Thelema Lodge Calendar for October 1988 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for October 1988 e.v.

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October 1988 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

October '88 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

    Now that sunset is getting earlier, Gnostic Masses are at 8 pm every Sunday. Caitlin will teach Mass classes if asked; thanks to ALL who've offered to do Masses!
    October's Lodge Meeting will begin at 8 pm on the 11th; all are welcome. (Members of the Lodge of Perfection who missed last month's meeting should contact Dave.)
    CrowleyMass Oct. 12th includes celebration, Gnostic Hymns and Hyrmns, and an unannounced Ritual in Horus Temple. Gradymas on the 18th at Merkabah House has libations and poetry. Both Lesser Feasts begin at 8pm.
    A surprise ritual is planned for Halloween at the Lodge..whatever it is will begin about 8:30.
    Lady Luna hosts her rituals at Horus Temple or wherever she Wills, at 9:30 pm - bring bread, wine, and other Lunar offerings. New Moon Monday the 10th and November 8th, Full Moon Monday the 24th. Call (415) 549-0952 for further details.
    Minerval Initiations Saturday the 15th, Firsts and Seconds the 22nd. All Initiations are scheduled at least one month in advance - call the Lodge a day before for times and places.
    Magick in Theory and Practice series 3rd and 4th meetings October 19th and 26th at 8 PM. We will take off this month from Chapter I, and will reach into the chapters on Formulas in the second meeting. The series is led by Bill Heidrick. Bring the book. The Thelema Lodge Calendar continues to carry materials for use in the classes, and other materials will be provided as we continue into the work.
    Ebony's Egyptiana, with emphasis on the God-Names of Liber AL, continues at 8 pm on the 5th and November 2nd. "Three Realms" will start again soon. "No tobacco will be smoked in the Lodge during Ebonyclasses!"
    Dave's Enochian on the 25th: "An Introduction to the Works of John Dee" at 8:30 pm. In addition, the Center for Enochian Studies hosts an Organizational Meeting and Dinner on the 27th at 7 pm- dinner First!
    Soror Oin begins a new class series at Horus Temple with Energy as the theme. "Pendulums" on the 7th, "The Aura- Theory and Practice" on the 21st, both at 8 pm. The Scorpio Birthday Splash starts at 4:18 on the 30th. Do not be confused by Daylight Savings, which ends that day at 2:00 am.

Other Events...
    Abrahadabra Oasis hosts an Open Poetry Reading at Thelema Lodge, 8:30 pm the 28th. Bring poetry to read.

from the Grady Project:


Upon the crags with ghostlight drenched
Writhe up the weres with hands outclenched
As now the chant of those undead
To He who rules below is read
By ghoules who gargoyle at the sky,
Red lipped with crimson, bloody dye,
Their twisting forms paint the rock
With flickering shadows of the Boch
To whom they offer down their prayer
On this Black Sabbath, in his lair
He 'waits the moment of his sign
To sit upon the stony shrine
Among the shadowed boulders strewn
As ever higher mounts the moon.
The Noon of Night approaches near,
Satanas Rex appear, appear.

Swiftly stalking 'neath the moon
On wings of wind, as though a boon
To place before His gathered host,
He Overlord of souls now lost
Is seen across the foothilled plains
Sweeping up the mountain chains
'Till towering far above the peak
The breeze moans - This is whom you seek.
Hushed as though by Death itself
Now lie the band upon a shelf
Of stone that juts above the deep,
Here cry the bats and witches weep
Beseeching him with words that croak
Until He lifts His arms and cloak
To shroud them all in shadows dim
Hidden from the world by Him.

The Hexentanz begins its whirl
Within the cauldron entrails swirl
Among those present at their grave
Are none but those whose soul is slave
To Satan Rex, the Lord of Hell,
King-Emperor of all who dwell
Within where leaps the flaming breath
Of blackened Sheol's pit of death
For these are no common shades
But the officer elite of Hades
Whose cabalistic tongue is spoken
In this vague half-world of the Brocken
As in state Satanas sits
While demon legions of the Pits
Pay homage to the Holle Boch
On this witch-brewed Wahlpurgisnacht.

Grady L. McMurty

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The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 8:

Marty. 14. Wensday. mane circa hora: 91.

  Dee - Being desirous to proceed in this manner by consent, we bent
ourselves to the Action. And after that Edward Talbot had called
Uriel and saw him, I came to the desk from my Oratory.

   There did continually appear the Chair and the Table2.

   I then being afraid that any other should come in to the Stone
instead of Uriel3, did earnestly require the spiritual creature
appearing, to shew who he was, and what was his name. At length he
answered, and said to the hearing of Edward Talbot:

i.Uriel is my name, with difference called *Nariel4.


  Dee - Then he went away for a while; and came again, and said thus:

Uriel: The strength of God is always with thee. Dost thou know
what thou writest?

  Dee - In two senses, I may understand it; either that the good Angel
ii.Dee Gabriel is always with me, though invisibly: or else that the
strength, and mighty hand of God, always is my defence.

Uriel: Fortitudo Dei, tecum5 semper est.

   'The strength of God is always with you.'

  Dee - He went away again, and came again, following or waiting upon
another, and before that other, was a man having his head all
covered with black. Then he that came so in the middle, did sit
down in the chair, and spoke this word following:

Michaël: Note.

  Dee - This was Michaël, with his sword in his right hand. Then came
Uriel to the man (having his head all hid, as it were in a black
hood) and took off that black hood; and then lifted up the Table
cloth. He looked under it, and put it down again; and lifted it up
again. The Man stood still before Michaël. Then Michaël rose;
and took off all the man's clothes, and left him as it were, only
in his shirt.

   Then Uriel took a little round Tablet, as it were, of the
bigness of a six pence, having two letters in it thus:

And gave it to Michaël. Uriel lifted up the Table cloth; and
from thence, seemed to take apparel, and put it on the man, it
seemed to be silk: and very full of wrinkles or pleats. And the
man kneeled, and held up his hand. Uriel took like a Laurel bush6
and set upon the man's head. And then the man kneeled before
Michaël. Michaël took the round thing with the Letters; and
gave it to the man to eat, and he did eat it.

Uriel: Lo are things covered.

  Dee - Then he covered the Table and plucked the cloth over it, down
to the ground, on every side. The man rose up: and Michaël
dubbed him on the head with his sword. Then the man stood up.
Then the man turned his face towards [Edward Talbot] the Skryer,
and the man did resemble me (John Dee) in countenance. And then he
turned to Michaël again.

   Michaël wrote upon the Man's back thus:
iii.Dee - Then Edward Talbot asked me, if there were such Angels of a
Man's Profession: and I answered yea; as in Agrippa, and others is

Michaël: Leave your folly. Hold thy peace.

   Have you not read, that they that cleave unto God; are like
unto him.

  Dee - Yes forsooth.

Michaël: Thou camest hither to learn, and not to dispute.
    Laudate Dominum in operibus suis8.
  The Lard is praised in his workings

  Dee - The man kneeled down, and so went out of sight.

Michaël: He has eaten strength against trouble.

   He has eaten nothing, and in eating, he has eaten all things.
iv.The + name NA9 be praised in trouble.

  Dee - Now Michaël thrust out his right arm; With the Sword, and
bade the Skryer to look. Then his Sword did cleave in two, and a
great fire flamed out of it vehemently. Then he took a Ring out of
the flame of his sword, and gave it to Uriel, and said thus:

Michaël: The strength of God is unspeakable. Praised be God
forever and ever.

  Dee - Then Uriel did make curtsy unto him.

Michaël: After this sort must thy Ring be. Note it.

  Dee - Then he rose and disappeared out of the Chair. And by and by
came again, and said as follows:

Michaël: I will reveal this Ring which was never revealed since
the death of Solomon; with whom I was present, I was present with
him in strength and mercy.

   Lo this is it; This is it where with all Miracles and divine
works and wonders were wrought by Solomon10:

This is it, which I have revealed unto thee: This is it, which
philosophy dreamth of. This is it which the Angels scarce know.
This is it, and blessed be his Name. Yea his name be blessed

  Dee - Then he laid the Ring down upon the Table and said:


  Dee - It shewed to be a Ring of gold: with a seal engraved in it, and
had a round thing in the middle of the Seal, and a thing like a V
through the top of the circle, and an L in the bottom, and a bar
clean through it.      

v.And had 4 Letters in it, P.E.L.E.11

   After that,he threw the Ring on the board or Table12; and it
vi.seemed to fall through the Table, and he said thus:

Michaël: So shall it do, at thy commandment.

   Without this thou shalt do nothing.

   Blessed be his name that compasseth13 all things.

   Wonders are in him, and his Name is WONDERFUL:

   His name worketh wonders from generation, to generation.

  Dee - Then he went away, and came in again by and by.

Michaël: Note.

  Dee - Then he brought in the Seal, which he had shewed the other day:
and opened his Sword, and bade the Skryer: read: and he read:

   Then the Sword closed up again, and he said:

Michaël: This I do open unto thee, because thou marveled at
SIGILLVM DEI15. This is the Name of the Seal16, which be blessed
forever. This is the Seal self17. This is Holy. This is pure. This
is forever. Amen.

  Dee - Then the Seal vanished away. And I said to my friend (the
Skryer): Indeed, this other day, I considered diverse fashions of
this Seal; and I found them much differing, one from another; and
therefore I had need to know which of them I shall imitate, or how
to make one perfect of them all.

Michaël: Doubt not the making of it, for God has perfected all
things. Ask not for the cause of my absence, nor of my apparel: for
that Mystery is known to God. I have no clothing, as thou thyself
shalt see. I am a spirit of Truth and Virtue. Yea you shall see
me in Power, and I will visit you in HOPE.

   Bless you the Lord, and follow his ways forever.

  Dee - Then he went away, and Uriel followed him. And then I said to
my Skryer: it were good, We had ever some watch-word when we should
not look for anymore matter at their hands, every time of their
visiting us.

   Whereupon, (unlooked for of us) he spake again.

Michaël: We lead time, Time leadeth not us.
Put up thy pen.
The Name of God, be blessed forever.

  Dee - Then they lifted up their hands heavenward (which heaven
appeared also in the stone) and turned towards us and said:
Fare Well

  Dee - So they departed; and at their going, the chair, and the Table
in the Stone, did seem to shake.

  Dee -------------------------- Soli Deo omnis honor
Laus et Gloria
All Honor Praise and Glory
to the One God.

  Dee's Notes

i. Agrippa has so; Cap. 24 Lib. 3. of The Occult Philosophy18.

ii. Potius erat dicendium Michaël Nam Gabriel est Praevalescentia Dei: et ita fortitudo quidem, sed altioris gradus.
    For by Michaël is the power shown; Gabriel is the Great Power of God, and thus certainly the strength, but of the second rank.

iii. vide Agrippam de Triplice homonis Custode. Lib.3. Cap.22.
    See Agrippa on the Threefold Keeper of man. Book 3. Chap.2219.

iv20. vide Reuchlinium de Verbo Mirifico de noie NA21.
    See Reuchlin in The Mirific Word for the name NA.

v. vide Reuchlinium de verbo Mirifico de noie PELE22.
    See Reuchlin in The Mirific Word for the name PELE.

vi. The use of the Ring.

vii. De Sigilo Emeth vide Reuchlinium Arte Cabalisticvm.
    Lib.323. et Agrippa Lib.3. Cap. II24.
    'For the Sigil of Truth see Reuchlin's Art Of Cabla,
    Book 3, and Agrippa Book 3 Chapter 11.

  1. Wednesday March 14th MDLXXXII anno domini.
    Around 9 o'clock in the morning.
  2. The Seat Of Perfection and the Holy Table or Tabula Sancta: vide SL.MS.3188
    3/10/1582 5am and Thelema Lodge 8/88 ev.
  3. Ibid. SL.MS.3188 3/11/1582 and Thelema Lodge 9/88 ev.
  4. Angel of the southern and noonday winds a.k.a. Ariel.
  5. tecvm = te cvm; This would seem to be an odd contraction, possibly this is a
   Med./Ren. L. brevity tec'um = tectum, or an irregular conjug. from tego,
   tegere, texi, tectvm
(cf. 'doceto': Thelema Lodge 4/88 ev.) probably = 'The
   Strength of God is to always be concealed.'
  6. Genvs Oreodaphne; a sweet-wood of the Bay family.
  7. Strangely this personal pronoun is decl. as if it were a fem. noun.
  8. Irregular decl.
  9. see Proto Indo. Eur. NE = not > Indo Aryan Ne- > Indo Germ. Na- > O.E./M.E.
   ne > Eng. no, nay, nix, not, naught, neither, naughty, and null: nay > Eng.
   colloq. = nah. Also Lat. prefix ne- < Etruscan/Faliscan ni > nihil, nullus
   (ni + ullus), etc. > Eng. nill, null, neuter. Indo Germ: n-, un; Gk. ne- >
   Eng. nepenthe and Gk. a-, an- > Eng. annihilate (an + nihil); Sanskrit a-, an-
   > Hind. am- > Eng. Amrita.
    Etruscan ni > Italo/Falisan ni-, nek > L. prefix neg- > Eng. negate, negative etc.
10. The archangel Michael appeared to him, and gave him a small ring having a seal
   consisting of an engraved stone, and he said to him: "Take, O Solomon, king,
   son of David, the gift which the Lord God, the highest Zebaot, hath sent unto
   thee. With it thou shalt lock up all the demons of the earth; male and female,
   and with their help thou shalt build up Jerusalem. But thou must wear this seal
   of God; and this engraving of the seal of the ring is Pentalpha." Armed with it
   Solomon called up all the demons before him, and he asked of each in turn his
   or her name, as well as the name of the star or constellation or zodiacal sign
   and of the particular angel to the influence of which each is subject. One after
   another the spirits were vanquished, and compelled by Solomon to aid in the
   construction of the Temple.
    L. Ginsburg, Legends Of The Jews (Philadelphia, Pa: Jewish Publ. Soc. of Amer.,
   5728/1968) vol. iv. pp.150-1, see also 153, 166, 171-2
11. By reading the Ring in manner given opposite:
    Ve-Rho-E-E-El is phonetically equal to VRIEL.
12. vide Thelema Lodge (Berkeley, CA. 7/88 ev.)
13. See Ashmole MS. 242 art. 43;
    for Dee's curious paradoxical compass,
    therein should be studied the 'Name of God which compasseth the Earth' and
   its relationship to the circumference of the Sigilivm Dei AEmeth.
14. Heb. Aleph Mem Taw = truth. [1+40+400]
15. Lat. The Seal of God: sigillvm = seal, sign, mark, or sigil.
16. SIGILLVM DEI EMETH = The Seal of God his Truth.
17. Probably intended to be '... the Seal it self'
18. 'There are also four Princes of Angels, which are set over the four winds, and over
   the four parts of the world, whereof Michael is set over the Eastern wind;
   Raphael over the Western; Gabriel over the Northern; Nariel, who by some is
   called Uriel, is over the Southern.'
    H.C. Agrippa, Three Books Of Occult Philosophy; trans. J.F. (London:1651) p.416.
19. 'Now the Demon of profession is given by the Stars, to which such a profession, or
   sect, which any man hath professed, is subjected, which the soul, when it began to
   make choyce in this body, and to take upon it self dispositions, doth secretly desire.
   This Demon is changed, the profession being changed; then according to the
   dignity of the profession, we have Demons of our profession more excellent and
   sublime, which successively take care of man, which procures a keeper of pro-
   fession, as he proceeds from vertue to vertue. When therefore a profession agrees
   with our nature there is present with us a Demon of our profession like unto us,
   and suitable to our Genius, and our life is made more peaceable, happy, and pro-
   sperous: but when we undertake a profession unlike, or contrary to our Genius,
   our life is made laborius, and troubled disagreeing patrons.'
    ibid. Agrippa p.411.
20. Dee gives this mark:      
    to cite this reference to Reuchlin; note the similarity between this and the mark
   on the Arms of Reuchlin given on the title page to De Arte Cabalistica (shown
   here {above} these notes.
21. 'Vt est item uocabulum Na: quo in anima molestia tubationibusque.'
    'That likewise it is the name Na, which is to be made use of in troubles of the soul
   and in confusions.'
    Johannes Reuchlin, De Verbo Mirifico. 1494/ De Arte Cabalistica. 1517 (facs.
   Stuttgart:1964) p.72.
22. I have been unable to locate this particular reference in the cited text of Reuchlin but
   it may be a reference to a passage on p.76 ? edt.
23. 'Sicut nobilis ille dictatur ait Eliezar Haklir
    .i. Emeth est sigillum eius.'
    'As that famous orator Eleazar ha-Kallir saith of that seal, that it is the Truth.'
   ibid. Reuchlin p.235.
    Heb. Aleph-Mem-Taw Cheth-Vau-Taw-Mem-Nun = Emet Chotemin = The Seal of
   Truth from Signet or Seal Ring.
    Eleazar ha-Kallir 6th cent. Gnostic Jewish poet.
24. '...,and the name of God Na
    is to be invovaced(sic.) in perturbations and troubles. There is also Iah
    ... & the name Emeth
    which is interpreted Truth, and is the seal of God;...'
    op. cit. Agrippa p.371.

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From the Outbasket

    Here's my "Genesis Code", mentioned last month. I have found my notes on the rest of the Pentateuch code, and will be printing them here in the next month or so. After that, I will be getting back to letters and questions of more recent vintage. See last month's TLC and the explanations for the individual letters for examples of use. The idea is to learn the meanings attached to the letters, in various Qabalistic Worlds, and transmute those meanings into a connected sentence letter-by-letter to analyze a word. This is not a matter of rote memorization, but rather of "getting the feel" for each letter. Remember that the Tarot Trumps in the Waite, Case and Thoth versions act somewhat as visual essays on each letter. Except for switching The Emperor with The Star in the Crowley system, all three approaches to Tarot use the same correspondences to Hebrew. The correspondences are in Liber 777.
    Attempting Qabalah without knowing the Hebrew Alphabet is like drinking coffee without caffeine. You can go through the motions, but you just can't get high! Attempting Magick without Qabalah is DABBLING!

Brief Meanings of the Hebrew Letters

(taken from the MS of The Road to the Sun, pp. 261 - 266.
Copyright © by Bill Heidrick, 1974, 1988)


    In the examples which follow, several of the correspondences to the Alphabet of Hebrew Letters have been merged into simple ideas. These ideas form a sort of internalized code to the meanings of the Letters. This code is a personal language and will be somewhat different for each individual. There is much to be learned from such a code, even if it is not ones own.

    The Hebrew Alphabet is divided into four parts, corresponding to the four ancient elements. Three Mother Letters correspond to Fire and the archetypes of all that exists. Seven Double Letters correspond to Water and the basic forms derived from the archetypes. Twelve Single Letters are the detailed states and forces of creation and correspond to Air. Five Final Letters exhibit the ultimate state at the end of the creative process and correspond to Earth.

    The Three Mother Letters are Aleph (Aleph), Mem (Mem) and Shin (Shin).

Aleph, (Aleph), is Absolute Being, pure existence without any sort of condition.

Mem, (Mem), is Immortal Substance, able to take any form, possessed of no
    form of its own.

Shin, (Shin), is Pure Force, not restricted to any purpose and able to work
    any result.

    The Seven Double Letters are Bet (Bet), Gimel (Gimel), Dalet (Dalet), Koph (Kaf),
                                                    Peh (Peh), Resh (Resh) and Taw (Taw).

Bet, (Bet), combines the meanings of Aleph and Shin. Bet is a conduit for
    directing (Shin) the flow of existence (Aleph). Bet may be
    described as a way of doing, a path to follow, a container
    for Being that is open at both ends.
    The word "ShinAleph" in Hebrew means: "fire" and "foundation".

Gimel, (Gimel), combines the meanings of Aleph and Mem. Gimel embodies the
    mysterious connection between existence (Aleph) and substance
    without form (Mem). Because form is absent, the nature of
    the combination cannot be understood, only felt. This is the
    secretiveness and hiddenness of Gimel.
    In Hebrew, "MemAleph" signifies: "Mother", "whither" and "if".

Dalet, (Dalet), combines the meanings of Shin and Mem. Dalet is the
    quickening or forcing (Shin) of pure substance (Mem) into
    rapid production of many forms. Because these forms lack
    the quality of Aleph, they do not persist. Dalet is full
    of images of anything and everything.
    In Hebrew, "MemShin" means: "name", "where" and "sign".

Koph, (Kaf), combines the meanings of Bet and Gimel. Koph is a
    directing (Bet) of invigorated substance (Gimel) into
    forms that progress through cycle after cycle of modification
   toward perfection. This process is analogous to the
    actions of an artist who sketches, erases and re-sketches
    until a finished work is produced.
    In Hebrew: "GimelBet" means "food".

Peh, (Peh), combines the meanings of Bet and Dalet. Peh is an uncovered
    container (Bet) of many images (Dalet). These images burst
    forth like the spirits of evil from the opened box of Pandora.
    Peh is a crying out that my bring pain or blessing in its
    In Hebrew: "DaletBet" signifies "separated thing", "linen cloth" and
    "speech" in the sense of "prattling".

Resh, (Resh), combines the meanings of Gimel and Dalet. Resh is a working
    out of the hidden and invisible nature of things (Gimel)
    through many forms and images (Dalet). This is what happens
    in the human mind when meanings become attached to things seen.
    In Hebrew: "DaletGimel" means "destiny".

Taw, (Taw), combines all the above letters and their meanings. Taw is the
    totality of created things.
    In Hebrew: "ShinMemAleph" means: "to pass away", "yesterday" and
                       "night". This is the passing of the three purest
                       states into the night of matter.
                       "DaletGimelBet" means: "cover" and "conceal".
                       "ReshPehKaf" means: "to cover" and "to be strong".

    The Twelve Simple Letters are Heh (Hay), Vau (Vau), Zain (Zain), Chet (Chet),
                                                      Tet (Tet), Yod (Yod), Lamed (Lamed), Nun (Nun),
                                                      Samekh (Samekh), Ayin (Ayin), Tzaddi (Tzaddi),
                                                      and Qof (Qof).

Heh, (Hay), combines the meanings of Aleph and Koph. Heh is pure being
    (Aleph) coming into order (Koph). Heh is alteration of form
    to fulfill a purpose. Heh is an abstract modifying process.
    In Hebrew: "KafAleph" signifies: "that", "but" and "only".

Vau, (Vau), combines the meanings of Aleph and Peh. Vau is a revealing
    (Peh) of the fundamental unity of all that exists (Aleph).
    Vau joins and declares union.
    In Hebrew: "PehAleph" signifies: "addition", "breathing", "face"
                                                 and "also".

Zain, (Zain), combines the meanings of Aleph and Resh. Zain is a
    rationalizing (Resh) about all that exists (Aleph). Zain is
    a sword that divides all that can be divided. This is like
    the process of analysis in the human mind.
    In Hebrew: "ReshAleph" signifies: "burn".

Chet, (Chet), combines the meanings of Aleph and Taw. Chet is the
    containment (Taw) of existence (Aleph) in a way that conserves
    and still permits expression.
    In Hebrew: "TawAleph" signifies: "token", "thou", "plowshare" and
                                                 "self". It is also a word having
                                                 no English equivalent and meaning
                                                 roughly: "this is so!".

Tet, (Tet), combines the meanings of Shin and Koph. Tet is the power
    (Shin) of cycles of creation and change (Koph). Tet is the
    power that comes out of nature.
    In Hebrew: "KafShin" signifies: "thorn", "hedge" and "enclosure".

Yod, (Yod), combines the meanings of Shin and Peh. Yod is the power
    (Shin) of revelation (Peh). This is the fiery power of the
    act of creation.
    In Hebrew: "PehShin" signifies: "to grind", "to rub" and
                                                 "to polish".

Lamed, (Lamed), combines the meanings of Shin and Resh. Lamed is the power
    (Shin) that relates one thing to another (Resh) and regulates
    their relationship until perfect balance is attained between
    their qualities.
    In Hebrew: "ReshShin" signifies: "walls", "tile", "band", "master"
                                                 and "tumult".

Nun, (Nun), combines the meanings of Shin and Taw. Nun is the power
    (Shin) that transforms all things (Taw). Nun changes created
    things from one form into another.
    In Hebrew: "TawShin" signifies: "column", "noble", "buttocks" and

Samekh, (Samekh), combines the meanings of Mem and Koph. Samekh is the
    process that makes the substance of creation (Mem) strong and
    perfect through matching things against their opposites
    (Koph). Samekh is like the tempering of metals through
    heating and hammering. Samekh is testing and trial, like the
    trial of faith of Job.
    In Hebrew: "KafMem" signifies: "to become poor" and "lowly".

Ayin, (Ayin), combines the meanings of Mem and Peh. Ayin is the substance
    (Mem) of created things exposed (Peh) to the mind. This
    provides insight into the form, structure and effect of
    created things. The perceptions that come through Ayin do not
    always pass through to the abstract, but are mostly limited to
    that which is immediately associated with nature and natural
    In Hebrew, "PehMem" is the name of the Egyptian city of Memphis,
                                                 "the house of Phtah."

Tzaddi, (Tzaddi), combines the meanings of Mem and Resh. Tzaddi is the
    process whereby understanding (Resh) of the substance (Mem)
    of the created is obtained. In the human mind, this takes the
    form of meditation on a particular object, experience or state
    of mind. Tzaddi draws wisdom from nature.
    In Hebrew: "ReshMem" signifies: "drop", "bitter", "sad" and

Qof, (Qof), combines the meanings of the letters Mem and Taw. Qof is the
    process that makes a reality of substance (Mem) in the forms
    of creation (Taw). Qof is a hidden sort of process, more to
    be experienced by the whole being of a person than to be
    understood by the mind alone.
    In Hebrew: "TawMem" signifies: "Man" and "death".

    The Five Final Letters are special forms taken by the letters
    Koph (Kaf-final), Mem (Mem-final), Nun (Nun-final), Peh (Peh-final) and Tzaddi (Tzaddi-final) when they
    appear at the ends of words.

Koph final, (Kaf-final), combines the meanings of the letters Heh, Tet and
   Samekh. Koph final is that which acts to organize, energize
    and develop created things.

Mem final, (Mem-final), combines the meanings of the letters Vau, Yod and Ayin.
    Mem final is matter itself, that which unites all the forces
    of creation into a single formation.

Nun final, (Nun-final), combines the meanings of the letters Zain, Lamed and
    Tzaddi. Nun final is thought in created minds which analyzes,
    synthesizes and understands.

Peh final, (Peh-final), combines the meanings of the letters Chet, Nun and Qof.
    Peh final is the life of creatures, which is contained in
    bodies, which passes out of them at the transformation called
    death and which gives purpose to all the rest through
    evolution of higher forms.

Tzaddi final, (Tzaddi-final), combines the meanings of the letters Koph final,
    Mem final, Nun final and Peh final. Tzaddi final is the
    unending activity in all creation which brings all creatures
    in contact with each other and which expresses life.


    Here are the interrelationships between the letters, in brief:
                            (allocation to the Tree not final)

1. Aleph
3. Shin2. Mem
5. Kaf = Bet & Gimel
    Peh = Bet & Dalet
    Resh = Dalet & Gimel
4. Bet = Aleph & Shin
    Gimel = Aleph & Mem
    Dalet = Shin & Mem
6. Taw = Aleph, Mem & Shin
        = Bet, Gimel & Dalet
        = Kaf, Peh & Resh
8. Tet = Shin & Kaf
    Yod = Shin & Peh
    Lamed = Shin & Resh
    Nun = Shin & Taw
7. Hay = Aleph & Kaf
    Vau = Aleph & Peh
    Zain = Aleph & Resh
    Chet = Aleph & Taw
9. Samekh = Mem & Kaf
    Ayin = Mem & Peh
    Tzaddi = Mem & Resh
    Qof = Mem & Taw
10. Kaf-final = Hay, Tet & Samekh
      Mem-final = Vau, Yod & Ayin
      Nun-final = Zain, Lamed & Tzaddi
      Peh-final = Chet, Nun & Qof
      Tzaddi-final = Kaf-final, Mem-final, Nun-final & Peh-final

(With appreciation for the work of Carlo Suarez, Paul Foster Case, Aleister Crowley and Frater Fons Numeris for their contributions to this approach. Coming soon, "The Pentateuch Code"! -- TSG [Bill Heidrick])

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10/7/88Soror Oin's Energy Class 8 PM
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