HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 200 - 209


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 200 - 209

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

200 > 2- 200 -200 = 23x52
Resh --- Resh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Lamed, Nun; Dalet, Taw; Hay, Aleph, Ayin; Zain, Shin; Vau)
(Resh = ShinYodResh --- 510 --- Head).
NunMemChet LamedAyinBet --- (850 w/f); pr.n. "Lord of Heat", name of the Phoenician sun god.
QofTzaddiYod --- to pour out; to cast (metal); to be firm, compressed; to set, place.
TzaddiQofYod --- (1010 w/f); to awake.
NunKaf-LamedAyin YodKaf --- (850 w/f); for therefore; for, because that.
YodNunAyinNunKaf --- a Canaanite; a merchant
MemAyinNunMem --- (760 w/f); delicacies, dainty bits.
TzaddiAyinMem --- (1010 w/f); to be angry; pr.n. "Anger".
AyinTzaddiMem --- a couch or bed.
NunMemSamekhNun --- (850 w/f); marked out or specified; a field or lot.
MemYodLamedAyinNun --- (760 w/f); a pair of shoes.
MemAyinLamedSamekh --- (760 w/f); to swallow down, to consume greedily.
--- a locust (winged and eatable).
MemYodSamekhKafAyin --- (760 w/f); anklets.
QofLamedAyin --- to lick, to suck.
MemYodMemMemAyin --- (760 w/f); a people or nation; aggregation or community.
PehNunAyin --- (920 w/f); to cover or deck.
--- a bough or branch.
--- branchy, full of boughs.
SamekhYodSamekhAyin --- trodden out; new wine or must.
NunPehAyin --- (850 w/f); to be high or hilly.
MemTzaddiAyin --- (760 w/f); to close or fasten; to be firm or strong.
--- bone; body, physical frame; self, strength.
LamedQofAyin --- to turn or wind, to twist or pervert.

201 > 3- 201 -201 = 3x67
ReshAleph --- (207); to burn; to be or become bright; to light, to kindle; to lighten; to quicken or revive; to cheer; to enlighten (the mind).
TzaddiVauQofHay --- (1011 w/f); pr.n. "Thorn".
KafAyinTetNun MemVauYodBet --- (1247 w/f); in the day of thy planting (of thy being founded).
MemYodAlephPehAyin --- (761 w/f); boughs or foliage.

202 > 4- 202 -202 = 2x101
AlephReshAleph --- to be strong, courageous; the mighty one; Mars; brave.
--- to burn, to glow.
--- pr.n. "Might".
QofQofBet --- to empty out, despoil, depopulate; be poured out spread abroad.
ReshBet --- son; purely, sincerely; approved, chosen; pure, clear; clean, empty; corn, grain, feed; field; the country; cleanness, purity; salt of lye, alkali.
BetYodTzaddiYod-NunMem --- (852 w/f); of a certainty, certainly
MemYodBetQofNun --- (762 w/f); marked or distinguished men.
HayBetTzaddiAyinHayLamed --- for to make her image (of bread in the shape of a goddess).

203 > 5- 203 -203 = 7x29
ReshBetAleph --- to be strong or mighty.
--- bird.
--- wing or pinion.
BetReshAleph --- to blind stitch, weave; weave plots, lie in ambush, lurk.
--- pr.n. "Ambush".
--- ambush, a lurking; lurking-place, covert.
--- plot laying, laying plots.
ReshAlephBet --- to bore, to dip; to carve in, to engrave; to dig out; to explain.
--- pit; well; cistern, reservoir.
AlephReshBet --- to cut or carve, form, create; feed.
ReshGimel --- dwelling, sojourning; a sojourner, stranger, foreigner, visitor, pilgrim; lime; whelp.
BetTzaddiChetMem YodNunBetAleph --- hewn or cut stones.
AyinYodGimelPehMem --- aggressor or foe; intercessor or mediator.

204 > 6- 204 -204 = 22x3x17
ReshGimelAleph --- to gather; to assemble, to fold up; gaining, hiring.
QofQofDalet --- (155/715); to beat to pieces, to pound or crush to power; to be beaten out; to be beaten small; to break in pieces.
GimelReshAleph --- to plait; to weave.
--- plait or braid (of hair); weaver's shuttle.
AlephReshAlephBet --- pr.n. "Well".
QofBetQofBet --- (210); skin bottle, flask.
AlephReshGimel --- pr.n. "A Grain".
ReshDalet --- a pearl; age, generation; a period; race or class of men; dwelling; circle.
HayPehTetAyinMem --- a cloak, mantle.
DaletTzaddiAyinMem --- an axe or adz.
DaletAyinTzaddiMem --- a step or walk.

205 > 7- 205 -205 = 5x41
AlephReshGimelAleph --- roll, letter.
MemQofYodNunDaletAleph --- (765 w/f); The Lord Stands Up (to help).
ReshDaletAleph --- to gird around; to get strength; to be ample, large, great; to be powerful; honorable; illustrious.
--- twelfth month of the sacred year (Adar) from new moon of March to new moon of April.
--- name of a Syrian deity, pr.n. "Mighty One". (from Persian "atar" = fire).
--- threshing floor.
--- wrapping (garment), mantle or tunic; adornment, splendour.
DaletReshAleph --- to descend; to rule.
ReshBetGimel --- to bind or twist together; be strong, mighty; to prevail, overcome; strong man; a man; warrior; male; husband, man-child; human being, mortal; each, every one; hero, mighty man.
BetReshGimel --- to scrape, scratch, to tear off; scab, scurvy; scabbed; scabby; pr.n. "Hill of the Leper".
ReshAlephDalet --- pr.n. "A Circle".
AlephReshDalet --- to pierce the mind; to reject, refuse.
KafPehKafPehHay --- (685 w/f); very crooked, perverse, tortuous.
ReshHay --- a mountain; mountainous region.
HayQofTzaddiYod --- a casting (of metal).
MemAyinHay-NunMem --- (1415 w/f); some of the people
HayNunYodPehSamekh --- a ship (especially a decked ship).
HayMemTzaddiAyin --- strength; throng or multitude.

206 > 8- 206 -206 = 2x103
ReshHayAleph --- to shine, to be luminous.
BetGimelReshAleph --- pr.n. "Cloddy", "Heap".
HayReshAleph --- to be strong, powerful
--- to pull or pluck; to collect.
--- to burn.
--- roar.
--- to curse.
ReshDaletBet --- to scatter.
MemDaletQof-YodNunBet --- (766 w/f); pr.n. "Sons of the East".
DaletReshBet --- to scatter; to hail; hail; besprinkled (of color); spotted.
ReshBetDalet --- speaking; to speak; to promise; threaten; command; warn; sing; to drive (cattle to pasture); to drive away, snatch away (as the plague); destroy; to be behind; to be sharp, to sting; word, speech, command, precept, promise, oracle, revelation, saying, counsel, proposal, report; matters, events; pasture, range. (this word has meanings clustered around the idea of Oratory or Public Speaking --- manner of it, effect of it and pastoral subject of it.)
BetReshDalet --- to be sharp, pointed.
AlephReshHay --- pr.n. "Mountain Land"; to glow, burn.
QofVauTzaddiYod --- hardened.
MemVauTzaddiAyin --- (766 w/f); strong or mighty.

207 > 9- 207 -207 = 32x23
ReshVauAleph --- (201); to light, to kindle; to make bright, to lighten; to quicken or revive; to cheer; to illuminate or enlighten (the mind).
--- light (but usually not a luminary); day-light; lightning; the Sun; the dawn; happiness; instruction; life.
--- a flame or blaze; region of light, the east; light of faith; revelation; pr.n. "Ur of the Caldees" --- the birth place of Abraham.
PehVauSamekh NunYodAleph --- (1577 w/f); Endless, Boundless. --- in Greek (466). (Term used in Qabalah to signify the second aspect of the deity beyond the manifested universe).
VauReshAleph --- there!, see!, lo!
ReshHayBet --- to be bright, white.
HayReshBet --- to cut; to feed, to eat; to separate, select.
ReshDaletGimel --- to hem in, enclose, surround; hedge in, wall in; wall up; wall-maker, mason; wall of a vineyard; fence; walled place; pr.n. "Enclosure", "Wall", "Fortress".
DaletReshGimel --- to scratch, scrape out; to scratch.
AlephReshBetDalet --- cause, reason.
GimelReshDalet --- to step, tread.
ReshBetHay --- to divide, partition out.
MemYodNunQofZain --- (767 w/f); old age.
QofQofZain --- to run, distill, trickle; refine, percolate, filter; to burn, flame, glow; to compress, tie, bind, oblige.
ReshGimelDalet --- to gather, to brood.
ReshZain --- stranger; rim or border (of the ark); edge.
HayBetTzaddiAyinMem --- pain or sorrow.
HayTzaddiAyinHay LamedDaletGimel --- the great in counsel.

208 > 10 > 1- 208 -208 = 24x13
HayReshBetAleph --- pinion or wing.
ReshZainAleph --- to gird; to equip; to arm.
HayBetReshAleph --- locust; swarmer.
--- weavings, intrigues.
--- the latticed work; windows; dove-cote; chimney.
ZainReshAleph --- to be pressed together; hard, firm; to be compact.
--- cedar; cedar-work (wainscoting).
HayReshAlephBet --- pr.n. "Well".
ReshVauBet --- to bore, to dig; to investigate; to protect.
--- pit, dungeon; grave; cistern; cleanness, purity, salt of lye, alkali.
ReshHayGimel --- to bow down.
HayReshGimel --- to glow; to be angry; excited; to inflame, stir up; to excite oneself; contend with; to swallow, gurgle; something swallowed down; the cud; a grain, kernel.
ReshGimelHay --- pr.n. "Flight".
GimelReshHay --- to strike, smite down; kill, murder, slay, slaughter.
AlephReshZain --- something strange, loathsome.
QofQofChet --- to cut into, to hew; to carve in, inscribe; to trance, portray; to ordain laws; to decree; "digging".
ReshChet --- a noble, free born; hole.
QofChetTzaddiYod --- pr.n. "He Sports" --- Isaac.
YodNunAyin MemChetLamed --- (768 w/f); bread of affliction.

209 > 11 > 2- 209 -209 = 11x19
ReshChetAleph --- to delay, hinder; to defer; to linger.
--- following, next, second; another, other, different; elsewhere, in another way; afterwards; than; after; after so; thereupon; behind.
ChetReshAleph --- to go, to travel, journey; travelling; wayfarer.
--- arrange, appoint.
--- pr.n. "Wanderer".
--- way; walk, manner of life; lot or destiny; traveler; manner, course (of nature); the course (menstruation cycle).
ReshZainBet --- to scatter; disperse, rout.
ZainBetResh --- to cut or pierce.
ReshBetDaletGimel --- treasurers.
ReshVauGimel --- to collect, gather together; sojourn, dwell, meet together; to be afraid; to drink, suck; to boil up, to seethe, to effervesce; to excite, provoke; to roll; a suckling, whelp.
ReshHayDalet --- to run, to course; to run on, endure, last.
ReshDaletHay --- to shine, gleam, be conspicuous; to be splendid, glorious; to honor, favor; ornament, splendour, pomp; majesty, honor, dignity; my majesty; pr.n. "Splendor" --- a Syrian Fire god.
BetReshZain --- to flow, stream.
AlephReshChet --- to ease the bowels; excrements, dung.
HayYodQofDaletTzaddi --- pr.n. "Righteousness of Yah", Zedekiah.
MemYodZainAyinMem HayVauLamedAleph --- (769 w/f); the god of fortresses --- refers to a Syrian deity.