Thelema Lodge Calendar for April 1992 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for April 1992 e.v.

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   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

April 1992 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Celebratio Liber Legis
    It must have been on the 7th of April that W. [Ourada the Seer, Rose Crowley] commanded P. [Frater Perdurabo, a.k.a. Chioa Khan] . . . to enter the "temple" exactly at 12 o'clock noon on three successive days, and to write down what he should hear, rising exactly at 1 o'clock.
    This he did. Immediately on his taking his seat the Voice began its Utterance, and ended exactly at the expiration of the hour.
    These are the three chapters of Liber Legis, . . . . the 65 pages of MS., and the 220 verses. . . . and it is the First and Greatest of those Class A publications of AA of which is not to be altered so much as the style of a letter.
(from The Temple of Solomon the King in Equinox I:7, March 1912 e.v.)
    Celebration of the feast for the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law opens with a reading of chapter one at Lola's on Wednesday evening 8 April. Chapter two will be read at Thelema Lodge on Thursday evening 9 April. Chapter three on Friday evening 10 April is at Jerry's. Each reading beings at 8:00. Please phone each household as you set forth to attend, so that our hosts can keep in touch with the crowd they'll be entertaining.
    Contact Terri at the lodge to help make arrangements for Lunar Rituals and outings this month. The New Moon in Aries will be on Thursday 2 April at 9:01 PM. Luna is full in Libra on Thursday 16 April at 9:42 PM. Also, plan ahead for the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday 2 May at 10:44 AM.
    Spring forward into Daylight Saving Time, beginning Sunday morning 5 April at 2=3 AM.
    Looking to next month, May Day is Friday 1 May, and Beltane (Sol fifteen degrees Taurus) is calculated for Tuesday 5 May. How about a bonfire at the beach?

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
    Thelema Lodge gathers most Sunday evenings as the Gnostic Catholic Church in Horus Temple to celebrate mass according to Crowley's Liber XV. We welcome interested members of the spiritual community to participate in the gnostic eucharist with us at this ritual. (Those unfamiliar with the lodge please call ahead to attend.) The Mass is usually underway shortly after 8:00.
    Bishops Sappho and Suleiman offer a Gnostic Mass workshop Sunday afternoon 19 April at 4:18; please leave word for them at the lodge during the preceding week so they'll know what attendance to expect. Beginning this month, scheduling for the Gnostic Mass has reverted to the regular Lodge Meeting-that's Monday 6 April (to request a date in June), or Monday 4 May (for July's masses).

Mysteria Mystica Maxima
    Thelema Lodge will be conducting initiations in Ordo Templi Orientis on Saturday 18 April. Members please inquire regarding the times and the degrees involved. Application forms for candidacy to the Man of Earth degrees in O.T.O. are available from officers of the lodge, for submission to the lodge master at least forty days before the proposed initiation. For guidance in the work of your present degree and your advancement through it, contact the appropriate Hierophant.
    Minerval.....Lola-(510) ... ....
    I°................Jerry-(510) ... ....
    2°..........Marlene-(510) ... ....
    3°.............Ebony-(510) ... ....

Collegium Fraternitatis
    Each month the members of Thelema Lodge offer to share a course of study, ritual, and enjoyment in a series of events which are open free of charge to interested participation on any level. As a lodge we all pay rent on the precincts of Horus Temple, collected mainly from contributions of those attending events there. Whenever possible, thanks for your support when the hat is passed round.
    Get Set-for "R. U. Sirius", an evening of investigation into the Shadow of Horus. Come and color a set of Egyptian Hieroglyphic alphabet cards while listening to stories and exchanging information about the Dog Star. Call ahead, then gather at Lola's before 8:00 on Wednesday evening 14 April.
    Join the lodge as we take over the world at last, with an Illuminati Game to mark the Feast of All Fools, Wednesday evening 32 March, beginning at 7:30. Caitlin knows about it!
    The Thelema Lodge Magick in Theory and Practice Study Circle meets once only this month, on Thursday evening 23 April at 7:00. Those interested in joining this reading and discussion group should contact Marlene. The Circle's study of Crowley's "elementary manual" is nearing a cycle of completion, and the group will soon be advancing on to other seminal texts of the Master Therion, such as Book Four, Magick Without Tears, The Book of Thoth, and Eight Lectures on Yoga.
    "Jerry's Logorrhea" is Saturday afternoon 25 April at 6:30. The entire range of traditions of the AA and O.T.O. is explored in this informal monthly lecture series. Please call ahead for details.
    The Magick Theater reads Crowley's drama Why Jesus Wept: A Study of Society and of the Grace of God (1905 e.v.) on Wednesday evening 29 April. The reading begins at 7:30 at Thelema Lodge, with copies available of this newly edited text, a "remarkable investigation (in dramatic form) into a critical point of the religious History of the West". In originally advertising this play, its author wrote:
    Are you a young and tender-hearted maiden? Why Jesus Wept will delight you, and fill you with beautiful thoughts.
    Are you a devout Mystic? In
Why Jesus Wept is the key to Beatitude.
    Are you a hustling business man?
Why Jesus Wept will tone up your harried nervous system.
    Are you a poet?
Why Jesus Wept will not cut your hair; but it will raise it.
    Are you a dog-fancier? You will never beat the breed of bitches in
Why Jesus Wept
    Are you a theologian?
Why Jesus Wept proves that Christ was no lachrymose hysterical hypochondriac, but a man with a genuine grievance.
    Are you a Christian?
Why Jesus Wept tells how God's Grace can destroy the Works of the Devil.
Why Jesus Wept touches Society with a needle; Religion with a pitchfork.
Why Jesus Wept startles the Belle. Why Jesus Wept annihilates the Quack.
    Imposture cannot live in the breezy atmosphere of
Why Jesus Wept
    Children love its dainty fooling: wise men pore over its profound revelations of the human heart.
Milwaukee Christian Science Tomahawk says: "Now we know why."
    Planning ahead for next month, we're offered a class on Banishing Rituals with Bill Heidrick (Wednesday 20 May) and a new six-week series on Basic Astrology with Grace (beginning Wednesday 27 May).
    Planetary Magick "a la Agrippa" class and invocation number five will be held next month on Tuesday evening 12 May. Invocation at approximately 9:00 of Mars in Aries. Rather than focusing on printed materials as in previous classes, this class will focus on individual chart analysis, so come prepared with information about your birthdate and exact time. Class starts at 7:30. This is the final class and invocation until October, when Jupiter enters Libra, and Saturn goes direct.

Conventi Thelemicorum
    Lodge Meeting is on Monday evening 6 April at 8:00. Calendar events, mass teams, and plans in general for the month of June will be scheduled and discussed, with questions and proposals welcome from all members.
    The Lodge of Perfection and Lodge Council meet on Sunday afternoon 5 April at 3:33. (IV° and above only; please contact the Lodgemaster beforehand to attend.)
    Thelemic women are welcome to join in the ongoing Ladies T-s at the lodge. Terri offers crumpets and the steaming brew, on Monday afternoon 13 April, beginning at 5:30.
    Sunday afternoon 26 April is Lodge Clean-Up day, when a general effort is organized to maintain the sanctity of Horus Temple, with housekeeping assistance of all kinds requested beginning at 1:11, to culminate in a stomping Taurus birthday cake at 4:18 PM.

Love is the law, love under will.

The Hermit

Aeons of evolution
& grope thru the slime & the mud
Cellular convolution
of synapse, nerve, & blood
life's a maze in passage
must somehow end in good
So staff in hand I roam the land
in pilgrim's cloak and hood

& I long for that moment
of perfection
when my only thought
is serene reflection
How I came to dwell
In this hallowed mansion
at the end of Time
In the last dimension

-- fra Criss Piss      

Crowley Classics

The Ouija Board: A Note

by The Master Therion

   [Originally published in The International (New York) XI:10 (October 1917 e.v.), p. 319. Crowley's work nearly fills this entire issue, and he may have also written the opening editorial, which includes the statement: "To read The International is a liberal education, and the best of it is that it is all done by kindness!"]

    Suppose a perfect stranger came into your office and proceeded to give orders to your staff. Suppose a strange woman walked into your drawing room and insisted on being hostess. You would be troubled by this. Yet, people sit down and offer the use of their brains and hands (which are, after all, more important than offices and drawing rooms) to any stray intelligence that may be wandering about. People use the Ouija Board without taking the slightest precautions.
    The establishment of the identity of a spirit by ordinary methods is a very difficult problem, but the majority of people who play at Occultism do not even worry about this. They get something, and it does not seem to matter what! Every inanity, every stupidity, every piece of rubbish, is taken not only at its face value, but at an utterly exaggerated value. The most appallingly bad poetry will pass for Shelley, if only its authentication be that of the planchette! There is, however, a good way of using this instrument to get what you want, and that is to perform the whole operation in a consecrated circle, so that undesirable aliens cannot interfere with it. You should then employ the proper magical invocation in order to get into your circle just the one spirit that you want. It is comparatively easy to do this. A few simple instructions are all that is necessary, and I shall be pleased to give these, free of charge, to any one who cares to apply.
    It is not particularly easy to get the spirit of a dead man, because the human soul, being divine, in not amenable to the control of other human souls: and it is further not legitimate or desirable to do it. But what can be done is to pick up the astral remains of the dead man from the Akasha and to build them up into a concrete mind. This operation, again, is not particularly profitable. The only legitimate work in this line is to get into touch with the really high intelligences, such as we call for convenience Gods, Archangels, and the like. These can give real information as to what is most necessary for our progress. And it is written in the Oracles of Zoroaster that unto the Persevering Mortal the Blessed Immortals are swift.


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from the Grady Project:

Dance of the Gargoyle

Elemental-spirit flame-
Splay of snout and horny hoofed.
Deadly as a tiger lame
Bronze of claw and palate roofed,

Black as pigment, night the hue
Of scaly hide, ocher eyes,
Stir the cauldron; churn and strew
Smoke across the boiling skies.

And upon its wivern head
Hideous beyond compare-
Wattled monster of the hood-

Vanity with heavy tread
Stamps a livid imprint there:
"This is beauty, this is good."

-- Grady L. McMurtry
9/17/42 e.v.   

[This sonnet was previously published in The Grady Project #3 (1988 e.v.).]

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(published with the permission of Andrew Clay)

    This experimental production was inspired by Crowley's Rites of Eleusis. It was written and produced by Frater U.P. with distinguished assistance. Invocations selected by Susan O'Farrell. Gaia's song to Kronos written by Terri Sal.

First performance: 18th December 1991 e.v., 8:30 PM (Sol in Sagittarius, Luna in Taurus) at the No Theatre in Oakland.


AquariusSister Susan O'F.
MercuryBrother Michael S.
PrometheusBrother John B.
GaiaSister Terri S.
OuranosBrother Andrew C.
KronosBrother Lew
TitansBrother Eric S.
Venus Sister Stacey G.

SCENE. -- The foothills of Mt Olympus - if not under the stars, there is a backdrop of the night sky - electric cords and appliances lie in a confused net on the floor and amongst audience - there is a pool at the back of the stage - AQUARIUS sits at poolside - MERCURY enters bearing a silver throne


    AQUARIUS. Good, you've come.
    MERCURY. Yes, I've made it, and there's the throne. Still, I don't quite grasp the scheme of what you propose. How do we begin to visit the Lord Ouranos? He is locked out in the abyss; he is invisible to us. His light shines beyond our skies, and he is Lord to a frozen void.
    AQUARIUS. Truly, to seek him is difficult, and I know of no ship or wing that could sail to him. Yet I mean to journey not through Space, but Time - to before the beginning, when Chaos was all, and Ouranos touched even this terrestrial ground.
    MERCURY. Pierce the veil of Time? By what means?
    AQUARIUS. Here. I have brought along an invocation [she tears pieces of script from her robes, gives them to MERCURY]. This should produce the desired effect. We must return to the primal singularity where all laws are suspended. You may begin.
        [MERCURY performs Star Ruby, after which they trade off reading
               chapters of
ARARITA - before the final chapter they are interrupted]
    PROMETHEUS [offstage]. Hold! Please wait!
    MERCURY. What? Hello? Who speaks?
    PROMETHEUS [enters]. I am Prometheus the Titan.
    MERCURY. What? Art thou freed?
    PROMETHEUS. My life was ransomed. It is a long tale that I will not relate here. Tell me this: are you the company that seeks to perform a Rite to the exiled Lord Ouranos?
    AQUARIUS. We are.
    PROMETHEUS. With your leave, I'd like to join you.
    AQUARIUS. Why do you seek him?
    PROMETHEUS. For one, he is my grandfather; but I alone of his descendants am truly of his temper. He also sought enlightenment and freedom also, like me, paid for it dearly. Now that I am an exile no longer, I wish to see that first exile, as to look in a mirror. If you go to do him homage, please take me! You'll not find a more willing companion.
    AQUARIUS. It is done. Perhaps you can be useful to us.
    MERCURY. Well met, sir. I always thought they were hard on you on Olympus. Silence is golden, as they say! But that's not how I am. I hate secrecy.
    PROMETHEUS. Man will be poisoned by knowledge, they said. He will grow like a precocious weed and trample Earth in childish arrogance. Time will tell, I suppose. Yet surely people can learn from their errors!
    MERCURY. Time will tell, as you say.
    AQUARIUS. Prometheus, if you will, please conclude our reading.
        [PROMETHEUS reads last chapter of ARARITA]
    AQUARIUS. Now, Brother Mercury, perform this [hands him a sheet].
    MERCURY. As you will [He banishes Earth and invokes Air.]
    AQUARIUS. Now, brothers, let us read this last together.
        [Together they recite the invocation of the First Aethyr (Enochian) -
                 when they finish, all lights go out
- silence - softer light slowly
    AQUARIUS. Brother Mercury, know you the hour?
    MERCURY. I don't think we'll find a timepiece here. Time has yet to hang his weights. Gods, what stars! What light!
    AQUARIUS. They sing each to each, like bells.
    MERCURY. And this air! No - what do we breathe? The milk of lightning? the tails of comets?
    PROMETHEUS. We breathe our freedom. My lungs ache for joy.
    MERCURY. Quite a trick! A fine incantation! Aquarius, you have led us well. [Strides across stage] Look at this space! Naught for leagues! Indeed heaven has been spread upon the earth! But is all a void?
    AQUARIUS. Nay, we stand upon the Earth, mother of all life. With luck, we may glimpse the form of Gaia, wife to the Lord Ouranos, strolling upon the land, and from her have word of him.
    MERCURY. What of Lord Ouranos? When can we expect him?
    AQUARIUS. "Expect"? Expect to be surprised. Time does not bind him.
    PROMETHEUS: But it can wound him. And shut him out.
        [Enter GAIA]
    MERCURY. Look, there she is!
    AQUARIUS. Hail, Gaia, Queen of Goddesses!
    ME. & PR. Hail!
    AQUARIUS. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
    GAIA [long pause - not comprehending - speaks slowly]. Who could you be?
    AQUARIUS. We are beings you cannot yet know - your future offspring.
    GAIA. Future?
    MERCURY. Yes, we travelled from thence through the wondrous intercession of the stars.
    GAIA. I did not know there was a future.
    PROMETHEUS. How's that?
    GAIA. All has been thus. All ... continues ... Yet you are strange .. why are you here?
    PROMETHEUS. To do homage to the Lord Ouranos, your husband.
    GAIA. Homage? ... To him? [looks up]
    MERCURY. It is our custom to honor the gods, each in turn; yet Ouranos has been omitted, for he is invisible to us - in our time, that is.
    GAIA [pause]. And you are my - my children?
    MERCURY. Grandchildren, actually.
    PROMETHEUS. Where is the Lord Ouranos?
    GAIA. Among the stars, I suppose. [Uncomfortable silence]
    MERCURY. Well, this is a strange and interesting place. [Paces] Kind of desolate. [Peers around] Like bouncing around in your own head.
    GAIA [addresses AQUARIUS]. Tell me more of your world, of your time.
    AQUARIUS. It is beautiful. It is a place of plenty where -
        [A rustling is heard and OURANOS drops down from above]
    OURANOS [looks at GAIA - points at newcomers]. Mmmm-mmwaarrrrrrht!
        [He is incapable of human speech. He points accusingly at GAIA and
                makes like he has a big belly
    GAIA. No, I didn't just have more children. They came from - they came from the future!
        [OURANOS looks at them incredulously, then backs away,
            miming that he is about to be hung
    GAIA. No, they're nice, they like you! They came to see you!
    AQUARIUS. Hail, Ouranos, first of the gods!
    MERCURY. Hail, Ouranos, genius of the stars!
    PROMETHEUS. Hail to thee, grandfather.
    AQUARIUS. See, we are prepared to enthrone thee. [MERCURY brings the throne around behind OURANOS] Be seated, and we shall honor thee with praise!
        [OURANOS hesitates, confused, then sits - the OLYMPIANS
                arrange themselves before him
- he fidgets, peeling off the aluminum
                foil from the throne and making a mask with it on his face
    MERCURY. Hail, thou that - [OURANOS mimes that he wields a sceptre, then bursts out laughing - he leaps up, toppling the throne]. Well, so much for that.
        [OURANOS points at AQUARIUS, makes inquisitorial noises]
    AQUARIUS. I am Aquarius, the Water-bearer, of the Air element, and the Star is my emblem. [OURANOS is pleased, points from sky to her to himself and the company - AQ smiles, nods.] Yes, Every man and every woman is a star.
    MERCURY. And I am Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, who rules over swiftness and cunning, calculation and memory. In one of my guises I gave writing to man. [OURANOS is impressed - makes scribbling gestures - goes offstage and returns with a copy machine - he starts it churning off pages] That's amazing!
    GAIA [after machine has spewed out several reams]. Turn it off! [OURANOS sticks out his tongue and yanks the cord - he promptly turns on another device]
    PROMETHEUS. Grandfather, I am Prometheus. In later times I gave fire to man, to give him power and brighten his intelligence.
        [OURANOS grabs him, makes wild gesticulations and runs out
               - GAIA shuts off any devices left on]
    MERCURY [after pause]. Well, it's certainly surprising that the poor fellow can't speak! What a strange turn!
    GAIA. It's too humble for him.
    MERCURY. What? so he gibers like a baboon?
    GAIA. He's like that ... either over your head or completely ridiculous. [pause] But you ... you are like him, a little. You partake of his mind.
    AQUARIUS. Tell us of your children, Gaia. Are they well?
    GAIA. Well, the Titans are fine; Cronos especially turned out to be a strong boy. But then I - [pause - GAIA is on the verge of tears ]
    MERCURY. Is something wrong?
        [OURANOS enters bringing a lit sparkler (or with torch) and a
                blackboard. He sets up the blackboard and gives the sparkler
PROMETHEUS - makes explosive gestures - draws molecular
                diagrams to explain fire
    MERCURY. What is he doing?
    AQUARIUS. Imparting to Prometheus the secrets of fire. [To PROMETHEUS] Do you follow him?
    PROMETHEUS. I think so. Gods, how beautiful. The interplay of light and the inmost structures of matter produce rainbows and candleflames, and the furnaces of our bodies - all from the discrimination of tiny beings, their attractions and repulsions - they are like onions, enfolded, intricately ordered, and they try to fill each other's deficiencies, in so doing releasing light and vibration, and so there is fire! - in our lungs and sinews as well as raging through forests - and a thousand other combinations as well - Lord Ouranos, these are wonders, yet they surround us.
    [OURANOS leaps and nods and makes noises]
    MERCURY. All that in a candleflame! I'm impressed! And more so that you understand him. Certainly went over my head.
    PROMETHEUS. We do understand each other well.

To be continued with the "tears of Gaia" in the next issue

From the Outbasket

    Here are the membership figures from Agape Grand Lodge, showing the population of OTO by Degree and location, world wide:

   O.T.O. active membership from accounting at end February 1992 e.v.

ADV 72
Associates 273
Minervals 605
Ist Degrees 483
IInd Degrees 291
IIIrd Degrees 198
IVth Degrees 111
Vth Degrees 67
Higher Degrees 31
2,131 All
1,786 of which are initiates


    Known addresses by regions at end February 1992 e.v.
    (Associates and initiates both) Total: 1,726 in 32 countries.a


Alabama 13 Missouri 3
Alaska 1 Montana 2
Arizona 24 Nebraska 16
Arkansas 3 Nevada 4
California 325 New Hampshire 8
    (North Cal: 187) New Jersey 21
    (South Cal: 138) New Mexico 6
Colorado 7 New York 128
Connecticut 13 North Carolina 5
Delaware 3 Ohio 16
Florida 34 Oklahoma 14
Georgia 37 Oregon 22
Hawaii 7 Pennsylvania 24
Idaho 1 Puerto Rico 9
Illinois 32 Rhode Island 6
Indiana 41 South Carolina 4
Iowa 4 Tennessee 11
Kansas 6 Texas 43
Kentucky 3 US Virgin Islands 1
Louisiana 16 Utah 14
Maine 1 Vermont 2
Maryland 7 Virginia 6
Massachusetts 25 Washington 46
Michigan 14 West Virginia 3
Minnesota 11 Wisconsin 18
Mississippi 3


N & S IRELAND/ERIE 3     Bosnia-Herecegovina 25        
ITALY 14     Montenegro 3        
NETHERLANDS 5     Serbia 104        


Alberta 46 Ontario 32
British Columbia 30 Quebec 25







Corrective Notes:
a. Last year's total was too high by 179, through an error in adding Yugoslavia twice.
    The correct count at February 1991 e.v. was 1577
b. Error discovered in last year's Feb. 1991 e.v. figures for Europe. Yugoslavia was
    added twice, giving an incorrect count of 581 when the correct count was 402.

Detail of February 1991 e.v. Demographics (last year)

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law -- Liber AL vel Legis I:40

April 2, 1886
   He went to England & joined the Roman Catholic Church, convinced that by thus forging a magical link he would be able to persuade that Church to accept the Law of Thelema. He then returned to Vancouver, clad in only a raincoat. On disembarkation, he flung it off and began a ritual circumambulation of the city's center. He was summarily arrested and imprisoned. This was of course Charles Stanfield Jones, who was born on this date.

April 2, 1920
   Aleister Crowley founds the Abbey at Cefalu, Italy.

April 2, 1948
   The birth of the Aeon of Maat or Ma-Ion.

April 7, 1927
   Dion Fortune and Thomas Penry Evans are married. It must have been apparent to her that she had not married the ideal magical sexual partner because many of the things she spoke about did not appear to work out too well with the good Dr. Evans.

April 7, 1945
   In a letter to Aleister Crowley on this date Louis Wilkinson (Louis Marlow) writes. "...if it had not been for Waite, I doubt if, humanly speaking. I should ever have got in touch with the Great Order."

April 8, 1904
   The first chapter of Liber AL is dictated to Aleister Crowley at noon in Cairo, Egypt.

April 8, 1948
   Frater Achad claims the Aeon of Aquarius officially commenced on this date.

April 9, 1904
   Aleister Crowley receives the second chapter of Liber AL at noon in Cairo, Egypt.

April 10, 1904
   Aleister Crowley receives the third chapter of Liber AL at noon in Cairo, Egypt.

April 10, 1934
   Before the publication of Laughing Torso Nina Hamnett wrote to Aleister Crowley, "I have written quite a lot about you, very nice and appreciative. No libel, no rubbish, simply showing up the stale bourgeois attitude to all our behavior."

April 11, 1930
   Anton Szandor LeVey born, he was never a typical child.

April 12, 1929
   Crowley receives his advance copy of Magick in Theory and Practice on this date from the publisher in Paris.

April 17, 1929
   The New York Times newspaper reports, Paris to expel A. Crowley, order effective today.

April 17, 1971
   Louis Culling turns over his pretended leadership of the O.T.O. and its "Lodge", The Thelema Club, also known as the New Aeon experiment to Carroll Runyon Jr.

April 19, 1900
   Crowley enters the London Vault of Adepts wearing full Highland dress, a black mask over his face, a dagger at his side and a gold cross on his breast, to seize control of the Vault, on behalf of McGregor Mathers. The Adepts called the police and had him removed.

April 19, 1900
   The Golden Dawn officially expels McGregor Mathers as its Chief of the Second Order.

April 19, 1933
   Anton LaVay describes her as "lewd, lascivious virago who was happiest when rolling on the floor with masochistic orgastic energy. She liked to be humiliated, liked to be degraded. There was nothing forbidden in bed, and she reveled in her lusts. He was referring to Jayne Mansfield, who was born on this date.

April 22, 1954
   Adolf Lanz who founded the New Templars, shortly after being expelled from a Cistercian Monastery, died on this date.

April 23, 1908
   The first Buddhist Monk came to England. He was an Englishman named Ananda Metteyya (Allen Bennett) and came to spread the Dhamma. In the Golden Dawn he was known as Iehi Aour. He regarded the pleasures of the living (and, above all, those of physical love) as diabolical illusions devised by the enemy of mankind in order to trick souls into accepting the curse of existence.

April 25, 1900
   In a letter to Lady Gregory, W.B.Yeats writes, "... Crowley, a quite unspeakable person. He is I believe seeking revenge for our refusal to initiate him. We did not admit him because we did not think a mystical society was intended to be a reformatory.

April 29, 1969
   Grady McMurtry arrives in California from Washington to rekindle the O.T.O.

April 30, 1966
   On Walpurgis Nacht, shorn of locks of hair, Anton LaVay proclaims 'Year One' and creates the First Church of Satan

Love is the law, love under will. -- Liber AL vel Legis I:57


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    Congratulations to Criss and Ariadne on the birth of Alexander Molek on 3/26/92 e.v., 3:37 AM, 8 lb 4 oz by natural childbirth! Mother and son both doing well. Father expected to recover. Kudos to Marlene for radar (she came by to visit and spotted Ariadne hoofing it toward the hospital while enroute).

Events Calendar for April 1992 e.v.

4/1/92Illuminati Game, 7:30 PMThelema Ldg.
4/5/92Lodge Council & LOP 3:33 PMThelema Ldg.
4/5/92Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/6/92Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/8/92Feast of Liber AL Ch. I, at Lola's
Call to attend. 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/9/92Feast of Liber AL Ch. II, 8 PM
at Thelema Lodge, call to attend
Thelema Ldg.
4/10/92Feast of Liber AL Ch. III, at
Jerry's, Call to attend. 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/12/92Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/13/92Ladies' T 5:30PMThelema Ldg.
4/14/92"R U Sirius" class at Lola's
Call to attend. 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/18/92Initiations at Thelema Lodge
call to attend
Thelema Ldg.
4/19/92Mass workshop 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
4/19/92Easter Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/23/92Magick in Theory and Practice
Study Circle with Marlene 7PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/25/92Jerry's Logorrhea. Call to attend.Thelema Ldg.
4/26/92Lodge Clean-up 1:11 PMThelema Ldg.
4/26/92Taurus Birthday 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
4/26/92Gnostic Mass 8:00 PMThelema Ldg.
4/29/92Magick Theater Reads Crowley 7:30PM
Why Jesus Wept
Magick Thea

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