HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 120 - 129


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 120 - 129

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

120 > 3- 120 -120 = 23x3x5
HayQofZainChet --- being strong; strength, force.
PehLamedYod --- (840 w/f); to cling to.
YodNunYodMemYod --- right.
HayHayQofYod --- obedience.
DaletVauQofYod --- a burning.
SamekhMemKaf --- to lay up, to reserve.
NunNunKaf --- (770 w/f); to set, place.
LamedYodSamekhKaf --- a fool; the strong one; Orion (in Egyptian, Sah, the constellation of hunting Osiris).
MemSamekhKaf --- (680 w/f); to shear.
LamedAyinKaf --- height or elevation; the High One, Most High; what is high, above, over or upon; on; because of; about, concerning; to, unto; yoke.
NunMemLamed --- (770 w/f); to ... from.
TzaddiLamed --- (930 w/f); mocker or scorner.
HayAyinBetGimelMem --- a turban or cap (of the ordinary priests).
AyinVauDaletMem --- what known?, why?, wherefore?
DaletAyinVauMem --- appointed time, season, festival; an appointed sign, a signal; appointed place, appointed assembly.
LamedLamedKafMem --- perfections, splendid garments; perfection, completeness.
SamekhKafMem --- to count or number; a tribute.
KafSamekhMem --- (600 w/f); to mix or mingle (especially to spice wine); to infuse or instil.
--- a mixture; mixed or spiced wine.
--- a covering (especially the veil or curtain at the entrance to the tabernacle).
YodAyinMem --- a heap or ruin.
---pr. n. "compassionate".
PehMem --- (840 w/f); pr.n. "Dwelling or Phtah", Memphis --- GR:Mu-epsilon-mu-phi-iota-sigma (795) in Greek.
SamekhYodNun --- fugitive.
MemYodKafNun --- (680 w/f); smitters (with the tongue), slanderers, railers.
LamedMemNun --- to cut off, to nibble or gnaw.
NunYodSamekh --- (770 w/f); pr. n. "Loamy", a city in the north-east of Egypt.
LamedLamedSamekh --- to be high or pendulous, to raise or heap up; to cast up (earth); highway.
--- to prick or pierce.
--- to plait or interlace.
KafMemSamekh --- (600 w/f); the letter Samekh (60); a prop or support.
--- to lay or place on; to lean or press; to uphold or support; to draw near, to lean to.
SamekhSamekh --- a moth (destroying garments).
MemYodAyin --- (680 w/f); heat or glow.
DaletVauMemAyin --- pillar or column.
--- a stand or platform.
YodMemAyin --- pr. n. "My People".

121 > 4- 121 -121 = 112
KafLamedMemLamedAleph --- (601 w/f); pr.n. "King's Oak".
NunMemLamedAleph --- (771 w/f); made solitary, widowed; a widow.
--- widowhood.
TzaddiLamedAleph --- (931 w/f); to press together; to force.
LamedYodPehAleph --- drooping, bending down (in the stalk); late; unripe.
LamedTzaddiAleph --- to lean on.
--- support, side; beside, at, near.
--- to put aside, to take away, separate; to select for one.
--- pr.n. "Noble", "Side".
BetDaletNunYodBetAleph-NunBet --- (771 w/f); pr.n. "Son of a Noble Father".
HayAlephNunSamekhHay --- pr.n. "Bristly".
LamedAlephYodAyinYod --- pr.n. "Removed by God".
MemYodAlephLamedMem --- (681 w/f); consecrations; sacrifices of consecrations; setting (of gems).
HayVauNunYodNun --- pr. n. "Abode", Nineveh.
MemYodAlephKafNun --- (681 w/f); afflicted ones.
HayNunVauSamekh --- pr. n. "Rush", the name of a city in the south of Egypt.
MemDaletAleph-DaletBetAyin --- (681 w/f); pr. n. "Serving Edom" or "Serving Adom".

122 > 5- 122 -122 = 2x61
HayLamedVauChetMem LamedBetAleph --- pr.n. "Dance-meadow".
SamekhSamekhBet --- to tread upon, trample.
MemYodAyinBet --- (682 w/f); in the heat.
NunAyinBet --- (772 w/f); pr.n. "The Lord's Aim".
LamedTzaddiBet --- to be peely, to have coatings; peelings off, onions.
HayMemAyinZain --- agitated, raging, angry, curse.
HayPehLamedZain --- dropping; myrrh.
HayLamedAlephAyinVauYod --- pr.n. "Let Him Help".
NunBetLamedMem --- (772 w/f); a burning or brick making; brick kiln; brick yard.
YodNunBetKafMem --- pr.n. "Banded".
AyinBetNun --- to gush out; to declare, publish abroad; to ferment or spoil.
BetNunAyin --- to be convex or bulging, to be round or globular.
--- pr. n. "Grape Town", a city in Judah south of Hebron, Anab.
--- a berry, a grape.

123 > 6- 123 -3x41
MemYodMem LamedBetAleph --- (683 w/f); water meadow.
AlephNunAyinBet --- (127); pr.n. "Sorrowful".
VauHayYodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
HayNunYodNunChet --- grace, favor.
HayYodNunNunChet --- (120); pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
HayMemChetLamedMem --- to marshal or prepare battle.
HayYodSamekhChetMem --- pr.n. "Yah is a Refuge".
HayMemChetLamedMem --- warring, fighting; war
ZainVauAyinMem --- fortification or fortress; asylum or refuge.
AyinGimelNun --- to smite; to blast; to touch; to move or affect (the mind); to smite hard (chiefly said of divine judgments).
--- a stroke or blow; a plague; spot or mark (on the skin); plague-spot or warning (on walls or garments); one afflicted with eruptions.
NunGimelAyin --- (773 w/f); to shut in or enclose.
GimelNunAyin --- to live delicately; to make oneself delicate; to delight or enjoy oneself; to make oneself merry; to sport or mock.
--- delicate of effeminate.
--- delight or enjoyment.

124 > 7- 124 -124 = 22x31
MemYodGimelMemLamedAleph --- (684 w/f); almug trees; red sandal-wood.
YodZainVauAyinLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God is My Praises".
DaletSamekhChet-NunBet --- (774 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Kindness".
PehVauLamedChet --- (844 w/f); a passing by, forsaking.
NunVauSamekhChet --- (774 w/f); strong, mighty.
PehLamedDaletYod --- (844 w/f); pr.n. "Tearful".
NunNunChetVauYod --- (774 w/f); pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
DaletYodPehLamed --- a torch or lamp.
YodDaletAyinMem --- pr.n. "Adorned" --- in modern times, a title used for a successor to the Caliph of Islam.
HayTetAyinMem --- a covering or mantle.
MemYodBetYodBetSamekh --- (684 w/f); surroundings or environs; neighbors.
HayVauHayYod HayLamedGimelSamekh --- the property of Yahweh.
NunYodDaletSamekh --- (774 w/f); a sort of linen undergarment like a shirt or shift.
NunDaletAyin --- (774 w/f); to be soft, delicate or pleasant; to indulge or delight oneself.
--- to bind.
--- delights or pleasures, delicacies; pr. n. "Delight", Eden.
--- pr. n. "Pleasantness", a place in Mesopotamia or Assyria.
--- till now, yet.
--- time; a season; a year.
DaletNunAyin --- to bind.

125 > 8- 125 -125 = 53
KafYodNunMemHay --- (605 w/f); necklace.
AyinNunHay --- to sink, to be low; pr.n. "Low Land".
YodQofZainChet --- pr.n. "My Strength".
LamedAlephAyinYodDaletYod --- pr.n. "Known of God".
TetVauQofYod --- what is rejected or loathed; a vomiting.
HayDaletAyinVauMem --- festival.
--- an appointed place of asylum or refuge.
HaySamekhKafMem --- a number (of persons); a price.
--- a covering; the membrane covering the bowels.
HayLamedNunMem --- possession, property.
HayKafSamekhMem --- a covering.
--- fusion (especially a molten image); a libation; truce or league (ratified with libations).
HayLamedMemNun --- the ant.
HayAyinNun --- to lean or incline.
--- pr. n. "Slope", of a place in Zebulon.
--- pr. n. "Wandering".
HayLamedLamedSamekh --- a mound, rampart.
MemYodBetGimelAyin --- (685 w/f); lovers or paramours.
--- loves or charms; fond regards, affection.
AlephNunDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Delight".
HayNunAyin --- to utter a sound or raise a cry; to cry or shout; to sing; to declare or propose; to pronounce or decide; to answer or respond.
--- to bend or bow down; to bend over; to bend down, to be low, depressed or humbled.
--- to answer of speak.
--- to be lowly or oppressed.
--- pr. n. "Affliction", a son of Seir and the Edomite tribe named after him.

126 > 9- 126 -126 = 2x32x7
HayNunMemLamedAleph --- window.
HayChetNunMemVau ChetBetZain --- sacrifice and oblation (especially to an idol).
MemKafVauMemKaf --- (686 w/f); as to you.
TzaddiVauLamed --- (936 w/f); to stammer, to mimic, to mock or deride.
HayPehAlephMem --- a baking, baked food.
KafSamekhVauMem --- (606 w/f); a covered walk, portico.
LamedVauLamedKafMem --- perfection, splendour.
NunVauLamedMem --- (776 w/f); a night's lodging or rest; an inn, caravanserai
YodVauNunSamekh --- one of the three angels said to have confined Lilith under the sea. probably "Thorn of Yah" or "Hater".
AyinVauNun --- to shake or agitate, to reel or stagger; to tremble; to rustle, to wave about; to dangle or swing; to quake; to wander about.
NunVauKafNun --- (776 w/f); pr. n. "Prepared" (name of a threshing-floor).
SamekhVauSamekh --- to spring or leap; to gallop.
--- twitter.
--- to gnaw or nibble.
--- a horse; a swallow (bird).
NunVauYodSamekh --- (776 w/f); pr. n. "Blooming", Siwan, the third month of the Hebrew Year from the new moon of June to that of July.
NunVauAyin --- (776 w/f); to lie down or rest, to dwell.
--- to move or agitate, to twinkle; to wave or bubble.
--- sin or wrong; punishment; misery.
VauNunAyin --- suffering or oppressed.

127 > 10 > 1- 127 -31st prime
HayAyinNunBet --- pr.n. "Bubbling".
HayNunAyinBet --- (123); pr.n. "Sorrowful".
VauHayYodQofBet --- pr.n. "Emptying by Yah", or "Skin Bottle of Yah".
NunYodTetNunChet --- (777 w/f); wheat.
MemYodAlephVauLamedMem --- (687 w/f); consecrations; sacrifices of consecrations; setting (of gems).
LamedAlephVauMemNun --- pr. n. "Day of God".
HayAlephSamekhAlephSamekh --- very measurably or moderately.
NunZainAyin --- (777 w/f); to be strong.

128 > 11 > 2- 128 -27
ZainPehYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God of Purity"; Eliphaz.
TzaddiLamedChet --- (938 w/f); to cover, clothe; to arm, equip; to break away, withdraw; to draw out; the girded or strong parts; the two hips or loins; pr.n. "Strength".
LamedMemNunChet --- stone; hail-stone, hard-frost.
NunYodSamekhChet --- (778 w/f); mighty.
LamedAlephYodZainAyinYod --- pr.n. "God's command".
TzaddiChetLamed --- (938 w/f); to press, crush; to oppress; to crowd out; oppression or distress.
HayPehGimelMem --- a smiting, pestilence, plague; slaughter (in battle).
ChetPehMem --- a breathing out, exhalation; expiring (of life).
--- the blower or bellows (of a forge).
BetVauNunAyin --- pr. n. "Bulging".

129 > 12 > 3- 129 -129 = 3x43
LamedAlephMemNunChet --- pr.n. "God is Gracious".
VauHayYodNunNunChet --- pr.n. "Yah is Gracious".
NunAyinTet --- (779 w/f); to stab; to load.
NunNunChetVauHayYod --- (779 w/f); pr.n. "God is Gracious".
TetLamedPehYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Delivers".
HayYodDaletAyinMem --- pr.n. "Ornament of Yah".
LamedAlephYodLamedChetNun --- pr. n. "God's Valley" or "God's Heritage".
AyinTetNun --- to set or fix in; to plant; to establish or settle; to implant; to pitch (a tent); to set up (an image).
--- a planting; a plant; a plantation.
BetZainAyinNun --- to be forsaken, to be abandoned.
HayNunDaletAyin --- till now, yet.
--- pr. n. "Pleasure".
--- pleasure (especially sexual).
NunTetAyin --- (779 w/f); to bind together, to hold.
MemTetYodAyin --- (689 w/f); pr. n. "Aerie".