Bill Heidrick's Works
(This page provides access my online writings, as I prefer to offer them. Most of these texts are fully formatted, although some are scheduled to be divided up under tables of content for easier use. Additional texts will be added from time to time, and old ones will be improved.

Bill Heidrick's Works

Magical Correspondences
Examples to help with Qabalistic analysis of words, plus a study
of origins and system for the Golden Dawn Hebrew pantheon.
A long term open project which will be augmented from time to time.
In a little while, this page will be broken up into individual pages, accessed by a base table of content

Qabalah No. 1 (English version) (Romanian version)

A workbook of exercises, meditations and notes intended to help
learn the Tree of Life diagram.
Some graphics may be improved later on.

The Road to the Sun

A record of self initiation to Tipheret with many observations
and speculations. Mainly excerpts from my extended and commented
diaries from the early 1970's e.v. Appendices on the Tree of Life with
variations and experimental approaches.
Still needs some formatting. To be broken up into individual pages with a base table of content later on.
As is, it may take the better part of ten minutes to load on mid speed V90+ connection.

Tarot Divination aid

Simple meanings of the individual cards and of the Major Trumps
taken in pairs.

Tarot Correspondences

Tables of correspondences between Tarot and various things in the
Golden Dawn tradition, with explanations on some of the associations
for the Minor Trumps.

Tarot meditations

Compound and simple meditations for the Major Trumps, the Wand Minor
Trumps and the Cups Minor Trumps, as presented in a class series
given from late 1975 e.v. through 1976 e.v.

Sepher Yetzirah

This seminal work on Qabalah, Hebrew philology, number theory, and correspondences has been adapted to conform to the Golden Dawn system from the Kalisch and Stenring translations. Notes and commentary added.

Hebrew Gematria dictionary

This grid table accesses collections of Hebrew Gematria on particular
numbers, indicates which entries are missing (no words yet for many
numbers) and which are to entries with only final letter values.
Altogether, there are about 3,000 Hebrew words in this compound
number dictionary
This section will be augmented over the next few years up to about 4,500.

The Blood Libel

This is an editorial from The Magical Link, 10/31/85 e.v., written during
the "Satanic ritual abuse" hysteria of the time. An attempt had just failed
in the US Congress to deny certain religious rights and exemptions to
Wiccan and other groups.

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