HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 210 - 219


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 210 - 219

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

210 > 3- 210 -210 = 2x3x5x7 (product of the 1st 4 primes)
ReshVauGimelAleph --- assembler; pr.n. "Assembler" (proper name of the compiler of the 30th chap. of Proverbs).
ReshTetAleph --- to close, shut up; to bind, to hamper.
--- pr.n. "Lame".
--- lame, hampered.
GimelReshHayBet --- to slay among.
ReshChetBet --- to glow, make hot, melt; to try, examine; approve, choose; delight in.
--- to be ripe, mature; a youth.
NunNunChet-LamedAyinBet --- (860 w/f); pr.n. "Gracious Lord".
QofVauBetQofBet --- (204); skin bottle, flask; pr.n. "Emptying".
ChetReshBet --- to break through or away, to flee with haste; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding.
ReshZainGimel --- to cut down, fell; slaughter, kill; divide; decide; determine; piece, part (of a victim); precipice.
ZainReshGimel --- to cut off, sever; pr.n. "A Waste".
ReshVauDalet --- to pierce (of thorns); to move around, to turn oneself round, to continue; to dwell; to arrange; a period, age, generation; race or class; dwelling; circle; pile (of wood); a ball.
HayReshHay --- (Mother); to conceive, to become pregnant; to meditate; to have posterity.
ReshBetChet --- to bind, string together, to unite, to be allied; to charm, fascinate; to hurt; conjuror; associate, a companion, friend; society or company; spell or charm; magician; partner.
BetReshChet --- to be sharp, to cut; to dry up; to be desolate, waste; to be desolated; to lay waste; dry, desolate, waste; a sharp or cutting tool; a sword; dryness or drought.
QofDaletTzaddiVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Righteous".
ReshYod --- (371/1021) Nun-finalVauTzaddiResh YodHayYod = "may it be God's will" by Noteriquon.
TzaddiTzaddiLamed --- (1020 w/f); to deride.
TzaddiPehMem --- (1020) w/f); crushing; doormat; hammer.
QofSamekhNun --- to ascend, to go up.
NunMemAyinNun --- (860 w/f); pleasantness.
TzaddiAyinNun --- (1020 w/f); to fix in.
QofNunSamekh --- to push; to supply.
PehAyinSamekh --- (930 w/f); to divide, to branch out;
--- double minded, uncertain.
NunTzaddiAyin --- (860 w/f); to be firm; spear.
KafYodPeh-LamedAyin --- (690 w/f); according to thy mouth, on thy mouth.
QofMemAyin --- to sink down, to dip, to be deep; to be unsearchable.
--- deep, unfathomable or unsearchable.
--- deep place or depth; a valley.
MemYodMemNunAyin --- (770 w/f); pr. n. "Hardy", an Egyptian people.
KafLamedMemNunAyin --- (690 w/f); pr. n. "King's Oracle", an idol or god of the Sepharvites, Ammelek.
YodNunPehAyin --- pr. n. "Hill Man".
MemYodTzaddiAyin --- (770 w/f); trees; boards, timbers; sticks.
NunTzaddiAyin --- (860 w/f); to be firm.
--- spear.
--- to close or shut up; to hold back, to detain; to rule or control; to gather or amass.
--- wealth or dominion.
--- a shutting up or closing; constraint or oppression.
MemQofAyin --- (770 w/f); curve.
AyinSamekhPeh --- to step, walk, tread, stride, pace, march.
MemTzaddiPeh --- (770 w/f); to strike (to pieces), split or rend.
YodNunMemLamedPeh --- a distinct or definite one, such a one.
LamedQofPeh --- to peel; (1068) BetReshQofLamed AyinBetPeh TawDaletQofPeh = "combat standing order" by Noteriquon.
TzaddiLamedTzaddi --- (1020 w/f); a rib; the side (of a man); side-chamber (in a temple); a fall or overthrow.
AyinNunTzaddi --- to be low, to be humble.
NunAyinTzaddi --- (860 w/f); to load, to pack up; to migrate; pr.n. "Tanis" of an Egyptian city.
NunNunYodQof --- (860 w/f); pr.n. "Smith" --- name of a descendent of Seth.
QofYodQof --- caster oil seed; raven or pelican; abnormally large testicles.
PehLamedQof --- (930 w/f); to peel or shell.
AyinMemQof --- to tie, press.
SamekhNunQof --- to fine or impose a penalty (Talmudic law: especially for seducing a girl --- punishment for statutory rape).
LamedPehQof --- fold, plait, pleat.
YodResh --- rain.

211 > 4- 211 -47th prime
LamedAyinPehLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God of Recompense".
ZainGimelReshAleph --- box, chest.
DaletVauReshAleph --- pr.n. "Descent".
--- pr.n. "Place of Refuge".
YodReshAleph --- lion; the roarer; the courageous beast; pr.n. "Leo" --- zodiacal sign;
--- learned; a scholar; pr.n. "Ari" --- sobriquet for Moses Maimonides.
ReshVauBetGimel --- strong or mighty; mighty one, hero; tyrant; mighty warrior, warrior; mighty one in wealth or of worth.
AlephReshZainGimel --- decree, decision. ---
ReshChetGimel --- to burn, to sink down, to lurk.
HayReshBetDalet --- cause, suit; reason; utterance, word; bee, pr.n. "Deborah" (217).
AlephReshVauDalet --- pr.n. "A Circle".
ReshBetDaletHay --- a guide, counselor; Vizier.
ReshVauHay --- mountain; --- name of the mountain where Aaron died.
VauReshHay --- to be conceived.
DaletReshZain --- to grow tangled or luxuriant; pr.n. "Luxuriant Growth".
AlephReshBetChet --- an associate, companion, fellow.
ReshGimelChet --- to bind around, gird; to gird on.
GimelReshChet --- to tremble, to haste, flee.
ReshBetTet --- to swell or heave up, project.
ReshAlephYod --- to gleam, glitter; to flow, run fast; river, stream; the Nile; fosses or moats; channel or mine shaft.
AlephReshYod --- to look at, eye; to fear, to be afraid, to dread; to fear or reverence; timid, fearful.
HayTzaddiAyinVauMem --- counsel, resolution.
VauHayYodNunQofMem --- pr. n. "Possession of Yah".
HayQofVauLamedAyin --- licker or sucker; a leech; a vampire.
HayVauAyinGimel YodZainYodLamedAyin --- proud boasters.

212 > 5- 212 -212 = 22x53
HayReshVauAleph --- light; happiness.
HayVauReshAleph --- to pluck; manager, crib or rack; stall or stable; a stall (pair) (of horses).
ReshYodBet --- well.
YodReshBet --- serenity.
AlephReshVauBetGimel --- might.
HayReshDaletGimel --- wall, enclosure; fold or pen.
ReshBetZainGimel --- receiver of the revenues, treasurer.
TetReshGimel --- to carve, hollow out.
ReshHayZain --- to shine; teach; warn; admonished, wary; brightness.
HayReshZain --- to strew or scatter; to winnow; to rout; to be pressed out.
ReshDaletChet --- to surround, enclose; to beset; an enclosure, room, chamber; a bedroom; a bride chamber; a storeroom; recesses, inmost parts.
DaletReshChet --- to tremble, quake; to be alarmed; to palpitate; to come trembling, to haste; trembling, anxious.
BetReshYod --- pr.n. "Adversary".
BetTzaddiAyinNun --- to hurt oneself.

213 > 6- 213 -213 = 3x71
ReshYodBetAleph --- strong one, a hero (of God).
--- very mighty, manly; a valiant; obstinate; eminent one, chief.
HayZainReshAleph --- cedar work, ceder wainscoting.
YodAlephReshBet --- pr.n. "My Planning".
AlephYodReshBet --- fed, fattened (beasts); fat, rich (food).
ReshVauDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Wall", "Fortress".
ReshYodGimel --- to boil up; lime, plaster; sojourner.
HayGimelReshHay --- slaughter.
ReshZainVau --- to bind, carry, bear a burden; bound, laden; guilty.
ReshVauZain --- to be turned away, estranged; to go away; stranger, foreigner; heathen, barbarian; to press together, to bind, to gird, bandage; to crush.
HayReshChet --- to burn, glow (of anger); to protect.
DaletReshTet --- to push or drive on; to persist; to thrust out, drive forth.
ReshGimelYod --- a heap, stone heap; to fear, to be afraid of.

214 > 7- 214 -214 = 2x107
ReshVauZainAleph --- band, fetter; belt, girdle.
ZainVauReshAleph --- ceder-like; firm.
HayChetReshAleph --- a journeying; company of travellers, caravan.
--- appointed measure (of food); portion; allowance; a meal or mess.
HayReshHayDalet --- a run, a race.
HayReshDaletHay --- ornament, glory.
QofQofVauChet --- pr.n. "Digging".
ReshVauChet --- to become gray, white; to turn pale; to hollow out, bore; a hole, socket, opening, cave, cavern, den; white linen; dungeon; pr.n. "Free", "Noble".
ReshHayTet --- to shine, to be bright, to be or become clean, pure; brightness, purification.
HayReshTet --- to be fresh.
DaletReshYod --- to go down, descend; to come or fall down; pr.n. "Descent".
MemYodNunDaletAyinMem --- (774 w/f); delicacies or dainties; delights, ecstasies.
NunAyinKaf-DaletAyin --- (864 w/f); until now.

215 > 8- 215 -215 = 5x43
HayReshVauGimelAleph --- a grain or berry; small coin; something round.
ReshYodDaletAleph --- great or large; potent; illustrious or noble; excellent (morally).
ReshVauChetAleph --- hinder part, back-side, rear; behind, backward, back; the west, western quarter; after time, future.
VauReshChetAleph --- (209); to delay, hinder; to defer; to linger.
ReshYodBetGimel --- mighty, ruling, leading; lord, master.
HayReshZainGimel --- a cutting off; desolation; figure, form; hall, court.
QofMemAyinHay --- the valley (Jerusalem).
ChetReshZain --- to scatter, to shine forth, to rise, to break forth; to break out; sprout; sun rise.
HayReshBetChet --- society, company.
ReshZainChet --- to turn round.
HayBetReshChet --- wasteness, desolation; waste places, ruins; dryness.
ZainReshChet --- to bore through.
ReshVauTet --- to wait, watch for, expect; to go round, surround; to arrange, set in a row or order; wall, enclosure; a row, a course or range; rock, mountain.
QofDaletTzaddiVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Righteous".
ReshHayYod --- to be high; to molest; to be arrogant or aggressive.
HayReshYod --- to cast; to shoot; to lay, to found, to erect; to shed, to wet, to irrigate; to tremble, quake.
HayLamedAyinMemLamedMem --- from above upwards.
HaySamekhMemAyinMem --- a burden.
HayQofAyinMem --- a ledge or parapet (esp. round the flat roof of an eastern house).
HayPehTzaddiMem --- a watch-tower; a look-out, a post of observation.
HayPehAyinSamekh --- branch.
--- division or party; unsettled opinion.

216 > 9- 216 -216 = 23X33
ChetReshZainAleph --- native; indigenous; a native.
HayYodReshAleph --- lion; pr.n. "Coeur de Lion".
--- to pluck; manger, crib, rack; stall; stable; pair (of horses).
ReshVauChetBet --- ripened, mature; a youth (of age but unmarried, draftable); young warriors.
HayReshVauBetGimel --- strength; valor; force, prowess; mightiness (of God); victory; oppression; pr.n. "Judicial Power", "Geburah" the fifth Sephira
(Considered8 feminine and passive in traditional Qabalah, Geburah corresponds9 to the Left Arm of Adam Qadmon [161].)
AlephYodReshBetGimel --- a man.
ReshYodBetDalet --- the inner or hinder sanctuary (of the temple); pr.n. "Posture", "Oracle".
YodReshBetDalet --- pr.n. "Pastoral" or "Eloquent". --- see ReshBetDalet (207).
MemYodBetNunAyin MemDalet --- (1336 w/f); blood of grapes, wine.
ReshVauBetChet --- pr.n. "Junction" or "confluence".
QofVauQofBetChet --- pr.n. "Embrace".
ChetReshChet --- to protect.
HayAlephReshYod --- fear, terror; terribleness; reverence, awe.
NunVauYodQofNun --- (866 w/f); cleanness.
QofVauMemAyin --- pr. n. "Profound".
8. G-K p. 91
9. G-K p. 93

217 > 10 > 1- 217 -217 = 7x31
AlephDaletZainReshDaletAleph --- correctly, exactly.
YodReshVauAleph --- pr.n. "Light".
ChetReshChetAleph --- pr.n. "After Brother".
ReshYodHayBet --- dazzling.
HayReshYodBet --- castle, citadel, palace; a chief city.
HayYodReshBet --- food; fatted; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding; bolt, bar.
YodReshDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Enclosure.
HayReshVauBetDalet --- a bee; pr.n. "Deborah" --- of Rebekah's nurse and of a prophetess (see also ReshYodBetDalet --- 216, 211).
ReshVauGimelChet --- girded; the girdle.
ReshTetChet --- to wave; shoot, twig; switch, rod.
HayDaletReshChet --- a trembling, terror; care, anxiety.
ReshTetChet --- to scrape, grave; a graver; chisel; stylus, metal pen.
ReshVauBetTet --- a summit, mountain.
ReshChetTet --- to burn, to inflame; inflammations, piles, hemorrhoids.
ChetReshTet --- to labor, to tire; an encumbrance, a burden.
ReshVauAlephYod --- river, stream; the Nile; fosses, moats; channel, mine shaft.
AlephReshVauYod --- is watered.
VauAlephReshYod --- to shoot.

218 > 11 > 2- 218 -218 = 2x109
HayYodAlephReshBet --- pr.n. "Yah Created".
HayAlephYodReshBet --- creation, novelty, new thing.
HayReshVauZain --- crushed; to squeeze, press out.
DaletVauReshChet --- pr.n. "trembling".
YodReshChet --- glow, heat; excrements, dung; white or fine bread; pr.n. "Cave Dweller"; white linen.
ReshChetYod --- to delay.
ChetReshYod --- to wander, travel onward; the moon, the wanderer; a month, a lunar month.
MemYodYodDaletAyin YodDaletAyin --- (778 w/f); finest ornaments.
NunVauBetTzaddiAyin --- (868 w/f); labor or travail, hard toil; pain.

219 > 12 > 3- 219 -219 = 3x73
TzaddiAyinMemYodChetAleph --- (1029 w/f); pr.n. "Brother of Anger".
YodReshChetAleph --- after.
HayYodQofBetQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin bottle of Yah".
HayReshHayTet --- a purifying, cleansing; purity.
YodReshTet --- fresh.
ReshVauGimelYod --- fearful; pr.n. "Tarrying Place".
TetReshYod --- to throw down headlong; to throw, cast down; to be rash, headlong.