HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 150 - 159


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 150 - 159

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

150 > 6- 150 -150 = 2x3x52
TetLamedPehLamedAleph --- (see also 111, Peh-finalLamedAleph); tame, domesticated; combination (of numbers), a multitude; one thousand; a union; a family.
PehSamekhYod --- (870 w/f); to increase; to add to do; to do again; to do longer.
NunKafAyinYod --- (800 w/f); pr.n. "Troubling".
MemLamedAyinYod --- (710 w/f); pr.n. "Climber".
PehNunKaf --- (870 w/f); to cover, protect; covering; a wing; extremity, corner; battlement, pinnacle; flap, skirt.
SamekhAyinKaf --- to be vexed; to be angry; anger; vexation, irritableness.
NunPehKaf --- (800 w/f); to twist or bend; hunger.
NunAyinLamed --- (800 w/f); to repel.
DaletQofVauMem --- a burning; fuel.
NunYodMemYodMem --- (800 w/f); from right hand of; pr.n. "On Right Hand".
NunMemKafMem --- (800 w/f); treasure.
NunYodNunMem --- (800 w/f); number.
LamedYodAyinMem --- a covering, upper garment or mantle.
LamedPehMem --- a falling (i.e. the refuse or chaff); a flap.
LamedAyinNun --- to go in to enter; to fasten, to bolt; to shoe, put on sandals.
--- a shoe or sandal.
KafPehNun --- (630 w/f); to blow (a coal); to glow, burn, to be bright red.
--- a carbuncle or ruby (probably, actually a precious stone of a glowing or bright red color).
MemYodMemSamekh --- (710 w/f); spices.
NunMemSamekh --- (800 w/f); to mark off or designate.
YodPehSamekh --- pr. n. "Belonging to the Threshold".
MemLamedYodAyin --- (710 w/f); pr. n. "Concealment", Elam (eldest of Shem's sons, their descendants and their country).
SamekhKafAyin --- to wind or coil.
--- fetter; anklet.
--- to wear anklets.
YodMemLamedAyin --- Elamite
MemMemAyin --- (710 w/f); to cover or hide.
--- to join or combine.

151 > 7- 151 -36th prime
MemAyinYodLamedAleph --- (711 w/f); pr.n. "god of the People".
LamedPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is Judge".
QofNunAleph --- to cry with anguish; to groan; to sob, sigh.
PehYodSamekhAleph --- (871 w/f); harvest.
AyinPehAleph --- to breathe, to blow, to hiss.
--- breath.
NunVauZainPehChet --- (801 w/f); haste, hurry.
VauHayYodKafMemSamekhYod --- pr.n. "Yah Upholds".
YodMemAyin AlephLamed --- pr.n. "Not My People".
LamedPehAlephMem --- darkness.
HayVauQofMem --- a pool or reservoir.
--- hope or expectation; object of trust; a gathering or confluence (of water); a company or caravan.
QofAlephNun --- to groan or cry out.
HayTzaddiVauNun --- wing-feather, a pinion.
AlephQofNun --- to be pure.
--- pure.
HayPehVauSamekh --- a whirlwind or tempest.
AlephYodMemLamedAyin --- Elamites.
LamedAlephYodMemAyin --- pr. n. "God's People".

152 > 8- 152 -152 = 23x19
VauHayYodTzaddiMemAleph --- (146); pr.n. "Strength of Yah".
MemAyinLamedBetYod --- (712 w/f); pr.n. "Stream of People" or "Confluence of People".
BetYodTzaddiNun --- an overseer or officer; a military post, a garrison; a pillar.
BetQofNun --- to pierce or prick; to bore (a hole); to break in or crack (a skull); to tick or mark, to fix or specify; to curse or slight.
--- a bezel (gem setting).
ChetKafNun-DaletAyin --- right up to.
HayZainHay MemVauYodHay DaletAyin --- (712 w/f); till this day (inclusive).
VauChetVauYod MemYodAyinBet --- (712 w/f); in the heat of his spirit (i.e. in anger).

153 > 9- 153 -153 = 32x17
LamedAlephLamedTzaddiBet --- pr.n. "In god's Shadow"; "In God's Protection".
HayYodQofLamedChet --- pr.n. "Portion or lot of Yah".
HayQofVauBetMem --- emptiness.
MemYodNunGimelNun --- (713 w/f); players on stringed instruments.
MemYodLamedGimelAyin --- (713 w/f); pr. n. "Two Calves".
HayDaletAyinDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Border", a town in the south of Judah.

154 > 10 > 1- 154 -154 = 2x7x11
PehSamekhAlephYodBetAleph --- (874 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Gatherer".
NunAyinLamedDalet --- (804 w/f); pr.n. "Gourd-Field".
QofVauMemChet --- compassing; girdle.
NunDaletAyinLamed --- (804 w/f); pr.n. "Appointed".
MemVauSamekhChetMem --- (714 w/f); a muzzle.
DaletMemAyinMem --- station or post.
--- standing-place or footing.
HayPehYodTetNun --- drops or pendants (for the ear).
DaletQofNun --- to prick or mark, to specify by markings; to mark or notch, to keep (a flock or head, from the practice of ear notching).
--- spotted or speckled.
--- a shepherd or herdsman; cattle dealer.
--- crumbs or crusts; crumble cake.
PehDaletAyin --- (874 w/f); to be full or ample; to be redundant or in excess; left over.

155 > 11 > 2- 155 -155 = 5x31
MemQofYodDaletAleph --- (715 w/f & 204); to beat to pieces, to pound or crush to powder; to be beaten out; to be beaten small; to break in pieces.
QofYodMemHay --- to make light of, mock, deride.
TetVauQofLamedYod --- a pouch, scrip.
HayNunAyinLamed --- wormwood.
TetVauQofYodLamed --- the gathering of bones. (Reburial --- after the body has decayed and the soft tissues have been absorbed by a cave sarcophagus, the bones are gathered and permanently buried elsewhere so that the cave and sarcophagus may be reused by the family or owner of the place of temporary burial. This was the common practice in Palestine from prehistory through Roman times. It is indirectly cited in the Torah in the cases of Moses and Joseph. Cremation may be indirectly cited in the case of Ezekiel. The practice of reburial could account for the story of the Resurrection and Second Coming of Christ in the New Testament, with the Ascension referring to cremation of remains thrown out of the cave of burial --- this would have happened if the owner of the cave was not paid for its rental, had a death in his family or had second thoughts about harboring the corpse of an executed political criminal).
HayDaletQofVauMem --- hearth or fuel (on the altar).
NunYodDaletAleph NunMem --- (1455 w/f); from that time.
HayLamedPehMem --- a falling, ruins.
--- a ruin or overthrow.
QofHayNun --- to bray; to cry out.
HayLamedAyinNun --- to be high or exalted; to rise up or move; to be led or taken up.
HayQofNun --- to be pure, innocent; to be innocent with respect to (any interested party); to be free from punishment; to be quit (of an oath); to be cleaned out or emptied; to declare innocent, to acquit; to cleanse, to forgive.
HaySamekhKafAyin --- pr. n. "Anklet".
HayYodLamedYodLamedAyin --- doing or achievement.
HayPehAyin --- to cover or deck.

156 > 12 > 3- 156 -156 = 22x3x13
DaletAyinVauMem LamedHayAleph --- the tent of the congregation, the tabernacle.
HayQofNunAleph --- a cry of anguish, moaning; a type of Lizard.
HayAyinPehAleph --- the blowing or hissing one; a poisonous serpent.
YodSamekhPehVau --- pr.n. "Expansion".
NunVauYod KafLamedMem --- (806 w/f); pr.n. "The King of Greece" --- Alexander.
PehSamekhVauYod --- (876 w/f); pr.n. "He (God) Gives Increase", Joseph; the entire nation of Israel; the name of the Golem of R.Lowe.
LamedAlephQofZainChetYod --- pr.n. "God Strengthens", Ezekiel.
MemVauQofYod --- (716 w/f); what exists, a living being.
NunKafVauMemMem --- (806 w/f); pr.n. "Grandee"
SamekhVauNunMem --- refuge; flight.
HayAlephLamedPehMem --- wonder or miracle.
HayQofAlephNun --- a groaning or outcry.
QofVauNun --- to suck.
PehVauAyin --- (876 w/f); to shelter or hide; to fly; to be overcast or darkened; to faint or swoon; to brandish (a sword).
--- a wing; birds, fowl.
MemVauLamedYodAyin --- (716 w/f); eternity.
NunVauLamedAyin --- (806 w/f); pr. n. "Wicked".

157 > 13 > 4- 157 -37th prime
NunVauNunYodMemAleph --- (807 w/f); pr.n. "Faithful".
QofNunZain --- to cast, throw, to hurl, spring or leap forth; to compress.
PehAyinZain --- (877 w/f); to boil or bubble up; effervesce; to be angry, troubled, haggard; rage; judicial anger; violence.
NunQofZain --- (807 w/f); the chin (bearded); the beard; to be pointed, prominent; to be old; an old man; elder; old age.
NunDalet-HayNunChetMem --- (807 w/f); pr.n. "Camp of Dan" --- a place in Judah.
QofZainNun --- to suffer loss; losing, injured.
--- loss or damage.
HayBetQofNun --- a female (from the hollowness of the sexual organs).

158 > 14 > 5- 158 -158 = 2x79
MemYodQofZainAleph --- (718 w/f); manacles, bonds.
ChetVauPehNun DaletVauDalet --- a blown pot (a pot over a fire enhanced by forced air.
QofNunChet --- to be pressed, narrow; to hang oneself.
PehLamedChetMem --- (878 w/f); slaughter knives.
MemYodYodChet MemYodMem --- (1278 w/f); living water (running water).
NunYodNunZainAlephMem --- (808 w/f); scales, a balance.
ChetLamedMemBet ChetLamedMem --- to be salted or seasoned.
HayNunYodGimelNunMem --- satire
HayGimelLamedPehMem --- a division or class.
YodNunMemChetNun --- pr. n. "Comforter".
ChetYodTzaddiNun --- pr. n. "Illustrious".
ChetYodPehSamekh --- spontaneous growth; a flood.

159 > 15 > 6- 159 -159 = 3x53
MemQofYodChetAleph --- (719 w/f); pr.n. "Brother Stands Up".
VauHayYodQofLamedChet --- pr.n. "Lot or Portion of Yah".
MemAyinTetMem --- (719 w/f); a savory dish.
TetLamedPehMem --- place of refuge.
HayDaletQofNun --- a point or stud.
TetQofNun --- to loathe.
NunVauLamedGimelAyin --- (809 w/f); pr. n. "Frisky" or "Rolling", a king of Moab and a city in Judah, Ajlan.
PehTetAyin --- (879 w/f); to cover, to be covered; to swoon or faint.