HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 80 - 89


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 80 - 89

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

80 > 8- 80 -80 = 24x5
Peh --- Peh.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Bet, Vau, Mem; Kaf,Qof; Chet,Ayin)
(Peh = AlephPeh or HayPeh --- 81 or 85 --- Mouth. AlephPeh also has the meaning: here).
HayAyinBetGimel --- hill.
AyinZainGimel --- to cut off, hew down; stem, trunk, stump; sapling.
KafZainNunGimel --- (560 w/f); treasuries.
HayLamedMemHay --- (86); abundance; force; multitude.
DaletVauSamekhYod --- (74, 85); foundation, princes; pr.n. "Yesod", "Foundation" or "Basis" name of the 9th Sephira. Yesod corresponds20 to the Genital Organs of Adam Qadmon (161).
AyinYod --- a shovel (for removing the ashes from the altar).
HayNunHayKaf --- priesthood; priestly office.
LamedLamedKaf --- to deck (with a garland), to crown; to kindle or glow; to complete; pr.n. "Perfection".
SamekhKaf --- throne; banner.
DaletVauMemLamed --- accustomed to or familiar with; a disciple or adherent.
MemMem --- (640 w/f); the letter Mem; water.
GimelLamedZainMem --- fork, flesh-hook
KafKafMem --- (560 w/f); to fall to pieces, go to ruin.
YodDaletVauSamekh --- pr. n. "Confidant"
KafSamekh --- (560 w/f); a thicket; a crowd or mass (of people).
--- a boot or hut; the tabernacle.
HayBetGimelAyin --- lust or passion.
VauDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
DaletVauAyin --- still, while, yet, again; further, longer; besides.
--- to turn or wind, to bind; to be strong or firm; to endure or continue; to certify or assure, to exhort or comfort; to ratify or sanction; to bind fast or ensnare.
AlephTetAyin --- counsel or discretion.
YodAyin --- a ruin.
20. G-K p. 93

81 > 9- 81 -81 = 34
YodBetSamekhChetAleph --- pr.n. "I Will Trust in HayYod".
LamedYodLamedYodAleph --- yell, howl.
MemLamedYodAleph --- (641 w/f & 71/631); projection, molding.
--- trees.
MemYodLamedAleph --- (641 w/f); rams.
NunLamedAleph --- (731 w/f & 91/741); these.
MemMemAleph --- (641 w/f); to join; to combine.
--- pr.n. "A Rendezvous".
YodKafNunAleph --- I.
KafSamekhAleph --- (561 w/f); to pour out, to anoint.
PehAleph --- (801 w/f); also; addition; accession; too, yea more, even.
--- breathing; the nose; anger; the nostrils; the face; two persons.
TetAyinBet --- to kick; tread, trample on; to despise or spurn.
NunVauYodZainChet --- (731 w/f); pr.n. "Vision"; a revelation.
HayLamedChetLamedChet --- trembling, anguish.
AyinBetTet --- to sink, press into; to impress; to go deep.
VauHayYodLamedKafYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Able"; (75).
AlephLamedMemYod --- (85); pr.n. "He Fills Up".
AlephSamekhKaf --- to cover, a set time, festival; the new or full moon; a chair, throne; seat (of high priest, of judgment); tribunal.
AlephYodLamedYodLamed --- night.
MemAlephMem --- (641 w/f); to fail. to be deficient.
HayLamedVauMem --- circumcision.
VauHayKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
HayDaletBetAyin --- labor; work or business; tillage or husbandry; service, sacred ministry or employment (of the priests and Levites); furniture.
TetBetAyin --- to knit or bind; to pledge or pawn.
AlephVauDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Timely" or "Seasonable" (the prophet Iddo, author of some lost historical works and also the name of the grandfather of the prophet Zechariah).
BetGimelVauAyin --- a pipe or flute.
HayVauAyin --- to bend, to twist; to be perverse.
--- overthrow; a ruin.
--- pr. n. "Ruin".

82 > 10 > 1- 82 -82 = 2x41
YodAyinBet --- prayer.
HayAyinZain --- sweat.
LamedVauChetLamedChet --- pr.n. "Full of Holes".
DaletYodSamekhChet --- kind, merciful;; pious, godly; gracious.
HayYodNunZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
SamekhBetKaf --- to tread, to trample; to wash clothes.
AlephNun-LamedAleph --- nay, pray!, Oh no!.
MemYodBetLamed --- (642 w/f); Libyans.
NunBetLamed --- (732 w/f); to be white; to make bricks; to burn parch or bake; white.
LamedBetNun --- to droop or wither; to fade or pass away, to perish (said of the heavenly bodies, of men, of land).
--- to gush out or flow.
--- to sound aloud.
--- foolish; impious.
--- we fade.
--- a leather bottle; vessel, earthen pitcher.
--- a lyre or harp.
KafBetSamekh --- (562 w/f); to interweave or interlace.
--- a thicket.
YodBetAyin --- denseness, compactness.
--- thickness.
DaletBetVauAyin --- pr. n. "Worshipper" or "Servant", the grandfather of King David.
HayZainAyin --- to harbor or succour; pr. n. "Strong Place".

83 > 11 > 2- 83 -23rd prime
ChetLamedMemHay --- to be salted or bathed in salt water --- said of newborn infants.
MemYodLamedGimel --- (643 w/f); pr.n. "Fountains".
DaletVauMemLamedGimel --- hard; unfruitful; shrivelled, famished.
YodLamedMemGimel --- pr.n. "Camelman".
MemMemGimel --- (643 w/f); to join, gather together, combine; strive after, long for.
PehGimel --- (803 w/f); a back or a ridge; body, person; wing.
LamedMemYodGimel --- the letter Gimel (var. spelling); a camel.
AyinVauZain --- to move, shake; to tremble, agitate, disquiet.
HayLamedMemChet --- pity.
HayKafNunChet --- dedication; sacrifice of dedication.
HayLamedTetLamedTet --- a hurling down.
HayYodNunZainAlephYod --- (89); pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
AyinGimelYod --- to pain; to labor, toil; to be weary; labor, wages; weary, exhausted; weak, flagging.
LamedVauDaletGimelMem --- tower, platform; raised parterre.
HayLamedChetMem --- a dance.
--- pr.n. "An Invalid".
--- disease; sickness.
--- holes or caves.
HayChetLamedMem --- saltness, a barren place.
LamedGimelNun --- to pierce or cut.
AlephKafBetSamekh --- a sambuca (an instrument like a harp).
ZainVauAyin --- to flee or haste.

84 > 12 > 3- 84 -84 = 22x3x7
LamedAlephMemYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father of Ma'el".
MemYodLamedGimelAleph --- (644 w/f); 2 Wells (a city in Moab).
PehGimelAleph --- (804 w/f); to envelope.
--- wings, troops.
MemMemDalet --- (644 w/f; 45/605); to be dumb, silent; to be struck dumb; to be amazed; to rest, to leave off; to stand still; to become silent; to be destroyed.
HayMemLamedChetAleph --- a precious stone (perhaps amethyst or agate).
HayLamedVauMemGimel --- benefit, punishment.
HayDaletAyinHay --- the congregation (of Israel).
MemVauLamedChet --- (644 w/f); a dream; fancy, folly, trifle.
LamedVauMemChet --- pr.n. "Spared".
KafVauNunChet --- (564 w/f); pr.n. "Teaching" or "Initiation" --- said of a son of Cain.
HayAyinTet --- to wander.
AyinDaletYod --- to fix or settle; to know; to understand; to be aware; to respect; to be acquainted with; to have sexual intimacy; to know of or about; to be skilled; to discern; to know how; to cut, lacerate; to perceive, understand; pr.n. "Intelligent".
DaletAyinYod --- to define, fix; to fix on, betroth; to bring together, assemble.
MemVauChetLamed --- (644 w/f); food, meat; flesh, body.
YodDaletMemLamed --- for what was needed; sufficiently.
LamedZainVauAlephMem --- something spun; thread or yarn.
LamedVauChetMem --- a wheeling round, a dance; pr.n. "Dance".
ChetVauLamedMem --- sea-purslain or marsh-mallow (a brackish plant eaten only by poor).
MemDaletMem --- (644 w/f); some of the blood.
YodDaletAyin --- duration or time (of life), age; ornament or adorning; gear or trappings (of a horse).
DaletDaletVauAyin --- pr. n. "A Setter Up".
DaletGimelZainAyin --- pr. n. "Strong is Fortune".
ZainZainAyin --- to strengthen, to make firm or mighty; to be or become strong.
HayTetAyin --- to cover; to put on or wear; to wrap or fold up.
--- to rush or haste.

85 > 13 > 4- 85 -85 = 5x17
DaletDaletVauMemLamedAleph --- pr.n. "The Tall".
DaletPehAleph --- to bind, to gird round.
--- (91) covering; an ephod; a cope; an idol or image.
AyinYodBetGimel --- chalice, goblet; the cup of flowers, calix.
LamedAlephNunDalet --- (95); pr.n. "Daniel", "God is Judge".
MemMemHay --- (645 w/f); to make a noise; to rattle, to set in commotion; discomfit; to impel, urge forward, scatter, destroy utterly.
LamedAlephVauMemChet --- pr.n. "God's Anger".
MemLamedHayYod --- (645 w/f); a precious stone; diamond or adamant.
HayYodLamedYodKafYod --- pr.n. "Yah is Able".
HayDaletVauSamekhYod --- foundation.
HayAyinYod --- to collect, snatch up; to take out, to remove.
HaySamekhKaf --- to cover; a set time, festival; the new or full moon; a chair or throne.
NunHayLamed --- (735 w/f); therefore, for these; except; but.
HayDaletLamedVauMem --- pr.n. "Birth" of a town in Judah.
HayGimelLamedZainMem --- fork.
HayYodKafYodMem --- pr.n. "Who Like Yah?".
LamedHayNun --- to move on.
HayLamedNun --- to reach the mark, to attain, to finish.
HayKafSamekh --- to cut away; to castrate.
--- a booth (made of interlaced boughs), an arbor; a tent; a dwelling.
HayDaletVauAyin --- bundle.
TetVauAyin --- to loathe.
--- to rush or dash.
--- to cut or grave.
BetVauZainAyin --- freed.
YodAyinHay --- pr. n. "The Ruin".

86 > 14 > 5- 86 -86 = 2x43
HayPehAleph --- Ephah (dry measure --- small and scanty, full, two hinds -- etc.).
--- where?; how?, what sort?
--- to bake; baker.
MemYodHayLamedAleph --- (646 w/f); gods (esp. goddesses); god; goddess; rulers; priests; Yah. ("pluralis excellentiae or majestaticus" --- as "we" = I --- god as a sum of forces).
pr.n. "Elohim" --- divine name associated21 with the 6th Sephira Tipheret, (1081).
(In place of or explaining development of "the majestic plural":
Mem-finalYodHayLamedAleph is the masculine plural of a feminine word ='s "male and female gods and goddesses." Perhaps a trinity of Mars + Venus + Mercury)
MemYodLamedBetDalet --- (646 w/f); pr.n. "Double Cake".
HayLamedVauMemHay --- (80); abundance; force; multitude.
SamekhVauKaf --- to enfold, to keep in, hold in; to contain; a cup; a lot or portion; pelican, cormorant.
NunVauYodKaf --- (736 w/f); pr.n. "Statue" or "Pillar"; Saturn as an image or idol.
NunVauLamed --- (736 w/f); to pass the night; to lodge; to stop for the night; to turn in; to dwell or abide; to execrate.
MemVauMem --- (646 w/f); to lack, be defective; a want or defect; a blemish or fault
(of body or mind.)
YodVauLamedMem --- pr.n. "I Spoke"
LamedVauNun --- to foul or soil.
KafVauSamekh --- (566 w/f); to anoint.
--- to enclose.
--- to tangle together.
YodDaletBetAyin --- pr. n. "Servant of Yah".
21. G-K p. 91

87 > 15 > 6- 87 -87 = 3x29
AyinDaletYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father Knows".
MemYodLamedVauAleph --- (647 w/f); the mighty ones; princes.
PehVauAleph --- (807 w/f); to surround, to contain.
NunVauLamedAleph --- (737 w/f); strong one; oak.
KafVauSamekhAleph --- (567 w/f); unguent-flask.
VauPehAleph --- (88); to bake; baker.
--- here; now then; do this then; thus; if not so.
NunDaletAlephLamedBet --- (737 w/f); pr.n. "Strong Will", "Stout-hearted".
NunHayLamedBet --- (737 w/f); pr.n. "Timorous".
HayMemYodLamedBet --- not-anything, nothing.
HayYodDaletVauSamekhBet --- pr.n. "In Council of Yah".
PehDaletGimel --- (807 w/f); to cut off to use cutting words; to reproach, to blaspheme.
BetYodAyinHay --- to becloud; to degrade.
AyinYodZain --- pr.n. "Agitation".
MemMemZain --- (647 w/f); to hum, mutter; meditate; to consider, propose; to form a plot or plan; to resolve; plan, purpose.
HayYodDaletSamekhChet --- pr.n. "Mercy of Yah".
HayDaletYodSamekhChet --- the affectionable or kind bird; the stork.
AyinZainYod --- to flow, run; sweat.
LamedAlephVauMemYod --- pr.n. "God's Day". (Sabbath).
ZainAyinYod --- to be strong, firm; bold, shameless; to decide, order, command.
HayNunBetLamed --- the moon; the white or pale; a brick or tile; whiteness, brightness or luster; the storax tree; frankincense.
MemYodBetHayLamed --- (647 w/f); pr.n. "Libyans".
MemVauAlephMem --- (647 w/f); failure, defect.
HayLamedBetNun --- folly; wickedness; punishment (of wickedness).
--- corpse; carcas; trunk (of an idol).
LamedZainNun --- to flow or run; to be fluent.
--- to turn in, to lodge.
HayDaletVauBetAyin --- labor; work or business; tillage or husbandry; service, sacred ministry or employment (of the priests and Levites); furniture.
TetVauBetAyin --- a pledge or pawn
AlephDaletYodBetAyin --- labor or work; business or administration.
AlephYodVauAyin --- perversity or sin.
YodZainAyin --- pr. n. "My Might".

88 > 16 > 7- 88 -88 = 23x11
AlephVauPehAleph --- so, therefore; here; now then; do this then; thus; if not so; (87).
ZainPehAleph --- to spring up, to be high.
HayAyinVauZain --- a shaking, disquieting.
HayVauAyinZain --- agitation, terror.
MemLamedYodChet --- (648 w/f); pr.n. "People's Fort."
NunLamedChet --- (738 w/f); pr.n. "Strong".
MemMemChet --- (648 w/f); to be warm, hot; to be in heat.
KafYodNunChet --- (568 w/f); initiated men; trained or drilled (for war).
PehChet --- (808 w/f); polished, rubbed, smooth; clean, guiltless; coast, shore, heaven (harbor); bosom, bay.
VauHayYodNunZainYod --- pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
ChetSamekhKaf --- to cut or lop off.
YodMemChetLamed --- Bethlehemite; pr.n. "Warrior".
NunChetLamed --- (738 w/f); to importune, to be lewd.
LamedAlephYodDaletGimelMem --- pr.n. "Praise of God".
HayMemGimelMem --- a gathering, a crowd or troop.
YodLamedChetMem --- pr.n. "Weakling".
LamedChetNun --- to grasp, get hold of; to possess or inherit; to dispossess; to give in possession, to distribute or alot.
--- to move or flow along.
--- to bore or make hollow.
--- a burrowed or excavated place, shaft (of a mine); a channel or ravine, a wady; a brook or torrent, stream.
YodDalet DaletAyin --- till that, ere that.

89 > 17 > 8- 89 -24th prime
MemDaletMemDaletAleph --- (649 w/f); reddish or red spotted.
ChetPehAleph --- to puff, to pant.
NunLamedVauGimel --- (739 w/f); pr.n. "Circuit".
PehVauGimel --- (809) w/f); to be gibbous, bulging; to enclose.
NunVauLamedGimel --- (739 w/f); pr.n. "Circuit".
HayMemMemDalet --- silence; stillness (of winds), a calm.
HayPehDalet --- to strike, push against.
PehDaletHay --- (809 w/f); to thrust, push; to overthrow, repulse, drive out, expel.
DaletYodAyinHay --- to testify or bear witness; to cause to testify, to take for witness.
MemYodAlephLamedChet --- (649 w/f); necklaces.
AlephPehChet --- to cover, hide.
PehTet --- (809 w/f); little ones; young children; a family.
VauHayYodNunZainAlephYod --- (83); pr.n. "Yah Gives Ear".
TetAyinYod --- to clothe; to counsel; a counselor.
AlephNunChetLamed --- concubine.
LamedYodTetMem --- a bar (of iron).
LamedTetNun --- to take up, to raise a weight, to hoist; to lift or put on; to impose;
--- to lift up.
--- a burden or load.
HayYodDaletAyin --- pr. n. "Ornament of Yah".
TetYodAyin --- ravenous beast; bird of prey, an eagle.