HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 60 - 69


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 60 - 69

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

60 > 6- 60 -60 = 22x3x5
Samekh --- Samekh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Zain, Tzaddi, Shin; Dalet, Tet, Taw; Yod, Zain, Gimel; Aleph, Hay, Chet, Ayin).
(May be added initially or finally.)
(Samekh = KafMemSamekh --- 120/600 --- A Prop or Support).
MemAlephYodChetAleph --- (620 w/f); pr.n. "Father's Brother".
NunTetAleph --- (710 w/f); to bind, to plait.
NunChetBet --- (710 w/f); to try; to make glow, to melt; to purify (by fire); to test or prove; to watch.
(Good confirmation of Tarot "Temperance" correspondence to Samekh = 60).
--- prying-place, watch-tower.
NunVauAlephGimel --- (710 w/f); mounting, swelling; excellency, majesty; pride, haughtiness.
HayNunBetGimel --- curdled milk --- cheese.
HayBetNunGimel --- a theft; a thing stolen.
ZainNunGimel --- to gather together, store up, hide; treasurers; chests for keeping valuables, treasure-chest; coverings.
NunVauDalet --- (710 w/f); to tread, press down, subdue, have power, rule; to contend (at law); to judge; vindicate, defend, punish; judgment.
HayYodMemHay --- sound (of a harp).
HayNunHay --- they; themselves; hither, to this place; lo!, see!.
AlephNunTet --- to enclose, contain; a basket.
LamedKafYod --- (66); to hold, contain; to be capable of; to be able; to prevail, to succeed; to control oneself; to master, comprehend.
KafLamedYod --- (540 w/f); to go, to walk.
YodLamedKaf --- anything prepared or made up; what holds or contains; a vessel or utensil; garment; baggage; instrument or tool; weapons; a vessel or boat; grasping one --- a miser.
HayZainChetMem --- a sight, vision.
--- a view, a window.
AlephTetAlephTetMem --- a broom.
HayVauTetMem --- a spinning, spunwork.
ChetBetNun --- to bark or bay (as a dog).
--- pr. n. "Barking" (of a city).
HayBetGimelNun --- southward.
AlephVauGimelNun --- pr. n. ""Brilliance" or "Beauty", (Venus).
HayHayNun --- to call or cry, to wail or lament.
DaletVauNun --- to move to and fro, to wave or nod; to wander about; to wander away; to nod or incline towards, to condole or comfort; to bemoan.
--- to heap up.
--- to move off or flee.
--- a moving or wandering about (pr. n. of the region of Cain's wanderings).
--- condolence.
BetChetNun --- to comfort.
YodNun --- wailing.

61 > 4- 61 -18th prime
LamedYodChetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Strength". (contrast LamedAlephYodBetAleph = 44 > 8).
NunVauDaletAleph --- (711 w/f); ruler, lord; owner, possessor; (divinity sometimes).
--- pr.n. "Strong One".
HayYodMemHayAleph --- to hum; to growl; to snarl; to coo; to be internally stirred.
(compare: HayVauHayYod > HayVauShinHayYod --- addition of Shin = fire or divine spirit with:
HayYodHayAleph > HayYodMemHayAleph --- addition of Mem = earth or matter)
NunBetChetAleph --- (711 w/f); pr.n. "Lovely".
NunYodAleph --- (711 w/f); not.
--- where; where = no where!; as nothing; about nothing; without; of nothing, worse than nothing.
--- none; nothing.
(The highest nameable stage in Qabalah, the Void before the the manifestation of the limitless and, eventually, the One. Term used in Qabalah to signify the third and last aspect of the deity beyond the manifested universe).
LamedLamedAleph --- to lament; alas!, halloo!, yell, howl, wail.
--- to be of no account.
--- to gather in, to harvest.
--- to be strong.
YodNunAleph --- I; an; me; my.
--- ship; shipping; a fleet.
NunTetBet --- (711 w/f); to stretch out, distend, expand.
--- belly, womb; innermost part (heart).
TetNunBet --- to bend.
NunChetGimel --- (711 w/f); incline or bend.
NunVauHay --- (711 w/f); to breathe; to be vain, light; to toil, earn, bet by labor; wealth, riches; worth, value; enough.
AlephYodLamedKaf --- confinement, a prison.
LamedAlephLamed --- pr.n. "To God".
ZainVauChetMem --- a refuge; a harbour, haven.
BetTetYodMem --- the good or choice, the best part.
TetBetNun --- to look hard.
--- pr. n. "Look" or "Regard".
ChetGimelNun --- to push or thrust, to gore; to overthrow.
--- apt to push, goring.
HayBetDaletNun --- voluntariness, voluntary; liberal allowance, plenty; free-will offering.
AlephYodNun --- to be tough or raw.
HayVauNun --- to be lofty or eminent; to extol or celebrate.
--- to rest, to remain or dwell.
--- a dwelling, home; a pasture.
DaletZainNun --- to boil or cook.

62 > 8- 62 -62 = 2x31
TetNunBetAleph --- band, priest's girdle, ornamental belt.
AlephSamekhAleph --- to be strong, to heal.
--- pr.n. "Healer", "Physician".
NunYodBet --- (712 w/f, also 58/708); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
--- separation, internal, between.
LamedLamedBet --- to well up, flow, pour over; pour together, to confound; to mingle in sexual connection, to defile; Baal.
YodNunBet --- pr.n. "Built"; "Wise"; sons (of).
NunChetDalet --- (712 w/f); to grow; grain, millet.
HayNunZain --- to beget, cohabit; to commit fornication; to commit adultery; to play the harlot; a shore, harlot; religious apostasy; to go whoring (after sex, idols, the True God, etc.).
HayTetMemChet --- pr.n. "Place of Lizards".
VauHayYodLamedBetTet --- pr.n. "Yah has plunged", "Yah has consecrated", "Yah has baptised".
NunBetYod --- (712 w/f); to understand. (compare Nun-finalBetAleph)
HayGimelVauChetMem --- compass or compasses (for striking a circle).
HayVauAlephNun --- desirable or lovely.
ChetDaletNun --- to thrust out or expel; to impel or strike; to be thrown out; to be driven out; an outcast.
BetDaletVauNun --- pr. n. "Nobility".
HayZainNun --- to bound or spring; to spurt.
BetYodNun --- fruit or produce.

63 > 9- 63 -63 = 32x7
NunVauDaletBetAleph --- (713 w/f); Abadon, place of the dead; destruction; place of destruction; the abyss (see also HayDaletBetAleph).
(6+3=9 or, on finals, 713 -> 11. Sephir Yetzirah: "10, not 9, not 11. wo/f lacks 1, w/f excess by 1 of perfection. Aleph = 1 is the symbol of the no-thing, yet 10 > 1. --- This word embodies all and null, but stresses null and only possesses all by implication).
SamekhBetAleph --- to feed, to fatten; to collect, to bring together; to fill in, to cram.
VauNunVauAleph --- pr.n. "Powerful" or "Rich".
HayNunVauBet --- pr.n. "Insight".
LamedLamedGimel --- to roll, cause to turn; hollow out, excavate; a rolling; dung, ordure (rounded form or of men); turn, circumstance.
HayNunDaletDalet --- pr.n. "Low Country".
GimelNunVauDalet --- wax.
HayKafLamedChet --- wretchedness, wretched one.
HayNunChet --- to bend, turn, to incline; to settle down in, to dwell in, encamp; to be pointed, to pierce; compassions, mercies; pr.n. "Beauty".
NunGimelYod --- (713 w/f); to press or crush.
NunVauBetAlephDalet --- (713 w/f); a pining away.
NunVauGimelDalet --- (713 w/f); pr.n. "Fish-like" or "prolific" --- name of Dagon, the fish god.
NunVauZain --- to nourish, pamper; to point, sharpen; to shape, form; to deck, ornament, deck out, adorn; to be well fed.
HayAlephYodLamedZainYod --- pr.n. "Deliverance".
LamedAlephYodDaletChetYod --- pr.n. "God gladdens".
AlephDaletYodChetMem --- pr.n. "renowned".
HayYodChetMem --- preservation of life; sustenance, livelihood; a wound or sore.
BetAlephKafMem --- pain suffering; sorrow, grief.
AlephYodBetNun --- a prophet, a speaker.
HayHayGimelNun --- brightness, splendour.
HayChetNun --- to lead or guide.
AlephBetSamekh --- to sip or suck in, to keep drinking, to tipple; a drunkard.
--- drink; drinking bout or carousal.
--- pr. n. "Sabean Man", name of a son of Cush and the Sabean people.

64 > 10 > 1- 64 -64 = 26
HayChetNunAleph --- complaint; sigh.
NunYodDalet --- (714 w/f); to tread, press down, subdue, have power, rule; to judge, vindicate, defend, punish; judgment; place of judgment; tribunal; cause for judgment; wrong, guilt; right, justice, controversy, dispute; sentence, punishment; a judge; an alternate name "Din" for Geburah, the 5th Sephira.
LamedLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, be pendulous, wave, totter, hang loose; to be slack, weak, languish; to fail (of eye); to be poor.
YodNunDalet --- pr.n. "Judge".
VauMemChetYod --- to be warm, heated; to be in (sexual) heat; to rut; to conceive.
BetHayZain YodMem --- pr.n. "Gold Waters".
HayAlephVauBetNun --- a prophecy; a prophetic writing.
ChetVauNun --- to incline oneself, to rest, to settle down; to repose (also figuratively of death; to abide or remain.)
--- rest, quiet.
HayTetNun --- to stretch out, extend; to spread out or expand; to hold out or propose; to spread abroad; to bow down or stoop; to go away.
DaletYodNun --- consolation.
BetBetSamekh --- to turn, to approach; to traverse; to go around, to encompass; to besiege, to surround; to turn or change, to become like.
DaletSamekh --- stocks (a wooden frame for confining the feet).

65 > 11 > 2- 65 -65 = 5x13
YodNunDaletAleph --- (71); supreme Lord; The Lord (divinity). (G D 6+5=11: the formula of completion of the Great Work).
NunYodDaletAleph --- (715 w/f); there; then.
YodMemVauChetAleph --- pr.n. "Swarthy".
LamedLamedGimelBet --- on account of.
DaletDaletHay-NunBet --- (715 w/f); pr.n. "Son of Adad" (Syrian god).
MemYodAlephDaletVauDalet --- (625 w/f); baskets; love-apples.
HayYodMemVauDalet --- still, silent; silence; rest, ease; devotion in.
LamedKafYodHay --- a palace, temple, tabernacle, sanctuary; heaven.
NunYodHay --- (715 w/f); hin --- liquid measure 1/6 of a TawBet (= 5 English quarts).
KafYodLamedHay --- (545 w/f); a going, step.
LamedLamedHay --- to be bright, to shine; to make display, boast; to give a clear sound; pr.n. "Praiseworthy".
SamekhHay --- hush!, silence!; silently.
ChetNunZain --- to scatter; to cast away, reject; to dissipate, evaporate.
NunVauTet --- (715 w/f); to be soft, sticky.
HayNunYod --- to be violent, cruel; to oppress; to mourn, to coo.
HayYodLamedKaf --- a vessel, the kidney; the inward parts; the kernel or best part.
HayMemKaf --- like what?, how?, to pine after, long for; how great?, how long?, how many?, how often?
HayZainVauZainMem --- a door post.
ChetYodZainMem --- a girdle
HayKafMem --- a striking or beating; a stroke or blow; a wound; slaughter.
YodHayNun --- a wail or elegy.
TetVauNun --- to move or quake (said of the earth).

66 > 12 > 3- 66 -66 = 2x3x11
ChetNunZainAleph --- drying up..
NunVauTetAleph --- (716 w/f); yarn, thread.
HayKafLamedYodAleph --- I will go.
HayLamedYodKafAleph --- an eating, a meal.
HayYodNunAleph --- a ship.
--- sighing, lamentation.
HaySamekhAleph --- to trouble, injure; to hurt; to vex.
NunVauChetBet --- (716 w/f); a trier (of metals), assayer.
--- watch-tower.
HayNunTetBet --- pistacianut.
NunZainVauGimel --- (716 w/f); pr.n. "Refuge".
LamedGimelLamedGimel --- wheel (of a chariot); a whirlwind; chaff, stubble.
HayBetHayNunDalet --- pr.n. "Stinky".
DaletDaletNunChet --- pr.n. "Favor of Hadad".
ChetNunChet --- to press or fasten together.
LamedKafVauYod --- to be able.
NunVauYod --- (716 w/f); to boil or bubble up; to ferment; Greece, the Greeks (Ionia) --- "Wineland(ers)"; mire, mud.
LamedAlephYodZainChetYod --- pr.n. "God beholds".
LamedVauKafYod --- (60); to be able; to hold, contain; to be capable of; to prevail, succeed; to control oneself; to overcome; to master; to comprehend.
MemVauKaf --- (626 w/f); to group; to join, to cluster together.
VauMemKaf --- as, like; when, as soon as; thus.
LamedVauLamed --- to turn, wind.
HayBetZainBetNun --- spoil or booty, riches or wealth.
BetYodDaletNun --- willing or prompt, voluntary; a noble or prince.
HayAlephSamekh --- to mark off, to measure.
--- a measure (a corn measure containing 1/3 of an Ephah, about 1 1/2 peck)

67 > 13 > 4- 67 -19th prime
NunDaletYodBetAleph --- (717 w/f); pr.n. "Father is Judge" --- father of the Tribe of Dan.
LamedYodKafVauAleph --- to cause to consume, give to eat.
AlephNun-HayYodAleph --- where now?
LamedVauLamedAleph --- ingathering; time of harvest, 6th Hebrew month (from Sept. to Oct. new moon).
--- nought.
HayNunYodBet --- discernment, understanding; pr.n. "Intelligence", Binah ---the third Sephira, considered the feminine or passive potency12. Binah is GR:nu-omicron-upsilon-sigma (720) in Greek13. It corresponds14 to the Heart of Adam Qadmon (161).
HayYodNunBet --- pr.n. "Yah Built-up"; building.
Nun-finalVauChetGimel --- (717 w/f); evacuation, defecation; belly (of creeping animals).
YodNunBetHay --- stone-wood, ebony-wood, hard-wood.
HayChetBetZainMemHay --- on the altar.
NunYodZain --- (717 w/f); the letter Zain; weapon; ornament; sword.
NunVauDaletZain --- (717 w/f); pride, haughtiness.
LamedLamedZain --- to wave, to shake or scatter out, to squander.
TetNunChet --- to spice, to season, flavor; to ripen; to embalm (a corpse by spicing); to be reddish.
NunChetTet --- (717 w/f); to pound, crush; to oppress; to grind; the grinders (molar teeth).
HayNunBetYod --- pr.n. "He (God) Causes to Build".
NunZainYod --- (717 w/f); to nourish; to pamper.
VauHayVauLamedKaf --- (71); pr.n. "Firm".
ZainMemKaf --- to form into balls or grains.
AlephLamedVauLamed --- unless.
ZainChetBetNun --- pr. n. "Barker" (of a dog god of the Avites).
DaletYodGimelNun --- chief man, overseer; leader; prince; noble or excellent things.
HayBetSamekh --- a turn or course (of events).
DaletGimelSamekh --- to fall down before, to adore (used only of idol worship or of a man with god-like powers.).
AlephVauSamekh --- to agitate, to move hither and thither.
--- pr. n. "Devoted To Seve" (roughly "devoted to Chronos", the name of an Egyptian king Sevechus contemporary with King Hoshea of Israel).
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68 > 14 > 5- 68 -22x17
AlephNun-YodVauAleph --- wo! now!
VauHayVauNunAleph --- I will extol him.
YodNunZainAleph --- pr.n. "Long Eared".
YodNunVauBet --- pr.n. "Wise".
SamekhVauBet --- to tread to the ground, trample on (enemies); to despise.
YodVauNunBet --- pr.n. "Building".
NunYodGimelHay --- (718 w/f); covered, enclosed.
HayNunVauZain --- harlot, prostitute.
AlephNunYodZain --- pr.n. "Abundance".
MemYodYodChet --- (628 w/f); life; livelihood.
NunYodChet --- (718 w/f); grace, beauty.
MemKafChet --- (628 w/f); to be wise, to gain wisdom; to gain by wisdom; to teach, make wise; to be a well trained (magician); wise, intelligent, understanding, discreet, cunning.
YodKafLamedChet --- poor.
LamedLamedChet --- to turn, move round, bore through, perforate; writhe, be pained; to be loose, free, common, profane; to revolve, a flute; piper; one thrust through, dispatched, slain; unholy, unclean; defiled; a prostitute.
AlephTetNunChet --- wheat.
VauHayYodLamedDaletGimelYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Great".
YodMemChetYod --- pr.n. "A Relative" or "A Connection".
YodBetVauLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Plaited".
HayAlephYodBetNun --- a prophetess; a mistress of song, a female bard; a prophet's wife.
DaletDaletSamekh --- to enclose or shut up.

69 > 15 > 6- 69 -69 = 3x23
SamekhVauBetAleph --- foddering; crib or rack.
NunVauYodBetAleph --- (719 w/f); desiring or begging, poor; a poor man.
BetDaletNunYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Noble".
NunYodChetAleph --- (719 w/f); pr.n. "Brotherly".
YodNunVauGimel --- pr.n. "Protected".
LamedVauLamedGimel --- round blocks, logs; idols.
VauLamedLamedGimel --- dung, ordure (of men).
HayNunYodDalet --- pr.n. "Strife".
SamekhDaletHay --- to be green, sprout; myrtle.
NunYodTet --- (719 w/f); clay.
LamedLamedTet --- to bedew; to flow; to distil; to overshadow, to cover; to seek or find the shade.
NunVauGimelYod --- (719 w/f); affliction, sorrow.
HayDaletYodNun --- abomination; exile.
GimelVauSamekh --- to move or go, to go off or back.
--- to hedge about or enclose.
--- refuse or dross.