HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 100 - 109


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 100 - 109

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

100 > 1- 100 -100 = 22x52
Qof --- Qof
(In spelling, interchanges with: Gimel, Yod, Kaf; Chet, Hay, Aleph, Ayin; Bet, Peh; Tzaddi; Taw, Dalet
(Qof = Peh-finalVauQof --- 186/906 --- Back of Head, Nape.)
NunVauMemGimelAleph --- (750 w/f); pool; rope or rush cord.
LamedYodChet-NunBet --- (750 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Valour".
TzaddiVauDalet --- (910 w/f); to rejoice.
TzaddiBetChet --- (910 w/f); to be sharp (of smell or color) --- to have a strong smell or be bright, reddish.
BetTzaddiChet --- to hew, to dig out; to mine; to carve; to slay; to bind; cut or dug out.
HayDaletAyinVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Adorns".
AyinDaletYodVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Knows".
MemYodMemYod --- (660 w/f); days.
KafLamedMemYod --- (580 w/f); "He Causes to Reign".
NunMemYod --- (750 w/f); to support.
YodPehYod --- renown; beauty, glory, loveliness.
MemYodLamedKaf --- (660 w/f); organs (of the Deity). (a way considering the nature of the Sephiroth).
LamedKafLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Sustenance".
PehKaf --- (820 w/f); The Letter Koph (Kaf, Kaf-final); the hollow hand, palm, hand, fist; foot or paw; sole; a pan, hollow vessel; handle, branch; a rock, crag or cliff.
NunKafLamed --- (750 w/f); therefore.
AyinLamed --- the swallow or throat.
NunVauDaletMem --- (750 w/f); strife, contention.
LamedKafYodMem --- a brook; pr.n. "Brook".
YodMemYodMem --- water.
--- from day of.
NunYodMem --- (750 w/f); form or shape; species or kind.
LamedLamedMem --- to speak, utter, to tell
--- to be cut off; to be circumcised
--- Used in Qabalah to describe the covenant of circumcision, that the tongue may be loosened (to speak) of that which is above by the act of cutting off below (circumcision)
KafMemMem --- (580 w/f); from thee
YodMemYodMem --- one of my days
DaletVauNunMem --- a nodding or shaking (of the head in derision).
YodNunMem --- to appoint (to office)
--- fate or death; pr.n. of a goddess worshipped by Jews in Babylonia
--- conjectured to be similar to Venus.
---pr. n. "Portion" --- of a province of Armenia.
--- from (poetic form).
SamekhMem --- allotment or share; a levy (of men).
--- a pining or afflicted one.
HayMemHayNun --- roaring; groaning.
LamedKafNun --- to deceive, to act clandestinely or deceitfully; to act fraudulently against.
--- deceits, knavish tricks.
KafKafSamekh --- (580 w/f); to plait or interlace; to cover over.
--- to cut.
--- a covering or mantlet (used in a siege, testudo).
YodLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "A Slighter".
MemSamekh --- (660 w/f); spice.
TetYodTetBetAyin --- to pledge or pawn; extortion or robbery.
LamedAyin --- height or elevation.
--- what is high or above, over or upon; on or upon, above or over; although, though, because.
--- a yoke (for the neck of draught animals, of slavery, of affliction).

101 > 2- 101 -26th prime
PehKafAleph --- (821 w/f); make to bow down (toil); to urge on, to press.
--- what causes to bend; weight; authority, pressure.
LamedLamedMemAleph --- languid, weak.
NunNunAleph --- (751 w/f); to bemoan oneself; to murmur.
MemSamekhAleph --- (661 w/f); to set, to put together; to put by.
--- storehouses, granaries.
TzaddiVauHay --- (911 w/f); to cut, to wound.
NunVauMemHay --- (751 w/f); noise, sound; a multitude, crowd, troop, confluence of waters; abundance, wealth; the rich; they.
NunVauLamedVauBetZain --- (751 w/f); pr.n. "Habitation"; tribe of Zebulun, (95/745).
VauHayYodNunKafYod --- (95); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
AlephTzaddiYod --- to go or come out; to be descended or begotten, to come forth; to rise (sun); to be exported; to be expended; to stick out, project; to extend, reach along; to close, end; to come to an end, finish.
MemYodAlephLamedKaf --- (661 w/f); two kinds, two sorts.
SamekhAlephMem --- to reject, refuse; to despise.
LamedAlephKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like God?".
YodKafAlephLamedMem --- pr.n. "My Messenger".
HayKafVauLamedMem --- a kingdom, royalty. (variation of spelling of 10th Sephira --- 496).
VauHayNunMem --- from him.
HayMemVauNun --- slumber or drowsiness.
MemVauHayNun --- (661 w/f); pr. n. "Comfort"; pr. n. "Consoler", the prophet Nahum.
AlephLamedAyin --- above or over.
--- pr. n. "Yoke".

102 > 3- 102 -102 = 2x3x17
HayNunVauMemAleph --- firmness; security; faithfulness.
AyinLamedBet --- to eat greedily, to swallow down; to destroy utterly.
MemYodNunBet --- (662 w/f); the space between two hosts (armies); sons.
LamedAyinBet --- possession, control; property; Baal; Lord; to marry, to be husband; master; to rule; to reject or despise.
NunDaletMemChet --- (752 w/f); pr.n. "Pleasantness".
BetTzaddiYod --- pr.n. "Bright".
HayPehYodZain --- pr.n. "Flowing", "Melting"; "Lent Succor by God".
TzaddiBetYod --- (912 w/f); to shine, to be splendid.
BetTzaddiYod --- to set, establish; to be set, firm, sure.
BetAyinLamed --- to sport or jest.
HayNunDaletGimelMem --- precious or costly things.
BetSamekhMem --- a circle (of persons sitting in company); round about.
HayVauHayYod DaletBetAyin --- servant or worshipper of Yahweh.
LamedBetAyin --- to swell, to rise up.
BetLamedAyin --- to prevail.

103 > 4- 103 -27th prime
KafLamedMemYodBetAleph --- (583 w/f); pr.n. "Father is King" --- usual title of Philistine kings.
QofBetAleph --- to pound to dust, to crush.
--- to grasp round; to twine round one another; to wrestle, to struggle.
--- dust.
YodNunLamedYodGimel --- pr.n. "Circuit".
YodNunLamedYodGimel --- exultation.
AyinLamedGimel --- to be stiff, hard; to fling or hurl; quarrel, fight; be violently excited.
NunNunGimel --- (753 w/f); to cover, guard, defend.
LamedAyinGimel --- to profane, defile; abhor, reject, cast away; pr.n. "Loathing".
BetTzaddiVauHay --- pr.n. "Brilliant".
HayTzaddiChet --- to cut off, to divide; to cut in two, to halve.
GimelTzaddiYod --- to set, place.
GimelAyinLamed --- to stammer or babble; to mock or deride; mockery, ridicule; scoffing, blasphemy; babbling or speaking as a barbarian or foreigner; a jester or buffoon.
NunVauDaletGimelMem --- (753 w/f); pr.n. "Place of Troops", "Megiddon".
NunVauZainMem --- (753 w/f); food.
HayNunChetMem --- camp, band; court (of the Lord, station of a priest).
--- a camp (of troops, nomads or Israelites); a host or army; a band or troop; swarm (of locusts).
HayChetNunMem --- quiet, stillness; comfort or ease; settlement (in life or marriage); quietly; resting place.
--- a gift or present (especially to a superior); tribute; an offering (especially a bloodless meat offering to the deity).
NunGimelNun --- (753 w/f); to strike or touch (especially a musical chord); to play a stringed instrument.
HayLamedYodChetNun --- pipe or flute.
HayMemChetNun --- consolation, comfort.
LamedGimelAyin --- to turn round or roll; to skip or frisk about.
--- round or circular.
--- a calf; a young bullock.
GimelLamedAyin --- to stutter or stammer.
--- stammering (also of a barbarian).

104 > 5- 104 -104 = 23x13
AyinLamedDalet --- to be thick.
NunYodMemDalet --- (754 w/f); a likeness.
NunNunDalet --- (754 w/f); to whisper, murmur.
LamedAyinDalet --- to fear.
QofDalet --- beaten small, pulverized, fine; particle of dust; lank; shrivelled, withered; slight; shrunken, dwarfed; fineness, fine cloth.
TzaddiVauChet --- (914 w/f); to sever, divide; party-wall, wall of separation; the outside; a street; without, abroad.
YodNunVauLamedChet --- window-work.
NunVauMemChet --- (754 w/f); pr.n. "Warm" or "Sunny".
DaletAyinLamed --- to fix or appoint.
MemYodVauChetMem --- (664 w/f); villagers; pr.n. "Mahavites".
YodDalet-NunMem --- (754 w/f); whoso, whoever
--- from the time that
ChetVauNunMem --- a resting, settling down; rest, a state of rest; a settlement; pr.n. "Rest" --- of the father of Samson.
DaletSamekhMem --- a foundation.
NunDaletNun --- (754 w/f); to be hollow.
--- to give or present.
--- a sheath (of a sword); a liberal gift.
HayZainBetMemNun --- despised or vile.
MemDaletSamekh --- (664 w/f); to burn, consume with fire.
--- pr. n. "Lime Kiln" or "Burning" (a city in the vale of Sidim destroyed by fire.
DaletMemSamekh --- to twist up; to be hard or firm.
LamedDaletAyin --- to cease or rest.

105 > 6- 105 -105 = 3x5x7
DaletAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Witness".
NunNunBetGimel --- (755 w/f); back, ridge.
LamedAyinBetGimel --- small cup; calix or corolla of flowers.
AyinBetLamedGimel --- pr.n. "Fountain of Bubbling".
NunMemYodHay --- (755 w/f); pr.n. "Faithful", "Trustful".
SamekhMemHay --- to break or cut off; broken twigs, sticks, brushwood.
NunNunHay --- (755 w/f); to lament, whine, weep, cry.
KafPehHay --- (585 w/f); to turn; to turn about; to turn back, flee, change; over turn, destroy, pervert; reverse, contrary; perverseness.
AyinDaletYodVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Omniscient".
TzaddiHayYod --- (915 w/f); to tread or trample down.
HayMemYodMemYod --- pr.n. "Dove".
HayNunMemYod --- pr.n. "Good-luck".
HayNunLamedKaf --- (106); pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed".
MemHayMemKaf --- (665 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
HayPehKaf --- to extinguish; a branch; a palm-top.
HayAyinLamed --- to speak foolishly or hastily.
HayYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Yah is King".
HaySamekhMem --- to become fluid, to flow away.; to cause to flow, to dissolve; to wet or soak; to make (the heart) melt.
--- trial, testing (of fidelity); tempting or proving (e.g. murmuring against the deity); calamity or suffering; pr.n. "A Proving" --- of a place in the desert.
--- measure or proportion; by measure or quota of (with a following noun).
HayKafKafSamekh --- pr. n. "Covert".
HayMemSamekh --- to mark or stamp.
HayLamedAyin --- to go or come up, to ascent or mount up.; whither; whence; to rise or be high, to excel.
--- vegetation or sprouting; a leaf, foliage.
--- high.
--- burnt offering, holocaust; ascent or stair-case.
--- wickedness or wrong.
--- cause or occasion, ground (of an accusation).

106 > 7- 106 -106 = 2x53
QofDaletBet --- to break through, to make a breach; to repair a breach, to rebuild.
QofBetDalet --- to cleave to, adhere to, cling to, press after; chase, pursue; attached or steadfast; a soldering or welding (of metals).
HayNunVauMemHay --- pr.n. "Multitude".
LamedAlephLamedLamedHayYod --- pr.n. "He Praises God".
NunYodKafYodVauYod --- (756 w/f); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
MemVauNunYod --- (666 w/f); pr.n. "Slumber".
PehVauKaf --- (826 w/f); to be high, pointed or towering, crag-like.
VauNunLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed".
AyinVauLamed --- to suck or swallow down; wander or go astray.
HayYodKafAlephLamedMem --- messenger of Yah, a prophet.
YodKafVauLamedMem --- pr.n. "My Counsellor".
VauKafYodLamedMem --- pr.n. "Counsellor"
NunVauNun --- (756 w/f); pr. n. "Fish" (father of Joshua).
--- to swim; fish.; to increase or thrive; the Letter Nun with value 50.
LamedVauAyin --- to suckle or give milk; a suckling or infant.
--- to turn or twist, to be wrong or perverse.
--- perverseness.
--- wrong-doer, transgressor.
--- yoke,(for the neck of draught animals, of slavery, of affliction).
VauLamedAyin --- burnt-offering, holocaust.
HayAlephLamedAyin --- The Supreme (deity).

107 > 8- 107 -28th prime
NunNunVauAleph --- (757 w/f); pr.n. "Strong".
NunVauNunAleph --- (757 w/f); they.
VauQofAleph --- roe, roe-buck; she-goat; to admire.
QofHayBet --- to shine; be white; a whitish, pale skin-eruption.
HayTzaddiYodBet --- egg.
HayLamedAyinBet --- mistress or possessor; witch; a city.
DaletAyinLamedGimel --- to be hard, rough; pr.n. "Hill of Witness".
NunNunZain --- (757 w/f); whoredoms; apostasy; idolatry; foreign commerce.
QofZain --- flame, burning arrow; fiery dart; fetter, bond.
LamedAlephVauMemLamed --- pr.n. "To God".
ZainAyinLamed --- to stammer or jabber; to speak unintelligibly.
SamekhVauAlephMem --- refuse, an object of contempt.
LamedAlephDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "God's Servant".
LamedZainAyin --- to depart or remove.
ZainLamedAyin --- to move or hop about, to dance; to exult or rejoice.
--- a rejoicer.

108 > 9- 108 -108 = 22x33
HayQofBetAleph --- powder.
QofZainAleph --- to grasp or hold.
QofVauBet --- to pour out, to make empty, to desolate.
MemYodNunDaletDalet --- (668 w/f); pr.n. "Greeks".
MemNunAlephYodBetHay --- prayers(?) --- making affirmations by Amen.
HayVauNunYod AlephLamedVau --- and he rests not.
AlephPehYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Captive".
TzaddiYodChet --- (918 w/f); a wall, party-wall.
SamekhMemChet --- to be sharp, to be gold, oppressive; to use violence, to hurt; to violate a law; to cast down, to shake off; violence, wrong; wealth wrongfully obtained; ill-gotten-gain.
NunNunChet --- (758 w/f); to incline towards; to be gracious to, to favor; to bestow graciously; to pity; to be charitable; to groan, sigh; to show mercy, to compassionate; pr.n. "Gracious".
LamedYodSamekhChet --- the browser, a locust.
MemSamekhChet --- (668 w/f); to stop up, to muzzle; to impede or stop.
YodTzaddiChet --- the middle, the midst; half, the half; arrow.
QofChet --- bosom; a decree, resolve; what is cut in or graven; prescribed, appointed; a task; allowance; boundary; statute; body of laws; decree (of God); a portion or custom (established by law).
VauHayYodZainAyinYod --- pr.n. "Command of Yah".
ChetKafNunLamed --- straight ahead; in front of; in behalf of.
LamedAleph-LamedDaletGimelMem --- tower of God.
BetSamekhVauMem --- a circuit or area (around a house).
ChetNun YodMem --- waters of Noah (the deluge).
ChetSamekhMem --- a keeping back or warding off.
MemYodDaletDaletNun --- (668 w/f); tossings, startlings (in slumber).
HayLamedGimelAyin --- a she-calf, heifer or young cow.
--- a cart or wagon; a roller or sledge (for threshing); a chariot.
LamedBetVauAyin --- pr. n. "Hill" or "Eminence".
AlephNun-ChetQof --- take, pray!

109 > 10 > 1- 109 -29th prime
KafLamedMemYodChetAleph --- (589 w/f); Ahimelech, pr.n. "Brother of a King".
NunMemYodChetAleph --- (759 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of a Gift".
ChetKafNun-LamedAleph --- towards.
ChetQofAleph --- to be about to take or lay hold of.
QofZainBet --- to break forth, to be bright.
--- brightness, lightning.
HayYodDaletPehYod --- pr.n. "Yah Redeems".
HayDaletAyinLamed --- pr.n. "Appointment".
TetAyinLamed --- to eat or devour.
SamekhVauBetAlephMem --- a store-house, granary.
HayChetVauNunMem --- quiet, stillness; comfort or ease; settlement (in life or marriage); quietly; resting place.
HayNunDaletNun --- a sheath; a body (as the soul's sheath).
LamedTetAyin --- to be dark.
TetLamedAyin --- to cover or hide, to be dark.