HEBREW GEMATRIA File #1: Values from 1 - 99

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Hebrew Gematria: Values from 1 - 99

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

Introductory Remarks

In the following, no deliberate attempt has yet been made to include entries from the Bennett-Crowley Sepher Sephiroth. Crowley's selection should be preserved without alteration as an insight into his thought. This work is intended to supplement Crowley's Gematria, rather than replace it. In the final version, additional notes on Qabalistic significance, special Qabalistic spellings and mystical terms will be added. These entries have been obtained from a 19th century Hebrew Lexicon (Davies' Student's-Hebrew Lexicon) devoted to study of the Torah and the balance of the Old Testament. When complete, the Gematria dictionary will contain many significant words and names from the Torah, variant spellings and important conjugations and declensions. Mythology and notes on points of Qabalistic tradition will be greatly augmented. In the final form, it will be possible for a person with knowledge of Hebrew grammar to use this source to roughly translate the Torah, to access an exhaustive glossary of Qabalistic terms, and to find brief discussions of the differences between Crowley's usage and the usage found in the several schools of Jewish or traditional Qabalah. The work is 80% complete at this time in regard to the Torah and barely started with regard to Qabalistic terms.

Some explanation of conventions may be helpful. Spelling "interchanges" refer to letters which sometimes replace the entry letter in common words. Thus, some words have the same meaning and only differ in spelling by one having an Aleph and the other a Tet. Such spelling interchanges are not rules for substituting one letter for another but clues to use in finding secondary correspondences to a particular entry under a particular number. In many instances, the same spelling has different pronunciations, usually carried by vowel points. Such variant pronunciations are either set off by use of "---" below the primary entry or by use of ";". The triple dash and the semicolon are also used to indicate a shift of thought in instances where variant pronunciation is not the issue. Most notes are enclosed within parentheses.

There will be controversy over the numbering of the primes. In Crowley's day, it was common among non mathematicians to consider the number ONE as the first prime; and he followed that practice in Sepher Sephiroth. ONE is not considered a prime number in mathematics, since it does not allow unique prime factoring of other numbers. TWO is considered the first prime number in modern mathematics and in this work.

For an exposition on Gematria, English to Hebrew substitution and the rarely used numerations of the vowel points, see the Thelema Lodge Calendar for December 1986 e.v.

Notes on general considerations:

Some individual words appear to have self-contradictory definitions; e.g. DaletSamekhChet can mean "to be gracious" AND "to insult". This often results over time from use of the word in irony. "O'h, you pulled my beard to show respect? how gracious (DaletSamekhChet) of you!". Alternatively, such dual meanings can derive from improper social usage; e.g. in the case of this word to imply insulting condescension.
Certain words have a number of different spellings not accounted for by conjugation or declension. This is partly natural to dialectical Hebrew and partly the result of "Qabalistic" spellings which have been introduced over the centuries. Where a mystical or artificial spelling has been used, the reason is identified and the tradition described, if known to the author. Where the spelling is an obviously defective construction by improper transliteration, the word will either be omitted or the source described. Most of the latter are outright errors involving one-for-one substitution of Hebrew for English. In proper Hebrew spelling, vowels are often omitted and carried by vowel points. Crowley's usage of Ayin for "O" and Heh for "E" is an example of unorthodox practice. Double letters in English may often be rendered as single letters in Hebrew: e.g. "BB" > "Bet". In particular, the letter "A" tends to be too often replaced by an Aleph, "AI" by "YodAleph" instead of "Yod" alone; and the spelling of the Goetic names by Dr. Rudd is generally in gross error. This tendency of defective spelling is greatest in the names of spirits.
Note that many common nouns become the names of spirits on addition of HayYod, LamedAleph, and
LamedAlephYod to the end of the noun. The choice of ending may be dictated by gender and spelling, with
HayYod slightly predominating for femine nouns; but two different deities are meant by this selection in older words and sources. Exegetical scholarship sometimes addresses this as Yahwistic verses Elohistic usage. There is reason to suspect that the former represents a tendency toward monotheism or henotheism and the latter a tendency to retain a pantheon.
An unusually large proportion of the shorter Hebrew words are representations of natural sounds linked with the meaning. Most of these are associated with exclamations of pain, surprise or contentment and with the cries of animals. E.g. "moo", the sound of lowing cattle, is
HayAyinGimel, which sounds a lot more like certain lowing of cattle than "moo". N.B. "moo" (properly a sound like "hmugh") probably derives from a more placid bovine sound than HayAyinGimel -- I suppose it depends on how recently the cow was milked.
All weights and measures are equated to British; e.g. gallon = imperial gallon.
In calculating gematria, it is traditional to ignore finals in the first attempt. To avoid duplication, words and phrases having final letters are defined under their non-final letter totals. Cross-referencess are included under the numbers to which such words correspond when final letter values are included.
In reckoning the correspondences of a word, it is traditional in gematria to consider also words having a total one less and one more than that of the number in question. This practice is stated as: "it is permissible to add or subtract an Aleph". An examination of the entries for consecutive numbers in this dictionary will show that some words duplicate within short ranges, owing to changes of gender, case, common speech variations, conjugation or declension. The practice of subtracting one stems mainly from the fact that any word with an Aleph after the first letter can have that Aleph replaced by a suitable vowel point. Addition of an Aleph to a word does not effect the pronunciation at all, unless a vowel point is assigned to the Aleph --- even then, such a vowel point can usually be borrowed from a consonant. This property of Aleph is also found to a lesser extent for Yod, Vau and Heh.
Some multiple variants differ only in gender or case of possession.

The following Gematria entries have mainly been extracted and collated from: Student's Hebrew Lexicon, a Compendious and Complete Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to The Old Testament ... by Benjamin Davies, 1960 reprint of the 1880 revised edition. Work in progress has reached AlephPeh. Entries for numbers greater than eighty will substantially increase after this point. The entries under the number 210 will give a better idea of the size of the finished work.

Mystical terms are minimal at present, but are being added from: The Kabbalah: Its Doctrines, Development and Literature by Christian D. Ginsburg, 1863 --- this is the source from which Mathers plagiarized the introduction to Kabbalah Unveiled. Ginsburg's Kabbalah is noted as "G-K" where warranted in the notes.

For serious use, rather than casual examination, check each entry against a Hebrew dictionary or lexicon (latter preferred). If the word can be found in such, there may be additional meanings or a correction to a typo. Serious students of Qabalah should make every effort to acquire at least a good lexicon and preferably several. Pronunciation requires a rudimentary knowledge of vowel points (only listed in such references) and accents (often on the second syllable, but there are many exceptions). Please inform the author of any typographical errors, but be aware that no one dictionary can provide references to all these entries.
This compilation is Copyright © by Bill Heidrick. All citations from it of more than four entries must be accompanied by a notice identifying this source. Entire lists of the correspondences for up to 20 different numbers may be reproduced for non-commercial reasons if properly credited to this source, including address and copyright notice. Electronic copies of this entire work may by distributed by anyone, so long as no fee is charged for the service and the entire work is not reduced or otherwise diminished. Full printouts of this work may be made without charge only by and for an individual in physical possession of the electronic version. Such printouts may not be sold or given away.

For commercial license and/or exception to the above conditions, contact the author:

Bill Heidrick
P.O.Box 167
Artois CA 95913 USA

--- with thanks to Fr. Fons Numeris, who taught me Gematria and is far better at it.

- 1 -Multiplicative Identity operator
Aleph --- Aleph.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Hay, Vau, Yod, Zain; Tet, Chet, Ayin, Kaf, Samekh, Tzaddi, Qof, Taw)
(Aleph = Peh-finalLamedAleph --- 111/831; Peh-finalVauLamedAleph --- 117/837 --- Ox.)
(The value of 111 is significant in QBL tradition)
--- the name of the first Sephira is ReshTawKaf --- (see 620).

- 2 -1st prime
Bet --- Bet.
(In spelling interchanges with: Vau, Mem, Peh, Kaf, Ayin, Chet, Qof, Dalet, Nun)
(Bet = TawYodBet --- 412 --- House.)
---As a prefix: in, within, among; with, by, at; upon; into, towards; in the manner, according to; in regard to.
--- As an abbreviation: Nun-finalBet in names.
--- the name of the second Sephira is HayMemKafChet (see 73).

- 3 -2nd prime
Gimel --- Gimel.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Kaf, Qof, Yod; Hay, Chet, Ayin; Bet; Zain)
(Gimel = LamedMemGimel --- 73; LamedMemYodGimel --- 83 --- Camel.)
--- the name of the third Sephira is HayNunYodBet --- (see 67).
BetAleph --- father; benefactor, cherisher, sustainer; teacher or adviser; lord or possessor; chief of a family or tribe; forefather; founder of a guild or of a profession or of a trade.
--- blooming freshness; blossom-time, blooming age, bright verdur; fruit.
AlephBet --- to enter; to lead to, to bear.

- 4 -4 = 22
Dalet --- Dalet.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Tet, Lamed, Samekh, Tzaddi, Resh, Shin, Taw; Bet; Aleph)
(Dalet = TawLamedDalet --- 434 --- Door.)
--- the name of the fourth Sephira is DaletSamekhChet --- 72.
AlephBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father" --- an alternate name1 of the 2nd Sephira Chokmah,
HayMemKafChet (73).
AlephGimel --- elated, proud.
1. G-K p. 90

- 5 -3rd prime
Hay --- Heh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Vau, Yod; Chet, Ayin; Gimel, Kaf, Qof; Samekh, Tzaddi; Resh, Taw.)
(Heh = AlephHay ---   6 --- Window or Vent-hole. (spelling for Yetzirah).
HayHay --- 10 --- an exclamation of grief. (for Asiah).
YodHay --- 15 --- signing, lamentation. (for Atziloth & Briah).)
--- As prefix: the (definite article).
--- To introduce a question: that.
--- the name of the fifth Sephira is HayReshVauBetGimel --- 216.
BetBetAleph --- to be bright or fresh; to thrive, to bloom.
---to be hollow.
AlephGimelAleph --- to flee.
--- fugitive.
DaletAleph --- vapor, mist.
--- (see also 417). turning or surrounding; circumstance or cause; account (of).
GimelBet --- food.
BetGimel --- ridge (of altar); top, bosses, bulwarks, rampart; vault; brothel; rim (of wheel); the back; plowers; piece of wood, board, plank; pit, cistern, den (of lions).
AlephDalet --- this thing; that.

- 6 -6 = 2x3
Vau --- Vau.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Yod; Bet, Peh, Mem; Lamed; Ayin.)
(Vau = VauVau --- 12 --- A holdfast, Nail, Hook.(spelling for Asiah).
VauAlephVau --- 13 --- A holdfast, Nail, Hook. (for Briah & Yetzirah).
VauYodVau --- 22 --- A holdfast, Nail, Hook. (for Atziloth))
--- As prefix or free-standing: and, even.
--- the name of the sixth Sephira is TawReshAlephPehTaw --- 1081.
DaletBet --- a separated thing, part.
--- thread, yarn, cord; linen, white linen; branches; nobles.
--- praters, liars.
AlephBetGimel --- to cut out, excavate; cistern, pool.
GimelGimel --- roof, covering; cover (of an altar).
BetDalet --- (12); bear; she-bear.
AlephHay --- the letter Heh, vent-hole, window; lo!, behold!, as, just as.

- 7 -4th prime
Zain --- Zain.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Samekh, Tzaddi, Shin; Dalet, Tet; Resh.)
(Zain = NunYodZain --- 67/717 --- Weapon; Ornament; Sword.)
--- the name of the seventh Sephira is ChetTzaddiNun --- 148.
DaletBetAleph --- to be severed, forsaken; to stray (in solitude); to loose oneself,
to vanish; to perish, to be undone; to sever, scatter, to dissipate;
destroy, to bring to ruin, to rob.
--- annihilation, ruin. (many offshoots of this root).
GimelGimelAleph --- the royal title of the Amalekite princes.
--- perhaps: circle.
BetDaletAleph --- to cause to pine, to vex.
--- to train.
VauAleph --- will, choice, desire.
--- or, either; or rather; or else, unless, perhaps; of if; if.
--- where? (implying "not").
AlephDaletBet --- to prate, to lie, to invent.
BetBetGimel --- to be curved, crooked, bent; to dig; to be convex, high.
DaletGimel --- coriander; fortune, a deciding, apportioning; luck.
BetAlephDalet --- to melt, flow away, languish.
BetHay --- (12, 17); yield up!, give!, come on!
AlephBetDalet --- to flow; affluence, fullness.
GimelDalet --- a fish.

- 8 -23
Chet --- Chet.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Ayin; Gimel, Kaf, Qof; Bet, Peh; Tet; Samekh; Tzaddi; Shin.)
(Chet = TawYodChet --- 418 --- Barrier or Fence.)
--- the name of the eighth Sephira is DaletVauHay --- 15.
HayBetAleph --- to breathe after, to long for; to be willing, to obey; to will or wish.
--- thriving vegetation; reed, bulrush. (from BetAleph = 3
--- elephant. (Stresses life breath as vitality, longing and importance).
DaletGimelAleph --- to bind.
BetHayAleph --- to breathe after; to love; to lust; to be attached; to delight.
--- amours; loveliness.
ZainAleph --- then; at that time; thereupon.
HayAlephBet --- go in!, lead in!, bear in!
--- entrance.
HayGimel --- this, these.
GimelAlephDalet --- a fish; to be crushed; depressed, anxious, despondent; pr.n. "Fearful".
BetBetDalet --- to speak; tattle; slander; to be hairy, shaggy.
DaletDalet --- pr.n. "Friend"; pr.n. "Beloved" --- David (14, 24); breast (female only, in the sense of for suckling).

- 9 -32
Tet --- Tet.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Dalet, Lamed, Taw, Zain, Samekh; Tzaddi, Shin; Chet, Kaf, Ayin.)
(Tet = TetVauTet --- 24 --- A coiling; Serpent.
--- the name of the ninth Sephira is DaletVauSamekhYod --- 80.
VauBetAleph --- proper name form of BetAleph. (9 = 3x3, father of fathers).
DaletDaletAleph --- to be strong.
--- powerful one.
BetVauAleph --- to be hollow.
--- water skin, leather bottle; the hollow belly (of conjurers, in which the conjuring spirit dwells and speaks as if from out of the earth); a necromancer.
AlephZainAleph --- (see also 13); to light, to heat.
ChetAleph --- brother; friend; kinsman; one of the same tribe; a fellow countryman; a confederate, an ally, a neighbor or fellow man; a fellow or match.
--- oh!, ah!, alas!; fire; fire-stove or pot; howlings; owl.
HayBetBet --- firm; pupil (of the eye).
DaletGimelBet --- to cover; to conceal, act covertly, deceive, cheat.
--- covering, clothing; outer garment; concealment, treachery; rapine.
(First three consecutive letters after Aleph. The beginning without the first step. Concealment of the first. This is seen in the letter Tet ='s 9 as 10-1).
AlephVauBet --- to enter.
ZainBet --- to despise.
--- spoil, plunder.
HayAlephGimel --- to sprout, grow up; rise, be high, exalted, majestic; to be haughty; to be deep, hollow; pride; ungodly.
VauGimel --- the back; body; the middle, midst.
AlephGimelHay --- pr.n. "Exile".
DaletHay --- shout, cry (of joy).

10 > 1- 10 -10 = 2x5
Yod --- Yod.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Vau; Lamed, Nun; Gimel, Kaf, Qof; Chet, Ayin; Tzaddi, Shin, Taw.)
(Yod --- DaletVauYod or DaletYod --- 20 or 14 --- Hand (open, palmer side & fingers).
(DaletVauYod is the preferred spelling in Qabalah).
--- the name of the tenth Sephira is TawVauKafLamedMem --- 496.
DaletHayAleph --- to be strong.
--- pr.n. "Might".
BetZainAleph --- to shine; blooming, blossoming.
TetAleph --- secrecy, concealment (in speaking or moving); sorcerer; sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly.
DaletDaletBet --- to be cut off, severed; to be forlorn; lonely.
--- to bind.
--- to prate
--- separation, loneliness; separately, alone.
--- pr.n. "Part".
BetVauBet --- to hollow.
AlephZainBet --- to tread down, destroy.
HayBetGimel --- arch or brow of eye; felloe (of a wheel); to be high, tall, exalted; haughty, proud; high minded; height; highness, majesty; gather.
AlephVauGimel --- back, body; middle, midst.
ZainGimel --- a shearing; a fleece.
HayAlephDalet --- to dart, to fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the glede, vulture, kite.
HayHay --- ha!, ah!, oh! (grief); alternate spelling of the letter Heh.
BetAlephZain --- to be angry, fierce; wolf.
GimelZain --- skin on a grape, husk.
BetChet --- bosom.
AlephTet --- to be miry, dirty.

11 > 2- 11 -5th prime
ChetBetAleph --- to slaughter.
VauDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Mighty One".
ZainGimelAleph --- to cluster (see also 17).
HayHayAleph --- ah!, oh! (interjection of grief).
DaletVauAleph --- to turn; to wind; to surround; to be strong, mighty.
--- turner (fire poker made of wood); a fire-brand.
BetChetAleph --- pr.n. "Father's Brother" = "Uncle".
YodAleph --- where?
--- woe!
--- howl; howler.
--- abode; coast; shore-land; island.
GimelVauBet --- food.
BetVauGimel --- pr.n. "A Pit".
DaletDaletGimel --- to cleave, to dig; till, plow; to cut off; locusts.
ChetGimel --- issuing forth, birth.
HayBetDalet --- to flow out, to evacuate (the body), urinate; tattle, talk, report, rumor.
BetHayDalet --- to shine, gleam; to glitter; gold.
GimelGimelHay --- to speak softly, whisper; sound of heart beating.
VauHay --- oh!, wo! (grief).
BetBetZain --- a buzzer, fly, mosquito.
DaletZain --- proud; impudent, wanton; impious.
AlephBetChet --- to wrap, hide.
GimelChet --- festival; feast; festive sacrifice.
BetTet --- good; pleasing.

12 > 3- 12 -12 = 22x3
HayDaletBetAleph --- Abyss; lost thing.
(5,4, ,2,1: 3 missing = lacks Gimel of perfection, or the mystery is hidden.
12 > 3 = Gimel. 3+7 = 10 > 1 see #7, DaletBetAleph
This is the Hebrew word for "Abyss", that which is crossed by the path of Gimel on the Tree of Life diagram.
If Gimel is added, and Hay removed: 4+3+2+1 = 10.)
HayVauAleph --- to be desired or fitting; to wish or crave for, to strive after.
--- howl.
--- to measure or mark off.
--- to rest or dwell.
--- desire, lust or longing.
DaletZainAleph --- settled or decided.
BetAlephChetAleph --- pr.n. "Father's Brother" = "Uncle".
HayHayBet --- to be silent, still; to be empty, waste.
AlephTetBet --- (16); to prate, babble.
YodBet --- particle of entreaty, pray!
HayDaletGimel --- to cut away, crop off; banks of a river; fortune, Venus (as good luck sign, lucky "Star")
GimelVauGimel --- pr.n. "Gog" = prince of the land of Magog, "To be High" or "Gigantic".
HayBetAlephDalet --- a melting away (for anxiety); dread.
BetVauDalet --- (6); bear; she-bear.
HayGimelDalet --- to increase, multiply abundantly; a fish, fish.
BetVauDalet --- to flow, pine away.
HayBetHay --- (7,17); yield up!, give!, come on!
AlephVauHay --- he, she, it; to be.
VauVau --- the letter Vau; a holdfast, hook, nail.
HayZain --- this; lamb.
BetBetChet --- to fold, cover up; to embrace, to love, imbosom, caress, cherish;
pr.n. "Caressed".
AlephGimelChet --- vertigo, dizziness, trepidation.
DaletChet --- the numerical adj "one", a, an; indicator of multiplication (as "one" seven times ...); sharp.
The one and the many are one
BetAlephTet --- to be bright, good; to be happy, to rejoice.

13 > 4- 13 -6th prime
YodBetAleph --- how!, ah!; pr.n. "Yah (HayYod) is Father".
(1/2 HayVauHayYod = 26/2 = 13. This instance represents desire for HayYod of HayVauHayYod as half the great name of god. Father's longing for Mother, 1st half in search of the 2nd half.)
HayDaletGimelAleph --- a band or tie; band to troop; a compacting together; arch, vault (of heaven).
(Elimination of the Bet in a straight sequence indicates lack of capacity to flow --- current, direction of passage, etc. --- thus a binding force of adhesion. Represents the limiting condition for maintenance of creation.)
HayBetHayAleph --- a loving; love; a love, a beloved or a darling.
AlephVauHayAleph --- pr.n. "Water".
HayZainAleph --- (see also 9); to light; to heat.
AlephDaletZainAleph --- settled; firm.
DaletChetAleph --- to unite.
--- one (1); first; anybody, someone; the same, sole.
BetYodAleph --- to be eager; willful; hateful.
--- enemy.
VauHayBet --- wasteness, emptiness.
ChetBetGimel --- to be high (of the forehead); forehead-bald.
HayHayGimel --- to be high; to lift up; to remove; to escape.
DaletVauGimel --- to cut or wound; to decide or destine; to bind or join.
YodGimel --- a depression, valley, a hollow; body; person; a people; troops; swarms.
HayGimelAlephDalet --- anxiety, depression; agitation.
HayDaletDalet --- to go slowly, softly.
GimelVauDalet --- to fish; a fisher.
AlephChetDalet --- to pound (vulgar term for activity in intercourse or for masterbation).
VauBetHay --- love excessively.
HayGimelHay --- to murmur; have a deep tone; coo; sigh, moan; to mutter (as enchanters); to rumble; growl; to speak; to sign; to meditate, answer, think; devise, plot; to separate, remove (dross): to take away; murmuring, whispering; sighing, moaning, muttering (of thunder); meditation; a sound.
DaletDaletHay --- to shout, cry, roar, sing; be powerful, strong; pr.n. "Mighty" --- a Syrian god "Hadad" or "Adad".
VauAlephVau --- Spelling of the letter name Vau in Briah & Yetzirah.
BetHayVau --- pr.n. "A Gift".
DaletBetZain --- to present with, to endow, pr.n. "Endower"; gift, dowry.
VauZain --- brightness, bloom; Ziv (2nd Hebrew month: New moon in May to new moon in June); this.
BetGimelChet --- to hop, spring; locust.
AlephDaletChet --- one; to rejoice; to split, cleave.
BetBetTet --- to be good, pleasant.
BetAlephYod --- to long for.
AlephBetYod --- to enter, go within, penetrate; have sex.

14 > 5- 14 -14 = 2x7
HayDaletDaletAleph --- (see also 13); to go slowly; softly.
ZainVauAleph --- to look out or hope.
HayChetAleph --- to join.
DaletTetAleph --- to penetrate, to stick in.
--- buckthorn.
YodBetBet --- pr.n. "Boyish".
HayZainBet --- to tread, despise.
--- despised.
--- prey, booty.
DaletGimelDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Cavern of the Defile", "A Defile".
HayVauGimel --- to be curved, arched; body, ridge, back; a lifting up; pride; person.
AlephYodGimel --- a depression, valley; hollow; body; person; a people; troops; swarms.
ChetBetDalet --- to sacrifice; a sacrifice.
DaletVauDalet --- to boil; to warm or move (the heart); to love; and object of love, a beloved; a friend; uncle; nephew, pr.n. "David" = "Beloved"; boiler, pot, kettle; basket.
YodDalet --- want, need; sufficiency, enough,; who, which, that.
ChetAlephHay --- aha!
BetHayBetHay --- gift, offering.
HayDaletHay --- to stretch out (the hand); to point, lead.
BetHayZain --- to shine, glitter (as gold); to be bright yellow; gold; shekels (when preceded by a numeral); gold light, brilliance; oil.
AlephBetGimelChet --- locust.
GimelGimelChet --- to turn about, move in a circle, dance; to reel; to celebrate a festival or holiday.
BetBetYod --- to shout, to shout afar or aloud.
DaletYod --- (20); the hand, the letter Yod; power, force; help; a slap or stroke; the side, the brink; space, place; a monumental pillar.

15 > 6- 15 -15 = 3x5
BetYodBetAleph --- sprout, ear (of grain).
BetHayBetHayAleph --- to love excessively.
VauChetAleph --- marsh-grass, sedge, bulrushes, Nile-grass.
--- pr.n. "Brother"
DaletYodAleph --- a turn or fate calamity, ruin.
DaletVauGimelBet --- faithless.
ZainVauBet --- to tread, trample; despise; to show contempt for; to treat with impunity.
--- contempt, derision.
HayVauAlephGimel --- exaltation, highness, majesty; pride, haughtiness; excellency.
YodBetGimel --- pr.n. "Collector".
VauVauGimel --- to be curved or arched.
HayZainGimel --- to cut out, hew; pr.n. "Quarry"; a fleece.
HayVauDalet --- to be sick; to menstruate; to be sad, languish; to spin; to clothe; sickly, weakly, menstrous; a menstruous cloth; sad, wretched; to drive or push away; rinse, cleanse.
VauDaletHay --- India.
DaletVauHay --- to sound forth, sing; to make famous, to praise; to shine, to bloom; utterance, sound; renown or splendour; pr.n. "Hod" the eighth Sephira
--- considered2 feminine in traditional Qabalah. Hod corresponds3 to the Left Leg of Adam Qadmon (161).
YodHay --- signing, lamentation. Rare spelling of the letter Heh.
BetVauZain --- to flow (water, menses, semen, etc.); flux.
AlephZainZain --- pr.n. "Projection".
HayBetChet --- hide.
AlephVauChet --- to breath, to speak.
BetGimelYod --- to cut up, to plow; a plowed field.
AlephDaletYod --- to utter, to confess; to praise.
HayYod --- short from of HayVauHayYod --- he/she is, he/she creates; god.
HayYod --- pr.n. "He Is" or "She Is", Yah --- the divine name associated4 with the 2nd Sephira Chokmah, HayMemKafChet (73). (Isa. XXVI, 4)5.
2. G-K p. 92
3. G-K p. 93
4. G-K p. 90.
5. G-K p. 90.

16 > 7- 16 -16 = 24
HayChetBetAleph --- slaughter, murder..
DaletVauHayAleph --- pr.n. "Strength".
YodHayAleph --- where
--- shortened form of HayYodHayAleph, divine name (see 21).
BetVauZainAleph --- hyssop
ZainChetAleph --- to grasp, seize; to hold fast; to take fright; to join together; fasten in; to cover over; to shut fast; to take out (by lot).
--- property.
--- pr.n. "Seizer" or "Possessor".
HayYodAleph --- clamorous bird (of prey --- unclean), vulture, falcon.
--- where?, where now?, anywhere.
--- criers, howlers; jackals.
YodDaletBet --- so often as.
TetHayBet --- to shine, gleam.
--- marble; alabaster.
ZainZainBet --- to despise; cut off, plunder, spoil, rob.
HayTetBet --- (12); to prate, babble.
--- idle talk, prating.
ZainVauGimel --- to flee, to hasten away; refuge.
HayChetGimel --- to gush, burst forth.
HayVauHay --- to breathe, to live, to be or exist; to breathe after or desire; to expire, die; ruin; desire, cupidity; calamity; mischievousness.
AlephYodHay --- he, she, it; she; she is, was.
GimelVauZain --- to enclose, envelope.
HayGimelChet --- to cut into, to cleave.
DaletDaletChet --- to be sharp, pointed, to be eager, quick, fierce; to sharpen, brighten; pr.n. "Sharpness".
BetVauChet --- to be bound, indebted; debt.
AlephZainChet --- to behold, look on.
ChetChet --- a hook or ring.
AlephVauTet --- to be miry, dirty; to twine or bind together; to fast.
HayAlephYod --- to be becoming, suitable.

17 > 8- 17 -7th prime
YodGimelGimelAleph --- (a gentilic noun used for Haman --- suggests Amalekite origin).
ZainVauGimelAleph --- nut.
YodVauAleph --- pr.n. "Longing".
--- woe! (of complaint or threatening.)
ChetChetAleph --- to burn, be on fire.
--- to join.
--- to cry ah!, oh!; to groan, to howl.
DaletVauDaletGimel --- a cut or gash, furrow; a troop or band.
YodDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Fortunate"; a kid (goat).
ChetVauGimel --- to break forth, burst forth; deliver; rush, rush forth.
ZainZainGimel --- to shear off, crop off, cut off, sever; pr.n. "Shearer".
DaletYodGimel --- thew, sinew, tendon.
HayChetDalet --- to push or thrust down, overthrow.
GimelYodDalet --- to fish; fisher.
YodBetHay --- (7,12); yield up!, give!, come on!
DaletBetVauHay --- to be destroyed.
HayZainHay --- to dream.
BetVauBetZain --- a buzzer, fly, mosquito.
ChetBetZain --- to slaughter, kill (animals for food or sacrifice for a private reason); slaughtering; meal, repast; a sacrificing; a sacrifice.
HayHayZain --- to shine.
DaletVauZain --- boiling; to boil up (with pride); to act proudly toward.
YodZain --- this.
VauGimelChet --- cleft, fissure; excavation (home).
HayDaletChet --- to be glad, rejoice; pr.n. "Sharp Flowering".
GimelVauChet --- to make a circle, mark out with a compass; circle, vault, arch.
BetVauTet --- to be bright, goodly, pleasant; to be cheerful, happy; to be good or well, to please; fertile (land); fat (cattle); fruitful, fresh, fine; fair, pleasant, sweet, nice, great, ample, right, true; virtue; benefit, welfare, prosperity; goodness; beauty; joyousness; good luck; good things, blessings; the best, choice.
ChetTet --- to daub, smear over; to plaster; to besmear.
BetHayYod --- to give; give!, yield up!, set!, place!, come on!; to set or lay a foundation; a gift; lot, condition.
ZainYod --- to be about to bound or spring.

18 > 9- 18 -18 = 2x32
HayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is HayYod". (see also YodBetAleph)
YodZainAleph --- at that time; then.
HayBetYodAleph --- enmity, hate.
YodVauBet --- pr.n. "Boyish".
HayGimelVauDalet --- fishing, fishery.
YodGimelHay --- pr.n. "Exile".
HayVauZain --- to shine, gleam.
HayBetGimelChet --- pr.n. "Locust".
DaletVauChet --- to tie knots, make intricate; to riddle.
AlephTetChet --- to fail or miss; to sin; to forfeit; fault, sin; punishment, penalty; sinner, a guilty one.
YodChet --- alive; living; fresh; running (water); life; a living one.
HayGimelYod --- to be pressed or pained; to expel, separate, remove.
DaletDaletYod --- to love warmly; to cast or throw lots.
BetVauYod --- to shout aloud; pr.n. "Loud-shouting."

19 > 10 > 1- 19 -8th prime
YodVauBetAleph --- craving or need; woe! (19 > 10 reflects the need for perfection).
YodHayAleph --- pr.n. "Brother".
BetYodVauAleph --- male enemy.
DaletVauChetAleph --- pr.n. "Union".
YodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brotherly".
--- pr.n. "Union".
TetTetAleph --- to hide, conceal.
BetVauYodAleph --- pr.n. "Job", "Greatly Injured", "Greatly Hated".
ChetTetBet --- to confide; to feel confident, to be secure.
--- to be bulging, thick.
--- confidence, security.
YodHayDalet --- villagers?
HayDaletVauDalet --- aunt.
HayYodDalet --- to wet, flow; to dye; a bird of prey inhabiting ruins, kite, glede.
YodDaletHay --- pr.n. "Mighty".
DaletVauBetZain --- pr.n. "Endowed".
YodBetZain --- pr.n. "Buzzing".
TetBetChet --- to beat off, to beat out, to thresh.
HayVauChet --- to breathe, to live; to speak; to wind, coil, encircle; life --- name of Eve; a round tent or encampment, a hamlet or village.
BetTetChet --- to hew, cut, to fell; to be cut, marked with cuts; to be party-colored.
ChetBetTet --- to slaughter (cattle); to kill (men), to massacre; a slaughter, killing, butchering; slaughtered beast, butcher's meat; slayer, butcher; cook; executioner, life-guard, body-guard.
HayDaletYod --- to sound forth, speak out; to throw or cast; to stretch forth, extend.
DaletHayYod --- to become a Jew; pr.n. "Praise".
BetAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Father."
BetZainYod --- to flow away, to escape; to deliver or rescue.
TetYod --- to be about to turn aside, deliver, rescue, avert, keep off.

20 > 2- 20 -20 = 22x5
Kaf --- Koph.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Gimel, Yod, Qof; Bet, Peh; Aleph, Hay, Chet, Ayin; Taw; Tzaddi, Samekh, Shin)
(Koph --- Peh-finalKaf --- 100/820 --- Bent or Hollow Hand, Palm, Fist).
(When on the end of a word, sometimes takes a different shape and has the value 500)
--- As a prefix: as, like, as if; about, approximately, around; so, as well as, after, according to; very, most, utterly (comparison); when, according to.
--- As a particle: as like; as it were.
YodBetZainAleph --- pr.n. "Blooming".
HayVauChetAleph --- intimation or declaration.
--- brotherhood.
HayZainVauBet --- contempt, objects of contempt.
VauDaletVauDalet --- pr.n. "Loving".
YodVauDalet --- languor, illness; what is sickening, loathsomeness; faint, sick at heart.
ChetChetDalet --- to thrust.
VauYodDalet --- a fluid; die, ink.
HayYodHay --- to breathe, live; to be (root of HayVauHayYod & HayYodHayAleph), to exist, live; to be for; to come into existence; to become something; come to pass, occur; ruin, calamity.
ZainVauZain --- to shine, gleam; to sprout, spurt, shoot forth, flourish, abound; move to and fro, range about.
YodBetChet --- to hide
HayZainChet --- to divide, to sunder; to discern, to select; to behold, look on; the divided part, middle part, breast; to cut; seer, prophet; covenant.
AlephTetAlephTet --- to sweep away dirt.
HayVauTet --- to twine, bind; to spin.
DaletVauYod --- (14); the hand, the letter Yod, power, force; help; a slap or stroke; the side, the brink; space, place; a monumental pillar.
VauDaletYod --- pr.n. "Loving".
BetBetVauYod --- pr.n. "battle-shout".

21 > 3- 21 -21 = 3x7
HayYodHayAleph --- divine name expressing: "I AM"; (see also 16). The divine name associated with the 1st Sephira, TawReshKaf (620); expressing absolute being. (Exod. III, 4)6.
HayZainChetAleph --- (a thing) held, a holding; property.
KafAleph --- (501 w/f); that; but, yet, however; only (limitation).
YodVauGimelBet --- pr.n. "A Son of the People".
HayYodDaletBet --- pr.n. "Worshiper of Yah".
YodBetVauGimel --- swarm of locusts.
YodChetGimel --- to burst forth; break forth, rush; bear, deliver.
ChetYodGimel --- to break forth, burst forth; bear, deliver; rush forth; pr.n. "Gushing Forth".
GimelYodGimelHay --- signing, moaning; complaint.
YodVauHay --- oh!, woe!, alas! (grief, threatening), ho! (exhortation).
DaletYodZain --- to boil up (with pride); to act proudly towards.
YodGimelChet --- festive.
HayBetVauChet --- pr.n. "Hiding Place".
ZainVauChet --- to cover, to shelter.
VauZainChet --- pr.n. "Sight"; "A Vision"; "Appearance".
VauHayYod --- short form of HayVauHayYod --- "He/She is"; "He/She creates"; god.
BetTetYod --- to be good; to be well.
6. G-K p.90

22 > 4- 22 -22 = 2x11
HayYodVauAleph --- woe! (of complaint or threatening).
HayTetVauBet --- to prate, babble.
HayYodDaletGimel --- banks; a she-kid (goat).
YodChetDalet --- thrust, push; a fall.
HayDaletBetVauHay --- to destroy.
VauYodVau --- spelling of the letter Vau for Atziloth.
HayChetBetZain --- sacrifice.
DaletVauDaletChet --- sharpness, point; joy, gladness.
YodDaletChet --- breast.
ChetVauChet --- to cut into, to hook fast; hook; thorn, thornbush.
ZainZainChet --- to cut into, pierce through, transfix.
HayTetChet --- wheat.
HayBetVauTet --- good, a blessing; welfare; goodness; bounty.
HayChetTet --- to drive, thrust; to shoot; the reins (kidneys).
AlephVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Living One".
HayZainYod --- to gather together; assemble. (The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters).
DaletChetYod --- to be united; oneness, union, community; together, unitedly; alike, equally; all, all as one.

23 > 5- 23 -9th prime
KafBetAleph --- (503 w/f), to twirl or eddy; to mount up in a column (of smoke).
ChetVauChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brotherhood".
HayZainYodAleph --- where?, where now?
AlephKafBet --- to drop or trickle, to flow scantily.
--- trickling, weeping, a tree (like balsam-scrub).
DaletDaletYodHay --- shout of joy; vintage-cry; war-cry.
YodDaletBetZain --- pr.n. "Gift of Yah", "Zebadi".
ChetChetZain --- to remove; to bind, knit.
VauYodZain --- brightness, cheerfulness.
TetVauChet --- to bind, to sew; thread, string.
HayAlephTetChet --- a sin, a sin offering; sinful; penalty for sin
HayYodChet --- to live, be, exist; to coil up, to enclose, collect; vitality, life; animal, beast; living things; quadrupeds (opp. to birds, reptiles etc.); wild beasts; living creature (angel); a band or troop of men; a people.
ChetVauTet --- to daub, smear over; to plaster; besmear.
BetAlephKaf --- to hurt, to pierce; to be sore; feel pain, to suffer; to be sick or sad; pain; grief.

24 > 6- 24 -24 = 23x3
VauHayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is HayYod". (See also YodBetAleph).
YodZainVauAleph --- pr.n. "Hoped For".
AlephDaletYodChetAleph --- a riddle, enigma.
HayYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother or Friend of Yah". (See also 30).
HayChetTetBet --- trust, security.
HayYodVauGimel --- body; corpse; the name of the lowest soul in Qabalah (for Malkut).
YodDaletVauDalet --- pr.n. "Loving"; baskets; love-apples.
DaletYodVauDalet --- pr.n. "Beloved", "David".
KafDalet --- (504 w/f); this; crushed, oppressed, wretched; victim.
HayDaletYodHay --- choirs.
HayDaletVauBetZain --- pr.n. "Dowered".
ZainYodZain --- fullness, exuberance; an animal, wild beast; fertility (?).
YodVauChet --- pr.n. "Villager".
HayBetTetChet --- tapestry.
HayChetBetTet --- a cook; a slaughtering (of cattle); flesh (of a butchered beast), meat.
TetVauTet --- to be sticky, slimy; to coil; a serpent; the letter Tet.
YodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Loving".
HayTetYod --- pr.n. "Extended".
BetBetKaf --- to make round.
DaletKaf --- a pail, tub.

25 > 7- 25 -25 = 52
AlephVauHayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is He".
(AlephVauHay + YodBetAleph = He + Father = 12 + 13, lacks one (Aleph) of 26 = HayVauHayYod).
VauYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brotherly".
DaletKafAleph --- to bind together, fortify; pr.n. "Fortress".
AlephKafDalet --- to break in pieces, beat small; oppress; crushed; small; broken (in spirit); contrite; dust.
AlephZainYodZain --- pr.n. "Abundance".
HayYodBetChet --- pr.n. "Yah Hides".
AlephVauYodChet --- an animal, a beast.
ChetChetTet --- to daub, smear over; to plaster; to besmear.
HayHayBetGimelYod --- pr.n. "High".
DaletVauHayYod --- Judah's Land --- Judea; the Jews.
ChetAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Brother".
AlephChetVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah lives".
HayBetChetYod --- pr.n. "Hidden".
HayKaf --- thus; now; hear; this way, that way; hitherto.

26 > 8- 26 -26 = 2x13
YodZainChetAleph --- pr.n. "Holder".
KafBetDalet --- (506 w/f); to stick, join together.
HayYodGimelChet --- pr.n. "Festive".
DaletYodDaletChet --- pr.n. "Sharp-peak".
YodChetChet --- hook, ring.
TetTetChet --- to cut, dig, explore.
HayVauHayYod --- god, Jehovah or Yahweh; He/She is; He/She creates. --- the divine name associated7 with the 3rd Sephirah Binah, (67)
HayBetTetYod --- pr.n. "Pleasantness".
HayAlephKaf --- to be dejected, sad.
DaletBetKaf --- to be heavy, weighty; to be a burden; to be wealthy; to be severe; to be dull; to be in honour; to be glorious; sore, grievous; abundant, numerous; sluggish; difficult; the liver; glory; violence; a multitude.
BetDaletKaf --- to lie, to deceive; lying, deceiving.
VauKaf --- a window, a hole; thus, now; hitherto; in this manner; how?
7. G-K p. 90

27 > 9- 27 -27 = 33
YodChetChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brotherhood".
HayKafBet --- to flow in drops, to weep; to weep at or for.
--- weeping.
KafZain --- (507 w/f); transparent, clear, pure; free from fault, blameless.
YodTetChet --- sin.
HayDaletYodChet --- trick, intrigue; a riddle, poetic saying, song; a parable, proverb, maxim; oracle, vision.
ChetYodTet --- plaster (on a wall).
HayBetKaf --- to cover, hide; to go out, be quenched; to perish.

28 > 10 > 1- 28 -28 = 22x7
DaletVauHayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is renown".
KafVauBet --- (508 w/f); to tangle, to perplex.
YodZainChetGimel --- pr.n. "Valley of Vision".
BetHayZain YodDalet --- pr.n. "Of Gold", a place reich in gold and near Sinai.
HayYodDaletBetZain --- (34); pr.n. "Yah Presents".
HayDaletYodBetZain --- (24); pr.n. "Dowered".
AlephKafZain --- to be clear, transparent; to be pure.
AlephYodTetChet --- sin-offering.
YodYodChet --- to live.
KafChet --- (508 w/f); a man-trap; the gums, palate, inside of mouth (stress is on those parts which taste food).
TetYodTet --- clay; mud, mire.
DaletYodDaletYod --- lovely, pleasant; one beloved, a friend.
VauDaletChetYod --- his or its unions; together; alike; all together; pr.n. "Union".
DaletDaletKaf --- to cut or hollow out; to burn, glow, sparkle.
BetVauKaf --- to shine, twinkle, pr.n. "Nubia".
ChetKaf --- strength; might; ability, capacity; violence; strength (of the earth), wealth, produce, riches, means; a lizard (gecko).

29 > 11 > 2- 29 -10th prime
HayKafDalet --- to crush, break; crushing.
KafDaletHay --- (509 w/f); to tread to pieces, tread down.
HayZainYodZain --- pr.n. "Fulness".
HayYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "He Thanks".
YodDaletHayYod --- pr.n. "Leader".
DaletBetZainVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Presented".
BetZainKaf --- to bind together; to combine, devise, to fabricate, to lie; a lier; a lie, falsehood.

30 > 3- 30 -30 = 2x3x5 (1st 3 primes)
Lamed --- Lamed.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Mem, Nun, Resh; Dalet, Tet, Taw; Yod)
(Lamed = DaletMemLamed --- 74; DaletMemLamedMem --- beater, chastiser; staff, goad, Ox-Goad)
--- As a prefix: (direction or motion) to; into; for, towards; to, for, into; to, for, against; (may express "belonging to" or "possession"); by, from; in regard to respect to; at, in.
ChetYodTetBetAleph --- mellon(s).
BetVauTetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Goodness".
HayYodVauChetAleph --- declaration or solution (of a riddle).
VauHayYodChetAleph --- (see also 24); pr.n. "Brother or Friend of Yah".
BetZainKafAleph --- deceit, falsehood.
KafVauDalet --- (510 w/f); to pound, bruise (in a mortar); a cock, treader.
HayYodDaletVauHay --- pr.n. "Renown of Yah".
HayYodZainChet --- pr.n. "Yah Beholds".
HayDaletVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Praised" --- Judah, Tribe of Judah; Judea, the Jews.
HayTetVauYod --- pr.n. "Extended".
KafYod --- (510 w/f); to strike or smite.
HayHayKaf --- to be weary, faint; to be feeble, dim; dull of sight; feeble, expiring; depressed; pale, faint; mitigation, healing.
DaletVauKaf --- to pierce, to wound; to destroy.
AlephBetZainKaf --- pr.n. "Deceptive".
YodKaf --- that; because; for; when; where fore, that; but.

31 > 4- 31 -11th prime
HayYodZainChetAleph --- (see also 37); pr.n. "Holds"
DaletChetYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Union".
KafYodAleph --- (511 w/f); how?; oh how!
LamedAleph --- that, yon.
--- nothing.
--- a strong or mighty one; a hero; strength, power; God --- divine name associated8 with the 4th Sephira Chesed, (72).
--- to, towards, unto, into; against.
--- these.
--- (definite article replacement) "the".
VauHayVauDaletVauDalet --- pr.n. "Love of Yah".
KafVauHay --- (511 w/f); to go.
YodZainVauChet --- pr.n. "Seer".
HayVauKaf --- to burn or brand.
AlephLamed --- (37); nothing, nothingness; no, not; without; not yet.
8. G-K p. 91

32 > 5- 32 -32 = 25
AlephLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Strong".
YodKafBet --- trickling; dripping; weeping.
LamedBet --- nothing; not; that not; lest; not yet.
--- Lord, Bel, Belus, Baal.
--- heart; purpose resolve.
HayKafZain --- to be clear, pure, faultless; to gain or win (in a law-suit); to cleanse, make pure.
ZainYodZainChet --- arrow, lighting. (All thirty-two paths of the tree of light, created by the Lignting).
HayYodBetVauTet --- pr.n. "Yah is Good".
ZainChetAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Keeps" --- a chronicler to King Josiah.
HayYodZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah assembles".
DaletYodChetYod --- one alone, an onely one; an only son; only daughter; lonely, desolate; forlorn, wretched.
DaletVauBetKaf --- weight; abundance; riches; glory, honour; majesty or glory. (This is the Divine Glory, used in a traditional Hebrew night prayer which formed the basis for the middle part of the Lesser Pentagram Ritual of the Order of the Golden Dawn).
VauVauKaf --- to hollow out, to pierce.
DaletChetKaf --- to conceal, hide.
BetLamed --- the heart; the life, soul; feelings, affections, emotions; thinking, moral sentiments; volition, determination; knowledge, understanding; middle or midst.

33 > 6- 33 -33 = 3x11
LamedBetAleph --- to fall or sink down, to droop; to wither, anguish (of a green field); to be sorrowful; to mourn.
--- to be moist; to be fresh or green.
--- moist spot, meadow.
--- mourning; a wailing cry.
--- truly, decidedly; but, yet.
--- river, stream; river district.
AlephLamedBet --- to vex or hurt.
LamedGimel --- exultation; heap; fountain, well; bowl; to be hollow.
VauKafZain --- purity, cleanness (moral).
HayKafChet --- to wait for; testing; a bait, a hook, an angle.
HayDaletYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Beloved".
HayYodChetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Lives".
BetAlephLamed --- to burn, to be parched.
AlephBetLamed --- to seize or raven; to bellow or roar.
GimelLamed --- a cavity or basin; a log (measure for liquids = 1/12th of a Nun-finalYodHay = 3 1/3 gills).

34 > 7- 34 -34 = 2x17
LamedGimelAleph --- to roll (of water), to flow in waves, to well.
--- wellings of dew; reservoirs of dew.
DaletVauHayYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Renown".
LamedBetBet --- pr.n. "Confusion"; Babel, Babylon.
LamedAlephGimel --- to open up, reveal
YodKafDalet --- a dashing (to pieces); breakers.
LamedDalet --- moving, swaying to and fro, tottering; weak; poor, lowly; thin, lean.
VauHayYodDaletBetZain --- (28); pr.n. "Yah Presents".
DaletBetZainVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
ZainYodZainYod --- pr.n. "Roaming".
YodDaletKaf --- according to need of; as, as soon as; when.
ChetVauKaf --- to be strong, powerful; strength.
DaletYodKaf --- wound, hurt; calamity.
BetBetLamed --- to cover up, envelop; the heart.
DaletLamed --- pr.n. "Strife".

35 > 8- 35 -35 = 5x7
GimelLamedBet --- to break forth; cheer up.
LamedBetGimel --- to turn, plait or combine, twist together; to be high; to bound or limit; to set (as a boundary); pr.n. "Little Mountain", "Hills".
BetLamedGimel --- to shear away, shave off; barber.
LamedAlephDalet --- to be tottering, to be poor.
KafYodHay --- (515 w/f) ; how?
YodKafHay --- that.
LamedHay --- there, yonder; (particle of interrog.)
YodDaletVauHayYod --- a Judean; a Jew, a Hebrew.
HayLamed --- nothing (31).

36 > 9- 36 -36 = 22x32
LamedHayAleph --- to be bright, to gleam, to shine.
--- contain; tent (both Bedowin and Tabernacle); shell or exterior of Tabernacle; dwelling place; the temple; the palace (of the Sun); people; family; patriarchal stock.
--- to tent.
--- lign-aloes, aloe-trees.
--- pr.n. "Eloha" --- divine name associated9 with the 5th Sephira Geburah, (216).
BetVauTetYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Goodness".
HayKafYodAleph --- how?; how; how!; where?, where there?
HayLamedAleph --- to worship, adore + god or might.
--- to be strong, muscular, fleshy.
--- will or wish; to affirm or swear by God; to intreat God (sometimes = to curse).
--- swearing; oath; curse; a covenant or agreement.
--- terebinth.
--- God; idol.
--- oak.
LamedDaletBet --- to separate; to go away; to divide, part, distinguish.
--- a part.
LamedBetDalet --- to press together.
HayYodVauDaletVauHay --- (41); pr.n. "Praise ye Yah".
AlephLamedHay --- to that side, yonder-ward.
ChetChetKaf --- to be vigorous.
HayAlephLamed --- to gasp or pant; to be tired or faint; pr.n. "Languid".
DaletBetLamed --- to or in separation.
VauLamed --- not; oh that, of if!, if!, would!
9. K-G p. 91

37 > 10 > 1- 37 -12th prime
LamedVauAleph --- to be wrong (in mind); to be foolish.
--- to knit or twist together; to be strong; mighty.
--- to go before or in front of; to be before; to begin.
--- strength; body.
VauHayYodZainChetAleph --- (see also 31); pr.n. "Holds".
VauLamedAleph --- see!, lo!; if (conjunction).
LamedHayBet --- to haste; to be alarmed, to tremble; to flee; to hasten after; to perish suddenly.
HayLamedBet --- to fall away, fail, be worn out; to fall off, waste away; mistress, possessor.
--- pr.n. "Timid."
--- to be timid; to terrify; to scare.
LamedDaletGimel --- to bind, twist; to be firm, strong; nape of the neck; to be great, high, extolled, mighty, important, precious; to grow up; growing, lusty; greatness, honour, majesty; pr.n. "Huge".
DaletLamedGimel --- to cover over; enclose; covering; shin.
LamedGimelDalet --- to float, flutter; banner, standard; pendant; to set up or display a banner.
GimelLamedDalet --- to leap or spring.
LamedBetHay --- to breathe, blow, exhale; to be vain, to act or speak vainly, have a vain hope; breath of air, a gentle breeze; breath; vanity; idols; idolatry; exhalation, mist; pr.n. of Able, Adam's second son --- "Exhalation".
YodKafZain --- pr.n. "Pure".
AlephTetYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Exploration".
ZainChetAlephVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Keeps".
HayDaletYodChetYod --- life; peerless or unique. Yehudia, the highest soul in Qabalah, associated with the Sephira Keter.
HayDaletVauBetKaf --- splendid, gorgeous; important, precious things.
HayBetLamed --- to low, to roar; to burn, to parch; a flame; the heart.
BetHayLamed --- to burn, to flame; a flame; a flashing or glittering; sword blade.
AlephVauLamed --- not; oh that!, oh if!, if!, would!

38 > 11 > 2- 38 -38 = 2x19
LamedAlephBetDaletAleph --- pr.n. "God's Training".
LamedAlephVauAleph --- will of God.
LamedZainAleph --- to glide; move away; to depart; to flow off or ebb; to vanish.
--- departure.
LamedVauBet --- to spring up or issue forth, to flow; to produce.
--- a streaming, rain; produce, increase; bough; what is produced.
VauLamedBet --- Toll, tribute; consumption (tax), excise.
YodZainChetYodGimel --- pr.n. "Valley of Vision".
HayLamedGimel --- to make bare, to strip, uncover, disclose, reveal, open; betray; to fling away; drive into exile; open up; cause to migrate, lead away captive; pr.n. "Circuit"; exile, captivity; a well; bowl-shaped capital (of a pillar); oil-bowl.
AlephLamedZain --- to lift or draw (water).
LamedChet --- host, army; unconsecration, unholiness; common use.
VauHayYodBetVauTet --- pr.n. "Yah is Good".
VauYodDaletChetYod --- his or its unions; together; alike; all together.
ChetKafYod --- to be straight, even, direct.
DaletDaletLamed --- to strive or quarrel.
GimelHayLamed --- study or learning.
BetVauLamed --- to burn or parch.
ChetLamed --- moist, sappy, fresh, new; freshness, vigour.

39 > 12 > 3- 39 -39 = 3x13
LamedBetVauAleph --- (see also 33); river, stream; river-district.
LamedChetAleph --- I will begin; I will profane.
DaletDaletLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Friend".
ChetLamedAleph --- to be turbid; to become foul or corrupt (morally).
LamedZainBet --- to be hard, firm.
AlephVauLamedBet --- old clothes, rags.
HayLamedAlephGimel --- redemption; relationship.
LamedVauGimel --- to go in a circle, to whirl, to turn round; to exult; to rejoice; to tremble; worship.
VauLamedGimel --- exile.
HayLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, to swing, wave; to draw, draw out; hanging down or pendulous thing; thread work; weaver's thrum; locks (of hair); poverty.
LamedBetZain --- habitation; to roll, to be round; dung balls; to dwell; to cohabit with.
AlephLamedChet --- to be sullied or rusty; to be sick.
LamedTet --- dew. (in Qabalah, a reference to the free gift of the deity without need for merit or prayer).
YodBetZainKaf --- pr.n. "False".
BetYodZainKaf --- pr.n. "Deceptive".
HayDaletLamed --- child-bearing.
DaletHayLamed --- to burn, to be swarthy.
GimelVauLamed --- to scoop out.
TetLamed --- covered or secret; ladanum (gum from opium poppies)

40 > 4- 40 -40 = 23x5
Mem --- Mem.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Bet, Vau, Peh; Lamed, Nun.)
(Mem = Mem-finalMem --- 80/640; Mem-finalYodMem --- 90/650 --- Water.)
--- As a prefix: what!; whatever, somewhat; from, out of (particle of departure, sometimes used for indications of comparison or contrast)
BetYodZainKafAleph --- pr.n. "Deceptive".
LamedChetBet --- loathing; to loath, to abhor.
HayGimelLamedBet --- pr.n. "Brightness".
DaletDaletLamedBet --- pr.n. "Son of Strife".
LamedZainGimel --- to cut, strip off, flay; to tear, snatch away, seize; to rob, steal, plunder; evaporate water; peep, twitter.
DaletLamedVau --- to bear, bring forth; child, offspring.
GimelLamedZain --- to draw, lift out.
HayYodDaletVauHayYod --- a Jewess.
LamedBetChet --- to wrap together, twist, bind; to bind, pledge; act torturously; to wound, to hurt, to destroy; to overthrow; writhing (labor pains); pangs; cord, rope, measuring line; a portion, an estate; a district, region; a snare, a toil; a band, a troop; destruction, desolation; hurt, harm; pledge; perverseness; a ropeman, shipman, sailor; a cable, ship's cable; a mast, helm.
BetLamedChet --- to stick on, smear over; to be sticky, greasy, fat; to be white; milk, fresh milk; fatness; the best part.
AlephLamedTet --- to hang about, to be torn; to be mended in pieces or patches.
HayYodZainChetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Sees".
TetAlephLamed --- in secret, stealthily; to conceal or hide; to utter privily or softly; gentleness; gently.
HayHayLamed --- to languish or faint; to wander or err, to act or speak rashly or foolishly.
DaletVauLamed --- to be burnt, swarthy.
AlephTetLamed --- to hide.
YodLamed --- if not; whether not; perhaps; unless.

41 > 5- 41 -13th prime
HayLamedHayAleph --- "her tent" --- symbolic term for Samaria.
BetLamedChetAleph --- pr.n. "Fat".
LamedYodAleph --- a strong ram or buck; stag, hart.
--- to knit or twist together; to be strong, mighty.
--- mighty or foremost man; great or strong tree, oak, terebinth, palm; buttress, pilaster, piller, post; frieze.
--- power or force.
YodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God"; to.
LamedGimelChet --- to hop about, leap or spring.
MemAleph --- (601 w/f); mother; step-mother; grandmother; a female ancestor; benefactress; Earth-Mother; owner; city.
--- there!, if now!; whether-or; no, not; if.
LamedTetBet --- to sever, leave off, rest, cease.
--- separate, hinder.
LamedAlephVauAlephGimel --- pr.n. "God's Majesty".
LamedVauBetGimel --- limit, bound, edge, margin; a bounded district.
LamedChetGimel --- to glow, burn; live coals; lightning.
ChetLamedGimel --- to be smooth, bare, bald; make bald, shear, shave; devastate.
HayLamedBetDalet --- a solid mass, a cake.
LamedVauHay --- to be bright, to gleam.
HayAlephLamedHay --- to that side, yonderward.
LamedBetTet --- to dip, to sink into; to be baptised.
LamedAlephYod --- to will, wish; to be dull, foolish; to be wry; to be in front, to begin.
HayYodVauKaf --- a burning or branding; pr.n. "Window of Yah".
TetBetLamed --- to cast down or prostrate.
HayVauLamed --- to cleave to, to accompany; to bind oneself, to borrow; to will or wish.
AlephMem --- what?; whatsoever. (In Qabalah, much is made of contrasting YodMem and AlephMem, "who" and "what"; signifying presence or lack of person, 10 v. 1, and the significance of words spelled with either letter. This significance is held to reflect strongly on 50 and 41. In particular, the 10 v. 1 aspect is sometimes taken to deny the existence of personality in the higher soul).

42 > 6- 42 -42 = 2x3x7
HayVauLamedAleph --- a god, God.
AlephMemAleph --- cubit, ell; pr.n. "Mother" --- an alternate name10 of the 3rd Sephira Binah, (67)
HayLamedHayBet --- terror, sudden ruin.
HayHayLamedBet --- terror, sudden ruin; pr.n. "Timid" or "Shy" of the mother of the tribes of Dan and Naphtali.
YodLamedBet --- destruction; lack, nought, nothing; without.
HayLamedDaletGimel --- greatness, majesty (of God); renown.
LamedChetDalet --- to be afraid.
ChetLamedDalet --- to trouble, make turbid.
VauHayYodVauDaletVauHay --- (31); pr.n. "Praise ye Yah".
ZainLamedHay --- this.
HayLamedZain --- to lift or draw (water).
LamedDaletChet --- to be slack, to leave off, cease, desist, rest, fail, let alone, abstain; failing, frail; forbearing; destitute, forsaken; resting-place; the grave.
DaletLamedChet --- to hide; to dig; pr.n. "Concealment"; hidden or indefinite time; duration, life, age; the world; mole.
LamedAlephBetTet --- pr.n. "God is Good".
LamedBetYod --- to flow or run; to sound aloud, shout; to bring; a stream; a blast, signal; the Jubilee.
DaletBetKafVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Glorious" --- name of the mother of Moses.
YodBetLamed --- a lion.
HayBetHayLamed --- a flame; blade or point.
HayZainLamed --- to turn aside.
10. G-K p. 90

43 > 7- 43 -14th prime
DaletVauBetKaf-YodAleph --- pr.n. "Inglorious".
LamedVauDaletGimel --- great, vast, mighty.
LamedYodGimel --- to roll; a revolving; age; exultation, joy.
YodLamedGimel --- to open up, reveal; cause to migrate, lead away captive.
MemGimel --- (603 w/f); accumulation, junction, addition; together, also, even.
LamedVauZain --- to shake, pour out; put aside, remove.
HayLamedChet --- to be weak, feeble; to be sick or ill; to feel pain, hurt; to soothe, stroke; to be sweet, comely; to adorn; a cake; sacrificial cake.
HayYodDaletYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Beloved of Yah" --- a name of Solomon the Son of David.
AlephYodBetLamed --- lion or lioness.
ZainVauLamed --- to wend or bend aside; to turn away; almond-tree or hazel; pr.n. "An Incline".
HayChetLamed --- to grind, to chew, to eat.
GimelMem --- great, mighty; a Magus or magician.

44 > 8- 44 -44 = 22x11
AlephYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father of Might" (LamedAleph) ( 13 + 31 = 44, YodBetAleph + LamedAleph. Near approach to 13 + 13 = 26, or HayVauHayYod. Actually a sort of numerical counterpoise to it. Stress to HayYod but
weakness > HayVau. 44 > 8 as will, Hod.)
MemGimelAleph --- (604 w/f); to be bent down, to be sad.
--- to gather, to flow together.
--- bowed down.
--- a pool; sedge flag or reed.
LamedZainVauAleph --- pr.n. "Emigrant".
DaletBetZainLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Gift".
BetAlephYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Father.
YodLamedBetBet --- Babylonian, (confusion).
ChetLamedDaletBet --- "Small precious things", bdellium --- a sweet resin.
HayLamedVauGimel --- exile; captivity.
AlephMemGimel --- to absorb, drink up; swallow; bulrush; absorbent (of moisture); Egyptian papyrus, paper-reed.
KafKafDalet --- (524 w/f); to crush, be wretched.
YodLamedDalet --- bucket.
MemDalet --- (604 w/f); blood; blood-guiltiness, murder; sap, juice, wine.
LamedVauChet --- to move in a circle, to dance; to turn or twist oneself, to writhe; to bear a child; to tremble, to be afraid; to be firm, strong, mighty; to wait; to surround, enclose; sand; pr.n. "Circuit".
HayAlephLamedChet --- a soiling or rust.
HayLamedTet --- to be fresh, young; a lamb.
LamedAlephGimelYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Redeems".
LamedBetYodBet --- in the Jubilee.
DaletLamedYod --- to lay down, let down (from the womb); to bring forth, to bear; to lay eggs; to beget (as a father); to create, produce; one born; a male child; a lad or boy.
DaletVauDaletYodKaf --- a spark.
TetHayLamed --- to burn or flame; to conceal, to use secret arts or sorcery; a flame, flashing sword blade.
ChetVauLamed --- to hew or cut; a tablet, table or slab; fold of a door.
DaletMem --- a garment; carpet; a measure.

45 > 9- 45 -45 = 32x5
MemDaletAleph --- (605 w/f); to stamp down, to make solid; to dam.
--- to be blood or red colored; to sparkle.
--- pr.n. "Adam" -- the first man; man, men, mankind; a male. (Note that Mem-finalAleph = mother; Dalet = symbol of the womb or maternal signature. Mem-finalDaletAleph = woman within woman = man is inwardly woman).
--- land of Edom; father of the race of Edom.
--- (see also 241/801) Aramea.
--- a red (precious stone) --- garnet, carnelian.
--- (see also 84/644); to be dumb, silent; to be struck dumb; to be amazed; to rest, to leave off; to stand still; to become silent; to be destroyed
YodGimelLamedBet --- pr.n. "Bright".
HayLamedZainGimel --- plunder.
MemHay --- (605 w/f); pr.n. "Multitude"; noise, crowdings (of people); they; such as they.
LamedVauBetZain --- a habitation; heaven.
LamedChetZain --- to creep, glide; to slink away, be timid.
HayLamedBetChet --- a pledge or pawn.
HayBetLamedChet --- pr.n. "Fatness".
LamedVauTet --- to lift, to cast.
HayKafKaf --- so and so, thus and thus.
TetVauLamed --- to hide, conceal; to be sticky or tough; a covering or veil; pr.n. "Concealment", the name of Lot.
HayAlephTetLamed --- a (kind of) lizard.
HayYodLamed --- garlands or festoons.
DaletAlephMem --- force, might; exceedingly, very; energetically, quickly.

46 > 10 > 1- 46 -46 = 2x23
LamedGimelYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Exultation".
HayLamedYodAleph --- hind, doe (also a term of endearment for a woman).
HayYodLamedAleph --- fat tail (burned in sacrifice --- 10 to 20 lbs on oriental sheep).
--- pr.n. "God is God" or "God is Yah" or "El is God" or "Mighty God" or "Mighty He is"; "Elijah" --- (see also 52).
HayMemAleph --- cubit, ell.
--- hand-maid, maid-servent, female slave.
--- terror.
--- Mother-city, metropolis; a foundation; fore-arm.
--- a people, tribe.
LamedYodDaletBet --- tin, tin-alloy; dross (to be separated from true metal).
HayLamedVauBetGimel --- border, margin (of land); seashore; limit, a bounded district.
LamedZainVauGimel --- young bird; young dove; eaglet.
HayLamedGimelChet --- pr.n. "Partridge".
LamedAlephZainChet --- pr.n. "God Sees".
ChetLamedChet --- pr.n. "Strength".
YodVauLamed --- pr.n. "Binding" or "Garland", "Levi".
ChetChetLamed --- to moisten; to be moist or juicy, fresh.
HayAlephMem --- to be great, much, numerous; magnitude or multitude, a number or amount; a hundred; before (or) after.

47 > 11 > 2- 47 -15th prime
LamedYodVauAleph --- wry, perverse; foolish; a fool; wicked; godless.
YodLamedVauAleph --- foolish.
--- if not; whether not; perhaps; fearing, doubting or hoping.
MemVauAleph --- (607 w/f); hum, hubbub (exp. of noise tumult or alarm).
MemHayBet --- (607 w/f); to be dumb, mute.
HayMemBet --- an elevation, height, sacred or altar-height, shrines or chapels built on eminences; strong-holds; fastness; grave-mound, sepulcre.
LamedYodDaletGimel --- fringes, tassels; wreaths, festoons.
DaletMemGimel --- to cut off; divide; measure; bind together; be strong, valiant; a dividing; ell or cubit; mighty men, warriors.
HayZainLamedHay --- this.
KafKafZain --- (527 w/f); to be clean, bright, pure.
LamedTetChet --- to be shaky, to waver.
HayDaletLamedChet --- pr.n. "Mole" or "Weasel".
TetLamedChet --- to draw out, to press (for information).
LamedVauBetTet --- head-dress, turban.
LamedAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Might" or "Yah is God".
DaletGimelMem --- to be honored, renowned; to be great or chief, to be noble; excellency, preciousness.

48 > 13 > 4- 48 -48 = 24x3
MemVauBet --- (608 w/f/); to be high, to rise upwards, to tower.
VauMemBet --- in water.
HayLamedVauDaletGimel --- greatness, majesty (of God); renown; pr.n. "Greatness" --- alternate name of the 4th Sephira Chesed, (72).
LamedAlephYodDaletGimel --- pr.n. "God's Good Luck", "God's Goat".
HayLamedYodGimel --- exultation.
VauZainLamedHay --- this.
HayLamedVauZain --- removal, a putting aside, besides, except.
LamedYodChet --- to move in a circle, dance; power, might; strength, produce; riches, wealth; force (for war), army; honesty, virtue, worth; fortification, bulwark, rampart, moat; pain, pang; trembling, terror.
KafKafChet --- (628 w/f); to seize.
YodLamedChet --- ornament, necklace; prostration, suffering, sickness; grief; evil; calamity.
MemChet --- (608 w/f); father-in-law; warm, hot; pr.n. "Swarthy", Ham, Egypt; heat.
LamedVauBetYod --- produce (of the land); wealth.
LamedBetVauYod --- a blast, a loud shout, sound or signal; "Jubilant"; river, stream; the Jubilee.
LamedChetYod --- to wait, hope.
DaletKafDaletKaf --- a ruby or carbuncle.
BetKafVauKaf --- a star; the planet Mercury; a prince.
YodChetLamed --- jaw, jaw-bone; cheek.
ZainAlephMem --- from that time
DaletDaletMem --- to stretch out, to measure; to mete out; to requite, flight, a fleeing or passing away.
ChetMem --- fat, marrowy; wealthy, noble.
--- marrow.

49 > 13 > 4- 49 -49 = 72
MemDaletDaletAleph --- (609 w/f); to go softly, slowly.
LamedYodBetVauAleph --- river, stream; river-district.
YodChet LamedAleph --- pr.n. "El Chai" --- divine name associated11 with the 9th Sephira Yesod, (81).
HayMemDalet --- (see also 50); to flow.
--- to be similar or like; to become like, to resemble; to liken or compare; to use similitudes; to think or deem; to meditate; to remember; to make oneself like.
--- dumb, silent; to make silent; to destroy.
--- silence; utter desolation.
BetAlephYodLamedHayAleph --- pr.n. "Father Tent" or "Family".
LamedYodBetVauAleph --- camel keeper.
YodLamedChetAleph --- (particle of wishing:) oh that!
--- pr.n. "Sickly.
YodChetLamedAleph --- "Ever Living God" or "God Lives".
DaletDaletYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is a Friend".
MemHayDalet --- (609 w/f); dumb.
HayYodLamedDalet --- (55); pr.n. "Yah hath saved".
MemDaletHay --- (609 w/f); to stamp hard, to tread or beat upon; foot-stool, hassock; to cut (into parts); piece, portion.
LamedAlephYodChet --- "Ever Living God" or "God Lives".
AlephMemChet --- to wrap together, to thicken or curdle; to be hot, to burn; to heat, anger, wrath.
YodLamedTet --- lamb; Aries (zodiacal sign).
HayDaletLamedYod --- a girl, maiden.
HayBetYodBetLamed --- pancakes.
AlephVauBetMem --- a coming in, entering; an entrance; setting (of the Sun), westward.
HayDaletMem --- stretch, measure; middle; extension, greatness; tribute; garment, carpet; measure.
AlephChetMem --- to strike, smite.
TetMem --- an incline or depression.
11. G-K p. 92

50 > 5- 50 -50 = 2x52
Nun --- Nun.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Lamed, Mem, Resh).
(May be added initially or medially or finally. May be assimilated or dropped).
(Nun = Nun-finalVauNun --- 106/756 --- Fish).
HayMemDaletAleph --- (see also 450 & 49); firm ground, earth; land or soil; tract of land, territory, country; the whole earth, the globe.
--- pr.n. "Fortress"
--- to flow; to become or be similar or like; to compare, use similitude; to think or deem; to remember; dumb or silent; to rest, to be destroyed; silence.
MemTetAleph --- (610 w/f); to close.
LamedBetZainYodAleph --- pr.n. "Unwedded".
MemZainGimel --- (610 w/f); to cut off, devour; locust.
ZainMemGimel --- to be hard, firm.
MemVauDalet --- (610 w/f); to be dumb; to rest.
VauYodLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, be pendulous, wave, totter, hang loose.
HayMemHay --- to hum, growl, snarl, coo, groan; to sound, roar, splash; to make a din; to be internally stirred; to be agitated; to buss about; they.
AlephMemTet --- to plunge; to be soiled, sullied, polluted; to be unholy; unclean.
HayLamedAlephDaletYod --- pr.n. "Poverty-stricken."
DaletVauLamedYod --- one born.
MemYod --- (610 w/f); a humming, roaring; the sea, a large river, the Nile, Euphrates; a reservoir; the West; warm springs.
LamedKaf --- completeness, totality, all; the whole; every; any one; wholly; altogether.
VauDaletMem --- garment.
GimelZainMem --- to mix.
--- mixture; spiced wine.
AlephTetMem --- to reach or come to.
YodMem --- who? (always suggests a person, even if applied to a thing); whoever, every one.
(In Qabalah, much is made of contrasting YodMem and AlephMem, "who" and "what"; signifying presence of lack of person, 10 v. 1, and the significance of words spelled with either of the pair of letters. This significance is held to reflect strongly on 50 and 41. In particular, the 10 v. 1 aspect is sometimes taken to deny the existence of personality in the highest soul).

51 > 6- 51 -51 = 3x17
MemVauDaletAleph --- (611 w/f; see also 45/605); the land of Edom, Essau or his posterity the Idumeans.
MemYodAleph --- (611 w/f); to alarm, to be noisy, to rage.
--- fearful, terrible.
--- terrors, idols.
LamedKafAleph --- to eat (often used of sword, fire, hunger, pestilence, idols, etc.)
--- eating; food; provision; prey.
--- pr.n. "I Am Able".
KafLamedAleph --- (531 w/f); these.
NunAleph --- (701 w/f & see 57/707, 61/711); pr.n. of Heliopolis, with ShinMemShin TawYodBet;
--- where?, whither?
--- ah now!, ah I pray thee!
--- to be nothing, naughty, wicked; to make effort, labor; to be exausted, to suffer; to earn by labour.
MemChetGimel --- (611 w/f); to glow, to flame; pr.n. "Live Coal".
MemVauHay --- (611 w/f); to roar, to be noisy; to agitate.
VauMemHay --- them.
HayLamedVauBetChet --- wrong, harm.
AlephMemYod --- to be bright, warm.
AlephLamedKaf --- to hold, confine, shut up; to restrain, keep back; enclosure; a prison; demarcation.
KafAlephLamed --- (531 w/f); to go (business or errand); to send or dispatch.
HayYodVauLamed --- wreath, garland.
TetBetMem --- look-out, expectation, hope.
AlephBetChetMem --- concealment, hiding-place.
AlephNun --- raw or under-done.
--- now!, pray! (particle or interjection of wishing or inciting).
--- pr. n. "House of Ammon", Thebes (in Egypt).

52 > 7- 52 -52 = 22x13
LamedTetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Shelter".
VauHayYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is God". (see also 46).
AlephBetChetYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God Hideth".
AlephNunAleph --- (see also 56); I (first person singular); ah now!, ah pray thee!
HayMemHayBet --- dumb beast; cattle; tame beasts; beast of burden; wild beasts.
NunBet --- (702 w/f); a sage.
--- son; king's son, a prince; boy, youth; grandson; descendants, posterity; a young one (beasts & birds).
HayYodLamedDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Great is Yah".
MemHayZain --- (612 w/f); to be foul, rancid; pr.n. "Loathing".
HayMemZain --- thought, plan, plot; counsel; mischief, crime; lewdness, incest; revolt, apostasy.
YodLamedDaletChet --- pr.n. "forbearing".
YodDaletLamedChet --- pr.n. "Long-lived" or "Worldly".
DaletMemChet --- to be warm, eager; to strive after something; to desire or covet; to take pleasure or delight in; attractiveness, pleasantness.
MemBetYod --- (612 w/f); to long for, to become attached; brother-in-law, husband's brother; to act the brother-in-law, to perform the levirate (impregnate your brother's widow to get him a son, the duty broken by Onan).
LamedBetKaf --- to bind, combine; a bond or fetter.
BetLamedKaf --- to weave, plait; dog; to be fierce, bold; pr.n. "Bold", "Brave", Caleb; a male prostitute, catamite.
AlephTetBetMem --- rash utterance.
GimelVauGimelMem --- pr.n. "Magog".
HayZainMem --- to suck out; to collect or store up; sucked out, exhausted. --- pr.n. "Firm".
DaletChetMem --- to be renowned.
BetNun --- pr. n. "Hill", of a city of the priests near Jerusalem.

53 > 8- 53 -16th prime
MemYodBetAleph --- (613 w/f); pr.n. "Father of Day".
NunBetAleph --- (703 w/f); to glow steadily; to build; to be firm.
--- to turn round.
--- stone, rock; hailstone. (Nun-finalBetAleph = Nun-finalBet (son) + BetAleph (father)).
--- round plate or disk; midwife stool; potter's stool or wheel.
HayBetYodLamedHayAleph --- pr.n. "My Tabernacle in Her" --- symbolic of Jerusalem.
AlephVauHayYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is God" --- see also 46.
VauLamedYodHayBet --- eagerness, haste.
AlephNunBet --- build.
NunGimel --- (703 w/f); enclosure, garden, orchard. park.
HayLamedYodChet --- writhing, pain; strength, bulwark.
HayYodLamedChet --- trinket, ornament.
HayMemChet --- to bind or join, hold, enclose; to be hot, to glow; heat, excitement; wine; anger; poison; warmth; the sun.
YodLamedGimelYod --- pr.n. "An Exile".
BetAlephLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Restrained".
VauDaletGimelMem --- pr.n. "Place of Troops", "Megiddo".
VauZainMem --- garner
HayChetMem --- to wipe; to wipe out (erase letters); to forgive (sins); to wipe off men (get rid of them); to touch on.
--- full of marrow.
AlephBetNun --- to bubble up or pour forth; to announce or tell; to speak as moved by divine impulse, to prophesy; to speak as a prophet or bard, to chant or sing; to rave; to act the madman.

54 > 9- 54 -54 = 2x33
NunGimelAleph --- (704 w/f); basin, cup. --- to enclose, to hold or contain.
YodMemDalet --- stillness, rest.
NunDalet --- (704 w/f); pr.n. "Judge"; tribe of Dan; Dan --- a Phoenician deity also called Eshmun; this.
LamedAlephYodDaletBetZain --- pr.n. "god's Present".
MemVauChet --- (614 w/f); to burn, to be scorched; black, dark-colored.
HayAlephMemChet --- soft curds; curdled milk.
HayMemTet --- unclean, condemned; stolid.
DaletYodLamedYod --- one born; descendant.
DaletKafLamed --- to take or catch; to seize; to master, to capture; to select or choose; snaring.
HayAlephVauBetMem --- entrances, havens.
HayZainBetMem --- contempt.
ChetBetDaletMem --- an altar.
ZainZainMem --- to be firm.
HayTetMem --- downwards.
--- a branch or shoot; a rod or stick; a scepter; empire; a spear; a stem or tribe.
--- a couch, divan; a litter or palanquin; a bear (for the dead).
--- spreadings or expansions.
--- a stretching or straining.
BetBetNun --- to bore through or make hollow; vain, foolish.
DaletNun --- a heap; waves (poetic reference to waves as heaped up in the sea).

55 > 10 > 1- 55 -55 = 5x11
YodMemDaletAleph --- pr.n. of a city "Human".
--- pr.n. "Edomite", "Idumean".
NunDaletAleph --- (705 w/f); to make firm, to settle, to rule or govern.
--- strong.
--- foundation, pedestal; basis (of a pillar) or timbers underlying (wooden partitions).
MemYodBetGimel --- (615 w/f); pr.n. "Cisterns" or "Locusts".
NunBetGimel --- (705 w/f); gibbous, to curve; hunch-backed.
BetNunGimel --- to steal, rob; thief.
HayMemVauDalet --- stillness; the grave.
VauHayYodLamedDalet --- pr.n. "Yah hath saved"; (49).
LamedKafHay --- to take, receive, hold; to be strong, firm.
KafLamedHay --- (535 w/f); to go; to be going to die; to spread; to extend; float; flow; continue, keep on; to walk, to live, pursue a way of life; to go away, to disappear, be gone, depart, die; a way, course, stream; a way-tax, toll.
NunHay --- (705 w/f); they; you, this, that; lo!, behold!; if; whether?
HayAlephMemTet --- uncleanness; impurity; an unclear thing.
LamedAlephVauChetYod --- pr.n. "God Quickens" or "God declares".
HayMemYod --- to be hot; to be bright; to be warm.
LamedHayKaf --- to be able.
HayLamedKaf --- to hold, contain, restrain; to be complete, finished; to be prepared, ready; to be destroyed; to waste away; to fail; to pass away or vanish; conclusion, completion; utterly, completely; destruction, utter ruin; pining, failing; to be stable, firm; a bride, spouse; a daughter-in-law.
HayKafLamed --- to thee; pr.n. "Journey".
HayVauDaletMem --- garment; disease, sickness.
ChetZainMem --- to gird; a girdle; a bond, fetter.
DaletAlephNun --- to envelope, to be hollow.
--- a leather bottle.
BetGimelNun --- to be dry.
--- drought; the south (the dry quarter); South Palestine.
AlephDaletNun --- to drive away.
HayNun --- eminence or excellency.

56 > 11 > 2- 56 -56 = 23x7
LamedYodGimelYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is exultation". (YodBetAleph = 13).
HayLamedVauChetVauAleph --- to wait in hope.
MemZainChetAleph --- (616 w/f); pr.n. "A Holding".
HayKafKafYodAleph --- how?
HayMemYodAleph --- terror, fear.
HayLamedKafAleph --- food.
HayNunAleph --- (also 52); I.
--- whither/ where-ward?
--- to sigh, to lament.
--- to bow, incline; to meet, approach; to cause to occur.
--- to swim or float.
NunDaletBet --- (706 w/f); parenthetically Samson (as "Danite").
VauZainMemGimel --- sycamore. (Nuit is called the Goddess of the Sycamore).
MemHayVauHay --- (616 w/f); pr.n. "He Will Ruin Them".
LamedAlephYodZainChet --- pr.n. "Seen of God".
MemVauYod --- (616 w/f); day; festival day; birthday, day of calamity, of battle; by day; today, at this or that day; lately; in the daytime; about that time; to be warm or bright.
LamedVauKaf --- completeness, totality, all; the whole; every, each; to hold or measure.
HayBetHayDaletMem --- gold exactress (process) or gold making.
ChetChetMem --- to be marrowy (of a bone); to be fat (of a sheep).
HayAlephNun --- to rest or settle, to dwell.
--- dwellings, pastures.
BetDaletNun --- to impel or incite.
--- to be willing or ready; to give freely.
--- pr. n. "Liberal" (a king of Israel, also a son of Aaron).

57 > 12 > 3- 57 -57 = 3x19
NunDaletBetAleph --- (707 w/f); destruction.
AlephNun-HayAleph --- ah now!
YodLamedYodVauAleph --- foolish.
NunVauAleph --- (707 w/f; also see 51/701); to be nothing, naughty, wicked; to make effort, to labor, to toil; to be exhausted, to suffer; to earn by labour.
--- breath; nothingness; vanity; naughtiness; worthlessness; sinfulness; falsehood; hypocrisy; deceit; idolatry; idol; labor or sorrow; distress.
--- wealth; force (poetically: son or sun).
VauNunAleph --- pr.n. "Powerful" or "Rich".
--- we.
NunHayBet --- (707 w/f); to be pressed together, to be thick; the thumb; great toe.
HayNunBet --- to build; lay a foundation; to build upon or up in; to rebuild, restore; grant family prosperity (descendants).
NunGimelDalet --- (707 w/f); to grow, increase; grain, corn, bread.
GimelNunDalet --- to be yielding, impressible.
NunBetHay --- (707 w/f); to be hard.
NunZain --- (707 w/f); sort, kind.
LamedYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Waverer".
MemTetChet --- (617 w/f); to muzzle; to close up; to restrain.
HayDaletMemChet --- desire, longing; delight; object of delight; lust.
TetMemChet --- to crouch; a lizard.
AlephVauLamedKaf --- confinement; a prison.
YodVauAlephMem --- desires.
HayChetDaletMem --- overthrow, ruin.
ChetBetZainMem --- an altar; (see also 114).
AlephBetDaletYodMem --- pr.n. "Flowing Waters" --- of a city in Reuben.
HayBetNun --- to be raised or convex, to be prominent.
DaletGimelNun --- to be in front or present, to be manifest.
--- to flow.
--- the front; before, in presence of; over against; against (as opposing); like, corresponding to; over (president); from over against, opposite.
AlephVauNun --- no, to nay, say 'no' (also the English word "No" exactly.
--- to be tough or raw.

58 > 13 > 4- 58 -58 = 2x29
LamedYodHayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Splendor".
HayNunBetAleph --- pr.n. "perennial".
NunZainAleph --- (708 w/f); the ear; to hear; to obey.
--- to point; to sharpen.
--- to weigh.
--- weapon or implement.
HayBetNunAleph --- (also 3); fruit.
HayNunBetAleph --- to enter, lead to, to bear.
NunVauBet --- (708 w/f; also 62/712); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern, hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
VauNunBet --- enter.
VauHayYodLamedDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Great is Yah".
HayNunGimel --- garden, park.
NunDaletDalet --- (708 w/f); pr.n. "Low Country".
NunGimelHay --- (708 w/f); to surround, to cover.
LamedKafChet --- to be black or dark; to sadden.
KafLamedChet --- (538 w/f); to be black, gloomy, unhappy, wretched; wretchedness; wretched one.
NunChet --- (708 w/f); favorable inclination, favor, grace, kindness; gracefulness; attractiveness, charm.
(considered a Noteriqon for HayReshTawSamekhNun HayMemKafChet, Secret Wisdom or Qabalah.
LamedAlephYodZainYod --- pr.n. "God's Assembly".
LamedYodChetYod --- waiting, hoping.
MemChetYod --- (618 w/f); to be warm, heated; to be in (sexual) heat, to rut; to conceive.
HayVauHayYod DaletVauBetKaf --- the brightness or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in the tabernacle, in the temple. (Schkinah --- 385).
LamedVauBetKaf --- pr.n. "Pledged" or "Bound".
LamedChetKaf --- to streak or color (especially the eyes with kohl); to paint. (this is the word for cosmetic antimony paste, Kohl, and is the root of the English word Color).
BetVauLamedKaf --- net-work; a basket, a cage.
ChetLamedKaf --- to be firm or strong; haleness, strength; hale old-age.
KafChetLamed --- (538 w/f); to lick up, to devour, to consume.
ChetVauDaletMem --- seductions.
YodChetMem --- a stroke or blow.
DaletDaletYodMem --- pr.n. "Love".
VauBetNun --- pr. n. "Speaker", Nebo the Chaldean deity akin to Mercury (worshipped as the celestial scribe or interpreter).
--- pr. n. "Hill-top".
HayGimelNun --- to shine or gleam; to cause to shine; to enlighten.
--- a shining or gleaming (of fire); glory (divine).
--- light or day-break.
DaletDaletNun --- to move to and fro, to flap (wings); to move or wander about, to stray.
--- to flee.
GimelHayNun --- to be tall or lofty, to be eminent.
--- to sigh or pant.
BetVauNun --- to spring or shoot up, to sprout; to be vigorous or hale (of old men); to increase (as wealth); to utter.
ChetNun --- pr. n. "Rest" or "comfort", Noah.

59 > 14 > 5- 59 -17th prime
DaletVauLamedYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother by Birth".
ChetNunAleph --- to lament, to moan.
MemYodVauGimel --- (619 w/f); pr.n. "Nations" or "Gentiles".
NunVauGimel --- (709 w/f); to protect, shelter.
HayNunDalet --- pr.n. "Whisper".
NunBetZain --- (709 w/f); to gain, to buy.
BetNunZain --- to be pendulous, to wave, wobble; to cut off or hurt the tail; to smite the rear ( of any army); tail; end, stump; posterior, mean.
HayLamedYodVauChet --- pr.n. "Sandy".
HayMemVauChet --- wall; town-wall.
LamedAlephYodChetYod --- pr.n. "God Lives".
ChetTetBetMem --- trust, confidence; security.
ChetBetTetMem --- slaughter or massacre.
VauGimelNun --- pr. n. "Brilliance" or "Beauty", (Venus).
HayDaletNun --- to move or flee away; to remove or put off.
--- to reach out, to give.
--- a liberal gift (especially the hiring of a hooker).
--- removal or separation; what is removed, uncleanness or impurity.; an abominable act (esp. incest).

60 > 6- 60 -60 = 22x3x5
Samekh --- Samekh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Tzaddi, Shin; Dalet, Tet, Taw; Yod, Zain, Gimel; Aleph, Hay, Chet, Ayin).
(May be added initially or finally.)
(Samekh = KafMemSamekh --- 120/600 --- A Prop or Support).
MemAlephYodChetAleph --- (620 w/f); pr.n. "Father's Brother".
NunTetAleph --- (710 w/f); to bind, to plait.
NunChetBet --- (710 w/f); to try; to make glow, to melt; to purify (by fire); to test or prove; to watch.
(Good confirmation of Tarot "Temperance" correspondence to Samekh = 60).
--- prying-place, watch-tower.
NunVauAlephGimel --- (710 w/f); mounting, swelling; excellency, majesty; pride, haughtiness.
HayNunBetGimel --- curdled milk --- cheese.
HayBetNunGimel --- a theft; a thing stolen.
ZainNunGimel --- to gather together, store up, hide; treasurers; chests for keeping valuables, treasure-chest; coverings.
NunVauDalet --- (710 w/f); to tread, press down, subdue, have power, rule; to contend (at law); to judge; vindicate, defend, punish; judgment.
HayYodMemHay --- sound (of a harp).
HayNunHay --- they; themselves; hither, to this place; lo!, see!.
AlephNunTet --- to enclose, contain; a basket.
LamedKafYod --- (66); to hold, contain; to be capable of; to be able; to prevail, to succeed; to control oneself; to master, comprehend.
KafLamedYod --- (540 w/f); to go, to walk.
YodLamedKaf --- anything prepared or made up; what holds or contains; a vessel or utensil; garment; baggage; instrument or tool; weapons; a vessel or boat; grasping one --- a miser.
HayZainChetMem --- a sight, vision.
--- a view, a window.
AlephTetAlephTetMem --- a broom.
HayVauTetMem --- a spinning, spunwork.
ChetBetNun --- to bark or bay (as a dog).
--- pr. n. "Barking" (of a city).
HayBetGimelNun --- southward.
AlephVauGimelNun --- pr. n. ""Brilliance" or "Beauty", (Venus).
HayHayNun --- to call or cry, to wail or lament.
DaletVauNun --- to move to and fro, to wave or nod; to wander about; to wander away; to nod or incline towards, to condole or comfort; to bemoan.
--- to heap up.
--- to move off or flee.
--- a moving or wandering about (pr. n. of the region of Cain's wanderings).
--- condolence.
BetChetNun --- to comfort.
YodNun --- wailing.

61 > 4- 61 -18th prime
LamedYodChetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Strength". (contrast LamedAlephYodBetAleph = 44 > 8).
NunVauDaletAleph --- (711 w/f); ruler, lord; owner, possessor; (divinity sometimes).
--- pr.n. "Strong One".
HayYodMemHayAleph --- to hum; to growl; to snarl; to coo; to be internally stirred.
(compare: HayVauHayYod > HayVauShinHayYod --- addition of Shin = fire or divine spirit with:
HayYodHayAleph > HayYodMemHayAleph --- addition of Mem = earth or matter)
NunBetChetAleph --- (711 w/f); pr.n. "Lovely".
NunYodAleph --- (711 w/f); not.
--- where; where = no where!; as nothing; about nothing; without; of nothing, worse than nothing.
--- none; nothing.
(The highest nameable stage in Qabalah, the Void before the the manifestation of the limitless and, eventually, the One. Term used in Qabalah to signify the third and last aspect of the deity beyond the manifested universe).
LamedLamedAleph --- to lament; alas!, halloo!, yell, howl, wail.
--- to be of no account.
--- to gather in, to harvest.
--- to be strong.
YodNunAleph --- I; an; me; my.
--- ship; shipping; a fleet.
NunTetBet --- (711 w/f); to stretch out, distend, expand.
--- belly, womb; innermost part (heart).
TetNunBet --- to bend.
NunChetGimel --- (711 w/f); incline or bend.
NunVauHay --- (711 w/f); to breathe; to be vain, light; to toil, earn, bet by labor; wealth, riches; worth, value; enough.
AlephYodLamedKaf --- confinement, a prison.
LamedAlephLamed --- pr.n. "To God".
ZainVauChetMem --- a refuge; a harbour, haven.
BetTetYodMem --- the good or choice, the best part.
TetBetNun --- to look hard.
--- pr. n. "Look" or "Regard".
ChetGimelNun --- to push or thrust, to gore; to overthrow.
--- apt to push, goring.
HayBetDaletNun --- voluntariness, voluntary; liberal allowance, plenty; free-will offering.
AlephYodNun --- to be tough or raw.
HayVauNun --- to be lofty or eminent; to extol or celebrate.
--- to rest, to remain or dwell.
--- a dwelling, home; a pasture.
DaletZainNun --- to boil or cook.

62 > 8- 62 -62 = 2x31
TetNunBetAleph --- band, priest's girdle, ornamental belt.
AlephSamekhAleph --- to be strong, to heal.
--- pr.n. "Healer", "Physician".
NunYodBet --- (712 w/f, also 58/708); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
--- separation, internal, between.
LamedLamedBet --- to well up, flow, pour over; pour together, to confound; to mingle in sexual connection, to defile; Baal.
YodNunBet --- pr.n. "Built"; "Wise"; sons (of).
NunChetDalet --- (712 w/f); to grow; grain, millet.
HayNunZain --- to beget, cohabit; to commit fornication; to commit adultery; to play the harlot; a shore, harlot; religious apostasy; to go whoring (after sex, idols, the True God, etc.).
HayTetMemChet --- pr.n. "Place of Lizards".
VauHayYodLamedBetTet --- pr.n. "Yah has plunged", "Yah has consecrated", "Yah has baptised".
NunBetYod --- (712 w/f); to understand. (compare Nun-finalBetAleph)
HayGimelVauChetMem --- compass or compasses (for striking a circle).
HayVauAlephNun --- desirable or lovely.
ChetDaletNun --- to thrust out or expel; to impel or strike; to be thrown out; to be driven out; an outcast.
BetDaletVauNun --- pr. n. "Nobility".
HayZainNun --- to bound or spring; to spurt.
BetYodNun --- fruit or produce.

63 > 9- 63 -63 = 32x7
NunVauDaletBetAleph --- (713 w/f); Abadon, place of the dead; destruction; place of destruction; the abyss (see also HayDaletBetAleph).
(6+3=9 or, on finals, 713 -> 11. Sephir Yetzirah: "10, not 9, not 11. wo/f lacks 1, w/f excess by 1 of perfection. Aleph = 1 is the symbol of the no-thing, yet 10 > 1. --- This word embodies all and null, but stresses null and only possesses all by implication).
SamekhBetAleph --- to feed, to fatten; to collect, to bring together; to fill in, to cram.
VauNunVauAleph --- pr.n. "Powerful" or "Rich".
HayNunVauBet --- pr.n. "Insight".
LamedLamedGimel --- to roll, cause to turn; hollow out, excavate; a rolling; dung, ordure (rounded form or of men); turn, circumstance.
HayNunDaletDalet --- pr.n. "Low Country".
GimelNunVauDalet --- wax.
HayKafLamedChet --- wretchedness, wretched one.
HayNunChet --- to bend, turn, to incline; to settle down in, to dwell in, encamp; to be pointed, to pierce; compassions, mercies; pr.n. "Beauty".
NunGimelYod --- (713 w/f); to press or crush.
NunVauBetAlephDalet --- (713 w/f); a pining away.
NunVauGimelDalet --- (713 w/f); pr.n. "Fish-like" or "prolific" --- name of Dagon, the fish god.
NunVauZain --- to nourish, pamper; to point, sharpen; to shape, form; to deck, ornament, deck out, adorn; to be well fed.
HayAlephYodLamedZainYod --- pr.n. "Deliverance".
LamedAlephYodDaletChetYod --- pr.n. "God gladdens".
AlephDaletYodChetMem --- pr.n. "renowned".
HayYodChetMem --- preservation of life; sustenance, livelihood; a wound or sore.
BetAlephKafMem --- pain suffering; sorrow, grief.
AlephYodBetNun --- a prophet, a speaker.
HayHayGimelNun --- brightness, splendour.
HayChetNun --- to lead or guide.
AlephBetSamekh --- to sip or suck in, to keep drinking, to tipple; a drunkard.
--- drink; drinking bout or carousal.
--- pr. n. "Sabean Man", name of a son of Cush and the Sabean people.

64 > 10 > 1- 64 -64 = 26
HayChetNunAleph --- complaint; sigh.
NunYodDalet --- (714 w/f); to tread, press down, subdue, have power, rule; to judge, vindicate, defend, punish; judgment; place of judgment; tribunal; cause for judgment; wrong, guilt; right, justice, controversy, dispute; sentence, punishment; a judge; an alternate name "Din" for Geburah, the 5th Sephira.
LamedLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, be pendulous, wave, totter, hang loose; to be slack, weak, languish; to fail (of eye); to be poor.
YodNunDalet --- pr.n. "Judge".
VauMemChetYod --- to be warm, heated; to be in (sexual) heat; to rut; to conceive.
BetHayZain YodMem --- pr.n. "Gold Waters".
HayAlephVauBetNun --- a prophecy; a prophetic writing.
ChetVauNun --- to incline oneself, to rest, to settle down; to repose (also figuratively of death; to abide or remain.)
--- rest, quiet.
HayTetNun --- to stretch out, extend; to spread out or expand; to hold out or propose; to spread abroad; to bow down or stoop; to go away.
DaletYodNun --- consolation.
BetBetSamekh --- to turn, to approach; to traverse; to go around, to encompass; to besiege, to surround; to turn or change, to become like.
DaletSamekh --- stocks (a wooden frame for confining the feet).

65 > 11 > 2- 65 -65 = 5x13
YodNunDaletAleph --- (71); supreme Lord; The Lord (divinity). (G D 6+5=11: the formula of completion of the Great Work).
NunYodDaletAleph --- (715 w/f); there; then.
YodMemVauChetAleph --- pr.n. "Swarthy".
LamedLamedGimelBet --- on account of.
DaletDaletHay-NunBet --- (715 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Adad" (Syrian god).
MemYodAlephDaletVauDalet --- (625 w/f); baskets; love-apples.
HayYodMemVauDalet --- still, silent; silence; rest, ease; devotion in.
LamedKafYodHay --- a palace, temple, tabernacle, sanctuary; heaven.
NunYodHay --- (715 w/f); hin --- liquid measure 1/6 of a TawBet (= 5 English quarts).
KafYodLamedHay --- (545 w/f); a going, step.
LamedLamedHay --- to be bright, to shine; to make display, boast; to give a clear sound; pr.n. "Praiseworthy".
SamekhHay --- hush!, silence!; silently.
ChetNunZain --- to scatter; to cast away, reject; to dissipate, evaporate.
NunVauTet --- (715 w/f); to be soft, sticky.
HayNunYod --- to be violent, cruel; to oppress; to mourn, to coo.
HayYodLamedKaf --- a vessel, the kidney; the inward parts; the kernel or best part.
HayMemKaf --- like what?, how?, to pine after, long for; how great?, how long?, how many?, how often?
HayZainVauZainMem --- a door post.
ChetYodZainMem --- a girdle
HayKafMem --- a striking or beating; a stroke or blow; a wound; slaughter.
YodHayNun --- a wail or elegy.
TetVauNun --- to move or quake (said of the earth).

66 > 12 > 3- 66 -66 = 2x3x11
ChetNunZainAleph --- drying up..
NunVauTetAleph --- (716 w/f); yarn, thread.
HayKafLamedYodAleph --- I will go.
HayLamedYodKafAleph --- an eating, a meal.
HayYodNunAleph --- a ship.
--- sighing, lamentation.
HaySamekhAleph --- to trouble, injure; to hurt; to vex.
NunVauChetBet --- (716 w/f); a trier (of metals), assayer.
--- watch-tower.
HayNunTetBet --- pistacianut.
NunZainVauGimel --- (716 w/f); pr.n. "Refuge".
LamedGimelLamedGimel --- wheel (of a chariot); a whirlwind; chaff, stubble.
HayBetHayNunDalet --- pr.n. "Stinky".
DaletDaletNunChet --- pr.n. "Favor of Hadad".
ChetNunChet --- to press or fasten together.
LamedKafVauYod --- to be able.
NunVauYod --- (716 w/f); to boil or bubble up; to ferment; Greece, the Greeks (Ionia) --- "Wineland(ers)"; mire, mud.
LamedAlephYodZainChetYod --- pr.n. "God beholds".
LamedVauKafYod --- (60); to be able; to hold, contain; to be capable of; to prevail, succeed; to control oneself; to overcome; to master; to comprehend.
MemVauKaf --- (626 w/f); to group; to join, to cluster together.
VauMemKaf --- as, like; when, as soon as; thus.
LamedVauLamed --- to turn, wind.
HayBetZainBetNun --- spoil or booty, riches or wealth.
BetYodDaletNun --- willing or prompt, voluntary; a noble or prince.
HayAlephSamekh --- to mark off, to measure.
--- a measure (a corn measure containing 1/3 of an Ephah, about 1 1/2 peck)

67 > 13 > 4- 67 -19th prime
NunDaletYodBetAleph --- (717 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Judge" --- father of the Tribe of Dan.
LamedYodKafVauAleph --- to cause to consume, give to eat.
AlephNun-HayYodAleph --- where now?
LamedVauLamedAleph --- ingathering; time of harvest, 6th Hebrew month (from Sept. to Oct. new moon).
--- nought.
HayNunYodBet --- discernment, understanding; pr.n. "Intelligence", Binah ---the third Sephira, considered the feminine or passive potency12. Binah is GR:nu-omicron-upsilon-sigma (720) in Greek13. It corresponds14 to the Heart of Adam Qadmon (161).
HayYodNunBet --- pr.n. "Yah Built-up"; building.
Nun-finalVauChetGimel --- (717 w/f); evacuation, defecation; belly (of creeping animals).
YodNunBetHay --- stone-wood, ebony-wood, hard-wood.
HayChetBetZainMemHay --- on the altar.
NunYodZain --- (717 w/f); the letter Zain; weapon; ornament; sword.
NunVauDaletZain --- (717 w/f); pride, haughtiness.
LamedLamedZain --- to wave, to shake or scatter out, to squander.
TetNunChet --- to spice, to season, flavor; to ripen; to embalm (a corpse by spicing); to be reddish.
NunChetTet --- (717 w/f); to pound, crush; to oppress; to grind; the grinders (molar teeth).
HayNunBetYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Causes to Build".
NunZainYod --- (717 w/f); to nourish; to pamper.
VauHayVauLamedKaf --- (71); pr.n. "Firm".
ZainMemKaf --- to form into balls or grains.
AlephLamedVauLamed --- unless.
ZainChetBetNun --- pr. n. "Barker" (of a dog god of the Avites).
DaletYodGimelNun --- chief man, overseer; leader; prince; noble or excellent things.
HayBetSamekh --- a turn or course (of events).
DaletGimelSamekh --- to fall down before, to adore (used only of idol worship or of a man with god-like powers.).
AlephVauSamekh --- to agitate, to move hither and thither.
--- pr. n. "Devoted To Seve" (roughly "devoted to Chronos", the name of an Egyptian king Sevechus contemporary with King Hoshea of Israel).
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68 > 14 > 5- 68 -22x17
AlephNun-YodVauAleph --- wo! now!
VauHayVauNunAleph --- I will extol him.
YodNunZainAleph --- pr.n. "Long Eared".
YodNunVauBet --- pr.n. "Wise".
SamekhVauBet --- to tread to the ground, trample on (enemies); to despise.
YodVauNunBet --- pr.n. "Building".
NunYodGimelHay --- (718 w/f); covered, enclosed.
HayNunVauZain --- harlot, prostitute.
AlephNunYodZain --- pr.n. "Abundance".
MemYodYodChet --- (628 w/f); life; livelihood.
NunYodChet --- (718 w/f); grace, beauty.
MemKafChet --- (628 w/f); to be wise, to gain wisdom; to gain by wisdom; to teach, make wise; to be a well trained (magician); wise, intelligent, understanding, discreet, cunning.
YodKafLamedChet --- poor.
LamedLamedChet --- to turn, move round, bore through, perforate; writhe, be pained; to be loose, free, common, profane; to revolve, a flute; piper; one thrust through, dispatched, slain; unholy, unclean; defiled; a prostitute.
AlephTetNunChet --- wheat.
VauHayYodLamedDaletGimelYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Great".
YodMemChetYod --- pr.n. "A Relative" or "A Connection".
YodBetVauLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Plaited".
HayAlephYodBetNun --- a prophetess; a mistress of song, a female bard; a prophet's wife.
DaletDaletSamekh --- to enclose or shut up.

69 > 15 > 6- 69 -69 = 3x23
SamekhVauBetAleph --- foddering; crib or rack.
NunVauYodBetAleph --- (719 w/f); desiring or begging, poor; a poor man.
BetDaletNunYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Noble".
NunYodChetAleph --- (719 w/f); pr.n. "Brotherly".
YodNunVauGimel --- pr.n. "Protected".
LamedVauLamedGimel --- round blocks, logs; idols.
VauLamedLamedGimel --- dung, ordure (of men).
HayNunYodDalet --- pr.n. "Strife".
SamekhDaletHay --- to be green, sprout; myrtle.
NunYodTet --- (719 w/f); clay.
LamedLamedTet --- to bedew; to flow; to distil; to overshadow, to cover; to seek or find the shade.
NunVauGimelYod --- (719 w/f); affliction, sorrow.
HayDaletYodNun --- abomination; exile.
GimelVauSamekh --- to move or go, to go off or back.
--- to hedge about or enclose.
--- refuse or dross.

70 > 7- 70 -70 = 2x5x7
Ayin --- Ayin.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Chet; Gimel, Yod, Kaf, Qof; Samekh, Tzaddi; Resh)
(Ayin = Nun-finalYodAyin --- 130/780 --- Eye)
HayYodNunDaletAleph --- "Yah is Lord"; also 76.
NunYodChetBet --- (720 w/f); watch-tower.
NunVauYodAlephGimel --- (720 w/f); proud.
HayNunYodBetGimel --- curdled milk, cheese.
HayKafYodLamedHay --- goings, progress; processions; ways; caravans, companies of travellers
HaySamekhHay --- to speak low, be still, silent.
NunVauDaletYod --- (720 w/f); pr.n. "Judge".
NunYodYod --- (720 w/f); wine.
YodLamedYodKaf --- a miser.
NunKaf --- (720 w/f); place; right, erect, firm; upright, honest; correct; rightly, well; a stand, base, pedestal; office; thus, so; a gnat or midge.
LamedYodLamed --- night; by night, calamity or distress.
HayYodHayNun --- a wailing or lamentation.
YodBetChetNun --- pr. n. "Comforter".
DaletVauSamekh --- a seat or sitting; a session (of persons); association; deliberation; a secret.
BetChetSamekh --- to drag along, to pull about; to tear up, tear to rags.

71 > 8- 71 -20th prime
YodNunVauDaletAleph --- --- pr.n. "Adonai" --- (65); divine name associated15 with the 10th Sephira Malkut, (496).
NunKafAleph --- (721 w/f); certainly; but, yet.
LamedYodLamedAleph --- naught, of no value; nothingness; idols; vanity.
YodLamedLamedAleph --- alas!
MemLamedAleph --- (631 w/f); to bind (arching of a building); to be tongue tied, mute, dumb.
--- projection, molding.
--- dumbness; silence.
--- something bound.
--- porch.
--- but.
LamedMemAleph --- to fall; to droop; to languish; to be withered; to mourn.
KafNunAleph --- (551 w/f); to be pointed or sharp.
--- an awl, graver; tin; lead, plummet.
AyinAleph --- wood.
LamedVauLamedHay --- rejoicings, feast of thanksgiving (at vintage).
HayYodNunVau --- pr.n. "Distress".
ChetVauNunZain --- pr.n. "Marsh" or "Bog".
NunVauZainChet --- (721 w/f); a vision (especially from God); a prophecy; a revelation.
LamedKafVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Mighty is Yah".
HayNunVauYod --- a dove.
MemAlephYodKaf --- (631 w/f); that if; for it; but if; but, unless; except, that; because, for.
YodHayVauLamedKaf --- (67); pr.n. "Firm".
AlephNunKaf --- to title.
MemAlephLamed --- (631 w/f); to join, unite, combine; a people, nation.
LamedAlephMem --- pr.n. "Circumcision".
AlephKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
HayVauKafMem --- a brand (in the skin).
AlephLamedMem --- to fill, make full; to fill with; to be full; to be filled with; completed (as the days of pregnancy or of time); to be sated.
--- full; pregnant.
--- fullness; a multitude.
HayYodBetDaletNun --- pr. n. "Bountiful is Yah".
HayBetYodDaletNun --- nobility or high estate.
DaletYodZainNun --- something boiled, pottage.
--- consecrated one, a Nazarite (Nazarites took a special vow, shaved off all their hair and thereafter refrained from cutting their hair); an unpruned vine; a prince.
AlephKafNun --- to beat or smite.
--- smitten.
--- smitten down.
HayVauSamekh --- to hide or envelop.
15. G-K p. 92

72 > 9- 72 -72 = 23x32 (counterchanged)
LamedAlephYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Mighty". (the Shemhametforash).
MemYodKafBet --- (632 w/f); pr.n. "Weepers".
LamedYodLamedBet --- mixed fodder, provender.
MemLamedBet --- (632 w/f); to check or restrain.
YodSamekhBet --- pr.n. "Bright".
NunVauYodBetDalet --- (722 w/f); dung, excrement.
NunVauBetYodDalet --- (722 w/f); pr.n. "Pining" or "Wasting".
DaletSamekhChet --- to bow, bend (the neck); to incline oneself; to be gracious, pious; to abuse, insult; kindness, goodwill, compassion; piety, religion; mercy, favor; reproach, disgrace; pr.n. "Chesed" --- the name of the fourth Sephira, considered masculine and active in traditional Qabalah. Chesed is GR:chi-alpha-rho-iota-sigma (911) in Greek16. It corresponds17 to the Right Arm of Adam Qadmon (161). (The adverse meanings may come from use in irony).
HayNunChetTet --- mill; the grinding (said of the teeth).
NunYodBetYod --- (722 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) Understands".
SamekhBetYod --- to tread down, to trample.
VauLamedKafVauYod --- to be about to eat.
BetDaletNunVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Bountiful".
NunBetKaf --- (722 w/f); to bind, fasten.
KafBetNun --- (552 w/f); to gush forth.
--- a spring.
YodBetYodNun --- pr. n. "Fruitful".
BetAyin --- darkness or blackness (especially of a cloud); a cloud; a gloomy spot, a dark thicket; a threshold or step.
16. G-K p. 93
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73 > 10 > 1- 73 -21st prime
HayYodNunZainAleph --- pr.n. "Ear of Yah".
HayNunTetChetAleph --- to be about to bear a penalty.
AlephAyinBet --- (77); to pray, to seek.
LamedYodLamedGimel --- turning, rolling; ring; circuit, region; circle.
YodLamedLamedGimel --- pr.n. "Dungy" (imagine the poor devil with this for a name!)
MemLamedGimel --- (633 w/f); roll, fold together; wrapping together, mass; unformed substance, fetus, embryo; (Golem)
LamedMemGimel --- a weaned child; to bear; requite, reward, recompense, benefit; to mature, ripen, wean; bearer, carrier, camel; the letter Gimel.
HayLamedYodKafChet --- pr.n. "Dusky".
HayYodLamedKafChet --- wisdom, skill, proficiency; piety; science, knowledge; the name of the second Sephira, Chokmah --- usually considered the masculine or active potency. Chokmah is GR:sigma-omicron-phi-iota-alpha (781) in Greek18. It corresponds19 to the Brains of Adam Qadmon (161).
NunVauChetTet --- (723 w/f); a mill, hand-mill.
ZainMemVauKaf --- a ball, pellet; beads.
MemAlephBetLamed --- (633 w/f); lions.
HayKafVauBetMem --- perplexity.
LamedGimelMem --- a sickle.
HayChetSamekh --- to scrape off, to remove; to sweep off.
GimelYodSamekh --- refuse (of metal), dross; base metal.
18. G-K p. 93
19. G-K p. 93

74 > 13 > 4- 74 -74 = 2x37
HayNunVauYodBetAleph --- longing, lust; stimulant (caper-berries).
NunKafDalet --- (724 w/f); these, this.
AyinDalet --- knowledge, opinion; know!, understand!, be aware!, respect!; have sex!
NunVauYodGimelHay --- (724 w/f); the murmur, dull sound; meditation; plot, device.
HaySamekhDaletHay --- pr.n. "Myrtle" --- Jewish name of Esther.
LamedZainLamedZain --- short, twig.
SamekhVauChet --- to cover, protect, hide; to pity, have compassion.
DaletSamekhYod --- to set; to be found; to set down; to appoint; to assign; foundation, beginning. --- variant spelling of the name of the ninth Sephira, Yesod, but not generally used in Qabalah.
DaletMemLamed --- (114); name of the letter Lamed (30); beater or chastiser; staff, goad; ox-goad; to meditate or think, to study or learn; to practice or exercise; accustomed to or familiar with; a disciple or adherent. (see also 421)
DaletKafNun --- to bind or connect.
--- connection, kindred or progeny.
BetYodBetSamekh --- a circuit; round about.
ChetVauSamekh --- to sweep or clear away.
--- pr. n. "Off-scouring".
BetBetAyin --- to cover or hide; to protect.
DaletAyin --- progress, duration; long or indefinite time, eternity; booty or spoil; while; as far as.
--- during, within; till or unto; to or for (of purpose).
--- a witness; testimony or witness; a legislator or ruler.
--- still, while, yet, again; further, longer; besides.

75 > 12 > 3- 75 -75 = 3x52
BetDaletNunYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Liberal Brother".
NunVauYodZainBet --- (725 w/f); contempt.
NunVauChetTetBet --- (725 w/f); strong confidence; hope.
AyinBetGimel --- to be vaulted, curved, bowl-shaped; to be arched, hilly; pr.n. "Hill".
AlephYodNunYodDalet --- pr.n. "Dinaites".
DaletSamekhVauHay --- to be established; foundation.
LamedLamedYodHay --- brightness; bright star, morning star (Venus & Lucifer).
MemLamedHay --- (635 w/f); to stamp, tread hard; beat, smite; to break to pieces; to snap off, break up; shine, sparkle; hither, here; pr.n. "A Smiting".
LamedMemHay --- to be full; plenteous, numerous.
HayYodLamedKafYod --- (81); pr.n. "Yah is Able".
HayLamedLamedYod --- wailing.
NunHayKaf --- (725 w/f); to perform, execute; to minister, serve; to be a priest; a priest.
HayMemYodKaf --- a group, cluster; the Pleiades, the Seven Stars.
HayNunKaf --- to surname, give a title of respect; to bite or sting; a plant or shoot; pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed".
MemHayLamed --- (635 w/f); to eat, to devour greedily.
HayLamedYodLamed --- night; by night.
HayMemLamed --- wherefore?, Why?; that not, lest.
HayKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?", Micah the prophet.
HayLamedMem --- speech or discourse; a byword.
--- a word, command; a matter or thing.
HayKafNun --- to strike or smite..
--- smitten.
--- pr. n. "Conqueror", pharaoh Necho IInd of Egypt.
TetVauSamekh --- to turn aside or roam.
HayBetChetSamekh --- rags, torn pieces.
BetGimelAyin --- to breathe or blow; to breathe after, to desire, to love (passionately), to dote or lust after.
--- love or charm.
AlephDaletAyin --- to pass, to go or come; to pass away or perish; to be abolished; to depose.
AlephDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
BetGimelAyin --- a pipe or flute.

76 > 13 > 4- 76 -76 = 22x19
VauHayYodNunDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is Lord"; (see also 70).
HayMemLamedAleph --- a bundle of grain (Eng. "corn"), a sheaf.
DaletAyinBet --- to be separated, removed; removal, behind; near, by the side of; amidst; all around; while yet, within.
AlephAyinBetGimel --- pr.n. "Hill".
YodNunVauZainGimel --- pr.n. "Quarry".
HayLamedLamedVauHay --- folly; wickedness.
NunVauYodBetChet --- (726 w/f); a hiding, concealing.
NunVauKaf --- (726 w/f); to stand, to exist; pr.n. "A Settlement" or "Colony"; cake (sacred offering); to prepare.
YodLamedVauLamed --- unless; loop.
VauMemLamed --- to, for.
HayAlephLamedMem --- fullness, abundance.
--- filling in or setting (of gems).
VauLamedMem --- fullness, a multitude.
KafBetDaletNun --- (556 w/f); a layer or set (of building material in a wall), a course (of bricks).
KafVauNun --- (556 w/f); to point or sharpen.
ChetChetYodNun --- rest or quieting; pleasantness.
--- sacrificial or sweet odors, incense.
HayAlephKafNun --- powder or spice.
DaletBetAyin --- to break up or till; to labor or work; to serve.
--- to make or do.
--- a servant, a slave; minister or messenger.
--- worshipper.
--- work or deed.

77 > 14 > 5- 77 -77 = 7x11
MemLamedVauAleph --- (637 w/f); something bound or jointed together; vault, arch, hall.
--- if not, but perhaps; but, nay but.
LamedHayMemBet --- pr.n. "Son of Circumcision" ='s a Hebrew.
HayAyinBet --- to bubble, well up, boil; to long for, to seek; to pray; (73).
AyinDaletGimel --- to cut off; to hew down or fell; to destroy; break asunder, destroy power.
NunVauChetYodGimel --- (727 w/f); pr.n. "A Stream", the name of a river in paradise: Gihon.
DaletMemLamedGimel --- to wrap together; to be tight, hard, sterile.
NunVauDaletYodZain --- (727 w/f); seething, boiling up, raging.
HayYodNunBetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Builds".
BetDaletNunVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Bountiful".
LamedDaletGimelMem --- a strong or high place; tower; platform, pulpit; bed or bank (of flowers), raised parterre; castle.
LamedZainMem --- planet, wanderer (of the sky).
AlephVauLamedMem --- fullness, a multitude.
AlephVauLamedMem --- a filling up; a rampart; fortress, citadel.
HayBetAyin --- to wrap up or cover; to be thick or fat.
--- cloud.
AlephVauAyin --- to bend or twist.
--- pr. n. "Overthrow" or "Ruin", a Babylonian province.
ZainAyin --- strong, might, fierce; strength; a stronghold.
--- she goat.
--- strength or might (of God); warriors; firmness or stability; defense; glory or splendour; the ark; praise or musical celebration.

78 > 15 > 6- 78 -78 = 2x3x13
AyinVauBet --- to bubble up; to boil up.
VauAyinBet --- prayer, petition.
HayLamedYodLamedGimel --- circuit, district.
HayLamedMemGimel --- benefit, punishment.
HayAyinGimel --- to low (sound of cattle); call, cry; pr.n. "Lowing" (moooo...).
MemYodKafChet --- (638 w/f); wise; a wise man, a magician.
LamedYodLamedChet --- flute, pipe; unconsecrated, open, common, profane; desecration; exclamation (of aversion).
MemLamedChet --- (638 w/f); to be strong; to be at ease or rest, to sleep, to dream; to be white; a dram.
LamedMemChet --- to be mild, tender; to toil, tire; to carry.
KafNunChet --- (558 w/f); to taste; to teach, train; to dedicate.
LamedTetLamedTet --- to hurl down.
SamekhVauBetYod --- pr.n. "Trodden" or "Threshing-floor". --- ancient name of the city of Jerusalem (when it was a Jebusite city).
NunVauBetKaf --- (728 w/f); pr.n. "Fortress".
MemChetLamed --- (638 w/f); to feed on, consume; to fight or war; war, seige; food, meal, feast; bread, loaf.
LamedVauBetMem --- a flood, deluge.
HayLamedGimelMem --- roll or volume.
ChetLamedMem --- to well up or flow
--- to wear out or decay; to be worn away, to vanish
--- to salt, season with salt
--- worn out clothes or rags
--- salt; to take or eat salt; to eat the salt of someone, be a friend or dependant; to take salt with one, to feed at someone's table.
--- a seaman or mariner
ChetKafNun --- to be in front or before the eyes.
--- straight ahead, right on.
--- the front; over against.
YodChetSamekh --- offscouring, sweepings.
HayGimelAyin --- a round loaf, a cake.
DaletDaletAyin --- to bind or combine; to set fast or determine.
BetVauAyin --- to cover or envelop.
AlephZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strength".

79 > 16 > 7- 79 -22nd prime
ZainAyinBet --- to be strong, firm.; pr.n. "Firmness" (Boaz = name given to the pillar on the left hand at the entrance into the Temple of Solomon; 1st Kings 7, 21 --- the other was called Nun-finalYodKafYod (90/740) (In some masonic derivations, this pillar is black with a white Bet, and the one on the right hand is white with a black Yod).
AyinVauGimel --- to bind; twist; writhe; be in contortions; to die; breathe out.
MemVauLamedGimel --- (639 w/f); covering mantle.
LamedVauMemGimel --- a weaned child; bearing, deportment; behavior, benefit, punishment, desert.
HayLamedYodLamedDalet --- pr.n. "Weak", "Wavering".
HayAyinDalet --- knowledge; carnal knowledge. Variant spelling of the name of the "latent" Sephira Da'at --- infrequently used. (see TawAyinDalet 474).
MemAlephLamedChet --- (639 w/f); pr.n. "People's Fort".
MemLamedTet --- (639 w/f); to opress; pr.n. "Oppression" or "Lambs".
LamedAlephLamedChetYod --- pr.n. "He Hopes in God".
LamedTetMem --- to lift or hurl.
TetLamedMem --- to stroke or rub over, to smooth; to be smooth; to slip out or escape
--- to be delivered or saved; to deliver oneself, to escape; to hasten away
HayYodTetLamedMem --- pr.n. "Deliverance of Yah"
--- to cause to escape, to save; to lay eggs
--- to deliver or bring forth --- use for birth.
--- mortar or cement.
HayBetYodBetSamekh --- circles or circuits.
HayChetVauSamekh --- off-scouring or filth, dung.
YodTetSamekh --- pr. n. "Roaming".
HayDaletAyin --- to go or pass on; to invade or assail.
--- to cover, to put on, to deck.
--- to pass, to go or come; to pass away or perish; to be abolished; to depose.
--- pr. n. "Ornament" or "Beauty" (a wife of Lamech and a wife of Esau).
--- an assembly or meeting; a company or group, a family; a gang; a swarm.
--- a witness; testimony or proof; a confirming or ratifying, ordinance or precept (of God).
--- times or periods (of menses).
GimelVauAyin --- pr. n. "Circle" or "Compass", the giant-king of Bashan.
--- to move round, to dance, to form a circle.
BetZainAyin --- to let go or set loose, to release; to leave, to forsake or abandon.
--- to bind or fasten, to fortify.
TetAyin --- a graver or style; a writing-pen or reed.

80 > 8- 80 -80 = 24x5
Peh --- Peh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Bet, Vau, Mem; Kaf,Qof; Chet,Ayin)
(Peh = AlephPeh or HayPeh --- 81 or 85 --- Mouth. AlephPeh also has the meaning: here).
HayAyinBetGimel --- hill.
AyinZainGimel --- to cut off, hew down; stem, trunk, stump; sapling.
KafZainNunGimel --- (560 w/f); treasuries.
HayLamedMemHay --- (86); abundance; force; multitude.
DaletVauSamekhYod --- (85); foundation, princes; pr.n. "Yesod", "Foundation" or "Basis" name of the 9th Sephira. Yesod corresponds20 to the Genital Organs of Adam Qadmon (161).
AyinYod --- a shovel (for removing the ashes from the altar).
HayNunHayKaf --- priesthood; priestly office.
LamedLamedKaf --- to deck (with a garland), to crown; to kindle or glow; to complete; pr.n. "Perfection".
SamekhKaf --- throne; banner.
DaletVauMemLamed --- accustomed to or familiar with; a disciple or adherent.
MemMem --- (640 w/f); the letter Mem; water.
GimelLamedZainMem --- fork, flesh-hook
KafKafMem --- (560 w/f); to fall to pieces, go to ruin.
YodDaletVauSamekh --- pr. n. "Confidant"
KafSamekh --- (560 w/f); a thicket; a crowd or mass (of people).
--- a boot or hut; the tabernacle.
HayBetGimelAyin --- lust or passion.
VauDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
DaletVauAyin --- still, while, yet, again; further, longer; besides.
--- to turn or wind, to bind; to be strong or firm; to endure or continue; to certify or assure, to exhort or comfort; to ratify or sanction; to bind fast or ensnare.
AlephTetAyin --- counsel or discretion.
YodAyin --- a ruin.
20. G-K p. 93

81 > 9- 81 -81 = 34
YodBetSamekhChetAleph --- pr.n. "I Will Trust in HayYod".
LamedYodLamedYodAleph --- yell, howl.
MemLamedYodAleph --- (641 w/f & 71/631); projection, molding.
--- trees.
MemYodLamedAleph --- (641 w/f); rams.
NunLamedAleph --- (731 w/f & 91/741); these.
MemMemAleph --- (641 w/f); to join; to combine.
--- pr.n. "A Rendezvous".
YodKafNunAleph --- I.
KafSamekhAleph --- (561 w/f); to pour out, to anoint.
PehAleph --- (801 w/f); also; addition; accession; too, yea more, even.
--- breathing; the nose; anger; the nostrils; the face; two persons.
TetAyinBet --- to kick; tread, trample on; to despise or spurn.
NunVauYodZainChet --- (731 w/f); pr.n. "Vision"; a revelation.
HayLamedChetLamedChet --- trembling, anguish.
AyinBetTet --- to sink, press into; to impress; to go deep.
VauHayYodLamedKafYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Able"; (75).
AlephLamedMemYod --- (85); pr.n. "He Fills Up".
AlephSamekhKaf --- to cover, a set time, festival; the new or full moon; a chair, throne; seat (of high priest, of judgment); tribunal.
AlephYodLamedYodLamed --- night.
MemAlephMem --- (641 w/f); to fail. to be deficient.
HayLamedVauMem --- circumcision.
VauHayKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
HayDaletBetAyin --- labor; work or business; tillage or husbandry; service, sacred ministry or employment (of the priests and Levites); furniture.
TetBetAyin --- to knit or bind; to pledge or pawn.
AlephVauDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
BetGimelVauAyin --- a pipe or flute.
HayVauAyin --- to bend, to twist; to be perverse.
--- overthrow; a ruin.
--- pr. n. "Ruin".

82 > 10 > 1- 82 -82 = 2x41
YodAyinBet --- prayer.
HayAyinZain --- sweat.
LamedVauChetLamedChet --- pr.n. "Full of Holes".
DaletYodSamekhChet --- kind, merciful;; pious, godly; gracious.
HayYodNunZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
SamekhBetKaf --- to tread, to trample; to wash clothes.
AlephNun-LamedAleph --- nay, pray!, Oh no!.
MemYodBetLamed --- (642 w/f); Libyans.
NunBetLamed --- (732 w/f); to be white; to make bricks; to burn parch or bake; white.
LamedBetNun --- to droop or wither; to fade or pass away, to perish (said of the heavenly bodies, of men, of land).
--- to gush out or flow.
--- to sound aloud.
--- foolish; impious.
--- we fade.
--- a leather bottle; vessel, earthen pitcher.
--- a lyre or harp.
KafBetSamekh --- (562 w/f); to interweave or interlace.
--- a thicket.
YodBetAyin --- denseness, compactness.
--- thickness.
DaletBetVauAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper" or "Servant", the grandfather of King David.
HayZainAyin --- to harbor or succour; pr. n. "Strong Place".

83 > 11 > 2- 83 -23rd prime
ChetLamedMemHay --- to be salted or bathed in salt water --- said of newborn infants.
MemYodLamedGimel --- (643 w/f); pr.n. "Fountains".
DaletVauMemLamedGimel --- hard; unfruitful; shrivelled, famished.
YodLamedMemGimel --- pr.n. "Camelman".
MemMemGimel --- (643 w/f); to join, gather together, combine; strive after, long for.
PehGimel --- (803 w/f); a back or a ridge; body, person; wing.
LamedMemYodGimel --- the letter Gimel (var. spelling); a camel.
AyinVauZain --- to move, shake; to tremble, agitate, disquiet.
HayLamedMemChet --- pity.
HayKafNunChet --- dedication; sacrifice of dedication.
HayLamedTetLamedTet --- a hurling down.
HayYodNunZainAlephYod --- (89); pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
AyinGimelYod --- to pain; to labor, toil; to be weary; labor, wages; weary, exhausted; weak, flagging.
LamedVauDaletGimelMem --- tower, platform; raised parterre.
HayLamedChetMem --- a dance.
--- pr.n. "An Invalid".
--- disease; sickness.
--- holes or caves.
HayChetLamedMem --- saltness, a barren place.
LamedGimelNun --- to pierce or cut.
AlephKafBetSamekh --- a sambuca (an instrument like a harp).
ZainVauAyin --- to flee or haste.

84 > 12 > 3- 84 -84 = 22x3x7
LamedAlephMemYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father of Ma'el".
MemYodLamedGimelAleph --- (644 w/f); 2 Wells (a city in Moab).
PehGimelAleph --- (804 w/f); to envelope.
--- wings, troops.
MemMemDalet --- (644 w/f; 45/605); to be dumb, silent; to be struck dumb; to be amazed; to rest, to leave off; to stand still; to become silent; to be destroyed.
HayMemLamedChetAleph --- a precious stone (perhaps amethyst or agate).
HayLamedVauMemGimel --- benefit, punishment.
HayDaletAyinHay --- the congregation (of Israel).
MemVauLamedChet --- (644 w/f); a dream; fancy, folly, trifle.
LamedVauMemChet --- pr.n. "Spared".
KafVauNunChet --- (564 w/f); pr.n. "Teaching" or "Initiation" --- said of a son of Cain.
HayAyinTet --- to wander.
AyinDaletYod --- to fix or settle; to know; to understand; to be aware; to respect; to be acquainted with; to have sexual intimacy; to know of or about; to be skilled; to discern; to know how; to cut, lacerate; to perceive, understand; pr.n. "Intelligent".
DaletAyinYod --- to define, fix; to fix on, betroth; to bring together, assemble.
MemVauChetLamed --- (644 w/f); food, meat; flesh, body.
YodDaletMemLamed --- for what was needed; sufficiently.
LamedZainVauAlephMem --- something spun; thread or yarn.
LamedVauChetMem --- a wheeling round, a dance; pr.n. "Dance".
ChetVauLamedMem --- sea-purslain or marsh-mallow (a brackish plant eaten only by poor).
MemDaletMem --- (644 w/f); some of the blood.
YodDaletAyin --- duration or time (of life), age; ornament or adorning; gear or trappings (of a horse).
DaletDaletVauAyin --- pr. n. "A Setter Up".
DaletGimelZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strong is Fortune".
ZainZainAyin --- to strengthen, to make firm or mighty; to be or become strong.
HayTetAyin --- to cover; to put on or wear; to wrap or fold up.
--- to rush or haste.

85 > 13 > 4- 85 -85 = 5x17
DaletDaletVauMemLamedAleph --- pr.n. "The Tall".
DaletPehAleph --- to bind, to gird round.
--- (91) covering; an ephod; a cope; an idol or image.
AyinYodBetGimel --- chalice, goblet; the cup of flowers, calix.
LamedAlephNunDalet --- (95); pr.n. "Daniel", "God is Judge".
MemMemHay --- (645 w/f); to make a noise; to rattle, to set in commotion; discomfit; to impel, urge forward, scatter, destroy utterly.
LamedAlephVauMemChet --- pr.n. "God's Anger".
MemLamedHayYod --- (645 w/f); a precious stone; diamond or adamant.
HayYodLamedYodKafYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Able".
HayDaletVauSamekhYod --- foundation.
HayAyinYod --- to collect, snatch up; to take out, to remove.
HaySamekhKaf --- to cover; a set time, festival; the new or full moon; a chair or throne.
NunHayLamed --- (735 w/f); therefore, for these; except; but.
HayDaletLamedVauMem --- pr.n. "Birth" of a town in Judah.
HayGimelLamedZainMem --- fork.
HayYodKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
LamedHayNun --- to move on.
HayLamedNun --- to reach the mark, to attain, to finish.
HayKafSamekh --- to cut away; to castrate.
--- a booth (made of interlaced boughs), an arbor; a tent; a dwelling.
HayDaletVauAyin --- bundle.
TetVauAyin --- to loathe.
--- to rush or dash.
--- to cut or grave.
BetVauZainAyin --- freed.
YodAyinHay --- pr. n. "The Ruin".

86 > 14 > 5- 86 -86 = 2x43
HayPehAleph --- Ephah (dry measure --- small and scanty, full, two hinds -- etc.).
--- where?; how?, what sort?
--- to bake; baker.
MemYodHayLamedAleph --- (646 w/f); gods (esp. goddesses); god; goddess; rulers; priests; Yah. ("pluralis excellentiae or majestaticus" --- as "we" = I --- god as a sum of forces).
pr.n. "Elohim" --- divine name associated21 with the 6th Sephira Tipheret, (1081).
(In place of or explaining development of "the majestic plural":
Mem-finalYodHayLamedAleph is the masculine plural of a feminine word ='s "male and female gods and goddesses." Perhaps a trinity of Mars + Venus + Mercury)
MemYodLamedBetDalet --- (646 w/f); pr.n. "Double Cake".
HayLamedVauMemHay --- (80); abundance; force; multitude.
SamekhVauKaf --- to enfold, to keep in, hold in; to contain; a cup; a lot or portion; pelican, cormorant.
NunVauYodKaf --- (736 w/f); pr.n. "Statue" or "Pillar"; Saturn as an image or idol.
NunVauLamed --- (736 w/f); to pass the night; to lodge; to stop for the night; to turn in; to dwell or abide; to execrate.
MemVauMem --- (646 w/f); to lack, be defective; a want or defect; a blemish or fault
(of body or mind.)
YodVauLamedMem --- pr.n. "I Spoke"
LamedVauNun --- to foul or soil.
KafVauSamekh --- (566 w/f); to anoint.
--- to enclose.
--- to tangle together.
YodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Servant of Yah".
21. G-K p. 91

87 > 15 > 6- 87 -87 = 3x29
AyinDaletYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father Knows".
MemYodLamedVauAleph --- (647 w/f); the mighty ones; princes.
PehVauAleph --- (807 w/f); to surround, to contain.
NunVauLamedAleph --- (737 w/f); strong one; oak.
KafVauSamekhAleph --- (567 w/f); unguent-flask.
VauPehAleph --- (88); to bake; baker.
--- here; now then; do this then; thus; if not so.
NunDaletAlephLamedBet --- (737 w/f); pr.n. "Strong Will", "Stout-hearted".
NunHayLamedBet --- (737 w/f); pr.n. "Timorous".
HayMemYodLamedBet --- not-anything, nothing.
HayYodDaletVauSamekhBet --- pr.n. "In Council of Yah".
PehDaletGimel --- (807 w/f); to cut off to use cutting words; to reproach, to blaspheme.
BetYodAyinHay --- to becloud; to degrade.
AyinYodZain --- pr.n. "Agitation".
MemMemZain --- (647 w/f); to hum, mutter; meditate; to consider, propose; to form a plot or plan; to resolve; plan, purpose.
HayYodDaletSamekhChet --- pr.n. "Mercy of Yah".
HayDaletYodSamekhChet --- the affectionable or kind bird; the stork.
AyinZainYod --- to flow, run; sweat.
LamedAlephVauMemYod --- pr.n. "God's Day". (Sabbath).
ZainAyinYod --- to be strong, firm; bold, shameless; to decide, order, command.
HayNunBetLamed --- the moon; the white or pale; a brick or tile; whiteness, brightness or luster; the storax tree; frankincense.
MemYodBetHayLamed --- (647 w/f); pr.n. "Libyans".
MemVauAlephMem --- (647 w/f); failure, defect.
HayLamedBetNun --- folly; wickedness; punishment (of wickedness).
--- corpse; carcas; trunk (of an idol).
LamedZainNun --- to flow or run; to be fluent.
--- to turn in, to lodge.
HayDaletVauBetAyin --- labor; work or business; tillage or husbandry; service, sacred ministry or employment (of the priests and Levites); furniture.
TetVauBetAyin --- a pledge or pawn
AlephDaletYodBetAyin --- labor or work; business or administration.
AlephYodVauAyin --- perversity or sin.
YodZainAyin --- pr. n. "My Might".

88 > 16 > 7- 88 -88 = 23x11
AlephVauPehAleph --- so, therefore; here; now then; do this then; thus; if not so; (87).
ZainPehAleph --- to spring up, to be high.
HayAyinVauZain --- a shaking, disquieting.
HayVauAyinZain --- agitation, terror.
MemLamedYodChet --- (648 w/f); pr.n. "People's Fort."
NunLamedChet --- (738 w/f); pr.n. "Strong".
MemMemChet --- (648 w/f); to be warm, hot; to be in heat.
KafYodNunChet --- (568 w/f); initiated men; trained or drilled (for war).
PehChet --- (808 w/f); polished, rubbed, smooth; clean, guiltless; coast, shore, heaven (harbor); bosom, bay.
VauHayYodNunZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
ChetSamekhKaf --- to cut or lop off.
YodMemChetLamed --- Bethlehemite; pr.n. "Warrior".
NunChetLamed --- (738 w/f); to importune, to be lewd.
LamedAlephYodDaletGimelMem --- pr.n. "Praise of God".
HayMemGimelMem --- a gathering, a crowd or troop.
YodLamedChetMem --- pr.n. "Weakling".
LamedChetNun --- to grasp, get hold of; to possess or inherit; to dispossess; to give in possession, to distribute or alot.
--- to move or flow along.
--- to bore or make hollow.
--- a burrowed or excavated place, shaft (of a mine); a channel or ravine, a wady; a brook or torrent, stream.
YodDalet DaletAyin --- till that, ere that.

89 > 17 > 8- 89 -24th prime
MemDaletMemDaletAleph --- (649 w/f); reddish or red spotted.
ChetPehAleph --- to puff, to pant.
NunLamedVauGimel --- (739 w/f); pr.n. "Circuit".
PehVauGimel --- (809) w/f); to be gibbous, bulging; to enclose.
NunVauLamedGimel --- (739 w/f); pr.n. "Circuit".
HayMemMemDalet --- silence; stillness (of winds), a calm.
HayPehDalet --- to strike, push against.
PehDaletHay --- (809 w/f); to thrust, push; to overthrow, repulse, drive out, expel.
DaletYodAyinHay --- to testify or bear witness; to cause to testify, to take for witness.
MemYodAlephLamedChet --- (649 w/f); necklaces.
AlephPehChet --- to cover, hide.
PehTet --- (809 w/f); little ones; young children; a family.
VauHayYodNunZainAlephYod --- (83); pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
TetAyinYod --- to clothe; to counsel; a counselor.
AlephNunChetLamed --- concubine.
LamedYodTetMem --- a bar (of iron).
LamedTetNun --- to take up, to raise a weight, to hoist; to lift or put on; to impose;
--- to lift up.
--- a burden or load.
HayYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Ornament of Yah".
TetYodAyin --- ravenous beast; bird of prey, an eagle.

90 > 9- 90 -2x32x5
Tzaddi --- Tzaddi.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Samekh, Shin; Gimel, Dalet, Tet, Kaf, Qof, Taw; Hay, Ayin).
(Tzaddi = YodDaletTzaddi --- 104 --- Fish Hook).
HayDaletPehAleph --- a girdling or fastening on; covering, coating.
MemYodLamedVauAlephGimel --- (650 w/f); redemption.
MemMemVauDalet --- (650 w/f); silently, in silence; dumbness.
MemYodAlephLamedTet --- ( AyinVauDaletYod --- pr.n. "Much Known" or "Knowing".
DaletAyinVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Witness" --- (an Ayin or "Eye" in DaletVauYod or Yod spelled out).
NunYodKafYod --- (740 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) establishes" (Yachin = name given to the pillar on the right hand at the entrance into the Temple of Solomon; 1st Kings 7,21 --- the other was called ZainAyinBet (79)).
(In some masonic derivations, this pillar is white with a black Yod, and the one on the left hand is black with a white Bet.)
MemMemYod --- (650 w/f); to hum, make a noise, roar, rage; to be pure, clean.
KafSamekhYod --- (570 w/f); to pour, to be poured.
VauDaletAyinYod --- (94); pr.n. "Punctual".
NunVauDaletYodKaf --- (740); a javelin; pr.n. "Lance".
SamekhYodKaf --- a purse; a bag; a cup.
LamedYodLamedKaf --- complete, perfect; wholly; the whole; a holocaust or whole burnt-offering.
MemLamedKaf --- (650 w/f); to wound; insult, shame; disappoint.
NunYodLamed --- (740 w/f); to pass the night, to lodge, to turn in, stop for the night; to dwell.
KafMemLamed --- (570 w/f); to destroy or overthrow; pr.n. "Destroyer", Lamech.
HayBetGimelNunLamed --- in the southward region.
DaletYodLamedVauMem --- pr.n. "Progenitor".
MemYodMem --- (650 w/f); The letter Mem; the flowing, running; water or waters; dangers; weaknesses (as in turned to water); seaward.
LamedKafMem --- to be shallow, deficient in water (especially of a well).
KafLamedMem --- (570 w/f); to rule, to be king
--- to consult, take counsel
--- to make king to cause to reign
--- to reign; to counsel
--- a king
--- counsel
--- pr.n. "Moloch" or "King", the name of the Ammonite deity offered human sacrifices by the Israelites, GR:Mu-omicron-lambda-omicron-chi (810 in Greek)
NunMem --- (740 w/f); manna --- food divinely provided in the wilderness
--- who?, what?
--- part, portion
--- from, out of (particle of departure, sometimes used for indications of comparison or contrast)
VauLamedAlephGimelNun --- they are defiled.
YodKafSamekh --- a eunuch.
LamedSamekh --- a wicker-basket.
HayBetVauZainAyin --- abandonment or forsaking; desert or ruins; pr. n. of mother of Jehoshaphat.
ZainVauZainAyin --- might or strength.
--- strong or mighty; force.

91 > 10 > 1- 91 -91 = 7x13
NunLamedYodAleph --- (741 w/f); tree.
NunYodLamedAleph --- (741 w/f & 81/731); these;.
NunMemAleph --- (741 w/f); to make firm, to found, to prop up, to build; to sustain, to nurse; to be firm, to be reliable, trusty, faithful; to be made firm, a sure place; to be durable, lasting; to be nourished, carried; faithful, true; to believe.
--- to turn to the right.
--- exercised, skilled; architect; artist.
--- fidelity; truth, amen.
DaletVauPehAleph --- (85); covering; an ephod; a cope; idol, image.
MemMemVauHay --- (651 w/f); pr.n. "Confusion".
DaletSamekhChet HayTetHay --- to extend mercy.
HayVauHayYod LamedKafYodHay --- the temple or palace of Yahweh.
HayVauHayYod YodNunDaletAleph --- the "Lord God", "The Lord Creates", the Lord is He".
HayLamedVauLamedKaf --- bridal state or charms.
VauHayYodNunKaf --- pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
LamedKafAlephMem --- food.
NunAlephMem --- (741 w/f); a vessel or utensil; to form; to refuse; refusing or unwilling; obstinate; to prepare or make.
VauHayYodKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
KafAlephLamedMem --- (571 w/f); one going or sent (on some errand or service), a messenger; an angel (as messenger from God).
--- an angel.
AlephKafLamedMem --- a queen
AlephNunMem --- to count or number
MemAlephNun --- (651 w/f); to whisper or mutter, to utter in a low or mysterious voice, to speak oracularly.
--- an utterance or oracle.
TetLamedBetNun --- pr. n. "Oakland" (a town in Benjamin).
AlephLamedSamekh --- to be pendulous or lifted up (especially of a balance); to be bartered or valued.
--- pr. n. "Highway", a town near Jerusalem.
HayYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper of Yah", Obadiah.

92 > 11 > 2- 92 -92 = 22x23
SamekhLamedBet --- fig.
TzaddiBet --- (902 w/f); slime, mire.
HayPehDaletGimel --- scorn.
PehChetDalet --- (812 w/f); to push, thrust; hasten.
AyinBetKaf --- to be gibbous, bulging up.
YodNunBetLamed --- pr.n. "White".
HayMemVauAlephMem --- anything, something; at all.
HayMemZainMem --- thought, planning; counsel, purpose; mischief; counsel, prudence.
DaletMemChetMem --- a delight, an object of desire; darling (of a child); charms or attractions; something coveted or precious.
KafLamedMemBet --- (572 w/f); to rule over
--- to begin to reign, to become king
KafYodChetAleph DaletChetAlephMem --- (572 w/f); any one of thy brethren
AlephNun-MemAleph --- (652 w/f); if now!
HayVauAlephNunLamed --- becoming to, attractive to.
HayLamedHayBetNun --- sudden ruin.
VauLamedVauNun --- dunghill or sink.
YodKafBetSamekh --- pr. n. "Entangling".
LamedBetSamekh --- to bear (a burden, penalty or chastisement for sins); to be laden; big with young (said of cattle)..
--- to bear, to lift up.
--- a bearer or porter.
--- a burden, responsibility, charge.
ZainYodAyinHay --- to rescue or save (in haste).
BetKafAyin --- to bind, to spin or weave.
--- to bore or dig, to burrow.

93 > 12 > 3- 93 -93 = 3x31
TzaddiBetAleph --- (903 w/f); to be white, to shine; to be conspicuous.
HayMemBetYodLamedHayAleph --- pr.n. "Tent of the Height" --- wife of Esay, also name of a tribe of Edomites.
BetTzaddiAleph --- to shine; to fashion.
--- to be willing.
PehVauDaletGimel --- (813 w/f); reproaches or revilings.
HayGimelPehHay --- slackness; interval.
PehVauZain --- (813 w/f); to flow, flow out; to lend, borrow.
LamedTetVauMemChet --- pr.n. "The Dew is Father-in-law" (implies a blessing, dew is a free gift of the deity; but rain must be earned).
HayPehChet --- to cover, veil; covering, protection; a canopy, curtain, bridal-couch, bride's chamber.
LamedAlephNunBetYod --- pr.n. "God Understands".
AyinYodGimelYod --- wearied; labor, toil; a work done; gain, earnings; pain or labor (of giving birth or producing offspring). (Compare with Lt. INRI).
HayNunVauBetLamed --- (87); frankincense.
NunGimelMem --- (743 w/f); to enclose or shut up; to hand over or surrender; a shield.
HayLamedChetNun --- a torrent.
--- a possessing or occupying; a possession or estate; an inheritance; destiny or lot.

94 > 13 > 4- 94 -94 = 2x47
ZainPehVauAleph --- vantage-ground, high region; gold-coast.
HayPehVauGimel --- body, corpse.
NunMemDalet --- (744 w/f); to dung, to manure; dung, manure.
KafAyinDalet --- (574 w/f); to tread, stamp out, quench, go out; to be destroyed.
YodPehDalet --- stumbling block, offense.
PehVauChet --- (814 w/f); to enclose, shelter; coast, shore; haven.
NunVauLamedChet --- (744 w/f); pr.n. "Strong-hold"; hole, window.
MemZainMemZain --- (654 w/f); to hum, buz, murmur; noisy throngs.
YodDaletAyinYod --- pr.n. "Punctual"; (90).
DaletMemLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Barren".
YodDaletSamekhKaf --- a Chaldean.
MemYodTetHayLamed --- (654 w/f); secret or magic arts; sorceries.
YodVauLamedChetMem --- disease.
HayYodTetLamedMem --- pr.n. "Deliverance of Yah"
DaletLamedSamekh --- to leap.
--- pr. n. "Exultation".

95 > 14 > 5- 95 -95 = 5x19
MemYodMemDaletAleph --- (655 w/f); pr.n. "Red Hills"; men.
LamedAlephYodNunDalet --- pr.n. "God is Judge"; Daniel.
MemMemYodHay --- (655 w/f); pr.n. "Confusion".
NunMemHay --- (745 w/f); to make a noise, commotion; pr.n. "Mercury".
MemNunHay --- (655 w/f; 161/1371, 183); Hinnom, "Lamentation" --- name of the valley South East of Jerusalem where children were sacrificed to Molock.
or NunVauLamedBetZain
--- (745 w/f; 101/751); habitation; tribe of Zebulun.
HayNunBetLamedChet --- galbanum.
ZainPehChet --- to leap, start up; to be startled, alarmed.
PehVauTet --- (815 w/f); to bind, collect.
HayYodNunKafYod --- (101); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
HayMemLamedKaf --- reproach; shame.
NunTetVauLamed --- (745 w/f); pr.n. "Veiling".
HayKafSamekhYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Looks".
LamedAlephYodVauChetMem --- smitten by God (paralyzed).
HayPehYod --- to shine, to be fair, beautiful.
HayLamedKafMem --- completion, a sheepfold.
HayKafLamedMem --- a kingdom, royalty. (variation of spelling of 10th Sephira --- 496).
KafLamedMemHay --- (575 w/f); to be made king or be caused to reign; to advise or command; to be counsellor
--- the king --- reigning monarch of any country
HayKafLamedMem --- a queen
--- pr.n. "Counsel"
HayNunMem --- to divide or portion out, to count or allot to, to appoint or prepare; to cause; to number
--- a number or proportion; a weight (especially a hundred-shekel weight
--- a part or portion; a disk or joint (of food).
MemHayNun --- (655 w/f); to moan or groan; to growl; to roar.
HayLamedSamekh --- to lift up, to make light of, to slight.
--- to be still or silent. --- a pause or silence (found in Psalms to indicate a musical pause).
VauHayYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Ornament of Yah".
AlephZainYodZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strong".

96 > 15 > 6- 96 -96 = 25x3
LamedZainAlephHay NunBetAleph --- (746 w/f); loc pr.n. "Stone of Departure".
HayPehYodAleph --- Ephah (dry measure).
--- where?; how?; what sort?
HayNunMemAleph --- fixedness; allowance, wages; a compact.
--- columns, pillars.
--- bringing up, fostering; truly.
--- fidelity.
HayNunMemAleph --- pr.n. "Thorny".
NunVauBetLamedChet --- (746 w/f); pr.n. "Fruitful".
MemMemVauYod --- (656 w/f); by day; daily; all the day.
NunVauLamedYod --- (746 w/f); pr.n. "Tarrying Over Night".
VauPehYod --- (97); pr.n. "Beauty".
YodVauSamekhKaf --- a covering (of skins).
NunVauMem --- (746 w/f); to form.
HayKafAlephLamedMem --- an errand or service, business; a pursuit, trade or calling; ministry or mission; a fabric or manufacture; goods; cattle.
VauKafLamedMem --- reign, exercise of kingly power
--- kingdom, realm
MemVauYodMem --- (656 w/f); ever since day has been
YodLamedVauNun --- dunghill or privy.
MemVauNun --- (656 w/f); to slumber, to be drowsy; to be slothful.
VauLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Exaltation".
KafDaletBetAyin --- (576 w/f); a polite greeting meaning "I am thy servant".
VauKafAyin --- pr. n. "Fortress", Acre.

97 > 16 > 7- 97 -25th prime
MemNunVauAleph --- (657 w/f); pr.n. "Wealthy".
TzaddiVauAleph --- (907 w/f); to be compressed; narrow; to press; to press oneself; to hasten.
NunVauLamedYodAleph --- (747 w/f); pr.n. "Deerfield" or "Oakland".
NunVauMemAleph --- (747 w/f); a builder; architect; supporter.
--- a multitude.
--- Amon (god of Egypt).
--- a stay or prop; trustiness, fidelity.
HayTzaddiBet --- swamp, marsh.
BetTzaddiHay --- pr.n. "Brilliant".
PehYodZain --- (817 w/f); pr.n. "Flowing", "Melting"; "Lent Succor by God".
NunMemZain --- (747 w/f); to number, measure out; to arrange, determine; time, stated time; to settle, determine together; a season, festival.
KafAyinZain --- (577 w/f); to quench, extinguish; bring to an end.
PehTetChet --- (817 w/f); to seize, capture.
ChetPehTet --- to spread wide; to stretch out; to cause to stretch; to make to grow; to nurse; the spread hand, palm, hand-breadth; a corbel.
AlephVauPehYod --- (96); pr.n. "Beauty".
HayNunBetMem --- building, structure.
MemZainNun --- (657 w/f); to bind or fasten.
--- a nose-ring, an ear-ring, a ring.
HayLamedBetSamekh --- burden or task.
AlephVauLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Exalted".
VauHayYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper of Yah", Obadiah.

98 > 17 > 8- 98 -98 = 2x72
AlephVauPehYodAleph --- so therefore.
TzaddiVauBet --- (908 w/f); to be white, shining.
--- fine white cloth, cotton, linen.
HayPehVauDaletGimel --- scorn.
NunLamedYodChet --- (748 w/f); pr.n. "Fortress".
LamedYodLamedKafChet --- darkening.
NunMemChet --- (748 w/f); sun, sun image --- consecrated to the Baal-Haman, the Phenician sun god.
MemNunChet --- (658 w/f); to be hard, to be frozen; stone; gratuitously, for nothing, in vain.
LamedSamekhChet --- to cut, eat off, to browse.
TzaddiChet --- (908 w/f); arrow; lightning; infliction; arrow-wound; the point (of a spear).
HayAyinYodGimelYod --- weariness.
PehChetYod --- (818 w/f); to be barefoot; barefooted, unshod.
ChetPehYod --- to puff, to blow; panting, eager.
AyinBetVauKaf --- a helmet.
HayNunGimelMem --- a covering.
MemYodChetMem --- (658 w/f); fat ones (sheep in particular).
GimelHayNunMem --- the driving (of a chariot).
ChetNunMem --- to divide out; to distribute or bestow.
MemChetNun --- (658 w/f); to pant or sigh; to grive; to repent; to pity or compassionate; to comfort oneself; to avenge oneself, take vengance.
--- pr. n. "Consolation".
HayLamedGimelSamekh --- property or possession.
ChetLamedSamekh --- to forgive or pardon. --- one apt to remit or pardon, forgiving.

99 > 18 > 9- 99 -99 = 32x11
ChetYodPehAleph --- pr.n. "Panting".
NunVauYodLamedGimel --- (749 w/f); table, tablet; metal plate, mirror.
HayNunMemDalet --- pr.n. "Dung-heap".
LamedAlephYodNunChet --- pr.n. "Favor of God".
NunMemTet --- (749 w/f); to hide, conceal; to bury; to lay up, keep.
HayYodAyinDaletYod --- pr.n. "Yah Knows".
HayChetVauSamekhKaf --- a cutting or lopping off.
LamedAlephYodYodChetMem --- smitten by God (paralyzed).
HayDaletNunMem --- tribute
LamedYodTetNun --- laden.

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