HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 10 - 19


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 10 - 19

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

10 > 1- 10 -10 = 2x5
Yod --- Yod.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Aleph, Hay, Vau; Lamed, Nun; Gimel, Kaf, Qof; Chet, Ayin; Tzaddi, Shin, Taw.)
(Yod --- DaletVauYod or DaletYod --- 20 or 14 --- Hand (open, palmer side & fingers).
(DaletVauYod is the preferred spelling in Qabalah).
--- the name of the tenth Sephira is TawVauKafLamedMem --- 496.
DaletHayAleph --- to be strong.
--- pr.n. "Might".
BetZainAleph --- to shine; blooming, blossoming.
TetAleph --- secrecy, concealment (in speaking or moving); sorcerer; sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly.
DaletDaletBet --- to be cut off, severed; to be forlorn; lonely.
--- to bind.
--- to prate
--- separation, loneliness; separately, alone.
--- pr.n. "Part".
BetVauBet --- to hollow.
AlephZainBet --- to tread down, destroy.
HayBetGimel --- arch or brow of eye; felloe (of a wheel); to be high, tall, exalted; haughty, proud; high minded; height; highness, majesty; gather.
AlephVauGimel --- back, body; middle, midst.
ZainGimel --- a shearing; a fleece.
HayAlephDalet --- to dart, to fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the glede, vulture, kite.
HayHay --- ha!, ah!, oh! (grief); alternate spelling of the letter Heh.
BetAlephZain --- to be angry, fierce; wolf.
GimelZain --- skin on a grape, husk.
BetChet --- bosom.
AlephTet --- to be miry, dirty.

11 > 2- 11 -5th prime
ChetBetAleph --- to slaughter.
VauDaletAleph --- pr.n. "Mighty One".
ZainGimelAleph --- to cluster (see also 17).
HayHayAleph --- ah!, oh! (interjection of grief).
DaletVauAleph --- to turn; to wind; to surround; to be strong, mighty.
--- turner (fire poker made of wood); a fire-brand.
BetChetAleph --- pr.n. "Father's Brother" = "Uncle".
YodAleph --- where?
--- woe!
--- howl; howler.
--- abode; coast; shore-land; island.
GimelVauBet --- food.
BetVauGimel --- pr.n. "A Pit".
DaletDaletGimel --- to cleave, to dig; till, plow; to cut off; locusts.
ChetGimel --- issuing forth, birth.
HayBetDalet --- to flow out, to evacuate (the body), urinate; tattle, talk, report, rumor.
BetHayDalet --- to shine, gleam; to glitter; gold.
GimelGimelHay --- to speak softly, whisper; sound of heart beating.
VauHay --- oh!, wo! (grief).
BetBetZain --- a buzzer, fly, mosquito.
DaletZain --- proud; impudent, wanton; impious.
AlephBetChet --- to wrap, hide.
GimelChet --- festival; feast; festive sacrifice.
BetTet --- good; pleasing.

12 > 3- 12 -12 = 22x3
HayDaletBetAleph --- Abyss; lost thing.
(5,4, ,2,1: 3 missing = lacks Gimel of perfection, or the mystery is hidden.
12 > 3 = Gimel. 3+7 = 10 > 1 see #7, DaletBetAleph
This is the Hebrew word for "Abyss", that which is crossed by the path of Gimel on the Tree of Life diagram.
If Gimel is added, and Hay removed: 4+3+2+1 = 10.)
HayVauAleph --- to be desired or fitting; to wish or crave for, to strive after.
--- howl.
--- to measure or mark off.
--- to rest or dwell.
--- desire, lust or longing.
DaletZainAleph --- settled or decided.
BetAlephChetAleph --- pr.n. "Father's Brother" = "Uncle".
HayHayBet --- to be silent, still; to be empty, waste.
AlephTetBet --- (16); to prate, babble.
YodBet --- particle of entreaty, pray!
HayDaletGimel --- to cut away, crop off; banks of a river; fortune, Venus (as good luck sign, lucky "Star")
GimelVauGimel --- pr.n. "Gog" = prince of the land of Magog, "To be High" or "Gigantic".
HayBetAlephDalet --- a melting away (for anxiety); dread.
BetVauDalet --- (6); bear; she-bear.
HayGimelDalet --- to increase, multiply abundantly; a fish, fish.
BetVauDalet --- to flow, pine away.
HayBetHay --- (7,17); yield up!, give!, come on!
AlephVauHay --- he, she, it; to be.
VauVau --- the letter Vau; a holdfast, hook, nail.
HayZain --- this; lamb.
BetBetChet --- to fold, cover up; to embrace, to love, imbosom, caress, cherish;
pr.n. "Caressed".
AlephGimelChet --- vertigo, dizziness, trepidation.
DaletChet --- the numerical adj "one", a, an; indicator of multiplication (as "one" seven times ...); sharp.
The one and the many are one
BetAlephTet --- to be bright, good; to be happy, to rejoice.

13 > 4- 13 -6th prime
YodBetAleph --- how!, ah!; pr.n. "Yah (HayYod) is Father".
(1/2 HayVauHayYod = 26/2 = 13. This instance represents desire for HayYod of HayVauHayYod as half the great name of god. Father's longing for Mother, 1st half in search of the 2nd half.)
HayDaletGimelAleph --- a band or tie; band to troop; a compacting together; arch, vault (of heaven).
(Elimination of the Bet in a straight sequence indicates lack of capacity to flow --- current, direction of passage, etc. --- thus a binding force of adhesion. Represents the limiting condition for maintenance of creation.)
HayBetHayAleph --- a loving; love; a love, a beloved or a darling.
AlephVauHayAleph --- pr.n. "Water".
HayZainAleph --- (see also 9); to light; to heat.
AlephDaletZainAleph --- settled; firm.
DaletChetAleph --- to unite.
--- one (1); first; anybody, someone; the same, sole.
BetYodAleph --- to be eager; willful; hateful.
--- enemy.
VauHayBet --- wasteness, emptiness.
ChetBetGimel --- to be high (of the forehead); forehead-bald.
HayHayGimel --- to be high; to lift up; to remove; to escape.
DaletVauGimel --- to cut or wound; to decide or destine; to bind or join.
YodGimel --- a depression, valley, a hollow; body; person; a people; troops; swarms.
HayGimelAlephDalet --- anxiety, depression; agitation.
HayDaletDalet --- to go slowly, softly.
GimelVauDalet --- to fish; a fisher.
AlephChetDalet --- to pound (vulgar term for activity in intercourse or for masterbation).
VauBetHay --- love excessively.
HayGimelHay --- to murmur; have a deep tone; coo; sigh, moan; to mutter (as enchanters); to rumble; growl; to speak; to sign; to meditate, answer, think; devise, plot; to separate, remove (dross): to take away; murmuring, whispering; sighing, moaning, muttering (of thunder); meditation; a sound.
DaletDaletHay --- to shout, cry, roar, sing; be powerful, strong; pr.n. "Mighty" --- a Syrian god "Hadad" or "Adad".
VauAlephVau --- Spelling of the letter name Vau in Briah & Yetzirah.
BetHayVau --- pr.n. "A Gift".
DaletBetZain --- to present with, to endow, pr.n. "Endower"; gift, dowry.
VauZain --- brightness, bloom; Ziv (2nd Hebrew month: New moon in May to new moon in June); this.
BetGimelChet --- to hop, spring; locust.
AlephDaletChet --- one; to rejoice; to split, cleave.
BetBetTet --- to be good, pleasant.
BetAlephYod --- to long for.
AlephBetYod --- to enter, go within, penetrate; have sex.

14 > 5- 14 -14 = 2x7
HayDaletDaletAleph --- (see also 13); to go slowly; softly.
ZainVauAleph --- to look out or hope.
HayChetAleph --- to join.
DaletTetAleph --- to penetrate, to stick in.
--- buckthorn.
YodBetBet --- pr.n. "Boyish".
HayZainBet --- to tread, despise.
--- despised.
--- prey, booty.
DaletGimelDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Cavern of the Defile", "A Defile".
HayVauGimel --- to be curved, arched; body, ridge, back; a lifting up; pride; person.
AlephYodGimel --- a depression, valley; hollow; body; person; a people; troops; swarms.
ChetBetDalet --- to sacrifice; a sacrifice.
DaletVauDalet --- to boil; to warm or move (the heart); to love; and object of love, a beloved; a friend; uncle; nephew, pr.n. "David" = "Beloved"; boiler, pot, kettle; basket.
YodDalet --- want, need; sufficiency, enough,; who, which, that.
ChetAlephHay --- aha!
BetHayBetHay --- gift, offering.
HayDaletHay --- to stretch out (the hand); to point, lead.
BetHayZain --- to shine, glitter (as gold); to be bright yellow; gold; shekels (when preceded by a numeral); gold light, brilliance; oil.
AlephBetGimelChet --- locust.
GimelGimelChet --- to turn about, move in a circle, dance; to reel; to celebrate a festival or holiday.
BetBetYod --- to shout, to shout afar or aloud.
DaletYod --- (20); the hand, the letter Yod; power, force; help; a slap or stroke; the side, the brink; space, place; a monumental pillar.

15 > 6- 15 -15 = 3x5
BetYodBetAleph --- sprout, ear (of grain).
BetHayBetHayAleph --- to love excessively.
VauChetAleph --- marsh-grass, sedge, bulrushes, Nile-grass.
--- pr.n. "Brother"
DaletYodAleph --- a turn or fate calamity, ruin.
DaletVauGimelBet --- faithless.
ZainVauBet --- to tread, trample; despise; to show contempt for; to treat with impunity.
--- contempt, derision.
HayVauAlephGimel --- exaltation, highness, majesty; pride, haughtiness; excellency.
YodBetGimel --- pr.n. "Collector".
VauVauGimel --- to be curved or arched.
HayZainGimel --- to cut out, hew; pr.n. "Quarry"; a fleece.
HayVauDalet --- to be sick; to menstruate; to be sad, languish; to spin; to clothe; sickly, weakly, menstrous; a menstruous cloth; sad, wretched; to drive or push away; rinse, cleanse.
VauDaletHay --- India.
DaletVauHay --- to sound forth, sing; to make famous, to praise; to shine, to bloom; utterance, sound; renown or splendour; pr.n. "Hod" the eighth Sephira
--- considered2 feminine in traditional Qabalah. Hod corresponds3 to the Left Leg of Adam Qadmon (161).
YodHay --- signing, lamentation. Rare spelling of the letter Heh.
BetVauZain --- to flow (water, menses, semen, etc.); flux.
AlephZainZain --- pr.n. "Projection".
HayBetChet --- hide.
AlephVauChet --- to breath, to speak.
BetGimelYod --- to cut up, to plow; a plowed field.
AlephDaletYod --- to utter, to confess; to praise.
HayYod --- short from of HayVauHayYod --- he/she is, he/she creates; god.
HayYod --- pr.n. "He Is" or "She Is", Yah --- the divine name associated4 with the 2nd Sephira Chokmah, HayMemKafChet (73). (Isa. XXVI, 4)5.
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16 > 7- 16 -16 = 24
HayChetBetAleph --- slaughter, murder..
DaletVauHayAleph --- pr.n. "Strength".
YodHayAleph --- where
--- shortened form of HayYodHayAleph, divine name (see 21).
BetVauZainAleph --- hyssop
ZainChetAleph --- to grasp, seize; to hold fast; to take fright; to join together; fasten in; to cover over; to shut fast; to take out (by lot).
--- property.
--- pr.n. "Seizer" or "Possessor".
HayYodAleph --- clamorous bird (of prey --- unclean), vulture, falcon.
--- where?, where now?, anywhere.
--- criers, howlers; jackals.
YodDaletBet --- so often as.
TetHayBet --- to shine, gleam.
--- marble; alabaster.
ZainZainBet --- to despise; cut off, plunder, spoil, rob.
HayTetBet --- (12); to prate, babble.
--- idle talk, prating.
ZainVauGimel --- to flee, to hasten away; refuge.
HayChetGimel --- to gush, burst forth.
HayVauHay --- to breathe, to live, to be or exist; to breathe after or desire; to expire, die; ruin; desire, cupidity; calamity; mischievousness.
AlephYodHay --- he, she, it; she; she is, was.
GimelVauZain --- to enclose, envelope.
HayGimelChet --- to cut into, to cleave.
DaletDaletChet --- to be sharp, pointed, to be eager, quick, fierce; to sharpen, brighten; pr.n. "Sharpness".
BetVauChet --- to be bound, indebted; debt.
AlephZainChet --- to behold, look on.
ChetChet --- a hook or ring.
AlephVauTet --- to be miry, dirty; to twine or bind together; to fast.
HayAlephYod --- to be becoming, suitable.

17 > 8- 17 -7th prime
YodGimelGimelAleph --- (a gentilic noun used for Haman --- suggests Amalekite origin).
ZainVauGimelAleph --- nut.
YodVauAleph --- pr.n. "Longing".
--- woe! (of complaint or threatening.)
ChetChetAleph --- to burn, be on fire.
--- to join.
--- to cry ah!, oh!; to groan, to howl.
DaletVauDaletGimel --- a cut or gash, furrow; a troop or band.
YodDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Fortunate"; a kid (goat).
ChetVauGimel --- to break forth, burst forth; deliver; rush, rush forth.
ZainZainGimel --- to shear off, crop off, cut off, sever; pr.n. "Shearer".
DaletYodGimel --- thew, sinew, tendon.
HayChetDalet --- to push or thrust down, overthrow.
GimelYodDalet --- to fish; fisher.
YodBetHay --- (7,12); yield up!, give!, come on!
DaletBetVauHay --- to be destroyed.
HayZainHay --- to dream.
BetVauBetZain --- a buzzer, fly, mosquito.
ChetBetZain --- to slaughter, kill (animals for food or sacrifice for a private reason); slaughtering; meal, repast; a sacrificing; a sacrifice.
HayHayZain --- to shine.
DaletVauZain --- boiling; to boil up (with pride); to act proudly toward.
YodZain --- this.
VauGimelChet --- cleft, fissure; excavation (home).
HayDaletChet --- to be glad, rejoice; pr.n. "Sharp Flowering".
GimelVauChet --- to make a circle, mark out with a compass; circle, vault, arch.
BetVauTet --- to be bright, goodly, pleasant; to be cheerful, happy; to be good or well, to please; fertile (land); fat (cattle); fruitful, fresh, fine; fair, pleasant, sweet, nice, great, ample, right, true; virtue; benefit, welfare, prosperity; goodness; beauty; joyousness; good luck; good things, blessings; the best, choice.
ChetTet --- to daub, smear over; to plaster; to besmear.
BetHayYod --- to give; give!, yield up!, set!, place!, come on!; to set or lay a foundation; a gift; lot, condition.
ZainYod --- to be about to bound or spring.

18 > 9- 18 -18 = 2x32
HayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is HayYod". (see also YodBetAleph)
YodZainAleph --- at that time; then.
HayBetYodAleph --- enmity, hate.
YodVauBet --- pr.n. "Boyish".
HayGimelVauDalet --- fishing, fishery.
YodGimelHay --- pr.n. "Exile".
HayVauZain --- to shine, gleam.
HayBetGimelChet --- pr.n. "Locust".
DaletVauChet --- to tie knots, make intricate; to riddle.
AlephTetChet --- to fail or miss; to sin; to forfeit; fault, sin; punishment, penalty; sinner, a guilty one.
YodChet --- alive; living; fresh; running (water); life; a living one.
HayGimelYod --- to be pressed or pained; to expel, separate, remove.
DaletDaletYod --- to love warmly; to cast or throw lots.
BetVauYod --- to shout aloud; pr.n. "Loud-shouting."

19 > 10 > 1- 19 -8th prime
YodVauBetAleph --- craving or need; woe! (19 > 10 reflects the need for perfection).
YodHayAleph --- pr.n. "Brother".
BetYodVauAleph --- male enemy.
DaletVauChetAleph --- pr.n. "Union".
YodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brotherly".
--- pr.n. "Union".
TetTetAleph --- to hide, conceal.
BetVauYodAleph --- pr.n. "Job", "Greatly Injured", "Greatly Hated".
ChetTetBet --- to confide; to feel confident, to be secure.
--- to be bulging, thick.
--- confidence, security.
YodHayDalet --- villagers?
HayDaletVauDalet --- aunt.
HayYodDalet --- to wet, flow; to dye; a bird of prey inhabiting ruins, kite, glede.
YodDaletHay --- pr.n. "Mighty".
DaletVauBetZain --- pr.n. "Endowed".
YodBetZain --- pr.n. "Buzzing".
TetBetChet --- to beat off, to beat out, to thresh.
HayVauChet --- to breathe, to live; to speak; to wind, coil, encircle; life --- name of Eve; a round tent or encampment, a hamlet or village.
BetTetChet --- to hew, cut, to fell; to be cut, marked with cuts; to be party-colored.
ChetBetTet --- to slaughter (cattle); to kill (men), to massacre; a slaughter, killing, butchering; slaughtered beast, butcher's meat; slayer, butcher; cook; executioner, life-guard, body-guard.
HayDaletYod --- to sound forth, speak out; to throw or cast; to stretch forth, extend.
DaletHayYod --- to become a Jew; pr.n. "Praise".
BetAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Father."
BetZainYod --- to flow away, to escape; to deliver or rescue.
TetYod --- to be about to turn aside, deliver, rescue, avert, keep off.