Thelema Lodge Calendar for September 1989 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for September 1989 e.v.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

September 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

September 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge
With Advance Dates in October
AND November!

    Happy Autumnal Equinox! Thelema Lodge will enact a dramatic presentation of Ritual 120 using formulae as set forth in Liber 231 the evening of September 22nd.
    Masses (usually Liber XV) every Sunday at Sunset OR 8 pm - whichever is later...after the Equinox, we'll certainly be back to 8 pm. Mass classes by arrangement-and XV/XLIV (Liber 15 or Liber 44) is: Orthodoxy at Noon Saturday the 9th and 23rd in Horus Temple.(No collection)
    Initiations must be arranged in advance - Thelema Lodge will have Minervals and Thirds September 30th; First, Second, Fourth, and P. I. on October 7th. Call for information. Perfect Practice 9/7 at 7pm.; I, II, & III Practice 9/27 8 pm.
    Thelema Lodgemeeting on the 12th at 8 pm. Due to many holidays and Eleusis, the October and November calendars are nearly FULL! Please talk to Caitlin about events in these months NOW - 655-4942. The Rose-Croix Chapter and the Lodge of Perfection will meet on the 21st; and the Womyn'z Meeting is at Merkabah Saturday the 16th at 4:18pm - 549-0952.
    Full Moon Ritual at Merkabah House at midnight, after Unfolding Hermetics. 549-0952
    The Tarot series continues on the 13th and 20th of September. Bill Heidrick will offer request classes featuring Major trumps selected by the class last month. Approximately 40 slides on the Devil Trump (13th) and the Star Trump (20th). In addition, free-style Tarot reading methods will be presented.. One more Major Trump will be selected by the class for presentation in October, last class in the present series --- attend the meeting on the 16th to participate in the selection. The ten meeting class on Qabalah will start in November.
    Enochiana: the Sigillum Dei Aemeth with Dave at 8:30 pm - class VI the 5th, class VII on the 19th. We will resume with The Vision And The Voice on November 14th...
    Unfolding Hermetics 8 pm at Merkabah House Thursday 9/14 and Friday (!date change!) 9/29. After Eleusis, this group will transform into...
    The Great Wild Beast Furtherment Society will take over the Temple for Saturday Evening on the 16th. Bring musical instruments and libations - (secret meeting on the 23rd) and the Libra Birthday Bash will start at 4:18 the 24th...though we'll be having How Many parties for Librans?

The RITES OF ELEUSIS 85 A.N. (1989 e.v.)

October 14th - November 13th

The Repertory Mob will meet on the 28th at Lodge -

SATURN practices 9/6, 9/20(runthru), 9/27(costume check), 10/4 & 5(stage and set), 10/11(dress rehearsal), 10/13(full dress)...(415)549-0952 for information.
JUPITER rehearses at Merkabah 9/13, 9/28, 10/15(dress rehearsal), 10/17(full dress)...(415)537-3212. (unless you're a woman who wants to be a Maenad - call Lodge and ask for Agave.)
MARS practices 9/12(after Lodgemeet), 9/26 (8 pm) and needs an army or two...655-4942.
SOL rehearses at 10AM at the Lodge: 9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22 - Full Dress rehearsal 10/27..549-0952.
VENUS meets 9/8 at 7 pm at the Lodge; rehearsals 2 pm 9/16, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/21, 10/28; Full Dress 11/1 time TBA... Call 655-1746.
MERCURY invites you to call him if you wish to be a Probationer - 621-6717
LUNA will start announced practices again after the Equinox - or call him at 655-4942.
    More information as soon as I get it myself...even if an xtra mailing is in order.
    (a Pronunciation/Spelling Note:
          Eleusis = "Ee-loo-sis"
          Eleusinian = "El-you-sin-ee-an"
o friendly English-Language advisers, I was right the first time!)

"Octember Madness"

Wednesday 10/4:Saturn Rehearses 8 pm
Thursday 10/5:    "                     "
Saturday 10/7:I, II, IV, & P. I. Initiations
Sunday 10/8:Venus Practice 2 pm
Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Tuesday 10/10:Lodgemeeting 8 pm
Wednesday 10/11:Saturn Rehearses 8 pm
Thursday 10/12:CROWLEYMASS
Friday 10/13:Saturn Rehearses 8 pm
Saturday 10/14:THE RITE OF SATURN
Sunday 10/15:Sol practice 10 am
Jupiter Rehearses(Merkabah)
Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Tuesday 10/17:Jupiter Rehearses 8 pm
Wednesday 10/18:GradyMass
Thursday 10/19:THE RITE OF JUPITER
Saturday 10/21:Mars' Dress Rehearsal
Venus Rehearsal 2 pm
Sunday 10/22:Sol Practice 10 am
Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Monday 10/23:(secret mtg)
Tuesday 10/24:THE RITE OF MARS
Wednesday 10/25:Tarot with Bill 8 pm, featuring one Major Trump
(last class in the present series. Qabalah in November)
Friday 10/27:Sol Rehearsal 8 pm
Saturday 10/28:Venus Practice 10 am
Abrahadabra Oasis at A.T.A.
Sunday 10/29:THE RITE OF SOL
Tuesday 10/31:Halloween
*         *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *                                
Wednesday 11/1:Venus Full Dress Rehearsal
Sunday 11/5:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Monday 11/6:Womyn's Mass Midnight
Wednesday 11/8:THE RITE OF MERCURY
Sunday 11/12:Gnostic Mass 8 pm
Monday 11/13:THE RITE OF LUNA
Tuesday 11/14:Lodgemeeting 8 pm
Liber 418 Returns

from the Grady Project:

P a n g e n a t o r !

Ho! Let there be rejoicing, for I, Pan,
Am come to bid you welcome to my shrine.
Bid trumpets flourish; let my joy be thine,
For by the beard of Zeus and Neptune's trine
I've waited long enough. Let him who can

Gainsay me. Come! the festal table creaks
With slabs of slaughtered ox and tender lamb,
While from my porcine herds we have sweet ham
To woo the taste of gluttony, and ram
Horn mugs awash with mead. Oho, who speaks?

Well, by my rough and hairy soul, of course!
For each fair maiden here's a dainty paste
And aged wine to suit the fickle taste.
Fall to, m'lads, or would you have me waste
This festive hour in talking? Here's the source

Of all good things of life, so take your fill.
I'll have no pampered darlings at my feast;
You'll drink your liquor like a man, at least,
And eat your share of roasted beef, that beast
Of succulent refreshment. Now my will

In playing host to such a famished lot
As you've turned out to be this russet day
Is work. Aye, work, m'lads, the work of play!
And such sweet work indeed I wot you'll say
When you have found my pleasure. Like as not

You'll scamper off like rabbits to the fields
When I have made my meaning to appear,
But first a word. Now gather round me near;
Move! The lads sit there, the fairest damsels here.
Oho! I jest. But Pan must joke; it shields

A tender heart. I love you all in sooth
For are you not my children? I would make
No difference between you for 'twould take
The joy of living from your eyes, and shake
Your faith in me, your parent. Now the truth

In this, my idle jesting, is that you
Have come to manhood, and must therefor know
What ordeals lie ahead. This being so,
I've called you hither that I 'least might show
You guidance in this matter. Words are few

And ill express our subtle thoughts, so I
Must perforce speak to you as mind to mind.
Yet hold! I know your thought. I'm not as blind
As some would have you think me. Nor as kind
As others say. Why should I be? Why lie

About your attributions? Yet this thought
Of yours must have its answer. In the years
Gone by I've watched you grow, I've watched your fears,
Your little gods and devils, and your tears
Of childish hurt; yet slowly I have wrought

That which is best in you to finer gold.
Now heed. This mystery of mine is Truth!
No more. There is the serpent, and the tooth.
And though my shaggy thighs may seem uncouth
To those who know me not, I have been told

They serve their purpose well--and, aye, they do!
But that is idle chatter. Now you ask,
"If this is Truth then why this idle mask?"
"If we have passed the ordeals, why the task?"
And I will give you answer. This is you.

Your life, your love, your will, your fate; not mine.
Though you be part of me you are alone
And individual. Your flesh and bone
Are fashoned from the earth. These facts are known
So let it be. Curse not those gods of thine

Cast in your imagery, nor veil the shrine
Of your incarnate bodies. They are pure.
Keep them so. Exercise is good. Endure
The discipline of hardship. Thus insure
Complete control of action. By this sign

You'll know you're fit for living, not before.
As for your birthdate; at the Equinox
Of Gods the word that mystically unlocks
My donjon keep is given. By the hooks
Of Chiron's horny hooves you will adore

Our Lady, Queen of Space, or you will fail
In this your chosen mission. This is so
Because the Aeon now at hand must show
The universe you live in. And the slow
Evolving of your concepts winds its tail

In ever uprward spirals; so your soul,
Now clothed as you are, now in deep repose,
Has slowly come to understand the Rose,
The Cross, the Lux, the Tree that grows
Around the world. The task was hard. The toil

Was terrible, but just. For only thus
Could I be certain you were forged to last
Through toil and inquisitions' flaming mast.
The dark age of the Slain God has been passed;
Aye, it has slowly passed. But now, the puss

Of ulsers slow to heal, it lingers still.
Many's the night I've walked the Wilderness
With stars for company. And 'neath the press
Of the eternal trees have made address
Unto myself and questioned whether Will,

Or Love, or Hate, or blind and callous Fate
Could sanction your imprisonment. You found
No respite in revolting. You were ground
On racks blood stained by the sadist Hound
Of your created Hell, and found the gate

Of Heaven locked against you. Nor could Death
Reprive you from the sufferings, for I,
Yea, even I, had so decreed. Your cry
Was mine own aching heart, yet the reply
Came ever back the same: they have the breath

Of Life, so they must die, and live and die
And live until they come to know their place.
These are not empty clods, they are a race
Ordained for destiny. Though I could trace
Intelligence in any form, yet I

Have found you best adapted to my plan.
'Tis true upon the Earth you're not unique,
Yet also true that you must ever seek
The far beyond. And 'tis this perverse streak
Of yours that so intrigues Old Father Pan!

But now a pox on such philosophy.
My melancholia would go too deep
Should I recount your tails of woe, and keep
Us from our pleasant task. The dreadful sleep
Of that long night wherein iniquity

Against the self held reign has been replaced!
Arise my children and awake, nor fear;
The Aeon of the Crowned Child is here.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the Law." How clear
Did Rabelais foresee, but now make haste!

Too long I've kept you waiting with my talk
Of death and sacrifice; those words are ill.
You have no right to do aught but your Will!
Do that and nothing more and you will till
The fertile fields of ecstasy. I'll walk

A way along the brook with you. 'Tis naught;
I'm stiff from sitting still so long is all.
And at my age no wonder. Aye, 'tis Fall
Again. The leaves are touched with gold, the pall
Of snow filled clouds is yet to come, though frought

With Winter's chill the bracing air is sharp,
But not too sharp, just right I always say.
The Summer's time for work, the Fall for play!
And with my vats near bursting with the spray
Of my beloved vine we'll take the harp

Of the Aeolian winds; I'll play the pipe
And you can dance! Now off with you. Begone!
Across the fields and greensward of the lawn,
Before I should forget myself and yawn
When there is someone looking. Aye, the ripe

Fruit has been gathered in, the fields are brown,
The lovely grape is pressed, and I can scratch
Myself in comfort, now that they're gone. Catch
As catch can, down the hill, match and rematch
When they spill. Not a worry, care or frown

This pleasant day. Tomorrow? Who can tell?
Not I at least. Oh, I suppose I could,
But not today; there's Wine to-hand! Aye, good
Red wholesome wine, I wot. Wine of the Wood.
Wine of the World! I'll help myself. And well

I may. 'Tis mine indeed. Ah, here's to health--
And may it bless them in their way.
And here's to life--and here's to love--and may
The light of liberty be theirs, I say.
And here's to Pan--for this, indeed is wealth!

Grady Louis McMurtry
12/13/1943 e.v.

Grady wrote this poem while fighting "WWII", stationed at an airbase where B-17s were loaded with bombs, at Bury St. Edmonds in East Anglia (England). First published in The Grady Project volume one (October 1987 e.v.).

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GRADYMASS POETRY READING PARTY on Wednesday, October 18, 8:00, at the Lodge. Read a favorite from the past two years of "Grady Project" poems, or inquire at the Lodge library for others. Listeners welcome.

THELEMA ABOUT TOWN went out on the town and will return in October...

The Center for Enochian Studies supplement didn't make press time this month, but it will return.

From the Outbasket

How to Handle Difficulties in Tarot Reading

Copyright © 1976 & 1989 by Bill Heidrick.

When is a Reading Difficult?

    Most readings present no unusual problems. Once the reader has gained a little experience, the usual fears and doubts that plague the beginner fade away. Sometimes these doubts return no matter how experienced the reader. It is in these special cases of difficulty that special methods must be used. There is a temptation for a reader to surround each divination with elaborate ritual. Such ritual can be pleasant in itself, but it should not be viewed as necessary all the time. To read the cards only with the greatest of lengthy warmup is to be like the person who refused to take the trainer wheels off his bicycle long after learning to ride.
    In the following pages, several distinct types of reading difficulty will be examined and solutions suggested. Some of these solutions are just common sense, but a few are ritual methods that reach below the mental levels of the self-aware mind.


    The solution here is simple. Don't read for the client! If you must read, read for yourself. Some people, especially at public gatherings and the like, don't want a reading so much as to inflict their prejudices sadistically upon the reader. Most people are impartial or even eager, but there are always going to be psychopathetic debunkers around. When you get one of these, you may not be able to contact them directly through the cards. All their energy is directed to and/or against you. So, read for yourself. The telepathic link to the hostile client will insure that most of the resulting reading makes sense to the client. If it is a fee situation, don't insist on payment; but look sad instead. You will probably feel that way automatically. The hostile client will be satisfied, and nice people nearby will come to console you by having their cards read. Mysterious are the ways of the god Thoth.


    There are several distinct types: Bashful --- no real problem, just suggest that they don't have to have a reading if they don't want one, and most of them will suddenly want a reading. Paranoid --- calm them down by gentle talk first. NEVER insist on a reading or on being paid for one. Just be kind; and if such people want a reading, they will eventually tune in. Worried --- if it's a case of the client "knowing" in advance what the cards are going to say, only the most formal and elaborate preparations will result in a true reading. The "knowledge" in the mind of the client will imprint itself on the reading in total disregard for past or future. See the methods recommended below for special types of blockage. It helps to find out what the client expects and talk it out. This last technique may remove the false "knowledge" for the time necessary to do the reading.


    Have them go through the deck several times to pick out a significator card. This will imprint the cards on the mind of the client or clients, especially if all the cards have interesting pictures like the Waite or Crowley decks. Try to scare the client a little by looking straight into the client's eyes or by making obscure eye movements and breathing oddly --- not too much, just enough to make the client unconsciously anxious enough to be more empathetic.

Problem four: ZERO FEEDBACK

    Many people expect the reader to do the whole thing. This is good in a way, because it is what separates the serious readers from the dabblers. A serious reader will find out what the client wants somehow. An awareness of body language helps. A touch of sadness in the voice will often get the client a little more involved. Don't read rapidly for such people and stay away from details. A client who asks no questions usually fails to concentrate on anything in particular. Such clients often fantasize vaguely, and their fantasies have a way of creeping into the reading as false leads. It is often best to explain to a client at the beginning that a verbally expressed question helps to establish rapport and frees the psychic powers of the reader to the task of doing the reading. In extreme cases say: "I can read to discover your question or to answer your question. Which do you wish?" If all else fails, ignore the presence of the client, do not look the client in the eyes, and lose yourself in the cards.


This means that the client has a definite problem with a definite and know solution. The person just isn't able to accept the message of the cards. A reading for such a person will automatically get the same result time after time like a scratched record. Redirect the question so that it becomes something like "how can this deadlock be broken?"


    This is often the most difficult thing to do. Use the ideas below to elaborate your warmup rituals. Some people find that it helps to be slightly drunk or full to the ears with coffee, tobacco, etc. The best and simplest way to read for yourself is to read for other people. Every reading expresses the overlap of the aura of the reader and the client. What comes out always applies in part to the reader as well as to the client. Two readers can read for each other as a regular practice, providing they don't see too much of each other from day to day.


    For the amateur, this is a moral problem. The client obviously doesn't know what a Tarot reading is, that it can at best reach out toward a probable future and show the forces that are involved in the past and present. Such a client should be reasoned with until a better attitude comes out. If the client gets hostile, read or go away. Such a reading will usually summon in a little instant karma for all concerned. To attempt to tell someone their certain future is to attempt to enslave them.
    For a professional reader, this client thinks like a member of the bunko squad. Act accordingly.

Problem eight: VAGUENESS

    This is a case of poor concentration. Use a formal preparation ritual and a long reading layout (as many as all 78 cards). It's also a help to further define the reason for doing the reading.


    Next to problem six, this is the hardest type of reading. Warmup ritual and long reading layouts are helpful. Remember that a definite answer requires a definite question. This kind of reading is a sort of squeeze of the mysteries. If you don't ask a lawyer's question, you are apt to be given a lying answer. The worst of these are matters of personal identification, of time and of definite issue of certain events. For a matter regarding time, choose significators that have a Saturnian correspondence. For a thief, a Mercurial significator. For wealth, Jovian. For the significance of dreams, Lunar. To identify an innocent person, Solar significators are useful (Sun Trump, Strength Trump, 5,6,7 of wands, etc.)
    Avoid Delphic traps: e.g., don't just say that the next number card gives the time to the event. Pull a card for the tens of years, the years, the months, days, etc. An unnumbered card can be taken as zero.


This is no problem.


    There are misguided folk who seek to entrap others to their view of god. These may ask for a reading only to insult the intelligence of the reader by asserting a religious condemnation. Others will come forward bluntly with: "Do you know that those cards are the Devil's?" It is important to realize that these people are probably invincibly ignorant. Do not attempt to defend the cards or your practice beyond a few simple remarks. Amuse yourself with discussion of their religion from the standpoint of your religion if you are comfortable with that. In the extreme situation, "testify" for a god chosen at random in the style of the evangelicals. These cases can be a source of good stories: Once I was accosted by a "Jesus Freak" as I went into a store. He made some remark about going to Hell. I countered with; "I don't believe in Hell. I remember my previous incarnations." That stopped him until I finished my business and came out of the store. He accosted me again with; "You don't really believe in reincarnation." I kept on walking, but said; "Don't worry. This is only your first time ..."
    It is very important to realize that these people are often sincere. Some of them are very troubled, and need the prop of their faith. If an argument of yours makes them forsake their only strength and gives nothing in return, you have done evil. It is not morally acceptable to take away the little that one has.


    Keep your Tarot cards in a special box or wrapped in silk. Don't let others touch them anymore than necessary. (This is an excess for most readers. Do it only if you must.)

    Always use the same cloth to read your cards upon. Use it for no other purpose. (This is also an excess, but it's nice to dedicate a piece of cloth as a sort of "portable magical circle".)

    Prepare through the use of breathing exercises, TM, Yoga, thoughts of home, a favorite deity or anything else that works for you. Experiment to get the right personal system.

    Avoid reading from the same deck too many times in a row. Have several decks and use them in rotation. (An excess, banishment and shuffling techniques can make this unnecessary.)

    Take a longer time to pick out the significator.

    Use a group of different reading layouts. Pick the one that fits the question.

    If you have several decks, ask the client to pick the one they like the best.

    Be friendly with the client. Talk about likes and dislikes to establish psychic contact and empathy.

    Use a complex shuffle and cut after each reading. This may include putting the cards from the old layout into the deck one by one.

    Use a formula of speech in a plain tone at strategic points before, during and after a reading. This may include orientation before the question: "You can ask a spoken question or a silent one. If you ask a silent question, the reading will merely reveal your question. If you ask a spoken question, the reading will focus on answering your question." Before shuffling: "Take these cards and shuffle them as much as you like. After you have finished, make three separate face down piles". At each card: "This card is what Crosses you. It shows the opposition you must face", etc. After the last card and the sum-up: "Is there any card here that you need more information about. I can expand the reading with more cards to clarify." It is best to give a micro reading for each card as it appears, a recapitulation over other cards at certain points and a projection to a card to come when some obscurity appears. The final summing up should take the form of stitching these "micro" readings together and of presenting a unified view. It is always best to lay the cards down with the bottom edges toward the Client, so that the picture can be seen readily by the Client --- you should be familiar enough with your cards to be able to read them when they face away from you. Inverted cards can be ignored or treated in a variety of ways. Always decide how to use inverted cards before you begin: no meaning, reverse of the usual meaning, diminished importance, etc.

    Use a prayer or other spiritual device before each reading.

    Use a formal banishment after a reading and before the next one. For example, trace a clockwise circle around the cards. Then trace a counterclockwise circle and finally another clockwise one. In the center of this pattern, trace a five pointed star with your hand and will the distracting influences on the cards to go away.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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Events Calendar for September 1989 e.v.

9/3/89Gnostic Mass 8 pm/sunsetThelema Ldg
9/5/89Enochiana with Dave 8:30 pm
"Sigillum Dei Aemeth VI"
Thelema Ldg.
9/6/89Saturn rite practice (cast only) 8pmMerkabah Hse
9/7/89Ldg of Perfection init. team pract.
8 pm at Horus temple
Ldg of Perf.
9/8/89Venus rite meeting (casting) 7 pmThelema Ldg.
9/9/89Tutorial Liber 15/44 NoonThelema Ldg.
9/9/89"Womynz mtg." 4:18 pm
9/10/89Sol rite rehearsal (cast) 10 amThelema Ldg.
9/10/89Gnostic Mass 8 pmThelema Ldg.
9/12/89Thelema Lodge meeting 8 pm
Mars rite meeting after Ldg meet
Thelema Ldg.
9/13/89Tarot with Bill: Devil Trump
8th meeting. Special requests 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
9/13/89Jupiter rite practice (cast) 8 pmMerkabah Hse
9/14/89Unfolding Hermetics 8 PMMerkabah Hse
9/14/89Full Moon Ritual at midnightMerkabah Hse
9/16/89Venus Rehearsal (cast) 2 pmOTO
9/16/89G.W.B.F.S. meeting evening7th HseThoth?
9/17/89Gnostic Mass 8 pmThelema Ldg.
9/19/89Enochiana with Dave 8:30 pm
"Sigillum Dei Aemeth VII"
Thelema Ldg.
9/20/89Tarot with Bill: Star Trump
9th meeting. Special requests 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
9/20/89Saturn runthru (cast)Merkabah Hse
9/21/89Rose-Croix and Ldg of Perfect. (priv)Thelema Ldg.
9/22/89Atumnal Equinox L. 120/231Thelema Ldg.
9/23/89Tutorial Liber 15/44 NoonThelema Ldg.
9/23/89"Secret Meeting"Thelema Ldg.
9/24/89Sol practice 10 am: Venus 2 pm (cast)Thelema Ldg.
9/24/89Mass at 8 pmThelema Ldg.
9/25/89Elusinian repertory meet (casts) 8 pmThelema Ldg.
9/26/89Mars practice 8 pm (cast only)Thelema Ldg.
9/27/89Initiation practice Ist, IInd IIIrd
at Horus temple 8 pm (IIIrd+only)
Thelema Ldg.
9/27/89Saturn costume checkThelema Ldg.
9/28/89Jupiter rite practice (cast) 8 pmMerkabah Hse
9/29/89Unfolding Hermetics 8 pmThelema Ldg.
9/30/89Minerval and IIIrd initiationsThelema Ldg.

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