HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 240 - 249


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 240 - 249

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

240 > 6- 240 -240 = 24x3x5
HayYodChetReshZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Shines Forth".
ReshVauDaletYodKaf --- war, slaughter.
ReshKafKaf --- a round; a circuit (of land); a round cake, a loaf of bread; a talent (= 3000 shekels).
KafReshKaf --- (720 w/f); to surround.
MemYodMemDaletAleph HayLamedAyinMem --- (800 w/f); pr.n. "Red Hill".
MemSamekhQofMem --- (800 w/f); divination.
QofQofMem --- to be melted away or dissolved (as the heavenly bodies); to run (of sores); to pine or waste away (of men).
ReshMem --- a drop.
--- bitter; sad or sorrowful; fierce; hard fate.
--- the gum Myrrh of the acacia.
QofPehSamekh --- to slap or strike; to smite on the thigh.
--- to pour or overflow; to be abundant; to be overfull, to vomit.
--- abundance or sufficiency.
MemYodMemLamedAyinNun --- (800 w/f); sly or crafty ones, dissemblers.
QofLamedMemAyin --- pr. n. "Laborious", Amalek (a descendant of Esau and founder of an Arab tribe; Amalekites.)

241 > 7- 241 -53rd prime
MemReshAleph --- (801 w/f & 45/605); to be high.
--- Aramea.
--- pr.n. "High One".
ReshMemAleph --- mumble, murmur; to say, to speak, to think; to command.
--- to be high.
--- a saying, word, utterance; behest (utterance).
--- lamb.
--- pr.n. "Tall".
--- a word, poetic speech, song of victory; promise; a matter or thing.
--- height, mountain range.
LamedBetBetReshZain --- pr.n. "Babel-born".
LamedGimelReshChet --- a locust.
ReshAlephMem --- to be sharp, to be bitter.
HayQofTzaddiVauMem --- tube or funnel (for pouring).
AlephReshMem --- to be perverse or rebellious.
--- to haste or flee.
--- fat or strong.
--- master or lord.
HayQofVauTzaddiMem --- straitness or distress.

242 > 8- 242 -242 = 2x112
LamedYodAlephReshAleph --- hearth.
YodLamedAlephReshAleph --- pr.n. "Heroic".
LamedAlephYodReshAleph --- great hero, pr.n. "Lion of God"; God's altar; hearth of God.
MemReshBet --- (802 w/f); to sever; be clean; test or prove; bind, interweave; but, yet.
HayYodReshKafZain --- pr.n. "Yah is Mindful" or "Yah is Male".
BetKafReshKaf --- a margin, border.
ReshBetDalet VauLamed --- pr.n. "No-pasture".
BetReshMem --- for multitude
--- pr. n. "Increase" --- of a daughter of Saul.

243 > 9- 243 -243 = 35
MemReshBetAleph --- (803 w/f); pr.n. "Father of Exaltation", Abram.
VauHayYodKafReshBet --- pr.n. "Blessing of Yah".
LamedTetReshGimelAleph --- basins, libation bowls.
ReshMemGimel --- to come to an end, cease, fail; finish, complete; to perfect; pr.n. "Completion", "Darkness" --- Cimmerians.
MemReshGimel --- (803 w/f); to over-lay; to cover over; crust, skin, body; bone; self, very; to skin, to flay; to strip, lay bare (the bones), to lick clean.
BetYodReshYodVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Pleads".
ReshKafZainVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Mindful".
BetReshAlephMem --- ambush or lurking place; an ambuscade (of troops).
ReshGimelMem --- to flow or gush out; to cast down, overthrow.
GimelReshMem --- to press, bruise, crush.
MemYodNunBet-LamedAyin MemAleph --- (1363 w/f); the mother with the children.

244 > 10 > 1- 244 -244 = 22x61
ReshMemDalet --- to trill, whir.
MemReshDalet --- (804 w/f); to shine, to be bright.
NunVauTzaddiTzaddiChet --- (894 w/f); a division or row.
LamedVauReshChet --- a thorn-bush, nettle.
DaletReshMem --- to disobey, to war or rebel.
--- rebellion.
--- rebellious.
--- pr. n. "Rebel".

245 > 11 > 2- 245 -245 = 5x72
ReshMemHay --- to glow, pour.
MemReshHay --- (805 w/f); to rise up, to be high; pr.n. "High Place", "Exaltation", "Exalted".
GimelMem-BetResh --- the great Magus (chief of the Magi).
TzaddiYodQofHayMem --- (1055 w/f); directly after wakening.
HayReshMem --- to be or make bitter; to be contumacious or rebellious; to rebel; to resist or insult; to rebel against.
--- to cut off; to stroke or rub over; to shave.
--- to be firm or strong.
--- rebellion.
--- bitter; bitterness; sadness; bitterly; pr. n. "Bitter" --- of a fountain in the peninsula of Sinai.

246 > 12 > 3- 246 -246 = 2x3x41
HayReshMemAleph --- utterance; poetic speech; a song.
HayVauHayYod ReshYodChetBet --- chosen of Yaweh, Moses, prophets, Messiah.
LamedAlephYodReshBetGimel --- pr.n. "Mighty One of God", Gabriel.
HayReshAlephMem --- a curse, execration.
ReshBetDaletMem --- pasture; a desert.
ReshVauMem --- to change, exchange, barter.
MemYodPehVauAyinMem --- (806 w/f); flights (of time or of life).
HayAlephReshMem --- a sight or vision.; a mirror.
--- viewing or seeing; appearance.
--- a bird's crop or craw.
DaletBetReshMem --- coverlet (for a bed).
TzaddiVauTzaddiYodNun --- (1056 w/f); a spark.
MemYodSamekhVauPehNun --- (806 w/f); pr. n. "Expansions".

247 > 13 > 4- 247 -247 = 13x19
ReshMemVauAleph --- pr.n. "Loquacious", "Boastful".
HayReshMemBet --- to rebel against.
ReshMemZain --- to vibrate, twang, whir; to touch or strike (musical chords); to harp, sing; to clip, prune; music, playing (of instruments); singer; gazelle or antelope; vine branch; family branch or member.
MemReshZain --- (807 w/f); to flow, flood, wash away; pouring rain, a storm.
LamedAlephVauReshYod --- pr.n. "God's Foundation".
ReshVauAlephMem --- a luminary; light; sparkling; a candlestick.
AlephReshVauMem --- fear; respect, reverence; object of fear; an astounding deed, a miracle or prodigy.
ReshZainMem --- to be corrupt or foul; to mix lewdly (mutually lascivious behavior).
--- to bind or combine.
--- northern constellations; the north; north winds.; the planets; zodiacal signs.
HayBetReshMem --- increase; plenty or abundance.
LamedBetZainYodAleph YodNunVauNunZain-DaletAyin --- during the whoredoms of Jezebel.

248 > 14 > 5- 248 -248 = 23x31
MemHayReshBetAleph --- (808 w/f); pr.n. "Father of a Multitude", Abraham. (see also Abram --- 243).
LamedAlephYodReshVauAleph --- pr.n. "Light of God".
MemVauReshBet --- (808 w/f); variegated cloths; damask.
VauHayYodReshKafZain --- (242, 227); pr.n. "Yah is Mindful".
ReshMemChet --- to be hot, to burn;to be red; to boil, ferment, to foam, to bubble, swell, rise in heaps; to be in a ferment; to yearn; rumbling in the bowels; to be red; to cover with bitumen, to pitch; to bear. to carry, to toil; to collect; ass; bitumen, pitch; something fermented, wine; clay, loam, potter's earth, mortar, cement, mire, mud; a boiling, foaming; a heap; a homer (dry measure).
MemReshChet --- (808 w/f); to shut in, enclose; a net; to consign; to break off; cut off; shortened; flat-nosed, to be high; a curse, destruction.
HayReshGimelMem --- a saw.
ReshChetMem --- to buy or sell.
--- to glow, to shine or dawn.
--- dawn or morrow, tomorrow; after time, hereafter.
ChetReshMem --- to rub or bruise; to rub over or lay on (as a poultice of liniment).

249 > 15 > 6- 249 -249 = 3x83
YodLamedZainReshBet --- pr.n. "Steely".
MemReshDaletHay --- (809 w/f); pr.n. "Ador is Exalted", Atramites.
MemReshTet --- (809 w/f); to wait for, to expect; expectation; prospect; prospectively, not yet, before.
ReshVauGimelMem --- fear, terror; tarrying; a dwelling.
GimelReshVauMem --- a threshing-sledge.
ReshTetMem --- to rain; rain.
HayLamedAyinMemLamed DaletAyin --- even to the highest.
HayDaletReshMem --- dominion or subjection.
TetReshMem --- to rub or make smooth, to sharpen (a sword); to make bare by plucking; to become hairless or bald; to be polished (of metal); to be sharpened (of a sword); bare or naked.