Bill Heidrick's Cross References

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Bill Heidrick's Cross References

Bill Heidrick's Works -- under development

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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At home in Northern California, view from the entrance lane toward the frontage gardens, 3/24/08 e.v.

Multiple item links here:

Writings of Bill Heidrick (my stuff)

Writings of Felicia Heidrick (Copyright FH)

Crowley texts index to Thelema Lodge Calendars
(This link will eventually access more Crowley materials, not all in the TLC)

Thelema Lodge Calendar and Thelema Community Calendar back issues.

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Al Billings has made some of my texts available on his site.

The US OTO Grand Lodge site, with links to information & OTO international sites.
An OTO International site in Germany, with links to other OTO material.

Golden Oldies -- Try it. You'll like it.

Books and rare items here:

For easy web reading:
Extracts from Adam's Diary by Mark Twain
The Ingoldsby Legends, Volumes I and II by Rev. Richard Harris Barham

For both dial-up and broad band download, OCR PDF's formatted to resemble original editions (more to come). Size indicated and most under three megabytes:

14 volume set (not Max Müller's) The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East 1917, separate PDF's

For broad band download only, English language (mostly) book page images:

Meric Casaubon's A True & Faithful Relation of What passed for many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits... (1659 CE)

For broad band download only, Latin language book page images:

John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica (1564 CE)
Athanasi Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus Tom IIA and part Tom IIB (1653 CE)
Knorr von Rosenroth's Kabbala Denudata (1684 CE)
Robert Fludd's Utriusque Cosmi maioris salicet et minoris metaphysica... (1617-1619 CE)
Gustavi Seleni Cryptomenytices et cryptographiae Libri IX.... (1624 CE)

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