HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 310 - 319


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 310 - 319

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

310 > 4- 310 -310 = 2x5x31
HayDaletShinAleph --- outpouring; gully, ravine.
ShinVauDalet --- to tread out, to thresh; to crush; to spring; to trample to pieces.
ShinBetChet --- to bind on; to bind up; a healer; to saddle; to shut up, restrain, rule.
HayDaletGimel ReshTzaddiChet --- pr.n. "Village of Luck".
BetShinChet --- to bind or weave; to combine, to think; to count for or as; to impute; to invent; to regard; girdle; artificer.
ReshQofYod --- to be heavy; to be dear, precious, costly; to be worth; grave, calm; preciousness, value, price; honor, magnificence; weight; treasure.
QofReshYod --- to spit; to out forth leaves, sprout; to become green; what is green; greens, herbs; greenness, verdure, foliage.
ShinYod --- existence; substance.
ReshYodPehKaf --- a strong one; a young lion; a village.
ReshKafMemNun --- to be sold; to be delivered up; to sell onself; to be sold; to be addicted.
ReshAyinMem --- nakedness; privy part; empty space.
MemYodNunPehTzaddiMem --- (870 w/f); hidden things, treasurers.
AyinReshMem --- evil-doing.
--- friendship.
TzaddiYodTzaddiAyinNun --- (1120 w/f); a thorn-hedge, thicket of thorns.
MemYodPehKaf YodQofNun --- (870 w/f); clean of hands (innocent in one's doings).
NunReshSamekh --- (960 w/f); to pierce or penetrate. --- an axle or pivot; a prince or chief.
MemReshAyin --- (870 w/f); naked or stripped.
--- to bind or combine; to be crafty or wily.
ReshMemAyin --- to bind or collect to contain..
--- wool.
--- a sheaf or bundle; an omer (dry measure of 3 1/2 quarts).

311 > 5- 311 -64th prime
ShinYodAleph --- a man; a strong one; gentleman; a male; a husband; man, a person, men, mankind, inhabitants, citizens, warriors, subjects; people; relations; any one, somebody, each; (see ShinAleph, 301, for Qabalistic discussion).
KafReshTzaddiAleph --- (791 w/f); to press together; to form.
LamedAyinBet ReshVauGimel --- pr.n. "Sojourn of Baal".
ShinAlephYod --- to despair, to give up, forsake.
HayAyinVauTzaddiQofMem --- chisel or gouge.
HayReshVauSamekhMem --- tradition (especially orthodox doctrine, contrasted with HayLamedBetQof)

312 > 6- 312 -312 = 23x3x13
YodReshMem YodNunBet --- perverse children.
--- the occident or west; the place of sunset.
ShinDaletChet --- to be bright, fresh, new; to be polished or sharp; the new moon, new mood day, 1st of the lunar month; month.
ShinBetYod --- to dry up; to wither; to be drained; to fail, to put to shame; to feel ashamed; dry.
LamedAyinBetReshYod --- pr.n. "Baal Contends".
BetShinYod --- to take a seat, to sit; to be seated; to wait for, waylay; to remain; to dwell in, inhabit.
ReshBetAyinMem --- a passing over; a ford; a mountain-pass or gorge.
BetReshAyinMem --- exchange of wares, barter; wares; market or mart.
MemYodReshBetSamekh --- (872 w/f); pr. n. "Two Hills", a city near Damascus.
ReshBetAyinMem --- from beyond.

313 > 7- 313 -65th prime
YodShinBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father of Gifts", (323).
HayShinVauBet --- shame.
ShinYodGimel --- dust, clod.
HayShinChet --- to hush, to be silent; to be still, quiet.

314 > 8- 314 -314 = 2x157
ShinYodDalet --- to tread out, to thresh; to crush threshing; threshing time.
ShinVauChet --- to flee, to make haste; to be eager, excited; to be addicted.
ReshVauSamekhChetMem --- want, deficiency; need, poverty.
ReshDaletAyinMem --- a weeding-hook, hoe.
MemYodReshDaletSamekh --- (874 w/f); arrangements, order.

315 > 9- 315 -315 = 32x5x7
DaletVauDaletShinAleph --- pr.n. "Stronghold".
ShinYodBetGimel --- stiffened or frozen thing; ice; crystal.
HayBetShinChet --- pr.n. "Combination".
ShinVauTet --- to fly, to dart, dash (upon prey).
HayReshQofYod --- splendid one, a star.
BetAlephBetShinYod --- pr.n. "Father's Seat".
HayShinYod --- to be, exist; to have being or firmness.
HayReshYodPehKaf --- pr.n. "Village".
HayMemReshMemLamed --- in pretense, falsely; fraudulent wealth.
HayReshAyinMem --- a cave or cavern.
--- clearing, clear spot.
HayAyinReshMem --- pasture or feed; pasture-ground; feeding-place (of wild beasts).
LamedAlephYodReshDaletAyin --- pr. n. "God's flock".
HayReshMemAyin --- pr. n. "Submersion", Gomorrah (one of four cities sunk in the Dead Sea).
NunGimelSamekh BetResh --- (965 w/f); chief of the rulers.
HayMemReshAyin --- guile or cunning; prudence.
--- a heap.

316 > 10 > 1- 316 -316 = 22x79
GimelShinYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father of Wandering".
HayYodShinAleph --- support, foundation.
BetVauShinChet --- pr.n. "Thoughtful".
ChetShinChet --- to be needful; to have need.
ShinBetDaletYod --- pr.n. "Honeyed".
QofVauReshYod --- green thing.
HayVauHayYod YodReshChetAleph AlephLamedMem --- to fill up after the Lord (to follow Yahweh fully).
ReshVauAyinMem --- nakedness or penis.
ReshVauNunSamekh --- blindness.
TzaddiQof NunVauAyin --- (1776 w/f); crime of the end (i.e. fatal).
MemVauReshAyin --- (876 w/f); naked; barely clad, ragged; half dressed.
--- sly or crafty; prudent, sagacious.

317 > 11 > 2- 317 -66th prime
ShinYodDaletGimel --- a stack or shock (of sheaves); grave mound, tomb.
HayShinDaletChet --- a sharp or new sword; pr.n. "New Built".
ShinTetChet --- to beat, pound.
HayShinBetYod --- the dry, dry ground, the dry land.
ShinAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Supports".
ReshAyinZainMem --- smallness, fewness.
AyinReshZainMem --- a place sown, a field.
HayBetReshAyinMem --- the west, westward.

318 > 12 > 3- 318 -318 = 2x3x53
ReshZainAyinYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Help".
ShinYodChet --- to hasten; haste; hastily, speedily.
LamedAlephAyinReshZainYod --- pr.n. "God Will Sow" or "God Will Scatter".
ShinChetYod --- to unite; race, family.
BetVauShinYod --- pr.n. "He Returns".
ChetShinYod --- to fail, sink; the sinking (stomach at hunger).
HayAyinGimelReshMem --- rest or quiet.
MemYodReshYodChetNun --- (878 w/f); the nostrils.
LamedAlephYodReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "God's Help".

319 > 13 > 4- 319 -319 = 11x29
HayShinVauChet --- pr.n. "Haste".
TetShinYod --- to stretch out.
AyinVauGimelReshMem --- rest, resting-place.
BetAlephVauMem ReshAyin --- Moab's city (capital of Moab).