictating. Thus came forth 'The Book of Babalon'.

February 29, 1880
   Aleister Crowley's sister Grace Mary Elizabeth Crowley died on this date leaving young Aleister an only child.


Love is the law, love under will. -- Liber AL vel Legis I:57


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Events Calendar for February 1992 e.v.

2/1/92Cthulhu Culture Club 6:30 PM w/JerryThelema Ldg.
2/1/92Council/LOP 3:33 PMLOP
2/2/92Brigit Ritual 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
2/2/92Gnostic Mass 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
2/3/92Thelema Lodge Meeting 8PMThelema Ldg.
2/3/92New Moon ritual
2/4/92Chinese New Year (Monkey, Anno 4690)
2/9/92Gnostic Mass 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
2/10/92Ladies' T 5:30PMThelema Ldg.
2/12/92"Magick without Aleister" with
Fr. Majnun 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
2/13/92Magick in Theory and Practice
Study Circle with Marlene 7PM
Thelema Ldg.
2/14/92Valentine's Day
2/15/92Initiations (call to attend)Thelema Ldg.
2/16/92E.G.C. meeting & mass wkshp 4:18PMThelema Ldg.
2/16/92Gnostic Mass 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
2/17/92Greater Feast of St. Giordano Bruno
party & reading at Lola's 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
2/18/92"Mars, Plenet of Hours" 8PM
class with Drax
Thelema Ldg.
2/19/92"Liber Samekh" class with Bill 8PMThelema Ldg.
2/23/92Lodge Clean-up 1:11 PMThelema Ldg.
2/23/92Pisces Birthday 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
2/23/92Gnostic Mass 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
2/26/92Magick Theater reads Crowley:
The Scorpion 7:30 PM
Magick Thea.
2/27/92Magick in Theory and Practice
Study Circle with Marlene 7PM
Thelema Ldg.
2/29/91"Jerry's Leap-Year Logorrhea" 6:30PM
Call to attend.
Thelema Ldg.

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