HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 90 - 99


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 90 - 99

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

90 > 9- 90 -2x32x5
Tzaddi --- Tzaddi.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Samekh, Shin; Gimel, Dalet, Tet, Kaf, Qof, Taw; Hay, Ayin).
(Tzaddi = YodDaletTzaddi --- 104 --- Fish Hook).
HayDaletPehAleph --- a girdling or fastening on; covering, coating.
MemYodLamedVauAlephGimel --- (650 w/f); redemption.
MemMemVauDalet --- (650 w/f); silently, in silence; dumbness.
MemYodAlephLamedTet --- (650 w/f); lamb
AyinVauDaletYod --- pr.n. "Much Known" or "Knowing".
DaletAyinVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Witness" --- (an Ayin or "Eye" in DaletVauYod or Yod spelled out).
NunYodKafYod --- (740 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) establishes" (Yachin = name given to the pillar on the right hand at the entrance into the Temple of Solomon; 1st Kings 7,21 --- the other was called ZainAyinBet (79)).
(In some masonic derivations, this pillar is white with a black Yod, and the one on the left hand is black with a white Bet.)
MemMemYod --- (650 w/f); to hum, make a noise, roar, rage; to be pure, clean.
KafSamekhYod --- (570 w/f); to pour, to be poured.
VauDaletAyinYod --- (94); pr.n. "Punctual".
NunVauDaletYodKaf --- (740); a javelin; pr.n. "Lance".
SamekhYodKaf --- a purse; a bag; a cup.
LamedYodLamedKaf --- complete, perfect; wholly; the whole; a holocaust or whole burnt-offering.
MemLamedKaf --- (650 w/f); to wound; insult, shame; disappoint.
NunYodLamed --- (740 w/f); to pass the night, to lodge, to turn in, stop for the night; to dwell.
KafMemLamed --- (570 w/f); to destroy or overthrow; pr.n. "Destroyer", Lamech.
HayBetGimelNunLamed --- in the southward region.
DaletYodLamedVauMem --- pr.n. "Progenitor".
MemYodMem --- (650 w/f); The letter Mem; the flowing, running; water or waters; dangers; weaknesses (as in turned to water); seaward.
LamedKafMem --- to be shallow, deficient in water (especially of a well).
KafLamedMem --- (570 w/f); to rule, to be king
--- to consult, take counsel
--- to make king to cause to reign
--- to reign; to counsel
--- a king
--- counsel
--- pr.n. "Moloch" or "King", the name of the Ammonite deity offered human sacrifices by the Israelites, GR:Mu-omicron-lambda-omicron-chi (810 in Greek)
NunMem --- (740 w/f); manna --- food divinely provided in the wilderness
--- who?, what?
--- part, portion
--- from, out of (particle of departure, sometimes used for indications of comparison or contrast)
VauLamedAlephGimelNun --- they are defiled.
YodKafSamekh --- a eunuch.
LamedSamekh --- a wicker-basket.
HayBetVauZainAyin --- abandonment or forsaking; desert or ruins; pr. n. of mother of Jehoshaphat.
ZainVauZainAyin --- might or strength.
--- strong or mighty; force.

91 > 10 > 1- 91 -91 = 7x13
NunLamedYodAleph --- (741 w/f); tree.
NunYodLamedAleph --- (741 w/f & 81/731); these;.
NunMemAleph --- (741 w/f); to make firm, to found, to prop up, to build; to sustain, to nurse; to be firm, to be reliable, trusty, faithful; to be made firm, a sure place; to be durable, lasting; to be nourished, carried; faithful, true; to believe.
--- to turn to the right.
--- exercised, skilled; architect; artist.
--- fidelity; truth, amen.
DaletVauPehAleph --- (85); covering; an ephod; a cope; idol, image.
MemMemVauHay --- (651 w/f); pr.n. "Confusion".
DaletSamekhChet HayTetHay --- to extend mercy.
HayVauHayYod LamedKafYodHay --- the temple or palace of Yahweh.
HayVauHayYod YodNunDaletAleph --- the "Lord God", "The Lord Creates", the Lord is He".
HayLamedVauLamedKaf --- bridal state or charms.
VauHayYodNunKaf --- pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
LamedKafAlephMem --- food.
NunAlephMem --- (741 w/f); a vessel or utensil; to form; to refuse; refusing or unwilling; obstinate; to prepare or make.
VauHayYodKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
KafAlephLamedMem --- (571 w/f); one going or sent (on some errand or service), a messenger; an angel (as messenger from God).
--- an angel.
AlephKafLamedMem --- a queen
AlephNunMem --- to count or number
MemAlephNun --- (651 w/f); to whisper or mutter, to utter in a low or mysterious voice, to speak oracularly.
--- an utterance or oracle.
TetLamedBetNun --- pr. n. "Oakland" (a town in Benjamin).
AlephLamedSamekh --- to be pendulous or lifted up (especially of a balance); to be bartered or valued.
--- pr. n. "Highway", a town near Jerusalem.
HayYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper of Yah", Obadiah.

92 > 11 > 2- 92 -92 = 22x23
SamekhLamedBet --- fig.
TzaddiBet --- (902 w/f); slime, mire.
HayPehDaletGimel --- scorn.
PehChetDalet --- (812 w/f); to push, thrust; hasten.
AyinBetKaf --- to be gibbous, bulging up.
YodNunBetLamed --- pr.n. "White".
HayMemVauAlephMem --- anything, something; at all.
HayMemZainMem --- thought, planning; counsel, purpose; mischief; counsel, prudence.
DaletMemChetMem --- a delight, an object of desire; darling (of a child); charms or attractions; something coveted or precious.
KafLamedMemBet --- (572 w/f); to rule over
--- to begin to reign, to become king
KafYodChetAleph DaletChetAlephMem --- (572 w/f); any one of thy brethren
AlephNun-MemAleph --- (652 w/f); if now!
HayVauAlephNunLamed --- becoming to, attractive to.
HayLamedHayBetNun --- sudden ruin.
VauLamedVauNun --- dunghill or sink.
YodKafBetSamekh --- pr. n. "Entangling".
LamedBetSamekh --- to bear (a burden, penalty or chastisement for sins); to be laden; big with young (said of cattle)..
--- to bear, to lift up.
--- a bearer or porter.
--- a burden, responsibility, charge.
ZainYodAyinHay --- to rescue or save (in haste).
BetKafAyin --- to bind, to spin or weave.
--- to bore or dig, to burrow.

93 > 12 > 3- 93 -93 = 3x31
TzaddiBetAleph --- (903 w/f); to be white, to shine; to be conspicuous.
HayMemBetYodLamedHayAleph --- pr.n. "Tent of the Height" --- wife of Esay, also name of a tribe of Edomites.
BetTzaddiAleph --- to shine; to fashion.
--- to be willing.
PehVauDaletGimel --- (813 w/f); reproaches or revilings.
HayGimelPehHay --- slackness; interval.
PehVauZain --- (813 w/f); to flow, flow out; to lend, borrow.
LamedTetVauMemChet --- pr.n. "The Dew is Father-in-law" (implies a blessing, dew is a free gift of the deity; but rain must be earned).
HayPehChet --- to cover, veil; covering, protection; a canopy, curtain, bridal-couch, bride's chamber.
LamedAlephNunBetYod --- pr.n. "God Understands".
AyinYodGimelYod --- wearied; labor, toil; a work done; gain, earnings; pain or labor (of giving birth or producing offspring). (Compare with Lt. INRI).
HayNunVauBetLamed --- (87); frankincense.
NunGimelMem --- (743 w/f); to enclose or shut up; to hand over or surrender; a shield.
HayLamedChetNun --- a torrent.
--- a possessing or occupying; a possession or estate; an inheritance; destiny or lot.

94 > 13 > 4- 94 -94 = 2x47
ZainPehVauAleph --- vantage-ground, high region; gold-coast.
HayPehVauGimel --- body, corpse.
NunMemDalet --- (744 w/f); to dung, to manure; dung, manure.
KafAyinDalet --- (574 w/f); to tread, stamp out, quench, go out; to be destroyed.
YodPehDalet --- stumbling block, offense.
PehVauChet --- (814 w/f); to enclose, shelter; coast, shore; haven.
NunVauLamedChet --- (744 w/f); pr.n. "Strong-hold"; hole, window.
MemZainMemZain --- (654 w/f); to hum, buz, murmur; noisy throngs.
YodDaletAyinYod --- pr.n. "Punctual"; (90).
DaletMemLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Barren".
YodDaletSamekhKaf --- a Chaldean.
MemYodTetHayLamed --- (654 w/f); secret or magic arts; sorceries.
YodVauLamedChetMem --- disease.
HayYodTetLamedMem --- pr.n. "Deliverance of Yah"
DaletLamedSamekh --- to leap.
--- pr. n. "Exultation".

95 > 14 > 5- 95 -95 = 5x19
MemYodMemDaletAleph --- (655 w/f); pr.n. "Red Hills"; men.
LamedAlephYodNunDalet --- pr.n. "God is Judge"; Daniel.
MemMemYodHay --- (655 w/f); pr.n. "Confusion".
NunMemHay --- (745 w/f); to make a noise, commotion; pr.n. "Mercury".
MemNunHay --- (655 w/f; 161/1371, 183); Hinnom, "Lamentation" --- name of the valley South East of Jerusalem where children were sacrificed to Molock.
or NunVauLamedBetZain
--- (745 w/f; 101/751); habitation; tribe of Zebulun.
HayNunBetLamedChet --- galbanum.
ZainPehChet --- to leap, start up; to be startled, alarmed.
PehVauTet --- (815 w/f); to bind, collect.
HayYodNunKafYod --- (101); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
HayMemLamedKaf --- reproach; shame.
NunTetVauLamed --- (745 w/f); pr.n. "Veiling".
HayKafSamekhYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Looks".
LamedAlephYodVauChetMem --- smitten by God (paralyzed).
HayPehYod --- to shine, to be fair, beautiful.
HayLamedKafMem --- completion, a sheepfold.
HayKafLamedMem --- a kingdom, royalty. (variation of spelling of 10th Sephira --- 496).
KafLamedMemHay --- (575 w/f); to be made king or be caused to reign; to advise or command; to be counsellor
--- the king --- reigning monarch of any country
HayKafLamedMem --- a queen
--- pr.n. "Counsel"
HayNunMem --- to divide or portion out, to count or allot to, to appoint or prepare; to cause; to number
--- a number or proportion; a weight (especially a hundred-shekel weight
--- a part or portion; a disk or joint (of food).
MemHayNun --- (655 w/f); to moan or groan; to growl; to roar.
HayLamedSamekh --- to lift up, to make light of, to slight.
--- to be still or silent. --- a pause or silence (found in Psalms to indicate a musical pause).
VauHayYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Ornament of Yah".
AlephZainYodZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strong".

96 > 15 > 6- 96 -96 = 25x3
LamedZainAlephHay NunBetAleph --- (746 w/f); loc pr.n. "Stone of Departure".
HayPehYodAleph --- Ephah (dry measure).
--- where?; how?; what sort?
HayNunMemAleph --- fixedness; allowance, wages; a compact.
--- columns, pillars.
--- bringing up, fostering; truly.
--- fidelity.
HayNunMemAleph --- pr.n. "Thorny".
NunVauBetLamedChet --- (746 w/f); pr.n. "Fruitful".
MemMemVauYod --- (656 w/f); by day; daily; all the day.
NunVauLamedYod --- (746 w/f); pr.n. "Tarrying Over Night".
VauPehYod --- (97); pr.n. "Beauty".
YodVauSamekhKaf --- a covering (of skins).
NunVauMem --- (746 w/f); to form.
HayKafAlephLamedMem --- an errand or service, business; a pursuit, trade or calling; ministry or mission; a fabric or manufacture; goods; cattle.
VauKafLamedMem --- reign, exercise of kingly power
--- kingdom, realm
MemVauYodMem --- (656 w/f); ever since day has been
YodLamedVauNun --- dunghill or privy.
MemVauNun --- (656 w/f); to slumber, to be drowsy; to be slothful.
VauLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Exaltation".
KafDaletBetAyin --- (576 w/f); a polite greeting meaning "I am thy servant".
VauKafAyin --- pr. n. "Fortress", Acre.

97 > 16 > 7- 97 -25th prime
MemNunVauAleph --- (657 w/f); pr.n. "Wealthy".
TzaddiVauAleph --- (907 w/f); to be compressed; narrow; to press; to press oneself; to hasten.
NunVauLamedYodAleph --- (747 w/f); pr.n. "Deerfield" or "Oakland".
NunVauMemAleph --- (747 w/f); a builder; architect; supporter.
--- a multitude.
--- Amon (god of Egypt).
--- a stay or prop; trustiness, fidelity.
HayTzaddiBet --- swamp, marsh.
BetTzaddiHay --- pr.n. "Brilliant".
PehYodZain --- (817 w/f); pr.n. "Flowing", "Melting"; "Lent Succor by God".
NunMemZain --- (747 w/f); to number, measure out; to arrange, determine; time, stated time; to settle, determine together; a season, festival.
KafAyinZain --- (577 w/f); to quench, extinguish; bring to an end.
PehTetChet --- (817 w/f); to seize, capture.
ChetPehTet --- to spread wide; to stretch out; to cause to stretch; to make to grow; to nurse; the spread hand, palm, hand-breadth; a corbel.
AlephVauPehYod --- (96); pr.n. "Beauty".
HayNunBetMem --- building, structure.
MemZainNun --- (657 w/f); to bind or fasten.
--- a nose-ring, an ear-ring, a ring.
HayLamedBetSamekh --- burden or task.
AlephVauLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Exalted".
VauHayYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper of Yah", Obadiah.

98 > 17 > 8- 98 -98 = 2x72
AlephVauPehYodAleph --- so therefore.
TzaddiVauBet --- (908 w/f); to be white, shining.
--- fine white cloth, cotton, linen.
HayPehVauDaletGimel --- scorn.
NunLamedYodChet --- (748 w/f); pr.n. "Fortress".
LamedYodLamedKafChet --- darkening.
NunMemChet --- (748 w/f); sun, sun image --- consecrated to the Baal-Haman, the Phenician sun god.
MemNunChet --- (658 w/f); to be hard, to be frozen; stone; gratuitously, for nothing, in vain.
LamedSamekhChet --- to cut, eat off, to browse.
TzaddiChet --- (908 w/f); arrow; lightning; infliction; arrow-wound; the point (of a spear).
HayAyinYodGimelYod --- weariness.
PehChetYod --- (818 w/f); to be barefoot; barefooted, unshod.
ChetPehYod --- to puff, to blow; panting, eager.
AyinBetVauKaf --- a helmet.
HayNunGimelMem --- a covering.
MemYodChetMem --- (658 w/f); fat ones (sheep in particular).
GimelHayNunMem --- the driving (of a chariot).
ChetNunMem --- to divide out; to distribute or bestow.
MemChetNun --- (658 w/f); to pant or sigh; to grive; to repent; to pity or compassionate; to comfort oneself; to avenge oneself, take vengance.
--- pr. n. "Consolation".
HayLamedGimelSamekh --- property or possession.
ChetLamedSamekh --- to forgive or pardon. --- one apt to remit or pardon, forgiving.

99 > 18 > 9- 99 -99 = 32x11
ChetYodPehAleph --- pr.n. "Panting".
NunVauYodLamedGimel --- (749 w/f); table, tablet; metal plate, mirror.
HayNunMemDalet --- pr.n. "Dung-heap".
LamedAlephYodNunChet --- pr.n. "Favor of God".
NunMemTet --- (749 w/f); to hide, conceal; to bury; to lay up, keep.
HayYodAyinDaletYod --- pr.n. "Yah Knows".
HayChetVauSamekhKaf --- a cutting or lopping off.
LamedAlephYodYodChetMem --- smitten by God (paralyzed).
HayDaletNunMem --- tribute
LamedYodTetNun --- laden.