HEBREW GEMATRIA File #2: Values from 100 - 299

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Hebrew Gematria: Values from 100 - 299

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

100 > 1- 100 -100 = 22x52
Qof --- Qof
(In spelling, interchanges with: Gimel, Yod, Kaf; Chet, Hay, Aleph, Ayin; Bet, Peh; Tzaddi; Taw, Dalet
(Qof = Peh-finalVauQof --- 186/906 --- Back of Head, Nape.)
NunVauMemGimelAleph --- (750 w/f); pool; rope or rush cord.
LamedYodChet-NunBet --- (750 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Valour".
TzaddiVauDalet --- (910 w/f); to rejoice.
TzaddiBetChet --- (910 w/f); to be sharp (of smell or color) --- to have a strong smell or be bright, reddish.
BetTzaddiChet --- to hew, to dig out; to mine; to carve; to slay; to bind; cut or dug out.
HayDaletAyinVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Adorns".
AyinDaletYodVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Knows".
MemYodMemYod --- (660 w/f); days.
KafLamedMemYod --- (580 w/f); "He Causes to Reign".
NunMemYod --- (750 w/f); to support.
YodPehYod --- renown; beauty, glory, loveliness.
MemYodLamedKaf --- (660 w/f); organs (of the Deity). (a way considering the nature of the Sephiroth).
LamedKafLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Sustenance".
PehKaf --- (820 w/f); The Letter Koph (Kaf, Kaf-final); the hollow hand, palm, hand, fist; foot or paw; sole; a pan, hollow vessel; handle, branch; a rock, crag or cliff.
NunKafLamed --- (750 w/f); therefore.
AyinLamed --- the swallow or throat.
NunVauDaletMem --- (750 w/f); strife, contention.
LamedKafYodMem --- a brook; pr.n. "Brook".
YodMemYodMem --- water.
--- from day of.
NunYodMem --- (750 w/f); form or shape; species or kind.
LamedLamedMem --- to speak, utter, to tell
--- to be cut off; to be circumcised
--- Used in Qabalah to describe the covenant of circumcision, that the tongue may be loosened (to speak) of that which is above by the act of cutting off below (circumcision)
KafMemMem --- (580 w/f); from thee
YodMemYodMem --- one of my days
DaletVauNunMem --- a nodding or shaking (of the head in derision).
YodNunMem --- to appoint (to office)
--- fate or death; pr.n. of a goddess worshipped by Jews in Babylonia
--- conjectured to be similar to Venus.
---pr. n. "Portion" --- of a province of Armenia.
--- from (poetic form).
SamekhMem --- allotment or share; a levy (of men).
--- a pining or afflicted one.
HayMemHayNun --- roaring; groaning.
LamedKafNun --- to deceive, to act clandestinely or deceitfully; to act fraudulently against.
--- deceits, knavish tricks.
KafKafSamekh --- (580 w/f); to plait or interlace; to cover over.
--- to cut.
--- a covering or mantlet (used in a siege, testudo).
YodLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "A Slighter".
MemSamekh --- (660 w/f); spice.
TetYodTetBetAyin --- to pledge or pawn; extortion or robbery.
LamedAyin --- height or elevation.
--- what is high or above, over or upon; on or upon, above or over; although, though, because.
--- a yoke (for the neck of draught animals, of slavery, of affliction).

101 > 2- 101 -26th prime
PehKafAleph --- (821 w/f); make to bow down (toil); to urge on, to press.
--- what causes to bend; weight; authority, pressure.
LamedLamedMemAleph --- languid, weak.
NunNunAleph --- (751 w/f); to bemoan oneself; to murmur.
MemSamekhAleph --- (661 w/f); to set, to put together; to put by.
--- storehouses, granaries.
TzaddiVauHay --- (911 w/f); to cut, to wound.
NunVauMemHay --- (751 w/f); noise, sound; a multitude, crowd, troop, confluence of waters; abundance, wealth; the rich; they.
NunVauLamedVauBetZain --- (751 w/f); pr.n. "Habitation"; tribe of Zebulun, (95/745).
VauHayYodNunKafYod --- ((95); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
AlephTzaddiYod --- to go or come out; to be descended or begotten, to come forth; to rise (sun); to be exported; to be expended; to stick out, project; to extend, reach along; to close, end; to come to an end, finish.
MemYodAlephLamedKaf --- (661 w/f); two kinds, two sorts.
SamekhAlephMem --- to reject, refuse; to despise.
LamedAlephKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like God?".
YodKafAlephLamedMem --- pr.n. "My Messenger".
HayKafVauLamedMem --- a kingdom, royalty. (variation of spelling of 10th Sephira --- 496).
VauHayNunMem --- from him.
HayMemVauNun --- slumber or drowsiness.
MemVauHayNun --- (661 w/f); pr. n. "Comfort"; pr. n. "Consoler", the prophet Nahum.
AlephLamedAyin --- above or over.
--- pr. n. "Yoke".

102 > 3- 102 -102 = 2x3x17
HayNunVauMemAleph --- firmness; security; faithfulness.
AyinLamedBet --- to eat greedily, to swallow down; to destroy utterly.
MemYodNunBet --- (662 w/f); the space between two hosts (armies); sons.
LamedAyinBet --- possession, control; property; Baal; Lord; to marry, to be husband; master; to rule; to reject or despise.
NunDaletMemChet --- (752 w/f); pr.n. "Pleasantness".
BetTzaddiYod --- pr.n. "Bright".
HayPehYodZain --- pr.n. "Flowing", "Melting"; "Lent Succor by God".
TzaddiBetYod --- (912 w/f); to shine, to be splendid.
BetTzaddiYod --- to set, establish; to be set, firm, sure.
BetAyinLamed --- to sport or jest.
HayNunDaletGimelMem --- precious or costly things.
BetSamekhMem --- a circle (of persons sitting in company); round about.
HayVauHayYod DaletBetAyin --- servant or worshipper of Yahweh.
LamedBetAyin --- to swell, to rise up.
BetLamedAyin --- to prevail.

103 > 4- 103 -27th prime
KafLamedMemYodBetAleph --- (583 w/f); pr.n. "Father is King" --- usual title of Philistine kings.
QofBetAleph --- to pound to dust, to crush.
--- to grasp round; to twine round one another; to wrestle, to struggle.
--- dust.
YodNunLamedYodGimel --- pr.n. "Circuit".
YodNunLamedYodGimel --- exultation.
AyinLamedGimel --- to be stiff, hard; to fling or hurl; quarrel, fight; be violently excited.
NunNunGimel --- (753 w/f); to cover, guard, defend.
LamedAyinGimel --- to profane, defile; abhor, reject, cast away; pr.n. "Loathing".
BetTzaddiVauHay --- pr.n. "Brilliant".
HayTzaddiChet --- to cut off, to divide; to cut in two, to halve.
GimelTzaddiYod --- to set, place.
GimelAyinLamed --- to stammer or babble; to mock or deride; mockery, ridicule; scoffing, blasphemy; babbling or speaking as a barbarian or foreigner; a jester or buffoon.
NunVauDaletGimelMem --- (753 w/f); pr.n. "Place of Troops", "Megiddon".
NunVauZainMem --- (753 w/f); food.
HayNunChetMem --- camp, band; court (of the Lord, station of a priest).
--- a camp (of troops, nomads or Israelites); a host or army; a band or troop; swarm (of locusts).
HayChetNunMem --- quiet, stillness; comfort or ease; settlement (in life or marriage); quietly; resting place.
--- a gift or present (especially to a superior); tribute; an offering (especially a bloodless meat offering to the deity).
NunGimelNun --- (753 w/f); to strike or touch (especially a musical chord); to play a stringed instrument.
HayLamedYodChetNun --- pipe or flute.
HayMemChetNun --- consolation, comfort.
LamedGimelAyin --- to turn round or roll; to skip or frisk about.
--- round or circular.
--- a calf; a young bullock.
GimelLamedAyin --- to stutter or stammer.
--- stammering (also of a barbarian).

104 > 5- 104 -104 = 23x13
AyinLamedDalet --- to be thick.
NunYodMemDalet --- (754 w/f); a likeness.
NunNunDalet --- (754 w/f); to whisper, murmur.
LamedAyinDalet --- to fear.
QofDalet --- beaten small, pulverized, fine; particle of dust; lank; shrivelled, withered; slight; shrunken, dwarfed; fineness, fine cloth.
TzaddiVauChet --- (914 w/f); to sever, divide; party-wall, wall of separation; the outside; a street; without, abroad.
YodNunVauLamedChet --- window-work.
NunVauMemChet --- (754 w/f); pr.n. "Warm" or "Sunny".
DaletAyinLamed --- to fix or appoint.
MemYodVauChetMem --- (664 w/f); villagers; pr.n. "Mahavites".
YodDalet-NunMem --- (754 w/f); whoso, whoever
--- from the time that
ChetVauNunMem --- a resting, settling down; rest, a state of rest; a settlement; pr.n. "Rest" --- of the father of Samson.
DaletSamekhMem --- a foundation.
NunDaletNun --- (754 w/f); to be hollow.
--- to give or present.
--- a sheath (of a sword); a liberal gift.
HayZainBetMemNun --- despised or vile.
MemDaletSamekh --- (664 w/f); to burn, consume with fire.
--- pr. n. "Lime Kiln" or "Burning" (a city in the vale of Sidim destroyed by fire.
DaletMemSamekh --- to twist up; to be hard or firm.
LamedDaletAyin --- to cease or rest.

105 > 6- 105 -105 = 3x5x7
DaletAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Witness".
NunNunBetGimel --- (755 w/f); back, ridge.
LamedAyinBetGimel --- small cup; calix or corolla of flowers.
AyinBetLamedGimel --- pr.n. "Fountain of Bubbling".
NunMemYodHay --- (755 w/f); pr.n. "Faithful", "Trustful".
SamekhMemHay --- to break or cut off; broken twigs, sticks, brushwood.
NunNunHay --- (755 w/f); to lament, whine, weep, cry.
KafPehHay --- (585 w/f); to turn; to turn about; to turn back, flee, change; over turn, destroy, pervert; reverse, contrary; perverseness.
AyinDaletYodVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Omniscient".
TzaddiHayYod --- (915 w/f); to tread or trample down.
HayMemYodMemYod --- pr.n. "Dove".
HayNunMemYod --- pr.n. "Good-luck".
HayNunLamedKaf --- (106); pr.n. "Cane: or "Reed".
MemHayMemKaf --- (665 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
HayPehKaf --- to extinguish; a branch; a palm-top.
HayAyinLamed --- to speak foolishly or hastily.
HayYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Yah is King".
HaySamekhMem --- to become fluid, to flow away.; to cause to flow, to dissolve; to wet or soak; to make (the heart) melt.
--- trial, testing (of fidelity); tempting or proving (e.g. murmuring against the deity); calamity or suffering; pr.n. "A Proving" --- of a place in the desert.
--- measure or proportion; by measure or quota of (with a following noun).
HayKafKafSamekh --- pr. n. "Covert".
HayMemSamekh --- to mark or stamp.
HayLamedAyin --- to go or come up, to ascent or mount up.; whither; whence; to rise or be high, to excel.
--- vegetation or sprouting; a leaf, foliage.
--- high.
--- burnt offering, holocaust; ascent or stair-case.
--- wickedness or wrong.
--- cause or occasion, ground (of an accusation).

106 > 7- 106 -106 = 2x53
QofDaletBet --- to break through, to make a breach; to repair a breach, to rebuild.
QofBetDalet --- to cleave to, adhere to, cling to, press after; chase, pursue; attached or steadfast; a soldering or welding (of metals).
HayNunVauMemHay --- pr.n. "Multitude".
LamedAlephLamedLamedHayYod --- pr.n. "He Praises God".
NunYodKafYodVauYod --- (756 w/f); pr.n. "Yah Establishes".
MemVauNunYod --- (666 w/f); pr.n. "Slumber".
PehVauKaf --- (826 w/f); to be high, pointed or towering, crag-like.
VauNunLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed".
AyinVauLamed --- to suck or swallow down; wander or go astray.
HayYodKafAlephLamedMem --- messenger of Yah, a prophet.
YodKafVauLamedMem --- pr.n. "My Counsellor".
VauKafYodLamedMem --- pr.n. "Counsellor"
NunVauNun --- (756 w/f); pr. n. "Fish" (father of Joshua).
--- to swim; fish.; to increase or thrive; the Letter Nun with value 50.
LamedVauAyin --- to suckle or give milk; a suckling or infant.
--- to turn or twist, to be wrong or perverse.
--- perverseness.
--- wrong-doer, transgressor.
--- yoke,(for the neck of draught animals, of slavery, of affliction).
VauLamedAyin --- burnt-offering, holocaust.
HayAlephLamedAyin --- The Supreme (deity).

107 > 8- 107 -28th prime
NunNunVauAleph --- (757 w/f); pr.n. "Strong".
NunVauNunAleph --- (757 w/f); they.
VauQofAleph --- roe, roe-buck; she-goat; to admire.
QofHayBet --- to shine; be white; a whitish, pale skin-eruption.
HayTzaddiYodBet --- egg.
HayLamedAyinBet --- mistress or possessor; witch; a city.
DaletAyinLamedGimel --- to be hard, rough; pr.n. "Hill of Witness".
NunNunZain --- (757 w/f); whoredoms; apostasy; idolatry; foreign commerce.
QofZain --- flame, burning arrow; fiery dart; fetter, bond.
LamedAlephVauMemLamed --- pr.n. "To God".
ZainAyinLamed --- to stammer or jabber; to speak unintelligibly.
SamekhVauAlephMem --- refuse, an object of contempt.
LamedAlephDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "God's Servant".
LamedZainAyin --- to depart or remove.
ZainLamedAyin --- to move or hop about, to dance; to exult or rejoice.
--- a rejoicer.

108 > 9- 108 -108 = 22x32
HayQofBetAleph --- powder.
QofZainAleph --- to grasp or hold.
QofVauBet --- to pour out, to make empty, to desolate.
MemYodNunDaletDalet --- (668 w/f); pr.n. "Greeks".
MemNunAlephYodBetHay --- prayers(?) --- making affirmations by Amen.
HayVauNunYod AlephLamedVau --- and he rests not.
AlephPehYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Captive".
TzaddiYodChet --- (918 w/f); a wall, party-wall.
SamekhMemChet --- to be sharp, to be gold, oppressive; to use violence, to hurt; to violate a law; to cast down, to shake off; violence, wrong; wealth wrongfully obtained; ill-gotten-gain.
NunNunChet --- (758 w/f); to incline towards; to be gracious to, to favor; to bestow graciously; to pity; to be charitable; to groan, sigh; to show mercy, to compassionate; pr.n. "Gracious".
LamedYodSamekhChet --- the browser, a locust.
MemSamekhChet --- (668 w/f); to stop up, to muzzle; to impede or stop.
YodTzaddiChet --- the middle, the midst; half, the half; arrow.
QofChet --- bosom; a decree, resolve; what is cut in or graven; prescribed, appointed; a task; allowance; boundary; statute; body of laws; decree (of God); a portion or custom (established by law).
VauHayYodZainAyinYod --- pr.n. "Command of Yah".
ChetKafNunLamed --- straight ahead; in front of; in behalf of.
LamedAleph-LamedDaletGimelMem --- tower of God.
BetSamekhVauMem --- a circuit or area (around a house).
ChetNun YodMem --- waters of Noah (the deluge).
ChetSamekhMem --- a keeping back or warding off.
MemYodDaletDaletNun --- (668 w/f); tossings, startlings (in slumber).
HayLamedGimelAyin --- a she-calf, heifer or young cow.
--- a cart or wagon; a roller or sledge (for threshing); a chariot.
LamedBetVauAyin --- pr. n. "Hill" or "Eminence".
AlephNun-ChetQof --- take, pray!

109 > 10 > 1- 109 -29th prime
KafLamedMemYodChetAleph --- (589 w/f); Ahimelech, pr.n. "Brother of a King".
NunMemYodChetAleph --- (759 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of a Gift".
ChetKafNun-LamedAleph --- towards.
ChetQofAleph --- to be about to take or lay hold of.
QofZainBet --- to break forth, to be bright.
--- brightness, lightning.
HayYodDaletPehYod --- pr.n. "Yah Redeems".
HayDaletAyinLamed --- pr.n. "Appointment".
TetAyinLamed --- to eat or devour.
SamekhVauBetAlephMem --- a store-house, granary.
HayChetVauNunMem --- quiet, stillness; comfort or ease; settlement (in life or marriage); quietly; resting place.
HayNunDaletNun --- a sheath; a body (as the soul's sheath).
LamedTetAyin --- to be dark.
TetLamedAyin --- to cover or hide, to be dark.

110 > 2- 110 -110 = 2x5x11
HayAyinDaletLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Acquaintance".
HayDaletAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Adornment".
AlephNunChetNunAleph --- we.
QofVauDalet --- to bruse, crush; lock out, look around.
NunVauMemYodDalet --- (760 w/f); pr.n. "Pining", "Wasting".
HayKafPehHay --- overthrow, destruction.
QofBetChet --- to fold, to embrace, clasp, hug; folding (of the hands).
AyinLamedYod --- to lick up, swallow down; to roll, wriggle; to speak rashly.
NunYodMemYod --- (760 w/f); the right hand; the right side; the south; pr.n. "Right Hand" or "Lucky".
YodNunMemYod --- right (as opposed to left).
LamedAyinYod --- to go up, ascend or reach the height; to be eminent; climber, chamois goat.
NunMemKaf --- (760 w/f); to hide, to lay up or store away; to preserve, season; spice, seasoning; cumin.
MemNunKaf --- (670 w/f); to pierce, sting; a gnat.
LamedSamekhKaf --- to be foolish; to bind together, to be firm; folly, loin, flank; confidence.
DaletSamekhVauMem --- a foundation
YodLamedLamedMem --- pr.n. "Eloquent"
AyinMem --- the bowels, intestines; the stomach; the womb; the lower belly (in males as the seat of generative power; the inmost part (as seat of emotion); the belly (externally)
NunYodNun --- (760 w/f); offspring or posterity.
SamekhNun --- an elevated or lofty (object); a pole; a flag; a standard or signal.
LamedKafSamekh --- to be foolish; to make or show oneself foolish; to act foolish.
--- a fool.
--- folly.
KafLamedSamekh --- (590 w/f); to move or go.
KafKafAyin --- (590 w/f); to hem in or enclose.
YodLamedAyin --- a pestle.
--- pr. n. "High", Eli the high priest in Shiloh.
--- high or supreme.
MemAyin --- (670 w/f); with; at, by, near.
--- as long as, during.

111 > 3- 111 -111 = 3x37
YodNunVauMemDaletAleph --- red or ruddy. (also "manly" --- this word is Adonai made substance YodNunDaletAleph + VauMem).
PehLamedAleph --- (831 w/f & 117/837); attached; familiar; friend; domesticated or tame; ox; the letter Aleph; head of a family; chieftain.
--- to bind, to join; a family, a thousand; to learn; to teach
NunYodNunAleph --- (761 w/f); they.
SamekhNunAleph --- to press, to urge, to force.
--- troubles ("no secret press thee").
LamedPehAleph --- to fall or sink; to set, become dark; to be drooping or tender.
--- sunless, dark; sunset, darkness; concealment; mischance.
MemYodNunTetBet --- (671 w/f); pr.n. "Pistacias" (nuts).
LamedAlephVauAyinDalet --- pr.n. "Knowledge of God".
AlephNun HayNunHay --- lo! now!
AlephYodTzaddiYod --- come out, descended (as offspring).
MemHayVauMemKaf --- (671 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
AlephMemNunKaf --- so, thus, in this manner; as is said; namely.
VauHayYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Yah is King"
HayVauSamekhMem --- a covering or veil.
NunAlephSamekh --- (761 w/f); to wear mud-boots or shoes; to be shod; booted.
AlephNunSamekh --- to be thorny.
HayLamedVauAyin --- burnt-offering, holocaust; ascent or stair-case.
--- wickedness or wrong, pr. n. "Evil" of a tribe in Edom.

112 > 4- 112 -112 = 24x7
NunYodNunBet --- (762 w/f); building.
SamekhNunBet --- to be angry.
YodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
QofChetDalet --- to thrust, push, press upon; oppressor.
QofDaletChet --- to be sharp, to pierce, scratch; a prickly thorn.
QofBetYod --- to pour or gush forth.
BetYodTzaddiYod --- established, fixed; certain, sure.
BetQofYod --- to dig, excavate; excavation, wine-vat; wine-press.
YodBetSamekhMem --- around.
LamedBetYodAyin --- pr. n. "Hill", mount Ebal.

113 > 5- 113 -30th prime
ChetDaletQofAleph --- intensely glowing, sparkling; gem.
HayQofVauBet --- emptiness.
HayLamedVauAyinBet --- married.
HayQofChet --- to cut into, engrave, delineate; statute, law, custom.
HayNunMemChetYod --- they rutted.
HaySamekhVauBetMem --- a treading down, subduing.
HayYodMemChetNun --- pr. n. "Comfort of Yah".
HaySamekhChetMem --- a refuge, shelter (figuratively a reference to God).
AlephNunBetKafMem --- pr.n. "A Band".
GimelSamekhNun --- to draw back; to be driven back, removed.
MemYodAlephBetSamekh --- (673 w/f); drunkards.
NunGimelSamekh --- (763 w/f); to check or control, to administer affairs.
--- ruler or governor; nobleman.
HayChetYodLamedSamekh --- remission or forgiveness.
LamedYodGimelAyin --- a ring, earring.
MemGimelAyin --- (673 w/f); to be pressed or bowed down, to be sad.

114 > 6- 114 -114 = 2x3x19
ChetBetZainMem HayNunBet --- to build an altar. (57 + 57 --- both component words total the same independly).
LamedAlephYodLamedMemGimel --- pr.n. "God is My Recompense".
QofYodDalet --- a look-out or watch-tower (used by besiegers), siege-tower.
PehLamedDalet --- (834 w/f); to drop, drip; to shed tears; to flow away; a dropping or dripping.
AyinMemDalet --- to flow; to shed tears; tear; "tears" of grapes and olives (expressed or pressed out juices).
QofVauChet --- to wrap up, enclose, surround; breast, bosom.
NunVauNunChet --- (764 w/f); pr.n. "Favored"; gracious, merciful.
DaletQofYod --- to burn, blaze; a burning mass.
DaletPehLamed --- to shine or blaze.
HayDaletNunHay-YodMem --- the water of uncleanness; menstruation.
DaletAyinMem --- appointed time, season; an appointed sign, a signal; appointed place, appointed assembly.
DaletMemLamedMem --- (30, 74 --- DaletLamedMem); beater or chastiser; staff, goad; ox-goad.
BetYodBetSamekhMem --- around
DaletAyinMem --- to waver, totter; palsied; to make tremble.
NunDaletSamekh --- (764 w/f); to cover or clothe.
YodLamedDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Restful".
HayTetLamedAyin --- darkness or gloom.
DaletMemAyin --- to stand; to halt or stay; to stand up or arise; to stand fast, to persist or endure.
--- to sink down, to recline.
--- with me, against me.
--- a place or station; a standing.
DaletMemAyin --- pillar or column.
--- a stand or platform.

115 > 7- 115 -115 = 5x23
AyinDaletYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Acquaintance".
VauNunChetNunAleph --- we.
QofZainChet --- to bind fast; to be bound fast; to be firm, persist; to be strong; to be severe; to be pressing; firm; violent, severe; powerful; assistance, strength; might.
HayLamedAyinYod --- a female chamois; wild she-goat.
AlephDaletQofYod --- a burning.
HayQofYod --- to revere, obey; pr.n. "Pious".
NunHayMemKaf --- (765 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
HayLamedSamekhKaf --- folly; hope, confidence; flanks.
HayDaletSamekhVauMem --- a foundation; an appointment, decree.
HayLamedYodLamedMem --- an ear of corn
HayAyinMem --- to curve or twist (in convolution).
--- bowels; the sea (figurative reference to its complex abundance).
LamedLamedHayNun --- a pasture.
HaySamekhNun --- to weigh, to try (by weighing); to try or test; to tempt; to attempt or assay; to try to.
HayKafLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Road"
HayNunSamekh --- to be sharp or pointed, thorny.
--- a thorn bush, bramble.
--- pr. n. "Point" or "Peak".
LamedAlephYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "God's ornament".
LamedZainAlephZainAyin --- a sending away or dismissing; an averting or expiation; the scape-goat, pr. n. "Azazel".
LamedZainAleph ZainAyin --- departing goat.
HayYodLamedAyin --- upper chamber, upper room or loft (figurative for heavens); ascent or stairs.
HayMemAyin --- to bind or join together.
--- with, at, by or near; pr. n. "Community".

116 > 8- 116 -116 = 22x29
HayLamedPehAleph --- darkness, gloom.
AyinDaletYodLamedBet --- not unto; as far as; nothing to or for.
NunVauYodLamedKaf --- (766 w/f); a pining or failing; consumption, destruction.
NunVauMemKaf --- (766 w/f); spice, seasoning; cumin.
VauLamedSamekhKaf --- ninth month (new moon of December to new moon of January).
MemYodLamedVauLamed --- (676 w/f); winding stairs.
DaletBetAyinMem --- work.
NunVauKafMem --- (766 w/f); a basis or foundation; a stand or place, a site.
LamedVauMemMem --- over against
SamekhVauNun --- to flee; to haste away.
NunVauSamekh --- (766 w/f); to be soft of sticky.
--- to be jagged or pointed.
HayAlephNunSamekh --- pr. n. "Thorn Hedge", a town in Judah.
LamedYodVauAyin --- suckling; child.
--- wicked or perverse.

117 > 9- 117 -117 = 32x13
VauMemYodNunYodAleph --- "they are not".
PehVauLamedAleph --- (837 w/f & 111/831); attached; familiar; a friend; domesticated or tame; ox; alternate spelling of the Letter Aleph; head of a family; chieftain.
NunVauSamekhAleph --- (767 w/f); trouble, harm.
HayYodLamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Yah is Lord".
MemAyinDaletGimel --- (677 w/f); pr.n. "A Cutting Down (of trees)";
PehLamedZain --- (837 w/f); to drop, trickle.
MemAyinZain --- (677 w/f); to be agitated, to rage; to be angry; to curse; raging; wrath, anger.
MemYodTetNunChet --- (677 w/f); the embalming (of the dead).
LamedAlephVauAyinYod --- pr.n. "Removed by God".
HayVauHayYod MemAlephNun --- (677 w/f); utterance of Yahweh.
HayVauHayYod KafAlephLamedMem --- (597 w/f); a messenger from God --- may also stand for HayVauHayYod or Mem-finalYodHayLamedAleph.
HayBetAyinMem --- thickness.
ZainAyinMem --- fortification or fortress; asylum or refuge.
HayBetSamekhNun --- a turn, course.
NunVauAlephSamekh --- (767 w/f); a shoe or boot; mud boot.
LamedAlephYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Servant of God".
ZainYodLamedAyin --- exultant.

118 > 10 > 1- 118 -118 = 2x59
VauNunYodNunBet --- pr.n. "Our son".
QofYodChet --- bosom; to requite; inside of a chariot.
MemYodLamedLamedChet --- (678 w/f); pipers.
PehLamedChet --- (838 w/f); pr.n. "Gracious".
SamekhNunChet --- pr.n. "Hercules", name of an Egyptian City.
NunSamekhChet --- (768 w/f); to bind together; to be strong or mighty; to be rich, to amass wealth; strong, mighty; to possess; strength, might; riches, wealth.
ChetLamedSamekhKaf --- pr.n. "Rich" or "Strong".
MemMemChetLamed --- (678 w/f); for warming; their flesh or body.
AyinVauBetMem --- a fountain.
LamedMemChetMem --- compassion or pity; object of affection or favor.
HayNunYodGimelNun --- music of string instruments; a song; a satire; stringed instrument.
(as "song", a kind of mantra used by Hassidics to directly convey or evoke a specific emotion or sequence of emotions. Usually composed of tonal sounds mixed with few, if any, words. Usually referred to some specific event in the life of the R' who originated it. Usually not written down, but conveyed orally from one to another.)
SamekhChetNun --- copper.
ChetSamekhNun --- to pluck up or tear away; to turn out (of a house); to expel or banish; to demolish; to be driven out.
--- to be dragged or pulled out.

119 > 11 > 2- 119 -119 = 7x17
YodNunVauAleph-NunBet --- (769 w/f); pr.n. "Son of My Sorrows".
BetVauBetZain LamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Lord of the Flys" (obtained by considering the name to be in Hebrew roots instead of Syriac), "Bridegroom" (obtained by using Syriac roots, as is correct for the Philistine usage), Balzebub --- name of a Philistine god
(2Kings 1,2).
HayAyinMemDalet --- tear.
DaletMemAyinHay --- to be set or placed.
MemAyinTet --- (679 w/f); to taste; to relish; to understand, to perceive; to cause to taste, to feed; taste, flavor; discernment; decision, decree; a decree; relish; reason; account; edict.
LamedPehTet --- to besmear, to lay on; to charge; impute.
AyinTetMem --- a planting; a plant.
GimelVauAyinMem --- a cake.
TetAyinMem --- to be slender or thin; keen or sharp; to be small or few; to become few; to grow small, diminish; to be slight or trivial; to become few.
--- little; a few; small.
MemYodTetSamekh --- (679 w/f); errors or wrongs.
HayMem-DaletAyin --- till when? how long?
HayDaletMemAyin --- a station or resting place, a domicile.

120 > 3- 120 -120 = 23x3x5
HayQofZainChet --- being strong; strength, force.
PehLamedYod --- (840 w/f); to cling to.
YodNunYodMemYod --- right.
HayHayQofYod --- obedience.
DaletVauQofYod --- a burning.
SamekhMemKaf --- to lay up, to reserve.
NunNunKaf --- (770 w/f); to set, place.
LamedYodSamekhKaf --- a fool; the strong one; Orion (in Egyptian, Sah, the constellation of hunting Osiris).
MemSamekhKaf --- (680 w/f); to shear.
LamedAyinKaf --- height or elevation; the High One, Most High; what is high, above, over or upon; on; because of; about, concerning; to, unto; yoke.
NunMemLamed --- (770 w/f); to ... from.
TzaddiLamed --- (930 w/f); mocker or scorner.
HayAyinBetGimelMem --- a turban or cap (of the ordinary priests).
AyinVauDaletMem --- what known?, why?, wherefore?
DaletAyinVauMem --- appointed time, season, festival; an appointed sign, a signal; appointed place, appointed assembly.
LamedLamedKafMem --- perfections, splendid garments; perfection, completeness.
SamekhKafMem --- to count or number; a tribute.
KafSamekhMem --- (600 w/f); to mix or mingle (especially to spice wine); to infuse or instil.
--- a mixture; mixed or spiced wine.
--- a covering (especially the veil or curtain at the entrance to the tabernacle).
YodAyinMem --- a heap or ruin.
---pr. n. "compassionate".
PehMem --- (840 w/f); pr.n. "Dwelling or Phtah", Memphis --- GR:Mu-epsilon-mu-phi-iota-sigma (795) in Greek.
SamekhYodNun --- fugitive.
MemYodKafNun --- (680 w/f); smitters (with the tongue), slanderers, railers.
LamedMemNun --- to cut off, to nibble or gnaw.
NunYodSamekh --- (770 w/f); pr. n. "Loamy", a city in the north-east of Egypt.
LamedLamedSamekh --- to be high or pendulous, to raise or heap up; to cast up (earth); highway.
--- to prick or pierce.
--- to plait or interlace.
KafMemSamekh --- (600 w/f); the letter Samekh (60); a prop or support.
--- to lay or place on; to lean or press; to uphold or support; to draw near, to lean to.
SamekhSamekh --- a moth (destroying garments).
MemYodAyin --- (680 w/f); heat or glow.
DaletVauMemAyin --- pillar or column.
--- a stand or platform.
YodMemAyin --- pr. n. "My People".

121 > 4- 121 -121 = 112
KafLamedMemLamedAleph --- (601 w/f); pr.n. "King's Oak".
NunMemLamedAleph --- (771 w/f); made solitary, widowed; a widow.
--- widowhood.
TzaddiLamedAleph --- (931 w/f); to press together; to force.
LamedYodPehAleph --- drooping, bending down (in the stalk); late; unripe.
LamedTzaddiAleph --- to lean on.
--- support, side; beside, at, near.
--- to put aside, to take away, separate; to select for one.
--- pr.n. "Noble", "Side".
BetDaletNunYodBetAleph-NunBet --- (771 w/f); pr.n. "Son of a Noble Father".
HayAlephNunSamekhHay --- pr.n. "Bristly".
LamedAlephYodAyinYod --- pr.n. "Removed by God".
MemYodAlephLamedMem --- (681 w/f); consecrations; sacrifices of consecrations; setting (of gems).
HayVauNunYodNun --- pr. n. "Abode", Nineveh.
MemYodAlephKafNun --- (681 w/f); afflicted ones.
HayNunVauSamekh --- pr. n. "Rush", the name of a city in the south of Egypt.
MemDaletAleph-DaletBetAyin --- (681 w/f); pr. n. "Serving Edom" or "Serving Adom".

122 > 5- 122 -122 = 2x61
HayLamedVauChetMem LamedBetAleph --- pr.n. "Dance-meadow".
SamekhSamekhBet --- to tread upon, trample.
MemYodAyinBet --- (682 w/f); in the heat.
NunAyinBet --- (772 w/f); pr.n. "The Lord's Aim".
LamedTzaddiBet --- to be peely, to have coatings; peelings off, onions.
HayMemAyinZain --- agitated, raging, angry, curse.
HayPehLamedZain --- dropping; myrrh.
HayLamedAlephAyinVauYod --- pr.n. "Let Him Help".
NunBetLamedMem --- (772 w/f); a burning or brick making; brick kiln; brick yard.
YodNunBetKafMem --- pr.n. "Banded".
AyinBetNun --- to gush out; to declare, publish abroad; to ferment or spoil.
BetNunAyin --- to be convex or bulging, to be round or globular.
--- pr. n. "Grape Town", a city in Judah south of Hebron, Anab.
--- a berry, a grape.

123 > 6- 123 -3x41
MemYodMem LamedBetAleph --- (683 w/f); water meadow.
AlephNunAyinBet --- (127); pr.n. "Sorrowful".
VauHayYodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
HayNunYodNunChet --- grace, favor.
HayYodNunNunChet --- (120); pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
HayMemChetLamedMem --- to marshal or prepare battle.
HayYodSamekhChetMem --- pr.n. "Yah is a Refuge".
HayMemChetLamedMem --- warring, fighting; war
ZainVauAyinMem --- fortification or fortress; asylum or refuge.
AyinGimelNun --- to smite; to blast; to touch; to move or affect (the mind); to smite hard (chiefly said of divine judgments).
--- a stroke or blow; a plague; spot or mark (on the skin); plague-spot or warning (on walls or garments); one afflicted with eruptions.
NunGimelAyin --- (773 w/f); to shut in or enclose.
GimelNunAyin --- to live delicately; to make oneself delicate; to delight or enjoy oneself; to make oneself merry; to sport or mock.
--- delicate of effeminate.
--- delight or enjoyment.

124 > 7- 124 -124 = 22x31
MemYodGimelMemLamedAleph --- (684 w/f); almug trees; red sandal-wood.
YodZainVauAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is My Praises".
DaletSamekhChet-NunBet --- (774 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Kindness".
PehVauLamedChet --- (844 w/f); a passing by, forsaking.
NunVauSamekhChet --- (774 w/f); strong, mighty.
PehLamedDaletYod --- (844 w/f); pr.n. "Tearful".
NunNunChetVauYod --- (774 w/f); pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
DaletYodPehLamed --- a torch or lamp.
YodDaletAyinMem --- pr.n. "Adorned" --- in modern times, a title used for a successor to the Caliph of Islam.
HayTetAyinMem --- a covering or mantle.
MemYodBetYodBetSamekh --- (684 w/f); surroundings or environs; neighbors.
HayVauHayYod HayLamedGimelSamekh --- the property of Yahweh.
NunYodDaletSamekh --- (774 w/f); a sort of linen undergarment like a shirt or shift.
NunDaletAyin --- (774 w/f); to be soft, delicate or pleasant; to indulge or delight oneself.
--- to bind.
--- delights or pleasures, delicacies; pr. n. "Delight", Eden.
--- pr. n. "Pleasantness", a place in Mesopotamia or Assyria.
--- till now, yet.
--- time; a season; a year.
DaletNunAyin --- to bind.

125 > 8- 125 -125 = 53
KafYodNunMemHay --- (605 w/f); necklace.
AyinNunHay --- to sink, to be low; pr.n. "Low Land".
YodQofZainChet --- pr.n. "My Strength".
LamedAlephAyinYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Known of God".
TetVauQofYod --- what is rejected or loathed; a vomiting.
HayDaletAyinVauMem --- festival.
--- an appointed place of asylum or refuge.
HaySamekhKafMem --- a number (of persons); a price.
--- a covering; the membrane covering the bowels.
HayLamedNunMem --- possession, property.
HayKafSamekhMem --- a covering.
--- fusion (especially a molten image); a libation; truce or league (ratified with libations).
HayLamedMemNun --- the ant.
HayAyinNun --- to lean or incline.
--- pr. n. "Slope", of a place in Zebulon.
--- pr. n. "Wandering".
HayLamedLamedSamekh --- a mound, rampart.
MemYodBetGimelAyin --- (685 w/f); lovers or paramours.
--- loves or charms; fond regards, affection.
AlephNunDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Delight".
HayNunAyin --- to utter a sound or raise a cry; to cry or shout; to sing; to declare or propose; to pronounce or decide; to answer or respond.
--- to bend or bow down; to bend over; to bend down, to be low, depressed or humbled.
--- to answer of speak.
--- to be lowly or oppressed.
--- pr. n. "Affliction", a son of Seir and the Edomite tribe named after him.

126 > 9- 126 -126 = 2x32x7
HayNunMemLamedAleph --- window.
HayChetNunMemVau ChetBetZain --- sacrifice and oblation (especially to an idol).
MemKafVauMemKaf --- (686 w/f); as to you.
TzaddiVauLamed --- (936 w/f); to stammer, to mimic, to mock or deride.
HayPehAlephMem --- a baking, baked food.
KafSamekhVauMem --- (606 w/f); a covered walk, portico.
LamedVauLamedKafMem --- perfection, splendour.
NunVauLamedMem --- (776 w/f); a night's lodging or rest; an inn, caravanserai
YodVauNunSamekh --- one of the three angels said to have confined Lilith under the sea. probably "Thorn of Yah" or "Hater".
AyinVauNun --- to shake or agitate, to reel or stagger; to tremble; to rustle, to wave about; to dangle or swing; to quake; to wander about.
NunVauKafNun --- (776 w/f); pr. n. "Prepared" (name of a threshing-floor).
SamekhVauSamekh --- to spring or leap; to gallop.
--- twitter.
--- to gnaw or nibble.
--- a horse; a swallow (bird).
NunVauYodSamekh --- (776 w/f); pr. n. "Blooming", Siwan, the third month of the Hebrew Year from the new moon of June to that of July.
NunVauAyin --- (776 w/f); to lie down or rest, to dwell.
--- to move or agitate, to twinkle; to wave or bubble.
--- sin or wrong; punishment; misery.
VauNunAyin --- suffering or oppressed.

127 > 10 > 1- 127 -31st prime
HayAyinNunBet --- pr.n. "Bubbling".
HayNunAyinBet --- (123); pr.n. "Sorrowful".
VauHayYodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
NunYodTetNunChet --- (777 w/f); wheat.
MemYodAlephVauLamedMem --- (687 w/f); consecrations; sacrifices of consecrations; setting (of gems).
LamedAlephVauMemNun --- pr. n. "Day of God".
HayAlephSamekhAlephSamekh --- very measurably or moderately.
NunZainAyin --- (777 w/f); to be strong.

128 > 11 > 2- 128 -27
ZainPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God of Purity"; Eliphaz.
TzaddiLamedChet --- (938 w/f); to cover, clothe; to arm, equip; to break away, withdraw; to draw out; the girded or strong parts; the two hips or loins; pr.n. "Strength".
LamedMemNunChet --- stone; hail-stone, hard-frost.
NunYodSamekhChet --- (778 w/f); mighty.
LamedAlephYodZainAyinYod --- pr.n. "God's command".
TzaddiChetLamed --- (938 w/f); to press, crush; to oppress; to crowd out; oppression or distress.
HayPehGimelMem --- a smiting, pestilence, plague; slaughter (in battle).
ChetPehMem --- a breathing out, exhalation; expiring (of life).
--- the blower or bellows (of a forge).
BetVauNunAyin --- pr. n. "Bulging".

129 > 12 > 3- 129 -129 = 3x43
LamedAlephMemNunChet --- pr.n. "God is Gracious".
VauHayYodNunNunChet --- pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
NunAyinTet --- (779 w/f); to stab; to load.
NunNunChetVauHayYod --- (779 w/f); pr.n. "God is Gracious".
TetLamedPehYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Delivers".
HayYodDaletAyinMem --- pr.n. "Ornament of Yah".
LamedAlephYodLamedChetNun --- pr. n. "God's Valley" or "God's Heritage".
AyinTetNun --- to set or fix in; to plant; to establish or settle; to implant; to pitch (a tent); to set up (an image).
--- a planting; a plant; a plantation.
BetZainAyinNun --- to be forsaken, to be abandoned.
HayNunDaletAyin --- till now, yet.
--- pr. n. "Pleasure".
--- pleasure (especially sexual).
NunTetAyin --- (779 w/f); to bind together, to hold.
MemTetYodAyin --- (689 w/f); pr. n. "Aerie".

130 > 4- 130 -130 = 2x5x13
MemYodMemVauGimelLamedAleph --- (690 w/f); almug-trees, red sandal-wood (plural).
HayLamedTzaddiHay --- deliverance.
HayYodQofZainChet --- pr.n. "Yah Strengthens".
NunAyinYod --- (780 w/f); to call or cry; to screech; an answering; because of; the ostrich.
PehLamedKaf --- (850 w/f); to strike.
YodNunNunKaf --- pr.n. "Whom Yah Set Up".
SamekhNunKaf --- to collect; to assemble; to cover up, hide.
LamedPehKaf --- to bend; a doubling; double, twice.
MemKafLamedMem --- (690 w/f); pr.n. "Their King" --- name of an Ammonite idol
NunMemMem --- (780 w/f); from
SamekhKafNun --- to gather or amass.
--- resources or funds.
KafAyinMem --- (610 w/f); to press, to be pressed.
YodPehMem --- according to the command of
KafSamekhNun --- (610 w/f); to pour out (a libation); to shed forth (a spirit of sleep); to cast (metal); to constitute or appoint (a king).
--- to intertwine or weave; to cover.
--- to pour out, to offer a libation.
--- a drink-offering or libation.
PehNun --- (850 w/f); pr. n. Memphis (see also 120).
YodNunYodSamekh --- pr. n. "Pointed" or "Peaky", Mount Sinai.
--- pr. n. "Mountaineer", a Canaanitish people.
SamekhYodSamekh --- swift or swallow.
NunKafSamekh --- (780 w/f); to recline or rest; to be accustomed or familiar.
--- to cut or wound; to hurt.
--- to be bowed down, to stoop or crouch; to be poor.
--- to store or shut up.
MemLamedSamekh --- (690 w/f); a ladder.
LamedMemSamekh --- to be like, to resemble.
--- a likeness or image.
HayNunAleph-DaletAyin --- till when? how long?
MemYodYodAyin --- (690 w/f); pr. n. "Ruins".
NunYodAyin --- (780 w/f); fountains; what stirs, twinkling, waving; the eye. (as "eye", name of the Hebrew letter Ayin, Ayin, 70).
--- to eye or ogle, to suspect or envy.
LamedLamedAyin --- to turn or move round; to bind; to be astir or active; to roll; to make a stir, act or do, to meddle, to vex; to glean; to extirpate.
--- to enclose or contain.
--- to enter.
--- to go or come it, to occur; to go down (of the sun).
YodNunAyin --- toiling or suffering, poor or helpless; lowly or meek. --- affliction or suffering.
--- pr. n. "Bowed Down".

131 > 5- 131 -32nd prime
NunPehAleph --- (781 w/f & 137/787); wheel; roller.
--- to turn, revolve.
--- a round, a turn, season.
KafLamedMemYodLamedAleph --- (611 w/f); pr.n. "God is King".
YodNunMemLamedAleph --- a certain one, such an one.
TzaddiMemAleph --- (941 w/f & 141/951); strong; strength; to be alert; to make firm; establish (a house); to make bold; to confirm; bravery.
--- active, fleet; deep red.
MemNunMemAleph --- (691 w/f); truly, certainly.
PehNunAleph --- (851 w/f); to breathe through the nose, snort; to be angry.
--- the face; the nostrils.
LamedYodTzaddiAleph --- leaning upon; a noble; side.
--- firmly supported; joint.
MemTzaddiAleph --- (691 w/f); to be strong.
NunVauAyinBetGimel --- (781 w/f); pr.n. "On a Hill".
LamedAyin AlephLamed --- no-height, an idol.
HayNunVauLamedMem --- a night-hut, lodge.
LamedAlephYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "God is King"
HayKafVauSamekhMem --- a thorn-hedge.
AlephTzaddiMem --- to reach to, arrive at; to be at hand; to come to (something); to acquire or get; to suffice; to come upon or meet with; to find;
PehAlephNun --- (851 w/f); to commit adultery; an adulterer or adulteress; to be unfaithful (to the covenant), to apostatise; to pant or lust after.
HaySamekhVauSamekh --- a mare; a woman (poetic figurative).
HayNunVauAyin --- a lying down, cohabiting.
HayVauNunAyin --- humility, piety; gentleness or condescension.
--- meekness, piety.

132 > 6- 132 -132 = 22x3x11
AlephLamedAyinLamedAleph --- (136); pr.n. "God is High".
QofLamedBet --- to break out, pour forth; devastate.
--- pr.n. "Devastation".
HayYodZainAyinMem --- pr.n. "Decision of Yah".
BetTzaddiMem --- a stand or place; a military post or garrison; appointment or office.
--- station or post (of troops).
MemYod-YodKafBetNun --- (692 w/f); the fountains of the sea.
NunVauDaletBetAyin --- (782 w/f); pr. n. "Servile".
BetLamed-LamedAyin --- to the heart.
LamedBetQof --- to receive --- root of HayLamedBetQof (137), Qabalah and a common appreviation of the word.

133 > 7- 133 -133 = 7x19
DaletVauSamekh NunYodAlephBet --- (783 w/f); without counsel, hurriedly.
MemYodDaletAyin DaletGimelBet --- (693 w/f); menstruous garment.
NunVauAyinDaletGimel --- (783 w/f); pr.n. "Feller" ='s "Mighty Warrior".
TzaddiMemGimel --- (943 w/f); to dig.
PehNunGimel --- (853 w/f); to cover over, hide.
NunPehGimel --- (783 w/f); to be bent, curved, winding; a vine.
NunVauAyinZain --- (783 w/f); pr.n. "Agitated".
HayPehYodLamedChet --- a change, suit of clothes; change of life, amendment; exchange of soldiers.
ChetLamedMemHay MemYod --- (693 w/f); the salt sea,pr.n. for the Dead Sea
PehGimelNun --- (853 w/f); to smite (with a plague); to smite (with defeat); to thrust or push; to gore; to trip or stumble.
--- a plague; a stumbling.
GimelPehNun --- to come out, to sprout.
--- pr. n. "Sprout".
DaletBetZainYodMemAyin --- pr. n. "Liberal People".

134 > 8- 134 -134 = 2x67
QofLamedDalet --- to burn, to flame.
LamedQofDalet --- to wave (of a tree).
TetYodAyinMemHay --- to make small, diminish; to accomplish little; to stint or spare.
MemPehVauChet --- (694 w/f); pr.n. "Harbored".
YodNunVauMemKafChet --- pr.n. "Wise".
NunVauLamedChetMem --- (784 w/f); pr.n. "An Invalid".
MemYodDaletMemMem --- (694 w/f); measures, extensions
DaletTzaddiMem --- a mountain fastness, a stronghold.
PehDaletNun --- (854 w/f); to drive away or disperse (like wind dispersing smoke); to rout.
NunVauChetYodSamekh --- (784 w/f); pr. n. "Broom (of destruction)", a king of the Amorites.
DaletAyinSamekh --- to uphold or support; to aid, animate; to take refreshment.
--- to aid or succour.
NunYodDaletAyin --- (784 w/f); delicate, voluptuous.

135 > 9- 135 -135 = 33x5
NunDaletPehAleph --- (785 w/f); castle, palace.
TzaddiMemHay --- (945 w/f); the oppressor.
NunVauMemLamedTet --- (785 w/f); pr.n. "Oppression".
HayNunAyinYod --- the female ostrich.
HayYodNunNunKaf --- (141); pr.n. "Yah Hath Set Up".
HayYodDaletAyinVauMem --- pr.n. "Assembly of Yah".
HayKafLamedMemMem --- reign; kingdom or realm
HayLamedSamekhMem --- a raised way, highway, public road; a way or course; course of life; stairs or staircase.
HayKafAyinMem --- pr.n. "Depression" or "Lowland".
HayTzaddiMem --- to suck or drink out, drain; to press or wring out
--- a sucklng; (something) sweet or unsoured; unleavened bread;
--- contention or quarrel.
HayPehNun --- a sieve or winnowing fan; a high place or height.
VauGimelNun DaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Servant of Venus" or "Servant of Beauty".
HayAyinSamekh --- to run or rush.
AlephNunYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Luxurious".
DaletVauHayYodMemAyin --- pr. n. tribe of Judah.
HayYodNunAyin --- pr. n. "Yah Answers".

136 > 10 > 1- 136 -136 = 23x17
HayLamedAyinLamedAleph --- (132); pr.n. "God is High".
HayTzaddiMemAleph --- strength.
HayPehNunAleph --- (name of an unclean bird); sandpiper(?), angry bird; heron(?), parrot(?).
VauHayYodQofZainChet --- pr.n. "Yah Strengthens".
TzaddiVauMem --- (946 w/f); to press; to press or crush off, to separate.
--- chaff.
VauNunYodMemLamed --- according to its kind (used to refer to the animals on the Ark of Noah).
VauNunMemMem --- from us, from him
KafVauAyinMem --- (616 w/f); pr.n. "Oppressed".
--- pressed or bruised (of a man emasculated by crushed testes).
AlephNun HayTetLamedMemAleph --- let me, pray, escape.
PehVauNun --- (856 w/f); to raise or life up, to wave up and down; to sprinkle.
--- elevation or height.
YodSamekhVauSamekh --- pr. n. "horseman".
AyinVauSamekh --- to shoot forth.
--- to come together
LamedLamedVauAyin --- child, infant.
NunVauYodAyin --- (786 w/f); pr. n. "A Ruin".
VauYodNunAyin --- meek.

137 > 11 > 2- 137 -33rd prime
NunPehVauAleph --- (787 w/f & 131/781); wheel; roller.
TzaddiVauMemAleph --- (947 w/f); pr.n. "Courageous".
YodNunAyinDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Feller" (of trees).
ZainAyin YodLamedKaf --- instruments of praise.
HayPehChetDaletMem --- pushings, upsettings or overthrows.
AlephTzaddiVauMem --- a coming or going forth, exit; a promulgation; rising (of the sun); exportation; place of issue; mine or vein of metal; the east; a way out, a door; utterance, speech; pr.n. "Out-let" or "Issue".
HayBetTzaddiMem --- a military post.
--- a garrison.
--- something set up; a pillar or column; a statue, idol-image.
HayLamedBetQof --- (132); Qabalah; oral tradition --- the name given to mystical study involving Hebrew, the Tree of Life diagram and similar approaches ultimately stemming from Palestine, and early non-Christian gnostic practices. Antecedents include Chaldean (Babylonian), Old Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Hindu practices. This term was applied mainly after secondary exodus from Spain. Qabalah makes extensive use of methods originally intended for literary criticism, fragments of folklore and systems of initiatic training from western and near eastern cultures. The systematic derivation of many short words from three and two letter roots combines with historic use of numerical puns in place of rhymes and a penchant for word games to produce a unique and elaborate collection of mental exercises. Since Hebrew letters have long done double duty for numbers, many numbers have evolved meanings substantially like the ideas represented by Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese ideographs.

138 > 12 > 3- 138 -138 = 2x3x23
QofLamedChet --- to be smooth; to lick off, consume, plunder; to cut up, share, divide, distribute; smooth, not hairy; flattering; lot, portion; baldness, bareness.
TzaddiMemChet --- (948 w/f); to be sharp, pungent; to be sour; to be acid; salted or seasoned; to be bright (color), dazzling; deep red, purple; to be eager, violent; anything made sour, leavened dough; violence or extortion; vinegar; sour grapes.
PehNunChet --- (858 w/f); to cover, to hide, becloud; to pollute; to be polluted, defiled; profane, impious, reprobate; godlessness.
MemYodPehChet --- (698 w/f); pr.n. "Coverings".
NunPehChet --- (788 w/f); to enclose; to bend or curve; a fist.
NunVauNunBetLamed --- (788 w/f); pr.n. "The White Mountain", Lebanon.
SamekhMemChetLamed --- pr.n. "Battle-ground".
ChetQofLamed --- to take or lay hold of; to seize; to capture; to captivate; to accept; to catch or perceive; to receive; takingness or captivating charms; learning or knowledge (as being received), doctrine or teaching.
TzaddiChetMem --- (948 w/f); to cleave or smite through; to wound; to smash or crush; to cut one's way through; to restrain; to dash or strike, to splash.
--- confusion, wound.
MemChetNunMem --- (698 w/f); pr.n. "Comforter", Menachim --- of a king of Israel.
VauHayYodZainAyinMem --- pr.n. "Decision of Yah".
ChetTzaddiMem --- to shine, to be conspicuous.
--- the front or forehead.
ChetPehNun --- to puff, to blow or breathe.
--- pr. n. "Breezy", a town of the Moabites.

139 > 13 > 4- 139 -34th prime
KafMemSamekhYodChetAleph --- (619 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of Support".
NunNunChetLamedAleph --- (789 w/f); pr.n. "God is Gracious".
TzaddiMemVauGimel --- (949 w/f); pit.
VauChetKafNun KafLamedHay --- (619 w/f); walking right before himself; plain or evident.
LamedAlephNunNunChet --- pr.n. "God is Gracious".
PehNunTet --- (859 w/f); to be dirty, foul.
LamedAlephTzaddiChetYod --- (149) pr.n. "God Distributes".
TetAyinMemKaf --- like a little, nearly, almost.
TetQofLamed --- to take or pick up, to gather together; to glean; a gleaning.
HayDaletTzaddiMem --- stronghold.
AyinYodTetNun --- plant.
PehTetNun --- (859 w/f); to drop down or distil; to be gentle or plesant (as dew).
--- a drop (a kind of gum or resin).
NunYodTetAyin --- (789 w/f); holder or receptacle, a vessel.

140 > 5- 140 -140 = 22x5x7
HayYodQofZainChetYod --- (146); pr.n. "Yah Strengthens".
QofLamedYod --- to lick or eat off; locust; the devourer.
YodNunAyinYod --- pr.n. "Responsive".
AyinNunKaf --- to bend, bow down (the knee); to be low; to compress, fold up.
SamekhSamekhKaf --- to distribute, assign or reckon.
NunAyinKaf --- (790 w/f); here, now, at this time.
PehLamedYodKaf --- (860 w/f); sledge hammer.
HayQofHayLamed --- company or school
MemAyinLamed --- (700 w/f); to eat or devour.
BetTzaddiChetMem --- a hewing (of stones); a quarry.
TzaddiYodMem --- (950 w/f); pressure or squeezing out.
MemYodMemYodMem --- (700 w/f); from two days, immediately after two days
MemYodNunMem --- (700 w/f); strings or chords of an instrument
--- parts; times (as in "ten times" when used with a number).
MemYodNunMem --- (700 w/f); strings or chords; a stringed instrument or lyre.
LamedAyinMem --- to act covertly or treacherously.
--- faithlessness or treachery.
--- what is above, the upper part
--- the goings in (i.e. setting of the sun).
--- from above.
--- a raising (of the hands).
DaletVauTzaddiMem --- a hill fortress or citadel.
--- a net.
LamedAyinMem --- from on high.
QofMem --- rottenness or stench.
KafYodSamekhNun --- (620 w/f); a libation or drink-offering; an appointed one, a prince.
TzaddiNun --- (950 w/f); flower or blossom; a hawk.
MemMemSamekh --- (700 w/f); smell sweet or fragrant.
PehSamekh --- (860 w/f); basin; threshold.
VauNunYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Luxurious".
MemLamedAyin --- (700 w/f); indefinite or uncertain time, eternity; perpetuity or everlastingness, without beginning or end; for ever.
--- world; worldly thoughts or cares.
--- to cover, to obscure.
--- to glow or burn.
NunKafAyin --- (790 w/f); to trouble.
--- pr. n. "Troubler".
LamedYodLamedAyin --- a vessel, a crucible; a furnace or work-shop.
MemLamedAyin --- (700 w/f); to roll or wrap up, to hide.
--- to be strong or vigorous, to be ripe or mature (sexually).
--- to know or understand; science.
--- a youth, young (of age to marry).
LamedMemAyin --- to labor or toil.
--- fruit of labor; trouble or travail, distress or misery; he shall see; oppression, wrong.
--- laboring or toiling; laborer or worker; suffering or miserable.
KafNunAyin --- (620 w/f); to be close or tight.

141 > 6- 141 -141 = 3x47
TzaddiYodMemAleph --- (951 w/f & 131/941); strong; strength.
YodTzaddiMemAleph --- pr.n. "Brave".
PehSamekhAleph --- (861 w/f); to gather; to assemble; to draw up; to with-draw; to receive; to restore; to keep together; to take away; to perish.
--- pr.n. "Assembler".
--- gatherings.
--- leasing; ingathering, harvest.
LamedLamedPehAleph --- pr.n. "Judgment".
SamekhPehAleph --- to end, to fail, to vanish.
--- end; not, without; nothing; nobody.
VauHayYodNunNunKaf --- (135); pr.n. "Yah Hath Set Up".
YodLamedAlephYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Malchielite" --- one of the people of that name: "God is King"
HayVauTzaddiMem --- a commandment, injunction.
TzaddiAlephNun --- (951 w/f); to pierce or strike; to slight or reject; to despise or condemn; to cause to despise, to excite to contempt.
--- to bloom; to blossom.
AlephTzaddiNun --- to fly, fly forth.
AlephAyinYodSamekh --- pr. n. "Assembly".
VauHayYodKafMemSamekh --- pr. n. "Yah Sustains".
AlephPehSamekh --- to feed, to give to eat.

142 > 7- 142 -142 = 2x71
AlephQofYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God Loathes".
VauHayYodLamedTzaddiAleph --- pr.n. "Yah Has Selected".
LamedAyinYodLamedBet --- worthlessness, wickedness; destruction; destroyer.
MemAyinLamedBet --- (702); pr.n. "Destroyer"; Ballam.
LamedQofDaletChet --- pr.n. "Sharp", "swift Flowing", the river Tigris.
VauNunNunVauKafYod --- he fashioned us.
HayAlephTzaddiVauMem --- out-goings, descents or lineages; privies or sewers.
BetTzaddiNun --- to be set over; to set oneself, to take one's stand; to be set up or stand up (said of men, sheaves, waters), to be firm or healthy.
--- handle or haft (of a tanged blade); an officer or prefect.
HayYodNunZainAyin --- a species of eagle.

143 > 8- 143 -143 = 11x13
NunTzaddiBetAleph --- (793 w/f); pr.n. "Gleaming".
NunBetTzaddiAleph --- (793 w/f); pr.n. "Willing".
HayAlephLamedAyin AlephHayLamedAleph --- the most high God.
HayTzaddiYodLamedChet --- flatteries; smoothness; the smooth of the neck; portion of a field;
pr.n. "Portion"; proportion, division.
HayPehNunChet --- pollution, impiety.
HayTzaddiChetMem --- the half.
LamedVauDaletGimelHay KafLamedMemHay --- (623 w/f); pr.n. "The Great King" --- title of the Persian monarch.
NunGimelNunMem --- (793 w/f); player, minstrel
LamedGimelAyinMem --- a track or rut; a way; course, conduct, way (of life).
HayChetTzaddiMem --- a frontlet (for the leg or shin), a greave.
AlephBetTzaddiNun --- firmness or hardness (of iron).

144 > 9- 144 -144 = 24x32
TzaddiVauMemChet --- (954 w/f); a violent man, robber.
YodNunAyinDaletYod --- a knowing one; a wizard; intelligent; magician; a wizard spirit.
TzaddiVauChetMem --- (954 w/f); without
HayPehTetNun --- pr. n. "Dropping" (of a city in Judea).
DaletPehSamekh --- to smite; to mourn.
MemLamedDaletAyin --- (704 w/f); pr. n. "Repose" or "Resting Place", a city in Judah and a cave.
MemYodZainAyin YodDaletGimel --- (704 w/f); kid of the goats.

145 > 10 > 1- 145 -145 = 5x29
QofMemHay --- to cause to waste away.
NunTzaddiHay --- (795 w/f); to defend; armour.
NunDaletAyinVauHayYod --- (795 w/f); pr.n. "Yah is Delightsome".
HayNunPehYod --- pr.n. "He Shall be Turned".
HayAyinNunKaf --- bundle or bale.
HayLamedAyinMem --- upwards.
--- a going up or ascent; stair or step; degree; elevated position, high rank.
--- an ascent; an acclivity or cliff; elevation or platform.
HayDaletVauTzaddiMem --- a net (for fishing); a high fortress.
HayYodDaletAyinVauNun --- pr. n. "Yah Meets".
HayTzaddiNun --- to fly or flee away; to seize by the hair, to strive or quarrel; to lay or lie waste, to be desolate.
--- a wing-feather or pinion.
--- refuse (in a bird's crop) or excrement.
--- a flower or blossom.
HayPehSamekh --- to add.
--- to take off, remove (the hair), to shave; to take away (life), to destroy; to pass away, perish.
HayLamedYodLamedAyin --- work or deed.
HayMemLamedAyin --- a maiden or young woman (of age to marry, usually also a virgin.)

146 > 11 > 2- 146 -146 = 2x73
HayYodTzaddiMemAleph --- (152); pr.n. "Strength of Yah".
HayPehSamekhAleph --- (141/801); to gather; to assemble; to withdraw; to receive; to restore; to take away.
--- assemblies.
VauHayYodQofZainChetYod --- (140); pr.n. "Yah Strengthens".
QofVauMem --- to be light or foolish
NunVauNunMem --- (796 w/f); offspring, child.
HayTzaddiAlephNun --- reproach or reviling.
TzaddiVauNun --- (956 w/f); to move rapidly or flee.
PehVauSamekh --- - (866 w/f); an end; rear.
--- to collect or scrape together; to sweep or snatch away.
--- to imbibe.
--- an end, to perish.
--- to come to an end; to be fulfilled (said of prophecy); to destroy.
--- bulrushes; sea-weed.
AlephHayAyinYodSamekh --- pr. n. "Assembly-man".
NunVauLamedSamekh --- (796 w/f); a thorn (especially on a palm tree).
MemLamedVauAyin --- (706 w/f); indefinite or uncertain time, eternity; perpetuity or everlastingness, without beginning or end; for ever.
--- world; worldly thoughts or cares.

147 > 12 > 3- 147 -147 = 3x72
NunVauNunMemAleph --- (797 w/f); pr.n. "Faithful".
MemNunHay-NunBet --- (1357 w/f); "Son of Wailing".
MemYodChetPehTet --- (707 w/f); dandlings, caressings (of infants).
HayYodBetTzaddiMem --- pr. n. "Muster-Place".
HayBetQofMem --- a hammer.
YodDaletGimel NunYodAyin --- (797 w/f); pr. n. "Kid's Fount" (well on west shore of Dead Sea).
HayDaletChet NunYodAyin --- (797 w/f); pr. n. "Swift Fount", (well in Issachar).

148 > 13 > 4- 148 -148 = 22x37
MemYodHayLamedAleph YodNunBet --- (708 w/f); pr.n. "Beni Elohim" --- angelic order associated1 with the 8th Sephira Hod, (15). (Gen. VI, 4)
YodQofLamedChet --- pr.n. "Portion of Yah".
TzaddiYodMemChet --- (958 w/f); salted, seasoned.
QofMemChet --- to enclose, encompass, gird; to turn round, to go away.
PehSamekhChet --- (868 w/f); to strip, peel off; to bind, to hold, stick together; clay, potter's clay, earthenware.
YodNunPehChet --- pr.n. "Boxer".
NunTzaddiChet --- (798 w/f); to collect, to enclose; bosom.
YodChetQofLamed --- pr.n. "Fond of Instruction".
MemYodNunZainAlephMem --- (708 w/f); pair of scales, a balance.
MemYodNunVauBetMem --- (708 w/f); insight, wisdom; wise teachers.
ChetTzaddiNun --- victory (through persistence); pr.n. "Netzach", "Firmness", "Victory by Tenacity" --- the name of the seventh Sephira, (considered2 masculine in traditional Qabalah). Netzach corresponds3 to the Right Leg of Adam Qadmon (161).
MemYodNunChetMem --- (708 w/f); pr.n. "Double Camp" --- a Levitical town beyond Jordan.
QofChetMem --- to cut or smite through.
HayLamedGimelAyinMem --- a way or track; course or conduct; wagon-barricade.
ChetQofMem --- a taking or receiving.
TzaddiChetNun --- (958 w/f); to press or urge on.
ChetTzaddiNun --- to shine or gleam; to be splendid or illustrious; to be clear or pure; to be true; to last or endure.
--- to sprinkle or wet.
--- brightness or splendour; clearness, truth; perpetuity or eternity.
--- juice or liquor as spurting (in the treading of grapes).
PehChetSamekh --- (868 w/f); to sweep off; to cast or hurl down.
ChetPehSamekh --- to pour or shed forth; to anoint; to appoint.
--- to attach oneself, to adhere to.
1. G-K p. 92
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3. G-K p. 93

149 > 14 > 5- 149 -35th prime
NunVauBetTzaddiAleph --- (799 w/f); pr.n. "Splendor".
LamedAlephYodTzaddiChetYod --- (139); pr.n. "God Distributes".
NunVauMemTetMem --- (795 w/f); a cellar or underground store; a store or a treasure.
HayDaletQofMem --- pr. n. "Sheep-markng" --- a place in Judah, formerly a royal city of the Canaanites.
DaletAlephMemLamed-DaletAyin --- up to might, mightily or exceedingly.

150 > 6- 150 -150 = 2x3x52
TetLamedPehLamedAleph --- (see also 111, Peh-finalLamedAleph); tame, domesticated; combination (of numbers), a multitude; one thousand; a union; a family.
PehSamekhYod --- (870 w/f); to increase; to add to do; to do again; to do longer.
NunKafAyinYod --- (800 w/f); pr.n. "Troubling".
MemLamedAyinYod --- (710 w/f); pr.n. "Climber".
PehNunKaf --- (870 w/f); to cover, protect; covering; a wing; extremity, corner; battlement, pinnacle; flap, skirt.
SamekhAyinKaf --- to be vexed; to be angry; anger; vexation, irritableness.
NunPehKaf --- (800 w/f); to twist or bend; hunger.
NunAyinLamed --- (800 w/f); to repel.
DaletQofVauMem --- a burning; fuel.
NunYodMemYodMem --- (800 w/f); from right hand of; pr.n. "On Right Hand".
NunMemKafMem --- (800 w/f); treasure.
NunYodNunMem --- (800 w/f); number.
LamedYodAyinMem --- a covering, upper garment or mantle.
LamedPehMem --- a falling (i.e. the refuse or chaff); a flap.
LamedAyinNun --- to go in to enter; to fasten, to bolt; to shoe, put on sandals.
--- a shoe or sandal.
KafPehNun --- (630 w/f); to blow (a coal); to glow, burn, to be bright red.
--- a carbuncle or ruby (probably, actually a precious stone of a glowing or bright red color).
MemYodMemSamekh --- (710 w/f); spices.
NunMemSamekh --- (800 w/f); to mark off or designate.
YodPehSamekh --- pr. n. "Belonging to the Threshold".
MemLamedYodAyin --- (710 w/f); pr. n. "Concealment", Elam (eldest of Shem's sons, their descendants and their country).
SamekhKafAyin --- to wind or coil.
--- fetter; anklet.
--- to wear anklets.
YodMemLamedAyin --- Elamite
MemMemAyin --- (710 w/f); to cover or hide.
--- to join or combine.

151 > 7- 151 -36th prime
MemAyinYodLamedAleph --- (711 w/f); pr.n. "god of the People".
LamedPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Judge".
QofNunAleph --- to cry with anguish; to groan; to sob, sigh.
PehYodSamekhAleph --- (871 w/f); harvest.
AyinPehAleph --- to breathe, to blow, to hiss.
--- breath.
NunVauZainPehChet --- (801 w/f); haste, hurry.
VauHayYodKafMemSamekhYod --- pr.n. "Yah Upholds".
YodMemAyin AlephLamed --- pr.n. "Not My People".
LamedPehAlephMem --- darkness.
HayVauQofMem --- a pool or reservoir.
--- hope or expectation; object of trust; a gathering or confluence (of water); a company or caravan.
QofAlephNun --- to groan or cry out.
HayTzaddiVauNun --- wing-feather, a pinion.
AlephQofNun --- to be pure.
--- pure.
HayPehVauSamekh --- a whirlwind or tempest.
AlephYodMemLamedAyin --- Elamites.
LamedAlephYodMemAyin --- pr. n. "God's People".

152 > 8- 152 -152 = 23x19
VauHayYodTzaddiMemAleph --- (146); pr.n. "Strength of Yah".
MemAyinLamedBetYod --- (712 w/f); pr.n. "Stream of People" or "Confluence of People".
BetYodTzaddiNun --- an overseer or officer; a military post, a garrison; a pillar.
BetQofNun --- to pierce or prick; to bore (a hole); to break in or crack (a skull); to tick or mark, to fix or specify; to curse or slight.
--- a bezel (gem setting).
ChetKafNun-DaletAyin --- right up to.
HayZainHay MemVauYodHay DaletAyin --- (712 w/f); till this day (inclusive).
VauChetVauYod MemYodAyinBet --- (712 w/f); in the heat of his spirit (i.e. in anger).

153 > 9- 153 -153 = 32x17
LamedAlephLamedTzaddiBet --- pr.n. "In god's Shadow"; "In God's Protection".
HayYodQofLamedChet --- pr.n. "Portion or lot of Yah".
HayQofVauBetMem --- emptiness.
MemYodNunGimelNun --- (713 w/f); players on stringed instruments.
MemYodLamedGimelAyin --- (713 w/f); pr. n. "Two Calves".
HayDaletAyinDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Border", a town in the south of Judah.

154 > 10 > 1- 154 -154 = 2x7x11
PehSamekhAlephYodBetAleph --- (874 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Gatherer".
NunAyinLamedDalet --- (804 w/f); pr.n. "Gourd-Field".
QofVauMemChet --- compassing; girdle.
NunDaletAyinLamed --- (804 w/f); pr.n. "Appointed".
MemVauSamekhChetMem --- (714 w/f); a muzzle.
DaletMemAyinMem --- station or post.
--- standing-place or footing.
HayPehYodTetNun --- drops or pendants (for the ear).
DaletQofNun --- to prick or mark, to specify by markings; to mark or notch, to keep (a flock or head, from the practice of ear notching).
--- spotted or speckled.
--- a shepherd or herdsman; cattle dealer.
--- crumbs or crusts; crumble cake.
PehDaletAyin --- (874 w/f); to be full or ample; to be redundant or in excess; left over.

155 > 11 > 2- 155 -155 = 5x31
MemQofYodDaletAleph --- (715 w/f & 204); to beat to pieces, to pound or crush to powder; to be beaten out; to be beaten small; to break in pieces.
QofYodMemHay --- to make light of, mock, deride.
TetVauQofLamedYod --- a pouch, scrip.
HayNunAyinLamed --- wormwood.
TetVauQofYodLamed --- the gathering of bones. (Reburial --- after the body has decayed and the soft tissues have been absorbed by a cave sarcophagus, the bones are gathered and permanently buried elsewhere so that the cave and sarcophagus may be reused by the family or owner of the place of temporary burial. This was the common practice in Palestine from prehistory through Roman times. It is indirectly cited in the Torah in the cases of Moses and Joseph. Cremation may be indirectly cited in the case of Ezekiel. The practice of reburial could account for the story of the Resurrection and Second Coming of Christ in the New Testament, with the Ascension referring to cremation of remains thrown out of the cave of burial --- this would have happened if the owner of the cave was not paid for its rental, had a death in his family or had second thoughts about harboring the corpse of an executed political criminal).
HayDaletQofVauMem --- hearth or fuel (on the altar).
NunYodDaletAleph NunMem --- (1455 w/f); from that time.
HayLamedPehMem --- a falling, ruins.
--- a ruin or overthrow.
QofHayNun --- to bray; to cry out.
HayLamedAyinNun --- to be high or exalted; to rise up or move; to be led or taken up.
HayQofNun --- to be pure, innocent; to be innocent with respect to (any interested party); to be free from punishment; to be quit (of an oath); to be cleaned out or emptied; to declare innocent, to acquit; to cleanse, to forgive.
HaySamekhKafAyin --- pr. n. "Anklet".
HayYodLamedYodLamedAyin --- doing or achievement.
HayPehAyin --- to cover or deck.

156 > 12 > 3- 156 -156 = 22x3x13
HayQofNunAleph --- a cry of anguish, moaning; a type of Lizard.
HayAyinPehAleph --- the blowing or hissing one; a poisonous serpent.
YodSamekhPehVau --- pr.n. "Expansion".
NunVauYod KafLamedMem --- (806 w/f); pr.n. "The King of Greece" --- Alexander.
PehSamekhVauYod --- (876 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) Gives Increase", Joseph; the entire nation of Israel; the name of the Golem of R.Lowe.
LamedAlephQofZainChetYod --- pr.n. "God Strengthens", Ezekiel.
MemVauQofYod --- (716 w/f); what exists, a living being.
NunKafVauMemMem --- (806 w/f); pr.n. "Grandee"
SamekhVauNunMem --- refuge; flight.
HayAlephLamedPehMem --- wonder or miracle.
HayQofAlephNun --- a groaning or outcry.
QofVauNun --- to suck.
PehVauAyin --- (876 w/f); to shelter or hide; to fly; to be overcast or darkened; to faint or swoon; to brandish (a sword).
--- a wing; birds, fowl.
MemVauLamedYodAyin --- (716 w/f); eternity.
NunVauLamedAyin --- (806 w/f); pr. n. "Wicked".

157 > 13 > 4- 157 -37th prime
NunVauNunYodMemAleph --- (807 w/f); pr.n. "Faithful".
QofNunZain --- to cast, throw, to hurl, spring or leap forth; to compress.
PehAyinZain --- (877 w/f); to boil or bubble up; effervesce; to be angry, troubled, haggard; rage; judicial anger; violence.
NunQofZain --- (807 w/f); the chin (bearded); the beard; to be pointed, prominent; to be old; an old man; elder; old age.
NunDalet-HayNunChetMem --- (807 w/f); pr.n. "Camp of Dan" --- a place in Judah.
QofZainNun --- to suffer loss; losing, injured.
--- loss or damage.
HayBetQofNun --- a female (from the hollowness of the sexual organs).

158 > 14 > 5- 158 -158 = 2x79
MemYodQofZainAleph --- (718 w/f); manacles, bonds.
ChetVauPehNun DaletVauDalet --- a blown pot (a pot over a fire enhanced by forced air.
QofNunChet --- to be pressed, narrow; to hang oneself.
PehLamedChetMem --- (878 w/f); slaughter knives.
MemYodYodChet MemYodMem --- (1278 w/f); living water (running water).
NunYodNunZainAlephMem --- (808 w/f); scales, a balance.
ChetLamedMemBet ChetLamedMem --- to be salted or seasoned.
HayNunYodGimelNunMem --- satire
HayGimelLamedPehMem --- a division or class.
YodNunMemChetNun --- pr. n. "Comforter".
ChetYodTzaddiNun --- pr. n. "Illustrious".
ChetYodPehSamekh --- spontaneous growth; a flood.

159 > 15 > 6- 159 -159 = 3x53
MemQofYodChetAleph --- (719 w/f); pr.n. "Brother Stands Up".
VauHayYodQofLamedChet --- pr.n. "Lot or Portion of Yah".
DaletAyinVauMem LamedChetAleph --- the tent of the congregation, the tabernacle.
MemAyinTetMem --- (719 w/f); a savory dish.
TetLamedPehMem --- place of refuge.
HayDaletQofNun --- a point or stud.
TetQofNun --- to loathe.
NunVauLamedGimelAyin --- (809 w/f); pr. n. "Frisky" or "Rolling", a king of Moab and a city in Judah, Ajlan.
PehTetAyin --- (879 w/f); to cover, to be covered; to swoon or faint.

160 > 7- 160 -160 = 25x5
TetLamedPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Rescue".
NunNunChet-NunBet --- (1460 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Pity".
QofNunYod --- to suck.
PehAyinYod --- (880 w/f); to be wearied, exhausted; faint, worn out; an exhausting or swift course.
AyinPehYod --- to shine, appear.
MemYodQofYod --- (720 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) Raises".
PehSamekhKaf --- (880 w/f); to be pale, white; to long after; silver, money.
SamekhPehKaf --- to tie or bind together; to connect.
SamekhMemKafMem --- pr.n. "Treasury" (a city in Benjamin).
TzaddiLamedMem --- (970 w/f); to be smooth or pleasant
KafSamekhMemMem --- (640 w/f); a mixing; mixed or spiced wine
AyinNunMem --- to keep back, to withhold; to be withheld; to keep oneself back.
SamekhSamekhMem --- to melt, dissolve; to waste away; to be dissolved; to fall apart; to be wasted, lean (of cattle); to faint, despond; to disappear, remove.
--- to measure or apportion.
NunAyinMem --- (810 w/f); object or aim (particle used with other words).
LamedTzaddiMem --- a shadowing.
MemAyinNun --- (720 w/f); to be tender or soft; to be pleasant or sweet; to be agreeable or charming; to turn out pleasant or well.
--- pr. n. "Pleasantness".
--- pleasantness; beauty or charm; grace or favor.
LamedPehNun --- to fall, to be slain; fallen, slain; to attack; to fall ill; to drop or fall (be born); to fall away; to frown; to fall out or happen; to present (a petition); to leave off or desist.
--- to be marvelous or gigantic.
--- an untimely birth, an abortion.
YodQofNun --- clean or pure, innocent; clean or free (of an obligation or charge).
AyinLamedSamekh --- high cliff or precipice; a rock.
NunNunSamekh --- (810 w/f); to wave or shake.
MemHayYodLamedAleph-DaletAyin --- (720 w/f); as far as to them.
PehYodAyin --- (880 w/f); to languish or faint.
--- languid, faint or weary.
SamekhLamedAyin --- to rejoice.
MemNunAyin --- (720 w/f); to be hard or strong.
--- pr. n. "Double Fountain", a city in Issachar.
YodPehAyin --- bough or foliage.
TzaddiAyin --- (970 w/f); a tree; trees; wood or timber; a wooden post or stake, a gibbet or cross; a stick or rod; a wooden idol.

161 > 8- 161 -161 = 7x23
HayAlephLamedYodAyin MemDaletAleph --- (721 w/f); pr.n. "Adam Qadmon", "The Heavenly Man" --- a term for all ten Sephiroth as forming the body of the Primordial Man.
PehPehAleph --- (881 w/f); to join on; to press or crowd, to surround.
MemNunHay-NunBet AlephYodGimel --- (1371 w/f; 95/655 & 183); "the valley of the Son(s) of lamentations" (Hinnom) --- name of the valley S.E. of Jerusalem where children were sacrificed to Molock.
PehSamekhVauHayYod --- (881 w/f); pr.n. "He Increases".
LamedAleph-YodDaletAyinVauMem --- the assembling places of God, the assemblies of God. (temple with its buildings).
HaySamekhVauNunMem --- flight.
LamedAlephYodAyinNun --- pr. n. "God's Inclining" of a place in Naphtali.
AlephDaletVauQofNun --- pr. n. "Headsman".
AlephYodQofNun --- innocent.

162 > 9- 162 -162 = 2x34
VauHayLamedPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God Distinguishes Him".
NunYodMemYod-NunBet --- (1462 w/f); pr.n. "Son of the Right-hand", "Son of Good Luck"; Benjamin.
AyinTzaddiBet --- to cut up; break bread; to be wounded.
--- gain; unjust gain; filthy lucre; plunder, robbery.
HayNunQofZain --- old age.
TzaddiBetAyin --- (972 w/f); to be white or bright.
ChetBetZainMemHay-LamedAyin --- upon the altar.
BetTzaddiAyin --- to form or fashion; to pain or distress,.
--- distressed.
--- images or idols.
--- a thing fashioned or devised; a vessel or utensil; labor or trouble.

163 > 10 > 1- 163 -38th prime
AyinBetTzaddiAleph --- finger; forefinger; finger breadth.
--- toe.
PehPehGimel --- (883 w/f); to be gibbous, curved.
MemYodNunVauNunZain --- (723 w/f); whoredoms; apostasy; idolatry; foreign commerce.
HayLamedVauAyin-NunBet --- (813 w/f); son of wickedness.

164 > 11 > 2- 164 -164 = 22x41
NunTetQofHay --- (814 w/f); pr.n. "Small".
NunVauTzaddiYodChet --- (814 w/f); outer; civil (profane).
HayMemAyinTetMem --- dainty (of food).
AyinDaletNunMem --- knowledge, understanding
DaletTzaddiAyin --- to cut or hew.

165 > 12 > 3- 165 -165 = 3x5x11
HayYodNunTzaddiBetChet --- pr.n. "Lily of Yah".
HayAyinPehYod --- splendour, beauty.
HayYodMemQofYod --- pr.n. "Existence of Yah".
HayNunAyinMem --- a dwelling; habitation; an asylum, refuge; a lair or den.
--- a furrow.
--- answer or reply; refutation; purpose or object.
HayLamedTzaddiMem --- bell.
--- a shade or shady place.
HayMemAyinNun --- pr. n. "Pleasant".
HayPehYodAyin --- darkness.
HayTzaddiAyin --- to close, to be firm or hard.
--- back bone or spine.
--- wood, timber; counsel or purpose; advice; plan or design; wisdom or deliberation.

166 > 13 > 4- 166 -166 = 2x83
QofNunVauYod --- a sucking child; a young twig, a shoot.
MemYodQofVauYod --- (726 w/f); pr.n. "Yah Sets Up".
NunVauLamedSamekhKaf --- (816 w/f); pr.n. "Confidence", "strong".
HayYodLamedPehAlephMem --- darkness of Yah (profound darkness).
LamedVauLamedSamekhMem --- a raised road, highway.
NunVauAyinMem --- (816 w/f); a dwelling, habitation; a lair or den; at home; abode, asylum or house; pr.n. "Habitation" --- of a city in Judah near a desert; pr.n. "Asylum" --- of an Arabian people; pr.n. "Dwelling".
KafLamedMem DaletBetAyin --- (646 w/f); pr. n. "King's Servant"
HayDaletVauHayYod YodNunBet DaletAyin --- equal to (or as much as) the children of Judah.
TzaddiVauAyin --- (976 w/f); to fasten or fix; to counsel or decide.
--- to bloom or flourish,
NunVauYodLamedAyin --- (816 w/f); The High One, Most High; high or upon.
--- The Highest or Supreme (deity).
NunVauMemAyin --- (816 w/f); pr. n. "Son of my Kin" (born of incest), Ammon --- a son of Lot by his younger daughter, also the descendants of Lot or Ammonites.

167 > 14 > 5- 167 -39th prime
MemYodQofYodZain --- (727 w/f); burning arrow.
HayMemDaletAleph HayBetAyinMem --- dense or heavy soil.
MemYodZainYodLamedAyin --- (727 w/f); exalters.

168 > 15 > 6- 168 -168 = 23x3x7
PehPehChet --- (888 w/f); to cover, protect; scrape off, to lay bare.
HayDaletSamekhVauMem DaletTetMem --- rod of appointment.

169 > 16 > 7- 169 -169 = 132
PehYodDaletAyinHay --- (889 w/f); to make redundant, to have something to spare.
HayNunVauTzaddiYodChet --- civil; profane.
PehPehTet --- (889 w/f); to mince, to toddle, trip along; to bind, to collect.
HayNunDaletAyinMem --- pleasures, with pleasure, cheerfully..
--- bands or fetters.
MemYodTetAyinMem --- (729 w/f); few.

170 > 8- 170 -170 = 2x5x17
HayDaletAyinTzaddiAleph --- step-chain, ankle-chain; arm-band, bracelet.
NunVauPehLamedDalet --- (820 w/f); pr.n. "Blear-eyed".
AyinNunMemYod --- pr.n. "He Will withhold".
TzaddiAyinYod --- (980 w/f); to fasten or fix; to set firmly; to resolve firmly; to admonish.
AyinYodPehYod --- pr.n. "Bright".
AyinTzaddiYod --- to set, spread.
SamekhYodPehKaf --- a cross-beam or tie.
YodNunPehLamed --- anterior or front; before.
YodNunYodAyinLamed --- face or presence.
MemQofLamed --- (730 w/f); to obstruct.
SamekhNunKafMem --- trousers.
QofLamedMem --- to snap or wring --- applied to the neck of a fowl
NunKafSamekhMem --- (820 w/f); a poor or needy one.
AyinSamekhMem --- a stone quarry; a dart, arrow.
--- a breaking up, departure, journeying; a station or starting place.
LamedKafAleph TetAyinMem --- a little of food.
NunYodAyinMem --- (820 w/f); a place of springs or fountains; a fountain or spring; source or supply.
MemYodPehMem --- (730 w/f); pr.n. "Flights" (of time or of life).
HayLamedHayTzaddiMem --- neighing (of horses).
LamedQofMem --- to stir or waver to and fro, to shake.
--- a branch or bough; a rod, stick or staff; a shepherd's rod or crook.
NunSamekhYodNun --- (820 w/f); Nisan (first or spring month of the Hebrews from new-moon of April to that of May).
SamekhSamekhNun --- to be sick, to pine away; a sick man, a patient.
--- to lift or hoist up, to display or make conspicuous.
LamedYodPehNun --- giant.
MemYodAyinNun --- (730 w/f); pleasant or agreeable.; delights or pleasures; pleasant regions.
--- pr. n. "Pleasant", Naomi (Ruth's mother-in-law).
YodMemAyinNun --- pr. n. "Pleasant", Naamite.
LamedTzaddiNun --- to be delivered or saved; to escape from; to strip off (a garment), to strip (a person); to deliver.
--- to pull out.
PehLamedSamekh --- (890 w/f); to twist or turn; to pervert' to overturn or subvert.
--- perversity.
YodMemSamekhSamekh --- pr. n. "Fragrant".
LamedPehSamekh --- to be low; to be hollow.
--- a dish or bowl.
YodPehYodAyin --- pr. n. "Fainting".
AyinLamedAyin --- suck or swallow.
--- a rib.
SamekhMemAyin --- to lift up or heave; to heave on, to load.
MemYodNunAyin --- (730 w/f); pr. n. "Fountains", a city in Judah.
NunNunAyin --- (820 w/f); to cover or hide.
--- a cloud; to cloud or overspread.

171 > 9- 171 -171 = 32x19
NunVauBetLamedAyin-YodBetAleph --- (821 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Strength".
MemAyinYodNunAleph --- (731 w/f); pr.n. "The People's Sighing".
HayYodPehSamekhVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Gives Increase:.
AlephYodPehSamekhKaf --- pr.n. "White".
TzaddiMemAlephMem --- (981 w/f); forces; resources.
AlephLamedMem LamedAyin --- to fill up and run over.
HayNunVauAyinMem --- a dwelling; habitation; an asylum, refuge; a lair or den.
HayLamedVauTzaddiMem --- depth or deep; distances.
--- abyss.

172 > 10 > 1- 172 -172 = 22x43
YodMemAyin-Nun-finalBet --- (822 w/f); pr.n. "Son of my People".
SamekhYodLamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Lordly".
AyinQofBet --- to cut, cleave asunder, wound, split, divide (used of the Red Sea in Ex 14,16); rip up, open up, hatch, break into, invade; half, half-shekel.
TzaddiBetAyinYod --- (982 w/f); pr.n. "He Shines", "Conspicuous".
MemYodBetNunAyin --- (732 w/f); grapes.
BetQofAyin --- to spin or weave, to bind; to plot, to deceive.
--- to be bulging, protuberant or prominent; to take by the heel, to supplant.
--- a heel; hoof; step or foot print; the rear (of an army); a deceiver or supplanter, a plotting foe.
--- prominent or hilly; a hill or knoll; deceitful or treacherous;deceived or betrayed.
--- the end or last, to the end or for ever; reward or pay.

173 > 11 > 2- 173 -40th prime
MemAyinNunYodBetAleph --- (733 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Pleasure."
AlephAyinQofBet --- valley.
NunGimelAyinNun --- (823 w/f); to shut up or confine oneself.

174 > 12 > 3- 174 -174 = 2x3x29
QofZainBet-YodNunDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Adonis: Lord of Bezek", king of Bezek
DaletAyinSamekhMem --- a support, a balustrade.
DaletQofAyin --- to bind or tie.
--- banded, striped or streaky.
--- binding or union.

175 > 13 > 4- 175 -175 = 52x7
HayQofYodNunYod --- sucker, shoot.
HayLamedPehKafMem --- pr.n. "A Doubling or Couple" (a place near Hebron).
HayTzaddiYodLamedMem --- a song (of derision), a taunt.
--- an enigma or riddle; something indistinct.
HayLamedAyinMemLamed --- upwards.
LamedHayQofMem --- assembly.
HayNunNunAyin --- enchantress.
--- clouds or a mass of cloud.
HayQofAyin --- to check or press in.
--- oppression.

176 > 14 > 5- 176 -176 = 24x11
HayAyinYodTzaddiAleph --- to spread out.
MemYodQofYodVauYod --- (736 w/f); pr.n. "Yah Sets Up".
TzaddiAyinVauYod --- (986 w/f); to set firmly; to resolve firmly; to advise; to admonish.
TzaddiVauAyinYod --- (986 w/f); pr.n. "Counselor".
AyinVauTzaddiYod --- a bed; bridal-bed; floor or story.
NunVauTzaddiLamed --- (826 w/f); mocking or derision.
MemVauQofLamed --- (736 w/f); pr.n. "Barrier" or "Fort".
MemVauYod DaletAyinVauMem --- (736 w/f & 590); time of appointed season, settled or fixed time; festival; festival offering.
LamedLamedVauAyinMem --- sucklings or children.
QofVauAyin --- to be close or tight, to be pressed.
VauMemNunYodAyin --- their eyes.
YodNunVauMemAyin --- Ammonite.
SamekhVauMemAyin --- pr. n. "Burden-Bearer", Amos.
BetDaletNunYodMemAyin --- pr. n. "Voluntary People".
NunNunVauAyin --- (826 w/f); to act covertly, to use magic, to conjure; magician, enchanter.

177 > 15 > 6- 177 -177 = 3x59
MemVauQofLamedAleph --- (737 w/f); rise thou not; with whom the people is; with whom God is.
HayAyinQofBet --- sunken ground, depression, valley; wide plain.
NunDaletAyin NunGimel --- (1477 w/f); pr. n. "Garden of Delight", the Garden of Eden.
QofAyinZain --- to cry out; outcry.
MemYodHayLamedAleph KafAlephLamedMem --- (1217 w/f); a messenger from God --- may also stand for HayVauHayYod or Mem-finalYodHayLamedAleph.
QofZainAyin --- to work or till.
HayBetQofAyin --- a hill. --- deceit or treachery.

178 > 16 > 7- 178 -178 = 2x89
TzaddiPehChet --- (988 w/f); to incline, to bend; to be favorably disposed; to will, choose, please; to take pleasure in; delight in; loving; inclination, pleasure, delight; will or choice, cherished ; purpose; desire, longing; matter, business.
PehTzaddiChet --- (898 w/f); to storm, rage.
PehNunChetMem --- a strangling.
MemYodHay ZainVauAyinMem --- (738 w/f); the fortress of the sea --- refers to the city of Tyre.
ChetTzaddiNunLamed --- according to truth or right.
AlephQofZainAyin --- ring or signet.
BetVauQofAyin --- pr. n. "Supplanter".

179 > 17 > 8- 179 -41st prime
MemAyinNunYodChetAleph --- (739 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of Pleasantness".
TetLamedQofMem --- place of refuge, an asylum.
MemYodAyinTetNun --- (739 w/f); plants.
YodDaletAyin KafDaletAyinAleph --- (659 w/f); I will deck thee with adornment.

180 > 9- 180 -180 = 22x32x5
MemYodAlephYodBetNunHay YodNunBet --- (740 w/f); the sons of the prophets (their disciples).
AyinYodTzaddiYod --- a floor, story.
AyinQofYod --- to move away; tear oneself away; to be dislocated; to be alienated; to transfix, pierce.
PehPehKaf --- (900 w/f); to bend, curve, to be concave; to project or mount upwards; to be high or lofty.
PehAyinLamed --- (900 w/f); to burn or glow.
LamedAyinMemMem --- above; from above, above.
YodNunPehMem --- in the face of, before
HayLamedHayQofMem --- assembly.
MemQofMem --- (740 w/f); a place (to stand on or be in); a dwelling-place; a spot, district or region.
AyinSamekhNun --- to pull up, to pluck or pull out; to break up (a camp); to remove, to journey; to be pulled or torn away.
MemYodNunYodAyin --- (740 w/f); pr. n. "Two Fountains".
NunNunYodAyin --- (830 w/f); pr. n. "Springy" (having water springs).
PehLamedAyin --- (900 w/f); to cover or hide; to faint or swoon..
NunYodNunAyin --- (830 w/f); the oppressed, the poor or suffering ones.
--- work or labor; business; a matter or thing.
YodNunNunAyin --- clouds.
--- pr. n. "My Covering".
LamedPehAyin --- to swell up to rise.
--- to be swollen up, to be lofty or arrogant.
--- a hill; tumors or piles; emerods.

181 > 10 > 1- 181 -42nd prime
PehSamekhYodLamedAleph --- (901 w/f); pr.n. "God Increases".
MemYodNunPehAleph --- (741 w/f or 187/747); pr.n. "Wheels", Ophanim --- the angelic order associated4 with the 2nd Sephira Chokmah,(73). Ophanim is GR:chi-iota-nu-eta-sigma-iota-sigma (1078) in Greek5.
YodNunYodAyinYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Towards Yah My Eyes".
QofPehAleph --- to be sunken, deep; valley.
--- to pour out, to flow, gush forth; stream.
--- to wind or twist; to be firm, strong.
--- pr.n. "Fortress".
MemYodQofYodVauHayYod --- (741 w/f); pr.n. "Yah Sets Up".
MemYodPehAlephNun --- (741 w/f); adulteries.
AlephTzaddiMemNun --- to be met with or found; to be acquired to be found out or detected; to be found, to exist.
4. G-K p. 90
5. G-K p. 93

182 > 11 > 2- 182 -182 = 2x7x13
TzaddiTzaddiBet --- (992 w/f); to gush out.
AyinYodQofBet --- fissure, cleft, breach in a wall.
HayQofAyinZain --- outcry, complaint; cry for help; boisterous shout; cry against.
BetQofAyinYod --- pr.n. "Heel-catcher", "Supplanter" --- Jacob.
DaletBetVauAyin SamekhMem --- tribute of one serving (tribute-paid service).
HayYodNunZainAyinMem --- her fortresses.
HayQofZainAyin --- pr. n. "Tillage".
YodMemAyin YodNunBet --- sons of my people.

183 > 12 > 3- 183 -183 = 3x61
AlephMemDalet LamedQofChet --- (95/655; 161/1371); pr.n. "Field of Blood (or man)", the Western part of Hinnom.
HayMemChetLamedMem YodLamedKaf --- weapons of war

184 > 13 > 4- 184 -23x23
QofPehDalet --- to push, thrust, press, drive on; knock (at a door).
ChetVauQofLamedMem --- a taking; booty (of animals or captives)
MemDaletQofMem --- (744 w/f); before
DaletPehSamekhMem --- a smiting (on the breast); wailing or lamentation.
DaletAyinMemAyin --- pr. n. "A Quaking" --- a city in Asher.

185 > 14 > 5- 185 -185 = 5x37
LamedAlephYodMemDaletQof --- pr.n. "God's Eternity", "God's Antiquity".
MemYodNunVauBetZainAyin --- (745 w/f); barter or trading; gains or profits; market or fair.
QofVauBetZainAyin --- pr. n. "Set Free".
HayPehLamedAyin --- languor; languishing or drooping.
HayYodSamekhMemAyin --- pr. n. "Yah Lifts Up".
HayYodNunNunAyin --- pr. n. "Yah Covers or Protects".
LamedPehAyinHay --- pr. n. "The Hill", Ophel (an eminence of the southern part of Mount Zion.)

186 > 15 > 6- 186 -2x3x31
PehGimelNun NunBetAleph --- (1556 w/f); a stumbling-stone (a stone or problem that occasions a stumble or error).
HayNunQofLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Maker".
HayQofPehAleph --- pr.n. "fortress".
AyinDaletYodLamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Whom the Lord Knows".
MemLamedVauAyinMem --- (746 w/f); from of old.
MemVauQofMem --- (746 w/f); locus or place --- GR:tau-omicron-pi-omicron-sigma (720) in Greek. --- (see 191).
--- a place (to stand on or be in); a dwelling-place; a spot, district or region.
VauMemYodNunYodAyin --- their eyes.

187 > 16 > 7- 187 -187 = 11x17
MemYodNunPehVauAleph --- (747 w/f or 181/741 w/f); pr.n. "Wheels", Ophanim --- the angelic order associated6 with the 2nd Sephira Chokmah,(73). Ophanim is GR:chi-iota-nu-eta-sigma-iota-sigma (1078) in Greek7.
YodNunYodAyinVauYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "To Yah My Eyes".
PehAyinLamedZain --- (907 w/f); to glow, to burn.
PehQofZain --- (907 w/f); to raise, lift up, hang up; to crucify.
HayBetQofAyinYod --- pr.n. "Jacob-ward", "To the Supplanter".
HayKafVauLamedMemHay AlephSamekhKaf --- the throne of the kingdom (royal throne).
AlephVauPehSamekhMem --- fodder.
6. G-K, p.90
7. G-K p. 93

188 > 17 > 8- 188 -188 = 22x47
TzaddiTzaddiVauBet --- (998 w/f); pr.n. "Shining", "Glittering".
TzaddiTzaddiChet --- (998 w/f); to cut, divide; to divide into troops; to shoot arrows; a little piece, fragment, small stone, gravel, grit; arrow, lightning.
PehQofChet --- (908 w/f); to be bent or crooked.
YodVauBetSamekhNunSamekh --- one of the angels said to have confined Lilith beneath the sea. probably "Ancient Hate" or "Ancient Binder".

189 > 18 > 9- 189 -189 = 33x7
NunAyinYod HayNunDalet --- (839 w/f); pr.n. "Dan the piper" --- (from Nun-finalDalet or Eshmun, a Phoenician deity).
HayQofPehDalet --- pr.n. "Cattle-driving".
PehLamedTetAyin --- (909 w/f); a bat.

190 > 10 > 1- 190 -190 = 2x5x19
HayYodPeh-HayPehYod --- very beautiful.
PehQofYod --- (910 w/f); to go round; to move in a circle.
NunAyinNunKaf --- (840 w/f); pr.n. "Low-lander"; "Low-Land", Cannan, Phoenicia, Philistia; a merchant.
NunAyinMemLamed --- (840 w/f); to that (toward motivation).
LamedAyinNunMem --- bolt or bar.
SamekhPehNun --- to expand.
NunTzaddiNun --- (840 w/f); a flower or blossom.
MemQofNun --- (750 w/f); to avenge or take vengeance; to be avenged or punished;
--- vengeance.
QofLamedSamekh --- to ascend.
KafLamedMem LamedAyin --- (670 w/f); to rule over
PehNunSamekh --- (910 w/f); to wobble or waggle.
NunPehSamekh --- (840 w/f); to cover over, to roof; to wainscot or clap-board.
--- a wainscoting; ceiling.
LamedQofSamekh --- to stone, to pelt; to clear of stones.
HayYodZainAyin VauHayYodZainAyin --- pr. n. "Might of Yah", Uzziah.
TzaddiLamedAyin --- (1000 w/f); to rejoice or exult.
SamekhSamekhAyin --- trample or tread down, to crush (grapes).
LamedTzaddiAyin --- to lean, to recline or repose.
--- slothful, a sluggard.

191 > 11 > 2- 191 -43rd prime
MemAyinNunLamedAleph --- (751 w/f); pr.n. "God is Delight".
QofYodPehAleph --- strong, powerful.
--- flowing, stream; a river-bed, sea-bottom, a valley.
--- pr.n. "Fortress".
QofTzaddiAleph --- will be poured.
MemYodQofYodLamedAleph --- (751 w/f); pr.n. "God Sets Up".
AyinYodQofVauHay --- to impale or crucify.
MemVauQofMemHay --- (751 w/f); the locus or place --- GR:omicron-tau-omicron-pi-omicron-sigma (790) in Greek. (Interpreted as a name of the Deity in the sense that all existence is in the deity as a thing is in a place. --- see 637).
AlephYodKafLamedMem KafLamedMem --- (700 w/f); king of kings --- spoken of the kings of Babylon
MemKafAlephTzaddiMem --- (751 w/f); your finding.

192 > 12 > 3- 192 -192 = 26x3
YodNunYodAyinVauHayYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "To Yah My Eyes".
QofTzaddiBet --- to swell up, blister, have tumors; to gall.
--- dough (leaven).
HayPehAyinLamedZain --- glow, heat; wrath.
VauQofVauPeh --- come ye forth.

193 > 13 > 4- 193 -44th prime
ZainVauPehQof --- the arrow snake.
AyinGimelPehMem --- attack; object of attack; a mark or butt.

194 > 14 > 5- 194 -194 = 2x97
QofDaletTzaddi --- to be right or straight; to be right or just; to be in the right (in the forensic sense); to gain ones cause; to be righteous, upright, good.
--- straightness (physical sense); rectitude, right (moral sense); justice; blamelessness or probity; deliverance, prosperity or happiness (resulting from rectitude).

195 > 15 > 6- 195 -195 = 3x5x13
HayBet-YodTzaddiPehChet --- pr.n. "My Delight in Her"; (symbolic name of Zion).
AlephPehVauQofChet --- pr.n. "Beat".
HayNunAyinNunKaf --- pr.n. "Traffic".
HayNunQofMem --- possession; a purchase; purchase-money or price.
--- property or wealth (cattle only).
HayYodHayNun YodHayNun HayHayNun --- to wail a wail of wailing.
HayMemQofNun --- vengeance; revenge or vindictiveness.
KafLamedHayMem-LamedAyin --- (675 w/f); to the king.
HayLamedTzaddiAyin --- sloth, laziness.

196 > 16 > 7- 196 -196 = 22x72
PehVauSamekh-MemYod --- (1476 w/f); pr. n. "Weedy-sea", the Red Sea.
PehAyinVauMem --- (916 w/f); darkness.
NunVauMemQof --- (846 w/f); pr.n. "God's Gathering".
LamedVauAyinNunMem --- bolt.
PehVauAyinMem --- (916 w/f); darkness, obscurity; to urge (by entreaties or prayers).
--- to pour out.
--- to set up, to place.
--- distress or oppression.
MemYodAyinVauAyin --- (756 w/f); perversities, waywardness.
MemYodMemVauLamedAyin --- (756 w/f); young days, youth; prime or vigour.
VauNunMemLamedAyin --- our secret sin.
NunVauMemLamedAyin --- (846 w/f); pr. n. "Hiding Place".
VauNunMemLamedAyin --- our secret sin.
QofVauTzaddi --- to straighten, to press upon; to blockade or invest (a city); to press.
TzaddiVauQof --- (1006 w/f); to loathe; to be alarmed
--- to be astir, to move; to awake (from sleep or from death), to rise from the dead; to arouse oneself; to hasten on.
--- the fruit harvest, summer.
--- to pass the summer.

197 > 17 > 8- 197 -45th prime
HayBetTzaddiQof --- decision; definition; limit, definite scope.
LamedAlephVauNunMemAyin --- pr. n. "God With Us", Immanuel --- in Greek GR:Epsilon-mu-mu-alpha-nu-omicron-upsilon-eta-lambda (644)

198 > 18 > 9- 198 -198 = 2x32x11
QofChetTzaddi --- to make a loud and joyous noise, laugh.
--- laughter or sport; object of ridicule.
MemAlephNun VauMemAlephNunYod --- (758 w/f); they speak very oracularly (said of false prophets).
VauLamedBetSamekh LamedAyin --- his heavy yoke.

199 > 19 > 10 > 1- 199 -46th prime
HayQofDaletTzaddi --- justness, rightness; justice; integrity or piety; deliverance or prosperity.
--- liberality or beneficence.

200 > 2- 200 -200 = 23x52
Resh --- Resh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Lamed, Nun; Dalet, Taw; Hay, Aleph, Ayin; Zain, Shin; Vau)
(Resh = ShinYodResh --- 510 --- Head).
NunMemChet LamedAyinBet --- (850 w/f); pr.n. "Lord of Heat", name of the Phoenician sun god.
QofTzaddiYod --- to pour out; to cast (metal); to be firm, compressed; to set, place.
TzaddiQofYod --- (1010 w/f); to awake.
NunKaf-LamedAyin YodKaf --- (850 w/f); for therefore; for, because that.
YodNunAyinNunKaf --- a Canaanite; a merchant
MemAyinNunMem --- (760 w/f); delicacies, dainty bits.
TzaddiAyinMem --- (1010 w/f); to be angry; pr.n. "Anger".
AyinTzaddiMem --- a couch or bed.
NunMemSamekhNun --- (850 w/f); marked out or specified; a field or lot.
MemYodLamedAyinNun --- (760 w/f); a pair of shoes.
MemAyinLamedSamekh --- (760 w/f); to swallow down, to consume greedily.
--- a locust (winged and eatable).
MemYodSamekhKafAyin --- (760 w/f); anklets.
QofLamedAyin --- to lick, to suck.
MemYodMemMemAyin --- (760 w/f); a people or nation; aggregation or community.
PehNunAyin --- (920 w/f); to cover or deck.
--- a bough or branch.
--- branchy, full of boughs.
SamekhYodSamekhAyin --- trodden out; new wine or must.
NunPehAyin --- (850 w/f); to be high or hilly.
MemTzaddiAyin --- (760 w/f); to close or fasten; to be firm or strong.
--- bone; body, physical frame; self, strength.
LamedQofAyin --- to turn or wind, to twist or pervert.

201 > 3- 201 -201 = 3x67
ReshAleph --- (207); to burn; to be or become bright; to light, to kindle; to lighten; to quicken or revive; to cheer; to enlighten (the mind).
TzaddiVauQofHay --- (1011 w/f); pr.n. "Thorn".
KafAyinTetNun MemVauYodBet --- (1247 w/f); in the day of thy planting (of thy being founded).
MemYodAlephPehAyin --- (761 w/f); boughs or foliage.

202 > 4- 202 -202 = 2x101
AlephReshAleph --- to be strong, courageous; the mighty one; Mars; brave.
--- to burn, to glow.
--- pr.n. "Might".
QofQofBet --- to empty out, despoil, depopulate; be poured out spread abroad.
ReshBet --- son; purely, sincerely; approved, chosen; pure, clear; clean, empty; corn, grain, feed; field; the country; cleanness, purity; salt of lye, alkali.
BetYodTzaddiYod-NunMem --- (852 w/f); of a certainty, certainly
MemYodBetQofNun --- (762 w/f); marked or distinguished men.
HayBetTzaddiAyinHayLamed --- for to make her image (of bread in the shape of a goddess).

203 > 5- 203 -203 = 7x29
ReshBetAleph --- to be strong or mighty.
--- bird.
--- wing or pinion.
BetReshAleph --- to blind stitch, weave; weave plots, lie in ambush, lurk.
--- pr.n. "Ambush".
--- ambush, a lurking; lurking-place, covert.
--- plot laying, laying plots.
ReshAlephBet --- to bore, to dip; to carve in, to engrave; to dig out; to explain.
--- pit; well; cistern, reservoir.
AlephReshBet --- to cut or carve, form, create; feed.
ReshGimel --- dwelling, sojourning; a sojourner, stranger, foreigner, visitor, pilgrim; lime; whelp.
BetTzaddiChetMem YodNunBetAleph --- hewn or cut stones.
AyinYodGimelPehMem --- aggressor or foe; intercessor or mediator.

204 > 6- 204 -204 = 22x3x17
ReshGimelAleph --- to gather; to assemble, to fold up; gaining, hiring.
QofQofDalet --- (155/715); to beat to pieces, to pound or crush to power; to be beaten out; to be beaten small; to break in pieces.
GimelReshAleph --- to plait; to weave.
--- plait or braid (of hair); weaver's shuttle.
AlephReshAlephBet --- pr.n. "Well".
QofBetQofBet --- (210); skin bottle, flask.
AlephReshGimel --- pr.n. "A Grain".
ReshDalet --- a pearl; age, generation; a period; race or class of men; dwelling; circle.
HayPehTetAyinMem --- a cloak, mantle.
DaletTzaddiAyinMem --- an axe or adz.
DaletAyinTzaddiMem --- a step or walk.

205 > 7- 205 -205 = 5x41
AlephReshGimelAleph --- roll, letter.
MemQofYodNunDaletAleph --- (765 w/f); The Lord Stands Up (to help).
ReshDaletAleph --- to gird around; to get strength; to be ample, large, great; to be powerful; honorable; illustrious.
--- twelfth month of the sacred year (Adar) from new moon of March to new moon of April.
--- name of a Syrian deity, pr.n. "Mighty One". (from Persian "atar" = fire).
--- threshing floor.
--- wrapping (garment), mantle or tunic; adornment, splendour.
DaletReshAleph --- to descend; to rule.
ReshBetGimel --- to bind or twist together; be strong, mighty; to prevail, overcome; strong man; a man; warrior; male; husband, man-child; human being, mortal; each, every one; hero, mighty man.
BetReshGimel --- to scrape, scratch, to tear off; scab, scurvy; scabbed; scabby; pr.n. "Hill of the Leper".
ReshAlephDalet --- pr.n. "A Circle".
AlephReshDalet --- to pierce the mind; to reject, refuse.
KafPehKafPehHay --- (685 w/f); very crooked, perverse, tortuous.
ReshHay --- a mountain; mountainous region.
HayQofTzaddiYod --- a casting (of metal).
MemAyinHay-NunMem --- (1415 w/f); some of the people
HayNunYodPehSamekh --- a ship (especially a decked ship).
HayMemTzaddiAyin --- strength; throng or multitude.

206 > 8- 206 -206 = 2x103
ReshHayAleph --- to shine, to be luminous.
BetGimelReshAleph --- pr.n. "Cloddy", "Heap".
HayReshAleph --- to be strong, powerful
--- to pull or pluck; to collect.
--- to burn.
--- roar.
--- to curse.
ReshDaletBet --- to scatter.
MemDaletQof-YodNunBet --- (766 w/f); pr.n. "Sons of the East".
DaletReshBet --- to scatter; to hail; hail; besprinkled (of color); spotted.
ReshBetDalet --- speaking; to speak; to promise; threaten; command; warn; sing; to drive (cattle to pasture); to drive away, snatch away (as the plague); destroy; to be behind; to be sharp, to sting; word, speech, command, precept, promise, oracle, revelation, saying, counsel, proposal, report; matters, events; pasture, range. (this word has meanings clustered around the idea of Oratory or Public Speaking --- manner of it, effect of it and pastoral subject of it.)
BetReshDalet --- to be sharp, pointed.
AlephReshHay --- pr.n. "Mountain Land"; to glow, burn.
QofVauTzaddiYod --- hardened.
MemVauTzaddiAyin --- (766 w/f); strong or mighty.

207 > 9- 207 -207 = 32x23
ReshVauAleph --- (201); to light, to kindle; to make bright, to lighten; to quicken or revive; to cheer; to illuminate or enlighten (the mind).
--- light (but usually not a luminary); day-light; lightning; the Sun; the dawn; happiness; instruction; life.
--- a flame or blaze; region of light, the east; light of faith; revelation; pr.n. "Ur of the Caldees" --- the birth place of Abraham.
PehVauSamekh NunYodAleph --- (1577 w/f); Endless, Boundless. --- in Greek (466). (Term used in Qabalah to signify the second aspect of the deity beyond the manifested universe).
VauReshAleph --- there!, see!, lo!
ReshHayBet --- to be bright, white.
HayReshBet --- to cut; to feed, to eat; to separate, select.
ReshDaletGimel --- to hem in, enclose, surround; hedge in, wall in; wall up; wall-maker, mason; wall of a vineyard; fence; walled place; pr.n. "Enclosure", "Wall", "Fortress".
DaletReshGimel --- to scratch, scrape out; to scratch.
AlephReshBetDalet --- cause, reason.
GimelReshDalet --- to step, tread.
ReshBetHay --- to divide, partition out.
MemYodNunQofZain --- (767 w/f); old age.
QofQofZain --- to run, distill, trickle; refine, percolate, filter; to burn, flame, glow; to compress, tie, bind, oblige.
ReshGimelDalet --- to gather, to brood.
ReshZain --- stranger; rim or border (of the ark); edge.
HayBetTzaddiAyinMem --- pain or sorrow.
HayTzaddiAyinHay LamedDaletGimel --- the great in counsel.

208 > 10 > 1- 208 -208 = 24x13
HayReshBetAleph --- pinion or wing.
ReshZainAleph --- to gird; to equip; to arm.
HayBetReshAleph --- locust; swarmer.
--- weavings, intrigues.
--- the latticed work; windows; dove-cote; chimney.
ZainReshAleph --- to be pressed together; hard, firm; to be compact.
--- cedar; cedar-work (wainscoting).
HayReshAlephBet --- pr.n. "Well".
ReshVauBet --- to bore, to dig; to investigate; to protect.
--- pit, dungeon; grave; cistern; cleanness, purity, salt of lye, alkali.
ReshHayGimel --- to bow down.
HayReshGimel --- to glow; to be angry; excited; to inflame, stir up; to excite oneself; contend with; to swallow, gurgle; something swallowed down; the cud; a grain, kernel.
ReshGimelHay --- pr.n. "Flight".
GimelReshHay --- to strike, smite down; kill, murder, slay, slaughter.
AlephReshZain --- something strange, loathsome.
QofQofChet --- to cut into, to hew; to carve in, inscribe; to trance, portray; to ordain laws; to decree; "digging".
ReshChet --- a noble, free born; hole.
QofChetTzaddiYod --- pr.n. "He Sports" --- Isaac.
YodNunAyin MemChetLamed --- (768 w/f); bread of affliction.

209 > 11 > 2- 209 -209 = 11x19
ReshChetAleph --- to delay, hinder; to defer; to linger.
--- following, next, second; another, other, different; elsewhere, in another way; afterwards; than; after; after so; thereupon; behind.
ChetReshAleph --- to go, to travel, journey; travelling; wayfarer.
--- arrange, appoint.
--- pr.n. "Wanderer".
--- way; walk, manner of life; lot or destiny; traveler; manner, course (of nature); the course (menstruation cycle).
ReshZainBet --- to scatter; disperse, rout.
ZainBetResh --- to cut or pierce.
ReshBetDaletGimel --- treasurers.
ReshVauGimel --- to collect, gather together; sojourn, dwell, meet together; to be afraid; to drink, suck; to boil up, to seethe, to effervesce; to excite, provoke; to roll; a suckling, whelp.
ReshHayDalet --- to run, to course; to run on, endure, last.
ReshDaletHay --- to shine, gleam, be conspicuous; to be splendid, glorious; to honor, favor; ornament, splendour, pomp; majesty, honor, dignity; my majesty; pr.n. "Splendor" --- a Syrian Fire god.
BetReshZain --- to flow, stream.
AlephReshChet --- to ease the bowels; excrements, dung.
HayYodQofDaletTzaddi --- pr.n. "Righteousness of Yah", Zedekiah.
MemYodZainAyinMem HayVauLamedAleph --- (769 w/f); the god of fortresses --- refers to a Syrian deity.

210 > 3- 210 -210 = 2x3x5x7 (product of the 1st 4 primes)
ReshVauGimelAleph --- assembler; pr.n. "Assembler" (proper name of the compiler of the 30th chap. of Proverbs).
ReshTetAleph --- to close, shut up; to bind, to hamper.
--- pr.n. "Lame".
--- lame, hampered.
GimelReshHayBet --- to slay among.
ReshChetBet --- to glow, make hot, melt; to try, examine; approve, choose; delight in.
--- to be ripe, mature; a youth.
NunNunChet-LamedAyinBet --- (860 w/f); pr.n. "Gracious Lord".
QofVauBetQofBet --- (204); skin bottle, flask; pr.n. "Emptying".
ChetReshBet --- to break through or away, to flee with haste; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding.
ReshZainGimel --- to cut down, fell; slaughter, kill; divide; decide; determine; piece, part (of a victim); precipice.
ZainReshGimel --- to cut off, sever; pr.n. "A Waste".
ReshVauDalet --- to pierce (of thorns); to move around, to turn oneself round, to continue; to dwell; to arrange; a period, age, generation; race or class; dwelling; circle; pile (of wood); a ball.
HayReshHay --- (Mother); to conceive, to become pregnant; to meditate; to have posterity.
ReshBetChet --- to bind, string together, to unite, to be allied; to charm, fascinate; to hurt; conjuror; associate, a companion, friend; society or company; spell or charm; magician; partner.
BetReshChet --- to be sharp, to cut; to dry up; to be desolate, waste; to be desolated; to lay waste; dry, desolate, waste; a sharp or cutting tool; a sword; dryness or drought.
QofDaletTzaddiVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Righteous".
ReshYod --- (371/1021) Nun-finalVauTzaddiResh YodHayYod = "may it be God's will" by Noteriquon.
TzaddiTzaddiLamed --- (1020 w/f); to deride.
TzaddiPehMem --- (1020) w/f); crushing; doormat; hammer.
QofSamekhNun --- to ascend, to go up.
NunMemAyinNun --- (860 w/f); pleasantness.
TzaddiAyinNun --- (1020 w/f); to fix in.
QofNunSamekh --- to push; to supply.
PehAyinSamekh --- (930 w/f); to divide, to branch out;
--- double minded, uncertain.
NunTzaddiAyin --- (860 w/f); to be firm; spear.
KafYodPeh-LamedAyin --- (690 w/f); according to thy mouth, on thy mouth.
QofMemAyin --- to sink down, to dip, to be deep; to be unsearchable.
--- deep, unfathomable or unsearchable.
--- deep place or depth; a valley.
MemYodMemNunAyin --- (770 w/f); pr. n. "Hardy", an Egyptian people.
KafLamedMemNunAyin --- (690 w/f); pr. n. "King's Oracle", an idol or god of the Sepharvites, Ammelek.
YodNunPehAyin --- pr. n. "Hill Man".
MemYodTzaddiAyin --- (770 w/f); trees; boards, timbers; sticks.
NunTzaddiAyin --- (860 w/f); to be firm.
--- spear.
--- to close or shut up; to hold back, to detain; to rule or control; to gather or amass.
--- wealth or dominion.
--- a shutting up or closing; constraint or oppression.
MemQofAyin --- (770 w/f); curve.
AyinSamekhPeh --- to step, walk, tread, stride, pace, march.
MemTzaddiPeh --- (770 w/f); to strike (to pieces), split or rend.
YodNunMemLamedPeh --- a distinct or definite one, such a one.
LamedQofPeh --- to peel; (1068) BetReshQofLamed AyinBetPeh TawDaletQofPeh = "combat standing order" by Noteriquon.
TzaddiLamedTzaddi --- (1020 w/f); a rib; the side (of a man); side-chamber (in a temple); a fall or overthrow.
AyinNunTzaddi --- to be low, to be humble.
NunAyinTzaddi --- (860 w/f); to load, to pack up; to migrate; pr.n. "Tanis" of an Egyptian city.
NunNunYodQof --- (860 w/f); pr.n. "Smith" --- name of a descendent of Seth.
QofYodQof --- caster oil seed; raven or pelican; abnormally large testicles.
PehLamedQof --- (930 w/f); to peel or shell.
AyinMemQof --- to tie, press.
SamekhNunQof --- to fine or impose a penalty (Talmudic law: especially for seducing a girl --- punishment for statutory rape).
LamedPehQof --- fold, plait, pleat.
YodResh --- rain.

211 > 4- 211 -47th prime
LamedAyinPehLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God of Recompense".
ZainGimelReshAleph --- box, chest.
DaletVauReshAleph --- pr.n. "Descent".
--- pr.n. "Place of Refuge".
YodReshAleph --- lion; the roarer; the courageous beast; pr.n. "Leo" --- zodiacal sign;
--- learned; a scholar; pr.n. "Ari" --- sobriquet for Moses Maimonides.
ReshVauBetGimel --- strong or mighty; mighty one, hero; tyrant; mighty warrior, warrior; mighty one in wealth or of worth.
AlephReshZainGimel --- decree, decision. ---
ReshChetGimel --- to burn, to sink down, to lurk.
HayReshBetDalet --- cause, suit; reason; utterance, word; bee, pr.n. "Deborah" (217).
AlephReshVauDalet --- pr.n. "A Circle".
ReshBetDaletHay --- a guide, counselor; Vizier.
ReshVauHay --- mountain; --- name of the mountain where Aaron died.
VauReshHay --- to be conceived.
DaletReshZain --- to grow tangled or luxuriant; pr.n. "Luxuriant Growth".
AlephReshBetChet --- an associate, companion, fellow.
ReshGimelChet --- to bind around, gird; to gird on.
GimelReshChet --- to tremble, to haste, flee.
ReshBetTet --- to swell or heave up, project.
ReshAlephYod --- to gleam, glitter; to flow, run fast; river, stream; the Nile; fosses or moats; channel or mine shaft.
AlephReshYod --- to look at, eye; to fear, to be afraid, to dread; to fear or reverence; timid, fearful.
HayTzaddiAyinVauMem --- counsel, resolution.
VauHayYodNunQofMem --- pr. n. "Possession of Yah".
HayQofVauLamedAyin --- licker or sucker; a leech; a vampire.
HayVauAyinGimel YodZainYodLamedAyin --- proud boasters.

212 > 5- 212 -212 = 22x53
HayReshVauAleph --- light; happiness.
HayVauReshAleph --- to pluck; manager, crib or rack; stall or stable; a stall (pair) (of horses).
ReshYodBet --- well.
YodReshBet --- serenity.
AlephReshVauBetGimel --- might.
HayReshDaletGimel --- wall, enclosure; fold or pen.
ReshBetZainGimel --- receiver of the revenues, treasurer.
TetReshGimel --- to carve, hollow out.
ReshHayZain --- to shine; teach; warn; admonished, wary; brightness.
HayReshZain --- to strew or scatter; to winnow; to rout; to be pressed out.
ReshDaletChet --- to surround, enclose; to beset; an enclosure, room, chamber; a bedroom; a bride chamber; a storeroom; recesses, inmost parts.
DaletReshChet --- to tremble, quake; to be alarmed; to palpitate; to come trembling, to haste; trembling, anxious.
BetReshYod --- pr.n. "Adversary".
BetTzaddiAyinNun --- to hurt oneself.

213 > 6- 213 -213 = 3x71
ReshYodBetAleph --- strong one, a hero (of God).
--- very mighty, manly; a valiant; obstinate; eminent one, chief.
HayZainReshAleph --- cedar work, ceder wainscoting.
YodAlephReshBet --- pr.n. "My Planning".
AlephYodReshBet --- fed, fattened (beasts); fat, rich (food).
ReshVauDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Wall", "Fortress".
ReshYodGimel --- to boil up; lime, plaster; sojourner.
HayGimelReshHay --- slaughter.
ReshZainVau --- to bind, carry, bear a burden; bound, laden; guilty.
ReshVauZain --- to be turned away, estranged; to go away; stranger, foreigner; heathen, barbarian; to press together, to bind, to gird, bandage; to crush.
HayReshChet --- to burn, glow (of anger); to protect.
DaletReshTet --- to push or drive on; to persist; to thrust out, drive forth.
ReshGimelYod --- a heap, stone heap; to fear, to be afraid of.

214 > 7- 214 -214 = 2x107
ReshVauZainAleph --- band, fetter; belt, girdle.
ZainVauReshAleph --- ceder-like; firm.
HayChetReshAleph --- a journeying; company of travellers, caravan.
--- appointed measure (of food); portion; allowance; a meal or mess.
HayReshHayDalet --- a run, a race.
HayReshDaletHay --- ornament, glory.
QofQofVauChet --- pr.n. "Digging".
ReshVauChet --- to become gray, white; to turn pale; to hollow out, bore; a hole, socket, opening, cave, cavern, den; white linen; dungeon; pr.n. "Free", "Noble".
ReshHayTet --- to shine, to be bright, to be or become clean, pure; brightness, purification.
HayReshTet --- to be fresh.
DaletReshYod --- to go down, descend; to come or fall down; pr.n. "Descent".
MemYodNunDaletAyinMem --- (774 w/f); delicacies or dainties; delights, ecstasies.
NunAyinKaf-DaletAyin --- (864 w/f); until now.

215 > 8- 215 -215 = 5x43
HayReshVauGimelAleph --- a grain or berry; small coin; something round.
ReshYodDaletAleph --- great or large; potent; illustrious or noble; excellent (morally).
ReshVauChetAleph --- hinder part, back-side, rear; behind, backward, back; the west, western quarter; after time, future.
VauReshChetAleph --- (209); to delay, hinder; to defer; to linger.
ReshYodBetGimel --- mighty, ruling, leading; lord, master.
HayReshZainGimel --- a cutting off; desolation; figure, form; hall, court.
QofMemAyinHay --- the valley (Jerusalem).
ChetReshZain --- to scatter, to shine forth, to rise, to break forth; to break out; sprout; sun rise.
HayReshBetChet --- society, company.
ReshZainChet --- to turn round.
HayBetReshChet --- wasteness, desolation; waste places, ruins; dryness.
ZainReshChet --- to bore through.
ReshVauTet --- to wait, watch for, expect; to go round, surround; to arrange, set in a row or order; wall, enclosure; a row, a course or range; rock, mountain.
QofDaletTzaddiVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Righteous".
ReshHayYod --- to be high; to molest; to be arrogant or aggressive.
HayReshYod --- to cast; to shoot; to lay, to found, to erect; to shed, to wet, to irrigate; to tremble, quake.
HayLamedAyinMemLamedMem --- from above upwards.
HaySamekhMemAyinMem --- a burden.
HayQofAyinMem --- a ledge or parapet (esp. round the flat roof of an eastern house).
HayPehTzaddiMem --- a watch-tower; a look-out, a post of observation.
HayPehAyinSamekh --- branch.
--- division or party; unsettled opinion.

216 > 9- 216 -216 = 23X33
ChetReshZainAleph --- native; indigenous; a native.
HayYodReshAleph --- lion; pr.n. "Coeur de Lion".
--- to pluck; manger, crib, rack; stall; stable; pair (of horses).
ReshVauChetBet --- ripened, mature; a youth (of age but unmarried, draftable); young warriors.
HayReshVauBetGimel --- strength; valor; force, prowess; mightiness (of God); victory; oppression; pr.n. "Judicial Power", "Geburah" the fifth Sephira
(Considered8 feminine and passive in traditional Qabalah, Geburah corresponds9 to the Left Arm of Adam Qadmon [161].)
AlephYodReshBetGimel --- a man.
ReshYodBetDalet --- the inner or hinder sanctuary (of the temple); pr.n. "Posture", "Oracle".
YodReshBetDalet --- pr.n. "Pastoral" or "Eloquent". --- see ReshBetDalet (207).
MemYodBetNunAyin MemDalet --- (1336 w/f); blood of grapes, wine.
ReshVauBetChet --- pr.n. "Junction" or "confluence".
QofVauQofBetChet --- pr.n. "Embrace".
ChetReshChet --- to protect.
HayAlephReshYod --- fear, terror; terribleness; reverence, awe.
NunVauYodQofNun --- (866 w/f); cleanness.
QofVauMemAyin --- pr. n. "Profound".
8. G-K p. 91
9. G-K p. 93

217 > 10 > 1- 217 -217 = 7x31
AlephDaletZainReshDaletAleph --- correctly, exactly.
YodReshVauAleph --- pr.n. "Light".
ChetReshChetAleph --- pr.n. "After Brother".
ReshYodHayBet --- dazzling.
HayReshYodBet --- castle, citadel, palace; a chief city.
HayYodReshBet --- food; fatted; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding; bolt, bar.
YodReshDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Enclosure.
HayReshVauBetDalet --- a bee; pr.n. "Deborah" --- of Rebekah's nurse and of a prophetess (see also ReshYodBetDalet --- 216, 211).
ReshVauGimelChet --- girded; the girdle.
ReshTetChet --- to wave; shoot, twig; switch, rod.
HayDaletReshChet --- a trembling, terror; care, anxiety.
ReshTetChet --- to scrape, grave; a graver; chisel; stylus, metal pen.
ReshVauBetTet --- a summit, mountain.
ReshChetTet --- to burn, to inflame; inflammations, piles, hemorrhoids.
ChetReshTet --- to labor, to tire; an encumbrance, a burden.
ReshVauAlephYod --- river, stream; the Nile; fosses, moats; channel, mine shaft.
AlephReshVauYod --- is watered.
VauAlephReshYod --- to shoot.

218 > 11 > 2- 218 -218 = 2x109
HayYodAlephReshBet --- pr.n. "Yah Created".
HayAlephYodReshBet --- creation, novelty, new thing.
HayReshVauZain --- crushed; to squeeze, press out.
DaletVauReshChet --- pr.n. "trembling".
YodReshChet --- glow, heat; excrements, dung; white or fine bread; pr.n. "Cave Dweller"; white linen.
ReshChetYod --- to delay.
ChetReshYod --- to wander, travel onward; the moon, the wanderer; a month, a lunar month.
MemYodYodDaletAyin YodDaletAyin --- (778 w/f); finest ornaments.
NunVauBetTzaddiAyin --- (868 w/f); labor or travail, hard toil; pain.

219 > 12 > 3- 219 -219 = 3x73
TzaddiAyinMemYodChetAleph --- (1029 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of Anger".
YodReshChetAleph --- after.
HayYodQofBetQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin bottle of Yah".
HayReshHayTet --- a purifying, cleansing; purity.
YodReshTet --- fresh.
ReshVauGimelYod --- fearful; pr.n. "Tarrying Place".
TetReshYod --- to throw down headlong; to throw, cast down; to be rash, headlong.

220 > 4- 220 -220 = 22x5x11
ReshYodChetBet --- chosen, choice one.
HayReshYodBetGimel --- mistress, queen.
YodReshZainGimel --- pr.n. "Precipice".
ReshVauHayTet --- bright, clean, pure; unalloyed.
ReshChetBetYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Chooses".
ReshKaf --- a Lamb; pasture, meadow-land; a battering ram; pillion or saddle; a litter; a hollow or deep vessel; a dry and liquid measure --- a cor = 10 ephahs = 11 1/4 bushells = 88 3/4 gallons.
MemYodLamedLamedAyinMem --- (780 w/f); works or deeds.
TzaddiYodPehMem --- (1030 w/f); a maul or war-club.
LamedAyinPehMem --- work.
HayPehTzaddiMemHay --- pr. n. "The Look-out".
TzaddiTzaddiMem --- (1030 w/f); to suck out; to be unleavened.
MemYodLamedYodPehNun --- (780 w/f); giants.
TzaddiPehNun --- (1030 w/f); to break or smash; to scatter or drive about
--- a tempest or major storm.
--- dispersion.
AyinQofNun --- to loathe, to turn away.
NunSamekhNunSamekh --- (870 w/f); palm branch.
PehYodAyinSamekh --- (940 w/f); a cleft or fissure (in a rock); branch or bough.
PehPehSamekh --- (940 w/f); to collect or receive.
QofNunAyin --- to be narrow
--- collar or neck-chain; pr. n. "Giant", Anak.

221 > 5- 221 -221 = 13x17
ReshKafAleph --- to dig, to plow; tillage; a digger, tiller, husbandman.
KafReshAleph --- (701 w/f); to be arranged, adjusted.
--- to stretch out, be long; to wear on.
--- adapted, fit.
--- long, enduring.
--- delay.
HayReshVauBetChet --- a stripe, weal; wound, cut.
ZainVauReshChet --- string of corals or pearls.
ReshYodAlephYod --- pr.n. "He (god) Gives Light".
YodReshAlephYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Gives Light".
HayReshVauYod --- pr.n. ""watering"; watering; the autumnal or early rain.
--- spring rain.
ReshAlephKaf --- to surround; to dig or pierce; to be dirty; turbid stream; dirt, muddiness.
AlephReshKaf --- to pierce; to be pained, grieved.
AlephLamed NunAyinMemLamed --- (871 w/f); so that not, lest.
HayQofAyinVauMem --- pressure, affliction.
AlephQofYodMemAyin --- profound or unsearchable things.

222 > 6- 222 -222 = 2x3x37
HayYodReshVauAleph --- (228); pr.n. "Light of Yah".
AlephKafReshAleph --- a prolonging, continuance.
ReshKafBet --- to break, to burst open; to ripen, to mature; bear early fruit; to treat as first-born.
--- young camel.
--- pr.n. "Firstling".
KafReshBet --- (702 w/f); to bend; to bless; adore, worship; greet; part, renounce; to curse (euphemism); kneel; a knee; a break, bend.
YodReshDaletChet --- chambers, rooms.
HayReshVauGimelChet --- a girdle, apron or kilt.
BetYodReshYod --- an adversary; pr.n. "Opponent".
ReshBetKaf --- to bind together, to weave or plait; to be strong or great; great space or length; a stretch; long ago, already; pr.n. "Length" or "Strength".
BetReshKaf --- to grip, grasp; seize; to bear.
ChetTzaddiNun DaletAyin --- to the utmost.
--- forever.

223 > 7- 223 -223 = 48th prime
KafReshBetAleph --- (703 w/f); to bow the knee, to bless; good luck!, hail!
HayReshYodChet --- pr.n. "Nobility".
ReshVauChetTet --- inflammations; piles, hemorrhoids.

224 > 8- 224 -224 = 25x7
AlephBetKafReshAleph --- knee.
ReshKafDalet --- to pierce, penetrate; impress, remember; a male; ram.
KafReshDalet --- (704 w/f); to step, tread, walk; a going, way; manner; mode of life; lot, destiny.
YodReshVauChet --- white linen, byssus clothes; white bread; pr.n. "Nobleman", "Linen-weaver".
HayReshYodTet --- a wall; an enclosure; a castle; an encampment, pastoral village.
MemAyinDaletQofYod --- (784 w/f); pr.n. "People's Burning".
ChetVauReshYod --- pr.n. "Moon".
VauChetReshYod --- pr.n. "Odoriferous" or "Balmy".
ReshDaletKaf --- to bind.
DaletQofPehMem --- a mustering, a census; a charge or mandate; an appointed place or rendezvous; pr.n. "Place of Muster" --- of a gate of Jerusalem.

225 > 225 > 9- 225 -225 = 32x52
YodDaletYodReshAleph --- pr.n. "Worthy Gift".
ReshKafHay --- to hurt, injure.
YodChetReshZain --- sunrise.
ReshYodZainChet --- a boar, swine.
ReshYodHayYod --- elated, arrogant; to injure or molest; aggressive.
ChetReshZainYod --- pr.n. "He Shines Forth".
ReshVauTetYod --- pr.n. "Protection", "enclosure".
HayYodReshYod --- (231); pr.n. "Founded by Yah".
HayReshKaf --- to pierce, to dig; to excavate; to devise, prepare; to buy, purchase; to feed; to make a feast or banquet; a pit, cistern; a feast or banquet
HayLamedAyinPehMem --- work.
MemYodLamedHayQofMem --- (785 w/f); assemblies.
HayNunSamekhNunSamekh --- pr. n. "Palm Branch", a town in the south of Judah.

226 > 10 > 1- 226 -226 = 2x113
YodChetReshZainAleph --- descendants of a native (ChetReshZainAleph --- 216) of a place.
HayKafReshAleph --- a prolonging, continuance.
--- adjustment, bandage, healing, repair.
YodReshVauYod --- pr.n. "An Archer".
ReshVauKaf --- to dig, cut, pierce through; to glow, burn; a hollow or deep measure
--- a cor = 10 ephahs = 11 1/4 bushels; a furnace.
MemYodNunVauNunAyin --- (786 w/f); Ammonites.
YodNunVauLamedLamedQof --- they curse me.

227 > 11 > 2- 227 -49th prime
HayReshKafBet --- first-born; seniority; birth-right; (233).
--- young she-camel.
KafDaletAlephReshBet --- (707 w/f); pr.n. "Warlike".
HayKafReshBet --- blessing; divine gift, benefaction; happy or blessed man; pool or pond.
ReshKafZain --- to pick, pierce, penetrate; to remember; to keep in mind; recollect; mention; to bear a male; a male; remembrance; memorial, name; pr.n. "Yah is Mindful".
TetYodReshChet --- purse or bay (for money).
HayReshBetKaf --- a sieve; length, stretch; a horse-run.
ReshZainKaf --- to bind fast or hard; to force; to be strong, brave, cruel.
ZainReshKaf --- to cry out, proclaim.
HayDaletMemLamedMem HayLamedGimelAyin --- a taught heifer (one used to the yoke).

228 > 12 > 3- 228 -228 = 22x3x19
VauHayYodReshVauAleph --- (222); pr.n. "Light of Yah".
ReshZainKafAleph --- hardy, firm; courageous, bold; harsh, cruel; violent, deadly.
ReshVauKafBet --- first-born; foremost, chief; first-fruits.
VauReshKafBet --- pr.n. "Youth".
KafVauReshBet --- (708 w/f); pr.n. "Blessed".
ReshKafChet --- to injure.
HayYodHayReshChet --- pr.n. "Yah is a shelter".
KafReshChet --- (708 w/f); to roast; to interlace; to catch, seize; to singe, burn; lattices, window-lattices.
BetVauReshKaf --- Cherub (symbolical being compounded of four forms: man, ox, lion, eagle).
MemYodYodChet TzaddiAyin --- (1598 w/f); Tree of Life.
MemYodChetQofLamedMem --- (788 w/f); tongs; snuffers
HayKafSamekhMem LamedGimelAyin --- a calf of fusion or molten image of a calf.
NunVauMemAyin YodNunBet --- (878 w/f); the Ammonites (sons of kin).

229 > 13 > 4- 229 -50th prime
AlephYodVauBetYodResh --- amplification (in the sense of an extension to something said or written before, or an intensification without change of meaning). (Interestingly, if the name of the first Sephira, ReshTawKaf (620) is misspelled with a Tet in place of a Taw, as ReshTetKaf, we also get 229. That could be taken to all sorts of speculations, the Crown before the fall, the Crown before "amplification" ...).
MemYodNunYodAyin YodVauLamedGimel --- (789 w/f); disclosed of eyes (i.e. clear mental vision).

230 > 5- 230 -230 = 2x5x23
HayReshKafHay --- a regarding, ascertaining.
HayYodChetReshZain --- pr.n. "Yah Shines Forth".
HayReshZainChetYod --- pr.n. "May He Cause to Return".
NunQofAyinYod --- (880 w/f); pr.n. "Perverse".
KafReshYod --- (710 w/f); to be tender; the thigh; the haunch; ham; shank, stem; side (of a tent or altar).
ReshYodKaf --- a fire crock; pan.
YodReshKaf --- executioners.
QofQofLamed --- to lick up or lap up.
MemYodKafLamedMem KafLamedMem --- (1270 w/f); pr.n. "King of Kings" --- title of the king of Babylon.
TzaddiQofMem --- (1040 w/f); at the end
--- pr. n. "End" or "Limit".
QofPehNun --- to go or come out, go forth; to be promulgated.
ChetLamedMem BetYodTzaddiNun --- a column of salt.
TzaddiTzaddiNun --- (1040 w/f); to shine or glitter, to sparkle; to bloom or blossom; to fly.
PehQofNun --- (950 w/f); to strike or beat; to cut down or fell (trees); to destroy utterly.
--- to go round, to move in a circle (said of festivals.
--- a beating or striking.

231 > 6- 231 -231 = 3x7x11
(The number of Hebrew letters taken two at a time without repetition, the 231 gates of the Sepher Yetzirah)
YodKafReshAleph --- delaying.
HayYodChetReshChet --- pr.n. "Yah is a shelter".
VauHayYodReshYod --- (225); pr.n. "founded by Yah".
AlephKafReshYod --- the thigh.
YodReshAlephKaf --- as the lion; they surround.
AlephReshLamed --- to dread, eye with alarm.
AlephQofPehNun --- outgoing, expense.

232 > 7- 232 -232 23x29
LamedAlephReshAleph --- the strong one, the mighty one, hero; pr.n. "Lion of God".
HayKafVauReshAleph --- bandage; adjustment; healing.
YodReshKafBet --- pr.n. "Youthful".
KafReshDaletChet --- (712 w/f); pr.n. "circuit".
YodBetYodReshYod --- pr.n. "Contentions".
ReshYodBetKaf --- a plaiting or braiding; a mattress or quilt; great, mighty.
GimelVauAyinMem YodGimelAyinLamed --- cake-wits or mockers (guests who jest or flatter to please); parasites.

233 > 8- 233 -51st prime
HayReshKafZainAleph --- a remembrance offering (sacrificial term); memorial (before God); incense.
HayReshVauKafBet --- (227); first-born; seniority, birth-right.
--- best figs.
--- early fig.
LamedReshGimel --- to roll; a pebble (used as a lot); to be rough, sharp; a lot; to cast lots; allotment, an inheritance.
ReshVauKafZain --- males; pr.n. "Mindful".
LamedAlephTzaddiBetQofYod --- pr.n. "God Gathers".
HayChetYodReshYod --- (236); pr.n. "Odiferous" or "Balmy".
ZainVauReshKaf --- a herald.
HayMemChetLamedMem MemAyin --- (793 w/f); troops
MemYodNunGimel NunYodAyin --- (1443 w/f); pr. n. "Garden's Fount", (Well in the plain of Judah).

234 > 9- 234 -234 = 2x32x13
KafYodReshDalet --- (714 w/f); to overtake, to trace.
VauChetYodReshYod --- (233); pr.n. "Odiferious" or "Balmy".
MemYodChetVauQofLamedMem --- (794 w/f); the two jaws --- as used for seizing and chewing
MemDaletQof NunMem --- (1444 w/f); from before
HayVauHayYod AlephYodBetHay NunAyinMemLamed --- (884 w/f); in order that Yahweh may bring.

235 > 10 > 1- 235 -235 = 5x47
HayKafReshYod --- side; the rear; inner parts or recesses; remote parts.
HayPehQofNun --- a cord or rope, a rope girdle.
QofYodNunAyinHay --- to lay upon the neck, to load.

236 > 11 > 2- 236 -236 = 22x59
LamedAlephReshHay --- pr.n. "Hearth of God"; pr.n. "Mountain of God" --- by a pun: burning mountain of God and Law).
HayYodYodAlephReshYod --- pr.n. "Dread of Yah".
ReshVauYodKaf --- a basin, pot; a fire-pan; a wash-basin; a platform, pulpit.
QofTzaddiVauMem --- fused or compact mass; acasting (of metal).
--- narrowness; distress.
QofVauTzaddiMem --- straitness or distress.
--- column or pillar; cliff or peak.

237 > 12 > 3- 237 -237 = 3x79
KafVauYodReshAleph --- (717 w/f); pr.n. "Lion-like".
YodVauKafReshAleph --- delaying
HayReshYodKafBet --- first born or eldest (daughter).
HayYodKafReshBet --- pr.n. "Blessing of Yah".
YodReshKafZain --- pr.n. "Memorable".
ReshBetDalet AlephLamed --- pr.n. "No-pasture".
BetLamed-LamedAyin HayLamedAyin --- to come up on the heart, to be though of or remembered.

238 > 13 > 4- 238 -238 = 2x7x17
YodReshZainKafAleph --- fierce; cruel.
LamedReshChet --- to burn, to be sharp or stinging.
BetYodReshYodVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Pleads".
TetAyinMem TetAyinMem --- little by little, by degrees.
AlephKafBetHay QofMemAyin --- the valley weeping.

239 > 14 > 5- 239 -52nd prime
LamedZainReshBet --- iron, steel; iron scepter; fetter; iron tool.
LamedReshVauGimel --- a lot; to cast lots; allotment, inheritance.
PehDaletNun HayLamedAyin --- (959 w/f); a (wind) driven leaf.

240 > 6- 240 -240 = 24x3x5
HayYodChetReshZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Shines Forth".
ReshVauDaletYodKaf --- war, slaughter.
ReshKafKaf --- a round; a circuit (of land); a round cake, a loaf of bread; a talent (= 3000 shekels).
KafReshKaf --- (720 w/f); to surround.
MemYodMemDaletAleph HayLamedAyinMem --- (800 w/f); pr.n. "Red Hill".
MemSamekhQofMem --- (800 w/f); divination.
QofQofMem --- to be melted away or dissolved (as the heavenly bodies); to run (of sores); to pine or waste away (of men).
ReshMem --- a drop.
--- bitter; sad or sorrowful; fierce; hard fate.
--- the gum Myrrh of the acacia.
QofPehSamekh --- to slap or strike; to smite on the thigh.
--- to pour or overflow; to be abundant; to be overfull, to vomit.
--- abundance or sufficiency.
MemYodMemLamedAyinNun --- (800 w/f); sly or crafty ones, dissemblers.
QofLamedMemAyin --- pr. n. "Laborious", Amalek (a descendant of Esau and founder of an Arab tribe; Amalekites.)

241 > 7- 241 -53rd prime
MemReshAleph --- (801 w/f & 45/605); to be high.
--- Aramea.
--- pr.n. "High One".
ReshMemAleph --- mumble, murmur; to say, to speak, to think; to command.
--- to be high.
--- a saying, word, utterance; behest (utterance).
--- lamb.
--- pr.n. "Tall".
--- a word, poetic speech, song of victory; promise; a matter or thing.
--- height, mountain range.
LamedBetBetReshZain --- pr.n. "Babel-born".
LamedGimelReshChet --- a locust.
ReshAlephMem --- to be sharp, to be bitter.
HayQofTzaddiVauMem --- tube or funnel (for pouring).
AlephReshMem --- to be perverse or rebellious.
--- to haste or flee.
--- fat or strong.
--- master or lord.
HayQofVauTzaddiMem --- straitness or distress.

242 > 8- 242 -242 = 2x112
LamedYodAlephReshAleph --- hearth.
YodLamedAlephReshAleph --- pr.n. "Heroic".
LamedAlephYodReshAleph --- great hero, pr.n. "Lion of God"; God's altar; hearth of God.
MemReshBet --- (802 w/f); to sever; be clean; test or prove; bind, interweave; but, yet.
HayYodReshKafZain --- pr.n. "Yah is Mindful" or "Yah is Male".
BetKafReshKaf --- a margin, border.
ReshBetDalet VauLamed --- pr.n. "No-pasture".
BetReshMem --- for multitude
--- pr. n. "Increase" --- of a daughter of Saul.

243 > 9- 243 -243 = 35
MemReshBetAleph --- (803 w/f); pr.n. "Father of Exaltation", Abram.
VauHayYodKafReshBet --- pr.n. "Blessing of Yah".
LamedTetReshGimelAleph --- basins, libation bowls.
ReshMemGimel --- to come to an end, cease, fail; finish, complete; to perfect; pr.n. "Completion", "Darkness" --- Cimmerians.
MemReshGimel --- (803 w/f); to over-lay; to cover over; crust, skin, body; bone; self, very; to skin, to flay; to strip, lay bare (the bones), to lick clean.
BetYodReshYodVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Pleads".
ReshKafZainVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Mindful".
BetReshAlephMem --- ambush or lurking place; an ambuscade (of troops).
ReshGimelMem --- to flow or gush out; to cast down, overthrow.
GimelReshMem --- to press, bruise, crush.
MemYodNunBet-LamedAyin MemAleph --- (1363 w/f); the mother with the children.

244 > 10 > 1- 244 -244 = 22x61
ReshMemDalet --- to trill, whir.
MemReshDalet --- (804 w/f); to shine, to be bright.
NunVauTzaddiTzaddiChet --- (894 w/f); a division or row.
LamedVauReshChet --- a thorn-bush, nettle.
DaletReshMem --- to disobey, to war or rebel.
--- rebellion.
--- rebellious.
--- pr. n. "Rebel".

245 > 11 > 2- 245 -245 = 5x72
ReshMemHay --- to glow, pour.
MemReshHay --- (805 w/f); to rise up, to be high; pr.n. "High Place", "Exaltation", "Exalted".
GimelMem-BetResh --- the great Magus (chief of the Magi).
TzaddiYodQofHayMem --- (1055 w/f); directly after wakening.
HayReshMem --- to be or make bitter; to be contumacious or rebellious; to rebel; to resist or insult; to rebel against.
--- to cut off; to stroke or rub over; to shave.
--- to be firm or strong.
--- rebellion.
--- bitter; bitterness; sadness; bitterly; pr. n. "Bitter" --- of a fountain in the peninsula of Sinai.

246 > 12 > 3- 246 -246 = 2x3x41
HayReshMemAleph --- utterance; poetic speech; a song.
HayVauHayYod ReshYodChetBet --- chosen of Yaweh, Moses, prophets, Messiah.
LamedAlephYodReshBetGimel --- pr.n. "Mighty One of God", Gabriel.
HayReshAlephMem --- a curse, execration.
ReshBetDaletMem --- pasture; a desert.
ReshVauMem --- to change, exchange, barter.
MemYodPehVauAyinMem --- (806 w/f); flights (of time or of life).
HayAlephReshMem --- a sight or vision.; a mirror.
--- viewing or seeing; appearance.
--- a bird's crop or craw.
DaletBetReshMem --- coverlet (for a bed).
TzaddiVauTzaddiYodNun --- (1056 w/f); a spark.
MemYodSamekhVauPehNun --- (806 w/f); pr. n. "Expansions".

247 > 13 > 4- 247 -247 = 13x19
ReshMemVauAleph --- pr.n. "Loquacious", "Boastful".
HayReshMemBet --- to rebel against.
ReshMemZain --- to vibrate, twang, whir; to touch or strike (musical chords); to harp, sing; to clip, prune; music, playing (of instruments); singer; gazelle or antelope; vine branch; family branch or member.
MemReshZain --- (807 w/f); to flow, flood, wash away; pouring rain, a storm.
LamedAlephVauReshYod --- pr.n. "God's Foundation".
ReshVauAlephMem --- a luminary; light; sparkling; a candlestick.
AlephReshVauMem --- fear; respect, reverence; object of fear; an astounding deed, a miracle or prodigy.
ReshZainMem --- to be corrupt or foul; to mix lewdly (mutually lascivious behavior).
--- to bind or combine.
--- northern constellations; the north; north winds.; the planets; zodiacal signs.
HayBetReshMem --- increase; plenty or abundance.
LamedBetZainYodAleph YodNunVauNunZain-DaletAyin --- during the whoredoms of Jezebel.

248 > 14 > 5- 248 -248 = 23x31
MemHayReshBetAleph --- (808 w/f); pr.n. "Father of a Multitude", Abraham. (see also Abram --- 243).
LamedAlephYodReshVauAleph --- pr.n. "Light of God".
MemVauReshBet --- (808 w/f); variegated cloths; damask.
VauHayYodReshKafZain --- (242, 227); pr.n. "Yah is Mindful".
ReshMemChet --- to be hot, to burn;to be red; to boil, ferment, to foam, to bubble, swell, rise in heaps; to be in a ferment; to yearn; rumbling in the bowels; to be red; to cover with bitumen, to pitch; to bear. to carry, to toil; to collect; ass; bitumen, pitch; something fermented, wine; clay, loam, potter's earth, mortar, cement, mire, mud; a boiling, foaming; a heap; a homer (dry measure).
MemReshChet --- (808 w/f); to shut in, enclose; a net; to consign; to break off; cut off; shortened; flat-nosed, to be high; a curse, destruction.
HayReshGimelMem --- a saw.
ReshChetMem --- to buy or sell.
--- to glow, to shine or dawn.
--- dawn or morrow, tomorrow; after time, hereafter.
ChetReshMem --- to rub or bruise; to rub over or lay on (as a poultice of liniment).

249 > 15 > 6- 249 -249 = 3x83
YodLamedZainReshBet --- pr.n. "Steely".
MemReshDaletHay --- (809 w/f); pr.n. "Ador is Exalted", Atramites.
MemReshTet --- (809 w/f); to wait for, to expect; expectation; prospect; prospectively, not yet, before.
ReshVauGimelMem --- fear, terror; tarrying; a dwelling.
GimelReshVauMem --- a threshing-sledge.
ReshTetMem --- to rain; rain.
HayLamedAyinMemLamed DaletAyin --- even to the highest.
HayDaletReshMem --- dominion or subjection.
TetReshMem --- to rub or make smooth, to sharpen (a sword); to make bare by plucking; to become hairless or bald; to be poolished (of metal); to be sharpened (of a sword); bare or naked.

250 > 7- 250 -250 = 2x53
MemVauReshDalet --- (810 w/f); the south (as bright); south wind.
ReshMemYod --- to change, alter; to be high.
MemReshYod --- (810 w/f); to be high.
ReshChetBetMem --- the choice, choicest.
ChetReshBetMem --- flight; fugitive.
ReshVauDaletMem --- dwelling, abode.
DaletReshVauMem --- descent, declivity; a hanging, festoon.
BetReshChetMem --- a victim.
AlephReshTetMem --- a keep, dungeon; aim or mark (in shooting).
DaletVauReshMem --- wandering; a fleeing or flight.
BetChetReshMem --- wide or broad place, breadth; relief or enlargement.
YodReshMem --- contradiction or protest; perverseness; a rebel.
QofQofNun --- to pierce or cleave open.
ReshNun --- a light or lamp.

251 > 8- 251 -54th prime
MemReshVauDaletAleph --- (811 w/f; 305/865 & 255/815); pr.n. "The Lord is Exalted".
NunPehTzaddiLamedAleph --- (901 w/f); pr.n. "God Hides".
ReshYodMemAleph --- high; mountain top; tree top.
YodReshMemAleph --- pr.n. "Mountaineer", "Highlander", Amorite.
--- pr.n. "Eloquent".
YodMemReshAleph --- in Aramean or Syriac (i.e. in that language.
--- Aramean, Syrian.
NunReshAleph --- (901 w/f); to be sharp-eared, alert; wild goat.
--- to trill, to make a tremulous noise.
--- ark
--- pine.
LamedAlephYodReshYod --- pr.n. "Founded of God".
HayReshVauMem --- a razor.
--- teaching, instruction.
--- an archer; a teacher; pr.n. "Archer".
HayReshVauMem --- razor.
AlephYodReshMem --- fatling or fat beast; a fatted calf.
ReshAlephNun --- to feel abhorrence; to abhor.
HayYodNunPehMemVauSamekh --- double pipe, bagpipe.
HayLamedAlephHay QofMemAyin --- terebinth valley (near Bethlehem).

252 > 9- 252 -252 = 22x32x7
HayMemVauReshAleph --- pr.n. "Height".
MemYodReshBet --- (812 w/f); pr.n. "Wells".
HayReshMemZain --- vine, branch, twig; sound; song.
HayMemReshZain --- a gushing, emission (of semen), male ejaculation.
HayReshVauAlephMem --- light; cave, hole.
HayAlephReshVauMem --- rebelling.
--- rebellious or obstinate.
HayReshZainMem --- winnower or fan.
ReshBetNun --- to shine or gleam.

253 > 10 > 1- 253 -253 = 11x23
MemReshYodBetAleph --- (813 w/f); pr.n. "Father of Exaltation".
ReshNunBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Light".
LamedAlephKafReshBet --- pr.n. "God Blesses".
NunReshGimel --- (903 w/f); to roll, to level, make smooth; a level place, area; threshing-floor; grain.
HayMemReshChet --- pr.n. "Desolation".
VauHayYodKafReshBetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Blesses".
YodMemReshGimel --- pr.n. "Bony" or "Strong".
AlephLamedBetReshKaf --- wrapper, mantle, cloak.
MemBetQofAyinYod AlephLamed --- (813 w/f); He does not keep them back.
ReshVauZainMem --- binding (of a wound); healing, remedy; snare or net; hurt, suffering
DaletReshTetMem --- pr.n. "A Driving Forth".
ZainVauReshMem --- pr. n. "Refuge".
ReshGimelNun --- to flow on; to spread or extent; to be poured out, to flow; to be extended.
GimelReshNun --- to crush or cut in pieces.

254 > 11 > 2- 254 -254 = 2x127
MemReshVauChet --- (814 w/f); pr.n. "Noble Born".
ReshVauMemChet --- ass; a heap or load.
HayReshVauGimelMem --- fear; a storehouse.
HayAlephReshChetMem --- a sink or privy.
ReshHayTetMem --- splendour.
HayReshTetMem --- a keep, dungeon; aim or mark (in shooting).
ChetVauReshMem --- bruised or crushed.
ReshDaletNun --- to bind, to set fast, to vow.
--- to fall or drop out (as grain in threshing).
--- a vow; a votive-offering.
DaletReshNun --- nard, spikenard.

255 > 12 > 3- 255 -255 = 3x5x17
MemReshVauDaletHay --- (815 w/f; 251/811 & 305/865); pr.n. "The Lord is Exalted".
--- pr.n. "Ador is Exalted", Atramites; (249/809).
MemYodReshHay --- (815 w/f); exaltation.
NunReshHay --- (905 w/f); to be high; pr.n. "High", Abraham's Brother.
MemVauReshTet --- (815 w/f); not yet.
HayReshMemYod --- pr.n. "Rebellious".
HayReshZainGimelMem --- an axe.
HayReshVauDaletMem --- pile of wood; a faggot.
TetReshVauMem --- polished; sharp, impetuous.
ChetReshZainMem --- dawn; the east; eastward.
ChetZainReshMem --- a shouting (for joy); a wailing (for sorrow).
HayYodReshMem --- pr. n. "Contumacy".
--- pr. n. "Shown or Provided by Yah" --- name of the hill of Jerusalem on which Solomon built the Temple. (261 266 )
ReshHayNun --- to flow (figuratively of a confluence or gathering).
--- to be bright; to brighten up.
--- a stream or current.
--- a river (especially the river Euphrates or the Nile).

256 > 13 > 4- 256 -256 = 28
NunReshHayAleph --- (906 w/f); luminous; pr.n. "Aaron", first High Priest and brother of Moses.
HayYodReshMemAleph --- (262); pr.n. "Promise of Yah".
NunBetReshDalet --- (906 w/f); a goad.
MemReshVauYod --- (816); pr.n. "Yah is high".
ReshVauChetBetMem --- choice, selection.
MemYodLamedLamedAyinMem BetYodTetYodHay --- (816 w/f); to make one's actions good.
ReshVauNun --- to shine.
--- fire.
DaletAyinVau MemLamedVauAyinLamed --- (816 w/f); for ever and ever, to all eternity.

257 > 14 > 5- 257 -55th prime
NunVauReshAleph --- (907 w/f); receptacle, box, chest; a coffin; wooden chest; the Ark (sacred).
ReshYodMemZain --- a song; song of praise; poem, hymn; song of triumph.
YodReshMemZain --- pr.n. "Sung", "Celebrated".
MemYodReshZain --- (817 w/f); inundation; strangers, fores.
MemTetReshChet --- (817 w/f); a scribe; a sacred writer.
HayBetYodReshMem --- a quarrel or strife; pr. n. "Strife" --- of a fountain.
ReshZainNun --- to consecrate, to vow; to separate oneself; to abstain; to consecrate oneself to.
--- to bind or encircle.
--- consecration (of a priest or Nazarite); a consecrated head (unshorn head); unshorn hair (of a woman); a crown or diadem (for a priest or king.
MemYodNunPeh ZainAyin --- (817 w/f); effrontery.

258 > 15 > 6- 258 -258 = 2x3x43
HayYodReshMemGimel --- (264); pr.n. "Yah completes".
HayReshVauMemZain --- (what has a tremulous motion or trilling sound); vine shoot; twig, branch.
MemReshYodChet --- (818 w/f & 264/824); pr.n. "Noble", Hiram (king of Tyre).
NunReshChet --- (908 w/f); pr.n. "Noble".
MemChetReshYod --- (818 w/f); pr.n. "He is Compassionated" or "He is Loved".
ReshYodChetMem --- price, purchase money; hire, wages; pr.n. "Hire".
ReshChetNun --- to snore or snort.
--- a snorting (of a horse).

259 > 16 > 7- 259 -259 = 7x37
MemReshYodChetAleph --- (819 w/f); pr.n. "Brother Exalted".
QofDaletTzaddi-YodNunDaletAleph --- Lord of Righteousness.
NunReshChetAleph --- (909 w/f); at last.
NunReshVauGimel --- (909 w/f); throat.
NunVauReshGimel --- (909 w/f); throat; to cry with the throat; neck.
HayReshVauMemChet --- heap, load.
YodAlephResh YodChetLamed --- pr.n. "Seeing Alive".
YodReshTetMem --- pr.n. "Rainy".
ReshTetNun --- to keep or watch; to keep anger, to continue angry.

260 > 8- 260 -260 = 22x5x13
NunVauGimelReshAleph --- (910 w/f); web.
MemYodReshChetBet --- (820 w/f); pr.n. "Hot Places".
NunZainReshGimel --- (910 w/f); an axe.
MemAyinMemQofYod --- (820 w/f); pr.n. "Who Assembles the People", "People's Existence".
YodMemReshYod --- pr.n. "Dwelling on High".
ReshMemKaf --- to glow, burn; to be scorched or swarthy; to plait, weave; an idol-priest; a priest.
MemReshKaf --- (820 w/f); to glow; to be bright red; to dig, cultivate; a vineyard; a vine dresser.
ReshYodChetMemBet --- at a price.
ReshKafMem --- to trade or barter, to sell (especially a daughter for marriage price); to deliver over (a people to their foes).
--- ware (article for sale); price or worth; a property or possession.
--- acquaintance.
KafReshMem --- (740 w/f); softness; timidity or fear.
HayReshHayNun --- light or day.
ReshYodNun --- a light.
--- to break up or till.
--- fallow ground; tillage; seed or offspring.
QofYodQofNun --- a cleft or fissure.
ReshSamekh --- refractory, rebellious; sullen, ill humored.
NunYodMemTzaddiAyin --- (910 w/f); pr. n. "Strong".

261 > 9- 261 -261 = 32x29
MemYodReshVauDaletAleph --- (821 w/f); pr.n. "Two Hills", a city in Judah.
NunPehTzaddiYodLamedAleph --- (911 w/f); pr.n. "God Hides".
ReshSamekhAleph --- to bind together; to fetter, to hold captive; to fasten; to yoke fast, harness.
--- restraint.
--- vow of abstinence; inhibition.
--- prohibition, interdict.
NunVauDaletReshAleph --- (911 w/f); pr.n. "Descender" or "Ruler".
NunVauAlephReshDalet --- (911 w/f); abhorrence; object of horror.
NunVauReshHay --- (911 w/f); conception.
MemReshVauHayYod --- (821 w/f); pr.n. "Yah is High".
YodAyinMemMem AlephTzaddiYod --- to come forth from the bowels of --- refers to male role in generation of offspring, evocative of the theory that the seed comes from the male and the female only provides a place for it to mature. This contention is based more on agriculture than biology.
HayYodReshVauMem --- pr. n. "Shown or Provided by Yah" --- name of the hill of Jerusalem on which Solomon built the Temple. (255, 266)
ReshVauHayNun --- light.
MemDaletMem HayBetQofAyin --- (821 w/f); betrayed by blood.
--- a hill of blood.

262 > 10 > 1- 262 -262 = 2x131
VauHayYodReshMemAleph --- pr.n. "Promise of Yah"; (256).
HayNunVauReshAleph --- pr.n. "Joy of Yah"; (266).
ReshSamekhBet --- to condemn; sour, unripe grapes.
NunVauBetReshDalet --- (912 w/f); ox-goad; goads.
HayReshYodMemZain --- pr.n. "Song".
NunDaletAlephReshZain --- (912 w/f); pr.n. "The Chief Ruler".
ReshBetKafMem --- mat or coarse cloth; plated work or grating.
BetKafReshMem --- a chariot; a carriage-seat.
ReshBetSamekh --- to raise or heap up.
--- to hope or trust.
BetReshSamekh --- to be refractory or rebellious.
--- rebels.
NunYodAyinBet NunYodAyin --- (1562 w/f); eye to eye; an eye for an eye.

263 > 11 > 2- 263 -56th prime
ReshNunYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Light".
SamekhReshGimel --- to break or crush.
MemYodNunPehHay MemChetLamed --- (1383 w/f); the shew-bread.
ChetTzaddiMem YodQofZainChet --- firm of front, impudent.
HayReshChetNun --- snorting.
ReshGimelSamekh --- to cut off or separate; to shut up, keep close; to close.

264 > 12 > 3- 264 -264 = 23x3x11
VauHayYodReshMemGimel --- pr.n. "Yah Completes"; (258).
NunReshVauChet --- (914 w/f); pr.n. "Cavernous".
MemVauReshYodChet --- (824 w/f & 258/818); pr.n. "Noble", Hiram (king of Tyre).
NunVauReshChet --- (914 w/f); glow, heat; anger; a dry faggot; pr.n. "Hollow-place".
ReshVauMemChetYod --- a deer, stag, buck.
NunDaletReshYod --- (914 w/f); pr.n. "Descending", the river Jordan.
KafDaletReshMem --- (744 w/f); pr. n. "Warlike" --- the Babylonian deity Marduk.
ReshVauChetNun --- pr. n. "Snorting".
ReshDaletSamekh --- to arrange or put in order, to set in a row.
DaletReshSamekh --- to fear or tremble.

265 > 13 > 4- 265 -265 = 5x53
NunVauReshChetAleph --- (915 w/f); latter, later; western.
SamekhReshHay --- to tear, break, pull down, pull out destroy; break in; pr.n. "Lion" or "Sun".
NunYodAyin LamedYodTzaddiHay --- (915 w/f); to escape the eye.
HayYodMemReshYod --- (271); pr.n. "Yah is Exalted", Jeremiah.
HayReshKafMem --- a pit.
--- piercers or stabbers; swords.
NunMem HayLamedAyinMemLamed --- (915 w/f); over.
KafDaletAlephReshMem --- (745 w/f); pr. n. "Warlike" --- the Babylonian deity Marduk.
HayYodDaletVauReshMem --- her fleeings.
ReshYodHayNun --- the light.
HayYodReshNun --- pr. n. "Lamp of Yah".
ReshHaySamekh --- to be round or circular.
--- roundness.
--- tower, round tower or castle.
HayReshSamekh --- to join or knit together.
--- a turning away, apostasy or revolt; a leaving off, ceasing.

266 > 14 > 5- 266 -266 = 2x7x19
HayYodNunReshAleph --- pr.n. "Joy of Yah".
MemYodReshVauChetBet --- (826 w/f); young days, youth.
ReshVauChet-NunBet --- (916 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Liberty".
NunVauReshBetChet --- (916 w/f); pr.n. "Alliance".
NunVauBetReshChet --- (916 w/f); drought, heats.
YodNunVauLamedLamedQofMem --- they curse me.
HayYod-YodAlephReshMem --- pr. n. "Shown or Provided by Yah" --- name of the hill of Jerusalem on which Solomon built the Temple. (255, 261)
ReshVauSamekh --- to turn aside or go off, to depart; to backslide or apostatise; to pass away; to forsake.
--- to pierce, dig or cut into, to hollow out.
--- rejected, put back; banished one; a stray or wild shoot; pr. n. "Tendril" (name of a gate of the Temple).

267 > 15 > 6- 267 -267 = 3x89
ReshVauSamekhAleph --- bond, fetter.
YodBetAleph MemReshVauChet --- (827 w/f); pr.n. "Free-born is My Father".
AlephNunVauBetReshChet --- pr.n. "Ass Driver".
NunVauAlephReshYod --- (917 w/f); pr.n. "Dreadful".
HayBetKafReshMem --- a chariot; a war chariot.
MemYodPehVauPehAlephNun --- (827 w/f); adulteries.

268 > 16 > 7- 268 -268 = 22x67
HaySamekhMemAyinMem NunBetAleph --- (918 w/f); a burden-stone --- used for gymnastic exercise.
QofLamedQofLamedChet --- smooth; slippery places; flatteries.
ReshSamekhChet --- to be cut off; to be diminished; to fail, to be wanting; to want or lack; lacking, wanting.
YodNunReshChet --- cave.
SamekhReshChet --- to be rough; to be scabby; to be tough; sticky; to glow, to shine; the itch; the sun; pr.n. "Place of Clay".
YodReshChetNun --- pr. n. "Snorer"
ReshChetSamekh --- to go round or about, to traverse; to trade; a trader.
--- to be black or dark color.
--- a mart; trade-gain, profit.
ChetReshSamekh --- to shed or pour out; to lay prostrate; to be redundant, to hand over.
--- to stink, to be corrupt.
--- a superfluity, a remainder.

269 > 17 > 8- 269 -57th prime
NunYodReshChetAleph --- (919 w/f); at last.
PehVauLamedGimelNunMemSamekh --- One of the angels said to have imprisoned Lilith beneath the sea. Probably: "Setter of the Mark"
ReshVauGimelSamekh --- enclosure or caul; pericardium; pure or precious; a warlike weapon, battle axe.
ReshGimelVauSamekh --- a den or cage.

270 > 9- 270 -270 = 2x33x5
ReshHaySamekhHay --- the round bowl.
ReshSamekhYod --- to bind, to tame; to correct, chastise.
MemAyinNunQofYod --- (830 w/f); pr.n. "The People's Possession".
TzaddiPehMem YodLamedKaf --- (1080 w/f); a smashing-tool, maul (a particular type only);
ReshNunKaf --- to make a tremulous sound; to trill.
YodMemReshKaf --- pr.n. "Vineyard Man".
NunReshKaf --- (920 w/f); Lyre".
ReshYodKafMem --- pr.n. "Trader", "Patron".
YodReshKafMem --- pr.n. "Precious".
ReshKafNun --- to know or recognise; to fail to know, to disown or repudiate; to be known or recognized; to make oneself strange; to feign or dissemble; to recognize or respect; not to know; to deny.
--- to sell or deliver up.
--- strangeness, foreignness.
--- calamity.
ReshYodSamekh --- a pot; thorn or briar; fishing hook.
MemYodNunSamekhNunSamekh --- (830 w/f); palm branches.
MemYodQofNunAyin --- (830 w/f); Anakites.
ReshAyin --- a city.
--- enemy.
--- a caller.
--- skin.

271 > 9- 271 -58th prime
ReshYodSamekhAleph --- fettered one, prisoner.
--- captive.
AyinReshAleph --- to flee.
--- the earth; the ground; low, below.
NunVauYodReshHay --- (921 w/f); conception, pregnancy.
VauHayYodMemReshYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Exalted", Jeremiah.
HayReshVauKafMem --- descent, nativity.
ChetVauResh HayBetNun --- smitten of spirit, contrite.
VauReshYodHayNun --- light, illumination or wisdom.

272 > 11 > 2- 272 -272 = 24x17
MemLamedAlephReshAleph --- (832 w/f); the strong one, the mighty one, hero, heroes; Lion of God.
ReshAyinBet --- to browse, to feed upon; to burn up; to be brutish; feed on, consume; destroy; brutishness, stupidity.
AyinReshBet --- to make a present; pr.n. "Gift".
MemYodBetReshKaf --- (832 w/f & 278/838); Cherubim.
ReshYodBetKafMem --- wealth or abundance.
BetQofAyinYod KafLamedMem --- (752 w/f); pr.n. "King of Jacob" --- a term for the deity.
ReshBetAyin --- to pass over, to cross; to pass or go through; to go past or beyond, to pass away, to vanish or perish; to pass, distil, drop freely.
--- to bear, to be fruitful or pregnant.
--- a region or country beyond (any limit or boundary) --- essentially the English word that transliterates it: OVER as "beyond"; a place over against, opposite side; coast or side.; pr. n. Eber (an ancestor of the Hebrew race).
BetLamedChet VauAlephLamedMem VauYodNunYodTetAyin --- his vessels are full of milk.
BetReshAyin --- to bind or combine, to plait or braid, to interweave; to mingle or combine; to exchabte or barter, to traffic; to pledge or pawn; to be or give security.
--- to be or grow dark; evening.
--- to be dry or parched, to be sterile or waste.
--- to be sweet or pleasant.
--- to cry or call, to croak.
--- willows.
--- the gadfly.
--- pr. n. "Waste" or Barren", Arabia.
--- woof or weft (in weaving); a mixed multitude or mass, rabble, riff-raff.
--- evening.
--- a raven, crow.

273 - 12 > 3- 273 -273 = 3x7x13
AyinBetReshAleph --- four, fourth.
AlephReshAyinBet --- pr.n. "A Brand".
AlephYodReshTetMemYodGimel --- gematria (Greek: GR:gamma-rho-alpha-mu-mu-alpha-tau-epsilon-iota-alpha = 501).
ReshAyinGimel --- to cry out, call out at, scold, rebuke.
AyinReshGimel --- to tear, cut off; curtail, restrain, limit, avert (the eyes); to swallow (water); to drink up.
HayReshSamekhChet --- pr.n. "Neediness".
HayReshChetSamekh --- traffic; merchants.
--- a shield.
MemYodMemAyin YodLamedGimelAyin --- (833 w/f); calves of the peoples (tribes following leaders).
ReshGimelAyin --- to cry or make a shrill sound, to twitter or chatter.
GimelReshAyin --- to cry or call, to bray or low; to long or pant.
--- to arrange or lay out.

274 > 13 > 4- 274 -274 = 2x137
NunReshKafDalet --- (924 w/f); record, register.
AyinReshDalet --- to scatter, to sow; arm; pr.n. "Pearl of Knowledge".
YodKafDaletReshMem --- pr. n. "Belonging to Marduk", Mordecai --- Esther's foster-father, who became chief minister of the Persian court.
ReshDaletAyin --- to arrange or marshall; to set in order; to dig or dress; to muster; to miss or find wanting.
--- an array or muster; a herd or drove.
--- pr. n. "Herd".
DaletReshAyin --- to tremble or fear.
--- pr. n. "Wild Ass".

275 > 14 > 5- 275 -275 = 52x11
AyinReshDaletAleph --- arm; power.
ReshKafGimel-Nun-finalBet --- (925 w/f); pr.n. "Son of a Hero".
HayReshAyin --- to be bare or naked.
--- to run or flow
--- cleared or open places, meadows.

276 > 15 > 6- 276 -276 = 22x3x23
SamekhChetReshChet --- pr.n. "Brilliant".
ReshVauSamekhYod --- one who turns away from me; corrector, reprover.
ReshVauNunKaf --- a harp, lyre.
ReshVauAyin --- to cry or call; to be astir or awake.
--- to be bare or naked.
--- to dig, to hallow out.
--- to go round, to encircle or enclose.
--- to oppress.
--- to suck.
--- to glow or burn.
--- the skin or hide; leather; the body (as covering for the soul).
--- chaff or hull.
--- blind.

277 > 16 > 7- 277 -59th prime
HayReshAyinBet --- a burning.
HayAyinReshBet --- a present; in evil, misfortune.
ReshAyinZain --- to be pressed together; to be small, little.
AyinReshZain --- to scatter, spread out, disperse; to sow (seed); sowing, time of sowing; seed, a plantation, crop, grain, produce; posterity; family, race; arm, forearm; shoulder or foreleg; strength, force, might.
HayReshBetAyin --- ferryboat.
--- anger or wrath; pride or insolence.
ReshZainAyin --- to begird or enclose; to strengthen, to help
--- pr. n. "Help".
HayBetReshAyin --- wilderness or desert.
--- surety or security; pledge or pawn.

278 > 17 > 8- 278 -278 = 2x139
HayAyinBetReshAleph --- four.
ReshVauAyinBet --- pr.n. "Torch".
HayReshAyinGimel --- rebuke.
AyinDaletReshDalet --- pr.n. "Pearl of Knowledge".
ReshYodSamekhChet --- wanting, deficient.
AyinReshChet --- to be cunning.
MemYodBetVauReshKaf --- (838 w/f & 272/832); Cherubim --- angelic order associated10 with the 10th Sephira Malkut,(496).
ReshVauBetAyin --- produce or grain.
--- a passing over, result; for, on account, for the sake of; because, in order that; while, in passing away.
AlephReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "Help", Ezra.
10. G-K p. 92

279 > 18 > 9- 279 -32x31
NunYodMemYod PehTetAyinYod --- (1649 w/f); he hides himself in the south.
ReshVauGimelAyin --- chattering or twittering (of the swallow); the swallow, a swift, the crane.
AlephReshBetVauAyin --- embryo or fetus.
ReshTetAyin --- to surround or encompass.
HayDaletAyinResh --- a trembling or fear.

280 > 10 > 1- 280 -280 = 23x5x7
HayReshAyinHay --- to make naked, to uncover or expose.
HayLamedAyinMemLamed KafPehHay --- (760 w/f); to turn right over.
HaySamekhYodReshHay --- a tearing down, a ruin.
ReshAyinYod --- to sprout, flourish; a luxuriant spot, a brake, thicket, wood, forest; wild honey.
AyinReshYod --- to tremble, to shake.
MemKafReshKaf --- (840 w/f); the crocus, saffron.
ReshMemMem --- bitterness or sorrow
AyinNunAyinNunMem --- rattle or cymbal.
YodReshKafNun --- unknown, alien or foreign; another; strange, marvellous.
ReshKafSamekh --- to shut up.
--- to hire.
KafReshSamekh --- (760 w/f); chief officer or president.
ReshYodAyin --- a city,
--- heat; anger.
--- watcher (used for angels).
--- suckling, a young ass, a foal or colt.
DaletVauReshAyin --- a wild ass.
YodReshAyin --- pr. n. "Watchful".

281 > 11 > 1- 281 -60th prime
NunVauKafReshDaletAleph --- (931 w/f); "Daric" --- a Persian coin
PehSamekhPehSamekhAleph --- (1001 w/f); a mixed multitude; the rabble; riff-raff.
ReshPehAleph --- to break, to crumble or pulverize.
--- to cover.
--- to bear, to carry.
--- ashes; animal ashes.
--- head-cover, cover, turban.
YodAyinReshAleph --- the bottom (of a pit).
PehReshAleph --- (1001 w/f); to stretch out, lie extended; to knit, plait.
--- a region, expanse.
AlephSamekhReshKaf --- throne.
ReshMemAlephMem --- edict, mandate; command.
AlephReshMemMem --- pr.n. "Mamre", "Firmness" --- name of a friend of Abraham and of a place near Hebron
AlephReshYodAyin --- pr. n. "Watcher", (a priest of David and 2 of his captains).
HayVauReshAyin --- nakedness; the privy parts, penis, vulva; shame, obscenity or foulness; a blemish; disgrace of ignominy.
--- exposure; damage or injury.

282 > 12 > 3- 282 -282 = 2x3x47
MemYodLamedAlephReshAleph --- (842 w/f); pr.n. "Arelim" --- the angelic order11 of the 3rd Sephira Binah,
HayNunYodBet (67)
ReshYodAyinBet --- in the blind; cattle.
SamekhPehAlephMem NunYodAlephMem --- (932 w/f); not anything
YodReshBetAyin --- Hebrew (signifying either "Descended from Eber" or "Emigrant") (used by foreigners or to foreigners; "Israelite" is used by the people among themselves in the Torah).
HayReshZainAyin --- help or aid.
--- enclosure; a court (of the temple); a ledge or terrace (arround the altar).
YodBetReshAyin --- Arab or Arabian.
11. G-K p. 90

283 > 13 > 4- 283 -61st prime
HayVauHayYod NunVauReshAleph --- (933 w/f, 742/1392 & 874/1524); Ark of Jehovah.
ReshPehGimel --- to bind, to be hard, strong; cypress, gopher-tree.
PehReshGimel --- (1003 w/f); to seize, grasp.
ReshVauGimelSamekh BetHayZain --- treasured gold.
NunVauReshKafZain --- (933 w/f); memorial; record, account.
AyinVauReshZain --- a seed.
LamedGimelReshNun --- pr. n. "Crusher", Nergal, a god of the Cuthites thought to be representative of the planet Mars.
MemYodGimelYodSamekh PehSamekhKaf --- (1563 w/f); silver of dross (unrefined silver).
ReshVauZainAyin --- pr. n. "Helper".
MemYodLamedGimelAyin NunYodAyin --- (1493 w/f); pr. n. "Calves' Fount", (well in Moab on east shore of the Dead Sea).

284 > 14 > 5- 284 -284 = 22x71
AyinVauReshZainAleph --- the forearm; the arm.
HayMemChetResh AlephLamed --- pr.n. "Not Compassionated".
MemYodNunDaletAyin-MemAyin --- (1404 w/f); with delights, charmingly.
HayReshTetAyin --- a crown or diadem; a garland or chaplet.
DaletReshYodAyin --- pr. n. "Shy".
HayGimelVauReshAyin --- arranged or laid out; a bed or parterre.

285 > 15 > 6- 285 -285 = 3x5x19
YodAyinReshDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Strong" --- name of cities in Batanea and in Nephtali.
DaletPehReshAleph --- pr.n. "Border".
AlephYodNunReshKafDalet --- the records.
HayReshAyinYod --- pr.n. "Bare"; forest, wild honey, honeycomb.
HayReshMemMem --- for bitterness
HayMemReshMem --- deceit or fraud; pr. n. "Fraud".
HayYodReshKafNun --- a strange woman (i.e. harlot).
HayBetYodDaletNun ChetVauResh --- a willing or ready spirit; liberal; princely.
ReshYodAyinHay --- the city.
HayYodReshAyin --- nakedness.

286 > 16 > 7- 286 -286 = 2x11x13
PehSamekhPehSamekhAlephHay --- (1006 w/f); the rabble.
ReshVauAyinYod --- wood; forest; pr.n. "Forester".
MemVauReshMem --- (846 w/f); a height or elevation; a high place; high rank or condition; highmindedness; haughtily or proudly.
--- pr. n. "Height".
VauReshYodAyin --- pr. n. "Wakeful".

287 > 17 > 8- 287 -287 = 7x41
ReshPehVauAleph --- (297 & 291); pr.n. "Ophir" --- land of Solomon's gold (India?)
HayAyinYodReshBet --- pr.n. "gift".
ReshYodAyinZain --- a little; a little while; small, little.
ReshPehZain --- to be fragrant.
PehReshZain --- (1007 w/f); to flow, pour.
ReshZainAyinYod --- pr.n. "Auxiliary"; (297).
ReshZainMemMem --- a bastard (either born out of wedlock or between a Jew and a gentile); alien.
YodReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "Help of Yah".
BetYodReshAyinHay --- to act at evening.

288 > 18 > 9- 288 -288 = 25x32
ReshZainAyinYodAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Help".
ReshPehChet --- to cut in, dig; to search out, to spy; to turn red (with shame); to be ashamed; a hole; pr.n. "Blushing", "Pit" or "Well".
PehReshChet --- (1008 w/f); to pull or pluck fruit; to upbraid, reproach; to pass the autumn and winter; pr.n. "ripe"; harvest, autumn (inclusive of winter); maturity.
AyinChetReshYod --- pr.n. "Trusty".
HayReshGimelMemMem --- storehouse, garner
HayMemGimelReshMem --- a stone-heap.
MemChetReshMem --- (848 w/f); since leaving the womb
LamedMemAyin YodMemChetNunMem --- troublesome comforters.

289 > 19 > 10 > 1- 289 -289 = 172
AyinReshYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother is Bad".
ChetReshPehAleph --- the young (of birds); a nestling.
ReshPehTet --- to project; to be pointed or sharp; a point, nail; claw, hoof.
PehReshTet --- (1009 w/f); to pluck; to rend, tear in pieces; to be fresh, to sprout forty; to luxuriate; fresh leaf; prey (of wild beasts); food.
LamedAlephMemChetReshYod --- pr.n. "God Compassionates".
MemReshTetMem --- (849 w/f); while not yet, before
LamedAyinNunHay TzaddiVauLamedChet --- (1099 w/f); one stripped of the shoe (dispossessed of property).

290 > 11 > 2- 290 -290 = 2x5x29
ReshZainAyinYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Help".
PehVauReshGimelAleph --- (1010 w/f); clinched hand, fist; grab, grip; (20).
YodReshVauBetAyinBet --- on my account.
ReshZainAyinDaletDaletHay --- pr.n. "Hadad is Help".
ReshYodAyinYod --- pr.n. "Forester".
LamedMemReshKaf --- a garden, orchard; cultivated ground, park; garden-fruits; pr.n. "Carmel".
AyinReshKaf --- to bow down; the leg (from knee to ankle).
HayLamedAyinMem HayLamedAyinMem --- higher and higher, above or over; onward or forward.
MemYodReshMem --- (850 w/f); pr. n. "Rebellion", Miriam or Mary --- name of the prophetess who was the sister of Moses and also of the maternal deity of the Christians. In Greek: GR:Mu-iota-rho-iota-alpha-mu (201) or GR:Mu-alpha-rho-iota-alpha (152)
ReshMemNun --- spread abroad, diffuse itself; to be changed.
--- to flow, to be limpid or clear.
--- variegate, to be spotted or speckled.
--- a leopard.
HayAlephKafNun ChetVauResh --- a sad or grieved spirit.
ReshKafAyin --- to trouble or disturb.
--- pr. n. "Troubler".
KafReshAyin --- (770 w/f); to prepare.
--- an array or row, a pile; preparation or outfit, a suit or set; estimation or value; estimate or price.

291 > 12 > 3- 291 -291 = 3x97
ReshYodPehAleph --- (297 & 287); pr.n. "Ophir" --- land of Solomon's gold (India?)
ReshSamekhLamedAleph --- pr.n. "The Place of Assyria".
ReshTzaddiAleph --- to heap together, store up.
--- pr.n. "Treasure".
--- to shine; to guard; to press together; to form.
TzaddiReshAleph --- (1101 w/f); to be compact, hard.
--- the earth, the land; planet Earth; material earth; the ground; one's country; field; territory; inhabitants.
ReshYodChetMemBet-AlephLamed --- not at a price, gratis.

292 > 13 > 4- 292 -292 = 22x73
AlephTzaddiReshAleph --- pr.n. "Firmness".
ReshTzaddiBet --- to cut out, off, gather in; to restrain, separate off on all sides; to fortify; fortified, strong; metal, ore, precious metal.
HayReshMemZainMem --- pruning knife or hook.
LamedBetReshSamekh --- to carry or wear.
--- garments, trousers.
HayYodReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "Help of Yah".
ReshBetKafAyin --- mouse, field-mouse.

293 > 14 > 5- 293 -62nd prime
HayPehReshChet --- reproach, scorn, contumely; a reproach, an object of reproach; disgrace, shame; parts of shame, penis.
ReshZainAyinVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Help".
ReshVauMemZainMem --- a song or lay, a psalm (heading used for Psalms).

294 > 15 > 6- 294 -294 = 2x3x72
NunMemGimelReshAleph --- (944 w/f); web, cloth; purple; purple cloth.
PehVauReshChet --- (1014 w/f); pr.n. "Early Born".
HayPehReshTet --- what is torn, cattle torn (by wild beasts); booty.
QofDaletTzaddi-YodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Melchizedek", "King of Righteousness" --- name of the king of Salem, considered also as a metaphor for a good priest.
DaletReshMemNun --- pr. n. "Warrior" or "Rebel", Nimrod.

295 > 16 > 7- 295 -295 = 5x59
KafLamedMemReshDaletAleph --- (775 w/f); pr.n. "The King's Majesty"; Adarmelek, a diety of the Sepharvites; the son & murderer of Sennacherib of Assyria.
HayAyinYodReshYod --- hanging or curtain, tent.
HayReshNunMem --- a candlestick.
HayReshMemNun --- pr. n. "Limpid", a city in Gilead.

296 > 17 > 8- 296 -296 =23x37
ReshZainAyinYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Help".
ReshVauNunMem --- a plow yoke; weaver's beam.
MemYodDaletBetReshMem --- (856 w/f); coverlets (for beds).
ReshVauKafAyin --- pr. n. "Trouble".

297 > 18 > 9- 297 -297 = 33x11
ReshYodPehVauAleph --- (291 & 287); pr.n. "Ophir" --- land of Solomon's gold (India?)
ReshTzaddiVauAleph --- receptacle; granary; treasury; store, stock, treasure.
MemYodMemVauReshAleph --- (857 & 95/655); pr.n. "Red Hills".
NunVauMemReshAleph --- (947 w/f); palace, fortress, citadel.
HayReshTzaddiBet --- enclosure; sheep-fold; pr.n. "Fortress".
NunReshMemZain --- (947 w/f); pr.n. "celebrated".
ReshYodZainAyinYod --- (287); pr.n. "Auxiliary".
NunVauAlephReshMem --- (947 w/f); pr. n. "Fertility".

298 > 19 > 10 > 1- 298 -298 = 2x149
ReshVauTzaddiBet --- inaccessible, steep; ore.
NunYodHayLamedAleph ReshBet --- (948 w/f); son(s) of the gods.
NunReshMemChet --- (948 w/f); pr.n. "Ruddy".
ReshTzaddiChet --- to fence around, enclose; to sing, to sound forth bright and clear; to be bright or green, to bloom; court, yard; a village.
PehYodReshChet --- (1018 w/f); pr.n. "Autumn Rain".
TzaddiReshChet --- (1108 w/f); to cut in, to scratch; to cut to a point, to sharpen; to decide; to gird oneself, to be active; loins; to shine, glitter.
VauHayYodReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "Help of Yah".
ReshVauBetKafAyin --- pr. n. "Mouse".

299 > 20 > 2- 299 -299 = 13x23
NunVauReshGimelMem --- (949 w/f); pr.n. "Overthrow".

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