HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 70 - 79


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 70 - 79

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

70 > 7- 70 -70 = 2x5x7
Ayin --- Ayin.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Chet; Gimel, Yod, Kaf, Qof; Samekh, Tzaddi; Resh)
(Ayin = Nun-finalYodAyin --- 130/780 --- Eye)
HayYodNunDaletAleph --- "Yah is Lord"; also 76.
NunYodChetBet --- (720 w/f); watch-tower.
NunVauYodAlephGimel --- (720 w/f); proud.
HayNunYodBetGimel --- curdled milk, cheese.
HayKafYodLamedHay --- goings, progress; processions; ways; caravans, companies of travellers
HaySamekhHay --- to speak low, be still, silent.
NunVauDaletYod --- (720 w/f); pr.n. "Judge".
NunYodYod --- (720 w/f); wine.
YodLamedYodKaf --- a miser.
NunKaf --- (720 w/f); place; right, erect, firm; upright, honest; correct; rightly, well; a stand, base, pedestal; office; thus, so; a gnat or midge.
LamedYodLamed --- night; by night, calamity or distress.
HayYodHayNun --- a wailing or lamentation.
YodBetChetNun --- pr. n. "Comforter".
DaletVauSamekh --- a seat or sitting; a session (of persons); association; deliberation; a secret.
BetChetSamekh --- to drag along, to pull about; to tear up, tear to rags.

71 > 8- 71 -20th prime
YodNunVauDaletAleph --- --- pr.n. "Adonai" --- (65); divine name associated15 with the 10th Sephira Malkut, (496).
NunKafAleph --- (721 w/f); certainly; but, yet.
LamedYodLamedAleph --- naught, of no value; nothingness; idols; vanity.
YodLamedLamedAleph --- alas!
MemLamedAleph --- (631 w/f); to bind (arching of a building); to be tongue tied, mute, dumb.
--- projection, molding.
--- dumbness; silence.
--- something bound.
--- porch.
--- but.
LamedMemAleph --- to fall; to droop; to languish; to be withered; to mourn.
KafNunAleph --- (551 w/f); to be pointed or sharp.
--- an awl, graver; tin; lead, plummet.
AyinAleph --- wood.
LamedVauLamedHay --- rejoicings, feast of thanksgiving (at vintage).
HayYodNunVau --- pr.n. "Distress".
ChetVauNunZain --- pr.n. "Marsh" or "Bog".
NunVauZainChet --- (721 w/f); a vision (especially from God); a prophecy; a revelation.
LamedKafVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Mighty is Yah".
HayNunVauYod --- a dove.
MemAlephYodKaf --- (631 w/f); that if; for it; but if; but, unless; except, that; because, for.
YodHayVauLamedKaf --- (67); pr.n. "Firm".
AlephNunKaf --- to title.
MemAlephLamed --- (631 w/f); to join, unite, combine; a people, nation.
LamedAlephMem --- pr.n. "Circumcision".
AlephKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
HayVauKafMem --- a brand (in the skin).
AlephLamedMem --- to fill, make full; to fill with; to be full; to be filled with; completed (as the days of pregnancy or of time); to be sated.
--- full; pregnant.
--- fullness; a multitude.
HayYodBetDaletNun --- pr. n. "Bountiful is Yah".
HayBetYodDaletNun --- nobility or high estate.
DaletYodZainNun --- something boiled, pottage.
AlephKafNun --- to beat or smite.
--- smitten.
--- smitten down.
HayVauSamekh --- to hide or envelop.
15. G-K p. 92

72 > 9- 72 -72 = 23x32 (counterchanged)
LamedAlephYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Mighty". (the Shemhametforash).
MemYodKafBet --- (632 w/f); pr.n. "Weepers".
LamedYodLamedBet --- mixed fodder, provender.
MemLamedBet --- (632 w/f); to check or restrain.
YodSamekhBet --- pr.n. "Bright".
NunVauYodBetDalet --- (722 w/f); dung, excrement.
NunVauBetYodDalet --- (722 w/f); pr.n. "Pining" or "Wasting".
DaletSamekhChet --- to bow, bend (the neck); to incline oneself; to be gracious, pious; to abuse, insult; kindness, goodwill, compassion; piety, religion; mercy, favor; reproach, disgrace; pr.n. "Chesed" --- the name of the fourth Sephira, considered masculine and active in traditional Qabalah. Chesed is GR:chi-alpha-rho-iota-sigma (911) in Greek16. It corresponds17 to the Right Arm of Adam Qadmon (161). (The adverse meanings may come from use in irony).
HayNunChetTet --- mill; the grinding (said of the teeth).
NunYodBetYod --- (722 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) Understands".
SamekhBetYod --- to tread down, to trample.
VauLamedKafVauYod --- to be about to eat.
BetDaletNunVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Bountiful".
NunBetKaf --- (722 w/f); to bind, fasten.
KafBetNun --- (552 w/f); to gush forth.
--- a spring.
YodBetYodNun --- pr. n. "Fruitful".
BetAyin --- darkness or blackness (especially of a cloud); a cloud; a gloomy spot, a dark thicket; a threshold or step.
16. G-K p. 93
17. G-K p. 93

73 > 10 > 1- 73 -21st prime
HayYodNunZainAleph --- pr.n. "Ear of Yah".
HayNunTetChetAleph --- to be about to bear a penalty.
AlephAyinBet --- (77); to pray, to seek.
LamedYodLamedGimel --- turning, rolling; ring; circuit, region; circle.
YodLamedLamedGimel --- pr.n. "Dungy" (imagine the poor devil with this for a name!)
MemLamedGimel --- (633 w/f); roll, fold together; wrapping together, mass; unformed substance, fetus, embryo; (Golem)
LamedMemGimel --- a weaned child; to bear; requite, reward, recompense, benefit; to mature, ripen, wean; bearer, carrier, camel; the letter Gimel.
HayLamedYodKafChet --- pr.n. "Dusky".
HayYodLamedKafChet --- pr.n. "Has Saddened"
HayMemKafChet --- wisdom, skill, proficiency; piety; science, knowledge; the name of the second Sephira, Chokmah --- usually considered the masculine or active potency. Chokmah is GR:sigma-omicron-phi-iota-alpha (781) in Greek18. It corresponds19 to the Brains of Adam Qadmon (161).
NunVauChetTet --- (723 w/f); a mill, hand-mill.
ZainMemVauKaf --- a ball, pellet; beads.
MemAlephBetLamed --- (633 w/f); lions.
HayKafVauBetMem --- perplexity.
LamedGimelMem --- a sickle.
HayChetSamekh --- to scrape off, to remove; to sweep off.
GimelYodSamekh --- refuse (of metal), dross; base metal.
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19. G-K p. 93

74 > 13 > 4- 74 -74 = 2x37
HayNunVauYodBetAleph --- longing, lust; stimulant (caper-berries).
NunKafDalet --- (724 w/f); these, this.
AyinDalet --- knowledge, opinion; know!, understand!, be aware!, respect!; have sex!
NunVauYodGimelHay --- (724 w/f); the murmur, dull sound; meditation; plot, device.
HaySamekhDaletHay --- pr.n. "Myrtle" --- Jewish name of Esther.
LamedZainLamedZain --- short, twig.
SamekhVauChet --- to cover, protect, hide; to pity, have compassion.
DaletSamekhYod --- to set; to be found; to set down; to appoint; to assign; foundation, beginning. --- variant spelling of the name of the ninth Sephira, Yesod, but not generally used in Qabalah.
DaletMemLamed --- (114); name of the letter Lamed (30); beater or chastiser; staff, goad; ox-goad; to meditate or think, to study or learn; to practice or exercise; accustomed to or familiar with; a disciple or adherent. (see also 421)
DaletKafNun --- to bind or connect.
--- connection, kindred or progeny.
BetYodBetSamekh --- a circuit; round about.
ChetVauSamekh --- to sweep or clear away.
--- pr. n. "Off-scouring".
BetBetAyin --- to cover or hide; to protect.
DaletAyin --- progress, duration; long or indefinite time, eternity; booty or spoil; while; as far as.
--- during, within; till or unto; to or for (of purpose).
--- a witness; testimony or witness; a legislator or ruler.
--- still, while, yet, again; further, longer; besides.

75 > 12 > 3- 75 -75 = 3x52
BetDaletNunYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Liberal Brother".
NunVauYodZainBet --- (725 w/f); contempt.
NunVauChetTetBet --- (725 w/f); strong confidence; hope.
AyinBetGimel --- to be vaulted, curved, bowl-shaped; to be arched, hilly; pr.n. "Hill".
AlephYodNunYodDalet --- pr.n. "Dinaites".
DaletSamekhVauHay --- to be established; foundation.
LamedLamedYodHay --- brightness; bright star, morning star (Venus & Lucifer).
MemLamedHay --- (635 w/f); to stamp, tread hard; beat, smite; to break to pieces; to snap off, break up; shine, sparkle; hither, here; pr.n. "A Smiting".
LamedMemHay --- to be full; plenteous, numerous.
HayYodLamedKafYod --- (81); pr.n. "Yah is Able".
HayLamedLamedYod --- wailing.
NunHayKaf --- (725 w/f); to perform, execute; to minister, serve; to be a priest; a priest.
HayMemYodKaf --- a group, cluster; the Pleiades, the Seven Stars.
HayNunKaf --- to surname, give a title of respect; to bite or sting; a plant or shoot; pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed".
MemHayLamed --- (635 w/f); to eat, to devour greedily.
HayLamedYodLamed --- night; by night.
HayMemLamed --- wherefore?, Why?; that not, lest.
HayKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?", Micah the prophet.
HayLamedMem --- speech or discourse; a byword.
--- a word, command; a matter or thing.
HayKafNun --- to strike or smite..
--- smitten.
--- pr. n. "Conqueror", pharaoh Necho IInd of Egypt.
TetVauSamekh --- to turn aside or roam.
HayBetChetSamekh --- rags, torn pieces.
BetGimelAyin --- to breathe or blow; to breathe after, to desire, to love (passionately), to dote or lust after.
--- love or charm.
AlephDaletAyin --- to pass, to go or come; to pass away or perish; to be abolished; to depose.
AlephDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
BetGimelAyin --- a pipe or flute.

76 > 13 > 4- 76 -76 = 22x19
VauHayYodNunDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is Lord"; (see also 70).
HayMemLamedAleph --- a bundle of grain (Eng. "corn"), a sheaf.
DaletAyinBet --- to be separated, removed; removal, behind; near, by the side of; amidst; all around; while yet, within.
AlephAyinBetGimel --- pr.n. "Hill".
YodNunVauZainGimel --- pr.n. "Quarry".
HayLamedLamedVauHay --- folly; wickedness.
NunVauYodBetChet --- (726 w/f); a hiding, concealing.
NunVauKaf --- (726 w/f); to stand, to exist; pr.n. "A Settlement" or "Colony"; cake (sacred offering); to prepare.
YodLamedVauLamed --- unless; loop.
VauMemLamed --- to, for.
HayAlephLamedMem --- fullness, abundance.
--- filling in or setting (of gems).
VauLamedMem --- fullness, a multitude.
KafBetDaletNun --- (556 w/f); a layer or set (of building material in a wall), a course (of bricks).
KafVauNun --- (556 w/f); to point or sharpen.
ChetChetYodNun --- rest or quieting; pleasantness.
--- sacrificial or sweet odors, incense.
HayAlephKafNun --- powder or spice.
DaletBetAyin --- to break up or till; to labor or work; to serve.
--- to make or do.
--- a servant, a slave; minister or messenger.
--- worshipper.
--- work or deed.

77 > 14 > 5- 77 -77 = 7x11
MemLamedVauAleph --- (637 w/f); something bound or jointed together; vault, arch, hall.
--- if not, but perhaps; but, nay but.
LamedHayMemBet --- pr.n. "Son of Circumcision" ='s a Hebrew.
HayAyinBet --- to bubble, well up, boil; to long for, to seek; to pray; (73).
AyinDaletGimel --- to cut off; to hew down or fell; to destroy; break asunder, destroy power.
NunVauChetYodGimel --- (727 w/f); pr.n. "A Stream", the name of a river in paradise: Gihon.
DaletMemLamedGimel --- to wrap together; to be tight, hard, sterile.
NunVauDaletYodZain --- (727 w/f); seething, boiling up, raging.
HayYodNunBetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Builds".
BetDaletNunVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Bountiful".
LamedDaletGimelMem --- a strong or high place; tower; platform, pulpit; bed or bank (of flowers), raised parterre; castle.
LamedZainMem --- planet, wanderer (of the sky).
AlephVauLamedMem --- fullness, a multitude.
AlephVauLamedMem --- a filling up; a rampart; fortress, citadel.
HayBetAyin --- to wrap up or cover; to be thick or fat.
--- cloud.
AlephVauAyin --- to bend or twist.
--- pr. n. "Overthrow" or "Ruin", a Babylonian province.
ZainAyin --- strong, might, fierce; strength; a stronghold.
--- she goat.
--- strength or might (of God); warriors; firmness or stability; defense; glory or splendour; the ark; praise or musical celebration.

78 > 15 > 6- 78 -78 = 2x3x13
AyinVauBet --- to bubble up; to boil up.
VauAyinBet --- prayer, petition.
HayLamedYodLamedGimel --- circuit, district.
HayLamedMemGimel --- benefit, punishment.
HayAyinGimel --- to low (sound of cattle); call, cry; pr.n. "Lowing" (moooo...).
MemYodKafChet --- (638 w/f); wise; a wise man, a magician.
LamedYodLamedChet --- flute, pipe; unconsecrated, open, common, profane; desecration; exclamation (of aversion).
MemLamedChet --- (638 w/f); to be strong; to be at ease or rest, to sleep, to dream; to be white; a dram.
LamedMemChet --- to be mild, tender; to toil, tire; to carry.
KafNunChet --- (558 w/f); to taste; to teach, train; to dedicate.
LamedTetLamedTet --- to hurl down.
SamekhVauBetYod --- pr.n. "Trodden" or "Threshing-floor". --- ancient name of the city of Jerusalem (when it was a Jebusite city).
NunVauBetKaf --- (728 w/f); pr.n. "Fortress".
MemChetLamed --- (638 w/f); to feed on, consume; to fight or war; war, seige; food, meal, feast; bread, loaf.
LamedVauBetMem --- a flood, deluge.
HayLamedGimelMem --- roll or volume.
ChetLamedMem --- to well up or flow
--- to wear out or decay; to be worn away, to vanish
--- to salt, season with salt
--- worn out clothes or rags
--- salt; to take or eat salt; to eat the salt of someone, be a friend or dependant; to take salt with one, to feed at someone's table.
--- a seaman or mariner
ChetKafNun --- to be in front or before the eyes.
--- straight ahead, right on.
--- the front; over against.
YodChetSamekh --- offscouring, sweepings.
HayGimelAyin --- a round loaf, a cake.
DaletDaletAyin --- to bind or combine; to set fast or determine.
BetVauAyin --- to cover or envelop.
AlephZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strength".

79 > 16 > 7- 79 -22nd prime
ZainAyinBet --- to be strong, firm.; pr.n. "Firmness" (Boaz = name given to the pillar on the left hand at the entrance into the Temple of Solomon; 1st Kings 7, 21 --- the other was called Nun-finalYodKafYod (90/740) (In some masonic derivations, this pillar is black with a white Bet, and the one on the right hand is white with a black Yod).
AyinVauGimel --- to bind; twist; writhe; be in contortions; to die; breathe out.
MemVauLamedGimel --- (639 w/f); covering mantle.
LamedVauMemGimel --- a weaned child; bearing, deportment; behavior, benefit, punishment, desert.
HayLamedYodLamedDalet --- pr.n. "Weak", "Wavering".
HayAyinDalet --- knowledge; carnal knowledge. Variant spelling of the name of the "latent" Sephira Da'at --- infrequently used. (see TawAyinDalet 474).
MemAlephLamedChet --- (639 w/f); pr.n. "People's Fort".
MemLamedTet --- (639 w/f); to opress; pr.n. "Oppression" or "Lambs".
LamedAlephLamedChetYod --- pr.n. "He Hopes in God".
LamedTetMem --- to lift or hurl.
TetLamedMem --- to stroke or rub over, to smooth; to be smooth; to slip out or escape
--- to be delivered or saved; to deliver oneself, to escape; to hasten away
HayYodTetLamedMem --- pr.n. "Deliverance of Yah"
--- to cause to escape, to save; to lay eggs
--- to deliver or bring forth --- use for birth.
--- mortar or cement.
HayBetYodBetSamekh --- circles or circuits.
HayChetVauSamekh --- off-scouring or filth, dung.
YodTetSamekh --- pr. n. "Roaming".
HayDaletAyin --- to go or pass on; to invade or assail.
--- to cover, to put on, to deck.
--- to pass, to go or come; to pass away or perish; to be abolished; to depose.
--- pr. n. "Ornament" or "Beauty" (a wife of Lamech and a wife of Esau).
--- an assembly or meeting; a company or group, a family; a gang; a swarm.
--- a witness; testimony or proof; a confirming or ratifying, ordinance or precept (of God).
--- times or periods (of menses).
GimelVauAyin --- pr. n. "Circle" or "Compass", the giant-king of Bashan.
--- to move round, to dance, to form a circle.
BetZainAyin --- to let go or set loose, to release; to leave, to forsake or abandon.
--- to bind or fasten, to fortify.
TetAyin --- a graver or style; a writing-pen or reed.