HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 30 - 39


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 30 - 39

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

30 > 3- 30 -30 = 2x3x5 (1st 3 primes)
Lamed --- Lamed.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Mem, Nun, Resh; Dalet, Tet, Taw; Yod)
(Lamed = DaletMemLamed --- 74; DaletMemLamedMem --- beater, chastiser; staff, goad, Ox-Goad)
--- As a prefix: (direction or motion) to; into; for, towards; to, for, into; to, for, against; (may express "belonging to" or "possession"); by, from; in regard to respect to; at, in.
ChetYodTetBetAleph --- mellon(s).
BetVauTetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Goodness".
HayYodVauChetAleph --- declaration or solution (of a riddle).
VauHayYodChetAleph --- (see also 24); pr.n. "Brother or Friend of Yah".
BetZainKafAleph --- deceit, falsehood.
KafVauDalet --- (510 w/f); to pound, bruise (in a mortar); a cock, treader.
HayYodDaletVauHay --- pr.n. "Renown of Yah".
HayYodZainChet --- pr.n. "Yah Beholds".
HayDaletVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Praised" --- Judah, Tribe of Judah; Judea, the Jews.
HayTetVauYod --- pr.n. "Extended".
KafYod --- (510 w/f); to strike or smite.
HayHayKaf --- to be weary, faint; to be feeble, dim; dull of sight; feeble, expiring; depressed; pale, faint; mitigation, healing.
DaletVauKaf --- to pierce, to wound; to destroy.
AlephBetZainKaf --- pr.n. "Deceptive".
YodKaf --- that; because; for; when; where fore, that; but.

31 > 4- 31 -11th prime
HayYodZainChetAleph --- (see also 37); pr.n. "Holds"
DaletChetYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Union".
KafYodAleph --- (511 w/f); how?; oh how!
LamedAleph --- that, yon.
--- nothing.
--- a strong or mighty one; a hero; strength, power; God --- divine name associated8 with the 4th Sephira Chesed, (72).
--- to, towards, unto, into; against.
--- these.
--- (definite article replacement) "the".
VauHayVauDaletVauDalet --- pr.n. "Love of Yah".
KafVauHay --- (511 w/f); to go.
YodZainVauChet --- pr.n. "Seer".
HayVauKaf --- to burn or brand.
AlephLamed --- (37); nothing, nothingness; no, not; without; not yet.
8. G-K p. 91

32 > 5- 32 -32 = 25
AlephLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Strong".
YodKafBet --- trickling; dripping; weeping.
LamedBet --- nothing; not; that not; lest; not yet.
--- Lord, Bel, Belus, Baal.
--- heart; purpose resolve.
HayKafZain --- to be clear, pure, faultless; to gain or win (in a law-suit); to cleanse, make pure.
ZainYodZainChet --- arrow, lighting. (All thirty-two paths of the tree of light, created by the Lignting).
HayYodBetVauTet --- pr.n. "Yah is Good".
ZainChetAlephVauYod --- pr.n. "Yah Keeps" --- a chronicler to King Josiah.
HayYodZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah assembles".
DaletYodChetYod --- one alone, an onely one; an only son; only daughter; lonely, desolate; forlorn, wretched.
DaletVauBetKaf --- weight; abundance; riches; glory, honour; majesty or glory. (This is the Divine Glory, used in a traditional Hebrew night prayer which formed the basis for the middle part of the Lesser Pentagram Ritual of the Order of the Golden Dawn).
VauVauKaf --- to hollow out, to pierce.
DaletChetKaf --- to conceal, hide.
BetLamed --- the heart; the life, soul; feelings, affections, emotions; thinking, moral sentiments; volition, determination; knowledge, understanding; middle or midst.

33 > 6- 33 -33 = 3x11
LamedBetAleph --- to fall or sink down, to droop; to wither, anguish (of a green field); to be sorrowful; to mourn.
--- to be moist; to be fresh or green.
--- moist spot, meadow.
--- mourning; a wailing cry.
--- truly, decidedly; but, yet.
--- river, stream; river district.
AlephLamedBet --- to vex or hurt.
LamedGimel --- exultation; heap; fountain, well; bowl; to be hollow.
VauKafZain --- purity, cleanness (moral).
HayKafChet --- to wait for; testing; a bait, a hook, an angle.
HayDaletYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Beloved".
HayYodChetYod --- pr.n. "Yah Lives".
BetAlephLamed --- to burn, to be parched.
AlephBetLamed --- to seize or raven; to bellow or roar.
GimelLamed --- a cavity or basin; a log (measure for liquids = 1/12th of a Nun-finalYodHay = 3 1/3 gills).

34 > 7- 34 -34 = 2x17
LamedGimelAleph --- to roll (of water), to flow in waves, to well.
--- wellings of dew; reservoirs of dew.
DaletVauHayYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Renown".
LamedBetBet --- pr.n. "Confusion"; Babel, Babylon.
LamedAlephGimel --- to open up, reveal
YodKafDalet --- a dashing (to pieces); breakers.
LamedDalet --- moving, swaying to and fro, tottering; weak; poor, lowly; thin, lean.
VauHayYodDaletBetZain --- (28); pr.n. "Yah Presents".
DaletBetZainVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
ZainYodZainYod --- pr.n. "Roaming".
YodDaletKaf --- according to need of; as, as soon as; when.
ChetVauKaf --- to be strong, powerful; strength.
DaletYodKaf --- wound, hurt; calamity.
BetBetLamed --- to cover up, envelop; the heart.
DaletLamed --- pr.n. "Strife".

35 > 8- 35 -35 = 5x7
GimelLamedBet --- to break forth; cheer up.
LamedBetGimel --- to turn, plait or combine, twist together; to be high; to bound or limit; to set (as a boundary); pr.n. "Little Mountain", "Hills".
BetLamedGimel --- to shear away, shave off; barber.
LamedAlephDalet --- to be tottering, to be poor.
KafYodHay --- (515 w/f) ; how?
YodKafHay --- that.
LamedHay --- there, yonder; (particle of interrog.)
YodDaletVauHayYod --- a Judean; a Jew, a Hebrew.
HayLamed --- nothing (31).

36 > 9- 36 -36 = 22x32
LamedHayAleph --- to be bright, to gleam, to shine.
--- contain; tent (both Bedowin and Tabernacle); shell or exterior of Tabernacle; dwelling place; the temple; the palace (of the Sun); people; family; patriarchal stock.
--- to tent.
--- lign-aloes, aloe-trees.
--- pr.n. "Eloha" --- divine name associated9 with the 5th Sephira Geburah, (216).
BetVauTetYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother of Goodness".
HayKafYodAleph --- how?; how; how!; where?, where there?
HayLamedAleph --- to worship, adore + god or might.
--- to be strong, muscular, fleshy.
--- will or wish; to affirm or swear by God; to intreat God (sometimes = to curse).
--- swearing; oath; curse; a covenant or agreement.
--- terebinth.
--- God; idol.
--- oak.
LamedDaletBet --- to separate; to go away; to divide, part, distinguish.
--- a part.
LamedBetDalet --- to press together.
HayYodVauDaletVauHay --- (41); pr.n. "Praise ye Yah".
AlephLamedHay --- to that side, yonder-ward.
ChetChetKaf --- to be vigorous.
HayAlephLamed --- to gasp or pant; to be tired or faint; pr.n. "Languid".
DaletBetLamed --- to or in separation.
VauLamed --- not; oh that, of if!, if!, would!
9. K-G p. 91

37 > 10 > 1- 37 -12th prime
LamedVauAleph --- to be wrong (in mind); to be foolish.
--- to knit or twist together; to be strong; mighty.
--- to go before or in front of; to be before; to begin.
--- strength; body.
VauHayYodZainChetAleph --- (see also 31); pr.n. "Holds".
VauLamedAleph --- see!, lo!; if (conjunction).
LamedHayBet --- to haste; to be alarmed, to tremble; to flee; to hasten after; to perish suddenly.
HayLamedBet --- to fall away, fail, be worn out; to fall off, waste away; mistress, possessor.
--- pr.n. "Timid."
--- to be timid; to terrify; to scare.
LamedDaletGimel --- to bind, twist; to be firm, strong; nape of the neck; to be great, high, extolled, mighty, important, precious; to grow up; growing, lusty; greatness, honour, majesty; pr.n. "Huge".
DaletLamedGimel --- to cover over; enclose; covering; shin.
LamedGimelDalet --- to float, flutter; banner, standard; pendant; to set up or display a banner.
GimelLamedDalet --- to leap or spring.
LamedBetHay --- to breathe, blow, exhale; to be vain, to act or speak vainly, have a vain hope; breath of air, a gentle breeze; breath; vanity; idols; idolatry; exhalation, mist; pr.n. of Able, Adam's second son --- "Exhalation".
YodKafZain --- pr.n. "Pure".
AlephTetYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Exploration".
ZainChetAlephVauHayYod --- pr.n. "Yah Keeps".
HayDaletYodChetYod --- life; peerless or unique. Yehudia, the highest soul in Qabalah, associated with the Sephira Keter.
HayDaletVauBetKaf --- splendid, gorgeous; important, precious things.
HayBetLamed --- to low, to roar; to burn, to parch; a flame; the heart.
BetHayLamed --- to burn, to flame; a flame; a flashing or glittering; sword blade.
AlephVauLamed --- not; oh that!, oh if!, if!, would!

38 > 11 > 2- 38 -38 = 2x19
LamedAlephBetDaletAleph --- pr.n. "God's Training".
LamedAlephVauAleph --- will of God.
LamedZainAleph --- to glide; move away; to depart; to flow off or ebb; to vanish.
--- departure.
LamedVauBet --- to spring up or issue forth, to flow; to produce.
--- a streaming, rain; produce, increase; bough; what is produced.
VauLamedBet --- Toll, tribute; consumption (tax), excise.
YodZainChetYodGimel --- pr.n. "Valley of Vision".
HayLamedGimel --- to make bare, to strip, uncover, disclose, reveal, open; betray; to fling away; drive into exile; open up; cause to migrate, lead away captive; pr.n. "Circuit"; exile, captivity; a well; bowl-shaped capital (of a pillar); oil-bowl.
AlephLamedZain --- to lift or draw (water).
LamedChet --- host, army; unconsecration, unholiness; common use.
VauHayYodBetVauTet --- pr.n. "Yah is Good".
VauYodDaletChetYod --- his or its unions; together; alike; all together.
ChetKafYod --- to be straight, even, direct.
DaletDaletLamed --- to strive or quarrel.
GimelHayLamed --- study or learning.
BetVauLamed --- to burn or parch.
ChetLamed --- moist, sappy, fresh, new; freshness, vigour.

39 > 12 > 3- 39 -39 = 3x13
LamedBetVauAleph --- (see also 33); river, stream; river-district.
LamedChetAleph --- I will begin; I will profane.
DaletDaletLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God's Friend".
ChetLamedAleph --- to be turbid; to become foul or corrupt (morally).
LamedZainBet --- to be hard, firm.
AlephVauLamedBet --- old clothes, rags.
HayLamedAlephGimel --- redemption; relationship.
LamedVauGimel --- to go in a circle, to whirl, to turn round; to exult; to rejoice; to tremble; worship.
VauLamedGimel --- exile.
HayLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, to swing, wave; to draw, draw out; hanging down or pendulous thing; thread work; weaver's thrum; locks (of hair); poverty.
LamedBetZain --- habitation; to roll, to be round; dung balls; to dwell; to cohabit with.
AlephLamedChet --- to be sullied or rusty; to be sick.
LamedTet --- dew. (in Qabalah, a reference to the free gift of the deity without need for merit or prayer).
YodBetZainKaf --- pr.n. "False".
BetYodZainKaf --- pr.n. "Deceptive".
HayDaletLamed --- child-bearing.
DaletHayLamed --- to burn, to be swarthy.
GimelVauLamed --- to scoop out.
TetLamed --- covered or secret; ladanum (gum from opium poppies)