HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 110 - 119


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 110 - 119

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

110 > 2- 110 -110 = 2x5x11
HayAyinDaletLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Acquaintance".
HayDaletAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Adornment".
AlephNunChetNunAleph --- we.
QofVauDalet --- to bruse, crush; lock out, look around.
NunVauMemYodDalet --- (760 w/f); pr.n. "Pining", "Wasting".
HayKafPehHay --- overthrow, destruction.
QofBetChet --- to fold, to embrace, clasp, hug; folding (of the hands).
AyinLamedYod --- to lick up, swallow down; to roll, wriggle; to speak rashly.
NunYodMemYod --- (760 w/f); the right hand; the right side; the south; pr.n. "Right Hand" or "Lucky".
YodNunMemYod --- right (as opposed to left).
LamedAyinYod --- to go up, ascend or reach the height; to be eminent; climber, chamois goat.
NunMemKaf --- (760 w/f); to hide, to lay up or store away; to preserve, season; spice, seasoning; cumin.
MemNunKaf --- (670 w/f); to pierce, sting; a gnat.
LamedSamekhKaf --- to be foolish; to bind together, to be firm; folly, loin, flank; confidence.
DaletSamekhVauMem --- a foundation
YodLamedLamedMem --- pr.n. "Eloquent"
AyinMem --- the bowels, intestines; the stomach; the womb; the lower belly (in males as the seat of generative power; the inmost part (as seat of emotion); the belly (externally)
NunYodNun --- (760 w/f); offspring or posterity.
SamekhNun --- an elevated or lofty (object); a pole; a flag; a standard or signal.
LamedKafSamekh --- to be foolish; to make or show oneself foolish; to act foolish.
--- a fool.
--- folly.
KafLamedSamekh --- (590 w/f); to move or go.
KafKafAyin --- (590 w/f); to hem in or enclose.
YodLamedAyin --- a pestle.
--- pr. n. "High", Eli the high priest in Shiloh.
--- high or supreme.
MemAyin --- (670 w/f); with; at, by, near.
--- as long as, during.

111 > 3- 111 -111 = 3x37
YodNunVauMemDaletAleph --- red or ruddy. (also "manly" --- this word is Adonai made substance YodNunDaletAleph + VauMem).
PehLamedAleph --- (831 w/f & 117/837); attached; familiar; friend; domesticated or tame; ox; the letter Aleph; head of a family; chieftain.
--- to bind, to join; a family, a thousand; to learn; to teach
NunYodNunAleph --- (761 w/f); they.
SamekhNunAleph --- to press, to urge, to force.
--- troubles ("no secret press thee").
LamedPehAleph --- to fall or sink; to set, become dark; to be drooping or tender.
--- sunless, dark; sunset, darkness; concealment; mischance.
MemYodNunTetBet --- (671 w/f); pr.n. "Pistacias" (nuts).
LamedAlephVauAyinDalet --- pr.n. "Knowledge of God".
AlephNun HayNunHay --- lo! now!
AlephYodTzaddiYod --- come out, descended (as offspring).
MemHayVauMemKaf --- (671 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
AlephMemNunKaf --- so, thus, in this manner; as is said; namely.
VauHayYodKafLamedMem --- pr.n. "Yah is King"
HayVauSamekhMem --- a covering or veil.
NunAlephSamekh --- (761 w/f); to wear mud-boots or shoes; to be shod; booted.
AlephNunSamekh --- to be thorny.
HayLamedVauAyin --- burnt-offering, holocaust; ascent or stair-case.
--- wickedness or wrong, pr. n. "Evil" of a tribe in Edom.

112 > 4- 112 -112 = 24x7
NunYodNunBet --- (762 w/f); building.
SamekhNunBet --- to be angry.
YodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
QofChetDalet --- to thrust, push, press upon; oppressor.
QofDaletChet --- to be sharp, to pierce, scratch; a prickly thorn.
QofBetYod --- to pour or gush forth.
BetYodTzaddiYod --- established, fixed; certain, sure.
BetQofYod --- to dig, excavate; excavation, wine-vat; wine-press.
YodBetSamekhMem --- around.
LamedBetYodAyin --- pr. n. "Hill", mount Ebal.

113 > 5- 113 -30th prime
ChetDaletQofAleph --- intensely glowing, sparkling; gem.
HayQofVauBet --- emptiness.
HayLamedVauAyinBet --- married.
HayQofChet --- to cut into, engrave, delineate; statute, law, custom.
HayNunMemChetYod --- they rutted.
HaySamekhVauBetMem --- a treading down, subduing.
HayYodMemChetNun --- pr. n. "Comfort of Yah".
HaySamekhChetMem --- a refuge, shelter (figuratively a reference to God).
AlephNunBetKafMem --- pr.n. "A Band".
GimelSamekhNun --- to draw back; to be driven back, removed.
MemYodAlephBetSamekh --- (673 w/f); drunkards.
NunGimelSamekh --- (763 w/f); to check or control, to administer affairs.
--- ruler or governor; nobleman.
HayChetYodLamedSamekh --- remission or forgiveness.
LamedYodGimelAyin --- a ring, earring.
MemGimelAyin --- (673 w/f); to be pressed or bowed down, to be sad.

114 > 6- 114 -114 = 2x3x19
ChetBetZainMem HayNunBet --- to build an altar. (57 + 57 --- both component words total the same independly).
LamedAlephYodLamedMemGimel --- pr.n. "God is My Recompense".
QofYodDalet --- a look-out or watch-tower (used by besiegers), siege-tower.
PehLamedDalet --- (834 w/f); to drop, drip; to shed tears; to flow away; a dropping or dripping.
AyinMemDalet --- to flow; to shed tears; tear; "tears" of grapes and olives (expressed or pressed out juices).
QofVauChet --- to wrap up, enclose, surround; breast, bosom.
NunVauNunChet --- (764 w/f); pr.n. "Favored"; gracious, merciful.
DaletQofYod --- to burn, blaze; a burning mass.
DaletPehLamed --- to shine or blaze.
HayDaletNunHay-YodMem --- the water of uncleanness; menstruation.
DaletAyinMem --- appointed time, season; an appointed sign, a signal; appointed place, appointed assembly.
DaletMemLamedMem --- (30, 74 --- DaletLamedMem); beater or chastiser; staff, goad; ox-goad.
BetYodBetSamekhMem --- around
DaletAyinMem --- to waver, totter; palsied; to make tremble.
NunDaletSamekh --- (764 w/f); to cover or clothe.
YodLamedDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Restful".
HayTetLamedAyin --- darkness or gloom.
DaletMemAyin --- to stand; to halt or stay; to stand up or arise; to stand fast, to persist or endure.
--- to sink down, to recline.
--- with me, against me.
--- a place or station; a standing.
DaletMemAyin --- pillar or column.
--- a stand or platform.

115 > 7- 115 -115 = 5x23
AyinDaletYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Acquaintance".
VauNunChetNunAleph --- we.
QofZainChet --- to bind fast; to be bound fast; to be firm, persist; to be strong; to be severe; to be pressing; firm; violent, severe; powerful; assistance, strength; might.
HayLamedAyinYod --- a female chamois; wild she-goat.
AlephDaletQofYod --- a burning.
HayQofYod --- to revere, obey; pr.n. "Pious".
NunHayMemKaf --- (765 w/f); pr.n. "Pining".
HayLamedSamekhKaf --- folly; hope, confidence; flanks.
HayDaletSamekhVauMem --- a foundation; an appointment, decree.
HayLamedYodLamedMem --- an ear of corn
HayAyinMem --- to curve or twist (in convolution).
--- bowels; the sea (figurative reference to its complex abundance).
LamedLamedHayNun --- a pasture.
HaySamekhNun --- to weigh, to try (by weighing); to try or test; to tempt; to attempt or assay; to try to.
HayKafLamedSamekh --- pr. n. "Road"
HayNunSamekh --- to be sharp or pointed, thorny.
--- a thorn bush, bramble.
--- pr. n. "Point" or "Peak".
LamedAlephYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "God's ornament".
LamedZainAlephZainAyin --- a sending away or dismissing; an averting or expiation; the scape-goat, pr. n. "Azazel".
LamedZainAleph ZainAyin --- departing goat.
HayYodLamedAyin --- upper chamber, upper room or loft (figurative for heavens); ascent or stairs.
HayMemAyin --- to bind or join together.
--- with, at, by or near; pr. n. "Community".

116 > 8- 116 -116 = 22x29
HayLamedPehAleph --- darkness, gloom.
AyinDaletYodLamedBet --- not unto; as far as; nothing to or for.
NunVauYodLamedKaf --- (766 w/f); a pining or failing; consumption, destruction.
NunVauMemKaf --- (766 w/f); spice, seasoning; cumin.
VauLamedSamekhKaf --- ninth month (new moon of December to new moon of January).
MemYodLamedVauLamed --- (676 w/f); winding stairs.
DaletBetAyinMem --- work.
NunVauKafMem --- (766 w/f); a basis or foundation; a stand or place, a site.
LamedVauMemMem --- over against
SamekhVauNun --- to flee; to haste away.
NunVauSamekh --- (766 w/f); to be soft of sticky.
--- to be jagged or pointed.
HayAlephNunSamekh --- pr. n. "Thorn Hedge", a town in Judah.
LamedYodVauAyin --- suckling; child.
--- wicked or perverse.

117 > 9- 117 -117 = 32x13
VauMemYodNunYodAleph --- "they are not".
PehVauLamedAleph --- (837 w/f & 111/831); attached; familiar; a friend; domesticated or tame; ox; alternate spelling of the Letter Aleph; head of a family; chieftain.
NunVauSamekhAleph --- (767 w/f); trouble, harm.
HayYodLamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Yah is Lord".
MemAyinDaletGimel --- (677 w/f); pr.n. "A Cutting Down (of trees)";
PehLamedZain --- (837 w/f); to drop, trickle.
MemAyinZain --- (677 w/f); to be agitated, to rage; to be angry; to curse; raging; wrath, anger.
MemYodTetNunChet --- (677 w/f); the embalming (of the dead).
LamedAlephVauAyinYod --- pr.n. "Removed by God".
HayVauHayYod MemAlephNun --- (677 w/f); utterance of Yahweh.
HayVauHayYod KafAlephLamedMem --- (597 w/f); a messenger from God --- may also stand for HayVauHayYod or Mem-finalYodHayLamedAleph.
HayBetAyinMem --- thickness.
ZainAyinMem --- fortification or fortress; asylum or refuge.
HayBetSamekhNun --- a turn, course.
NunVauAlephSamekh --- (767 w/f); a shoe or boot; mud boot.
LamedAlephYodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Servant of God".
ZainYodLamedAyin --- exultant.

118 > 10 > 1- 118 -118 = 2x59
VauNunYodNunBet --- pr.n. "Our son".
QofYodChet --- bosom; to requite; inside of a chariot.
MemYodLamedLamedChet --- (678 w/f); pipers.
PehLamedChet --- (838 w/f); pr.n. "Gracious".
SamekhNunChet --- pr.n. "Hercules", name of an Egyptian City.
NunSamekhChet --- (768 w/f); to bind together; to be strong or mighty; to be rich, to amass wealth; strong, mighty; to possess; strength, might; riches, wealth.
ChetLamedSamekhKaf --- pr.n. "Rich" or "Strong".
MemMemChetLamed --- (678 w/f); for warming; their flesh or body.
AyinVauBetMem --- a fountain.
LamedMemChetMem --- compassion or pity; object of affection or favor.
HayNunYodGimelNun --- music of string instruments; a song; a satire; stringed instrument.
(as "song", a kind of mantra used by Hassidics to directly convey or evoke a specific emotion or sequence of emotions. Usually composed of tonal sounds mixed with few, if any, words. Usually referred to some specific event in the life of the R' who originated it. Usually not written down, but conveyed orally from one to another.)
SamekhChetNun --- copper.
ChetSamekhNun --- to pluck up or tear away; to turn out (of a house); to expel or banish; to demolish; to be driven out.
--- to be dragged or pulled out.

119 > 11 > 2- 119 -119 = 7x17
YodNunVauAleph-NunBet --- (769 w/f); pr.n. "Son of My Sorrows".
BetVauBetZain LamedAyinBet --- pr.n. "Lord of the Flys" (obtained by considering the name to be in Hebrew roots instead of Syriac), "Bridegroom" (obtained by using Syriac roots, as is correct for the Philistine usage), Balzebub --- name of a Philistine god
(2Kings 1,2).
HayAyinMemDalet --- tear.
DaletMemAyinHay --- to be set or placed.
MemAyinTet --- (679 w/f); to taste; to relish; to understand, to perceive; to cause to taste, to feed; taste, flavor; discernment; decision, decree; a decree; relish; reason; account; edict.
LamedPehTet --- to besmear, to lay on; to charge; impute.
AyinTetMem --- a planting; a plant.
GimelVauAyinMem --- a cake.
TetAyinMem --- to be slender or thin; keen or sharp; to be small or few; to become few; to grow small, diminish; to be slight or trivial; to become few.
--- little; a few; small.
MemYodTetSamekh --- (679 w/f); errors or wrongs.
HayMem-DaletAyin --- till when? how long?
HayDaletMemAyin --- a station or resting place, a domicile.