HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 50 - 59


Hebrew Gematria: Values from 50 - 59

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © by Bill Heidrick

50 > 5- 50 -50 = 2x52
Nun --- Nun.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Lamed, Mem, Resh).
(May be added initially or medially or finally. May be assimilated or dropped).
(Nun = Nun-finalVauNun --- 106/756 --- Fish).
HayMemDaletAleph --- (see also 450 & 49); firm ground, earth; land or soil; tract of land, territory, country; the whole earth, the globe.
--- pr.n. "Fortress"
--- to flow; to become or be similar or like; to compare, use similitude; to think or deem; to remember; dumb or silent; to rest, to be destroyed; silence.
MemTetAleph --- (610 w/f); to close.
LamedBetZainYodAleph --- pr.n. "Unwedded".
MemZainGimel --- (610 w/f); to cut off, devour; locust.
ZainMemGimel --- to be hard, firm.
MemVauDalet --- (610 w/f); to be dumb; to rest.
VauYodLamedDalet --- to move to and fro, be pendulous, wave, totter, hang loose.
HayMemHay --- to hum, growl, snarl, coo, groan; to sound, roar, splash; to make a din; to be internally stirred; to be agitated; to buss about; they.
AlephMemTet --- to plunge; to be soiled, sullied, polluted; to be unholy; unclean.
HayLamedAlephDaletYod --- pr.n. "Poverty-stricken."
DaletVauLamedYod --- one born.
MemYod --- (610 w/f); a humming, roaring; the sea, a large river, the Nile, Euphrates; a reservoir; the West; warm springs.
LamedKaf --- completeness, totality, all; the whole; every; any one; wholly; altogether.
VauDaletMem --- garment.
GimelZainMem --- to mix.
--- mixture; spiced wine.
AlephTetMem --- to reach or come to.
YodMem --- who? (always suggests a person, even if applied to a thing); whoever, every one.
(In Qabalah, much is made of contrasting YodMem and AlephMem, "who" and "what"; signifying presence of lack of person, 10 v. 1, and the significance of words spelled with either of the pair of letters. This significance is held to reflect strongly on 50 and 41. In particular, the 10 v. 1 aspect is sometimes taken to deny the existence of personality in the highest soul).

51 > 6- 51 -51 = 3x17
MemVauDaletAleph --- (611 w/f; see also 45/605); the land of Edom, Essau or his posterity the Idumeans.
MemYodAleph --- (611 w/f); to alarm, to be noisy, to rage.
--- fearful, terrible.
--- terrors, idols.
LamedKafAleph --- to eat (often used of sword, fire, hunger, pestilence, idols, etc.)
--- eating; food; provision; prey.
--- pr.n. "I Am Able".
KafLamedAleph --- (531 w/f); these.
NunAleph --- (701 w/f & see 57/707, 61/711); pr.n. of Heliopolis, with ShinMemShin TawYodBet;
--- where?, whither?
--- ah now!, ah I pray thee!
--- to be nothing, naughty, wicked; to make effort, labor; to be exausted, to suffer; to earn by labour.
MemChetGimel --- (611 w/f); to glow, to flame; pr.n. "Live Coal".
MemVauHay --- (611 w/f); to roar, to be noisy; to agitate.
VauMemHay --- them.
HayLamedVauBetChet --- wrong, harm.
AlephMemYod --- to be bright, warm.
AlephLamedKaf --- to hold, confine, shut up; to restrain, keep back; enclosure; a prison; demarcation.
KafAlephLamed --- (531 w/f); to go (business or errand); to send or dispatch.
HayYodVauLamed --- wreath, garland.
TetBetMem --- look-out, expectation, hope.
AlephBetChetMem --- concealment, hiding-place.
AlephNun --- raw or under-done.
--- now!, pray! (particle or interjection of wishing or inciting).
--- pr. n. "House of Ammon", Thebes (in Egypt).

52 > 7- 52 -52 = 22x13
LamedTetYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Shelter".
VauHayYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is God". (see also 46).
AlephBetChetYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "God Hideth".
AlephNunAleph --- (see also 56); I (first person singular); ah now!, ah pray thee!
HayMemHayBet --- dumb beast; cattle; tame beasts; beast of burden; wild beasts.
NunBet --- (702 w/f); a sage.
--- son; king's son, a prince; boy, youth; grandson; descendants, posterity; a young one (beasts & birds).
HayYodLamedDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Great is Yah".
MemHayZain --- (612 w/f); to be foul, rancid; pr.n. "Loathing".
HayMemZain --- thought, plan, plot; counsel; mischief, crime; lewdness, incest; revolt, apostasy.
YodLamedDaletChet --- pr.n. "forbearing".
YodDaletLamedChet --- pr.n. "Long-lived" or "Worldly".
DaletMemChet --- to be warm, eager; to strive after something; to desire or covet; to take pleasure or delight in; attractiveness, pleasantness.
MemBetYod --- (612 w/f); to long for, to become attached; brother-in-law, husband's brother; to act the brother-in-law, to perform the levirate (impregnate your brother's widow to get him a son, the duty broken by Onan).
LamedBetKaf --- to bind, combine; a bond or fetter.
BetLamedKaf --- to weave, plait; dog; to be fierce, bold; pr.n. "Bold", "Brave", Caleb; a male prostitute, catamite.
AlephTetBetMem --- rash utterance.
GimelVauGimelMem --- pr.n. "Magog".
HayZainMem --- to suck out; to collect or store up; sucked out, exhausted. --- pr.n. "Firm".
DaletChetMem --- to be renowned.
BetNun --- pr. n. "Hill", of a city of the priests near Jerusalem.

53 > 8- 53 -16th prime
MemYodBetAleph --- (613 w/f); pr.n. "Father of Day".
NunBetAleph --- (703 w/f); to glow steadily; to build; to be firm.
--- to turn round.
--- stone, rock; hailstone. (Nun-finalBetAleph = Nun-finalBet (son) + BetAleph (father)).
--- round plate or disk; midwife stool; potter's stool or wheel.
HayBetYodLamedHayAleph --- pr.n. "My Tabernacle in Her" --- symbolic of Jerusalem.
AlephVauHayYodLamedAleph --- pr.n. "Yah is God" --- see also 46.
VauLamedYodHayBet --- eagerness, haste.
AlephNunBet --- build.
NunGimel --- (703 w/f); enclosure, garden, orchard. park.
HayLamedYodChet --- writhing, pain; strength, bulwark.
HayYodLamedChet --- trinket, ornament.
HayMemChet --- to bind or join, hold, enclose; to be hot, to glow; heat, excitement; wine; anger; poison; warmth; the sun.
YodLamedGimelYod --- pr.n. "An Exile".
BetAlephLamedKaf --- pr.n. "Restrained".
VauDaletGimelMem --- pr.n. "Place of Troops", "Megiddo".
VauZainMem --- garner
HayChetMem --- to wipe; to wipe out (erase letters); to forgive (sins); to wipe off men (get rid of them); to touch on.
--- full of marrow.
AlephBetNun --- to bubble up or pour forth; to announce or tell; to speak as moved by divine impulse, to prophesy; to speak as a prophet or bard, to chant or sing; to rave; to act the madman.

54 > 9- 54 -54 = 2x33
NunGimelAleph --- (704 w/f); basin, cup. --- to enclose, to hold or contain.
YodMemDalet --- stillness, rest.
NunDalet --- (704 w/f); pr.n. "Judge"; tribe of Dan; Dan --- a Phoenician deity also called Eshmun; this.
LamedAlephYodDaletBetZain --- pr.n. "god's Present".
MemVauChet --- (614 w/f); to burn, to be scorched; black, dark-colored.
HayAlephMemChet --- soft curds; curdled milk.
HayMemTet --- unclean, condemned; stolid.
DaletYodLamedYod --- one born; descendant.
DaletKafLamed --- to take or catch; to seize; to master, to capture; to select or choose; snaring.
HayAlephVauBetMem --- entrances, havens.
HayZainBetMem --- contempt.
ChetBetDaletMem --- an altar.
ZainZainMem --- to be firm.
HayTetMem --- downwards.
--- a branch or shoot; a rod or stick; a scepter; empire; a spear; a stem or tribe.
--- a couch, divan; a litter or palanquin; a bear (for the dead).
--- spreadings or expansions.
--- a stretching or straining.
BetBetNun --- to bore through or make hollow; vain, foolish.
DaletNun --- a heap; waves (poetic reference to waves as heaped up in the sea).

55 > 10 > 1- 55 -55 = 5x11
YodMemDaletAleph --- pr.n. of a city "Human".
--- pr.n. "Edomite", "Idumean".
NunDaletAleph --- (705 w/f); to make firm, to settle, to rule or govern.
--- strong.
--- foundation, pedestal; basis (of a pillar) or timbers underlying (wooden partitions).
MemYodBetGimel --- (615 w/f); pr.n. "Cisterns" or "Locusts".
NunBetGimel --- (705 w/f); gibbous, to curve; hunch-backed.
BetNunGimel --- to steal, rob; thief.
HayMemVauDalet --- stillness; the grave.
VauHayYodLamedDalet --- pr.n. "Yah hath saved"; (49).
LamedKafHay --- to take, receive, hold; to be strong, firm.
KafLamedHay --- (535 w/f); to go; to be going to die; to spread; to extend; float; flow; continue, keep on; to walk, to live, pursue a way of life; to go away, to disappear, be gone, depart, die; a way, course, stream; a way-tax, toll.
NunHay --- (705 w/f); they; you, this, that; lo!, behold!; if; whether?
HayAlephMemTet --- uncleanness; impurity; an unclear thing.
LamedAlephVauChetYod --- pr.n. "God Quickens" or "God declares".
HayMemYod --- to be hot; to be bright; to be warm.
LamedHayKaf --- to be able.
HayLamedKaf --- to hold, contain, restrain; to be complete, finished; to be prepared, ready; to be destroyed; to waste away; to fail; to pass away or vanish; conclusion, completion; utterly, completely; destruction, utter ruin; pining, failing; to be stable, firm; a bride, spouse; a daughter-in-law.
HayKafLamed --- to thee; pr.n. "Journey".
HayVauDaletMem --- garment; disease, sickness.
ChetZainMem --- to gird; a girdle; a bond, fetter.
DaletAlephNun --- to envelope, to be hollow.
--- a leather bottle.
BetGimelNun --- to be dry.
--- drought; the south (the dry quarter); South Palestine.
AlephDaletNun --- to drive away.
HayNun --- eminence or excellency.

56 > 11 > 2- 56 -56 = 23x7
LamedYodGimelYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is exultation". (YodBetAleph = 13).
HayLamedVauChetVauAleph --- to wait in hope.
MemZainChetAleph --- (616 w/f); pr.n. "A Holding".
HayKafKafYodAleph --- how?
HayMemYodAleph --- terror, fear.
HayLamedKafAleph --- food.
HayNunAleph --- (also 52); I.
--- whither/ where-ward?
--- to sigh, to lament.
--- to bow, incline; to meet, approach; to cause to occur.
--- to swim or float.
NunDaletBet --- (706 w/f); parenthetically Samson (as "Danite").
VauZainMemGimel --- sycamore. (Nuit is called the Goddess of the Sycamore).
MemHayVauHay --- (616 w/f); pr.n. "He Will Ruin Them".
LamedAlephYodZainChet --- pr.n. "Seen of God".
MemVauYod --- (616 w/f); day; festival day; birthday, day of calamity, of battle; by day; today, at this or that day; lately; in the daytime; about that time; to be warm or bright.
LamedVauKaf --- completeness, totality, all; the whole; every, each; to hold or measure.
HayBetHayDaletMem --- gold exactress (process) or gold making.
ChetChetMem --- to be marrowy (of a bone); to be fat (of a sheep).
HayAlephNun --- to rest or settle, to dwell.
--- dwellings, pastures.
BetDaletNun --- to impel or incite.
--- to be willing or ready; to give freely.
--- pr. n. "Liberal" (a king of Israel, also a son of Aaron).

57 > 12 > 3- 57 -57 = 3x19
NunDaletBetAleph --- (707 w/f); destruction.
AlephNun-HayAleph --- ah now!
YodLamedYodVauAleph --- foolish.
NunVauAleph --- (707 w/f; also see 51/701); to be nothing, naughty, wicked; to make effort, to labor, to toil; to be exhausted, to suffer; to earn by labour.
--- breath; nothingness; vanity; naughtiness; worthlessness; sinfulness; falsehood; hypocrisy; deceit; idolatry; idol; labor or sorrow; distress.
--- wealth; force (poetically: son or sun).
VauNunAleph --- pr.n. "Powerful" or "Rich".
--- we.
NunHayBet --- (707 w/f); to be pressed together, to be thick; the thumb; great toe.
HayNunBet --- to build; lay a foundation; to build upon or up in; to rebuild, restore; grant family prosperity (descendants).
NunGimelDalet --- (707 w/f); to grow, increase; grain, corn, bread.
GimelNunDalet --- to be yielding, impressible.
NunBetHay --- (707 w/f); to be hard.
NunZain --- (707 w/f); sort, kind.
LamedYodTetChet --- pr.n. "Waverer".
MemTetChet --- (617 w/f); to muzzle; to close up; to restrain.
HayDaletMemChet --- desire, longing; delight; object of delight; lust.
TetMemChet --- to crouch; a lizard.
AlephVauLamedKaf --- confinement; a prison.
YodVauAlephMem --- desires.
HayChetDaletMem --- overthrow, ruin.
ChetBetZainMem --- an altar; (see also 114).
AlephBetDaletYodMem --- pr.n. "Flowing Waters" --- of a city in Reuben.
HayBetNun --- to be raised or convex, to be prominent.
DaletGimelNun --- to be in front or present, to be manifest.
--- to flow.
--- the front; before, in presence of; over against; against (as opposing); like, corresponding to; over (president); from over against, opposite.
AlephVauNun --- no, to nay, say 'no' (also the English word "No" exactly.
--- to be tough or raw.

58 > 13 > 4- 58 -58 = 2x29
LamedYodHayYodBetAleph --- pr.n. "Father is Splendor".
HayNunBetAleph --- pr.n. "perennial".
NunZainAleph --- (708 w/f); the ear; to hear; to obey.
--- to point; to sharpen.
--- to weigh.
--- weapon or implement.
HayBetNunAleph --- (also 3); fruit.
HayNunBetAleph --- to enter, lead to, to bear.
NunVauBet --- (708 w/f; also 62/712); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern, hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
VauNunBet --- enter.
VauHayYodLamedDaletGimel --- pr.n. "Great is Yah".
HayNunGimel --- garden, park.
NunDaletDalet --- (708 w/f); pr.n. "Low Country".
NunGimelHay --- (708 w/f); to surround, to cover.
LamedKafChet --- to be black or dark; to sadden.
KafLamedChet --- (538 w/f); to be black, gloomy, unhappy, wretched; wretchedness; wretched one.
NunChet --- (708 w/f); favorable inclination, favor, grace, kindness; gracefulness; attractiveness, charm.
(considered a Noteriqon for HayReshTawSamekhNun HayMemKafChet, Secret Wisdom or Qabalah.
LamedAlephYodZainYod --- pr.n. "God's Assembly".
LamedYodChetYod --- waiting, hoping.
MemChetYod --- (618 w/f); to be warm, heated; to be in (sexual) heat, to rut; to conceive.
HayVauHayYod DaletVauBetKaf --- the brightness or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in the tabernacle, in the temple. (Schkinah --- 385).
LamedVauBetKaf --- pr.n. "Pledged" or "Bound".
LamedChetKaf --- to streak or color (especially the eyes with kohl); to paint. (this is the word for cosmetic antimony paste, Kohl, and is the root of the English word Color).
BetVauLamedKaf --- net-work; a basket, a cage.
ChetLamedKaf --- to be firm or strong; haleness, strength; hale old-age.
KafChetLamed --- (538 w/f); to lick up, to devour, to consume.
ChetVauDaletMem --- seductions.
YodChetMem --- a stroke or blow.
DaletDaletYodMem --- pr.n. "Love".
VauBetNun --- pr. n. "Speaker", Nebo the Chaldean deity akin to Mercury (worshipped as the celestial scribe or interpreter).
--- pr. n. "Hill-top".
HayGimelNun --- to shine or gleam; to cause to shine; to enlighten.
--- a shining or gleaming (of fire); glory (divine).
--- light or day-break.
DaletDaletNun --- to move to and fro, to flap (wings); to move or wander about, to stray.
--- to flee.
GimelHayNun --- to be tall or lofty, to be eminent.
--- to sigh or pant.
BetVauNun --- to spring or shoot up, to sprout; to be vigorous or hale (of old men); to increase (as wealth); to utter.
ChetNun --- pr. n. "Rest" or "comfort", Noah.

59 > 14 > 5- 59 -17th prime
DaletVauLamedYodChetAleph --- pr.n. "Brother by Birth".
ChetNunAleph --- to lament, to moan.
MemYodVauGimel --- (619 w/f); pr.n. "Nations" or "Gentiles".
NunVauGimel --- (709 w/f); to protect, shelter.
HayNunDalet --- pr.n. "Whisper".
NunBetZain --- (709 w/f); to gain, to buy.
BetNunZain --- to be pendulous, to wave, wobble; to cut off or hurt the tail; to smite the rear ( of any army); tail; end, stump; posterior, mean.
HayLamedYodVauChet --- pr.n. "Sandy".
HayMemVauChet --- wall; town-wall.
LamedAlephYodChetYod --- pr.n. "God Lives".
ChetTetBetMem --- trust, confidence; security.
ChetBetTetMem --- slaughter or massacre.
VauGimelNun --- pr. n. "Brilliance" or "Beauty", (Venus).
HayDaletNun --- to move or flee away; to remove or put off.
--- to reach out, to give.
--- a liberal gift (especially the hiring of a hooker).
--- removal or separation; what is removed, uncleanness or impurity.; an abominable act (esp. incest).