HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 300 - 309


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 300 - 309

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

300 > 3- 300 -300 = 22x3x52
Shin --- Shin.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Samekh, Tzaddi; Dalet, Taw, Tet, Qof; Chet, Ayin; Kaf, Ayin; Resh).
(Shin --- Nun-finalYodShin --- 360/1010 --- Tooth).
(As prefix: who, which, what, that; he who, him that; that; whither).
KafReshVauBetAyinBet --- (780 w/f); for thy sake.
BetTzaddiReshChet --- a tight cord; pangs.
ReshTzaddiYod --- to press together; to straiten; to be pressed together; to be distressing, perplexing; to cut; to form, fashion; to create; to produce, arrange; to devise, design; a potter, statuary; a shaping, thought; frame or constitution; a device, pattern; an image; pr.n. "Form"; formed, fashioned.
ReshPehKaf --- to cover; to forgive; to bind or combine, to be strong, vigorous; village, hamlet; pitch cypress flower (Henna); a ransom; expiations, atonement.
SamekhKafReshKaf --- pr.n. "Eagle".
LamedYodMemReshKaf --- crimson, crimson cloth.
ReshMemKafMem --- a net, hunter's net; nets.
ReshKafMemMem --- a sale; a thing for sale or sold; possession
HayReshHayNunMem --- riverbed or channel; cleft or den.
ReshSamekhMem --- to transmit
ReshSamekhMem --- to venture, dare; to risk oneself, volunteer.
--- admonition, instruction.
MemYodQofMemAyinMem --- (860 w/f); depths.
AyinTzaddiQofMem --- an angle or corner, a nook.
SamekhReshMem --- pr. n. "Meritorious".
ReshMemSamekh --- to be prickly, to bristle; to shudder.
--- hairy or bristly.
LamedReshAyin --- the foreskin; to circumcise; to expose one's foreskin.
--- uncircumcised, dull, unfeeling.
MemYodHayLamedAleph ChetVauResh --- (860 w/f); spirit of the god(s), breath of the god(s).

301 > 4- 301 -301 - 7x43
YodNunMemReshAleph --- pr.n. "Fortress", "Palace", "Citadel".
NunNunReshAleph --- (951 w/f & 307/957); noisy or murmuring.
--- pr.n. "Sharp-eared".
--- pr.n. "Jubilant", (name of the former owner of the site of Solomon's temple).
QofReshAleph --- the earth.
ShinAleph --- fire; the fire of God, lightning; anger; zeal, ardor; war; heat or scorching (of sun); flashing (of weapons).
--- existence, being; there is.
(The words for Man and Woman are made from this word by addition of a Yod for Man (311) or a Heh for Woman (306) --- it is said that man and woman are nothing but fire and fire without the letters Yod and Heh of the great name. This may also be the origin of assignment of gender to the letters of the Tetragrammaton, but Yod and Heh are used in gender assignment in other words beside ShinAleph = being).)
--- foundation.
NunVauMemReshHay --- (951 w/f); a fortress, castle.
HayReshVauNunMem --- a candlestick.
ReshKafNun LamedAleph --- a foreign god.

302 > 5- 302 -302 = 2x151
HayReshTzaddiVauAleph --- make treasurers.
ReshYodTzaddiBet --- cutting off; grape gathering, vintage; inaccessible, lofty.
ReshQofBet --- to cut, cleave open, plow; break forth (light), daybreak; to break into, search; admire; investigate; cattle, ox, cow, horned beast, clovenhoofed beast; morning.
QofReshBet --- to break or send forth lightning, to flash forth; lightning; flash; pr.n. "Thunderbolt".

303 > 6- 303 -303 = 3x101
BetShinAleph --- to think.
ShinAlephBet --- to have a bad smell, to stink; to be bad, wicked.
--- to be evil.
ShinGimel --- to touch; come close, approach; draw back, give place.
ReshGimelSamekhMem --- incloser; a locksmith or smith; a prison.
NunGimelReshNun --- (953 w/f); a whisperer or slanderer.
ReshBetAyin-LamedAleph --- to beyond, over or across, over against, towards.

304 > 7- 304 -304 = 24x19
ReshQofDalet --- to bore through, pierce, stab; curse, condemn; pr.n. "Swordsman".
QofReshDalet --- to hasten.
PehYodZainReshZain --- (1024 w/f); a heavy shower.
ReshVauTzaddiChet --- pr.n. "Enclosed Place", "Castle".
VauReshTzaddiChet --- pr.n. "Blooming".
TzaddiVauReshChet --- (1114 w/f); ditch or fosse (of a fortress); a decision or judgment; gold; active, eager; industrious, strenuous; sharp, pointed; a pointed shard or sharp stone.
NunVauMemReshChet --- (954 w/f); pr.n. "Mountain Peak".

305 > 8- 305 -305 = 5x61
MemReshYodNunDaletAleph --- (865 w/f, 255/815 & 251/811); pr.n. "The Lord is Exalted".
ShinDaletAleph --- to thresh out.
DaletShinAleph --- to shed, to pour out; to water.
-- outpouring, ravine, water gully.
ShinBetGimel --- to freeze; to draw or gather together; to compact.
AlephShinDalet --- to sprout, be fresh and green; first shoots, tender grass.
ReshHayTzaddiYod --- oil; pr.n. "Shining".
ReshDaletMemSamekh --- vine-blossom.
KafLamedMemHay QofMemAyin --- (785 w/f); the king's valley.
HayLamedReshAyin --- the foreskin.

306 > 9- 306 -306 = 2x32x17
HayShinAleph --- to be firm, to heal.
--- fire.
--- woman; female; wife; (see ShinAleph, 301, for Qabalistic discussion).
ReshQofDaletBet --- pr.n. "Stabber".
ShinBetDalet --- to stick or glue; honey (of bees or grapes); syrup, must.
ReshTzaddiVauYod --- a fashioner or framer; a potter; a statuary; maker, creator (of God).
ReshVauPehKaf --- a cup; hoar-frost.
ReshSamekhVauMem --- band or bond; pr.n. "Correction", (301).
--- correction, chastisement; learning, instruction (resulting from discipline).
AyinVauTzaddiQofMem --- an angle or corner, a nook.

307 > 10 > 1- 307 -63rd prime
ShinVauAleph --- to be strong or manly, to support.
HayAlephReshQofAleph --- to cry out; proclaim; summon; read aloud; name; to happen upon.
NunVauNunReshAleph --- (957 w/f & 301/951); noisy or murmuring.
HayReshQofBet --- a searching or inspection.
ShinDaletGimel --- to heap up.
QofReshZain --- to scatter, to sprinkle,. to dust.
NunVauMemReshBetTet --- (957 w/f); pr.n. "Good is Rimmon".
VauNunYodMemAlephYod NunAyinMemLamed --- (957 w/f); in order that they may believe.

308 > 11 > 2- 308 -308 = 22x7x11
ReshZainAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Helper".
HayShinAlephBet --- a bad smelling plant, a weed.
ReshQofVauBet --- a herdsman; shepherd.
ShinVauBet --- to turn white, to pale; to change color, pale, blush; to be disappointed, come to shame, be deceived; fail in function or purpose; disgrace.
--- to be bad.
ReshYodTzaddiChet --- an enclosure, a home; grass; a leek.
YodReshTzaddiChet --- pr.n. "Blooming".
ReshQofChet --- to dig; to search, examine, explore (by mining), to search out, to make a survey of; to examine, to taste; to test; a searching out; a secret, the inmost or deepest part; unsearchableness (of God ='s God's works and plans).
TzaddiYodReshChet --- (1118 w/f); a cut, slice.
MemYodNunReshChet --- (868 w/f); pr.n. "Double Cave".
QofReshChet --- to grate or gnash; to grind the teeth.
ReshChetTzaddiYod --- pr.n. "Splendid".
VauReshBetAyinLamed --- to his opposite (bearing), straight forwards.
ReshChetSamekhMem --- traffic or trade.
LamedAlephReshZainAyin --- pr. n. "God's help".

309 > 12 > 3- 309 -309 = 3x103
ShinVauAlephBet --- evil.
ShinVauGimel --- mound, lump, clod.
NunVauMemReshDaletDaletHay --- (959 w/f); pr.n. "Hadad is High".
HayTzaddiVauReshChet --- a sharp threshing sledge.